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School Behaviour Secrets with Simon Currigan and Emma Shackleton

English, Education, 1 seasons, 189 episodes, 3 days 2 hours
Are you a teacher, a SENCo or a school leader? Want research-backed strategies for supporting students who find it hard to manage their emotions or behaviour? Want practical ways of supporting pupils with special needs like autism, ADHD, FASD or attachment disorder? Want tried-and-tested classroom management strategies that will work with that ‘tricky class’? Then you’re in the right place. Welcome to the School Behaviour Secrets podcast where we’ll answer ALL these questions and so much more! Week after week, your hosts Simon Currigan and Emma Shackleton share the secrets to behaviour success that every teacher and school leader should know, all based on their decades of experience supporting real teachers and real students in real classrooms. But that’s not all...We also interview thought leaders from the world of education so you can hear NEW insights that could hold the key to unlocking your students’ potential. Whether it’s managing the whole class, helping kids with behavioural SEN, or whole school strategy - we’ve got you covered. Are you in? Brilliant. Because this is YOUR CHANCE to get unstuck, hear from the experts, feel inspired and start seeing more positive behaviour in your classroom again. So hit that subscribe button... and let’s get started!
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Why Kids Don't Change Problem Behaviour (Even When It's To Their Advantage) – Part 1

Sometimes our students get stuck in cycles of negative, challenging behaviour - even when they've been offered support and intervention programmes in school. That leads to poor outcomes for the individual - emotionally and academically - and often results in disrupted learning for their classmates.In this episode, we talk to Tom McIntrye, Sean Turner and Kenny Hirschmann about the Stages of Change model. They explain why some pupils are resistant to change - and how to use this information to dramatically increase the success of your SEMH interventions in school.Important linksSee the full 1 hour video of the interview with slides.Visit the Behavior Advisor website for more behaviour strategies, ideas and interventions.Join our Inner Circle membership programme: https://beacons
25/09/202231 minutes 26 seconds
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Teaching Strategies for Pathological Demand Avoidance with Ruth Fidler

Teaching pupils with PDA (pathological demand avoidance) can be draining and frustrating. The key to success is understanding what's driving your student's resistance to demands.In this episode, we interview Ruth Fidler, expert and author on the subject of PDA. She reveals the best way of supporting children with PDA in the classroom - and explains what kinds of strategies are effective (and what to avoid).Important links:Collaborative Approaches to Learning for Pupils with PDA: Strategies for Education ProfessionalsUnderstanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome in Children
25/04/202130 minutes 1 second