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RP Strength Podcast

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 3 seasons, 150 episodes, 6 days, 2 hours, 31 minutes
On the RP Podcast, Nick and Lori discuss various nutrition and training related topics with both the super accomplished members of RP’s 1:1 coaching team as well as with RP’s amazing athletes, across various sports!
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Lessons From RP All-Star Coach Nathan Jenkins

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App 0:50 Watching inappropriate movies w your parents 4:23 Dr. Nathan Jenkins smokes meats 8:10 Balancing alcohol and a healthy life 11:20 Working out with no music 15:22 Motivation in training 20:19 Pacing yourself 27:07 Long term thinking 29:55 Coaching is teaching 38:33 Meeting people where they are in their health journey 49:21 What makes a successful client 52:44 Rapid fire questions
4/15/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 25 seconds
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When Is It Time To Diet?

0:27 Mike’s biggest adversary in middle School 1:30 Mike is starting prep 9:22 How do you know when its time to diet 10:45 High diet fatigue 15:29 extreme fatigue 16:36 Sleep troubles 24:41 Aversion to junk food 29:53 Momentum 33:36 Don’t like how you look after a mass 39:15 Health markers are bad 41:50 Don’t cut when beginning your  fitness journey 46:05 Don’t cut around major life events
4/8/202452 minutes, 48 seconds
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Fueling For Endurance Sport With Alex Harrison

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App 0:48 Endurance expert Alex Harrison 1:55 His app for endurance athletes 4:15 What is a “long” endurance activity 7:48 Do you need nutrients in endurance activities 11:07 What should you be intaking 14:43 What do people get wrong 20:21 Anti water people exist 25:44 Dealing with pain in endurance sports 29:17 Endurance athlete diets 33:57 The 1500m race is the hardest thing to do 37:55 Why you might want to try endurance sport 44:09 Nutrition dogma among runners 52:08 Fan culture in running 54:50 Power to weight ratio 56:30 310 mile bike race horror story
4/1/20241 hour, 17 seconds
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How Does body fat percentage affect health?

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App   0:18 Nick has a good joke 1:14 When Nick and Mike got fat 2:28 Body fat role in health 5:22 25 Percent body fat (males) 9:04 20 Percent body fat 9:55 10 to 20 Percent body fat 13:30 Sub 10 perecent 19:42 Nick’s competition history 21:44 40 percent body fat (females) 22:41 30- 40 percent body fat 25:45 20-20 percent 27:37 Discussions of body fat in media 29:20 15 -20 perecent 35:53 Contest prep effects on women 41:25 Next gen obesity drugs
3/25/202447 minutes, 15 seconds
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Frequently Asked Questions

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App 1:13 Mike starting contest prep 2:53 Should you stretch 12:17 What supplements are worth it 26:18 General health supplements 27:28 Why are deloads on maintenance calories 36:51 Why bother thinking so much about training
3/18/202451 minutes, 40 seconds
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Versa Gripps + Frequently Asked Questions

Grab a set of Versa Gripps today! For 15% off use coupon code: DrMike15 0:16 Mike’s Arnold experience 5:57 Mike’s Versa Gripp stash 9:22 How Mike was rejected by Versa Gripps 11:30 The new deal with Versa 14:56 What Versa Gripps are made of 18:59 FAQs- Best time to train? 32:28 Mikes fav pre workout meal 35:15 Pre workout caffeine late in the day 39:20 Chris Williamson’s new drink 47:06 Training while sore 1:01:28 Getting one star reviews
3/11/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 40 seconds
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How To Tell If You're Training Hard Enough

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App   0:28 Mike got sick in Vegas “working” 2:10 Why the podcast missed episodes 5:45 Training hard with bad technique 8:38 Relative Effort 14:15 Teasing our 1 set leg workout video 16:55 How to tell if you’re training hard 24:24 The bar feeling heavy 26:32 Harder than last time squawk 32:50 How to tell if you’re pushing yourself 42:58 Rep Fall-Off Between Sets 46:19 How can you tell if some one else is going hard 51:47 Its what you give not what you receive 58:17 How to treat clients
3/4/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Difference Between Working Out and Training

  RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App  0:37 Still in Vegas 2:45 Nick got crushed from our YT filming 3:49 Nick gets massing questions from his furnace guy 5:45 Training an NFL athlete for bodybuilding 9:10 Working out vs training 11:57 The ideal team player 13:52 Working out defined  16:42 Training defined 21:58 What training requires 27:01 Progression and adjustment 28:34 Fatigue management 33:43  Optimization 34:45 Grit 47:03 Which one should you be doing 53:33 The Michael Jordan story
2/19/202458 minutes, 30 seconds
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How To Train While Traveling

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App  0:25 Dr. Mike gamblin’ in Vegas 1:50 Jim Harbaugh leaving MI 7:13 Not training while traveling 13:25 Using Intensity techniques 15:37 Maintenance Training 21:36 Planet B-Boy film 25:30 How to make gains during travel 31:25 Weights and reps 35:55 Increasing volume 39:20 Going lighter for safety 43:39 Drinking mass gainer in high school 47:35 Using pre exhaust
2/5/202450 minutes, 15 seconds
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How To Diet While Traveling

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App  0:20 Reunited and it feels so good 1:15 Mike’s Australia seminars 4:57 Nick’s trip to see the sports ball championship 12:19 How to travel and stick to your diet 14:28 Choosing diet phases for travel 29:55 What is fitness dieting actually 32:38 Knowing where your protein is coming from 40:15 Diet drinks 42:45 Clean carbs 44:36 Fats 49:20 Getting steps in 50:26 Meal timing 52:49 Eyeballing macros    
1/29/202457 minutes, 2 seconds
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How To Improve Your Social Circle

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App    0:15 1M Youtube subscribers 2:00 Social support circle 4:55 Self efficacy 14:25 You are entitled to no support 16:09 Friction with a spouse 27:55 Support from family 37:46 Support from friends 45:35 Support from coworkers 53:08 Social media support 1:01:47 Types of people in comment sections 1:11:13 Mike reads negative comments video idea
1/22/20241 hour, 14 minutes, 58 seconds
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Do's and Dont's for New Year's Training

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App    0:28 Holiday food is too much 5:08 Casein pudding is gross 7:35 Active rest can be difficult 11:01 Don’t schedule too many training sessions 15:41 Appropriate workout length 25:04 Don’t pick gyms and activities that are far 33:18 Don’t depend on training partners 45:02 Avoid excessive warmups 50:52 Cool downs are BS 55:47 Don’t be afraid to replace exercises 57:49 Starting with too much volume 1:02:42 Have a plan for the next step
1/15/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 57 seconds
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Do's and Dont's for New Year's Dieting pt II

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App    1:51 How to change eating habits 9:35 Starting easy 12:25 Cutting out food groups 17:13 Gum, diet soda, coffee 24:17 Changing your schedule 31:19 Pairing diet and lifestyle changes 37:08 How would Mike spend $1MIL 41:05 Your diet won’t fix everything 44:38 Planning for maintenance 48:00 Don’t think this is your last diet 51:18  It’s not life or death
1/8/202458 minutes, 36 seconds
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Do's and Dont's for New Year's Dieting

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App    0:38 Mike’s Home Ec class experiences 3:20 Fav moments of 2023 7:05 Mike’s Hubermanesque morning routine 8:30 Diet new years resolution do’s and donuts 9:13 Rate of weight loss 12:57 Starting exactly on Jan 1 is silly 19:17 Eat filling foods 24:57 Add steps before lowering calories 31:01 Supportive social circle 43:19 Multi part podcasts are too much 45:30 People that give one star reviews
1/2/202450 minutes, 41 seconds
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How To Best Get Back Into Training

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App    0:30 No one is sponsoring the podcast 5:01 Functional overreaching explained 14:21 How does super compensation work 19:53 Pulling all nighters 24:35 Speeding up overreaching 26:36 Matching rep ranges to exercises 31:50 Exercise replacement 37:01 Estimating RIR 39:29 High rep bent rows 41:30 Getting back after time off 46:46 Choosing loads when coming back 51:18 Christle asks for money 55:22 Buying a new computer high on drugs 59:50 Mike runs into the whole Michigan football team
12/18/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 58 seconds
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How Little Can You Train To Maintain Muscle?

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App    0:22 Mike isn’t sleeping well 2:02 Mike is coming to Australia 3:27 Minimum training to maintain muscle 9:55 Days per week of training vs gains 13:05 How much can you reduce sets by 15:42 Looking deflated vs losing muscle 19:43 Cutting training in half or more 22:06 Beginners can actually gain on very low volume 24:10 MEV, MV, MRV defined 28:35 Systemic MRV defined 31:50 How do you figure out volume landmarks for YOU 36:25 Neural adaptations 39:05 Actually losing muscle 43:40 Stress contributing to muscle loss
12/11/202348 minutes, 52 seconds
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Why You Should Take Active Rest: The Benefits And How To Do It

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App    0:16 Mike sing carols,  hes a piece of garbage 4:08 How to train over the holidays 6:50 Mike loves my 600lb life 9:03 Nick has an unhealthy relationship with Michigan football 15:42 WIll you lose muscle with less training 23:11 Using the holidays for active rest 26:21 1 percent better everyday is BS 33:06 Taking two weeks off 37:37 Nick’s a libra 41:30 Not getting too hyped for lifts 45:18 Nick skips leg day 47:38 What to do and not do on active rest 56:40 The most important concept of recovery 1:00:30 Mike masters monopoly 1:03:45 How to come back after a break
12/4/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 39 seconds
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Nick and Mike's Holiday Eating Guide

0:28 Mike’s Thanksgiving plans 3:01 Nick’s Thanksgiving plans 5:31 Holiday eating rules from RP 10:05 Timing holidays for a mass gain phase 14:40 "All in" holiday eating 18:50 Lori used to make wayyyy too many cookies 23:51 Maintenance eating through the holidays 33:58 Fat loss diets fail during holidays  37:45 How to diet during holidays if you must 47:25 Food palatability reward hypothesis 57:18 Trying to fit “normal" food into a diet
11/27/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 34 seconds
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How to Become a Coach pt V

0:27 Why pro athletes are bad at weight training 10:06 Building your brand recap 15:13 In person conduct and networking 30:51 Working with big names 43:37 Cheap is better than free 44:43 Podcast opportunities 52:28 "Public speaking” practice
11/20/20231 hour, 47 seconds
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Getting Started As A Fitness Coach pt IV

0:30 Olympia thoughts 8:02 Recap of how to start as a coach 9:01 Michigan football controversy 12:03 Building your reputation 21:35 Mike’s new posing song 22:50 Def Jam’s “How To Be A Player” 24:31 Demonstrating knowledge 27:15 Types of content to post 38:46 Scheduling posts and content consistency 44:00 Making genuine content 45:50 How Nick wrote his book  
11/13/202348 minutes, 5 seconds
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Getting Started As A Fitness Coach pt III

RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App      0:21 Night time leg training 1:45 Nick solved his hack squat problem 4:26 Dealing with pain in warm ups 6:23 Mentoring vs coaching 10:52 Keep your client documents professional 17:17 What Mike was doing in 1998 19:27 Get good results for your clients 27:10 Word of mouth is still king 31:35 Focusing on struggling clients 34:45 Sharing client results 41:48 Before and afters don’t work on IG anymore
11/6/202351 minutes, 35 seconds
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Getting Started As A Fitness Coach pt II

1:02 Nick loves the show timestamps 2:43 Be a better coach review 4:10 Under promise over deliver 10:46 Why Nick loves Chick-fil-a 12:49 Focus on high quality service 18:00 How having less clients might be better 20:30 Does capitalism screw people over 22:25 What happened to Liver King 24:54 Your promise vs level of product 34:24 How to under promise and over deliver 38:45 Dealing with rude clients 52:02 More credentials are better
10/30/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Getting Started As A Fitness Coach And Building Your Brand

0:45 Nick was supposed to be in 300 2:13 Mike’s story about short people lying 7:22 Mike doesn’t judge people because he's weird 9:42 Mike can’t wait to get a colonoscopy 14:04 How to get started as a coach 16:55 Israetel Shaw 2024 24:55 Common sense practices 30:40 Nick’s Illuminati CEO group 36:19 Making the client happy 41:48 Don’t take things personally 44:15 Nick had to learn to “let it go” 56:30 Nick is illogical about Michigan football 1:02:03 Learning and improving skill sets 1:08:18 How to prioritise your time
10/23/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 9 seconds
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Gym Etiquette Part II

0:30 The one exercise that hurts the most 2:31 Filming at the gym 7:44 Filming in public in general 11:55 Don’t read or worry about comments 19:29 What can gyms do about filming 27:39 Filming leads to better technique 31:42 How Mike deals with being on camera  34:50 Hoggin multiple machines 42:45 Gym bags 48:45 Sweating on equipment
10/16/202352 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Do's And Don'ts of Gym Etiquette

0:29 Whats it like being Dr. Mike 2:43 Taylor Swift fans watching football 4:37 Conspiracy theories 10:42 Gym etiquette 13:15 Talking during sets 17:32 When Dr. Mike and Nick joked too far 20:34 Getting offended too easily 25:35 Learn to  take a joke  32:14 Be okay with gym chaos 39:10 Gym after work chaos 40:38 How to work in 49:08 Music in the gym 50:23 Body odor 54:47 Overdoing cologne 56:20 Rack your weights 1:01:48 Wiping down equipment 1:10:55 Unsolicited advice 1:13:55 Shirtlessness at the gym 1:18:10 Vacation gym training 1:20:10 Inappropriate Outfits
10/9/20231 hour, 25 minutes, 5 seconds
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How To Train Kids Pt. II

0:27 Working on vacation 2:58 Training kids recap 8:18 Smith machine throws explained 10:46 Ab training for sport 13:58 Progression for children 22:15 Technique reinforcement for kids 28:13 Growth hormone 29:19 Buying equipment for kids 32:56 Vacations, weekends, deloads 35:45 How to make kids hate exercise 42:43 Eating and sleep and soreness 44:57 Most important things teach kids 51:37 Seeing kids competitive side
10/2/202353 minutes, 12 seconds
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How To Train Kids

0:46 London trip and awful accents 2:46 Moose hunting in Canada 4:36 Cross country volunteering 5:34 Training kids 8:41 Weight training stunts growth? 10:51 Injury concerns 11:41 Don’t force them to train 21:03 How old to start training 26:26 Fighting with kids about nutrition 28:17 What does child programming look like 34:44 Mike’s parent censoring Forest Gump 36:56 Kids have lots of growth hormone 39:39 How to progress kids
9/25/202344 minutes, 40 seconds
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Injury vs Pain - How to Comeback from an Injury

1:33 Working on labor day 3:06 Pain and injury recap 6:04 Pain is weakness leaving the body & motivational sayings 14:05 What to do when feeling pain 22:50 What to do when pain doesn’t subside 26:03 When to take time off 33:15 Trying to come back fast from injury is the wrong mindset 38:34 The Tren Twins and teens on drugs 42:11 Training one arm if the other is injured 45:56 Training lighter after injury and BFR training 48:00 Nick is traveling to his homeland 50:45 When to see a doctor 58:47 What can doctors actually do for you 1:03:00 Sports medicine doctors 1:11:54 Mike asks chat gpt about injury recovery
9/18/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 57 seconds
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Pain vs Injury - How to Tell the Difference

0:27 Mike is a mean YT fitness celebrity 3:42 Nick discovers Fairlife milk 6:04 Being popular in school 11:07 What is pain exactly 15:40 What is injury 21:29 Pain and injury relationship 26:22 Pain without injury 31:39 How to tell good or bad pain 41:00 Pain during work sets 46:10 What to do if you are possibly injured 59:16 Lifting lighter 1:01:15 Changing exercises 1:04:15 ROM modulation
9/11/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 38 seconds
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Should You Train While Sick?

0:20 Nick and Mike’s rap career 2:42 Week 1 leg training 4:01 Damage vs growth 8:52 Determining growth in studies 12:53 Training while hurt or sick 17:03 Good health and body composition 20:16 Are you actually sick? 30:25 What to do if   you are really sick 34:24 Nick’s sick anger 39:08 Getting back to training 47:07 When to scrap a mesocycle 52:29 Recommendations on contest prep
9/4/202358 minutes, 22 seconds
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What Is The "Best" Exercise

0:27 Diet and training updates 5:57 The best exercise 10:19 Variation factors 15:35 Context 19:04 Training changes with experience 25:55 What makes an exercise better 33:16 Program design 35:10 Stimulus To Fatigue Ratio 44:42 Fatigue factors 51:10 Fat loss vs muscle gain exercises 53:04 How to choose the exercise 59:39 Nick and Mike’s fav exercises
8/28/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 50 seconds
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All About Protein Powder

0:27 Mike’s post show recovery 2:10 Nick’s kids cheat meals 4:25 Mike’s cheat meal rules 8:30 Protein powder intro 9:58 Whey protein explained 16:40 Casein vs whey before bed 18:05 Nick’s casein pudding 22:03 Casein explained 29:30 Lactose intolerance 32:00 Beef protein powder 34:40 Vegan and soy protein 38:43 Nick’s kids genetics and young bodybuilding 47:13 Protein summary 49:11 Gross eating
8/21/202353 minutes, 18 seconds
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All About Deloads

0:30 Intro to deloads 1:13 How deloads were incorporated into RP 6:18 “I don’t do deloads” 8:35 Taking time off on your own terms 10:43 Technical definition of deload 15:12 Why bring down fatigue 19:33 How often to deload 23:50 Fatigue indicators 25:40 Special supplements affect on fatigue 33:05 Goggins doesn’t understand recovery 36:37 What does a deload look like 42:36 Feeling worse after deload
8/14/202352 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

All About Protein Bars

0:51 Protein bar taste test video 2:57 Protein bars ranked, snickers 6:50 MetRx 7:52 Anabar 11:52 Ways of ranking protein bars 17:30 Calorie to protein ratio 19:54 Sugar alcohols explained 25:30 Keto ice cream trend 28:24 Carb vs fat amount 32:51 Price matters 34:06 Built puff bar 39:58 How filling the bars are 43:50 More fat than protein 46:50 Gatorade protein bar
8/7/202349 minutes, 23 seconds
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Get More Out Of Your Training: How To Boost Your Motivation

1:20 Visiting Pittsburg 3:40 Living in Detroit 6:19 First meal after dieting 10:41 Eating at Outback in NYC 12:55 Nick and Mike are picky eaters 15:00 Nick's favorite cheat meal 22:15 Cheesecake Factory caloric insanity 30:10 Nanomachines 32:09 Motivation to train after a show 36:49 Motivation usually means adherence 40:06 Six adherence constructs 40:39 Inspiration 45:50 Types of goals 52:19 Intention 58:50 Best monopoly strategy 1:03:21 Discipline 1:07:06 Habit 1:14:54 Passion
7/31/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 39 seconds
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Post Diet Blues - What to do next?

1:25 Mike is two weeks out from show 2:29 Post show training 5:45 Post diet rebound 14:12 Rebound hunger 17:21 Haunted house story 21:26 Sympathetic parasympathetic 25:49 How can we make the transition better 30:09 Levels to cheat foods 32:42 Protein bars explained 36:05 Fresh fruit hack 40:40 Reducing diet fatigue 46:28 Dieting gets easier with experience 51:01 Asian foods and desserts 57:27 Mesocycle length after a diet 1:01:20 Muscle rebound after a diet
7/24/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 46 seconds
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Nick Shaw Wins His IFBB Pro Card

0:18 Nick is a pro! 6:13 Jumping in an extra show 12:42 Nicks show experience 15:11 900 grams carbs eating 17:41 How did Nick relax 20:57 Friday carbs and fluids 24:30 The tanning experience 31:45 Show day  36:38 Pump up and on stage 41:50 Finals 47:54 Results 56:00 Post show  59:23 Post show cheat meal 1:01:57 Plan moving forward
7/17/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 43 seconds
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Steroids - The Ultimate Shortcut?

0:20 Nick's upcoming show 0:40 Cumulative fatigue 5:08 Steroids aren't a shortcut 7:29 Mike's first drug experience  11:51 Nick thought drugs were only for degenerates 18:39 Defining steroids 21:08 How steroids work 26:15 Likely results 31:19 Females and steroids 34:34 Side effects 40:17 Psychological side effects 46:06 Why steroids are awful 48:52 "The burden" 1:00:00 Genetics role in steroids
7/10/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 38 seconds
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Semaglutide - Wonder Drug

1:09 Semaglutide intro 3:16 Nick's first impressions 5:45 Hunger levels 9:50 GLP-1 science explained 16:20 How it works 18:21 Cravings solved 20:57 Why/how should you take it 28:25 Hunger after coming off the drug 32:56 Individual response differences 36:10 How does it feel  38:00 Possible downsides 44:42 Potential abuse issues 47:47 Getting sick on certain food choices 49:50 Alcohol use on Semaglutide 53:03 Sleep Effects 58:48 Gen 5 and Gen 6 drugs 1:05:30 Obesity epidemic is ending
7/3/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 33 seconds
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Achieving Diet Success With 2023 Transformation Challenge Winner Megan

0:50 Megan transformation winner 3:34 What did she learn from her first challenge 6:41 Holding back for better results 10:25 Pontzer paradox 14:47 Why Megan likes lifting now better than running 19:21 Managing diet with her lifestyle 23:35 What are her "secrets" to winning 32:25 Her lifting and steps 34:35 Go to foods and meal prep 37:35 Nick is a casein pudding fiend 39:45 Did she struggle with hunger 42:13 Any cheating? 46:24 How is maintenance going 50:51 How to deal with unpredictability
6/26/202355 minutes, 33 seconds
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How To Eat To Gain The Most Muscle

0:30 Bodybuilding sucks 3:18 Nutrition For Muscle Growth 4:24 Defining Your Goal 8:10 Gaining fat problem 10:10 Gaintaining 14:41 Rate of weight gain 19:00 How to deal with looking fat 26:50 New RP products for gaining muscle 28:42 What should your surplus be 30:10 Cheat meals 35:55 Reframing your thinking 40:37 Increasing calories after dieting 45:16 How do you decide what macros to add 48:16 Mass season 51:18 Can you mini cut forever 54:00 Semiglutide
6/19/202359 minutes, 48 seconds
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How To Build An AMAZING Muscle Growth Program

0:33 Would you make love to your clone 2:01 Jetsons vision of the future 4:23 Last podcast recap 5:35 Only train what you want to get bigger 9:37 What should females train 17:32 Training frequencies 26:56 How to arrange your muscle groups in your training 34:50 Nick's genetics gifts 36:20 Is an arm day worth it 39:29 Children's sports getting intense 43:45 Why compound lifts are so great 46:46 Exercise choice within the week 49:46 Mesocycle length 54:19 When to deload
6/12/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 48 seconds
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How To Grow Muscle And Get Jacked

0:34 Dr. Mike's degree 3:15 Best way to combine diet and training 4:55 Why you should do a needs analysis 11:44 Establishing time horizons 14:55 How much muscle can you gain in a year 20:35 Nick's 25lb high school weight gain 23:44 How much fat vs muscle gain 25:47 How often should you be lifting 30:07 Chose your plan correctly 40:16 Pick the sure thing
6/5/202344 minutes, 51 seconds
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All About The RP Hypertrophy App

1:15 Nick gets a ticket 4:31 RP hypertrophy app 6:43 Why its not strength training 9:00 Who the app is for 14:27 App works on computer too 16:29 How the app was tested 19:06 Beta release 26:22 The movie "Air" 29:21 Why are athletes paid so much 37:27 How to make a program in the app 44:45 Figuring out Reps in Reserve 50:20 Nick's app experience 52:52 Rest timers 1:06:05 Mike's fav part of the app
5/29/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 2 seconds
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Hypertrophy 102- How To Train For MOST Muscle Growth

Sign up to get exclusive first access to the RP Hypertrophy App:   0:00 Intro 0:45 Hypertrophy 101 recap 3:05 Hypertrophy app release 4:18 How to pick exercises 5:45 What's good technique 8:43 How much load 14:55 How to judge reps in reserve 19:11 Recovering for the next workout 23:23 Heavy compound lifts or machines 25:03 How do you progress 28:37 Why do we deload
5/22/202335 minutes, 1 second
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Hypertrophy 101- What ACTUALLY Causes Muscle Growth?

Sign up to get exclusive first access to the RP Hypertrophy App:   0:00 Intro 1:02 Simplifying muscle building 3:27 SRA explained 4:36 Stimulators of hypertrophy explained 11:01 Tension  15:25 Lifting too light or heavy 20:28 Repetition Ranges  23:46 Using bands on machines 25:48 Lengthen Partials explained 30:38 Metabolites 32:52 The pump 34:47 Jacked guys not using full ROM 38:10 Damage
5/15/202343 minutes, 44 seconds
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What ACTUALLY Causes Obesity?

1:03 Mother talk 5:15 Parenting 9:14 Obesity introduction 12:41 Obesity in America 16:03 What causes obesity 19:03 What decisions cause obesity 24:12 Genetics role in obesity 26:18 Stress and eating 33:39 Convenience of food 39:30 Ozempic 45:45 Activity levels 49:35 How to reduce obesity 54:25 How to eat healthy and cheap 59:39 Pharmaceutical revolution 1:03:55 Getting sick of junk food 1:09:06 Discovering healthy foods 1:16:05 Dogs being food obsessed
5/8/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 42 seconds
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Setting The Record Straight on Seed Oils and Other Fats

0:52 Why are seed oils demonized 9:02 RP IG getting attacked for canola oil posts 10:43 Problem with heated oils 18:01 How to discuss things on the internet 21:20 Mike is obviously a shill 27:27 Mike visited Monsanto 29:30 Fat sources 34:49 Olive oil 37:07 Nick's disgusting mass story 38:20 What's actually causing obesity
5/1/202348 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Psychology of Maintenance With Dr. Mike

1:00 All Holidays revolve around candy 4:21 How Mike and Nick eat and "cook" 8:33 Eating plain food while dieting and maintaining 18:07 Rebound avoidance 24:16 Switching goals after dieting 35:30 Dealing with hunger after a diet 39:09 Don't push your limits when dieting 46:55 Mike and Nick's effort during contest diet
4/24/202348 minutes, 45 seconds
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The True Origins of RP With Dr. Mike

0:17 Mike visits NY 2:17 How RP started 5:15 Mike rants on high squats 8:26 College gyms stereotypes 12:31 Nick joining the MI powerlifting team 16:32 Nick's first bodybuilding show 20:00 Nick and Mike's journey to NYC 28:35 The NYC weightlifting scenes 37:46 Intellectual training 39:58 Renaissance technologies 44:25 The training app 50:35 the beginning of evidence based fitness 54:40 Mike explains Love Island 1:03:00 Nick hated having a nice car
4/17/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 58 seconds
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How Nick and Dr. Mike Got Into Fitness

0:15 Dr. Mike joins the podcast 2:35 Why the boys got into fitness 6:30 What was advanced PE class 8:50 Did Nick like lifting weights 13:35 Why didn't Nick continue running 17:10 Bad high school coaches 18:16 When Mike started lifting 27:45 Mike quit wrestling 32:44 Nicks summer training to break school records 43:11 Wasted potential 48:03 Nick didn't do homework 51:26 Mike's first real math class 56:12 Jared Feather ruining the curve 59:36 Mike's childhood ADD
4/10/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 18 seconds
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Becoming A Super Coach With Luka Hocevar

0:26 Luka introduction 1:36 Training when sick 3:55 Less time in the gym for better results 9:51 Collecting role models 12:35 Hunting for skillsets 18:35 Growing up in Ukraine, being a victim 23:35 Complicated vs complex 26:25 Growing as a coach and person 35:25 Learning how to dunk 42:17 How to have patience early in a career 46:42 Giving full effort in everything 55:49 Delivering the most value 1:04:54 Learning how to win at business
4/3/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 59 seconds
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Ways To Improve Your Coaching And Social Media With Andrew Coates

0:20 Andrew introduction 2:39 Fitness industry drama and tribalism 6:05 Hyper niche phenomenon 11:11 Liver king 13:11 Intellectual elitism 17:10 Being successful with fitness and nutrition basics 24:20 The raise the bar event 29:46 Coming up with good social media content 34:00 Training newbies 40:30 Dealing with plateaus 46:00 Pushing your limits occasionally is good 49:30 In person vs online clients 58:30 How to deal with online engagement 1:03:46 Being a fitness influencer
3/27/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 32 seconds
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Expert Tips From Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino

0:22 Don introduction 9:00 Going "all in" 13:25 Being a celebrity trainer 19:02 What set Don up for success 27:24 Taking emotion out of the equation 29:24 Prepping actors for movie roles 33:04 Hardest working celebs 37:30 Don's gym closing during covid and going online 46:49 How to set up your online business course 49:34 Tips for getting started as a coach 57:30 Trying to learn from everyone
3/20/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 23 seconds
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AI Coaching vs Human Coaching, who needs each?

0:21 Robert's last appearance on the podcast 3:00 Superbowl commercials 5:55 Greatest joys as coaches 8:51 The diet app vs working with a coach 12:01 Who is coaching for 16:50 Stimulus to fatigue ratio 20:10 Defining intermediate lifter 26:31 Weight loss drugs 31:41 When to get a coach as an intermediate 37:06 Diet comparison study 41:55 Robert's new hypertrophy training 45:08 Aligning goals with lifestyle 52:32 When to use coaching review
3/13/20231 hour, 5 seconds
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Endurance Athletes Intakes Will Blow Your Mind

0:25 Endurance nutrition with Alex Harrison 1:27 Alex's athletic background 4:54 En durance Clients vs regular clients 6:26 Nutrition requirements for endurance vs strength 11:47 How do you eat 1200 grams of carbs per day 15:15 Sports drinks vs "homemade" sports drinks 17:41 Alex's endurance app 21:59 Health impacts of long term high sugar consumption 25:20 Fueling for all day events 26:37 Fluid and sodium intake 33:25 How do you consume all this during races 35:18 Caffeine recommendations 44:30 What high level bike training looks like 47:33 Crazy client success stories
3/6/202352 minutes, 47 seconds
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Weight Loss Drugs: Good Or Bad with Dr Christle Guevarra

0:26 Dr. Christle intro 2:24 How long Christle has been in fitness 6:05 Making the jump from medicine to evidence based fitness 10:54 Starting training for BJJ 12:11 Weight loss drugs introduction 16:12 Why are people against weight loss drugs 18:46 What its like taking semaglutide 21:45 Rebound hunger after dieting 26:50 Price of semaglutide 30:36 How it works 34:05 Does it really work? 37:22 Side effects 41:43 Other hunger reducing drugs 45:26 How much is she actually eating on a cut 48:27 The future of fat loss drugs 54:49 How to find more info about semaglutide 57:00 How to find Christle
2/27/202359 minutes, 37 seconds
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Internal vs External Motivation- Which is Better?

0:00 Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Case1:52 Jen's background 4:50 Intrinsic vs extrinsic  motivation 10:40 Changing motivational 18:29 Jen's own weight loss 20:23 Jen beating people at BJJ 24:55 Seeing the positives 27:56 Finding motivation 34:30 Derek and Jen's motivations 42:30 Finding a love for training 45:46 Will Jen always compete 50:45 Coaching athletes 53:12 Flipping the switch to competition mindset
2/20/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 9 seconds
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Overcoming Hunger & Cravings With Dr. Christy Alexon

0:25 Christy Alexon 1:12 Her background 5:10 Bodybuilding training while injured 12:15 Mindset for hard dieting 14:30 Approaching first time dieters 20:40 Strategies to fight cravings 25:48 Drinking vs eat calories 32:12 Do micro nutrient deficiencies cause cravings 37:00 Sitting with uncomfortable feelings 42:27 The leaner you are harder dieting gets 46:05 Raw vs cooked veggies for satiety 52:06 Fiber during dieting 55:10 SUgarless gum 59:25 Diet drinks 1:02:59 How to find Christy
2/13/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 25 seconds
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Overcoming Obstacles and Plateaus

0:14 Dr. Derek Wilcox 1:01 How to time your cut 4:09 How Derek's cut and training is going 6:46 Dealing with ups and downs 11:27 Dieting adds appreciation for food 15:03 Keeping diet prep interesting 20:40 TFR Facebook group 22:05 Training at Planet Fitness 26:50 The art of coaching 29:40 Making small changes at a time 35:15 Caffeine usage 38:06 Breaking diet plateaus 43:03 Why hire a coach 51:22 Enjoy the journey
2/6/202358 minutes, 54 seconds
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Troubleshooting Diet Issues

0:44 Troubleshooting diets Intro 1:36 Setting app macro goals 4:06 When to repeat prior week 8:35 Getting in your steps 11:30 Dealing with hunger 19:06 Diet food choices 24:05 Staying more full during a diet 28:40 Power of positivity 29:35 SUperbiwl eating 34:37 Hitting your goals early 36:55 RP nutrition cert
1/30/202339 minutes, 6 seconds
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Cycle Syncing For Females With Dr. Traci Carson

0:45 Dr. Traci Carson introduction 3:23 Her sports background 7:23 What is a menstrual cycle 11:57 Birth control affect on cycle 14:20 Long term birth control effects 18:50 Training performance during cycle 23:37 Supplements for premenstrual symptoms 28:44 Sleep 31:50 Body fat impact on cycle 33:45 Competitive sports aren't best for health 38:35 Bone density and birth control and training 40:40 Water weight fluctuations 48:48 Why you should track your cycle 50:38 Food cravings 56:50 Teen runners, coaching women 59:25 Where to go for more info
1/23/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 24 seconds
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Just How Strong Do You Need To Be?

0:30 Mike and Robert intro 3:24 Beavis and Butthead 6:56 Defining strength 18:58 Strength and intensity in bodybuilding 23:18 Over prioritizing volume and not training hard 31:00 Plane crash story 34:10 Genetics and strength 39:10 Hardest sets they've ever done 44:15 Training pitfalls 48:50 More plates more dates 52:25 Progressing in reps vs load 57:25 Crowded gyms and other random stuff 1:03:34 Phoenix and vegas weather
1/16/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 44 seconds
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Special Insights From RP Expert Coach Robert Santana

0:25 Dr. Robert Santana intro 6:22 Working with clients in person vs online 10:42 Varying degrees of learning curves between clients 23:23 Holiday eating troubleshooting 31:20 Pizza hut pizza 33:06 Saving calories for other meals 38:18 Consistency with meals 42:21 Importance of momentum 47:04 Hitting PRs 53:10 Advantages to hiring a coach
1/9/202358 minutes, 52 seconds
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Simple Tips To Start 2023 Off Right

0:23 New Transformation challenge 3:00 New year diet tips 4:08 Managing expectations 9:20 Long term mindset 13:20 Don't try to be perfect 19:35 Motivation fades 27:45 Cardio over cutting calories 31:20 Lifting recommendations  
1/2/202336 minutes, 7 seconds
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Staying Grounded With Author Brad Stulberg

0:29 Brad introduction 4:36 Succesful people share the same qualities 7:34 What is groundedness 13:31 Putting it into practice 16:29 Brad on "the process" 22:58 Being present 27:18 Heroic individualism 35:13 Self discipline 43:15 Coaching towards independence 47:37 Benifits of community 50:00 Training for sport is training for life 54:15 The passion paradox book
12/12/20221 hour, 1 minute, 50 seconds
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All About Massing (REPLAY)

0:20 Intro to massing 6:11 How much muscle you will gain vs fat 13:15 Why massing may be good in winter months 15:45 How massing can be physically and mentally uncomfortable 19:45 Nick's unpleasant extreme massing story 22:17 Massing food choices 27:24 At what bodyfat percentage should you begin a mass 29:11 Supplement recommendations 32:46 Massing is a time to be performance focused 36:02 Nick's first mass in college 40:31 Training recommendations while massing 48:00 Calorie increase recommendations 53:30 People that claim they can't gain weight
12/5/202256 minutes, 26 seconds
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Dr. Mike On Holiday Eating (REPLAY)

0:25 Holiday eating introducing 1:17 Mike's favorite Halloween candy 5:10 Favorite Thanksgiving foods 14:40 How Mike is getting through holidays on bodybuilding diet 19:42 To indulge or not on holidays when dieting 23:47 How to deal with guilt about holiday eating 28:10 Black Friday shopping 32:06 BJJ talk 36:20 How to approach holiday eating on maintenance 42:29 Constant holiday overeating temptation 51:30 Using cardio to offset holiday overeating 55:55 Best diet phase to to be on during holidays
11/28/20221 hour, 1 minute, 13 seconds
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Fitness & Finances with Personal Finance Club Founder

0:22 Personal finances related to fitness 1:30 Michigan alumni talk 6:39 How his company was started 8:38 Finance book recommendations 10:33 Parallels between fitness and finance 13:18 Changing your trajectory 19:27 Being thrown off plan by social media 26:48 The path to the success is boring for social media 34:37 Things taht differ from fitness 37:41 What to do with your money  41:55 Best ways to start 48:02 Junk food investing 55:05 $5 Food budget 1:00:26 Financial advisors
11/21/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 22 seconds
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Real Talk About Contest Prep With Dr.Mike

1:05 Nick's contest prep diet 2:35 Why did Nick want to compete again 7:25 How much time did Nick allow for contest prep 10:15 When and how did things get REALLY hard in the diet 16:14 Hunger and cravings 21:21 Energy levels 26:11 Dealing with everyday life 29:46 Sleep challenges 34:18 Body changes 37:45 Peak week struggles 42:19 Making weight 43:45 Posing 46:06 Diet rebound 50:27 Do you want to do a show
11/14/202259 minutes, 12 seconds
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Tough Dieting Done Right with TFR Member David Martin

0:15 David Martin transformation challenge winner 1:20 Results from the challenge 2:12 How was gym performance during the cut 5:30 Training volume during the cut and muscle loss 7:30 Initial fast weight loss 10:04 How David found RP 14:52 Big challenges during the transformation 19:02 How David changed his diet for satiety 24:16 Dieting during big life changes 30:00 Cardio during the challenge 35:30 Motivation after the diet 41:26 Bellagio buffet 47:38 Big meal at the end of a diet 50:59 Keeping the diet interesting and fun
11/7/202254 minutes, 33 seconds
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Planning For Success, How To Plan Your Diet & Training Around The Holidays & New Year's

0:33 Navigating holiday eating and training 1:58 Dr. Jen Case winning BJJ world championship 5:50 Holiday stress 9:08 Making a holiday plan 11:55 Using the holidays to mass 16:40 Weighing yourself over the holidays 20:45 Derek's failed maintenance 23:40 When to end your pre holiday cut 28:02 Pre holiday training 33:14 Holiday training 40:45 Carbing up after dieting 43:15 Favorite halloween candy
10/31/202249 minutes, 59 seconds
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How I Won The Summer Transformation Challenge and Perfected Maintenance

0:41 Jessica- summer transformation challenge winner 2:10 The Bellagio buffet experience 5:06 Amount of weight she lost 9:17 Why she abandoned the first transformation challenge 13:31 Her fitness background 19:17 Steps and activity 25:35 How much she lifted 36:00 Making excuses 40:20 Her app compliance 48:36 Nightmare travel to Vegas photoshoot 52:12 Closing advice    
10/24/20221 hour, 29 seconds
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Dr. Mike on Cardio Myths [REPLAY]

1:36 Cardio is a necessity 6:30 Cardio recommendations 10:48 Step trackers and calorie counters 13:17 You can get best fat loss with cardio alone 23:01 Formal cardio 28:38 Harder cardio is better 37:05 Walking is not good for fat burning 40:13 Fasted cardio
10/17/202248 minutes, 3 seconds
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Few Will Hunt- Hard Work & Discipline

0:25 Few will hunt podcast intro 1:26 Their name explained 3:45 Background 8:45 Teaching children hard work 13:38 Parenting 17:45 The Slight Edge book 20:35 Dealing with failure 27:20 Taking off time  31:05 People who don't workout and can't start 39:12 Overnight success 44:46 Future plans  49:18 Who is the few will hunt community for 59:26 Where to find them
10/10/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 15 seconds
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Better Diet Adherence with Dr. Mike PART III

0:38 Nick's show 1:52 Eliminate bad influences 7:30 Don't diet for too long 16:01 Avoid "super fun food events" 21:10 Diet doesn't end until after maintenance 26:46 Maingaining is not maintneance 34:19 how to manage diet breaks 38:57 Don't copy previous diet 46:37 Living in balance
10/3/202256 minutes, 59 seconds
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Better Diet Adherence with Dr. Mike PART II

1:08 Avoid elaborate meals 11:08 Have an on-the-go plan for food 15:45 Eating while flying 20:15 Eating at resturaunts 28:15 Pivoting to maintenance 34:14 Keep junk food out of the house 41:47 No cheat foods 51:52 Discipline
9/26/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 30 seconds
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Better Diet Adherence with Dr. Mike PART I

0:47 Nick's upcoming bodybuilding show 1:52 Tips for how to approach dieting 3:41 How to choose calorie deficit 17:11 Caloric deficit vs increasing cardio 26:04 Mike's favorite diet excuses 29:41 Avoiding extremes 38:21 Regular vs irregular eating schedules 42:52 Meal prep
9/19/202248 minutes, 54 seconds
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Charlie Haskell- How Finding RP Changed My Life

0:42 Charlie introduction, huge weight loss 2:28 Fitness history 4:55 What nutrition was like as a gamer 9:52 His turning point 12:50 His first diet 18:30 How Charlie found RP 23:34 His transition to health 31:00 Biggest differences in how he feels 36:47 Becoming a personal trainier 43:15 Closing thoughts
9/12/202246 minutes, 7 seconds
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Transformation Challege Takeaways

1:45 Biggest takeaways from transformation challenges past 3:53 People who like challenges 6:33 Step counts and activity 14:41 Interest in furthering education 19:34 Jobs held by winners 24:45 Consistency over perfection 26:12 Meal prep 31:49 Mindset 40:35 Lori developing bad habits 44:09 Weight training while dieting  
9/5/202246 minutes, 18 seconds
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Derek Wilcox "Lessons Learned from being a Pro Powerlifter"

1:26 Effort involved in powerlifting 4:50 How effort applies to RP clients 9:03 How strict was Derek about diet and training 11:50 Why Derek stopped powerlifting 15:20 Being short sighted vs long term goals 21:08 How Dr. Mike changed Derek and Lori's training 25:40 Best things about competing 28:30 The support within powerlifting and fitness community 33:35 Dealing with stress and lack of progress 40:20 Accumulated fatigue and recovery 47:07 20% good 20% terrible 60% normal 52:57 Consistency and planning 
8/29/202258 minutes, 5 seconds
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Jes Franklin, RP Athlete on What it Takes to Get to the Top

0:00 Live from the crossfit games with Jes Franklin 1:20 RP Sponsoring the podcast 2:00 Favorite things about the games 3:25 Her first crossfit class 8:23 Grueling training schedule 10:53 When she started RP and using the app 14:30 What Jes eats 22:15 How to deal with 4 hour training sessions 26:17 Her first weightlifting meet 28:18 Upcoming goals
8/22/202232 minutes, 42 seconds
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RP Nutrition Certification Intro

0:50 RP certification introduction 3:09 What is the RP nutrition cert 6:58 Who made the cert 12:33 How does the RP cert stand out 14:19 The areas of focus of the RP cert 18:44 The scope of the RP cert 24:40 Early bird special for the cert 26:07 Social media group for the cert 30:55 What happens after the RP cert exam 35:35 Updates to the cert 40:43 Sections of the cert 44:40 How does the recertification work 47:42 How to advertise with your certification
8/15/202258 minutes, 59 seconds
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RP Fit Over 50 Years Old - Chad Jackson

0:20 Chad Jackson one of the older transformation contestants 4:15 Did Chad ever have coaching when he competed 7:27 Cardio and step counting 10:36 Lifting during the challenge 17:00 Why did he want to get back in shape 22:49 Did people notice his transformation' 27:40 Meal prep 32:45 Hunger levels 35:50 Caffeine intake 38:00 Logging veggies 46:30 Maintenance 49:00 The Facebook group 53:53 Goals moving forward 1:01:25 Closing tips
8/8/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 8 seconds
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2022 Transformation Challenge Contestant- Deion Avril

0:35 Dieon transformation results 3:55 Dieting with your significant other 6:06 Meal prep with your significant other 13:49 Dieting through a bad car accident 16:10 Recovery from the accident 24:04 How he trained throughout the challenge 25:45 Cardio and steps 30:35 Biggest lessons learned 34:00 Maintaining and gaining bodyweight 37:00 Bodybuilding contest prep talk 41:09 RP Youtube channel as a resource 43:20 The Miami transformation photoshoot 51:23 Using the RP diet app 54:19 Nicks airport story and mindset 1:00:13 Best advice
8/1/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 41 seconds
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Jimmy Lubonski- The Man who did Murph Every Day for a Year

0:20 The man who did MURPH everyday for a year 1:04 How he structured his training 3:24 Why he did it 6:44 Flow state during MURPH 7:52 Explaining what MURPH is 10:37 How to prep for it 15:25 Hero WODs 18:55 RP sponsoring the Crossfit games 23:15 Jimmy's nutrition before RP 29:30 Crossfitters tend to under eat 33:00 How his eating looks with RP 39:02 Intra workout nutrition 43:30 Sleep and recovery 47:45 How to find Jim
7/25/202252 minutes, 33 seconds
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RP Transformation Over the Years - Amanda Perkins

0:17 Long time RP user Amanda 2:55 How she found out about RP 6:06 How here maintenance went after the challenge 11:35 How she got into Crossfit 17:06 MURPH 19:45 When did she start using the app 24:50 Her schedule and moving meals in the app 29:19 We she did the 2022 transformation challenge 32:35 Was her 2nd diet harder 35:35 Did she lose strength while losing weight 40:30 Meal prep 42:20 Challenges of this cut 47:50 Her compliance on the app 50:46 Upcoming goals and planning her mass 1:00:23 Best diet tips
7/18/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 2 seconds
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RP Transformation Challenge 3rd Place Finisher, Satcher Adams

0:30 Male 3rd place transformation challenge 1:08 How Satcher got into fitness and bench record 3:18 Transformation results 6:00 Why he did the challenge 8:41 Did he lose strength while cutting 11:07 How he met last years winner 14:17 Nutrition before using RP 16:25 Favorite app features 19:21 Meal prep and cooking 27:00 Biggest diet struggles 31:45 Training during the cut 38:00 Cardio 39:54 Staying motivated for 4am cardio 45:30 Maintenance and upcoming goals 47:20 Mindful eating 51:45 Closing tips
7/11/202259 minutes, 21 seconds
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RP Transformation Challenge Ambassador Winner, Brittney Nataro

0:20 Brittney Intro 1:05 Brittney's gymnastic background 2:40 Diet without weight training 8:34 Wanting results too quickly 10:23 Nutrition before starting RP 14:10 People joking about her healthy eating 19:16 Tracking her step count 20:50 Job schedule and dieting 24:00 Consistency over perfection dieting 31:21 Meal prep 36:53 Using the app 44:25 Dealing with maintenance 51:31 Closing tips
7/4/202257 minutes, 2 seconds
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Do Hard Things

0:20 Intro to author Steve Magness 1:58 What do most highly successful people have in common 8:40 Dealing with struggles and negativity bias 13:00 Steve's take on social media 21:00 Limitations of willpower 23:30 Explaining minimum effective dose 29:05 Benefits of accountability 35:53 Why do hard things 41:01 What are hard things so rewarding 46:20 Finding meaning and purpose 48:20 How to become more resilient 52:30 Navy SEAL training 1:01:18 Explaining the mastery mindset
6/27/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 52 seconds
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RP Transformation Challenge 3rd Place Finisher, Cathleen Turner

0:36 Third place female in transformation challenge 1:47 Her fitness background 5:11 How did her gym survive covid 8:46 Owning an ice cream shop while dieting 15:36 How she found out about RP 20:58 Dealing with cheating 28:19 Hunger levels throughout the diet 29:48 Her weight loss results and athletic performance 24:28 Meal prep 39:59 Dealing with peer pressure around eating 42:55 Nick started liking salads 46:37 How competitive was she about the challenge 48:48 How maintenance is going 51:51 Massing difficulties
6/20/20221 hour, 1 minute, 34 seconds
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RP Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Finisher, Elliott Arnold

0:20 Elliot 2nd place male finisher 1:09 Why did Elliot do the challenge 5:00 His food choices 9:30 Limiting temptation to overeat 11:50 His hard past diets 16:10 How he heard about RP 17:50 Initial Dr. Mike impressions 20:05 Not taking things too seriously 26:00 100 percent app compliance 30:00 Logging veggies 31:45 Doing no planned cardio 34:30 Dealing with eating different foods then family 37:45 Maintenance 47:18 Caffeine 49:45 Top tips 1:00:00 The Miami winners trip
6/13/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 8 seconds
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RP Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Finisher, Courtney Sacket

0:38 2nd place female in 2022 transformation challenge 3:13 Why Courtney did the challenge 10:33 How she heard about RP 13:27 How she trained during the challenge 16:10 Step counting 17:08 Meal prep 21:25 Getting grief about dieting 30:20 Biggest obstacles 33:48 How was maintenance 39:30 Nick's flight delay breaking his diet 42:45 Starting a 2nd diet 49:09 What was it like to meet the RP team 51:47 Closing tips
6/6/202257 minutes, 55 seconds