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English, Sports, 1 seasons, 66 episodes, 2 days 5 hours 39 minutes
Second Captains Saturday welcomes interviewees from different walks of life to explain how sport has impacted them, for good and bad. We'll hear of touching, funny and embarrassing sporting experiences before the show's main feature 'This Sporting Life' bestows that most prestigious of titles - The Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson. With the multi-award winning three person presenting team from the hugely popular Second Captains Podcast, it's the perfect mix of culture, sport and music.
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The Mary Wallopers

It's a three-way scramble for the Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson Christmas title as Charles & Andrew Hendy and Seán McKenna of the Mary Wallopers join Eoin and Murph for a chat and a few amazing live performances.
23/12/202349 minutes 57 seconds
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The Mary Wallopers

It's a three-way scramble for the Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson Christmas title as Charles & Andrew Hendy and Seán McKenna of the Mary Wallopers join Eoin and Murph for a chat and a few amazing live performances.
23/12/202349 minutes 57 seconds
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Michael Sheen

In our last show of the series, can Michael Sheen pull off the extraordinary feat of pipping Enda Walsh at the post and become our Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson for 2023?
09/09/202346 minutes 59 seconds
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Annie Mac

Over the course of a 17 year career on BBC Radio 1, Annie Mac became one of the most beloved broadcasters and most influential DJs in the UK. Does she have it in her to put Macúl to the sword in our penultimate show of the series, though?
02/09/202343 minutes 55 seconds
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Radie Peat

A member of Dublin's Mercury Prize-nominated band Lankum, Radie Peat puts her sporting pride on the line.
26/08/202343 minutes 22 seconds
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Enda Walsh

Joining the race to snatch first place on the Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson leaderboard is one of Ireland's best playwrights and screenwriters, Enda Walsh
19/08/202346 minutes 48 seconds
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Conan O'Brien - Extended Version

In a very special show, one of the most iconic American broadcasters and comedians of the last three decades, Conan O'Brien joins Eoin and Murph in this extended version of the original broadcast.
12/08/202353 minutes 57 seconds
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Theo Dorgan

Theo Dorgan is one of the finest Irish poets of his generation, but how will he fare under Murph's scrutiny? With a completely made up scoring system, it's ... hard to say.
05/08/202346 minutes 50 seconds
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Samantha Barry

From her desk in One World Trade Centre, Editor-in-Chief of Glamour, Samantha Barry makes her play for the title of Ireland's Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson.
29/07/202346 minutes 53 seconds
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Irvine Welsh

Second Captains Saturday is back for another summer and kicking off this year's series is the author of the one of the most iconic books of the last thirty years, Irvine Welsh.
22/07/202348 minutes 8 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday NYE Special

Multi-award winning authors Sinéad Gleeson and Roddy Doyle are friends, huge football fans and for one day only, Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson opponents.
31/12/202247 minutes 45 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday - Jennifer Walshe

It's the final show of the season and after a storming performance from Kit de Waal, world-renowned composer and vocalist Jennifer Walshe is the only contender with a shot at knocking her off top stop and claiming the title of Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson 2022.
10/09/202249 minutes 17 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday - Kit de Waal

With two episodes to go in this series of Second Captains Saturday, novelist Kit de Waal will be looking to dethrone Fiona Shaw, who currently sits atop the Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson leaderboard. She joins Eoin and Murph to talk about her amazing life story, one which began among the Irish immigrant community in 1960s Birmingham.
03/09/202250 minutes 4 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday - Brian Gleeson

Last week, Fiona Shaw grabbed on to top spot on the Second Captains Saturday leaderboard. Brian Gleeson, her fellow Irish actor and star of what looks like a massive summer hit, Apple TV's "Bad Sisters" will look to make her reign a short one as he joins Eoin and Murph.
28/08/202247 minutes 18 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday - Fiona Shaw

Fiona Shaw, one of the greatest actors, on both stage and screen, of her generation, joins Eoin and Murph on Second Captains Saturday as she looks to knock Nick Hornby off the top of the Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson leaderboard.
20/08/202248 minutes 9 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday - Mick Lynch

Two months ago, RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch was, in his own words, an obscure trade union leader. He's since become one of the most recognisable faces in the UK, leading railway strikes and emerging as one of the most vocal critics of the Conservative government in Britain. He joins Eoin and Murph on Second Captains Saturday.
13/08/202247 minutes 46 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday - William Finnegan

For four decades, William Finnegan has been an award-winning war reporter with the New Yorker magazine. He's also lived a sometimes secret second life as a surfer, chasing waves around the world. He joins Eoin and Murph on Second Captains Saturday.
06/08/202245 minutes 48 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday - Anne Enright

Anne Enright, Booker Prize-winning author and Ireland's first ever Laureate for Fiction, has never been sure about this whole sport business. Does she hold out high hopes to become Ireland's Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson? In short... No. One of Ireland's greatest contemporary writers joins Eoin and Murph on Second Captains Saturday.
30/07/202246 minutes 57 seconds
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Second Captains Saturday with Nick Hornby

Second Captains Saturday is back and we're delighted to be joined for the first episode of the series by the author of some of our favourite books, Nick Hornby. Sure, he's a two-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter, but can he take the title of Ireland's greatest non-sportsperson sportsperson?
23/07/202244 minutes 13 seconds
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Orla Guerin

Orla Guerin is a renowned war correspondent for the BBC. She spent time as Pakistan correspondent, where she built up knowledge of the Taliban. As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, & the Taliban are in power once again, we get an insight into what life is going to be like for those left behind.
04/09/202151 minutes 28 seconds
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Johnny Watterson

Johnny Watterson of The Irish Times is one of the best sportswriters in the country but his work has gone far beyond sport. He was the journalist responsible for one of the bravest and most significant moments in Irish journalism history when he broke the story and the truth about George Gibney for the first time in the Sunday Tribune in 1994
28/08/202150 minutes 56 seconds
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Yvonne Farrell

Yvonne Farrell set up Grafton Architects in 1978 along with her friend Shelley McNamara, and they’ve gone on to become two of the most decorated architects on the globe. But how will Yvonne fare in the quest to become Second Captains Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson?
21/08/202150 minutes 8 seconds
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Doireann Ní Ghríofa

You may know that Doireann Ní Ghríofa is an internationally renowned poet and the 2020 Book of the Year winner. You may not know that she’s a massive fan of legendary Clare hurler PJ ‘Fingers’ O’Connell.
14/08/202151 minutes 19 seconds
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Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is one the world’s most successful writers and podcasters, he has six New York Times best sellers to his name and of course the phenomenal Revisionist History podcast. We break down his love of running and surprising interest in 1970s & 1980s Irish athletes.
07/08/202151 minutes 10 seconds
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Dave Balfe

Todays guest Dave Balfe is a musician and artist who performs under the name For Those I Love and his album released earlier this year landed him huge international recognition. We talk about the significance of sport in his own life and how it has helped him to grieve for his best mate and much more besides.
31/07/202148 minutes 2 seconds
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Bonnie Greer

Playwright, author, broadcaster, boxing fan and a national treasure here in Ireland - this week's guest on Second Captains Saturday is Bonnie Greer who tells us about the importance of Ali to her and her generation growing up in 1960's Chicago.
24/07/202142 minutes 46 seconds
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Richard Ford

One of the world’s great novelists Richard Ford is the guest for episode 1 of series 5 of Second Captains Saturday. Richard tells us about his sporting life, his connections to Ireland, how he became a writer and we see if he has what it take to become Ireland’s greatest non-sportsperson sportsperson.
17/07/202151 minutes 24 seconds
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Samantha Power

Eoin, Ken and Murph were joined by former US Ambassador to the United Nations and Pulitzer-Prize winning author, Samantha Power. Samantha discusses her childhood in Ireland and the role sport played in adapting to life in the US. Did her basketball career impress Barack Obama?
31/12/201949 minutes 59 seconds
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Colm Tóibín

Shortlisted for the Booker prize three times, won the International Dublin Literary Prize for ‘The Master’ and the Costa Book Award for Brooklyn, was Eamon Dunphy's bodyguard at Italia 90, wrote about Maradona's life of "samba y caramba" and hates tv, twitter, romance novels and dynamic tennis. This is a fun chat with the brilliant Colm Tóibín
31/08/201954 minutes 16 seconds
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Peter Hain

Peter Hain served in successive Labour governments under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, was Leader of the House of Commons and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and he’s now a member of the House of Lords.
24/08/201948 minutes 28 seconds
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Emmet Kirwan

Writer, actor, playwright, poet, social commentator, the creator and star of the award-winning Dublin Old School, and former hockey daydreamer Emmet Kirwan joins us in studio and Jim Carney tells us how wild the KK Tipp rivalry was in the 60's.
17/08/201945 minutes 27 seconds
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Roisin Conaty

In 2010 Roisin Conaty won best newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe. She’s acted in After Life and created, produced and starred in the sitcom GameFace. AND she once won a celebrity darts tournament with the nickname The Wedding Slinger. Plus author Mike McCormack helps us figure out what it’s like to be a Mayo football fan.
10/08/201946 minutes 48 seconds
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Eamonn McCann

Journalist and activist Eamonn McCann dedicated his life to campaigning for civil rights, most famously in his efforts on behalf of the victims of Bloody Sunday. Eamonn also supported Brexit at the time of the referendum. We discuss his current opinions on Boris and Brexit, his love for Derry City.... and the time he was hit by Seamus Heaney.
03/08/201946 minutes 44 seconds
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John Simpson

The legendary John Simpson has reported from 140 countries. He has interviewed 200 world leaders. During the Iran revolution he flew to Tehran with Ayatollah Khomeini, he dodged bullets in the Tiananmen Square massacre and was in Iraq during the 2003 invasion. BUT... how good was he at sport, and did he land a punch on Harold Wilson?
27/07/201948 minutes 45 seconds
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Catriona Crowe

Catriona Crowe is Ireland's foremost archivist and of the country's most respected social commentators. We ask her about dodging sport, deceiving nuns, Biddy Early's curse and why, in the social media age, history is still important.
20/07/201949 minutes 56 seconds
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Senator George Mitchell

This week we have the brilliant Senator George Mitchell on the show - US Attorney, US Army, Federal Judge, Senator, and he brokered the Good Friday Agreement. He tells us about his family's amazing life story, "Swisher" Mitchell and his own sporting life.
13/07/201948 minutes 49 seconds
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Andy Irvine

Andy Irvine is an Irish music legend, an Everton fan, was a child actor, and a friend of Woody Guthrie. We were honoured to have Andy in studio to talk about his amazing life touring with Planxty
22/09/201847 minutes 51 seconds
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Cody Keenan

Cody Keenan has been writing for and with Barack Obama, former leader of the free world, since 2007, but the real test comes today when we explore his sporting credentials. We talk about writing Obama's recent speech commenting on Trump, Cruz/O'Rourke in Texas, Colin Kaepernick and his own high school football career.
15/09/201853 minutes 13 seconds
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Kevin Barry

As one of Ireland's greatest current writers, Kevin’s works have been recognised with some prestigious international awards over the years, but will his pool playing skills be enough to take the crown of Ireland's Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson?
08/09/201854 minutes 39 seconds
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Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan has created & starred in some of the best shows on tv, such as the multi-award winning Catastrophe on Channel 4. Sharon’s brother Shane is a legend of Irish rugby and Sharon talks us through her bionic cross country running abilities.
01/09/201853 minutes 33 seconds
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Gabriel Byrne

Gabriel Byrne is a true acting great - star of Miller’s Crossing, The Usual Suspects and Stigmata , not to mention his Golden Globe winning TV roles and stunning Broadway performances. As a former victim of clerical abuse, he talks to us about the Papal visit, Ireland's relationship with Catholicism, and the time he met Muhammad Ali.
18/08/201850 minutes 27 seconds
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Dermot O'Leary

Eoin, Ken and Murph are joined by X Factor and BBC host Dermot O'Leary plus the great Jim Carney (Uncle Jim) one of Ireland's greatest ever GAA journalists and the first presenter of The Sunday Game joins us to talk about Galway v Dublin in 1983. PLUS PLUS there's music from Villagers, Neil Young and Lisa Hannigan.
11/08/201854 minutes 57 seconds
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Paraic O'Brien

We talk to award winning Channel 4 News reporter Paraic O'Brien about Tommy Robinson, modern journalism, divided Britain, and the TDF. And Ireland's first ever female Olympian and hockey legend Maeve Kyle joins us to discuss the hockey World Cup.
04/08/201845 minutes 40 seconds
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Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan is a brilliant comedian, actor, radio host, TV presenter and pool shark. We discuss awkward encounters, Eamon Dunphy, Meath men, dry tears, city jogs, and Klopp.
28/07/201850 minutes 14 seconds
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Aisling Bea

Aisling Bea is one of the very best comedians and actors in the business. You'll know her from 8 out of 10 Cats, Live At The Apollo, The Fall. She talks about her mum Helen's career as a jockey, her own successes and failures, and her father's death by suicide.
21/07/201847 minutes 52 seconds
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Paul Howard

We count down to the World Cup final with one of Ireland's most successful ever writers Paul Howard. We discuss Roy Keane's punditry, Spanish cologne, and being a bespectacled street footballer in 1980's Ireland. Plus Ken snuggles up with Mother Russia and asks for some French flair.
14/07/201847 minutes 32 seconds
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David Baddiel

David Baddiel: novelist, writer of children's books, wrote a screenplay for Infidel, a successful stand-up.. and the person who wrote 3 Lions with Frank Skinner. He joins us to discuss "it's coming home", England's run in the World Cup, fan culture and his sporting life.
07/07/201848 minutes 32 seconds
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Clare Balding

Legendary broadcaster and the hardest working person in showbiz, Clare Balding, joins us for the final show of the current series of Second Captains. We discuss gender pay gaps, the Cromwell connection, the success of women's sport and of course her own sporting achievements. Plus there's Ken from Vegas on "the greatest combat event in history".
27/08/201747 minutes 46 seconds
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Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

The brilliant Tom Vaughan-Lawlor joins us to talk about his new role in The Avengers movie and more importantly, his life as a Shoot! magazine-loving, punch-eating, junior cup rugby-playing sports fan. Will he become our Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportseprson for 2017? Well, no. But find out how he does.
20/08/201745 minutes 8 seconds
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Dorothy Cross

This week Second Captains talk to internationally acclaimed artist and five time national swimming champion Dorothy Cross to the show to talk about her love of the ocean, the fusion of art and sport and why its so important to take risks. Plus there's Eoin's swim lesson shame, Ken's triumph of will and Trump's new low.
13/08/201748 minutes 13 seconds
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Blindboy Boatclub

This week Second Captains are joined by Blindboy Boatclub of Rubber Bandits fame. He discusses giving Leo Varadkar advice on sound quality, growing up in a school where rugby players rule, healthy can drinking and shrill football fans. Plus there's Ireland's most ethnically diverse town, booing Justin Gatlin and Patti Smith on Sam Shepard.
06/08/201748 minutes 23 seconds
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Adam Hills

Joining us this week on Second Captains Sunday is Australian stand-up comedian and presenter of The Last Leg Adam Hills. We talked to Adam about covering the Paralympic Games, eye-gouging donkeys and getting trash-talked by Mats Wilander.
30/07/201746 minutes 11 seconds
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Nicky Byrne

This week Second Captains talk to Nicky Byrne about his career as a footballer, and the time he almost made it in the Premier League with Leeds United. Plus there's Richie Sadlier on their time together with Ireland underage sides, and how a career in pop was viewed in the football world at that time.
23/07/201744 minutes 31 seconds
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Pat Shortt

Second Captains welcome comedian, actor, model and hurling coach Pat Shortt into studio to discuss method acting, bad hips, Father Ted and Garage. We also look at his impressive sporting CV and ask him how he made it as a human punchbag. Plus there's Orange Fest, city breaks in July and the Roger Federer logo.
16/07/201746 minutes 27 seconds
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Maeve Higgins

First episode of the second series of Second Captains Sunday with comedian, writer and broadcaster Maeve Higgins in New York city. Plus Uncle Jim Carney talks us through the Great GAA Armed Robbery Of 1977.
09/07/201744 minutes 27 seconds
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Ken Doherty

It's 20 years since Ken Doherty won the World Snooker Championship when he beat Stephen Hendry in the final in Sheffield. He reminisces with the Second Captains about that great day and the celebrations when he returned home
01/05/201727 minutes 52 seconds
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Bank Holiday special

On the programme today as a Bank Holiday special we featured the Second Captains' in studio. They were celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ken Doherty's win in the World Snooker Championships and also Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry.
01/05/20171 hour 47 minutes 20 seconds
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Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer is an American television commentator and marathon runner. In 1967, she became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry. An official attacked her on the course, grabbing for her race numbers and screaming and cursing at her before being body blocked by her boyfriend. The incident was broadcast worldwide
01/05/201723 minutes 32 seconds
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James Vincent McMorrow (New Year's Eve Special)

James Vincent McMorrow had an exceptional 2016, with the launch of his 3rd album, which went straight to no. 1. He joins Eoin, Ken and Murph in studio to discuss his sporting life. He plays out the show with a special version of Prince's "Purple Rain". We have the brilliant David O'Doherty to put a hilarious full stop on a tough year for us all
31/12/201645 minutes 19 seconds
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Fintan O’Toole

Today the lads go back to the Tokyo Games of 1964 to hear the amazing story of the Irish runner Jim Hogan who didn’t medal, but did become a heroic figure in the childhood of the shows main guest, author and columnist Fintan O’Toole. The lads also catch up with Olympic Silver medallist Annalise Murphy and Natalya Coyle.
21/08/201652 minutes 35 seconds
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Dara O'Briain and Natalya Coyle

With guests Dara O'Briain and Natalya Coyle
14/08/201654 minutes 15 seconds
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Peter Coonan, Andy Lee and Sonia O'Sullivan

Peter Coonan, Andy Lee and Sonia O'Sullivan join the Second Captains today
07/08/201651 minutes 47 seconds
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Des Bishop

Comedian Des Bishop is this weeks guest. A keen footballer with a love of Cork GAA, the sporting life of Des will be ranked ruthlessly by Eoin, Ken and Murph.
31/07/201649 minutes 37 seconds
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Lenny Abrahamson

Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson joined the lads in studio to talk about his thrilling 2016 so far.
24/07/201648 minutes 40 seconds
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David O'Doherty

Second Captains Sunday, 17th July
17/07/201658 minutes 4 seconds
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Gabby Logan

The second captains are joined by BBC presenter (and former Rose of Tralee contestant) Gabby Logan.
10/07/201634 minutes 41 seconds