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Giving you every tool you need to grow + scale your business with operational excellence, while also prioritizing your quality of life. Hosted by best-selling author + speaker Mike Michalowicz + operational efficiency expert + CEO, Adrienne Dorison, the Run Like Clockwork podcast is a series of insightful + topical operations conversations based on the best-selling book, Clockwork, to help small business owners design a business + team that runs itself. To stay in touch with all things Run Like Clockwork, you can check out Subscribe, review + share your takeaways from each episode with us on social media so that we can connect!
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PSA about the Run Like Clockwork Accelerator

It has come to our attention that some of y’all think we are kidding…or even worse, you think that we’re using false urgency by saying “doors are closing” when in fact they’ll be open again soon. But that is not the case. This is not a marketing tactic. Our business model is changing.   The doors will be closing and NEVER reopening for the Clockwork Accelerator. This is the last time we’ll be accepting new students to work directly with us to clockwork their business.   Friday, September 29th, the doors close FOR.EV.ER. And I’m not just saying that. For those of you who have been wanting
25/09/20236 minutes 28 seconds
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213: Clockworking for Ultimate Freedom with Nicole Bandes

What would your life look like if you could take the entire summer off to RV around the country with your partner? Does that goal feel within reach, or totally out of the realm of possibility? For Nicole Bandes, owner of Virtual A Team, being able to take that time off was a non-negotiable. Despite owning a business that supports clients in delegation and project management, Nicole still found herself stuck in the weeds.    It’s a hard truth, but even the most systems-minded people still sometimes need a framework like Clockwork to use as a jumping off point., hence why she found herself in the Accelerator, clockworking her virtual assistant business.   As of recording, Nicole was 2-weeks out from a 9-week vacation and she has lots of tips to share in this episode about how to make that your reality, too!   Want to learn more
21/06/202330 minutes 11 seconds
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212: Clockworking a Music School with Chris Vazquez

Every month Team RLC nominates and votes on which of our incredible clients will win the coveted “Clockie” award. It’s something we started to recognize the hard work of our students, because we know how challenging it can be to build new habits and respect the new boundaries that Clockworking can bring. We’ve even designed a custom trophy for them, that’s how serious we take it! On today’s episode Emily interviews Chris Vazquez, owner of SoundLife Music Academy and guitarist in Air Supply. Due to the nature of when most people are looking to take music lessons, many people think that this is an impossible business model to Clockwork, but Chris is here to prove that all wrong! He shares a ton of  insights on what it’s like to build a sustainable music school while also maintaining a rich and wonderful life outside of it…   And shares some cool stories from his touring
14/06/202340 minutes 47 seconds
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The End of An Era

We’re back with some big news… It’s the end of an era. If you've listened to any of our past podcast episodes on vision or gone through any of our programs you know that we believe in creating a vision that has three phases. The idea is to create milestones for each phase that will signal when it’s time to move onto the next.  Ideally you’re always building a strong foundation for your future phases, and recently, we’ve hit some milestones that indicate it’s time for us to move to the next phase of our vision. We want to turn Clockwork into a household name, the “Energy Star Rating” of small business, and in order to do that…  We are closing our accelerator program this October. Why? What does this mean? What about our clients? That’s exactly what we’re talking about in this episode of the podcast!<b
07/06/202318 minutes 44 seconds
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210: Let’s Get Certified!

After countless requests, team meetings, and middle of the night stress sessions… The timing is finally right for us to introduce Clockwork Certified Partners.  Today on the podcast, Adrienne and Emily pull back the curtain on the long road to this announcement, and what future partners can expect. They cover: What will it mean to "get certified" Why it took you so long to be ready to offer this How will it differ from the Accelerator program Who is and isn't a good fit for certification   If you've been wanting to use the Clockwork System<img src= "
12/04/202321 minutes 11 seconds
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209: Is Achieving Your Short Term Goals Keeping You Stuck?

“You cannot Clockwork as a leader if you’re unwilling to change.”   Donna Lim from Sooter Consulting joined us in 2019 for a live event and began her Clockwork journey.   Like everything else in business, the process had its ups and downs, but after losing two managers in a year, and with her goal of being semi-retired in the next 5 years creeping up on her, she knew it was time to take it a little more seriously and join us again.   As a recent winner of our coveted Clockie award, she joins Adrienne on this episode to get candid about the self-reflection, personal growth, and tough conversations required for her to keep moving toward that goal.    Her best advice?   Come into the community of Clockworkers! I tried it on my
05/04/202331 minutes 33 seconds
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208: 3 Shifts to Make to Grow Your Business - Part 3: Your Systems

Building systems might not sound like the most exciting way to grow your business, but it’s definitely the most efficient! Why? That’s what Adrienne and Emily are talking about today! They cover: Why you need to take advantage of this low hanging fruit How to involve your whole team in this process How your current systems are keeping you small   Plus, they’re joined by a live audience who have some good tidbits to share themselves!   If you know Clockworking your business with our support is the next step for you, join us in the Clockwork Accelerator, now!
28/03/202335 minutes 3 seconds
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207: Maybe you aren't on the same team!

How often do you say the words “we’re all on the same team” in your business? It used to be a staple in my lexicon, even though it seemed to convey exactly what I meant. Then recently at our team retreat, while discussing how to continue navigating the inevitable interpersonal challenges that come up on a team of this size we landed on a metaphor that felt more in alignment with how we operate. The business is a scale… and we’re just trying to keep it in balance. Sometimes that means people will be on opposite sides… and that is OK.   Growing a business is going to come with challenges, preparing for them so they don’t take you out along the way is part of the work we do here at Clockwork. If you’re focused on growing your business and are looking for more resources to make sure you don’t break it, join us for our FREE training on March 28th.  Register now
22/03/202317 minutes 30 seconds
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206: Don’t Break Your Business

You’ve got big goals — but do you have the systems and policies in place to support them?    Everyone wants to go “viral” these days, but is your business prepared to capitalize on the opportunity if you did?    That’s the topic of this week's podcast… what you actually need to watch out for if you're hoping to reach those big goals you have for the business.   You need to learn how to spot the weak spots in your business now, so that you can deliver with excellence when you do. Prep for the growth you want — without breaking the business! If that sounds overwhelming right now, don’t worry! We’re hosting a FREE live training on March 28th to walk you through this entire process   Together, in this free online training event, we will… <p dir="ltr" role="pres
15/03/202316 minutes 18 seconds
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205: 3 Shifts to make to Grow your Business - Part 2: Your Team

Despite how desperately we all wish it were true… you aren’t one magic hire away from solving all the problems in your business.   But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire anyone, especially if you’re looking to grow your business this year!   In this episode Adrienne and Emily are joined by a live audience on zoom to dive deep into all things building, leading and mentoring a team through growth, like: The top 4 challenges that come with a team The S-Curve concept Addressing challenging situations   Plus answer they answer a few listener questions. Wish you could have joined us live? Don’t worry,
08/03/202351 minutes 15 seconds
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204: We’re not creating oxygen

We are not creating oxygen! You’ve heard it before, you love it, and hopefully you live it… But if you aren’t quite living into those words just yet, maybe that’s because you need to listen to this episode. In this episode, Adrienne shares: Why she lives by this motto What it means in the day-to-day life of a clockworked business How you can adopt this into your business now! You can join in this conversation with us anytime over on Instagram → @rlclockwork Or if you want to work with us find more ease in your business, check out the Clockwork Accel
01/03/202313 minutes 49 seconds
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203: Revisited - The single most important activity in your business

As Mike and I were looking for the most efficient organizations on the planet…we found bees.  Everything they do + the very way they operate takes EFFICIENCY into the equation.    They do many different things to leverage efficiency, but most importantly…is their understanding of their resource use in relation to their highest priority goal.    The goal of a bee colony is to survive — that’s nature, right? They’ve used this principle to identify the SINGLE most important activity inside their colony, and because nature knows best, we stole the idea   We call it the Queen Bee Role.  Adopting this one concept can change everything.    So that’s why we’re
21/02/202329 minutes 36 seconds
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202: 3 Shifts to make to Grow your Business - Part 1: Your Leadership

Many of our conversations with our clients these days are centered around how to grow and scale their businesses while still remaining as lean as possible.    In order to grow, there are three major shifts you’re going to have to focus on, and today we are talking about the first one: your leadership.   In this episode, Adrienne and Emily are joined by a live zoom audience to talk about why you need to focus on your leadership skills, and what kind of obstacles you might need to overcome along the way, from the perspective of both the business owner and a team member. They also share insights and answer questions from the live listeners.  As you’re listening ask yourself these questions:  Is your leadership growing at the same rate as your business? <p
15/02/202349 minutes 28 seconds
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201: I’m sorry, they said what?

We’ve got a brand new format for the RLC Podcast today, Clockworkers, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it. We’re sharing 3 recent “big news” stories, and breaking down just how applicable they are to small business owners. (Spoiler alert… they aren’t at all) Too often we see entrepreneurs model their decisions on the dangerous or impractical  actions of larger corporations. But we want to make sure you’re focused on running your business with efficiency at all times, and not getting bogged down worrying about made up trends like “quiet hiring”. On this episode Adrienne and Emily discuss: “Resenteeism” and why it’s not a thing “
08/02/202345 minutes 55 seconds
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200: Winning our way into episode 200!

We’ve reached our 200th episode!    Now, that is a milestone worth celebrating, and what better way than reflecting on all of the wins that got us to this point. In this episode, Adrienne is joined by the entire Run Like Clockwork team to share, reflect and celebrate a handful of our most impactful wins over the past four years.    As a thank you to all of you, we're celebrating 200 episodes by giving away 5 copies of Clockwork Revised and Expanded! To enter our random draw all you have to do is leave us a podcast review, and send us an email at [email protected] with a screenshot of it.    <span
01/02/202324 minutes 32 seconds
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199: Clockworking a service based business IS possible

“I can’t Clockwork my business because if I’m not working there is no business”.   If that’s a thought that has run through your head, this is your episode!   Julie is joined by Darcy O’Daniel, Executive Director of Noteable Progressions, and recent recipient of our Clockie award!   After starting her business by accident in 2011 (a family friend needed support), Darcy was able to grow her practice enough to leave her full time job and fully commit to the business in just one year.  And the growth just kept coming.   After reading Clockwork in 2018 she convinced herself, like most service based entrepreneurs, tha
25/01/202334 minutes 2 seconds
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198: The 5 People I Need to Lead with Excellence

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Why?  The law of averages.   At the end of the day, a successful clockworked business is dependent on upholding a culture of efficiency, and that starts with you.   To show up as the leader you want to be, you need to be intentional with who you spend your time with.    In this episode, Emily asks Adrienne about the 5 people she spends the most time with, and how that influences her leadership style here at Run Like Clockwork. As always, this is an open book conversation
18/01/202333 minutes 51 seconds
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197: 6 ways to grow in 2023

I have 2 questions I need you to answer...   1- Is one of your goals for 2023 to grow and scale your business? 2- Do you know the most efficient way to make that happen?For many people, the answers are “Yes!”, then “…. No?”   And that’s why we turned our live training from December 2022 into this podcast, the info was just too good for it not to have a place on the pod! In this episode Adrienne summaraizes her research on the 6 strategies you can use to grow your business, ranked most to least efficient.<b
11/01/202330 minutes 14 seconds
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196: Increase your efficiency to turn opportunities into profit

Do you want your business to be better?I don’t know a single person who would ever say no to that question… so assuming you said yes, this is the podcast episode for you. Today Emily is joined by recent Clockie winner Nathan Foeller of Minuteman Press of Stroudsburg.We’re eager to share this episode because Nathan rep
04/01/202339 minutes 9 seconds
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195: Do this to make your 2023 more efficient… improve your team culture

I can’t believe we are at the last episode of 2022!   Right now Team RLC is taking two glorious weeks completely unplugged to rest and recharge.   I know offering this type of break isn't always possible, but in today's episode I want to encourage everyone to reflect on what improvements you want to make to your culture in 2023.   This is a conversation we are all incredibly passionate about, because having a strong culture is a  crucial aspect to a business that wants to run like clockwork.   In this episode, Emily asks you to reflect on what your business look like today: Do you want to invest in additional support for your team like DEI or Enneagra
27/12/202219 minutes 40 seconds
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194: Do this to make your 2023 more efficient… annual planning

We're finishing this year strong with a mini-series on everything you need to do to get yourself ready for 2023!   One of the most important meetings we have all year at RLC is our annual planning meeting.   In this episode Adrienne + Emily break down the key things you need to include when you’re planning your year, including: Reflections from the last year Check in with your values and visions Make sure you’re still focusing on your Big Promise, QBR and current bottleneck Goals for each d
21/12/202216 minutes 47 seconds
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193: Do this to make your 2023 more efficient… financial forecasting

We're finishing this year strong with a mini-series on everything you need to do to get yourself ready for 2023! Today is all about financial forecasting... and our resident expert Tyler joins Emily to break it down simply.   They cover: What forecasting is exactly The simplest way to evaluate your data What this process looks like in the day to day How people use forecasting to make decisions <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-level=
14/12/202219 minutes 20 seconds
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192: NOT Clockworking is not an option with Yuri + Efren

Today on the podcast we’re joined by our August “Clockie” winners Efren and Yuri to talk all about what it’s been like to Clockwork their appliance business.    After starting in a storage unit without any AC or restrooms and growing to a bloated team of 12, they are now operating a lean and efficient team of 5, and have navigated all of the challenges those changes have brought.   They were nominated because of their perseverance as they’ve Clockworked their business, and their willingness to keep trying new things until they find the system or framework that works best for their business.    Efren started Frontline Appliances in 2016 to serve customers by providin
07/12/202242 minutes 16 seconds
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191: Our lessons from Clockworking in 2022

2022 is coming to a close, and my goodness do we have some big reflections to share with you.   It has been a year full of big wins… from a new Clockwork baby to a new Clockwork book, we’ve had a lot to celebrate, but we’ve also learned a few big (and painful) lessons the hard way.   On this episode Adrienne and Emily share: The results of the market research we conducted this Fall and how we’ve used it to create new offers. The biggest pain point our clients have that we were barely talking about, and how that caused our rebrand to miss the m
30/11/202232 minutes 16 seconds
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190: Stop to celebrate the wins

Celebrating small wins can create big changes Acknowledging small wins sparks the reward circuits of our brains and releases chemicals that give us a feeling of pride and happiness. On the flip side, not celebrating wins leaves us feeling depleted and apathetic and unable to recognize our successes. This is a habit feedback loop, and in this episode, Emily and Julie talk about a simple, science-backed strategy you can use to break the habits that aren’t serving you and build shiny new ones that fill your cup! And, because we always p
23/11/202220 minutes 11 seconds
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189: Imperfect action is the key to Clockworking

Today, Julie is joined by Clockie winner, Eden Houghtaling, Lead Business Advisor and Owner of PinPoint Business Solutions.Eden was nominated for the Clockie after being put through the wringer with a tough team member loss right after a hire for a different role. “Instead of wallowing or throwing in the towel, Eden used that as an opportunity to take a step back, assess how to fill that gap, and has propelled herself forward by relying on her clockworking skills.”   Eden’s story is a fabulous example o
16/11/202233 minutes 7 seconds
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188: Building rest into your culture

You can be intentional about taking rest, or your body will tell you when you have to rest, but there is no way of avoiding it.  Rest is part of the work. It allows us to recharge, rejuvenate and relax. In this episode, Julie talks about: How to model rest for your team The different forms of rest (it doesn’t have to be a vacation!) The important role rest plays in team culture and staff retention  If the notion of rest feels like a lot to you and you maybe don't feel like you can even give your team the time to rest or you aren't sure how
09/11/202218 minutes 17 seconds
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187: Vacations as a tool for growth

Do you ever feel like your business is ruining your life?   Ela did, and she almost abandoned it all together because of it. Until Clockwork showed her there really is another way to do things that doesn’t completely deplete you as a business owner.  In this episode Ela shares with Julie - Why Clockworking allowed her to keep her business open - The deconditioning her organization did to really reach that next level of success - The radical trust she has been able to build in herself + team to be able to keep growing Ela Thier is a producer
02/11/202230 minutes 18 seconds
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186: How are you showing up for your business?

In Clockwork we preach how the most critical role for the CEO is to set and drive the vision for the company. In order to do that you need to be really intentional with how you show up inside your business so your vision can become a reality Leadership is not about being the best.  Leadership is about making everyone else better.   You’ve probably risen to leadership because you’re pretty awesome!  Which IS awesome, but you don’t want to be the best at all the things.  In fact, the way you fully step into leadership is to help others become better.   In this episode Julie and Adrienne talk about all the different ways you can show up for your te
26/10/202244 minutes 42 seconds
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185: Clockworking for more ease and joy with Nicole Kuyten

We LOVE it when our Clockworking business leaders include their team in the process because we know how much more efficient it is to have us walk their team through the implementation of these frameworks rather than have to act like a go-between (aka bottleneck).    Team members are often the closest ones to the actual problems inside your business, and can generally help you create the most efficient solutions… as long as they are empowered to make changes. In this episode, Julie talks with Nicole Kuyten, the communications coordinator at Bio AG Consultants and Distributors and a recent Clockie winner about how clockworking has transformed her day-to-day
19/10/202235 minutes 26 seconds
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184: Culture indicators to watch for

The more connected we can be, the harder it has become to disconnect, and after 30 years of everyone being hyper focused on productivity, hustle culture has become a different type of pandemic.   But the tides are changing, and the stats are undeniable that the workforce is demanding change.  72% of polled Americans would consider leaving a company to find a more inclusive culture. Today on the podcast, Julie and Emily talk about 10 very clear signs that there is a storm brewing in your culture.  <span
12/10/202228 minutes 9 seconds
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183: How to Attract Top Talent

"If you think you’re leading the same workforce that you were in February 2020, with the same mindset, mentality, desires, and priorities… you’re nuts!” - Scott Sonenshein   91% of millennials will stay in their job for less than three years and 73% of candidates are passive job seekers, which means there are more high-quality applicants looking for new opportunities than ever! The key is knowing where to find them, and how to communicate that you are the right fit for them!In this episode Emily covers: How to write a clear job posting  <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-level
05/10/202217 minutes 52 seconds
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182: A Sit Down with Clockie Winner Caroline Somer

“I can’t Clockwork, my business is too new/established/small/big/unique/structured…”Sound familiar?    I’m sure you’ve thought something similar about your own business, or role.  That it is too something to clockwork.   Every business is unquestionably on its own journey, AND, that doesn’t mean it can’t be Clockworked exactly where it is right now.    Emily recently sat down with Caroline Somer of Somer Design to learn more about her experience clockworking her 13-year-old business.   They talk about: <li styl
28/09/202235 minutes
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181: The Gift of Clockworking

I'm sure some of you out there can relate that there are a certain set of challenges that come with trying to run a business with a partner. Whether it’s a platonic or romantic partnership, having two captains for your ship can add an extra layer of complexity to your Clockworking.  This week on the podcast Adrienne is joined by her Co-founder (who also happens to be her husband), Tyler to discuss all the ups and downs of running a business and growing their family together.  Nothing is off the table in this candid conversation about: How they’ve struggled to release control. What their day
20/09/202228 minutes 5 seconds
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180: Is Decision Fatigue Slowing You Down?

It’s no secret that the more choices you have to make, the more it wears on your brain, and after the last few years we’ve all had… I don’t know many people who aren’t feeling the effects of decision fatigue.    In this episode, we share: Four main symptoms you may be experiencing The psychological effects of not addressing it now Our top three solutions for combating decision fatigue Ready to kick decision fatigue to the curb and free up some brain space for things that matter? Join us at the Delegate to Accelerate Bootcamp to learn
14/09/202215 minutes 20 seconds
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179: Freedom vs. Control

Freedom or control… what do you want more?   Because you can’t have full freedom and full control.   Too often people either want freedom from their business, but can’t let go of the control… or completely abdicate from the business and are frustrated by the (lack of) results.    On this episode Adrienne and Emily share one of the most important mindset shifts our CEO’s need to make when they are preparing to Clockwork their business.    So, where do you fall on the Freedom/Control spectrum? If you’re looking for support to move down the line towards more freedom or more control definitely join us at our Delegate to Accelerate Bootcamp! Go to</sp
07/09/202226 minutes 19 seconds
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178: Clockwork 2.0 is here!

The revised and expanded edition of Clockwork is out today! Clockworking is an iterative process, and after years of working with our clients and learning the best ways to implement these systems, it became apparent that the content in the book needed to be updated to reflect the most efficient ways to Clockwork.  This has been a long time in the making for us, and we are thrilled that old and new readers alike will get to experience the true transformations that are possible In this episode Adrienne and Mike go deep on:  Why the  revised and expanded edition has over 60% new content Why each and every chapter of the new book has a cle
30/08/202223 minutes 35 seconds
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177: Real talk about Clockworking in healthcare with Dave Jereb

There are a lot of really fun reasons to clockwork, like vacations, retirement, and parental leave.   And those are the types of reasons that you can anticipate.    You plan for them, practice your systems, and make sure all of your ducks are in a row… for a lot of people it can actually be very neat and tidy.   And then, on the other side, there are really serious, unplanned, and scary reasons too.    In this week's episode, Dave Jereb, owner of Move About Therapy, gets candid about the realities of Clockworking in his industry, and how fortunate he was to have already started the process when crisis struck his family.  Not only is Dave an incredible leader inside his own business, but he shows up
24/08/202242 minutes 33 seconds
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176: The 3T Trap!

Today we want to talk about one of the clockwork traps we need everyone to watch out for - the 3T Trap.   When we talk about clockworking we often focus on the leader's role - how we can move them closer to their ideal 4D mix and remove them as the bottleneck.    And that IS true, but we have to be careful not to turn someone else into the bottleneck in the process.   In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Emily and Gabbi: Briefly explain the 3Ts  Share more about why we must reverse engineer this process in order to do it responsibly <span style=
17/08/202224 minutes 54 seconds
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175: So you've fallen off the clockwork wagon?

Clockworking is a lifelong practice, so like any major lifestyle changes or habits you are working on developing, it’s only natural that there will be ebbs and flows as you implement it.  In this episode Emily talks about the three most common reasons our clients feel like they stall out on their progress:  “I don’t have enough time in the day” “I can’t do it perfectly so I’m not doing it at all” “I keep getting distracted by a million little fires”   She also covers 3 simple ways to jumpstart after an extended break. <sp
10/08/202215 minutes 20 seconds
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174: Small tweaks, big impact with Ruth Newman

Sometimes (a lot of the time) it’s the small tweaks to a system that make the biggest impact.    But sometimes knowing that there are endless things you could be doing to improve your business is more overwhelming than your actual workload. This is why we are so focused on continuous improvement here at Run Like Clockwork.  The mindset shift from “everything must be perfect” to “done is better than perfect” has been instrumental in the success of our clients.     In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Emily is joined by Clockworker Ruth Newman, who shares her experience clockworking her architecture firm of over 14 years, and the ups and downs that managing her international team has experienced.<sp
03/08/202246 minutes 30 seconds
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173: Welcome back, Adrienne!

She’s back, folks!After a 13 week maternity leave Adrienne is plugged back into Team Run Like Clockwork and she’s ready to share all the details about what it’s really like to be unplugged from the business for that long. She’s joined by Emily in this episode, and they cover everything, like: What her new role will look like now that she’s back Advice she would give to the 2017 version of herself <span style= "font-weight
27/07/202234 minutes 47 seconds
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172: Reframing “mistakes”

Mistakes happen all the time.But unfortunately, the culture around admitting your mistakes can be highly problematic. People are afraid of being vulnerable. They are worried that admitting they made a mistake will weaken their position at a company, or undermine their authority. We need to reframe mistakes as a necessary part of the process because they are unavoidable. In this episode Gabbi and Julie talk about the top reasons why making mistakes is more than just “ok”, it’s absolutely necessary, like: We need to make them so we can learn and grow <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria
20/07/202216 minutes 23 seconds
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171: Advocating for your own growth

Today we wanted to record an episode specifically for all the team members, so if you have a team be sure to share this one with them. As you know, we are obsessed with continuous improvement here at Run Like Clockwork, and that doesn’t just refer to our systems… we are also focused on improving ourselves!We are responsible for our own growth… which for a lot of team members can oscillate between feeling both super exciting and super daunting.  In this episode, Julie, Gabbi, and Emily share more about our favorite growth tips and strategies and provide some insight
13/07/202227 minutes 14 seconds
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164: Qualities of a Clockwork Leader

The first module in our program asks the question "What are the qualities of the leader you want to become"?We’ve been collecting the responses to this question for years and the answers are fascinating. You can be confident in the mechanics of running your business, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  You need to have the leadership skills to back it up. In this episode, Emily and Julie analyze the data to uncover the top 5 most common qualities our Clockwork students shared in the responses to this question of their implementation exercise.</sp
25/05/202232 minutes 29 seconds
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74: Going all in + embracing the process with Maleeka Hollaway

What does “going all in” look like to you? When you do go “all in,” how long do you maintain that level of focus and dedication? Are you in it for a quick result or do you embrace the process?   This week’s guest on the Run Like Clockwork podcast, Maleeka Hollaway, is an excellent example of going ALL IN on Clockworking and embracing the process as a long-term solution. Maleeka is the CEO of The OMG (The Official Maleeka Group), a thriving PR agency. When she joined the Clockwork Accelerator program just 4 months ago, she jumped in the deep-end and her team followed her lead. On this episode, Maleek talks with Emily of Team RLC about going all in + embracing the process of Clockwork.
14/10/202045 minutes 38 seconds
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26: 3 Lessons From a Week-Long Vacation

Tyler and I just got back from a week-long babymoon -- that’s a vacation before your baby arrives if you’re new to the lingo like me. And I thought it would be fun to have him on and share what our biggest takeaways from this trip were as it relates to clockworking our own business.    When I’m not around, the team challenges themselves to be more resourceful and autonomous (proud mama) — sometimes you need to leave to give them the confidence they need. Team actually feels the interruptions just as much as you do sometimes — they got so much accomplished while I was gone because they weren’t stuck in the deciding distractions all day long back and forth — that’s a huge inefficiency, whether it’s because you’re the one getting asked the questions or the one who can’t make decisions without someo
13/11/201933 minutes 16 seconds
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22: How To Get The MOST Out Of Your Time Tracking

Now that we’ve tracked our time (get started here if you haven’t yet), it’s time to actually dig into this data. It’s not useful to just track it without taking the next step to analyze it and then take some appropriate actions.    We’ve developed a super simple step-by-step debrief for you to work through + review after you’ve tracked your time so that you can actually USE that data to improve the future + how you’re using your time.    Remember, this is DATA -- so we’ve got to actually look at it closely and make different decisions on how we spend this time in the future if we want our day to day to look any differently. Collecting data isn’t useful on it’s own...we have to DO something with it!    Here’s how we debrief:  <span style= "font-weight
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21: It’s 4D time tracking week! [REPLAY]

It’s time tracking week y’all! Every single quarter we have our team and our clients track their time so that we can see where your most valuable resource is actually going. It’s the data we need to make improvements!   One of the most important pieces of clockworking your business + removing yourself from the day-to-day operations starts with a 4D time tracking analysis.    I know, I know...not the sexiest thing to add to your week, but it will 1000% be worth it for a few reasons.    This is DATA! Just like the financial data you rely on to run your business, you need data on where your time is going too.  We can use this data to figure out who your next hire needs to be, how much time you
09/10/201922 minutes 9 seconds
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20: Which problem to solve first to get fast ROI

Two common bottlenecks to ROI that we help clients identify through the Clockwork Accelerator are:   Are you solving the wrong problem? Are you solving too many problems all at once?   Both of these deplete efficiency and result in misallocated funds.💸   The reason I love helping my clients identify these bottlenecks is because they get immediate ROI on joining the Clockwork Accelerator and reap long term rewards.💥   I gave a mini-training here on how to know WHICH problem to solve in your business to maximize results with minimal efforts!    I also answered a lot of great questions about the Clockwork Accelerator. If you’re stil
30/09/201949 minutes 30 seconds
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19: Top 5 Reasons to Clockwork your business NOW

In this episode, we’re counting down the top 5 reasons you need to start Clockworking your business NOW! It’s time to stop putting this on the backburner, for oh so many reasons, but let’s talk about the big ones.    It’s the most responsible thing you can do as a business owner.  Scaling chaos is a bad idea.  Your 2020 outcomes depend on it. “We do not rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems.” -- James Clear You’re losing money every day you don’t.  Time is your most valuable resource.    Whether you decide to do this on your own, or go on this journey with us -- JUST START NOW. And if you’re interested in g
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18: The Single Most Important Activity In Your Business

Efficiency is all about doing LESS, but getting better results. Which means we have to understand what are the RIGHT things to keep doing versus just continuing to do everything and add bloat to the business.    As Mike and I were looking for most efficient organizations on planet...we found bees.  Everything they do + the very way they operate takes EFFICIENCY into the equation.    They do many different things to leverage efficiency, but most importantly…is their understanding of their resource use in relationship to their highest priority goal. The goal of a bee colony is to survive — that’s nature, right?   They’ve used this principle to identify the SINGLE most important activity inside their colony...we call this the Queen Bee Role. 
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17: How to THINK like a Clockwork CEO

This episode is going to be a little different than our usual as today we’re going to talk about your THOUGHTS and mindset around Clockworking your business and the traps we see that hold CEO’s back from designing the Clockwork business that runs itself. So if you’ve loved the IDEA of Clockworking but still can’t wrap your head around how YOU are going to get there...this episode is going to be such good food for thought for you!    Let’s talk about the 5 invisible bottlenecks that are holding you back from becoming a CLOCKWORK CEO...   The “I know this” trap “I’m the only one who can do this” / no one can do this as well as me “Growing a team is going to be MORE work f
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16: How To Get Your Time Back THIS WEEK

One of the most important pieces of clockworking your business + removing yourself from the day-to-day operations starts with a 4D time tracking analysis.    I know, I know...not the sexiest thing to add to your week, but it will 1000% be worth it for a few reasons.    This is DATA! Just like the financial data you rely on to run your business, you need data on where your time is going too.  We can use this data to figure out who your next hire needs to be, how much time you need them for each week, and you’ll have a complete list of tasks you want them to be responsible for to use in the job description.  You’ll be able to get time back THIS WEEK just by following today’s steps.   
17/07/201919 minutes 31 seconds
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15: How To Sell The Idea Of Clockwork To Your Team

One of the most common questions we get is...“but how do I get my team to care about my 4-week vacation?!”   NEWSFLASH: YOU DON’T!    Instead of thinking about how Clockwork benefits you as the owner, you must flip the script and start thinking about the benefits of implementing the clockwork process from your team members’ perspective.    In this episode, Adrienne shares her list of her TOP 4 benefits to the team, and then encourages you to keep brainstorming + then share with your team. It’s your job to get them enrolled in the Clockwork vision, and that starts with you understanding how it will benefit them!    Connect with me over on instagram and let me know what other benefits you came up with of clockworking from your team members persp
09/07/201920 minutes 35 seconds
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14: How to Delegate More Successfully to Your Team Members

This week we’re talking all about how to delegate more successfully to your team members. Adrienne talks through the IPO framework and then shares some quick delegation tips to get you started on the right path!   The actions that are keeping you safe are also the ones that's keeping you stuck. And you’re effectively maintaining CONTROL at the expense of FREEDOM.     It's safe right now to keep everything you're doing on your plate... Keep managing your calendar so no one messes up your schedule. Keep people out of your inbox so that you can respond the way you want. Keep doing the client-work yoursel
19/06/201921 minutes 20 seconds
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13: How To Get Your Team To Make Decisions Without You

Deciding is one the of most energetically + neurologically taxing things that we can do, yet as business-owners we end up doing it ALL DAY LONG not just for ourselves, but for other people on our team too.   Of course they’re passing decisions off to you...decision-making is exhausting, and you keep doing it, so why not!? But in this episode we cover the 3 main reasons they are NOT making decisions in their role and how to use this filter to think through what they need to be more autonomous in their decision-making in the future.   Connect with me over on instagram and let me know if there’s anything you want me to cover on the podcast! @adriennedorison, <span style=
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12: Big News -- Clockwork Baby on the Way!

BIG Clockwork update! I’m pregnant y’all!   We’re going to be taking you behind the scenes as we baby-proof and Clockwork our own business over the next 7 months. Business + babies has been something I’ve been a huge advocate for since the inception of Clockwork as I know so many women are afraid of bringing a child into the equation for fear of what it may do to the business. I want to use this process to show you that you CAN have both and that Clockwork is the perfect tool to give yourself the space you need when baby arrives, while still allowing the business to run + grow without you being there.   This isn’t about just putting everything on hold when baby joins you, it’s all about how to make sure things KEEP GOING even when you’re sleep deprived, breastfeeding constantly and confused about what day it is.   <span style=
05/06/201913 minutes 54 seconds
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11: How to Get Your Team Onboard with Clockwork

Why many people don’t even get started with clockworking? Because of the fear of pushback from the team. In this episode, Mike shares why he never calls his team members “employees”, how to get your team onboard with clockworking your business, and what to do when there is pushback.   Pop over here to grab our free Clockwork quickstart guide + other free resources that will help you as you start clockworking your business:   Subscribe, rate + review this podcast so that more entrepreneurs can benefit from the power of clockworking their business!
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10: What to do if no one else can do it...

“But what if I’m the only one who can do this?”   This is one of the most common questions we get when working with clients on clockworking their businesses. I get it, it often feels like no one else will ever be able to take over certain pieces of the business because they’ll never be able to do it as well as you. But in this episode I’m going to offer you a simple solution and shift for this that will start immediately removing YOU as the bottleneck to the business growth.   Pop over here to grab our free Clockwork quickstart guide + other free resources that will help you as you start clockworking your business:   Subscribe, rate + review this podcast so that more entrepreneurs can benefit from
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9: Don’t Make This Hiring Mistake!

Today we’re talking about this big mistake I see most small business owners make when it comes to hiring new team members. Making this mistake costs you money, it costs you earning potential, and as you continue to do it for each additional shrinks your margins FAST.   Take a screenshot during this episode + tag us on social media (@rlclockwork) so that you can use that public accountability to take action on this! Share any hiring aha’s you have after you listen!   Subscribe, rate + review this podcast so that more entrepreneurs can benefit from the power of Clockworking their business!
24/04/201918 minutes 16 seconds
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8: Mike’s 4 Week Vacation Recap!

In this episode, Mike’s giving you an inside look at his 4 week of the most important parts? ACTUALLY COMMITTING TO IT by writing it into the book. We have our clients make this commitment publicly too because you’re WAYY more likely to follow-through and not just leave this till ‘ someday’.     Mike shares the good the bad + the needs improvement of his 4 week vacation challenge on this episode. Here’s the thing...the 4 week vacation isn’t about YOU + it’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about seeing what can run without you, how the team can totally step up to the plate, where you need some hobbies :) and how to make improvements when you return!     Take a screenshot during this episode, commit to your 4 week vacation date + tag us on social media (@rlclockwork) so that you can use that public accountability to m
10/04/201918 minutes 40 seconds
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7: Finding your QBR

In this episode, Mike share the MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT from the book + our process… the QBR, the Queen Bee Role. If you get nothing else right, do this! This will impact how you design your business like clockwork more than anything -- so listen in + Mike can help you nail it!   If you’re ready to fast-track your clockworking journey, the Clockwork Core online training program is officially OPEN -- you can learn more + register here:
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6: What types of businesses will Clockwork work for?

But will clockworking work for my business?!   We get this question a lot. Y’all must think you’re real special. In this episode, Adrienne will share who clockworking is really for, what types of business models + industries this will work best for, and how it might look differently for one business versus another.   She even gives you some’s going to require a long walk in nature, and for you to get crystal clear on what you truly WANT your life + business to look like...without self-judgement.   If you’re ready to fast-track your clockworking journey, the Clockwork Core online training program is officially OPEN -- you can learn more + register here:
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5: What does 'Clockworking' your business even mean?

In this episode, Adrienne shares what the new verb she made up, “clockworking,” your business even means, why the vacation is just a carrot + not really the point of it, and how to get started clockworking your business, plus the mindset you’ll need to adopt to be successful. She even shares a super tip on how to recoup 15 days this year of your time with one simple shift.     She’s also shamelessly asking you for podcast reviews! Hook a sister up with an iTunes review if you’re tuning in.     Make sure to join the FREE training Adrienne mentioned:     Grab the book if you haven’t read it yet: <a href= "
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4: He ruined his family vacation…

Why did Mike write Clockwork? Simple...same reason he writes all his books, he found a problem in his own life + business, realized it was something that was plaguing others, and then dove deep to find experts that could help solve it. In this episode Mike shares the personal story behind what prompted Clockwork for him...and yes, it all started with a vacation.     The Run Like Clockwork podcast will take you beyond the book with tips, insights + strategies, and if you’re interested in more free resources or joining our programs, you can learn more at
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3: But who the heck is Adrienne?!

After Adrienne revealed her big challenge of “MM imposter syndrome” in the last episode, she knew that meant stretching herself immediately and giving a full episode on who Adrienne is, what background qualifies her to talk about operational efficiency, how she left the corporate world, and even what she likes to do in her spare time. Tune into this episode to get an inside glimpse into the side of the Clockwork partnership that you may not know just yet!     The Run Like Clockwork podcast will take you beyond the book with tips, insights + strategies, and if you’re interested in more free resources or joining our programs, you can learn more at
06/03/201925 minutes 20 seconds
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1: What you’ll find on this podcast…

Whether you’re currently clockworking your business, thinking about it, or just like to hear our voices :) this podcast is meant to be a resource for you to create a business that runs like clockwork. Clockwork is about personal freedom, business growth, + scaling with excellence...and while YES we dangle the carrot of the 4 week vacation in the book, that’s really just to get you OUT for long enough to see what doesn’t operate well without you still.     Everything we do + share will come through the lens of operational efficiency + excellence (something that no one is talking about in the small business space). We created Run Like Clockwork to provide a SIMPLE + implementable solution ..that actually worked.     This show will take you beyond the book with tips, insights + strategies, and if you’re interested in more free resources
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