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English, Sports, 5 seasons, 238 episodes, 4 days, 13 hours, 26 minutes
The multimedia hub that blends the worlds of basketball and entertainment with authentic black voices.
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RSPN: Episode 37 — The Series Finale

And I'll taaaaaake, with me the memoriiiiieeeeeeeeesssssss...On the final episode of RSPN, Marc and Jeff dim the lights on the studios to answer all anonymous questions from the RSPN Faithful, including a reveal of the anonymous admin, original objectives for the podcast, the names that helped inspire the two-time award winning duo and much more. Love and appreciation to every single listener who has made these last five seasons some of the best moments in our lives!
7/5/20222 hours, 43 minutes, 54 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 36 — Last Laughs

That weekend recap at work on Monday morning is dreadful for a reason!On the final RSPN before the 2022 Free Agency, Marc and Jeff stumble upon two pieces of breaking news: Kyrie Irving's opt-in with the Brooklyn Nets and John Wall's plan to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. Hear their thoughts on player mindsets heading into these life-changing periods, the headlines behind this year's coveted stars, some catch-up with the NBA Draft and what awaits the league in the 2023 season.There's only one episode of RSPN left! Any questions you have for the two-time award winning duo will be answered next week in the RSPN Series Finale, which will be an episode you do not want to miss.
6/28/202253 minutes, 26 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 35 — Stand On Your Word

Who has the time to be accountable for takes anymore? It's 2022!This week, Marc and Jeff celebrate the 2022 NBA Champions through the use of sports' most painful weapon: the receipt! Tune in to hear initial thoughts and feelings on Thursday's big win in Boston, sour faces during Golden State's parade, the future of #TheNewMedia and rumors that are heating up in Brooklyn. With two more episodes to go for the show, you can submit any questions or audio clips for the final episode at @RSPNonRNC on Twitter -- Marc and Jeff will be sure to answer everything submitted.***Warriors Finals intro clip from @sprdsheet on Twitter!***
6/21/202251 minutes, 55 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 34 — We Are Not the Rushmore Reserves

It almost feels criminal to end the episode like this!In the final moments before a new NBA Champion is crowned, Marc and Jeff look toward a monumental Game 6 in Boston. Tune in to hear reactions from Jeff about #HisMans in a huge Game 5 performance, the changes that Boston will need to pull off the wildest Finals comeback, bench trios that have helped effect the series and the stories (and agendas heh) behind Boston and Golden State's star trios. Also includes Finals MVP talk, Montrezl moving bales and Shaq's opinion on the Top 10 convo.
6/15/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 7 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 33 — G-Unit Radio 3 (Takin' It to the Streets)

Someone needs to ask LeBron the tough questions if he's showing up to pod!On this week's RSPN, Marc and Jeff scope through all the mess outside of the NBA Finals picture, covering coach rumors, player rumors and the tweets that made them ask the question: what basketball podcast would we love hearing the King on? Also includes plenty of Game 1/2 thoughts, Golden State's upcoming week in Boston, seven-game expectations and the double standards surrounding Draymond Green's defensive prowess.
6/7/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 34 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 32 — The Finals (frfr)

Our two MVP's are ready to write the last chapter on their storybook season!Oh yeah -- Curry and Tatum are preparing to put on a show, too! This week's RSPN features the fallout from the Miami Heat's Conference Finals loss, a talk on Marc's mental health since Sunday night and the long road for the Celtics/Warriors leading into the NBA Finals. Are the early predictions for Golden State too early to call? Has Boston changed the minds of many following two huge Game 7 battles? Hear what Marc and Jeff think of the latest in NBA Twitter banter, matchup interests and more, including an announcement that changes everything in the world of the Alpha Sport.
5/31/20221 hour, 1 minute, 17 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 31 — All About the Clout (feat. Shak)

A Conference Finals ending that features Statmuse slander, Kash Doll and the experience of the black Celtics fan!This week, Marc and Jeff take on the remaining days of the Conference Finals to find out who will represent the league next week as our two NBA Finalists. Tune in to hear plenty of thoughts on Golden State's incredible run, the microscope over the Dallas Mavericks, differences between ESPN/TNT coverage and much more in the realms of the Eastern Conference Finals. Also includes an impromptu phone call to an RSPN veteran and bonus coverage following Heat/Celtics Game 4, sponsored by some delicious tequila.
5/24/20221 hour, 31 minutes, 7 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 30 — Apologies Are In Order

This postseason's final four have fans AND athletes revving up the Slanderghini!Marc and Jeff are ready to watch the fireworks ignite on this week's RSPN, discussing all the early predictions shattered in the Second Round, differences in discourse between the Bucks and Suns' eliminations, best Finals scenarios for all Conference Finalists and the player reactions to Patrick Beverley's disruptive day on ESPN.
5/17/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 31 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 29 — F1 Podcasters Make Millions (feat. Cyrus)

This week's Second Round stories are shared over a nice, hot bowl of ramen!As Jeff mysteriously leaves the country, Marc finds a very familiar RNC veteran to share the final moments of an intense semifinals series! Cyrus (@CyrusOnTWR) slides to the RSPN Studios, fresh from F1 Week in Miami to talk the temperature in the city, the increase of black fans watching and the big draw of Lewis Hamilton within the sport. Also includes the big questions that surround our last few Playoff teams, MVP reactions, drunk fans and plenty of officiating issues around the league.
5/10/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 6 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 28 — TYN, You're Under Surveillance (feat. Meelz)

Give some of our 90's heroes a cell phone with 5G and Twitter loaded, and the world will change forever!On a Met Gala evening, the RSPN boys are joined by RNC veteran and FanDuel connoisseur Meelz (@MeelzTV) to pinpoint the timeline's temperature change on the Memphis Grizzlies, but most importantly the change on TYN! Tune in to hear thoughts on tonight's chances for both home teams in Game 2, Jeff's silver lining in Minnesota's elimination, Utah drama and Damian Lillard's surprising co-sign on basketball and sports entertainment.
5/3/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 46 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 27 — The Same Sword They Knight You...

...well, you know the rest.Marc and Jeff come THIS close to banking in #NoSweeps -- but it took one hell of a week to get there! Tune in to hear their thoughts on the volatile week that awaits Nets fans, members of buses, truthful Trae talk, Memphis' heel turn and all stories that surround a very competitive First Round.
4/26/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 48 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 26 — Minnesota's Michael Jordan, Jr.

The Local Love stock is going through the roof! Buy before it's too late!The RSPN boys are elated for their personal teams, but this year's Playoffs may create moments that are far beyond most season agendas. Tune in to hear their salutes to the Play-In eliminations, the jokes aimed at Minnesota's long drought, MIP critiques, Marc's microscope on Heat slander and everything else surrounding the First Round -- including a well-timed #WinningTime to accompany this hectic Nets/Celtics series!
4/19/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 35 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 25 — Sevenths and Eighths

This absolutely will not be 50 minutes of Lakers drama! Not on our watch!Marc and Jeff link back up after the WrestleMania break to wrap up the regular season, along with the stories leading into a very exciting Play-In week. Tune in to hear the RSPN boys salute the teams that won't chase history, Adam Silver's new insight into a mid-season tournament, seven minutes (timed!) on the Los Angeles Lakers and everything surrounding this week's Play-In games. Can Minnesota continue the streak for an unprecedented RSPN season? Which of the 9/10 seeds will shake up the entire Playoff picture? Who will be the team that wins a matchup against a hungry Brooklyn Nets if this week goes in their favor?
4/12/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 19 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 24 — A Work In Progress (feat. Elton Gilkes)

Marc is finally going to reap what he sowed this season. About damn time.The RSPN boys prepare for the final two weeks of the regular season with the original Scoop Man Scoop Man, Elton (@Coach_Gilkes) -- and SOMEBODY has to pay for their crimes after a horrible 0-4 week in Miami. Tune in to hear how Playoff implications change through new Power Rankings, even while the conversation surrounding the league's winners is still clouded. Includes plenty on Booker/Tatum's MVP campaigns, Brooklyn's ties to baseball in New York City, Play-In hot takes, this week's #WinningTime and plenty of Marc avoiding the piledriver.
3/29/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 13 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 23 — Big Brain Plays

An underrated feature to have in the NBA, even if the timespan is 40 years apart!The RSPN boys find parallels in this week's episode of #WinningTime as the current NBA landscape becomes more concrete, and the big brain plays are playing in Jeff's favor! Tune in to hear takes on March Madness brackets, changes in MVP conversation as Boston rises and Denver drops, even more 50-point performances, Playoff wishes and of course a Heat loss to wrap Marc's pain with a bow on top.
3/22/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 3 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 22 — Fifty-Piece Nuggets (feat. Jannelle Moore)

Giannis may have to spin the block for us a few times after these past two weeks!As the NBA prepares for a very eventful Playoffs, the regular season has not lost an ounce of excitement. Some of the league's brightest talents have scattered 40 and 50-point performances as seeding becomes as important as ever, and with many names returning, the list of championship contenders become even tougher. The San Jose Mercury's Jannelle Moore (@Jannelle12) joins the RSPN boys this week to highlight one of the biggest contenders with a hell of a story behind their 2022 season: the Golden State Warriors. Tune in to hear thoughts on the inclusion of the Splash Nephew, Kerr/Popovich, Draymond's return and the interest in Stephen Curry's surroundings. Also includes plenty on Nets/Sixers drama, Jeff winning the #LocalLove matchup, Episode 2 of #WinningTime and more.
3/15/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 2 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 21 — It's Spelled F-T-X

HBO's new series has the RSPN boys even more hopeful for their hometown favorites!This week's RSPN features Marc and Jeff's first look at HBO's new series, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty -- a series filled with California haze, life in the late 70's and a VERY angry Jerry West. Tune in to hear a recap of Episode 1 in its entirety with glimpses of a 1979 NBA, the struggles that birthed a decade of dominance and the names that influenced our stars of today! Also includes the latest in the Alpha Sport including the Western Conference Play-In, the 40 and 50-point performances within the past week, anticipation for the Heat/Wolves thriving and more in the Kia MVP Race.
3/8/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 3 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 20 — Barter For 6 (feat. Chris Mac)

Our MVP's have had agendas change for better or worse since January, but one name may be ready to break the entire tracker....well, a few names, to be specific. The RSPN boys are joined by the earliest RSPN vet Chris Mac (@RappersRActors) to catch up on what kept them entertained after a few days without basketball, along with the biggest names that continue to stamp their name in Kia's MVP race. Much has changed since January as some have gained new teammates, lost old teammates or changed the narrative for their team overall -- but only one finalist can join the Embiid/Jokic battle next month. Who can it be?Tune in to hear their thoughts on Ja/Derozan deserving this look over the defending Finals MVP, the week ahead for Suns/Warriors, a defining week for the "Kings of the East" and Jimmy Butler's MVP rank + all of the mess surrounding LA and New Orleans.
3/1/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 25 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 19 — Cleveland's Finest

Homecoming for two of 216's biggest legends ain't as sweet as it seems!The RSPN boys stumble into this week's episode as they recover from a very eventful All-Star Weekend, but thankfully there is plenty to celebrate! The aura that surrounded an emotional NBA 75 gathering was amazing to see, but as two of Cleveland's finest find their way home for the weekend, they both experience much different worlds! Tune in to hear thoughts on the best (and uh, very worst) of All-Star Weekend, doubt of our 2022 All-Star MVP, the carousel of proposed improvements, ASW in the homeland and LeBron James preparing to change the league once again. 
2/22/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 57 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 18 — When The Beef Is Authentic

Thursday's huge trade has restored the feeling for Sixers and Nets fans, and now the East is a bloodbath!The fun planned in Cleveland is only days away, but the past week has more than enough storyline to carry us into the postseason! This week, the RSPN boys highlight the main event of the Trade Deadline along with the Harden/Ben slander spread through Sixers fans and Nets fans. Tune in to hear voice notes from two familiar RSPN voices in Rich (@kingogenius) and Amp (@ampaveli), the early expectations for Ben and James' new homes, a tense Playoff picture as eras end and teams become stronger, buyout market reports and more.
2/15/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 20 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 17 — Can't Spell Lasik Without LA (feat. Kameron Hay)

Who in the league will have the vision to ship off some #packs before Thursday?One of RSPN's most infamous guests return with the intent to send Marc to the Lord, but maybe they can agree on more than we think!  Kam (@Kameron_Hay) joins in as the NBA takes on a heavily featured Super Bowl week with new details in All-Star Weekend, differences in drama as Playoffs near and the biggest storylines that highlight the 2022 Trade Deadline. Tune in to also hear thoughts on what has developed in the NFL/Brian Flores case, reserves reactions, the teams that are flipping narratives, life as a 50-year old NBA fan and some classic slander between two Finals opponents.
2/8/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 26 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 16 — We Some Family Men

Jeff's birthday features a startling Drake convo, jealousy watches and some honesty about the product!The RSPN boys tap in on the first of the month after a good weekend from the Alpha Sport and an EXCELLENT conference championship weekend from the...ahem, Alleged Alpha Sport. What would it take for the NBA to receive that same feeling that many saw online from NFL fans? Marc and Jeff navigate through the league's 2022 criticisms by reviewing the NBA's own RedZone, the fear of "indifference" and reaction to last week's All-Star starters. Also includes plenty on Warriors staying high through Curry's slumps, expectation of the Phoenix Suns, Ja Morant's stardom and more as All-Star reserves are announced this Thursday on TNT.
2/1/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 45 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 15 — Hashtag Infinite Love

We head into February with love between MVP favorites, love for trade drama and... love from LeBron James?The affectionate month of February calls for some of the moments we cling to the most in the Alpha Spo-- well, we may need to whisper that now that the Alleged Actual Alpha Sport is hogging all of the attention. Tune into this week's RSPN for a review of last week's MVP Battle Royal and the two favorites that took over all rankings, along with a Point God out in Phoenix that's not very happy about his omission. Also includes thoughts on Dallas' impressive January, a look at Grayson Allen's questionable reputation, Curry's tour dates, the teams on the come up underneath the Play-In and LeBron's eyebrow-raising Instagram post.
1/25/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

RSPN: Episode 14 — The MVP Battle Royal

January's a fitting month for stars to declare their entry into the biggest battle royal, but what about in the Alpha?The RSPN boys return from an eventful MLK Day Weekend to check out the second return of All-Star returns following Stan Van Gundy's latest critique, but the league's highest fan votes illustrate plenty names that have circled MVP conversations. As all NBA fans continue their campaigns for their favorites, who can truly make a finalist case with another half of games left? Also tune in for the show's fallout after Cam Reddish made his way to New York, MLK Day recaps, the latest headlines in Brooklyn and more.
1/18/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 54 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 13 — Lucky 7's

Golden State fans feel like they've hit the jackpot with the return of a man out for revenge!Marc (@mymannemcee) and Jeff (@oldnewsboy) get to enjoy a little Top Shot reward this week, as the league celebrates the return of Klay Thompson after years of absence. Warriors fans and Klay himself sound elated, but is this week the perfect one to test his strength? The boys talk the #NBA75 reaction as fuel to the flame, injuries with some of our legends and their matchup tonight against the 2nd ranked team in the league. Tune in to hear more on the Grizzlies' grind, apologies to the country of Canada, eyes toward the current standings and the latest trade reports as we get closer to the deadline.
1/10/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 22 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 12 — The Mystery of Lawless Ohio

Who gets to shine first (and brightest) in 2022 as All-Star Weekend gets closer?The New Year in the NBA means the halfway mark of the season is close, but it also calls for one of the most polarizing moments of the year: All-Star fan votes! This week, Marc and Jeff discuss the available stars through Kendrick Perkins' early starter template, our possible two captains and the chance of two top berths from the current Eastern Conference leaders in Chicago. Stay tuned for the Western Conference choices that are very close to unanimous, Kyrie Irving's inclusion in Ohio with tomorrow's return, Jeff's disdain with KAT's Twitch era and more.
1/4/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 27 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 11 — Asterisk Tattoos

Infection and sickness may not be the biggest thing Adam fears in 2022...The RSPN boys close out 2021 in their quarantined quarters with plenty on their mind heading into the new year -- and it could effect the alpha sport in more ways than one! Tune in to hear real-time thoughts on the CDC's new isolation guidelines, how it will (hopefully) help the NBA's second-half of the season and the impression it has left on the dedicated fans. Can the league withstand discussions of a second "asterisk season" with so much at stake? Also includes Christmas Day fallout, KAT/Adin Ross, the Westbrook agenda, Adam Silver's interview with Malika Andrews on NBA Today and some very special tattoos. Enjoy your New Years Eve safely, RSPN Faithful!
12/28/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 30 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 10 — Who's Not Seeing Heaven? (feat. Armon Sadler)

We may need more than Christmas spirit to save our Saturday spectacle!Stay Busy's Armon Sadler (@armonsadler) joins the RSPN boys for this week's holiday special, but things around the studio don't feel as...magical as they normally do. Tune in to hear their thoughts on the lack of star power heading into this year's Christmas games, the names that have stepped up around the league and the names we've yet to learn as replacement players prepare to save some of the NBA's sickest teams. Also includes the latest on the MVP Race, the awkward silence from the front-office, G-League interests and more.
12/21/202159 minutes, 35 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 9 — Omi In A Hellcat

The way this Omarion is speeding through the East, someone better protect Christmas!The RSPN boys link for #NBAJerseyDay and of course, to chat about the biggest storylines within the Alpha Sport. Our MVP leader is bound to have a historic week regardless, but our Eastern Conference teams may want to add some extra protection to stay away from the Chicago spread. Tune in to hear the concerns of Omicron altering next week's Christmas games, all of the latest possibilities in the league once Trade Season begins tomorrow, Chuck's analysis of Anthony Davis, Chuck's Anthony Davis analysis and Zion suspending all basketball activity.
12/14/202154 minutes, 50 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 8 — The Greatest Tweet of All-Time

Ten years ago, a failed trade may have stopped a decade of domination -- and three letters told the entire story.Fans want to see Golden State and Phoenix create movies on their way to an NBA Championship. With two thrillers last week and a Christmas game on the way, it's hard to not envision what a 7-game Conference Finals would be like! However, if 2011's controversial trade block did not happen, what would be the conversation surrounding the Point God? Marc and Jeff revisit some of the lockout situations that effected the Lakers trade, Gilbert Arenas' thoughts on how this could've ruined the league and how "WoW" influenced where the league is today. Also includes the latest on the Staples Center changes, crypto confusion, Dame + Ben and Jacquees' National Anthem.
12/7/202158 minutes, 33 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 7 — A December To Remember

With a quarter of the NBA season in the books, the Alpha's streakers have no plans to slow down!This week, the RSPN boys return from an eventful holiday season with multiple teams ready to end 2021 in style -- even the worst team in the league! Tune in to hear Marc (@mymannemcee) and Jeff (@oldnewsboy) prepare for what lies ahead between the Warriors and Suns, as our top two teams start their three December battles tonight on TNT. Also includes a questionable week for Marc's Heat following a loss in last week's Local Love battle, the fabricated war against Denver, possibilities of John Wall's future and more.
11/30/20211 hour, 1 minute, 5 seconds
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The Check Fade: Episode 10 — The AFC Is Open (feat. Bryce Hayes)

Happy Holidays from the Check Fade boys and the Elite Media Group!Verone is out this week, so JT and Trev talk a little college football with special guest, Bryce Hayes! Bryce (@nxtprodigy) joins in to give his thoughts on the MVP race, the range of quarterback play throughout the league, Big Ben’s rollercoaster play and more heading into tomorrow's Thanksgiving games.
11/24/202151 minutes, 24 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 6 — Ultimate Opportunists (feat. Kameron Hay)

Situaaaaaaatioooooooooons, will arise...Opportunities in the NBA can feel like pure blessings when the stars align -- but some stars may go a little bit overboard! Kameron Hay (@Kameron_Hay) joins Jeff (@oldnewsboy) on the holiday week to help clean some of Sunday's mess between the Pistons and Lakers, the suspensions that alter tonight's TNT double-header, Enes Kanter's endgame and the three ultimate opportunities in the alpha sport this week. Tune in to hear thoughts on Demar Derozan's incredible week as the Bulls continue to charge, the necessities within Phoenix's huge win-streak, the alarms that ring if Klay Thompson returns by Christmas and more.
11/23/202150 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Check Fade: Episode 9 — Was Teddy Bridgewater Wrong?

There's been controversial takes from all sides of the NFL here, but this one's pretty simple.On this week's episode of The Check Fade, our guys discuss the pros and cons of Teddy tackling on the INT, why can’t Verone get YAC on his INTs and this week's upsets around the league.
11/17/202135 minutes, 42 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 5 — The Drama Kings (feat. Richie Rich)

A couple members of the NBA's finest sure know how to cut a good promo!Maybe Terry Rozier is telling the truth -- has the league felt like wrestling after this past week's confrontations? Marc (@mymannemcee) gets the opportunity to find out this week as Rich (@KingOGenius) subs in for Jeff (@oldnewsboy) to check the reason for hostility at this point of the season, the teams who have altered the Eastern Conference after some crazy runs, Steph Curry making Marc eat his words and what awaits the two as the WWE make their way to Barclays Center this Sunday for the 2021 Survivor Series.
11/16/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Check Fade: Episode 8 — #TellTheTruthTuesday (feat. John Rivers & Tyler Cetrulo)

Just a fair warning: this episode may leave you heated if you're not ready for the facts!This week's episode of The Check Fade is centered around the annual Elite Top Ten Rankings, featuring two guests that excel in discussing the NFL's top product: John Rivers (@johnrivers131) and Tyler Cetrulo (@TJCetrulo). Expect to hear every factor that played into the names you'll hear in our Quarterback choices, Receiver talks and plenty more -- but the omissions won't surprise you if you know the truth. 
11/10/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 38 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 4 — Burn the Trade Machine (feat. Donny Luche)

Boston's concerns may have some of their fans down bad, but never down THIS bad!The RSPN boys ease into the second month of the NBA to discuss the teams who may be safe to discuss without a Hot Take hashtag -- but as there are teams that continue to shine in their first ten games, who are the ones that may not be so easy to call? Donny Luche (@DonnyLuche1) joins this week to highlight one of the teams: his Boston Celtics. Tune in to hear thoughts on Boston's play since Marcus Smart's critiques and the Players Only meeting, the difference in perception between Jaylen and Jayson, Monday's reports of a possible Ben Simmons trade and much more.
11/9/202157 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Check Fade: Episode 7 — You Can't Stop the Rain

The great slate of games witnessed last week calls for plenty of agendas to discuss!This week's episode of The Check Fade features JT, Verone and Trev in full preparation for Playoffs as the regular season gets closer to winding down. The new acquisitions and changes from injury are affecting some of the league's best, and our latest games have ensured excitement throughout the NFL. Tune in to hear their thoughts on the names that have Super Bowl chances, MVP probabilities, and more -- including an introduction on the Elite Annual Rankings coming next week.
11/3/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 52 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 3 — The Monstars Are Not Back

Nobody's power is being taken under the NBA's new rules -- some just need to make JIMportant adjustments!Although Jeff (@oldnewsboy) is a bit cautious with some of the league's early projections and streaks, Marc (@mymannemcee) is very happy to celebrate one of them! The boys talk a few of the 5-win starts in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference, including the large Power Ranking shifts, the magnifying glass around the current leaders of the East and a highlight on the NBA following its most recent changes. You'll hear plenty thoughts on TNT Thursdays pausing until January, the performance of some of our top stars within the new referee calls and much more.
11/2/202156 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Check Fade: Episode 6 — Keep Workin' (feat. Coach Carl Reed)

Some of this week's coaching philosophies may be needed for a few teams that are falling short!JT, Verone and Trev open up this week's Check Fade with a special guest -- CBS Sports and 24/7 Sports analyst, Coach Carl Reed! Hear plenty about the growth of his online presence, football ventures outside of coaching and coaching philosophies that may benefit some of the NFL teams falling short of expectation. Also tune in for a crowning of the best team in Ohio, the offense in Tennessee, a revisit to Diggs/Surtain and more.
10/27/20211 hour, 17 minutes, 47 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 2 — Bouquet Arrangements

Giving flowers for the week is easy peasy, but for the entire history of the league...not so much!Marc (@mymannemcee) and Jeff (@oldnewsboy) follow up the first week of the NBA with an episode that's very appreciative of the performances seen early in the NBA season, and truth be told -- there's some early praise that's deserved. However, that may come with a side of all-time appreciation that isn't as easy as the league expected. Tune in to hear the athletes and teams that the RSPN boys have their eye on, the return of the Feature Presentation highlighted by the Madison Square Garden 2OT opener and plenty of discourse toward who truly needs to be presented in the NBA's 75th Anniversary selections.
10/26/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 56 seconds
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RSPN: Episode 1 — The Fifth Season

The RSPN boys are all smiles for a very promising NBA season, even with just a liiiiiittle bit of fear.As Marc (@mymannemcee) and Jeff (@oldnewsboy) find out the RSPN Studios have been left alone following a rocky relationship with the NBA front office, the Fifth Season kicks off with anticipation for a very unpredictable season! Tune in to catch up with what the boys have been up to since the end of the Finals, including brief looks at all divisions, Chicago's new WNBA Champions and a bit of October fear before the season even starts tonight. Between new media darlings, Philadelphia's turmoil, frustration in Brooklyn and Giannis' new offensive comfort -- there's plenty to stay alert about!Be sure to stay in the loop with all NBA news, rumors and laughs in the new home of RSPN: @RSPNonRNC on Twitter.
10/19/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Check Fade: Episode 5 — Secondaries Are Gettin' Cooked

This week deserves a glance at the highs and lows of the league's glorious quarterbacks.JT, Trev and Verone are all smiles on Check Fade this week to discuss the great performances in Week 5 of the NFL, along with the different ranges of quarterback excellence. All have been able to see Baker Mayfield level lows to the highs of Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers, but what about the QB's that fall in the middle area? The boys also hint at some early MVP talk, the eyes on the Bengals and much more.
10/13/20211 hour, 30 seconds
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The Check Fade: Episode 4 — Herbert Is Top 2

It's another week in the NFL where the old mantra never dies: defense wins games!In this week's episode of The Check Fade, JT immediately double checks two talking points from Trev and Verone following the Cardinals' latest performance and the man that gets to call himself the second best quarterback in the league. Does Justin Herbert truly deserve it? Also tune in to hear the reasons for the Chiefs/Bucs struggles with dominance, defensive shortcomings around the league, the young guys highlighted in the Cowboys' defense and much more.
10/6/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Check Fade: Episode 3 — The Two Minute Drill

Mahomes has played WAY too much football for this.The Check Fade boys return this week to discuss the special moments in Week 3 of the NFL, including breaking news, close upsets, stacked DBs and the imminent return of Brady Ball. Hear JT, Verone and Trev's preparation for the Week 4 Game of the Week, the top offensive/defensive performances to look out for, new Island matchups and plenty more.
9/29/202158 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Check Fade: Episode 2 — Is Mechole Hardman Serious?

The Check Fade boys only have one question this week: is he deadass?JT, Trev and Verone prepare for Week 3 with a rundown of the NFL's most important Week 2 highlights, but not without some of their own game given in between. Tune in to hear a discussion on Lamar's upset over the Kansas City Chiefs, the key differences between athletes that have a true running game, Micah Parsons' questionable move to the edge and the return of the classic Island Matchups!
9/22/202159 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Check Fade: Season 2 Premiere — #RunTheRock

The Check Fade boys kick off a new NFL season with one VERY important lesson for the league!Football could not return without three pivotal voices on the Elite Media Group, and Episode 1 of Season 2 delivers everything necessary to stay ahead of the game. Tune in to hear JT and Trev talk about Verone's big performance in the Ohio State upset, all the NFL teams that lost due to one huge inability, #generational agendas that are being pinned to the wall early and much more.
9/15/202157 minutes, 18 seconds