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I find it so amazing to hear "out there" that Feminine Energy is something you, as a women, need to "aspire to"... when, actually, Feminine Energy is what you already are... Every week, Rori Raye sits down with Siren School Director Natalina Love to work through deep, sometimes difficult, topics, situations and questions - and answers with completely original, irreverant and incredibly effective solutions. If you have questions for Rori, just email her at, and you'll get a fast answer in both a personal letter and the podcast!
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What To Do If You’re Feeling Disappointed In Love Or Business

At some point, we run into disappointment. Disappointments in love, and because Rori Raye Siren School is one of the top leaders of Feminine Energy business - disappointment in work and business too. …Disappointment in love and dating and How to verbalize that, how to deal with it in your body when you feel it, and how to fix it. ...So, disappointment about anything - Obviously has to do with expectations, right? "I expect this to happen. I hope this will happen...." So when this doesn't happen, my dream, my imagination, my vision board, I feel a sense of letdown. It feels like letdown in your body, right? We call it disappointment. We often feel it as anger, frustration. Pissed offness, pissosity.  We feel it in a lot of different intense ways and sometimes there's sadness and like a letdown feeling, like a blue feeling.  So all of those, please recognize all of those and write me or send in a message about how you experience disappointment and ‘let down’, and how that affects you. On Siren Island, my dedicated team of brilliant coaches are ready to work with you closely, offering personalized support and solutions to navigate through life's challenges." Love, Rori
5/20/202425 minutes, 6 seconds
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How To Use Your Siren Healing Power

In this episode, Rori Raye and Natalina Love explore the archetype of the Healer in being a Siren, because there's the rock star side of the Siren. There's the badass boss babe part of the Siren. There's all of these different facets of ‘Sirenity’. And ‘being the healing’ comes with its own challenges… …So What is ‘the Healer’ part of a Rori Raye Siren? How do we do this in this most natural way? One element is ‘boundaries’. “Boundaries” may seem like a weird angle to go into the Siren Healer archetype, yet when you get into the coaching, when you're a Siren school member, you're doing this Healing process from both the inside out, as well as the outside in -- creating this synergy and growth... Expanding our bandwidth, our awareness, expanding is part of what this Healing looks like. Empower yourself to heal, love, and thrive. On Siren Island, you'll uncover the secrets to tapping into your own healer gifts, healing your heart, and attracting the love and happiness you desire .... Rori Raye’s Siren Island Course and Official Community will give you the steps here: Love, Rori
5/13/202427 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Reason You Should Date Other Men While In A Relationship

...Dating other men while you're in a relationship. Ha! This is so foreign to us, and why? We've, we've always been like this, really. Our grandmothers, our aunts, all were like this. It was the dance card thing. Scarlett O'Hara was like this. Nobody, but nobody ever expected somebody to go steady with them or be exclusive with them without already stated intentions or some kind of structure from your community and the religious group or cultural group that had rules. Other than that, we've just started to be going steady with guys since the fifties! I mean, it's recent. It's just like a "thing". And who does it benefit? Men! They get to have you as a girlfriend without committing in any way, shape, or form. At least you used to have a going steady ring. We don't even do that anymore. To really get to how Circular Dating works (clue: it's NOT about dating!) - and apply it to your own life so you completely take the pressure off a relationship and lose the anxiety and frustration you've been carrying around while he seems so baffled by "commitment" - try The Siren Island Course and Community and get personalized Tools, one-to-one coaching, classes, and Masterclass/Workshops with me every month: Love, Rori
5/7/202410 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Crazy Way To Make Him Fall In Love

So let's just start, let's say there are four roads - and three of them are the wrong roads. They're not going to get you anywhere in love. There is the mental road, the mind road, your mind, your intellect, your thoughts, your smarts, the mental road, the thought road. All that is, is masculine energy. He already can sense that you're smart. He knows what you do in your life. He gets to know how you function and who you are and what you say and what you do and about how you feel. Being impressed with you is literally not something that's going to make him fall in love. It's going to push him away. If anything, definitely make him a friend... Learn the other three "wrong" roads, and how to truly "make him fall..." To get personal help, live classes with coaching, exclusive Rori Raye materials, and a Masterclass with me every month, join Siren Island and see how fast things will come together for you: Love, Rori
4/30/20247 minutes, 19 seconds
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Unconventional Relationships, Commitment, Vulnerability And Authenticity - How To Close The Emotional Distance!

This is Rori’s ‘take’ on the whole authenticity piece.  Because this, Authenticity, goes into everything around  ‘work’, too, if we're really honest. And if we could talk about this topic from an artistic standpoint, and how it's so radical - Authenticity is the magic that gives us the kind of relationships we want, no matter what walk of life we're in. When we can get down to this very honest, authentic place -- which also involves quite a bit of vulnerability, the doors of love open up for us to make profound connections. Natalina Love is asking Rori about ‘unconventional relationships’ right along with the whole 'existential love crisis'…. Where and what is it? Love and relationships can be quite the puzzle, can't they? It's okay, we've all been there.  No matter how complicated or unique your situation feels, know that you're understood and supported on Rori Raye's Siren Island. Join Rori Raye’s Siren Island Course and Official Community here:
4/19/202428 minutes, 22 seconds
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How To Make Your Bandwidth For Love Bigger

So what happens when you feel disappointment, where do you go from there?  And more specifically, we also want to bring in the feeling of disappointment in business, as well as in love.  An across the board thing is that we’re growing our bandwidth, we're growing our emotional bandwidth, we're growing our mental bandwidth, we're getting bigger in both business and in love - regardless of what kind of work life you have. Maybe it's also your life as a domestic goddess, all the things that make up your life.  We want to invite it all to come into a space of healing and transformation, whatever your Siren dreams are.  To get quick, personal help for your immediate situation right now, and learn the Modern Siren Tools to gracefully transform every bit of your life - join Rori Raye’s Siren Island Course and Official Community here: Love, Rori
4/12/202429 minutes, 37 seconds
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Turn Disappointment Into Feminine Magic - With Naomie Thompson

In this podcast, we're talking about "looping": Looping back to the whole thing about our triggers - the things through the whole dating process and developing a solid committed relationship. The idea is to get excited about you...and... notice yourself complaining about the men who are showing up on your dating profiles, on your dating apps, or even in the relationships you're in. This "complaint" part is universal to wherever you're at in the dating and love timeline, and Naomie Thompson is brilliant at helping you solve it so it no longer gets in the way of getting what you want. Naomie Thompson is not only an influencer coach, she's the Director of Rori Raye Coach Training and teaches in The Siren Mastermind. To get real help to Get Everything You Want from your Feminine Energy, experience The WANT Masterclass here: Love, Rori
4/5/202417 minutes, 29 seconds
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How To Bring In An Avoidant Man, Business Client, Or Situation

When the answer from someone else is "No" - it can stop you in your tracks. Find out what you want, what you need, what kind of Feminine Energy space you need to be in, in order to Inspire a man, and to inspire the world. Here, in this video, I want to bring in the whole Business Siren world as well. The whole marketplace of the world into our Atmosphere, fairly big topics. To get help creating your own Feminine Atmosphere, try The Siren Island Community and get your needs addressed and met: Love, Rori
3/25/202421 minutes, 29 seconds
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Why Having A Life Philosophy Changes Everything

I've just been Googling how to choose a life philosophy. Which may sound silly to some people, but it's really been like a come-back-to-the-fundamental-basics for me.  For some people, this is simple. So many of my friends were brought up with a particular religion or spiritual path, or found their way later in life, and so many of my family and friends are atheists and agnostics who don’t feel a need for a spiritual life at all. I'm fascinated by all of that.  And I'd love to do a big panel of people who have varying different life philosophies and different approaches to what life means, what some call “the supernatural” that others call the truth, and how they feel with what they believe that affects their life during rough times. During slow times.  Like I'm waiting for my man to show up.  Like I feel bad. I have ill health.   What do we do in those moments?  If you’d like to join a community where you can voice your feelings about anything, your beliefs as they solidify, change, or feel like they’ve gone missing, and that whatever “anchor” you once had is no longer there - try the Siren Island program.  Learn more about Siren island here: Love, Rori
3/18/202436 minutes, 22 seconds
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How To Love Unconditionally Without Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Everybody is judgmental, and everybody is self-judgmental. It doesn't just disappear because you want to be an upstanding person. We call that basically covering over everything, and stuffing and all the garbage underneath. And we don't want to do that.  We want to bring all the judgment and all the anger and all the crappy feelings that everybody has and attitudes to the surface. It's so natural to fall into a crappy attitude, really, where everything you see is like, yuck.  And then you have to say something, wait a minute, wait a minute.  Why am I doing that?  So  that is the key to it.  Basically, I believe that we are all unconditionally loved by the universe because we're here and alive.  And all you have to do is go, well, I'm alive. I'm here. I'm on this planet. I am unconditionally loved. I'm still here.  If you’d like personal help with whatever’s going on for you, come to Siren Island program, where you’ll have live classes, live coaching, and a Masterclass with me throughout each month: Hope to see you on Siren Island! Love, Rori
3/11/202437 minutes, 40 seconds
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How To Use Your Masculine Energy For Good - From Your Feminine Energy!

We all have masculine and Feminine energies. They just work in different ways. They have different purposes. We have different circuit boards in our brains. So, this is very tricky for all of us right now in this world, because it’s masculine energy that seems to be wrecking the world, right? Power,  a need for control…that’s not feminine energy, that's masculine energy. Old fashioned, crazy-power-seeking, I'm in charge… you've met men like this everywhere. So how do you respect that? How do you appreciate that? And when we see masculine energy out of control  and wanting so much control, and we see Feminine Energy being unallowed, and so caged in. Haven't you felt like you're about to burst when you just couldn't express yourself? Couldn't even cry. Couldn't, didn't feel like you could be you.. And we’ve all felt that way at times. And then, often, we go into “drama”, which is total masculine energy! We do that because we don't know what to do with the Feminine Energy…there doesn’t seem to be an “appropriate” place or circumstance to let ourselves “out”. It's not like we're using our masculine energy for our own good. We're just escaping into it. To help you stop all the “escape” mechanisms we’ve all been taught in order to make other people feel more comfortable with us and our emotions - experience the Feminine Want Masterclass here - With The Feminine Want process, you’ll learn how to fully, surprisingly discover what you want at the deepest level, express it in ways you may have never thought were possible, and literally  GET what you truly want. Love, Rori
3/4/202426 minutes, 59 seconds
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Is He Available? (Plus: About Sex And Virginity)

So if a guy actually opens his mouth and says, I saw a girl at the gym today… He says: “She was really hot.” Is that a good thing? Yes! 99 percent of the time, a man will just keep it, you know, in his head and it might make him move towards you more…You might wonder why he's got, uh,  you know, all of a sudden a sexual interest in you out of nowhere, you know? So do you really want to shut that down?  No.   So that is a big ask for you.  To not shut down a man.  And so if he tells you that - I would just go, “...Wow, I feel really excited that you actually told me and shared that…” If you’re suffering from jealousy and worry about a man you’re dating, try the Feminine WANT masterclass, here, to learn how to communicate and GET what you Want, and not stay stuck in what disappoints you… Love, Rori
2/26/202445 minutes, 33 seconds
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How To Reconnect With Him

When a man goes unresponsive or he withdraws, it can feel like a very scary experience of, well, how, how do I, how do I engage? How do I bring him back? If I'm not doing do how I don't want to screw this up. That's another way that we all double down on ourselves is. Thinking that we can screw any of this up, when in reality, there are so many ways that men will fall back into our life, and then we're starting from the ground up again. To get help with your immediate situation, join the Siren Island Program and get live classes, coaching and Masterclasses all through every month here: Love, Rori
2/19/202445 minutes, 42 seconds
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Can You Really Just Receive All Day?

How can you be in "receiving" Feminine Energy all day, every day 24 /7? In this videocast, you'll learn several of my Modern Siren Tools to help you stay in your Feminine, even when it feels impossible and silly! I begin with talking about tracking your state of being. Your Feminine Energy is a state of being, and then you express that state of being in words. You speak in what I call Feeling Messages, where the words themselves are transformational, for you and everyone else, shockingly so. The feeling messages express your state of being. So see if you can actually feel that! What is, ask yourself, what is my state of being? And don't try to get a definition of it. Just what is my state of being? What am I being? Where am I? What am I feeling? Am I up above my neck? Am I down below deep? Do I feel like I've let my shoulders go? Am I feeling anything or am I feeling a block to the feeling? Just explore where you are...(Learn what to do next, and "why", in the videocast...) To learn how to do this for yourself, every day in your own life, try The Siren Island Program - with live, interactive classes every week, tons of videos and exclusive Rori Raye Materials every month, and a brilliant Community where I film and record my podcast/videocasts live every month!: Love, Rori
12/29/202317 minutes, 52 seconds
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How To Stop A Sense Of Urgency From Wrecking Your Life!

What is "normal attachment" when we're in a new relationship ...and what happens when it starts getting really exciting, but then he backs off a little bit? What's normal? Because in all of these situations, our urgency is getting kicked up. What should we do? What can we do? What should we not do when we start getting an awareness of the, of the urgency that comes, that comes up here. So urgency and what, what can you expect and what can you do? This podcast will give you answers (and - warning - some answers talk about sexual intimacy as well!)... If you'd like to learn more about Rori Raye's Official Community Siren Island, and have access to live classes and a tremendous amount of exclusive Rori Raye materials, go here: And if you'd like to explore becoming a professional coach with Rori Raye as your mentor, learn more here:
12/1/202326 minutes, 38 seconds
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How To Stand Up For Yourself!

My special guest Lylian Toscano, along with Natalina Love and I, talk and generate new Tools for you to stand up for yourself in nearly any situation! Self-Esteem comes and goes for many of us, making us feel alternately powerful and afraid (for so many reasons!). In this podcast, we use scenarios you might be experiencing in your relationship or at work, so you can stay in your Feminine Energy, feel your emotions, and use the most powerful, self-affirming, most compelling, honest, straightforward, truthful and magnetic words and body language to literally get you what you want while deepening, cementing, stabilizing, and honoring your relationship with everyone around you. To get private, personal help with your unique situation, so you can channel your natural, righteous anger and rage into the Love that's at the base of everything you want, get my From Anger To Love Masterclass here: Love, Rori
11/10/202335 minutes, 38 seconds
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How To Use The Rori Raye "Riffing" Tool To Bring Him Closer

Gratitude is so helpful, so core to feeling good about yourself and your life... ...And it's so easy to fall into what we call the "Disappointment and Complaint Department" of our minds and hearts. Brilliant Coach Katja Majer, Natalina Love and Rori Raye teach the Rori Raye Tool: "Riffing" that will help you dive below all the bad feelings into love - and create a new space for openness, vulnerability and strength that are not only incredibly and undeniably attractive - but make for amazing communication that brings all the "thrills" back to a relationship. To learn more about how all this works, get The Feminine WANT Masterclass video program, where you'll learn a brand new "shortcut" to his heart, and a deep committed relationship: Love, Rori
9/15/202321 minutes, 38 seconds
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You Like Him - Now: How To Build Chemistry With Him!

Building Chemistry and Romance is all about "Feeling Like You" - ...Meaning: you feel like you're in your body, in your heart, deep in yourself - and not superficially hovering around your head and neck. It's a very distinct feeling - "Dropping Down". It's a feeling of being in your Feminine Energy that allows you to build the Chemistry inside yourself, which then activates the Romance and Chemistry between you and- literally ANYBODY! This is a complex video with Tools and fresh ideas one right after the other! (What I've noticed is that we tend to spend our day "deadening" ourselves, our feelings....and almost deliberately "hiding out" in our heads - so here's a link to the Business Siren Boss Babe Masterclass to help you STAY in your Feminine Energy 100% of the time, even at "work":
9/8/202312 minutes, 35 seconds
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Do You Really Want Him If He's Nonchalant With You? How To Find Out...

When a man is showing up as more nonchalant about something that has you feeling unsafe...what do you do? When you've brought the subject up again and again and again - and that doesn't work, and you're feeling the trust kind of erode in your relationship...perhaps a situation where there's an "ex" from the past involved... Well, not only do I have perspective, I have experience. I was with a guy, in my idiot phase, for two years, who was still so tied to his ex wife...he was happy when she dropped by for any reason (which she did, often, for help with all kinds of things) - or asked him to drop by to fix things... ...she had many boyfriends and serious relationships, but the guy I was dating was there for her a thousand percent. She called, he ran. But he was chill. He never gave off that he ever expected to be with her again, or that, there was anything other than this feeling he had for her as a friend and protector... It's a long story, with lots of Tools, advice and fresh insights for you no matter what your situation - and especially if you're finding yourself "stuck" on a man who isn't really "doing the job" for you. To really shift any kind of "stuckness" in your life - get The Feminine WANT Masterclass, and learn how to quickly use The Feminine WANT Process to start getting everything you want from your Feminine Energy: Love, Rori
9/1/202333 minutes, 36 seconds
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What To Do When Your Man Doesn't Have Emotional Safety Skills!

No matter how a man behaves, no matter what he says, we want to have "Emotional Safety" without "shutting ourselves down"... We want to maintain a sense of ourself in real life, real time, and NOT "react - but "respond"- and in a way that both expresses ourself in a satisfying way, and also in a way that respects the man as a person (perhaps as our partner) and allows him to actually HEAR us, instead of shutting down himself. Sounds like a "tall order" - and one we shouldn't have to fill - yet, it's SO amazing when we can feel both fully, authentically, emotionally expressed - and still get heard and responded to with love! If you'd like to be part of my Rori Raye Siren Island Community, filled with brilliant Siren School coaches who are available to coach you, Script you, and help solve your immediate situation whenever you need them, plus tons of exclusive materials, and me, Rori Raye, live in a Mini-Masterclass/Workshop with you every month, go here: Love, Rori
8/18/202325 minutes, 58 seconds
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Emotional Healing For You And For Him!

What do men do when there's too much impact coming in? They shut down... Their mental circuit board is nowhere near as responsive as ours. It does not have as big a container as ours. Men are not built for that. They are built for the technical impact of working things through, but as soon as the emotional component comes in, they shut it down. Their circuit board comes down. To experience emotional healing, you have to say your feeling state - which means you have to find your feeling state. Let's start by collecting data on you! Ask yourself: What feels like me? To begin feeling more like you - and how you Want to feel...experience the Feminine WANT Process in the WANT Masterclass, here:
8/11/202316 minutes, 7 seconds
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How To Keep Your Romance And Relationship Strong After He Commits!

What do you do when all of a sudden things get tense right after he commits? If things are getting a little wobbly because you're so close to commitment - it's nothing like what happens AFTER he commits (and YOU commit)! In this Podcast, Rori Raye, Natalina Love, Sophia Shah and Isabel Darling give you tips, Tools, first-hand stories, and entirely fresh ideas to help you right now to get the commitment you want - and then strengthen your relationship so it stays awesome and amazing forever. To get Feminine Energy Tools for your unique situation, plus personal coaching from brilliant Rori Raye Siren School coaches, and a live, interactive Masterclass with Rori Raye, try the Siren Island program for a month, for only $33, here: Love, Rori
7/20/202330 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Appeal Of An 'Unsteady Man" - And How To Reverse That!

Why ever would we want an "unsteady man"? A man who not only isn't ready for a committed, real relationship, but doesn't even know how to really love you, especially when things aren't "perfect" Who doesn't know how to have a serious conversation, or to even hear you most of the time. Who doesn't seem to be able to take care of hmself - much less you. It sounds so unappealing when we read it like this, but in real life, so many of us find this "little boy" quality to be endearing, and chemically attractive. Then comes the pain... To get real help with your unique situation - no matter what's going on for you - to get back to what you really Want in love, visit and find articles and Guides for your exact situation. Love Rori
6/15/202317 minutes, 20 seconds
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How To Know If He's A Good Man

If he looks good, sounds good, feels good - does that make him good for YOU, or even a good man in general? And whatever does "good man" even mean? What you want to focus on is how you feel about YOU in his presence. Does he bring peace fun, thrills, trust and good feelings all around? Is he helpful and partnership-oriented when you need to solve a conflict, or make big decisions you can't easily agree on? Does he want what you want -and if he doesn't: is he more than willing to give you what YOU want? The situation is no longer "is he a good provider" - though that may be one of your benchmarks or even deal-breakers. For most of us, the Question is: Does he make me feel happy? At least most of the time? Am I happy to be with hi - permanently? And the answer to that question has changed a lot for so many women who once thought they wanted one thing, and now want another. T get more help discovering and following thorugh with what YOU want in "good man" - and how to recognize him - get personall coached, and tons of exclusive Rori Raye Materials for a full month on the Siren Island program:
5/22/202332 minutes, 54 seconds
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How Vulnerability Is Your SuperPower!

When you're feeling triggered by a man or a situation, it's so much easier to turn away, turn around, shut down, pull on your protective armor - instead of allowing yourself to be absolutely vulnerable... This video is all about specific ways to help yourself fall into your Feminine Energy, heart-powered Vulnerability, instead of into your heavy, brain-powered masculine energy. To get specific help with your unique situation, come to the Siren Island program, and experience 24/7 live coaching (in writing!) with brilliant Rori Raye Siren School coaches, plus tons of exclusive materials, and a bonus live Q and A with Rori Raye!: Love, Rori
5/1/202320 minutes, 6 seconds
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Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Relationship?

Is there really any such thing as a bad relationship? Could there have been a reason you got into the relationship with that particular man? And then a reason why you stayed longer than you wish you had (looking back!)? In this video, Rori Raye, Natalina Love, and Lylian Toscano discuss all the possible benefits (and yes, the "Learnings") of ANY relationship - no matter how much it hurt, no matter how unsuited and awful he was for and to you. What we say may shock you, though it might give you some of the answers you're looking for right now. If you're in a "bad relationship" now (physical abuse doesn't count - that, you need to run from instantly, and if you need help, please call for help!) - perhaps he's just not "up to speed" or a good partner, maybe he's not so great a kisser, not affectionate or attentive...anything that's making you wonder "why you're still there"- you'll feel hugged instead of judged, and get some solid insights. To work with Lylian Toscano and great Siren School coaches one-to-one, join us at the Feminine Energy Workshop! Love, Rori
4/25/202317 minutes
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What To Do When You Feel Disappointed With Him

Disappointment can pretty much wreck your love life. When a man he messes up - or seems to always be messing up - and disappointment is what you're feeling most of the time... When complaints seem to be filling your mind and dominating the way you feel about him and your relationship... When dating feels miserable, and every man you meet is a disappointment - either because he's disappointing as a man, or the way he's responding to you feels disappointing... Here's what to do to shift into a much better place. Ask your fans a question to get private feedback about your episode. We’ve added a default question, you can remove it or (We're not talking about stopping yourself from FEELING disappointment - we're talking about taking that feeling of disappointment, and "Entertaining" it differently!) To get live help tuning into your Feminine Self and shifting into a "vortex" of undeniable attraction - come to the Feminine Energy Workshop, here: Love, Rori
4/21/202316 minutes, 12 seconds
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What To Do If He's Great - But You're Not Attracted To Him

Can a man really "grow" on you, with full Chemistry? Yes! A "good" man can surprise you. The thing is, we're all trained by all media, from our birth, and everyone around us,to notice people with certain "looks" as "handsome", "sexy", "beautiful"... The truth is, all of attraction is a "vibe". Once you learn to abandon all those old patterns and opinions that've been dumped on you from so many people, billboards, social media - you'll begin to respond to your OWN attraction "meter". You'll find yourself attracted to people because of how you feel emotionally around them - and not because of anything external. And that, in turn, will help you begin to love yourself even more! To get deeper into your Feminine Energy with brilliant Rori Raye coaches, live at The Feminine Energy Workshop - go here to Learn More: Love, Rori
3/25/202324 minutes, 39 seconds
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Are You Really Living In Your Feminine World, Or Just Distracting Yourself?

Staying in your Feminine Energy can feel natural and easy, or tough when you're in a high-triggered situation (or anywhere in between)... So often, just because we're trying to avoid icky things happening when interacting with men, we end up being in just a tiny part of ourselves, and operating "from our necks up". Then we choose things that are mid-level for us, and avoid tricky situations and even possibly awesome situations - and often just distract ourselves from what we really WANT. Dana Denton joins Natalina Love and Rori Raye today to talk about how to live more in your Feminine Energy so - instead of just distracting ourselves - we feel more uplifted, happy, and deeply involved in love. To get personal, quick and targeted coaching in writing, exclusive Rori Raye guides, videos, books and materials, interact with Rori Raye live on The Siren Island Sanctuary private group, and feel supported nearly 24/7 - come to The Siren Sanctuary here:  Love, Rori
2/20/202323 minutes, 24 seconds
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Is Marriage Truly Important To You - Or Do You Feel Pressured?

Sometimes we want the "ring" more than we like the man. Sometimes we get lost in the pressure from outside: family, insurance costs, tax costs, just the constant seeming disadvantages of living alone and not having anything "official' binding you to a partner. It can put such a burden on us, that we literally ignore what we actually "WANT"! To learn how to get back to yourself and what you truly, inyour unique life, Want for yourself in love 9and everything else) - take a look at the new, amazing Rori Raye Feminine WANT Course: Love, Rori
1/29/202327 minutes, 7 seconds
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How To Feminifest What You Want - Instead Of Falling Into Your Masculine And Pushing Everything Away

Power in the world has always been claimed by masculine energy. The Feminine, however, is so clearly and obviously more powerful - with our ability to create human life, and our primary satisfactions of connection, love and compassion. So, it stands to reason that the Feminine would be feared. Going as far back as we know, women have been both revered and rendered powerless - and this is still true all over the world. The names for things are almost all derived from the masculine - "male" turns to "female". "Man" turns to "woman".  That's why "girl" is my most favorite way to be described pesonally, and I shiver with sadness that modern feminism deems the word "girl" to be beneath us, and prefers "woman". For me, the rise of "girl" is important, and the word Feminine is a power conductor. So - let's Feminifest! To learn how you can actually unearth your incredible power in the world by diving into and living in your Feminine Energy, come join us at the Feminine Energy Workshop the last Sunday of the month! And if you ever need a question about your personal situation answered - just write me at [email protected], and you'll get a real answer quickly! Love, Rori
1/24/202318 minutes, 39 seconds
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How To Fix The Anxiety Of Dating

Anxiety can stop you from doing anything - even if you know that what you're doing can lead to incredible happiness... Naomie Thompson is the queen of successful, effortless, pleasurable Circular Dating, knows first-hand how easy it is to fall into anxiety while you're doing it...and also knows first-hand how to fall back OUT of anxiety and into loving the process of getting the man and love you want! In this episode, Naomie, Natalina Love and I work through the steps to turn worry, fear, anxiety, disappointment - and everything that makes "Dating" feel like a painful, losing waste of time and energy - into true love and lifelong partnership with the man of your dreams. Work live with Naomie at the Rori Raye Siren School Feminine Energy Workshop here: Love, Rori
1/14/202316 minutes, 4 seconds
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Is Your Personality Type Helping You Or Hurting You?

Does who you believe you are line you up with a "Personality Type" that doesn't please you? If you've been "typed" by somone - there's a good chance it's not been done correctly! Perhaps so much of what you "think" you're like isn't how you truly "work" - which is what typing is all about! True Personality Typing isn't about your "personality"! It's much more about how you operate. If you "sense" your next "move" (and what you feel you like or don't like) based on past experience - or if you just sort of "feel" your way into your next move. How you think. How you decide. How you approach situations. I absolutely love the science and art of Personality Typing because it allows all of us to literally open up our minds to the possiblilty that we aren't who we think we are! And once we get to that moment, we can become way more open to expanding ourselves in a lot of different directions! Join Naomie Thompson, Natalina Love and I in this conversation about how we "type" ourselves - and then type men! Oh! If you have a personal question, or just want to look around at all the ways you can learn more about your Feminine Energy at Rori Raye Siren School - just go here and click on everything! Love, Rori
1/7/202316 minutes, 18 seconds
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If You Want Him To Be Different...

If: He's just not acting the way you want him to.  He's not attentive. He's cold...He's not affectionate, or passionate, or interested in who you are or what you do. He just talks about himself - or watches TV. Or - he's great in a lot of ways....just not in the way you WANT him to be great! To experience live events with me, get tons of exclusive Rori Raye materials and Tools, and get nearly 24/7 personal coaching, in writing, from brilliant Rori Raye Siren School coaches - join the Siren Sanctuary (it includes live, personal coaching on the private Siren Island FB group! - and you can stay for just a month, or stay for as long as you want in the Sanctuary monthly Membership here->  Love, Rori
12/30/202226 minutes, 34 seconds
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Do You Trust Him?

Trust is complicated. And one of you in a romantic relationship has to go first, be brave, demonstrate what opening up and being vulnerable looks like, even without absolute certainty that the person you're opening up to is trustworthy. So - complicated. Not only does it involve handing over some of what most of us have come to call "autonomy" by agreeing to literally depend on someone else for many different forms of life sustenance: the easy ones seemingly being love, romance, relationship, sex...the harder ones being location, responsibility, choices, decisions.... In this Podcast, Natalina Love and I talk about: not only "Can you trust a man's loyalty and fidelity"...but, "Can you trust him with your most real, basic, deepest, most vulnerable self. With your feelings and needs as they truly are...?" And my answer is so straightforward - and possibly controversial - I look forward to reading your comments, or hearing from you in my email inbox at My answer is that your ONLY option is to begin. To begin opening up, to begin being "present" with him, to begin honest, true, deep conversations from the start. The How-To is in the Podcast! Love, Rori
12/23/202230 minutes, 4 seconds
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Do You Believe You Can Have What You Want In Love?

It's hard to imagine your life the way you want to imagine it, when the nagging thought that "you don't deserve it" keeps getting in the way... The truth is, most of us don't believe we deserve what we want. Most of us have "nasty voices" running rampant through our heads, and, for most of us, these "dream killers" take up more bandwidth than our dreams do. The trick is to do the opposite of everything you hear. Instead of trying to get RID of those voices that keep telling you you don't deserve your dreams - or can't have them come true for a million other "sensible" reasons - try LOVING those malcontent, difficult, obstructive nasty voices. The truth is, those voices are madly in love with you. Your survival is so important to those parts of you - they don't really care if you're HAPPY, they just want you to be SAFE! And, much of the time, happiness and safety seem to be at odds with each other in our brains. In this discussion, Natalina Love and I delve into how to completely shift the entire inner dialogue you have going about ALL of your life - and especially about love and romance. To look into being a Siren Sanctuary Member, and interacting live with Natalina and I every Monday, go here - I'd love to see you, and answer your questions...-> Love, Rori
12/17/202223 minutes, 14 seconds
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How To Stop The Anxiety, Shame, Blame, Guilt "Ritual"

We find it so easy to punish ourselves - and are always looking for new ways to do it! - yet the "Ritual" of "Anxiety, Shame, Blame and Guilt" seems to work on autopilot no matter what.  Learn how to identify the Anxiety, Shame, Blame and Guilt "Ritual" that automatically seems to overtake us women whenever we move even slightly out of the "drawn lines" that have been set for us from the beginning of time. Yes, men have their own share of "Rituals" that complicate their minds, reduce the quality of their lives, and get in the way of their being the men they want to be... Yet, we women have a uniquely global situation of actual political, community and marital powerlessness that can exhaust and eat up the space we want to inhabit before we even get our minds and hearts there. It's crucial for us to get out of our own way - and, for us women, this means getting OUT of our heads. This Podcast with me and Natalina Love has so many aha's and new ideas and Siren Tools...if you'd like to learn more about Rori Raye, The Modern Siren, and perhaps go deeper into how you can access and live 100% in your Feminine Energy, visit my blog, here: Love, Rori
12/2/202221 minutes, 55 seconds
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How To Stay In Your Feminine Energy And Stop "Patterning"

"Patterning" is the constant repetition inside us of the same reactions, words, thoughts, feelings, memories over and over and over...they automatically get activated, in exactly the same way - and these Patterns can totally determine how the next hour of our life goes. They can determine how your next experience goes...the next minute...the rest of your life...  And we'll be talking about a solution: How to "Interrupt" the patterns that aren't working for you, so that you can have the life and love you want. How to "interrupt" the patterns in our relationships, how to stop the continuing cycle of "Patterning", how to give ourselves fully to a moment, to a kiss, to a conversation. Most of us have come to rely on someone else to Interrupt our pattern - our child, our pet - and mostly our men.  With a man, we've come to rely on "Chemistry" to interrupt our own self-judging habitual Patterns - and, so, when he isn't doing that job for us, we can easily build up resentment! So much to talk about, and this podcast covers so much. To join the conversation, become a Siren Sanctuary Member, and talk with me, live, every Monday, here: Love, Rori
11/2/202213 minutes, 18 seconds
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How To Feel The Power Of Your Feminine Energy - Rori Raye Feminine Energy History #1

Feminine Energy is everywhere now - in talk.   It's an easy group of words to use, to say - and ...  What does it even mean?  And, more important - what does "Feminine Energy" mean for YOU?   For instance - if you think "nurturing" your man, asking him how he's feeling, bringing him food - and yourself - when he's "working too hard", making errand runs and "being understanding" when he's not making you happy is "feminine" - you may be accidentally damaging the bond you already have with a man, and dimming his attraction to you.   Feminine Energy, for me, began with the "birthing" of all of existence, all Universes, everything...   Yet, it began being talked about in books, and now, everywhere on the internet.   In this podcast episode, I'll explore how the words "Feminine Energy" first surfaced, and - most important - how you can easily begin to glide into your own Feminine Energy, all the time!   To join all of us Sirens at the Rori Raye Feminine Energy Workshop each month, go here:  Love, Rori
11/2/20227 minutes
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Interview With Tatia Dee

Tatia Dee - is an amazingly powerful, transformative coach. Here's a BONUS from Tatia: Seven Simple Steps To Reconnect With Your Feminine Power: 1. Power in the Energy Connection: Feminine Power and Masculine Power have a natural energy connection.  When a man and woman share a moment, an hour, a date, a relationship or even a life together, they’re in an Energy Connection . . . 2. Stopping Your Old Patterns and Focusing on You:  As you get accustomed to leaning back into your Feminine Power, you are going to realize how much you have been leaning forward!  Don’t beat yourself up over it . . . instead, just embrace it and use that reflection to become more aware of those old patterns . . . 3. Letting A Man Pursue You:  Let’s recap what we learned in Step One: when you lean back, a man will come forward towards you, closing up the space created between you by your leaning back . . . 4. Allowing Connection With A Man:  Connecting with a man means that you’re leaning back and allowing him to come towards you.  What he does once he closes in the space and reaches you is connection. 5. Processing Your Feelings:  Now that you’re at Step Five of reconnecting with your Feminine Power, you’re starting to feel changes in yourself and how you respond to a man.  Step Five is about putting words to your feelings . . . 6. Speaking Your True Feelings:  Now that you’re experiencing your feelings by putting them into words and writing them down in your journal, it’s time to let your words and actions match your feelings.  So often we women stuff down our feelings and “put on a face” to cover up our pain, anger, disappointment and fear.  Step Six is about stopping that and getting your truth out to the world, on your own terms . . . 7. The Good, The Clueless, The Difficult & The Toxic:  I could write an entire book for Step Seven, because it’s about our interactions with the opposite sex (I’ll be referring to men as “guys” in this step).  Step Seven is about changing your vocabulary and perception of the male species . . .
6/22/201534 minutes, 36 seconds
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Interview With Leigha Lake

Leigha Lake is a fearless powerhouse of a person, an amazing coach, and an inspiration on so many levels... 
5/8/201537 minutes, 41 seconds
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Interview With Dominique

Bonus Tips From Dominique: Is it really possible to have it all, your forever man, as well as your dream career? I'm here to voice a resounding - YES!!! - it's absolutely possible. AND you can still remain very much in your feminine essence goddess energy no matter which realm you're inhabiting. And to really HAVE IT ALL, there are FOUR important aspects I would encourage cultivating and integrating within your BEING whether with YOUR MAN or whether at work as an entrepreneur or otherwise. When with your man, it might feel much easier feeling your feminine essence goddess energy, stepping into her, allowing her to wrap her loving arms around you, fully envelop you, and permeate your entire BEING. When at work though, it might not seem doable, maybe not even preferable. YET I would venture to say that not only do you want to keep her very close when having to call on your masculine energy to tackle tasks at hand, it's totally possible to do so. And this will begin with and BE all about YOUR BODY - Holdings and tensions - Being aware of what your body is doing and feeling at any given moment is key. And with practice, you can come to know immediately when tension takes hold and where. Until this becomes second nature, initially I would ask you to check in with yourself periodically throughout the day. Schedule time if necessary. Even two minutes will be sufficient. And wherever you feel holdings or tension, BREATHE love into the area. Or better yet, try placing a hand there in loving suggestion to release, and let go.  Imagine love pouring from your hand to soothe and ease the clenching. One of the lovely side benefits to this is that you get to give and receive love to and from yourself all at the same time which is so very beautiful and feels wonderful. These brief ME TIME sessions are SO important for reconnecting to and renewing your feminine essence goddess energy self, especially when engaged in business oriented tasks YET this holds true when with YOUR MAN as well. SENSUALITY - By this I mean sensations which can include your sexuality though will not be the focus, yet if sexual feelings arise, FABULOUS. Awakening your sensuality is about shifting your attention to YOU and what you FEEL on a sensory level which will also likely stimulate emotions. For example noticing the warm water, as it runs over your body while bathing. Or noticing your hands, as they move over ALL of your body parts while washing, including your breasts and vulva. How does this all feel? Good? Delicious? Weird? Different? Do you feel soothed? More open? Expanded? Overwhelmed? At peace? Happy? Sad? Beautiful? Something else? Do you feel connected? To yourself? The Universe? Something or someone else? How about when you smooth cream on your face and body? And when you dress, what do the fabrics feel like as they pull or drape over your skin? Can you turn your touch into caresses? And the feel of objects or small creatures against your fingertips and body - your precious pet, your coffee cup, the doorknob, keys, your computer keyboard, a book, the light switch, your bed and bedding, your car seat, couch, and so on. Can you expand this and include maybe the air gently or more firmly brushing against your face or blowing your hair - aromas assailing your nose, such as cinnamon buns in the oven or the freshness of newly mowed grass...
5/8/201536 minutes, 45 seconds