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English, Technology, 5 seasons, 103 episodes, 2 days, 4 hours, 21 minutes
A podcast that takes a deeper look at today’s most important issues in cyber security, and beyond.
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Quantum computing: a security risk?

Could quantum computing threaten our day to day security, and even the fabric of the internet? Researchers are increasingly concerned about the risks quantum technology poses to encryption. Organisations need to act now, if they are they are to secure their data and their operations, argue this week's guests. Ramy Shelbaya is CEO and co-founder of Quantum Dice. That’s a business spun out of Oxford university’s quantum optics lab –  and which is now using quantum mechanics to create a self-certifying quantum random number generator. And Axel Poschmann is a cybersecurity expert with a background in both the industry and academia. Currently, he works at PQShield, another business with links to Oxford, and which specialises in quantum-resistant cryptography. We asked them to explain why quantum threatens security, and what CISOs can do about it. Interviews by Stephen Pritchard
11/30/202329 minutes, 55 seconds
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Threat modelling: finding flaws before software goes live

The idea of building security in to new hardware and software products from the outset has gained ground over the last few years. And the move to "shift left" and introduce security by design has gained ground, following growing concerns about supply chain attacks. One way to achieve this is through threat modelling. Threat modelling is not, itself, new: Microsoft did pioneering work on it in the Nineties. But it is now being adopted by bodies such as NIST, with the goal of reducing zero-day vulnerabilities. Our guest in this episode is Stephen de Vries. Co-founder and CEO of IriusRisk, he has worked on threat modelling for over a decade. He explains why organisations should add it to their security toolkit.
11/3/202129 minutes, 55 seconds
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People and security: Part 3: security culture expert Kai Roer

Security training and security awareness only goes so far. Instead of annual tick box exercises, organisations should aim for a permanent shift in attitudes to security, argues our guest for this episode. They need to create a security culture. Kai Roer is an author and security expert, and founder of security culture advisory firm, now part of KnowBe4. He talks to host Stephen Pritchard about how we can make that shift.
2/9/202130 minutes
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Security and the pandemic, part 3: changing technology, changing behaviour, with Paolo Passeri

In the third part of our series on information security during the pandemic, we look at how the changing threat landscape is not just a response to Covid. Rather, it is being driven by the longer-term trends in how businesses use technology. Our guest Paolo Passeri, cyber intelligence principal at Netskope, explains how cyber attacks on the workforce were on the rise even before the pandemic.  
10/6/202030 minutes
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Security and the Pandemic Part 1, with Morgan Wright

The last six months have brought unprecedented changes to the way we live, and work. Rapid changes to the way we work means some security compromises were inevitable. But is now the time for organisations to look at their technology, and security, and close down vulnerabilities? And are there lessons to be learned from lockdown? In the first of four special episodes, editor Stephen Pritchard talks to security strategist and former government adviser, Morgan Wright.
9/8/202030 minutes