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Round Table talks with Adepeju

English, Social, 3 seasons, 9 episodes, 2 hours 45 minutes
Just regular rants about everyday life
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LOVE and MONEY TALKS (With MikunMillions)

So this precious episode is with my wonderful friend Mikun and we are digging up a big topic. Let's ride on this with Love is sweet oh, if money enter love is sweeter. Enjoy your Listen!
29/04/2022 • 30 minutes 54 seconds
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Friendship Breakups (Unscripted)

Sometimes you know, it's sensible to let go of the devil you know now that's causing you pain for the angel you don't know. Sometimes we need to let go of those attachments for our Sanity and Growth. This episode is a drift into what I project even though this is Unscripted but it can hit right. Let's Goooooo!
15/04/2022 • 8 minutes 35 seconds
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2022; We EMERGE

So folks! This is my little way of letting you know you have the most valid of all dreams. Well, I said a lot of conventional things in this episode which should shoulder a push into our emergence this new year 2022!
05/01/2022 • 20 minutes 38 seconds
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Breakups 2(The male reaction to heartbreaks)

Damola never serve breakfast but e don chop breakfast sha...Things tuff o😂
05/07/2021 • 12 minutes 18 seconds
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Dealing with the right person

You attract your kind of person...If your partner has a tendency of flirting and you are the faithful or loyal type you would constantly have issues...Ensure to find your kind of person...Find out ways to deal with the right person in this amazing piece
04/10/2020 • 19 minutes 44 seconds
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Finding the right person

Must your partner fulfill certain criteria before they can be called your partner???
21/08/2020 • 17 minutes 27 seconds
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Self esteem issues

How to manage your self esteem issues
02/08/2020 • 30 minutes 25 seconds
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Different kinds of siblings and how to relate with them during the lockdown period

The essence of bonding...Life with siblings beyond this lockdown
23/05/2020 • 12 minutes 48 seconds