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English, TV & Video, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 3 hours 11 minutes
Host Anna Van Valin explores Twentieth Century Fox’s rich history through discussion of some of its most iconic films with the people who made them. 
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ICYMI: Bonus Clips

Hear what Mel Brooks’ (Young Frankenstein) mother told him after seeing Frankenstein when he was five, Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers) recount his brief career in improv, and Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) predict our favorite RUNWAY employee’s future. In this special bonus episode of Screen Dive, host Anna Van Valin shares interview clips left on the digital cutting room floor. Screen Dive is brought to you by 20th Century Fox.See for privacy information.
15/03/201913 minutes 28 seconds
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Super Troopers

In this episode of Screen Dive, host Anna Van Valin takes a look at the 2002 cult classic Super Troopers, and explores how the sketch group Broken Lizard successfully transitioned their act, and friendship, to the big screen. Director and co-writer Jay Chandrasekhar sits down to talk about his comedy influences and how Broken Lizard turned 3 minute sketches into hit 90 minute movies. Comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff offers additional insights on the evolution of comedy and the lineage that Super Troopers was born into. Screen Dive is brought to you by 20th Century Fox.See for privacy information.
20/11/201830 minutes 9 seconds
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The Devil Wears Prada

Host Anna Van Valin explores what makes The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly such a fascinating villain, and why we are drawn to villains in the first place. Exclusive interviews with director David Frankel and screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna illuminate how Miranda’s character was created for the screen, and what makes her so iconic. Additional insights from NYU’s Corey Sullivan on villainous archetypes and Tech Women Today’s Cecilia Harvey on the dynamics of women in the workplace help us better understand the various ways we might interpret Miranda, and even lead us to asking: is she even a villain at all? Brought to you by 20th Century Fox.See for privacy information.
15/11/201837 minutes 49 seconds
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Planet of the Apes

In celebration of the 50th anniversary, host Anna Van Valin takes a look at the groundbreaking sci-fi film Planet of the Apes, and the legendary film franchise it launched. Through interviews with some of the artists and filmmakers from the franchise, host Anna Van Valin explores how they created an exotic, terrifying fantasy world –and made us examine our own world in the process. In addition, actor and movement director Terry Notary provides insight into how he coached the actors in the recent trilogy to become the apes, and primate anthropologist Natalia Reagan helps explain the ape-human connection that makes this series endlessly compelling. Screen Dive is brought to you by 20th Century Fox.See for privacy information.
09/11/201833 minutes 8 seconds
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Young Frankenstein

Host Anna Van Valin examines the lasting impact Mel Brooks’&nbsp;Young Frankenstein&nbsp;has had on the genres of both comedy and horror. Anna asks what horror and humor have in common in an exclusive interview with legendary writer/director Mel Brooks and producer Michael Gruskoff. In his signature storytelling style, Mel shares tales of seeing James Whale’s genre-defining Frankenstein at age 5, his profound partnership with Gene Wilder, and how he used the funniest cast in Hollywood to create a classic horror film that was authentic down to its cobwebs. Film critic and podcast host Amy Nicholson (Unspooled, Halloween Unmasked) adds greater understanding of horror and comedy conventions, and how Young Frankenstein was able to celebrate and subvert those expectations to create a masterpiece that was both chilling and hilarious. What hump?&nbsp;Screen Dive is brought to you by 20th&nbsp;Century Fox.See<
30/10/201839 minutes 7 seconds
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The Sandlot

Host Anna Van Valin explores the classic underdog baseball movie&nbsp;The Sandlot, and asks why this specific and personal coming-of-age story has connected so deeply with a wide and diverse audience. It features Anna’s interviews with writer/director/narrator David Mickey Evans and executive producer Cathleen Summers about the films making and legacy, as well as insights from Peabody Award-winning storyteller Lea Thau and MLB sportscaster Robert Flores. Together they discuss childhood friendships, confronting your fears, America’s Pastime and the power of nostalgia. Screen Dive is brought to you by 20th&nbsp;Century Fox.See for privacy information.
30/10/201836 minutes 4 seconds
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Introducing Screen Dive

Introducing Screen Dive, a new podcast from 20th&nbsp;Century Fox that&nbsp;takes a deep dive into the movies we love, exploring why they steal our hearts and how they make their marks on popular culture. Each episode pulls back the curtain on a beloved, iconic film, with host Anna Van Valin interviewing the actual creators and contributors of these films. This insightful love letter to the movies, will make you see them in a whole new light. Lights. Camera. Listen.See for privacy information.
30/10/20181 minute 37 seconds