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English, Education, 3 seasons, 43 episodes, 23 hours 25 minutes
Rooted exists to dig within and generate reflection and transformation through personal stories, faith, and humor. We are removing weeds, cultivating the soil, and nurturing a space for individual growth and collective community.Katherine Murillo is passionate about passion. You can feel her energy come through as she pours out with intensity and excitement. She draws on her experience from years as a radio morning show host, blogger, women's advocate, and motivational speaker.Listeners are encouraged to connect, and invited to begin, the intimate journey of Rooted. Support this podcast:
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Pray With Me Don't Play With Me

In this week’s episode, I open up about a current situation I am navigating and walking through this season while dealing with an ex. The truth is, it’s not about them, but really, what God needs ME to surrender in this season - oof!  Our feelings are always valid, but they are not always fact, and that can be difficult to keep in mind when someone has hurt us.  Listen, ya girl was about to pop off and pull up recently, so trust me, I understand.  If you as well find yourself in a similar season, I really believe this episode is going to resonate with you. If you feel led to sow into this ministry: Venmo: @connectedwithkatherine Zelle: [email protected] Let's stay connected! IG: @connectedwithkatherine TikTok: @connectedwithkatherine Website: Thank you for your support
24/05/202342 minutes
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Season 2 Finale: Parent Relationships, Burning Bridges, Sober Living, and Q&A

Katherine concludes season 2 of Rooted with recent lessons and revelations that God continues to pour into her through her own healing journey. She opens up about the experience of having to write a letter to her parent. The four parts she discusses are: 1. This is what you did to me 2. This is how I felt about it at the time 3. This is how it affected my life 4. This is what I want from you now Through writing the letter, Katherine shares the pain and anger that surfaced as a result.  How God will absolutely burn bridges with certain people so that they can never walk back across.  Katherine's decision and journey (so far) with giving up alcohol for the year. Book: "Quit Like a Woman" by Holly Whitaker Two Q&A questions at the end! --- Support this podcast:
01/08/202240 minutes 42 seconds
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Dating Starts w/ Us

We are so inundated with dating/relationship "Do's and Don't's," our timelines and social media feeds are full of everyone else's thoughts and opinions on the matter. In this episode, although Katherine shares her own personal experiences, lessons, and desires - above all else - she encourages listeners to take it to God. To ask God what He wants for you, what He desires for you.  Many times in dating, our focus is on the other person. But as Katherine shares in this episode, when we take a step back and spend time getting honest with ourselves - our true worth, value, wants, needs, desires - it allows us to date from a place of abundance, versus lack or scarcity.  --- Support this podcast:
25/04/202236 minutes 48 seconds