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English, Music, 1 season, 15 episodes, 17 hours, 40 minutes
Two of the internets un-busiest music nerds!
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TW: EXISTENTIAL THREATS!!!! no joke, if you are generally susceptible to conspiracy theories, existential crises, etc., PLEASE take jalen's warning seriously and skip ahead to 01:30:00! but anywho... WE BACK BABY!!! sorry for the long delay, life has been a lot lately, but we are getting back on track to release more consistently. also THANK Y'ALL FOR 300+ VIEWS WTF!?!?!?!? we talk about a range of things in this one: global politics, the history of music, kendrick lamar's new album, and most importantly, the lovely portrait of jalen himself on the cover of this episode. we also made another departure from our usual episodic format, and for that we apologize: we had a lot of lost time to make up for, which meant we had a lot of unfocused rambling to do. ENJOY!
6/20/20221 hour, 49 minutes, 52 seconds
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Tyson's final episode.. as a 22-year-old! This is our first mini-episode, where we discuss the songs we've been listening to a lot recently, especially including songs that are not officially released for streaming that we've added to the playlist (aargh)!!! That being said, this is a more playlist-focued experience than simply podcast experience, but we hope you enjoy both!
4/27/202231 minutes, 23 seconds
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S01E05 Pt. 3: OOH LAWD!!!!

4/22/202240 minutes, 27 seconds
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S01E05 Pt. 2: Count Your Days Shyamalan

please PLEASE do not watch this section expecting any cohesiveness PLEASE
4/22/202226 minutes, 29 seconds
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S01E05 Pt. 1: Black Air Force Energy

yeah..just listen and enjoy lol.
4/22/202245 minutes, 19 seconds
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S01E05: CHAOTIC energy

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 100 TOTAL VIEWS! Sorry we were gone longer than expected, but we are back with episode 5, and we're gonna be honest with y'all... this one was for us. Obviously still meant for your enjoyment, but there is no structure or focused topic to be had, just the two of us talking trash, giving social issue takes, and having a blast the whole time. Enjoy!
4/22/20221 hour, 52 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 4 FULL Episode

Whole episode. No music breaks. Just two hours of our miraculous voices. Enjoy!!! PLAYLIST LINK:
4/15/20221 hour, 54 minutes, 28 seconds
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S01E04 Pt. 3: youtube doesn't love you.

PART 3 OF 3! We talk about more serious issues here such as unhealthy stans (like the literally obsessed people), and the way entertainment corporations force their content creators to sell out in order to maintain relevancy,  P.S. get it together, youtube. Plz.
4/15/202242 minutes, 21 seconds
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S01E04 Pt. 2: God help me be a good wife

PART TWO: We talk about country music, a friend of a friend's controversial music taste, Donald Glover interviewing himself...again... and what makes an album a classic.
4/15/202235 minutes, 7 seconds
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S01E04 Pt. 1: The Flower Boy who Called Wolf When he Got Lost

Welcome to episode 4! This is the start of our new format for uploading episodes: we'll be uploading our episodes into 3 parts with two, two-song breaks in between them so that our content can be more easily digested. We break down our new uploading format in more detail at the beginning of the episode! We're kicking off this episode talking about one of the most innovative yet consistent artists of this generation, Tyler, The Creator (aka Wolf Haley, aka Tyler Baudelaire, aka Ace The Creator, aka a bunch of other stuff). Despite his relatively mainstream recognition, we each picked our favorite songs from the early period of his career (2009-2015) and the current period (2017-Present) in an effort to highlight his evolution as an artist as well as the genius that always showed despite the dramatic changes in his approach to music. We hope you enjoy!
4/15/202237 minutes