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Season 1: Unplugged Podcast

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 24 episodes, 18 hours 41 minutes
ATG Unplugged is a podcast that brings on entrepreneurs to talk about their story. From tech startups to professional athletes, all entrepreneurs are welcome to discuss their journey, their purpose, and share tips on how you can do the same!
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Bonus Episode: Andre Drummond

In this special bonus episode of the #UnpluggedPodcast, we sit down with Los Angeles Lakers Center, Andre Drummond, to speak about his life outside of sport and his newest NFT drop!
09/07/202136 minutes
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Hugh Roberts

This week on the #UnpluggedPodcast we are joined by Hugh Roberts of the Charlotte Independence in the USL Championship. We chat everything from lifestyle, entrepreneurship and Hugh’s experience as a Black soccer player within today's society.
06/05/202138 minutes 46 seconds
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Malcolm Lemmons - Athlete, Founder, Author.

This week on the #UnpluggedPodcast we have Malcolm Lemmons: Former professional basketball athlete, founder of Athletes Unheard, and author of Impact Beyond the Game: How Athletes Can Build Influence, Monetize Their Brand, and Create a Legacy.
27/04/202142 minutes 54 seconds
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On this week's ATG Unplugged Podcast we sit down with Jason Rubenstein, Co-Founder, and COO of HearMeCheer. Featured in Forbes and ESPN, Jason talks to ATG about the shift in fan engagement, and the new opportunity that HearMeCheer provides fans at home. 
10/03/202124 minutes 6 seconds
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Mark Harrison talks Black Entrepreneurship

Mark Harrison is the Founder and CEO of T1 Agency. As a shining example of Black Entrepreneurship, Mark speaks on this episode of the Unplugged Podcast about the journey that he faced as he built his company, his love of sports, and reinforces the notion of betting on yourself. 
03/03/20211 hour 1 minute 50 seconds
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Nate Behar

Nate Behar is a CFL Wide Receiver by day and owner of ATNYM (that's ata-no-my) Marketing by night. Nate talks to ATG about what it is like to startup a business and how the pandemic fast-forwarded his idea of ATNMY into what it's become today.
23/02/202150 minutes 18 seconds
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Erick + CJ McCollum

The McCollum brothers have been involved in basketball their whole lives, they grew up competing against each other until they made it into the pros. They join the ATG Unplugged podcast to talk about what it is like to be pro basketball players who are also exploring entrepreneurial ventures.
16/02/202159 minutes 15 seconds
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Akeem Gardner of Atlas 365

Akeem Gardner, Co-founder/CEO, is a catalyst for the industrial hemp industry in Ontario. As CEO of Atlas 365 Inc. he has spent the last three years working hard to propel Atlas 365 Inc to a leadership position in the industrial hemp and social enterprise industries in Ontario. He has been able to recruit a credible team of leaders and farmers to push Atlas to the top of the industry and has spoken to hundreds in a short time about industrial hemp as an essential tool to fight climate change.
09/02/202139 minutes 36 seconds
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Chase Minnifield : Forbes 30 under 30

The former NFL defensive back is now the founder and president of EZ Turn, which claims to be the only digital platform geared specifically for property managers dealing with the frequent turnover of student housing. The platform allows managers to communicate with vendors and track job progress.
02/02/202150 minutes 14 seconds
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Josh Childress on the importance of Real Estate

Josh Childress is an NBA veteran who took his smarts from on the court and turned it into something special off the court building and buying real estate all over the United States. Learn about the steps he took to build his portfolio.
26/01/202136 minutes 29 seconds
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CEBL Commissioner Mike Morreale

Mike Morreale is no stranger to sport. He was a 2-time Grey Cup champion and won CFL Most Outstanding Canadian Player in 2008. Now Mike is heading Canada's Elite Basketball League as commissioner and talks about the struggles COVID brought his team and how they are moving forward!
19/01/20211 hour 7 seconds
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David Meltzer

In this episode we are joined by business genius David Meltzer. Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. His life's mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! 
13/01/202131 minutes 12 seconds
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Davon Reed

Meet Davon Reed the 32nd overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft and current player for the Sioux Falls Skyforce, the Miami Heat G League affiliate team. Davon is our latest guest where he shares his experience as an athlete who had limited knowledge of money and investing. His advice? Surround yourself with a strong team but be sure YOU have a clear understanding on what and where your money is going. 
10/12/202039 minutes 59 seconds
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Buster Scher, Founder of Hoops Nation

Imagine starting a social media in high school that turns into one of the most successful brands of its kind? Enter Buster Scher and Hoops Nation. Buster shares with us the grind he started in high school to become a multifaceted social media mogul and entrepreneur. 
03/12/202040 minutes 12 seconds
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Nate Robinson: Slam Dunk Champion, Budding Entrepreneur

This episode is a lot of fun as we are joined by Nate Robinson who talks to us about life in the NBA as well as what it has been like starting his clothing brand HOLDAT. 
26/11/202046 minutes 1 second
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Knockri talks the hiring process

On this episode get to know about Knockri. A team with a mission dedicated to fixing the hiring process! They talk about their story about why they want to fix the hiring process and we learn about one of their team members who was a former athlete and his transition to working in tech.
19/11/202055 minutes 36 seconds
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Robyn Halbot on Analytics

On this episode, we bring in guest Robyn Halbot and she discussed the importance of analytics in the digital world and how you can use them to benefit yourself and your company.
12/11/202043 minutes 27 seconds
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Tessa Thomas

This week we get to know Tessa Thomas the founder of Recruit HQ which helps high school athletes learn about life in college athletics!
05/11/202057 minutes 22 seconds
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Alysha Newman, Canadian Olympian

On this episode of the ATG podcast, we speak to Canadian pole vaulter Alysha Newman about her success in her sport and what her mindset is like going into competition. 
29/10/20201 hour 1 minute 57 seconds
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Quin Sandler and the power of Plantiga

Quin Sandler is a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Plantiga, which is a company that's developing tools to help healthcare professionals and performance specialists capture and understand human movement data. Quin talks to us about his life and how he grew his business into what it is today!
22/10/202046 minutes 46 seconds
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Swish Goswami

Swish Goswami is a young entrepreneur from Canada who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Trufan. All he knows is hustle. He has wanted to start a business ever since he was kid and has turned that into his reality along with being an Investor in Faze Clan or an advisor for many startups. If you want to be inspired to work hard, this is the episode for you!
15/10/20201 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds
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Life, Hockey and Business with Jordan Subban.

Jordan Subban joins the podcats to talk to us about why he has become interested in tech and his life as a professional hockey player. Jordan talks about racial injustice and how the hockey world can make an impact.
08/10/202050 minutes 3 seconds
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Jimmy from Phyxable

Phyxable is a pain relief service offered for patients online. They have worked with athletes and regular joes like you and I to relieve all sorts of pain. in the body through consultation. In this episode, we talk to Founder Dr. Jimmy Feng and his journey starting Phyxable and how he got to where he is today!
01/10/202049 minutes 33 seconds
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The Life of DJ Skee

DJ Skee is a DJ, investor, and entrepreneur. He owns Dash Radio and was one of the early investors of the popular resell website Stockx. He has worked with multiple platinum record artist and on our inaugural episode he talks to us about how he got to the place he is today. Welcome to ATG Unplugged.
24/09/202034 minutes 48 seconds