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SADCAST: a podcast featuring stories, art and design from No Fun City. Cover
SADCAST: a podcast featuring stories, art and design from No Fun City. Profile

SADCAST: a podcast featuring stories, art and design from No Fun City.

English, Visual Arts, 1 season, 90 episodes, 2 days, 10 hours, 43 minutes
SADCAST: the podcast for working creatives. Hosted by Pamela Rounis, designer & co-publisher of SAD Mag (Stories. Art. Design.) Conversations about creative practice, with a little neurosis thrown in.
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EP 91: Tip, Don’t Tokenize with Drag King Velvet Ryder

He’s the kind of guy who stares a little too long and can do magic tricks with thongs. Velvet Ryder is his name, and Ken is the human behind this drag sensation. They join SADCAST to discuss their debut into Vancouver’s drag scene, their love for the community and how kings are combatting tokenism.  This episode highlights multidisciplinary artist Tonye Aganaba, as well as Guilt & Co.’s live album that benefits B.C. charities. Theme music and interstitial music by ⁠Kimmortal.
2/29/202423 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP 90: A Show For My Younger Self with Actor Joel D. Montgrand

SADCAST is trying out something new for 2024—a podcast crossover! Host Becca Clarkson chats with Joel D. Montgrand, a Rocky Cree actor based in Vancouver, about his new podcast "Actors and Ancestors." With credits like "HBO's True Detective: Night Country" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender," JD is a big deal on the big screen who's using his platform to amplify other Indigenous actors. Tune into SADCAST's 90th (!) episode to hear how he decided to launch the podcast, as well as part of his interview with True Detective co-star and boxing champion Kai Reis. There may be a psychedelic grunge gift from Prxncxss Aprntly waiting for you at the end. Theme music and interstitial music by Kimmortal.
1/31/202435 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP 89: Be Your Hero, Baby with Singer-Songwriter/ Drag Artist Dust Cwaine

At 33 years old, and with no formal musical training, David Cutting A.K.A. Dust Cwaine is living their dream of being the lead singer of their very own band. From their entry into Vancouver's drag scene, to their commune with a muse in the parking lot of a Save-On-Foods in Cranbrook, B.C., Dust breaks down their journey to artistic actualization. Why is the song "Hero" by Enrique Inglesias their party trick? How did they end up on Jann Arden's podcast? Tune in to find out. With music from @unicornriverchild, @pleasebeniceyo, @⁠⁠⁠⁠primpmusic, @⁠⁠⁠⁠lowercase.dream and @kylievmusic. Intro and transitions by @kimmortaltheartist
6/13/202336 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP 88 Seasons in the City with Photographer Mike DiPietro

Did we miss a season? Whoops! Luckily, the guest for this episode is all about keeping up with the times. Mike DiPietro is the photographer behind the project Seasons of East Van and has been chronicling what's in fashion in this city since 2018. Plus, he teaches chemistry to teenagers. Find out more about Mike, why he hates the title of his project, and what inspires him to stop strangers on the street for a photo. With music from Babe Corner. Theme music and interstitial music by Kimmortal. Also discussed: SAD Magazine has new co-publishers! Meet the team.
4/13/202328 minutes, 43 seconds
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Between "The Rock" and a home space with singer-songwriter Miranda Joan

Singer-songwriter Miranda Joan (@mirandajoanmusic) has a thing or two to say about home, the issue of SAD Magazine's upcoming issue. She also has a new record coming out in 2023, titled Overstimulated, and the singles she's teased so far promise a wild experience, inspired by an ~*unprecedented*~ time. It's silly, it's sexy, it involves a joke about Dwayne "The Rock Johnson" that goes perfectly far.
10/11/202222 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP 86 - Living the Dream with Illustrator Justine Crawford

How does one transition from a 9-5er to full time artist? Justine Crawford (@justinecrawfart) explains to new host Becca Clarkson. You can come see her cover art for SAD's 33rd issue, WILD, as well as the beer label she helped design for SAD's Sour at our launch party on August 13th @ Tightrope Improv!
8/2/202227 minutes, 17 seconds
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EP85: Transitions with Activist Jessie Nelson

Jessie Nelson goes through the details of their human rights case, fighting against discrimination in the work place, in a special segment by Becca Clarkson. Pam reflects on her time with SAD Mag and says goodbye to the SADCAST for now. With music from ACR (Aaron Charles Read).
6/21/202224 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP84: Your Third Place with Kevin Romain

Chatting with Kevin about his coffee bus and creating a coffee shop that won’t ruin the neighbourhood in a special segment by Becca Clarkson. With music from Kevin Romain.
3/16/202240 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP83: Controlling Your Destiny with Illustrator Hiller Goodspeed

Chatting with prolific illustrator Hiller Goodspeed about how staying true to his creative vision has lead him to doing his most fulfilling work. With music from Perkulat0r.
1/4/202242 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP82: How to Focus with Illustrator/Art Director Carson Ting

Chatting with the multi-talented Carson Ting about how to focus and get shit done, even if you have to fake it sometimes. Also discussed: Productive procrastination, The Illustration Department, Astropad, ADHD and pour over vs french press coffee. With music from Bojm.
10/18/202144 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP81: Getting Attention with Dates of YVR

Talking to Vancouver meme queen @datesofyvr about her biggest turn offs and how roasting can be a type of flirting. Also discussed: Dad jokes, anxiety, waxing, low rise jeans, and the biggest karaoke “don’t”. With music from @pradomonroe @z.d.b.t @specialsworldwide
8/6/202141 minutes, 17 seconds
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EP80: Finding Your Purpose with Design Researcher Satsuko VanAntwerp

EP80: FINDING YOUR PURPOSE WITH DESIGN RESEARCHER SATSUKO VANANTWERP // Chatting about the Japanese concept of Ikigai or how to find the thing that makes you get outta bed every morning with design researcher Satsuko VanAntwerp. See Satsuko’s talk on Ikigai for free here. With music from World Brain. Also discussed: SADCAST Playlist AI Hackers These drawers
3/30/202156 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP79: Motherhood & Creativity with Artist Alice Clair

Fresh off of mat leave we delve into the topic of motherhood & (vs?) creativity. Talking with artist, illustrator, and mother Alice Clair about finding your way as a creative and who we would FMK in the Adobe suite. With extra tips on how to balance creativity and kids from writer Michelle Cyca, artist Sandeep Johal & photographer Lindsay Siu. With music from Humans. Also discussed: Dictionary of colour combinations @stillherestilllife Oobleck
2/17/202158 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP78: Comedy Duo Allie Entwistle & Kerri Donaldson

Find out how the comedy duo Brunch like their comedy, influencers and eggs –– the answers will surprise you. Also discussed, Spotify's broke ass, why auditioning sucks and are street magicians the new prop comics? With music from Peach Pit
2/13/202054 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP77: Designer & Comedian Seabus Memes

Chatting with Vancouver's online provocateur Seabus Memes, who, surprisingly is very chill IRL. We discuss all the hits including Tinder, Uber, Cactus Club and the secret to getting a cab to take you to the North shore. With music from Jay Arner.
1/6/202044 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP76: Designer & Letterer Sami Christianson

Sami Christianson talks about going from working in an agency to co-founding Best Studio with her friend and colleague Mariko Whitley. We discuss how they came up with their confident studio name and the details on what it’s really like to start your own studio. With music from Slow Tide.
12/9/201942 minutes, 6 seconds
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EP75: Designer & Illustrator Trevor Basset

Trevor talks about what it's like being a senior designer at Starbucks while managing his side hustle Throw & Co. We also take a peek at the Seattle design community and Trevor's new drink & draw group, SAD Friends (weirdly, not affiliated!). With music from Wimps
11/6/201946 minutes, 59 seconds
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EP74: Cameron Spires from Goat to Self

Cam chats about his side hustle @goattoself, his many future creative projects, and how it compares to his day job as a copywriter. We also chat about what’s funny, what’s over the line and how to tell the difference. With music from Necking.
10/7/201948 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP73: Alice Forneret from Dead Mom's Club

Talking about grief and unconventional grieving strategies with expert Alica Forneret. Also, on the accounts side of things, Dan Culic from Rethink talks about his biggest pet peeve when working with creatives. With music from Club Sofa.
9/6/201939 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP72: Comedian Andrea Jin

Pam chats about her creative personality according to Adobe. Guest Andrea Jin talks about the importance of being an authentic comedian along with musings on how to give criticism, family guy, manic pixie dream girls and asking the important question, if you like Dane Cook are you OK? With music from Kellarissa. 
8/6/201943 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP71: Illustrator Graeme Zirk

Discussing what made Graeme leave his design job at Lush to follow his dream of being a full-time illustrator. Also discussed: is being a creative better now, or in the past? And how doing something you suck at can set you free. PLUS Katheryn Benedict-Perri from Glasfurd & Walker stops by to tell us what she thinks makes a good creative from an accounts perspective. With music from Devours.
7/5/201945 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP70: SAD Comedy Vol. 7

Excerpts from our live SAD Comedy show recorded earlier this year, featuring the truly hilarious Abdul Aziz, Pardis Parker, Tin Lorica, and Katie-Ellen Humphries. Hosted, as always, by Jackie Hoffart.
6/4/201948 minutes, 55 seconds
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EP69: Katie Stewart & Michelle Cyca from SAD Mag

Pam chats with fellow SAD mag co-publishers about what it’s been like to build the magazine and what it’s like to let it go to the next generation. Also discussed, the weird secret behind Kinfolk's success and design & advertising awards. With music from Dream Cars.
5/1/201952 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP68: Comedian Yumi Nagashima

Seeing what it was like for Japanese born comic Yumi Nagashima coming up in the comedy scene in Vancouver. Also discussed: Terrace House, punching up, comedy taboos, and Aziz Ansari and that whole mess. With music from K!MMORTAL. 
3/25/201936 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP67: Text Artist Mega McGrath

Chatting with the mega talented Mega McGrath about originality, mantras, the rap calendar, and staying hyped about your creative practice. 
2/25/201943 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP66: Author Andrea Loewen plus Stu & Leigh from Dungeon Punks Podcast

Discussing how to love yourself even when you hate your work with author of Feeling Better: A Field Guide to Liking Yourself, Andrea Loewen. Then, we chat D&D (and the Riverdale version G&G) with hosts of the Dungeon Punks podcast Stuart Popp and Leigh Eldridge. With music from Garbage Dreams. 
1/29/201939 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP65: Jeff Hamada from Booooooom

Chatting with Jeff about curating his wildly popular art blog Booooooom and his side lark Chill Wildlife. With music from Cherrie Laurel. 
1/2/201951 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP64: Artist Jaik Puppyteeth

Pam starts the episode with everyone’s favourite…a lecture! Then Jaik gives us his uncensored thoughts on horror movies, podcasts, ghosting, and what he really thinks of digital illustration. With music from Jock Tears.
11/8/201846 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP63: Angie Coates of Five15

Talking about finding work/life balance when your business relies on social media with self-taught designer Angie Coates. Angie shares how she built her company Five15 from following her gut. With music from Bored Décor. 
10/11/201838 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP62: Illustrator & Designer Syd Danger

Syd takes us through her journey from hating design to becoming an editorial designer for mags like Adbusters, Geist and soon-to-be SAD! Also discussed, how to price your work and hiking, is it really worth it? With music from Peach Kelli Pop.
9/17/201840 minutes, 23 seconds
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EP61: Artist Marena Skinner

Talking to Marena about making a living as a self-taught artist, why monsters are more interesting than people, and her haunted apartment. With music from Slant 6.
8/14/201843 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP60: Illustrator & Artist Karla Monterrosa

Karla tells us the secret to a great Tinder profile and how to make the grossest cocktail we’ve ever heard of. Also discussed: casual racism from strangers and the great Vancouver fried chicken boom. With music from Necking.
7/11/201837 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP59: Comedian Graham Clark

Hear Pam try to explain the formula for joke writing to a professional comedian. Also discussed: What work inspires us and what work makes us want to kick ourselves, Hanson, Days of our lives, and Patrick Swayze! With music from Sean Nicholas Savage.
5/24/201831 minutes, 57 seconds
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EP58: Jamie Smith from Thrive Art Studio

Discussing the daunting business of making it as an artist with the founder of Thrive Art Studio Jamie Smith. 
5/2/201833 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP57: Writer Keagan Perlette

Keagan talks about astrology, why all dogs don't go to heaven, and where to meet hot singles in your area. With music from Wake Owl.
4/2/201843 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP56: Writer Cole Nowicki

Discussing Cole’s latest projects along with our mutual love of Google docs, and fascination with how cool smoking looks (but don’t ever try it). With music from Linda Fox.
2/19/201834 minutes, 58 seconds
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EP55: Musician & Illustrator Jenny Ritter

Chatting with Jenny Ritter about putting her personal music project on hold while focusing on her choirs (Kingsgate/MPRIS) and branching out into illustration. With music from Jenny Ritter. 
1/17/201831 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP54: Jackie Hoffart from Fox Hole Comedy

SADCAST founder Jackie Hoffart returns to chat about her new wife life, Vancouver's comedy blacklist, and how to adopt a problematic bro. With music from Kim Gray. 
1/2/201837 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP53: Filmmaker Dylan Maranda

Taking an in depth look at the film scene in Vancouver, what it takes to make it out here, and why shooting on film isn't dead. With music from Winona Forever.
10/3/201747 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP52: Writer & Pop Culture Enthusiast Andrea Warner

Delving deep into important topics like which is the best swear word, why Beyonce named her twins Rumi & Sir, and what exactly is wrong with Taylor Swift. We also chat about Andrea’s new book. With music from Jb the First Lady.
9/12/201753 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP51: Author Dina Del Bucchia

Chatting with Dina Del Bucchia about writing, her new book Don't Tell Me What to Do, and what sports she's good at (hint: the ones with big balls). With music from White Poppy. 
8/28/201739 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP50: Living on a School Bus with Photographer Carly Dame

Photographer Carly Dame tells us what it was like to quit her job and ditch her apartment to tour around the US in an old school bus. With music from Prado.
7/28/201726 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP49: DJ & Producer Pat Lok

Chatting with DJ & producer Pat Lok about collaboration and whether making pop songs would be selling out. With music from Pat Lok.
7/12/201731 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP48: Comedian & Animator Nima Gholamipour

Chatting with triple threat, comedian, actor, and animator Nima Gholamipour. Learn the right way to watch a stand up comedy special plus how virtual reality sex works now, vs in the movie Demolition Man. With music from Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars.
6/30/201737 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP47: Lizzy Karp & Ken Tsui of Here There

Talking to Lizzy Karp and Ken Tsui about burning questions like how many fucks should one actually give? Do you need to be in emotional turmoil to make good work? We also discuss the evolution of Rain City Chronicles and whether Jay-Z and Beyoncé are in an open marriage. With music from Del Bel.
6/15/201757 minutes, 27 seconds
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EP46: Neurotic Perfectionism and Matty Vu & Ivan Decker Live at SAD Comedy

Taking a look at neurotic perfectionism and what that means in a profession where it literally pays to be a perfectionist. Also Matty Vu and Ivan Decker lighten the mood with their live sets from our last SAD Comedy show. With music from Not You.
5/31/201735 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP45: Pat Kelly from This is That

A quick review of Stefan Sagmeister’s Happy Film followed by a chat with Pat Kelly from CBC’s This is That. Talking about comedy and how he and his pals get to play make-believe for a living. With music from Mode Moderne.
5/15/201739 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP44: The Onion of Diversity with The Future is You and Me

Pam starts things off right by telling her inner critic to STFU followed by a special guest interview conducted by SAD Co-publisher Michelle Cyca. Michelle talks with Megan Lau and Kristin Cheung of The Future is You and Me, a leadership program designed to support young women of colour. With music by Divorcer. 
4/26/201729 minutes, 53 seconds
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EP43: Photographer Jackie Dives

Photographer Jackie Dives talks about developing 28 rolls of old film and the treasure trove of memories she finds in them. With music from Alex Cameron.
3/16/201737 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP42: Typographer Kenneth Ormandy

Nerding out about fonts and the future of type with SAD Mag's typographer and organizer of Type Brigade Kenneth Ormandy. With music from The Courtneys.
3/3/201729 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP41: Caroline Ballhorn and the Tin Can Studio

Talking about being creative in the city and cultivating connections with artist and co-founder of the Tin Can Studio, Caroline Ballhorn. With music from Jonathan Richman.
2/14/201737 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP40: The Revival of Craft and Turning Your Hobby Into a Job with Ceramicist Lindsey Hampton

Discussing how multidisciplinary artist Lindsey Hampton went from graphic design to ceramics and how less really is more when it comes to her creative practice. Also thoughts on why vinyl records, film photography and ceramics are so popular nowadays anyway. With music from Pale Red.
2/2/201733 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP39: Ditching Desk Jobs with Photographer Reece Voyer

Accountant turned photographer Reece Voyer talks about following what makes you happy and not shit talking anyone while you do it. With music from Dopey’s Robe.
1/19/201727 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP38: Freelancing with Illustrator Tierney Milne

Talking about the satisfying but busy life of a freelance illustrator with Tierney Milne. Also, some musings on how to create fresh and exciting work. With music from Loving.
1/4/201730 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP37: Artist Ben Skinner

Artist and Art Director for Visual Display at Aritzia, Ben Skinner is a man of many talents. This episode he shares his experience working on multiple projects and his love of using and collecting different materials. If you ever wanted to know how flocking works, this is right up your alley. With music from Tough Customer. 
12/8/201636 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP36: Kuh Del Rosario & is rule breaking a gendered behaviour?

Discussing breaking the rules at work. Plus we talk with multidisciplinary artist Kuh Del Rosario about how using different materials pushes her artwork and her new exciting project abroad. With music from Ace Martens.
11/22/201636 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP35: Fatima Dhowre Live

Fatima Dhowre lifts our spirits with her set from our last SAD Comedy show. With music from Kelley Stoltz.
11/10/201619 minutes, 56 seconds
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EP34: Diversity in Creative Fields Plus Conspiracies, Cults and Secrets with Meredyth Cole

Do professional writers use the word “woke”? How do you order from the Starbucks secret menu? Is the world, in fact, flat? Find out the answers to these burning questions and more in an interview with writer Meredyth Cole. Also a quick look at diversity in creative fields and how 3% Conference is looking to change that. With music from Sean Nicholas Savage.
10/28/201637 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP33: Bathrooms of YVR

Where is the grossest place to "do your business" in Vancouver? We chat with instagram's foremost authority on relieving yourself in this city @bathroomsofyvr. Also a quick look at VIFF's new wordmark and identity. With music from Tall Juan. (And I know I say Ep. 32 but it's really 33, oops)
10/13/201639 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP32: Creative Burnout & Untitled Art Space’s Lauren Zbarsky

What do you do when you have no more left to give creatively? Also, a delightful conversation with Lauren Zbarsky, founder and curator of Untitled Art Space on what it's like to collaborate and shoot film photography. With music from Angel Olsen.
9/27/201638 minutes, 33 seconds
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EP31: Anthony Casey AKA Shanda Leer

Chatting with SAD's most beloved drag star, what exactly does giving shade really mean, our favourite insults PLUS "Sexe Machin/Sex Machine" from Jef Elise Barbara.
9/15/201633 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP30: Jane Stanton Live

Now with better audio! Podcast confusion, Jane Stanton live from our SAD Comedy Show PLUS “born to be your girl” from Dream Cars.
8/28/201638 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP29: Beer Friday Sunday Cider

Sunday Cider, Job-boning weddings, feminism and performance reviews, and the value of fake laughter PLUS Wishkicker's "Scrimmage".
7/8/201629 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP28: Chewing the Fat with ... Alice Fleerackers

Drawn & Fleerackers! Listen to the sultry tones of our beloved (former) web editor before she leaves for an internship with Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal. We discuss garden chic, working with creative people, and the privilege of working for free. Dope track by Mac Demarco and Jon Lent "Fool To Care". Visit us at
6/3/201642 minutes, 56 seconds
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EP27: Referrals with Rachel ... Reggae Decoupling

This week, Resident Referral Artist Rachel sends a confused white boy who doesn't understand why no one will dread his hair to a "Reggae Decoupling Specialist". 
5/10/201613 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 26: Grown-Ass Lady ... Shame Alarms & Bieber Panties

This week we celebrate free boobin' (h/t CYC), next level points card genius, cosmetic acupuncture, gall stones, shame alarms, pickle juice, and a google search for a beyonce bathing suit (beything suit?) that lead to bieber panties ... Things we like: Switched at Birth! 2 Dope Queens! and come to our comedy show MAY 13, 2016!
4/30/201636 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 25: Beer Friday ... Imaginary Personal Assistants

In this week's BEER FRIDAY, we sip on DCBC's West Coast Pilsner and North Shore Brewing's Ginger Stout while discussing Pam's imaginary personal assistant JONATHAN, toxic indifference between co-workers and play a deliciously chill jam "100 Million" by Charlie Hilton. Check us out at
4/21/201637 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 24: Chewing the fat...with Michelle Cyca

We talk with Co-Publisher of SAD Mag and writer Michelle Cyca. We discuss her piece in the most recent issue of SAD all about being a precocious teen who uses internet chat rooms to learn about sex. Also, a guest appearance by shingles! Music from the Buttertones! Visit us at
4/4/201637 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 23 - Chewing the Fat ... with a teenager!

We talk Ke$ha, snapchat, and pads. Music by PALE RED! Visit us at
3/28/201633 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 22: Grown-Ass Lady - Free your sausage!

Tips for living your best grown-ass lady life! This week: take the spanks off your sausage, remember your own damn birthdays, stuffed stuff, milk crates, fandor, foreign netflix and the elusive charm of foam pits. Featuring Dead Ghosts' "Drink It Dry".
3/21/201628 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 21: Referrals with Rachel - Elevator Uh-Oh

Each month we call SadMag's resident comedian, Rachel, to get a specialist referral for our bullshit problems. Featuring the song "I don't go outside, I don't like shit" by Vancouver's very own WINONA FOREVER, off the album Yacht Rock. Visit SADCAST.CA for all the things.
3/10/201612 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 20: Beer Friday!

*NEW SADCAST FORMAT*BEER FRIDAY is where we rage over bureaucracy and patriarchy while sampling some of Vancouver craft beer! Featuring music by MU and SHAMIR.
3/2/201627 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 19: Under Construction

The SADCAST is under construction, but in the mean time we wanted to let you know about the AMAZING launch party for the brand new issue of the magazine – Feb. 13 at the Remington Gallery! Strokes Cover Band! Kingsgate Chorus! Visit for tix and check back here in March for a vaginally rejuvinated SADCAST! 
2/7/20168 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 18: Polyglots, Dilettantes & Flaneurs

Remember Remembrance Day? Special guest RACHEL joins Pam and Jackie to talk dreams, tech support, master of none, new emojis, dating across smartphone brands, and awkward sex ed questions that involve hand gestures! Check out our new SASsy intro by Pam (& Whitney) and send questions for the next SAS (Solicited Advice Segment) to [email protected].
12/22/20151 hour, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 17: Physio Butts, Shower Sharing & Swallowing Secrets

Jackie's 17-year-old niece for president! Awkward physio vibes and broken butts! Where to draw the line between intimacy and bowel movements! And when to tell a sad person that you slept with their ex! Email your questions for our next SAS (Solicited Advice Segment) at [email protected]. See Pam talk at Pecha Kucha on Oct. 16 in Vancouver. And find out everything else at
10/13/201556 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 16: Fake Tatts, The Emmys & NYC

Honestly, we talk longer about nae naes than we do the trend (question mark) of metallic fake tatts, do a SADCAST take on this year's Emmy's, and discuss a few highlights of Pam's recent HONEYMOON to NYC and Philly. Tail end of the episode features the AMAZING new song "Clearest Blue" by CHVRCHES. Get all the info at .
10/1/201544 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 15: Jock Talk with Steph Hill, Googin' it & Pantone Confusion

We are joined this week by self-described jock Steph Hill to talk about her STORY in the new issue of SAD Mag about CrossFit called "Feel the Burn". Then we shoot the breeze about the DESIGN new Google logo-- Jackie tells a heartwarming story about the first time she heard about the Goog. Then we go down a small portal into the confusing ART world of Pantone colours. Bonus: stick around for a surprise appearance by Darren. And a cover of "Hanging on the Telephone". Find all the things at 
9/8/201551 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 14: Cinemagraphs, Chris Farley & Deep Cut Album Reviews

The PREVIEW episode! Jackie and Pam preview the new issue of SAD Mag; the Movement issue! It has cinemagraphs in it! Jackie previews the new documentary "I am Chris Farley" and Pam discusses Consonance, her and her soon-to-be-husband's deep cut album review project. Plus: The Relationship Matrix! 
8/23/201544 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 13: Bday Bonerkillers, Inside Out & Upside Down (FIXED)

This week hosts Jackie Hoffart and Pam Rounis are joined by SAD Mag head honcho Katie Stewart for a three-on-mic experience that touches on party buses, death by boa constrictor, the movie Inside Out, Polaroids, and posthumous orifice securing. Featuring the amazing new track "Confusion" by White Poppy. *REPLACED AUDIO FROM ORIGINAL WITH NON-UNDERWATER SOUNDING VOICES. YES, NEW MICROPHONE SITCH COMING SOON.*
7/17/201550 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 11: What's Your Deal? With Pamela Rounis

Recorded in February 2015, Jackie sits down with SAD MAG designer (and friend and neighbour) Pamela Rounis. We talk about the 90's, spooning dreams, designer eyes, and ... we discuss podcasts. Enjoy! 
5/30/201548 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 10: Lucky / Unlucky in Love and Jobs

Stu is back! And this podcast is taking no prisoners. Jackie is frustrated about Valentine's Day AND complicated job application processes, Stu is calm and cool and grounded about it. FEATURING recordings of both of their stories from Rain City Chronicles x SAD Mag's "Unlucky in Love" event. Enjoy! 
2/21/201542 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 9: Hospitals, Coming Out & Doing the Thing

In which host Jackie Hoffart returns to Calgary to visit her father in hospital, comes out to her 6-year-old niece and chats briefly about finding inspiration in confusing times. Visit for show info and to get your hands on the cat issue of SAD MAG! 
1/29/201513 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 8: Head-Down Rests, Minecraft & The Tooth Fairy

Conversations with my 6-year-old niece, a holiday edition of SADCAST, the SADMAG podcast. Visit and find the link to our show blog. 
1/3/201539 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 7: Hacker Barbie, Kerria Gray & Pro Procrastination Stories

This week, hosts Jackie Hoffart and Stu Popp read "Computer Engineer Barbie" and talk about the #FeministHackerBarbie response, Jackie speaks to SAD MAG photographer and lovely human Kerria Gray about her recent trip to Malcolm Island, and finally we share our favourite procrastination stories from university to today! So much joy! 
12/3/201458 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 6: Vancouver Election and Shelley Stefan Feature Interview

Hosts Jackie Hoffart and Stu Popp discuss their personal feelings about the Nov. 15 Vancouver Election candidates, then Jackie has a feature length chat with artist Shelley Stefan ahead of the group show Nov. 13 in Coquitlam to support the SUBURBIA issue. Check out our showpage at
11/10/20141 hour, 6 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 5: Dispatches from #soloroadtrip2014

Host Jackie Hoffart dispatches from the car during her 7,700km solo road trip  through 9 states and 2 provinces in 15 days. Links in the thing at
11/1/201442 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 4: Gabriola, Alea Rae & Fantasy Thanksgiving

Hosts Jackie Hoffart and Stu Popp welcome Portia Boehm to discuss her piece in the SUBURBIA issue of Sad Mag about Gabriola Island, host a dynamic giggle-fest with New West band Alea Rae, and get real with #SADTHANKSGIVING. Enjoy!
10/11/201445 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 3: Gamergate, Fall TV and D&D

Hosts Jackie Hoffart and Stu Popp discuss misogyny in the online gaming world, our favourite Fall TV shows (and why), and Stu helps Jackie build a Dungeons and Dragons character! Wow! 
10/3/201450 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 2: Blood Hounds, VIFF & Myers-Briggs

Hosts Jackie Hoffart and Stu Popp discuss 'Blood Hounds' (aka people into period sex), review our picks for VIFF, and Jackie does Stu's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. So fresh!
9/23/201443 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 1: Whales, Devils & Earth Signs

Hosts Jackie Hoffart and Stu Popp dive in to illegal search and caesar salad, the real meaning of "dork", erect(ed) statues, the singer LOWELL, and Jackie does Stu's astrological birth chart. 
9/15/201444 minutes, 43 seconds