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The official podcast of Rotary magazine, with stories from the magazine and Rotary Voices blog. Learn more about Rotary International, and how to participate in Rotary clubs at
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Hope in grief

With suicides rising in the U.S., Rotary members who’ve lost loved ones are determined to prevent more deaths. Their first step — talking. After her nephew’s death, Lori Crider worked with Shirley Weddle, also a loss survivor and mental health advocate, to establish the Rotary E-Club of Suicide Prevention and Brain Health. This audio version of ⁠⁠a story in the November 2023 issue⁠⁠ of⁠ ⁠Rotary magazine⁠⁠ is narrated by Linda Yu.
4/9/202417 minutes, 34 seconds
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Rotary’s first first gentleman: Nick Krayacich

On July 1, 2022, Jennifer Jones became Rotary’s first female president – which left her husband, Nick Krayacich, in a unique, challenging, and at times enviable position. Rotary magazine senior editor Geoff Johnson sits down with Krayacich to discuss his life as a travelling physician, globetrotting golfer, and Rotary’s first first gentleman.
3/19/202436 minutes, 50 seconds
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How the CART Fund is fueling Alzheimer’s research

South Carolina Rotarian Roger Ackerman watched his mother-in-law slowly lose herself to Alzheimer's over two decades. Over lunch one day in 1995, Ackerman’s friend told him that $8 billion to $9 billion in coins changed hands every day in America. Early the next morning, he jolted out of bed, realizing that pocket change could be the key to a cure for Alzheimer’s. This audio version of ⁠a story in the May 2023 issue⁠ of ⁠Rotary magazine⁠ is narrated by Scott Thomas.
3/5/202422 minutes, 59 seconds
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Two years of war: The battle for Ukraine’s identity

February 24, 2024 marks the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia still occupies 18 percent of the country. In light of this anniversary, we’re bringing back an episode from this time last year where we analyzed the situation in Ukraine, explored the prospect of peace, and discussed the importance of civil society in Ukraine’s postwar rebuilding.
2/19/202441 minutes, 45 seconds
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First response to the opioid crisis

“The more people that are prepared to deal with an event, the safer everybody is going to be.” Elizabeth Hewitt shares alarming statistics on opioid addiction and the stories behind the numbers as Rotary members join the race to save lives. This audio version of a story in the January 2024 issue of Rotary magazine is narrated by Scott Thomas.
2/8/202423 minutes, 46 seconds
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The magic of Rotary: A town hall with Stephanie Urchick

Since joining Rotary in 1991, President-elect Stephanie Urchick has served the organization in many roles, including as a director, Foundation trustee, and chair of the RI Strategic Planning Committee and the Foundation’s Centennial Celebration Committee. She is a Rotary Foundation Major Donor and a member of the Bequest Society. In this town-hall-style Q&A, Urchick answers questions from Rotary’s incoming class of leaders.
1/22/202428 minutes, 55 seconds
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Santa, the Rotarian

There has long been suspicion that Santa Claus is a Rotarian. Believe it or not, Rotary magazine has tried to track down Santa for some time! In this special holiday episode, we finally pull it off. Bruce Templeton and Raimo Laitinen are Santa’s helpers. Templeton lives in Canada, and Laitinen lives in Finland. Although they help Santa connect with children in different ways, their mission is the same: make sure every child is cared for this holiday season.
12/21/202335 minutes, 24 seconds
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The culinary paradise of Singapore

“’To the people, food is heaven,’ says an ancient Chinese adage. If there is a food heaven on Earth, I’m convinced that I have found a colorful slice of it in Singapore.” Rotary editor Wen Huang navigates the diverse culinary offerings of Singapore ahead of the 2024 Rotary International Convention. This audio version of a story by Wen Huang in the November 2023 issue of Rotary magazine is narrated by Linda Yu.
12/10/202316 minutes, 11 seconds
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The business of giving

For Derrick Kinney, money is not a stressor, but a tool to help others. He believes that by seeing money as empowering, you can motivate yourself to make even more money, encourage your colleagues, and bring in more business. But it all starts with reconstructing your mindset. Derrick Kinney is a financial coach, frequent Rotary magazine contributor, and author of Good Money Revolution: How to Make More Money to Do More Good.
11/27/202330 minutes, 41 seconds
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The value of vigilance

“This expanded wastewater surveillance network around the globe has a vast potential for the future.” Rotary senior staff writer Diana Schoberg explains how the evolution of the GPEI’s surveillance system during the COVID-19 pandemic can bring us closer to polio eradication. Looking ahead, the new infrastructure can also be used for surveillance of other viral illnesses. This audio version of a story in the October 2023 issue of Rotary magazine is narrated by Andy Choi.
11/16/202319 minutes, 54 seconds
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Polio update: Closing in on zero

Wild poliovirus is circulating in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Last year, the variant poliovirus was detected in a few previously polio-free places – a stark reminder that if polio exists anywhere, it’s a threat everywhere. To get an idea of the recent progress made – and challenges met – the Rotary magazine team sat down with Aidan O’Leary of the World Health Organization, Melissa Corkum of UNICEF, and Dr. Omotayo Bolu of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
10/24/202341 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Flight to End Polio

Four years ago, Iowa Rotarian Peter Teahen was enchanted by the idea of flying around the world. He called upon Rotarian John Ockenfels to join him. Together, they planned their expedition and tied it to an apt cause: polio eradication. In this episode of Rotary magazine’s podcast, Peter and John recount their journey circumnavigating the globe to raise money and awareness in the fight against polio.
10/7/202332 minutes, 41 seconds
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Shape-shifting Singapore

“You think you know Singapore? Think again.” Rotary editor Wen Huang explores an always-changing Singapore ahead of the 2024 Rotary International Convention. He steeps himself in the culture and natural beauty of the garden city through its food, architecture, and people. This audio version of a story in the September 2023 issue of Rotary magazine is narrated by Linda Yu.
9/15/202316 minutes, 6 seconds
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Better together: The benefits of membership

Community organizations like Rotary provide the perfect opportunity to help others and better ourselves. But in an era of overwhelming responsibility and constant distraction, what prompts people to join community-based membership organizations? In this episode of Rotary Magazine’s podcast, we sit down with U.S. Rep. French Hill, Rotary One president Aleta Williams, and Louie De Real, a young Rotary member in the Philippines.
9/1/202335 minutes, 34 seconds
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Solving the Alzheimer's puzzle

As scientists rush to develop powerful and meaningful new treatments for Alzheimer's disease, which affects millions of people globally, a group of Rotary members in the U.S. are using a unique method to raise funds for cutting edge research. In this episode of ⁠Rotary magazine⁠'s podcast, we talk with Rotarian Rod Funderburk, who heads the Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust Fund, and Dr. James Lah, a leading expert on memory and cognitive disorders. 
7/18/202335 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ethos into action

Gordon McInally, the 2023-24 Rotary International president, has been on a lifelong journey of helping and caring for others, one that took root during his youth in Scotland. He begins his term with a hope-filled agenda, and a special focus on mental health. This audio version of a story by Dave King in the July 2023 issue of Rotary magazine⁠ is narrated by Heather McInally.
7/3/202319 minutes, 19 seconds