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Seasoned Dialogue with Lisa-Marie

English, Education, 9 seasons, 83 episodes, 1 day 34 minutes
A podcast hosted by Lisa-Marie dedicated to mental wellness, inspiration, empowerment, truth, and light. The goal - journeying together and finding a happy medium between life and present living. ————————————————————— Follow on IG - @_____lisa_marie_____TikTok - @_lisa__marie___
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Giving yourself permission to grow: releasing perfectionism and welcoming self love

After struggling for years to give myself the grace and space I deserved, I finally found the courage to face my imperfections head-on and extend that same understanding and compassion to myself. In this heartfelt episode, I share my personal journey of learning to embrace my authentic self and release the toxic pressures of perfectionism. We dive deep into the importance of self-love, self-appreciation, and learning from our mistakes. Acknowledge that we're all human, and it's never too late to strive for your goals, even after you've failed. Join me in this empowering conversation and discover how you can give yourself the grace and space you deserve, and embrace the beauty of your authentic self. Let's grow together and remember that we are all valuable and loved.
13/06/202310 minutes 49 seconds