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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 38 episodes, 2 days, 6 hours, 26 minutes
A podcast by the real, for the real. Our goal is to encourage society to talk more, join us on this journey as we dive into sports, music, society, family, mental health, politics, and the culture. S >
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Change of Scenery

Ok for real this time y’all we back! Episode 38 of the Say More than Less podcast starts off with hosts Caleb and Jo updating the audience with what they’ve been up to the last couple of months.  Caleb then asks Jo what are some of the hardest parts about moving to a new city (2:55).  The self-proclaimed littest guys in the city then discuss how they prefer to go out (9:10).  Another Miami story (16:05), Caleb discusses his short term bucket list (22:02), a quick NBA playoff (Laker) update (28:50), and Caleb’s ad for the “Dear Mama” documentary (31:39).  Caleb and Jo then state their opinions on Ja Morant’s potential suspension (33:35).  Caleb shares how he adjusted to living alone (42:45), Jo shares his new found experience with dating apps (45:50), and more!Follow Us on the SocialsPod: @saymorethanlessCaleb: @banksnowitzki @jordan_4three
5/19/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 30 seconds
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Simply Great

Episode 37 of the Say More than Less podcast starts off with hosts Caleb and Jo congratulating Lebron on passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the NBA's All-Time scoring list.  Caleb then poses the question, "Why do people nitpick greatness? " (7:25).  The duo then dive into Kyrie Irving being traded to the City (Dallas Mavericks) (15:21),  followed by an update on what the guys have been doing and what to look forward to in the new year (22:18).  Jo raves about this years Grammy's, but noticed a couple omissions from a certain performance (25:01).  Caleb says he need some spice in his women (31:30).  Jo thinks he can remember stuff from his toddler years (37:45).  Keeping that same energy when dating (42:01), and more!Follow Us on the SocialsPod: @saymorethanlessCaleb: @banksnowitzki @jordan_4three
2/9/202347 minutes, 45 seconds
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Roast in the Oven ft Tevin Orr

Episode 36 of the Say More than Less podcast features friend of the pod and self proclaimed fashion icon Tevin Orr.  Tevin joins hosts Caleb and Jordan and the three start off the pod talking  about their interesting night out on the town.  The trio then discuss their favorite parts of the holidays (4:03), and Caleb tries to convince everybody that Thanksgiving food is an aphrodisiac (12:38).  The guys then give their thoughts on Saweetie's album only moving 2000 units (16:45), followed by sharing the most outlandish song lyric they have heard (23:23).  Are men easy? (31:32)  Tevin asked Caleb and Jo to describe their fashion styles to a blind person (36:34). How much do social norms influence you? (48:50) The guys then talk about the fine line between being self interested and selfish (53:30), and more!Follow Us on the SocialsPod: @saymorethanlessGuest: Tevin: @yungtev2001 @banksnowitzki @jordan_4three
12/8/20221 hour, 1 minute, 11 seconds
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Real Friends ft Norense Odiase

Episode 35 of the Say More than Less podcast features Texas Tech legend and host of Mind Bully podcast, Norense Odiase.  Joining hosts Caleb and Jordan the three start off the pod revisiting a topic from last episode "shooting your friendship shot".  The guys then debate whether mindset is a privilege or choice (11:49), they then talk about their ideal woman kind of... (19:37).  Can you learn from other's experiences or only yours? (34:34)  Unhealthy Healthy coping mechanisms, the trio talk about some coping mechanisms that can be deemed as healthy but can be just as dangerous when used as a distraction to the real problem (41:00).  Do you need a "do it all friend" (58:42)? Norense then talks about his internship with NBA league office (63:15), the confidence it takes to be vulnerable (75:00) and more!Follow Us on the SocialsPod: @saymorethanlessGuest: Norense: @kingno_ Bully Podcast: @mindbullypodcast @banksnowitzki @jordan_4three
11/17/20221 hour, 31 minutes, 26 seconds
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Shooters Shoot

Episode 34 of the Say More than Less podcast starts with Caleb and Jo recapping their trip to Denver, the duo then... actually Caleb explains how he shoots his friendship shot (ladies take notes lol) (10:29), and as Jo approaches 30 the guys discuss on what age is considered old (19:38).  The guys then talk about the fluidity of gender roles (26:12), and do your friends owe you support? (32:28)  Hair extensions for men the new wave? (47:36), and more!Follow Us on the SocialsTwitter/IG: @SayMoreThanLessCaleb: @banksnowitzkiJo:@Jordan_4Three   
11/3/202257 minutes, 4 seconds
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"I'm Like that too" ft P.J. Locke III

Episode 33 of the Say More than Less podcast features Denver Bronco Safety P.J. Locke III joining hosts Caleb and Jordan.   The guys start off this episode discussing Draymond Green and Jordan Poole's altercation (5:11), P.J. then speaks on his most enjoyable period playing football (12:25),  followed by Caleb and PJ speaking on their experience on being leaders (16:54).  PJ then lays out what he sees in the next 5 years of his career (23:03), the three then talk about the importance of work ethic and debate the idea of having "handouts" (31:30), and PJ explains how his mentality change made him a better player (39:22).  Do professional athletes get nervous before games? (40:58)  Caleb says professional athletes have to be delusional (44:58), PJ speaks on his commitment to his wife (51:33), Janeil (PJ's Wife)  then crashes the party to say a few words (54:20).  How beneficial would it be for the NFL to have a minor league system? (56:25)  PJ's draft day story and more! (61:48)Follow Us on the SocialsPod: @saymorethanlessGuest: PJ (@pjlocke4)Caleb: @banksnowitzkiJordan: @jordan_4three
10/27/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 40 seconds
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Public Service Announcement

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome backkkk!  Episode 32 of Say More than Less welcomes new co-host Caleb Banks (@banksnowitzki) to the show.  Caleb and Jo start off the episode giving a little background on the nature of their relationship.  Caleb then calls cap on the results of his poll of the week (9:00), and Jo makes an argument that "scammers" are indeed businessmen (10:40).  The two then discuss where your significant other should rank on your priority list (22:10).  Jo's intrigue in the concept of  polyamorous relationships sparks interest conversation (29:40).   Experiences vs Emotions (37:10), going on trips with friends (52:33), and more!Follow Us on the SocialsTwitter/IG: @SayMoreThanLessCaleb: @banksnowitzkiJo:@Jordan_4Three
10/20/20221 hour, 2 seconds