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English, Education, 2 seasons, 69 episodes, 1 day, 20 hours, 48 minutes
Sad to Savage is a podcast focused on teaching habits that improve your mental and physical health. This step-by-step guide (led by the self-proclaimed habit hype girl Shelby Sacco) will cover all things health, wellness, habits and routines. If you are looking to create your dream life, find changes that ACTUALLY work and ultimately change your entire freaking world- then you my sweet bestie are in the right place. This podcast will cover anything and everything. You can expect episodes on healthy eating habits, morning / nighttime routines, self-love habits, fitness habits, how to stop self-sabotaging, dealing with judgment from others / judging others, anxiety, communication, breakup habits and MORE. Website - IG - TikTok -
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Goose McGrath on Self-Actualization, Habits, Rituals, and Discipline

Hi besties! In today's episode, I get to interview Goose McGrath! Goose is a co-founder/CEO, a growth expert, a real estate and business leader, podcaster, and more. He went from being homeless with a substance abuse problem to a multi-million-dollar business owner, and after hearing him talk me through each stage of his journey - it makes sense. We discuss his habits, routines, discipline, self-actualization, and SO much more. His journey is just so inspiring, and this episode is filled with so many amazing tips + insights. I learned SO much from Goose, and I cannot wait for you guys to learn from him too!   Goose McGrath's IG Goose McGrath's Website!  Shop my HABIT TRACKER      FOLLOW along with me: ON Instagram @shelbysacco5 ON Tiktok @shelbysacco5 (Main Account)
1/15/202457 minutes, 57 seconds
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Let's Talk Healthy Habits as a Business Partner and Parent + Getting to Know My Business Partner Brad

Hey Besties, meet Brad - my business partner, co-owner of Memore. In this episode we talk about business, how we work together (and some ways how we don't lol) and even how we got into business together... OH and we kind of spill some major tea on that no one has put together yet on how we actually even know eachother!!  We also dive into life, the healthy habits *of course* and ways to work on them as a business owner and parent!     SIGN UP for the Downloadable Course APPLY for my 6-Week Class SUBMIT Your Questiosn for more Ask Shelby episodes!   Shop my HABIT TRACKER  Save on Memore with code SAVAGE   FOLLOW along with me: ON Instagram @shelbysacco5 ON Tiktok @shelbysacco5 (Main Account)
8/1/202357 minutes, 16 seconds
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7/30/202231 seconds