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English, Beauty, 1 season, 34 episodes, 1 day, 2 hours, 28 minutes
Beauty and YouTube superstar, Patrick Starrr, and friends chat about how they met, how they got success and how they overcame the status quo. Some serious tea will be spilled in this fun, inspiring, colorful podcast. Guests vary from the top business CEOS to up and coming beauty gurus just stepping into the world of beauty. By the end of each episode you will be saying YAS to the guest.
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Eva Gutowski - Manifesting G-Wagons and YouTube Success

MyLifeAsEva was the epitome of lifestyle YouTube back in the day. Now Eva Gutowski is a business mogul and beauty icon. We get into how she took her life into her own hands and built a whole empire from scratch.   Produced by Dear Media 
8/1/20221 hour, 39 seconds
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Check out Say Yas to the Guest hosted by Patrick Starrr - premiering November 30 on Dear Media!
11/23/20201 minute, 4 seconds