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Secret Self-Sabotage with Jessica Cuatrecasas

English, Personal health, 1 season, 24 episodes, 9 hours, 6 minutes
Secret Self-Sabotage Podcast is for women who look on the outside as though they have it all, but feel like something is missing and are full of self-loathing, shame and guilt. You wish your life could be happier and more fulfilling and that you could get it together. You're holding on to a secret of feeling unworthy and unhappy. You are ready to let go of the dark, low vibe energy that's keeping your stuck. This podcast gives you the confidence, courage and self-compassion to take back control from a loving, heart-centred place, release your negativity and build the foundations of a life you love. This show is nurturing, needed and necessary to address how you feel right now, before it contaminates your relationships and the rest of your life. Hosted by Jessica Cuatrecasas, a life coach who is over 10 years clean and sober, she'll share that a life of happiness, fulfilment and love is out there for you, and it's not that far away. This is one to listen to if you're ready to re-spark your life and let go of your secret self-sabotage.
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023 The True Value of Time

Today's episode will be the last installment of the Secret Self-Sabotage podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in, listening, reaching out, and appreciating how the content is transforming your life. To mark this huge milestone, we'll be discussing the true value of time, and how you can channel your energy into something positive when negativity comes calling.  What You'll Learn: - Why you need to stop wasting time on negative thinking - Ways to have more time - What to do when you feel stuck in a dark place - Embracing the free flow of possibility - The power of journaling and seeking your inner guidance - Loving ways to overcome your fear - The difference between a human doing and a human being - You deserve to be happy - How to embrace the beauty of your femininity If you feel like your life is unmanageable or it's utterly impossible to live a life of peace, I'm here to tell you that you were not placed on this earth to survive. You are meant to thrive.  Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
10/24/202228 minutes, 2 seconds
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022 Why We Sabotage Our Dreams and How to Stop

We've just moved from Q3 into the final quarter of the year. It's time for that final push to achieve the dreams and aspirations you had at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, most of us already gave up on those dreams. Interestingly, what we lack is not the ability to dream big but the commitment to create a plan and stick with it. You see, it's quite easy to think big, but it's even easier to act small.  In today's episode, I go through practical ways of identifying how we sabotage our dreams and what we can do to stop these self-sabotaging habits.  What You'll Learn:  - Why we sabotage our dreams and how to stop - How to create an intentional plan for your life - What is the "Passion Test?" - Why you need to honour your childhood dreams and aspirations - The first principle of living a passionate life - Trust that you were meant for greatness - How to break free from the things causing misery in your life - Why women feel guilty for following their dreams - The surprising power of daily rituals Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
10/17/202225 minutes, 59 seconds
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021 How to Find Forgiveness to Free Up Your Life

Forgiveness is hard when the other person doesn’t recognise how much they hurt you. This is why instead of forgiving the people who wronged us, we cling on to the pain and the burden of betrayal. The big question is, is it possible to let go? The simple answer is yes, but it won’t be easy. To help you understand how forgiveness can free up your life, today’s episode is all about self-forgiveness and how letting go of resentment can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.  What You’ll Learn: - How to find forgiveness and free up your life - You are not responsible for other people’s actions - Why you need to forgive and let go of the pain - How to work through anger and resentment - Ways to make affirmations work for you - How to forgive somebody who hurt you - Powerful ways to release and move on Remember, when you forgive someone, you are helping yourself. Accept that what happened is now in the past, and recognise that holding on to grudges only leads to a life of misery.  Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
10/10/202226 minutes, 16 seconds
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020 3 Ways to Re-Set, Re-Align and Re-Emerge Stronger After Confrontation

The internet is full of guides on how to reset and live a more meaningful life. However, none of them talk about resetting and re-emerging stronger after a confrontation. Confrontations, especially with toxic people, can become so overwhelming that you just want a fresh start. But moving on doesn't just happen overnight. The true power of resetting your life lies in understanding you cannot do it alone.  In today's episode, I'll go through three practical ways to reset, re-align and re-emerge stronger after a confrontation. I'll also share the benefits of embracing our innate feminine energy in this masculine world that we live in. What You'll Learn: - How to reset your life after a confrontation - Why you need to trust your feminine intuition  - How the fear of upsetting people is holding you back - Communicating your needs isn't selfish - Strategies for remaining calm when you feel triggered  - Why you need to stop running away from problems - How to stand up for yourself in any situation  - Reasons why people tolerate bad behaviour Resetting your life is all about finding the strength to defend your boundaries and not letting other people intimidate you. The next time anybody crosses the line, push back. You are much stronger than you think, so tap into your inner strength and stick up for yourself. Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
10/3/202225 minutes, 38 seconds
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019 How to Help Your Child Build Confidence After Being Bullied

There's nothing worse than discovering your child is being bullied at school. A bully can turn something as simple as taking the bus or going for lunch into a nightmare for kids. If your child is being bullied, the first step is to address the bully because bullying won't go away on its own. We're at the beginning of a new academic year, and your child has every right to feel safe and confident in school.  Today, we'll go through practical steps to help your child overcome bullying and help them understand that being bullied is never their fault. We'll also tackle how you can boost your child's confidence and rebuild their self-esteem once the bullying has been addressed.  What You'll Learn: - What to do when you learn your kid is a victim of bullying - Signs your kid is being bullied - Making your child understand what bullying is - Help your kids understand that they should not feel guilty or take blame - When and when not to intervene on behalf of your kid  - Ways to help your child resist peer pressure - The benefits of teaching your kids how to express themselves - What to do when your kid is the bully - Why avoiding a bully will not end the bullying Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
9/26/202231 minutes, 13 seconds
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018 How Helping Others Helps Us, Too (In Honour of Queen Elizabeth II)

The fascinating thing about having purpose in life is that we all crave the need to help others. But serving others should not be a planned act; it should stem from a place of awareness and compassion. The late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a prime example of this. She lived a long and meaningful life, fulfilling her commitment to serve until her very last breath. I decided to dedicate today’s session to show my appreciation, love, respect, gratitude, and honour for everything she stood for and valued. What You’ll Learn: - Why we ought to honour Queen Elizabeth II - The power and beauty of living a life of service - Why you need to learn to serve people without expecting anything back - Service is not sacrifice - How to become happier through serving others - Why you need to teach your kids how to give - Understanding other people’s love languages What comes to mind when you think of living a “good life?” For most people, a good life can only be defined by one word - more. More money, more cars, more clothes, more friends. But ask yourself whether that’s an ideal way of living, because no matter how big an impact we wish to have in this world, if it is not in service to others, it doesn’t really count. Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
9/19/202226 minutes, 38 seconds
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017 How to Say No to a Narcissist and Know Your Inner Voice

Dealing with a narcissist is hard, but saying no to them is even harder. Their self-importance and entitlement will make your life frustrating and emotionally challenging. What makes narcissists toxic is that they believe they're 100% awesome - and you're not. This is why learning more about narcissistic traits and the ways to deal with them can help you honour your boundaries. In this episode, we'll go through what it's like to deal with a narcissist, how their behaviour might affect your self-esteem, and what you can do to put yourself first and care for your own emotional wellbeing. What You'll Learn: - How to say no to a narcissist - Signs someone is gaslighting you and what to do about it - The benefits of avoiding confrontation whenever possible - Why you ought to put your needs first and listen to your inner voice - Understand that people-pleasing is bad for your self-esteem - How to release unworthy thoughts - It's not your job to try to change a narcissist - Why you need to set clear boundaries with a narcissist Navigating a relationship with a narcissist can take a toll on your mental and emotional wellbeing. It gets even worse if your life revolves around them. That said, here's what you need to remember - it's not your job to control that person's behaviour, and it's okay to enforce boundaries and put your needs first.  Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
9/12/202229 minutes, 9 seconds
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016 How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you constantly sabotage the opportunities and joys that life presents to you? Maybe you feel like deep down you don't deserve success, joy or love. I know that feeling, and it can be frustrating to feel as though you're working against yourself. So what do you do when you find yourself seemingly working against your own best interests? Tune in to learn the practical steps you can implement today to overcome the roots of self-sabotaging behaviours and stop being your own worst enemy.  What You'll Learn: - How to stop being your own worst enemy - Understand that you are responsible for your own happiness  - Actions that make you your own worst enemy - How to uncover self-sabotaging behaviour - The benefits of getting over your regrets from the past - The five stages of grief - What it takes to move on  - Get to know your inner critic - Look to your past as an opportunity for growth We constantly hear that happiness is a choice. But the question is, how can we be happy when we don't feel happy with our current situation? Your circumstances might be different, but if you're spending time focused on your flaws or letting others determine how you should live your life, you are your own worst enemy. And things need to change.  Resources: - Book: “The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self” by Martha Beck  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
9/5/202218 minutes, 15 seconds
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015 What is Toxic Positivity and How to Change It

Having a positive approach to life is good for your mental health, and that's a fact. We all want to live in this perfect utopia full of joy, happiness, and satisfaction. But the reality is that life will sometimes be full of painful emotions and experiences. These emotions will be unpleasant, but they are important and need to be embraced with openness and honesty.  In today's episode, we'll take a deep dive into the world of toxic positivity, how to avoid it, and the consequences of trying to suppress emotions that aren't happy or positive. What You'll Learn: - What is toxic positivity? - Understanding the things that make positivity toxic - Valuing happiness versus prioritising positivity - Why it's okay to be negative sometimes - How toxic positivity encourages self-sabotaging behaviour - The drawbacks of repressing your feelings - Choose to talk to people who validate your feelings - Understand that you can't force happiness - Why we need to normalise not being okay Toxic positivity is the "good vibes only" approach to life that encourages people to ignore difficult emotions. While positive thinking has its benefits, it's almost impossible to think positively all the time. You need a balance between positivity and negativity in your life. So when you find yourself feeling particularly down, don't force happiness. Sit through your darkest emotions, validate them, and move on when you feel ready.  Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
8/29/202225 minutes, 53 seconds
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014 Why People Do the Things They Do

Six fundamental needs drive human behaviour. Although we all share those same six needs, each of us values them differently, and we have varied processes when trying to satisfy those needs. If you'd like to have the best possible summer and make the best possible memories, you need to understand people's needs and the reasoning behind why people do the things they do.  Listen in to learn the motives that drive people's actions and tips on how to better understand your needs by creating new action patterns. What You'll Learn: - The 6 fundamental human needs - The link between needs and people's actions - Understanding the reasoning behind people's actions  - The underlying patterns for all emotions, behaviour, and actions - Why you need to know your needs and the beliefs around those needs  - How to find empowering ways to satisfy your needs - The biggest addiction when it comes to satisfying needs  - Polarity in romantic relationships and understanding each other's needs - The difference between love and connection What are your needs? Unfortunately, many people struggle to answer this question. They don't know what drives them to act, think, or feel. They also don't know how to articulate their real needs to other people. Yet knowing your needs and learning to communicate them is essential for finding satisfaction, meaning and joy in life. So if your summer isn't going according to plan, maybe it's time you thought about your needs and how they affect the people around you.  Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
8/22/202243 minutes, 12 seconds
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013 How to Detach with Love from the Pain of Others

If you're constantly worried about a loved one, or feel like your life revolves around them doing well, you've got an attachment problem. The only healthy way to let go of this attachment is to detach with love. This involves caring enough about others to allow them space to learn from their mistakes. In today's episode, we'll go through effective strategies on how to overcome codependency, and detach with love from the pain of others. What You'll Learn: - How and why to detach with love - Why detaching is good for you and your loved one - The benefits of setting appropriate boundaries - Recognising that your feelings and needs are valid - How to express your own opinions and feelings - Why you need to take time out from an unproductive or hurtful relationship - The peace that comes with not making excuses for someone else's behaviour - The root cause of codependency It might be painful to witness a loved one go down the path of self-destruction. Interestingly, becoming overly attached is often not because we love them so much, but because we need them a little too much. The antidote to all of this is to detach and let go. Letting go of codependency allows us to enjoy life despite the other person's mishaps and behaviour.  Links and Resources: - Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself Paperback by Melody Beattie - - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
8/15/202227 minutes, 57 seconds
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012 How to Turn Your Day Around

Life can be funny. Some days are great, a few days are okay, and then we have some days where everything is just wrong. So how can you change a bad day, when you've started off on the wrong foot? How do you stop the unease from ruining your entire day? When a bad day happens, you only have two choices: you can either stay miserable or do something to turn the day around. Listen in to discover some easy-to-implement strategies you can use to turn around a bad day, no matter the reason behind it.  What You'll Learn: - How to turn around a bad day - Why you need to stop feeding negative thoughts with more negative thoughts - Accept that there will always be something that can trigger you - Living in the future and the dangers of overplanning  - Steps to releasing your attachment to an outcome - Fake it till you make it: good or bad advice? - The drawbacks of caring what other people think of you - How creating a gratitude list can help turn around a bad day Anything can trigger a bad day, especially in the summer when everybody is carefree. While we might not have control over what caused the bad day in the first place, we can turn around a bad day just as quickly as it started. Here's the thing: what seems like a bad day is often only a bad moment. The good thing about moments is that they come as fast as they go.   Resources: - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
8/8/202226 minutes, 49 seconds
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011 How to Find Family Harmony this Summer

Summer! The season for pulling energies back into the family and outdoor activities. But there is a problem; most of us want to compensate for the last few summers we missed due to the pandemic. Everybody feels this massive pressure and desire to make this summer one to remember. So what can you do to balance boundaries and the need to get things done, but still have a great time? Tune in to this episode to learn strategic tips that may help encourage family harmony, enjoy the much-needed break and stay grounded when things don't go according to plan this summer.  What You'll Learn: - How to find family harmony and create balance between happiness and boundaries this summer - How to see things from the eye of a child - Why you need to be less reactive and more proactive this summer - The benefits of having a positive self-image - Why visualisation and positive self-talk work - Simple gratitude affirmations for your daily dose of thankfulness - How to answer the "what do you want to be" question At its core, family harmony means the ability to trust, support, and communicate with each other as a unit. This summer, I want you to build family harmony, maintain discipline, and still spend quality time as a family. With everybody trying to overcompensate for the missed summers, kids and responsibilities can turn parents into frustrated and impatient people. But with a bit of harmony and grounding work, this year's summer break does not have to be filled with anxiety.  Resources: - The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle ​​  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
8/1/202222 minutes, 31 seconds
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010 Free Yourself from Anything!

Is there an area in your life that has been held back because of your fear? It might be the fear of getting on an airplane, or the fear of public speaking? While you can choose to just avoid your fears whenever possible, you’re just doing a disservice to your growth. In this episode, I reveal a belief that had imprisoned me for as long as I can remember. I also share practical steps I used to unearth and release this fear that has been holding me back from growing as a professional.   What You’ll Learn: - How to free yourself from anything - The law of attraction and manifestation - How to escape the rut of self-denial - Why more negative thoughts mean more limiting beliefs - How to find clear and clean closure - How to recognise and avoid behaviours that hinder your progress in life - The benefits of facing your fears and tackling avoidance We are human, and we all hold on sometimes. Sometimes we hold onto beliefs that serve us, and sometimes we just can’t get past the wounds that hold us back. If you are holding onto things that don’t support you in moving forward, it’s time to let go and start experiencing the freedom that you deserve to feel.  Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
7/25/202221 minutes, 34 seconds
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009 Selfishness or Self-Care

The word self-care is everywhere at the moment. Everyone's using it from marketers, influencers, coaches and just everyone. Although it's understandably and rightfully used when talking about mental health, a lot of people are using it for the wrong reasons.  If you're all about being intentional about self-care but are unsure where to draw the line with selfishness, this episode is for you.  What You'll Learn: - The difference between self-care and selfishness - Why you should always take care of your needs first - How to overcome the "I'll be happy when…" mentality - The three primary levels of a relationship - Understanding what is self-love and what it's not - How to live life in your true authentic self - Why you need to stop hiding behind social media and pretending everything's okay - The easiest way to truly love yourself - Why you need to cut off the people that are draining your energy Self-care is all about taking care of your mental, emotional and physical well-being. However, this doesn't mean you neglect the needs of others, it just means that your needs are your priority. Being selfish, on the other hand, means draining someone else's energy to improve your own. So always protect, love, and replenish yourself, but not at the cost of someone else's self-care efforts. Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
7/4/202215 minutes, 55 seconds
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008 How to Free Yourself from Irritation

Is there someone in your life that you find really irritating? You feel drained of energy, exhausted and even angry whenever you're around them. Although I understand your frustrations dealing with these kinds of people, most of us won't go through a whole day without encountering at least one irritating person or thing. Fortunately, you don't have to react to all the negative things you encounter, sometimes letting it slide is far better than reacting. What You'll Learn: - How to free yourself from irritation - Embrace the freedom of a clutter-free life - How to identify the main irritants in your life - Your ego is addicted to negative thinking - The benefits of writing down your resentments - The first step to overcoming negative self-talk - Understand that you're enough  The more you interact with people, the more likely you are to face irritants in life. You cannot avoid them because controlling your mood, surroundings or other people's behavior is almost impossible. And while we all have diverse tolerance levels, what matters most is our reactions to these irritable situations. You have the power to decide whether you'll allow irritants to make your life a living hell or not. Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
6/30/202215 minutes, 40 seconds
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007 How to Know if Your Heart is not Healed

Healing an emotional wound, just like healing a broken bone, will take time, self-compassion and lots of patience. If the emotional experience left you depressed or anxious, it can be hard to recognise when your heart is actually getting better. If you're having trouble recognising whether or not your heart is healed, this episode is for you. I’ll go through three tips to help you identify if you're getting better, and what you can do to overcome the psychological hurt that's bothering you. What You'll Learn: - How to know if your heart is 100% fixed - What it's like growing up in a home devoid of unconditional love - How childhood traumas manifest in adult life - The first step to loving yourself unconditionally  - What part self-compassion plays in a person's healing journey - How to take care of your inner child - Understand that the universe is constantly working in your favor - How to develop new habits and create new neural pathways in your brain Emotional healing is a process that demands diverse skills, and what worked for you may not work for the next person. Nonetheless, always remember to treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Your feelings are genuine and worthy, and the best way to acknowledge them is to go down the path of self-acceptance and do things that make you happy and complete. Resources  - “A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”” by Marianne Williamson  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage  - Reach out to me on Instagram 
6/27/202217 minutes, 45 seconds
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006 Finding Your Femininity

Deep inside every woman lives a Queen. A Queen that is confident, strong, resilient, caring, and has power over her feminine energy. Unfortunately, society has overthrown this Queen and taken over the endless possibilities that are rightfully hers. If you’re tired of constantly dismissing yourself and your desires, I’m here to tell you that the era of the masculine woman is over. It’s now time for you to be a Queen and lead with the strong femininity your life badly craves.  What You’ll Learn: - How to create the life you desire by reclaiming your feminine power  - Understand that you deserve a life of purpose and pleasure - The path to developing unshakeable confidence in your abilities - Effects of being out of alignment with your feminine energy - Why you need to have the audacity to be a Queen - Take back your throne from negative self-talk - How to find the balance between your masculine and feminine energies We live in a world that pushes women to be more masculine: work hard toward their goals, get things done, push forward, follow a career, etc. This means that most of us have been suppressing our feminine traits just to be successful in life. But things have got to change. It’s time we found and embraced our feminine energy. And that starts when you look inward and explore the things that give you energy and push you to live life to the fullest. Links and Resources: - The Audacity to Be Queen by Gina DeVee - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage  - Reach out to me on Instagram  
6/24/202215 minutes, 35 seconds
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005 How to Trust in the Universe

Today I'm going to touch on something which has been key to my transformation and my journey into peace and serenity. I know this might trigger some people, but I believe trusting in the Universe can help set you free. Unfortunately, society today places more value on staying in control and living an organized, structured and planned life. This is where we go wrong, because the Universe has the power to dictate how we exist in this life.  What You'll Learn: - The first step to connecting with your spirituality - The difference between religion and spirituality - Understand that sometimes not getting what you want is a gift - Overcome the overwhelming win/lose mentality - How to trust that the universe is working for your greater good - The benefits of having a strict morning routine - How to connect with your inner soul - The power of journaling and having a gratitude list Think of all those moments when you felt like you needed to surrender and trust that things would work out. Think about all those times you felt overwhelmed by fear, worry, or stress that you felt there was no end to all the misery. No matter how it looks from the outside, nobody is ever truly in control of their lives. And once you accept this fact, you'll step into a state of surrender, which is one of the most pleasurable and freeing ways to live. Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage  - Reach out to me on Instagram  
6/23/202222 minutes, 34 seconds
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004 Finding Self-Acceptance

Do you love and accept every aspect of yourself without any bias? This might sound like an obvious question, because who in their right mind would not be okay with who they are? As it turns out, most people have trouble loving themselves inside and out. Being okay with all the various pieces of yourself can be hard. But with some practice, you too can find true self-acceptance. What You'll Learn: - The process of finding self-acceptance - How to overcome the "I'll be happy when…" mentality - The main stages of the self-acceptance journey - Embrace the things that make you unique - How to let go of the things you cannot change - How to use self-acceptance to control your emotions - Embrace your abilities and ignore your inner critic The first step to self-acceptance is learning to accept the parts of yourself you believe to be negative or undesirable. That's not always easy, but when we stay in denial, we are staying in the problem and end up attracting even more of that problem. Everyone has their own unique journey to self-acceptance, but I believe we can all learn to be comfortable in our own skin. Links and Resources: - The Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage  - Reach out to me on Instagram  
6/22/202220 minutes, 5 seconds
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003 How to Stop Spiraling Thoughts from Consuming You

Have you ever been exhausted, longing to go to bed, and when you put your head on the pillow, your mind starts racing, and one terrible thought leads to another, and soon your thoughts become a nightmare. I experienced this quite a lot during my healing journey, and I know overcoming spiraling thoughts is not easy. But no matter how valid each of your thoughts feel, they are simply thoughts, and you can choose to change them whenever you want.  What You'll Learn: - How unchecked negative thoughts lead to uncontrollable spiraling thoughts - Understand the momentum train and how you can stop it - The Emotional Scale and how it works - How to break the cycle of spiraling negative thoughts - Conscious awareness and the path to healing - How to acknowledge the emotional roller coaster when you experience it When spiraling thoughts come knocking, it's important to take a moment and just step back from them. Analyse what's causing these thoughts and remember most of them are not based on truth. Treating spiraling thoughts is neither easy nor is it prescriptive, however, there's always something you can do and it always pays to ask for help.  Links and Resources: - ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza  - The Emotional Scale from Abraham Hicks  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage  - Reach out to me on Instagram  
6/21/202222 minutes, 41 seconds
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002 You Are Not Alone with Your Feelings

I remember when my healing journey first began, I had no idea what a healing journey was. All I knew was that something was missing within me and I needed to find it. That piece was my authentic self, and it demanded patience, practice and the endurance to face the difficult moments that lay ahead. Whether you've just started or have been on a healing journey your whole life, remember you're alone with your feelings. Today's episode will help you become more consciously aware of your feelings, move on and become a better, stronger person. What You'll Learn: - How to start the journey to conscious awareness - What it's like to really hit rock bottom - Finding the freedom and love that comes with self-acceptance - How to live free of self-sabotaging crutches - Why you need to shine the light on your self-sabotaging thoughts - How to move away from your secret self-sabotage - Dare to seek a solution Your journey to recovery will not be an easy one. And since it's your own personal journey, you shouldn't compare it to someone else's because your journey is unique. Remember, healing is not a race, and you don't have to do it on your own. It's okay to reach out for help. Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram  
6/15/202212 minutes, 27 seconds
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001 What is Self-Sabotage?

“What’s wrong with me?” “Why do I keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over again?” I used to ask myself these questions when I felt trapped in behaviours that created problems in my life. Although I tried to disrupt these habits and behaviours, somehow I always ended up in the same black hole. If you can relate to such a situation, you could be secretly sabotaging yourself.  In today’s episode, we’ll go through what secret self-sabotage really means and how you can take control of the habits and behaviours that are ruining your life and making you miserable. What You’ll Learn: - What is secret self-sabotage? - Critical steps to identifying and overcoming secret self-sabotage - How habits and behaviours of secret self-sabotage manifest in our lives - The dangers of denial - Understand that healing is not about perfection - How bad habits morph into detrimental behaviours - How to become consciously aware of your inner feelings - How to turn up as your true, authentic self I have long been a victim of my secret self-sabotage, and let me tell you, it’s not a fun place to be in. This is why I wanted to lay the foundations and help you understand what secret self-sabotage really means, because some of you may be sabotaging yourselves without really knowing.  Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
6/15/202214 minutes, 2 seconds
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000 Welcome to the Secret Self-Sabotage Podcast!

Quick question: do you find that, when you want to move to the next level in life or quit a bad habit, there's always something getting in your way? Have you ever considered that that "something" could be you? I'm Jessica Cuatrecasas, a certified life coach and a secret self-sabotage slayer. My mission is to help high-achieving women go from that secretive self-loathing and subtle self-sabotage to open self-acceptance and strength. Self-sabotage is a pattern of habits and behaviours that people engage in, often without even knowing it, that prevent them from achieving their goals. For a good period of time I struggled with self-sabotage, always finding fault in myself. I was only able to escape my self-sabotaging tendencies when I realised it was my brain's way of trying to protect me from emotional pain.  What You will Learn on this Podcast: - How self-sabotage is impacting your growth - How to escape from the prison of self-sabotage - Why you need to stop comparing yourself to others - Tools you can use on your journey to self-healing - Where to find help so you don’t suffer alone - How to silence your monkey brain - A pain-free way to overcome addictions Tune in each week as I go through simple techniques that will help you take back control of your life, pivot those negative thoughts and heal your relationships. Because you're ready to let go of your secret self-sabotage. Resources:  - Get my FREE 7 Subtle Signs of Self-Sabotage - Reach out to me on Instagram
6/15/202210 minutes, 44 seconds