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Sabbath Reflections with Randy Skeete

English, Religion, 1 season, 35 episodes, 2 hours, 25 minutes
Are you a Seventh-day Sabbath keeper seeking to spice up your Sabbath keeping experience and reaffirm your faith in Jesus, the Lord of the Sabath? Are you a Sunday worshiper sincerely searching God's Word to know which day God truly institued as the memorial of His creation? Are you strugling to understand the biblical teachings on the Seventh-day Sabbath as projected by the Ten Commandments? Then you've found the BEST PODCAST TO HELP YOU. Join Pastor Randy Skeete, a preacher and evangelist of the Gospel based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as he deeply reflect and dissect the biblical teachings on the Sabbath from perspectives that you probably have never heard before. You would surely love these simple but deep bible based messages. Be sure to listen to every new episode each and every week.
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God Puts Premium on Time. We Must Too!

The Sabbath Teaches how to respect Time. How we manage time during the week, will affect how we preserve the holiness of sabbath time. Accordingly, time all through the week must be viewed by us as a precious commodity to be handled carefully that God will put His seal of approval on the way we live our lives.
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