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Room 77 | Unusable Sex Advice for the Open-Minded

English, Sex education, 1 season, 81 episodes, 20 hours, 20 minutes
A swinger podcast about sex, debauchery, and the humor in it all. Richard and Lauren quit life and moved to Cancun, Mexico to do what they love: work party, and play in paradise. Now, they want to share the fun that they get to have everyday. So come to Room 77, where they discuss sex, swingers, open relationships, hotwives, cuck, BDSM, exhibitionism and much more. Let's play!
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Ep. 80: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

We take you through our sexcapades from Flirtation. (Come check out SIN in October and see why couples leave and tell a friend to go to the next one.)Do we peak at a certain athletic level sexually? Lauren thinks she needs to start training, as she's being out sexed by newbies. Richard thinks reverse psychology is a better, more lazy, approach.Richard learned from Shakira that hips don't lie. He's faced with another power bottom, this time disguised as a rabbit. Get it babe, just don't break your....NO!What does Richard have in common with a glow stick? He's wondering if a transition is right for him.We journey through our own playroom for the first time. It was like being in a movie, except Richard was playing all the roles. Richard tells Lauren what her playroom faux pas was and why she was a "bad" girl.We talk about the "ugly" in party drugs. What happens when you just want to watch the blinky lights, but you're unable to speak or walk? Richard takes one small step for lifestyle kind.#penischiropractor #NeonPartyRemix #BigBoy #sexualspiritanimal #goodbaduglyPatreon Help us #keepitupBook your Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!++NEW STOCK COLOR IS OUT NOW! Grab yours and save 10% with code: ROOM77 at #DontLetTheKarensWin
4/1/202455 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep. 79: The Special Kid Brought His Toolbox to the Orgy Again!

Come check out SIN in October and see why couples leave and tell a friend to go to the next one. We go meet some friends for New year's eve and face the frigid temps at Temptation, Richard tries to remake his costume choices for winter temperatures.First night orgy, but were we actually invited? Once we all meet up, Richard goes into A/V mode. Setting up lights and music in a room that's not his. His tool box sex go bag comes in handy, then turns into the worst accessory for the walk of shame home.How would the orgy work if a participant was mentally challenged? Richard plays the role out for us all. What is a phrase only used in the lifestyle that just doesn't sound right in another other application or setting?We schedule our first threesome with the intention of it being for On ly Fans and realize it's way different than we thought, but we also were turned on by the exact same part of it all!#likeahotplate #coldpleather #mayifukyou Support us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook your Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!++NEW STOCK COLOR COMING IN MARCH! STAY TUNED Grab yours and save 10% with code: ROOM77 at #DontLetTheKarensWin
3/4/202447 minutes, 20 seconds
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Ep. 78: Hot, Young Couple Play and then Gangbanged by Low Self Esteem!!

How do you deal with the confidence killers??? The ups and downs of your ego!In episode 78, we talk about confidence and how we rocked it like porn stars at a hotel meetup that escalated rather quickly. Before you give us any participation trophies, that confidence was quickly squashed by hundreds of people who didn’t want to touch us.Richard injects his penis and flaunts it in a public location in hopes of receiving random restraining orders.Bikini Addiction is launching something special in February and we think we know what it is. And if we don’t, we tell them what it should be.We’re holding a casting call for single men!! Listen up single men…don’t buy a vowel, just get over here and F me.We talk about our next event, Sinsation, in October of 2024 on Isla Mujeres, Cancun Mexico.#naptimeanytime #weinerdogs #temptationishardSupport us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook your Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!++Perky bottoms are now in stock in Neon Pineapple! Grab yours and save 10% with code: ROOM77 at #DontLetTheKarensWin
2/1/202459 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ep. 77: Corrupting Virgins and a Celebration Party

We run into the "Gaggle of Youngin's" from Episode 1 and catch up on their LS journey from 5 years ago. Thanks to @MavandKelly.We celebrate our 77th episode with lots of street interviews from our last event, SINsation on Isla Mujeres. (Voted "Best Hotel Takeover of 2023" by ASA)Lauren realizes that being chosen as the ones for a couple's first experience has less to do with attraction and more to do with ability to execute emergency protocols.Richard grades Lauren, again, after a foursome at SINsation. Yikes!It's hard to be an airhead, sex fairy with a drug problem, so we are taking donations for rehab.How to be a good first experience for another new couple? Take note of the #swingertacklebox list we suggest.We have our annual review meeting with Bikini Addiction. Good news, they are prepping for an IPO, just not a men's line!#graffitiwithpie #swingertacklebox #SwingerMasterclass #imthebestyoueverhad #breakglassincaseofemergency
12/4/202355 minutes, 2 seconds
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Ep. 76: Getting Horny in the Gym and How To Cope with Cliques

Why are gyms a place to bare it all? Lauren talks about bulge outlines in workout shorts, a flash of junk in the gym, and other gym turn ons. Richard swears it should be illegal to do extremely stretchy stretches in spandex if working out with your mom.We go over sexy things women do that men can't, and vice versa.Certain compliments can be said to men from women, but if the roles are reversed, you could end up with a slap or restraining order!After another week at SINsation, we revisit cliques and the perspective on how to view them.Why is it that some people try so hard when meeting people? Find your center and approach the group. Be a level 5!Cliques aren't always what they seem to an outsider, we talk about some situations that may cause groups to form, but give reassurance they aren't the same as a clique!We discuss vulnerability and how to handle it! It may feel like high school where you don't have a table to sit for lunch, but good news, your partner is always right there with you!Watch us talk about this on YouTube!Join us at Flirtation! 80% sold out!Support us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook your Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!++Get ready for Black Friday with Bikini Addiction! Follow us on social media for early access! Save 10% with code: ROOM77 at #DontLetTheKarensWin
11/2/202357 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ep. 75: The Desire, Hedonism, Takeover Comparison and Slap-Worthy Lines

Sometimes it hard to know what to expect when going to Desire, Temptation, or Hedo for the first time. We talk about singles, topless only and clothing mandatory.We discuss what makes a complete hotel takeover feel different, in that comfy, not scary way.We explain these lifestyle vacay terms: group, tower takeover, hotel takeover. And detail some flags to look for if you are wanting a cohesive takeover experience.We ask our Patreon Telegram group to share some of the worst openers, backhanded compliments, pickup lines they’ve had served up. Good lord!Party with us in Feb 2024 - Cancun, Isla Mujeres Full Hotel Takeover BOOK NOW!Support us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook your Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!++Perky bottoms are now in stock in Neon Pineapple! Grab yours and save 10% with code: ROOM77 at #DontLetTheKarensWin
10/3/202352 minutes, 58 seconds
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Ep. 74: Extreme Fantasies and Pro Spinners

Sit down for more politically incorrect discussions on Richard's love for spinners. This firecracker inspired Richard to make an app. He also invented a new toothpaste, go figure!Being in the lifestyle for a long time, we revisit what fantasies are left to accomplish, how to dive deeper to discuss them. and how do we go about creating and executing a kidnapping!Lauren's obsessed with gang bangs and wants it again, but more violent than the last one. Richard has a handicap now, but is not exactly sure where to apply for this permit.Party with us in Feb 2024 - Cancun, Isla Mujeres Full Hotel Takeover BOOK NOW!Support us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook your Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!++Perky bottoms are now in stock in Neon Pineapple! Grab yours and save 10% with code: ROOM77 at #DontLetTheKarensWin
8/31/202344 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ep. 73: My First Gang Bang

We fulfill a fantasy under a watchful eye.What it's like to have a gang bang near a small dinner party?When that fantasy turns into a reality, how much of it is close to the way you played it out in your mind?We decide on a redo for the gang bang, some recasting of better actors, and some roofies for the wives.We traveled, we partied, we threw up in the bathroom.Take a journey through the X-Club in Toronto (or outside Toronto, I don't know how Canada works) as we interview the owner Jake Pedler!#onlyfans #zombies #thankstoall #betweenthematresses #thexclubtoronto #cunkonearthThanks to all who traveled to come see us at the X Club!Follow us now on TikTok! @room77podcast and @laurenrm77lifeASA members.SINsation event is sold out! Contact us to attend on a Day Pass now October 17-22, 2023 | Isla Mujeres, MexicoSupport us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook you Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!Or get 10% off bikinis with code ROOM77. New "Neon Pineapple" Perky bottoms back in stock!
8/2/202349 minutes, 12 seconds
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Ep. 72: The Perfect House Guests

The perfect hosts came determined to be the perfect house guests; arriving with a dog toy and a complete lighting setup.Lauren pulls out the Motor Bunny for some fun which almost dismembers Richard. We try hot candle wax massages for the first time, while Richard is gearing up for his redemption. "C'mon people, I can't stay up all night!"We realize quickly that we are in deep with two alphas in the bedroom. Richard gets intimidated, meekly asking, "May I fug you, please?"She's wild, untamable, and ready to ride. Richard's “Breaking Bad” fear is back, but she convinces him to let her be on top.Lauren takes baby steps with this big member and ends up having to hit the bench early.Richard comes up with his best costume idea ever!#NoFlyList #PowerBottom #electricshocktherapyFollow us now on TikTok! @room77podcast and @laurenrm77lifeASA members.SINsation event is sold out! Contact us to attend on a Day Pass now October 17-22, 2023 | Isla Mujeres, MexicoSupport us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook you Desire / Temptation /Hedo trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!Or get 10% off bikinis with code ROOM77. New "Neon Pineapple" Perky bottoms back in stock!
7/7/202353 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep. 71: Perfect Hosts with the Perfect Game

Why Richard doesn't swim at home... Being the perfect Swinger Hosts, set your reminders and grab the perfect hotel room lighting! We are trying to behave ourselves when we zoom in on a French Canadian hockey player, Oui! Oui! Our swinger date threatens us with watching the sun rise together. Oh no, we need naps immediately! Richard packs too lightly and has to borrow clothes for dinner. Lauren freaks in the disco around all the young girls. What's the song? "Shots, Shots, Insecurity?" We are reminded why the Lifestyle crew is our crew. #sentencedtosorority #laurengetsaB #tiredtalk
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Ep. 70: Going Bareback with Newbies and Patreons

What would happen if women and men switched genitals for a day? We "phone a friend" and ask our Patreons to help us understand the Mars vs. Venus mentalities.A newbie couple goes live with us because inquiring minds want to know stuff! Richard shares his bareback opinion on using condoms, losing condoms, and how to convince your primary care doctor you magically caught Syphilis.Lauren is laughing again at Mrs. Newbie belief that swingers were mythical creatures. Mr. Newbie is too adorable when broaching the subject of swinging with his wife of 19 years. You've got mail!STI's or STD's, whatever they are called, no one wants them. We discuss risk evaluation and the concept of finding the Holy Grail group where everyone can leave condoms at home!ASA members.Our next event is launched! Sign up for SINsation before it sells out. October 17-22, 2023 | Isla Mujeres, MexicoJoin us in Toronto on June 9th at X Club!Support us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook you Desire / Temptation trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini!Or get 10% off bikinis with code ROOM77. New "Neon Pineapple" stock print just released!
5/15/202351 minutes, 18 seconds
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Ep. 69: Keep Stroking That Ego (In Public)

We travel far and wide for some semi-secluded beaches to do some deep, deep research on exhibitionism (kidding, we wanted to have sex on a public beach!)Our vacay turns interesting at a breakfast cafe when we are faced with a full restaurant, no where to sit, and a very cute couple.We change AirBnb's to one more suitable for filming dirty videos. How do you explain to the Super Host that the married, party of two is choosing the unit with two double beds because of patio sight-lines?Richard loves to stroke his (ego) by the thrill of getting caught and wonders why more women aren't exhibitionists.Kicking off OF again where you'll see the videos from our trip! Subscribe now for 50% off!We launch a Special Edition Bikini Addiction with our 77 logo! Use promo code ROOM77 for 10% off. Grab the top here and bottoms here and tag us on social media @room77podcast in your new swag! Join us at SINsation in October! Book the last rooms or get on the list for the overflow hotel (releasing soon) ASA Approved!#unicycle
4/17/202349 minutes, 38 seconds
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Ep. 68: Nailing Being Yourself at an Event (and the GM)

This episode is all about How to Party Right! We talk about our recent Flirtation Hotel Takeover and how different aspects remind Richard of "Magic Mike - Last Dance" the movie.Hats off to guests who brought their "A" game! We learn from them and their street interviews.From glowing gorilla costumes to first-timers and first-experiences, and to the hot GM of the hotel...wait, "What's his deal? Is he single?"Hotel security is called on a room in the overflow hotel. Luckily, a bilingual guest was in the room to answer the door almost naked.#voicecoach #firstimers #writeusinyourwillASA members.Our next event is launched! Sign up for SINsation before it sells out. October 17-22, 2023 | Isla Mujeres, MexicoJoin us in Toronto on June 9th at X Club!Support us with:Patreon Help us #keepitupBook you Desire / Temptation trip* with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini! Or get 10% off bikinis with code ROOM77. New "Neon Pineapple" stock print just released!
3/16/202355 minutes, 46 seconds
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Ep. 67: Is A Bigger "D" Better in the Lifestyle?

As content "Creducators," we discuss what's on nobody's mind...size!Lauren receives an email on Kasidie from SexTrophies and she gives her thoughts on sex with bigger guys. Viagra doesn't have a stigma for the guys, why does lube have one for womenRichard turns into a jingle.Our Patreons share their thoughts on profile photos in our rapid fire interviews. Don't worry, we will fix it on our own LS site. ASA members.Join us in Toronto on June 9th at X Club!Book you Desire / Temptation trip with Lauren and get a free Bikini Addiction bikini! Or get 10% bikinis with code ROOM77.Support us with:Patreon Help us #keepitup
2/15/202353 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep. 66: The Gang Bang Take(me)over Event

We go way off the rails and talk about some fantasies. It's really easy to get lost in talking about a fantasy when you are with your soulmate. Lauren's on board with Rich's fantasy and it's open casting for role of "Bouncer" and "Dirty Talker." What is it about degrading someone you love inside of a fantasy? Richard is ready for the pain and suffering inside Lauren's fantasy for him. Cue the 6' 4" man giant.
1/26/202343 minutes, 48 seconds
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Cheers to Our Listener and 2023!

We skipped December and wanted to wish you all happy holidays. All our gratitude, LnR
12/31/202213 minutes, 2 seconds
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Ep. 65: Haulover To Part II of Our Very "Hard" "Full" Weekend

Haulover To Part II of Our Very "Hard" "Full" WeekendWe avoid the hospital and learn glasses are good for reading syringes.Filling up is hard to do.Richard gives us his tips for the nude beach. The rules, like Fight Club, except you CAN talk about it.Support us withPatreon Help us #keepitupTravel Lifestyle or vanillaBikini Addiction use link or promo code ROOM77 for 10% off AND supports us too!
11/25/202259 minutes, 52 seconds
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Ep. 64: How To MMMF 'N FL

We go on a second date with a couple from Ep. 29 and meet up in Miami. Come keep us from flop sweating and go on the date with us! Richard announces his retirement as he moves to his next job. #CocoonCare Richard wants a new drug, like Huey Lewis. One that has a commercial in Asia that infringes on Marvel copyright of Ironman. Lauren tries new things, fails at some, and has a ton of orgasms. We had so much sexing and fun that we had to split it in two parts. Stay tuned for the next episode where we do the nudie beach! #teacherspetpet #tombradyofswingingworld #serenawilliamsofswingingworld
10/31/202254 minutes, 28 seconds
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Ep. 63: How To Make Stepdad Porn

What kind of porn does the internet AI think you enjoy watching? Richard gets questionable suggestions. We campaign for more handjobs in the world by doing a little role play, in the theme of “Suggested Porn” in hopes to inspire y’all to put down the hand sanitizer and pick up more lube. Do we play out “The Step Dad” “Babysitter” or “Shoplifter”? Because we are all about #handsonlearning #professordaddy, we filmed the dirty part of this podcast for our dirty daddy’s over at Patreon. #keepitup We go back into our memory bank to describe his first LS experience. Richard recreates his very Cinemax scene… In a hotel overlooking the NYC skyline, dressed like James Bond before he sticks his…Oww! What was that? Lauren’s first was with a bunch of models rolling around in a bed but Richard won’t let it count because he’s jealous he wasn’t there. A pile of models should count though, right? #swingles Get your fist stuck in that hole! You heard it, now watch it at Join us in the "Rubbed" tier (how on point!) and get the only discount out there on a custom Bikini Addiction too! We love our Patreons, can you tell? We'll reveal the link and password to the custom site after you join!
9/27/202251 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ep. 62: How To Summer Bang

1. We wake up from a long recovery nap, keep trucking past all the electronics that died while we were away, to fill your ears and quench your FOMO. 2. Orgies, orgies, orgies. We were surprised too, but I think it was because all the people were so was hard to choose just one couple? 3. Richard's invention for late night sexing...involves puppeteering?! 4. Rick from Gypsy and a Gentleman go to the guests of Summer Bang for insight on the event's shenanigans. Room 77 receives an award from ASA! @BikiniAddiction Get it and 10% off with promo code ROOM77 because you are so exclusive and VIP! #DontLetTheKarensWin All our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
8/26/202247 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep. 61: How To Build Support with Cock Rings, Waxing & Sexpectations

We reach out to Patreons for their dying questions on this AMA episode!Richard talks about guys that aren't opposed to waxing and instructs how to put on a cock ring, while Lauren drools thinking about smooth, oily junk.Richard counts all the people we've influenced over the years through the podcast and workshop.When you go to a takeover, do you have sex-pectations? How do you prep your Lifestyle vacation expectations? Yes, we mean how much sex.We give out our secret strategy for flirting and turning vanillas! Grab your windowless van and some candy.@BikiniAddiction Get it and 10% off with promo code ROOM77 because you are so exclusive and VIP! #DontLetTheKarensWinCome join us this Feb 2023! Room 77 in Cancun! Epic events and make some great friends our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
7/14/202241 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep. 60: How To Know Your "No-No" Spot

He has a massage with a happy middle and ends up in the fetal position.We debate how to let people down, excuse yourself, or say no without hurting people's feelings. Let's practice so we all get a little better at this one! We go through some mockups with some old friends, and all end up feeling awkward together! Hopefully this helps strike up conversation with your partner about your own strategies! our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
6/16/202249 minutes, 46 seconds
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Ep. 59: How To Beat The Meet & Greet

Talking to people is hard sometimes when you're naked or barely dressed. We share our best and worst pick-up lines.We try our best and go through some ways to talk to and not talk to strangers at a party or hotel. We give roleplaying our best shot, which still gives Lauren sweaty palms.#tiarathestripper #iloveanal #peacock #awkwardpickups #objection@BikiniAddiction Get your Bikini Binder for 20% off with promo code ROOM77, now through 5/31! We all love a little OCD for our precious our gratitude Patreons! #keepitupGet on the waitlist for Room 77 Summer Bang! Epic events and make some great friends too.
5/20/202241 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep. 58: How To Not Get What You're Expecting When Sexing

Richard turns our playdate into an ‘Open House’ in beautiful downtown Playa del Carmen. Join us in this three bedroom, fully equipped kitchen with a prison like feel Airbnb. This sexy duo, drives Richard to want to do homoerotic stuff again. It’s an issue.Preconceived notions cause us to let go of the wheel and realize no one is steering the boat. We recalibrate and Richard pulls out his secret (soon to be patented) Noah's Richard’s Arch!We explore the difficulties of perceptions and ramifications of silent cumming, and the importance of understanding that it is not another couple's responsibility to fulfill another couple's fantasy.We share a clip from a New Podcast. Listen to their first time playing separately in a threesome and hear Gypsy enjoy all the juicy details!@BikiniAddiction released another limited edition! We killed it! Thanks to everyone who got in on it! Tops are sold out, but some bottoms are left. Get it and 10% off with promo code ROOM77 because you are so exclusive and VIP! #DontLetTheKarensWinBottom Available HereCome join us this July 2022 for Room 77 Summer Bang! Epic events and make some great friends our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
4/20/202238 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ep. 57: How To Make the Soft Swap to Full Swap Hop

We go back in time to talk to ourselves as beginners in our own version of The Adam Project.We sherpa one couple on their journey from soft to full swap. Everything goes smoothly until Richard springs everything into high gear. Richard saves it all with his ability to read people while using his signature penis move.We introduce a young couple beginning their journey, sharing a fresh, raw, and witty insight into navigating the lifestyle. We talk about the difference in perspectives as these two cuties share a completely different point of view than Room 77. @BikiniAddiction releases another limited edition! Get it and 10% off with promo code ROOM77 because you are so exclusive and VIP! #DontLetTheKarensWinTop Available Here | Bottom Available HereCome join us this July 2022 for Room 77 Summer Bang! Epic events and make some great friends our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
3/30/202259 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ep. 56: How To Plan Your Abduction Fantasy

We go to Temptation to celebrate Lauren's belated birthday and fulfill one of her fantasies.We are full of genius ideas this trip! From a #swingersunion to hiring a #cumlightboy with black lights for that perfect photo.Richard loses Lauren in the lobby. Was she kidnapped by @fightboringmarriages?We discuss vocalizing fantasy and how hard it is, even with your own partner.Richard compares setting the scene for the fantasy to a zombie film.@BikiniAddiction for not testing their bikinis on animals! 10% off with code ROOM77 | Tag BA with #DontLetTheKarensWinCome join us this July 2022 for Room 77 Summer Bang! Epic events and make some great friends our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
3/9/202254 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ep. 55: How To Process Real Feelings for Fantasy Lovers

Lauren gives some details on the type of connections she enjoys for play partners. Richard stands firm that he doesn't need anyone to love his hobbies for him to get naked with them.What happens when feelings between lifestyle friends start to go too far? Keep your eyes open for these red flags.We have all the feels for Mr. and Mrs. H from BedHoppers, so we call them up to discuss how proper Brits handle these uncomfortable situations.@BikiniAddiction for shutting up the gossipy Karens! 10% off with code ROOM77 Post your perky bottoms and tag BA with #DontLetTheKarensWinCome join us this July 2022 for Room 77 Summer Bang! Epic events and make some great friends our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
2/18/202254 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep. 54: How To Navigate an Orgy

1. We kidnap three couples from the beach and bring them back to the house for drinks, posing, and showers. 2. We answer the question, "How many is too many?"  3. We head to Temptation to overindulge, glow inside and out, and...surprise...another orgy.  @BikiniAddiction for shutting up the gossipy Karens! 10% off with code ROOM77  Post your perky bottoms and tag BA with #DontLetTheKarensWin Come join us this July 2022 for Room 77 Summer Bang! Epic events and make some great friends too. All our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup
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Ep. 53: How To Sex It In the Rain

What do Chris Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, and Thomas Jefferson have in common? Lauren is left on her own to be the conductor of the Sybian Train while Richard sleeps and Batman washes dicks. Richard looks for some "safe place" sex while trying to figure out the best sex positions without falling asleep. We go to the SINsation playroom with an expert flogger for an unforgettable experience. Interviews with SINsation guests about their favorite theme night, #wingmanism, #vaginarocket, and why the best day was saved for last! @BikiniAddiction Bikinis not tested on animals!! And..10% off with promo code ROOM77 Come join us this July 2022 for Room 77's Summer Bang! Epic events and make some great friends too. All our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup #morefunthingscomingthismonth
12/15/202159 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ep. 52: How To Sex It With the Visually Intimidating

We skip the mall to meet this couple, who is way out of our league, at a vanilla resort. Lauren and the girl try casually going topless on a vanilla beach. Richard avoids hotel security, and the woman glaring behind him, at our foursome flirt. Some more #swingerlearning #nightclasses hint, hint, it's folklore about a vacuum and a penis! @BikiniAddiction Bikinis not tested on animals!! And..10% off with promo code ROOM77 Come join us this July 2022 in Antigua! Epic events and make some great friends too. All our gratitude Patreons! #keepitup #morefunthingscomingthismonth
11/24/202144 minutes, 52 seconds
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Ep. 51: How To Flash Your Junk in Public

We meet some dear friends on the beach and they brought a couple who wanted to meet us. Richard wants to convince them to come back with us because she's his favorite body type. Lauren hopes to break her dry spell.Richard tries to prove his point about why he should remove all the automatic underwear in his gym shorts and goes through some scenarios of what would happen with Chris Hemsworth at the YMCA.Lauren gets schooled on flashing, cruising and describes what she would do in a dressing room. Lauren is caught trying to flash Richard on the way to dinner.@BikiniAddiction for shutting up the gossipy bitches bikini! 10% off with code ROOM77Come join us this July 2022 in Antigua! #keepitup
10/28/202150 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep. 50: How To Control A Foursome

We are invited to dinner by a couple who takes charge and prepares us with an email resume of their strengths and weaknesses. Bars closed early, so we were faced with the let's get naked moment a little earlier than expected! Richard opts for complete darkness for the mood lighting so he doesn't look fat next to this couple. After some nervous chocolate eating, the guy tells Lauren she may not get any. Richard convinces his cock to rally, and then is succumbed to sexy, glute bridges. We interview a newbie couple going to the November takeover as they prep for their first lifestyle event! @BikiniAddiction for your better butt bikini! 10% off with ROOM77 Come join us this July 2022 in Antigua!
10/5/202151 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep. 49: How To Get Catfished

A swinger podcast about sex, debauchery, and the humor in it all.
9/15/202156 years, 2 months, 1 week, 5 days, 4 hours
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Ep. 48: How To Be a Better F#cker

Lauren jumps into high gear and is showered and ready for a foursome before Richard can finish talking about his headlights. Richard has more penis envy, while Lauren marches the penis around like a doll baby. Does a COVID shot protect you from all STD's? More gym nonsense... We talk about drama in the lifestyle and give some #swingeradvice #lifestylemasterclass about how we've dealt with it in the past. Special thanks to our Patreons who keep this podcast and our lives in order. In this episode, we go through each thing you bought for us this month! @BikiniAddiction for your caterpillar fur soft bikini! Come join us this November in Mexico or next year in Antigua!
8/23/202140 minutes, 8 seconds
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Ep. 47: How To Do A Hotel Takeover

We are back from Antigua to bring you our first ever “reverse trip advisor” review. Richard brings his interview poolside at sExploration Antigua, with co-host @Naughty_Gym. Lauren sat with us silently laughing because she had no voice after day two. Richard runs a hard-on marathon, Lauren is persuaded to try golden showers, and we disprove the concept of cliques! Richard feels fat, but maybe it’s just because he’s wearing “falsies”! Lauren is called to duty by a vanilla couple ready to cash in their “We’re Not So Vanilla Right Now” card, 5 years in the making. Come join us this November in Mexico or next year in Antigua!
8/2/202159 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep. 46: How To Properly Use a Hall Pass To Get Extra Sex

Having more fun with your ‘lifestyle sex life’ than your ‘personal sex life’? Listen to Richard and Lauren drone on about how we can help you not give a f*ck. We sit down with a pair that successfully uses Hall Passes to add to their sexlife. Lauren pretends to be a nosey waitress in a role play exercise and overhears the answer to the question, “Does he like it when you come home with the scent of another man on you?” Richard accuses him of cheating by using swinger websites for his hall pass, while she’s out flirting with vanilla business people for hers! They both teach us a few things on confidence and how not to bolt at the elevator door.
6/30/202156 minutes, 30 seconds
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Ep. 45: How To DP While Getting Screwed by Your Partner

We go to a hotel takeover, scare some guests with a public blow job. Lauren gets her wingman game on with the perfect playbook move! Leaving Richard out of her perfect public threesome to sit alone in a chair; sad and erect. Naughty Gym launches a 6-week Antigua prep workout. Richard ends up having leg day the same day as the new guy at the gym and crushes on him while trying to get him to flirt with Lauren. We reunited with a vanilla-ish couple from 4 years ago, I brought my vanilla bag and Richard brought his lifestyle bag. What happened? Long story short, Lauren sacrifices her vagina for the greater good.
6/2/202156 minutes, 33 seconds
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Ep. 44: How To Talk Dirty | How To Finger Bang

1. We ‘Finger a bang bang” live on the mics in search of a better way to get the job done while poking around in your partner's vagina. 2. We talk a little about our first trip to Antigua and how we cannot wait til July's takeover! But first, pool party in Dallas in June! 3. We practice talking dirty "in bed". Richard spills some fantasies and how it's scary guessing if your fantasies will be rejected "in bed" and why you have to keep some of them in your head.   Patreon for extra content
5/5/202152 minutes, 32 seconds
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Ep 43: How To Accidentally Join An Orgy | How To Not Break Your Penis

1. We celebrate Richard's birthday bash at our 2nd Third Annual Flirty (or) Down & Dirty Villa Party. Richard jumps right inside someone who does NOT want to have a swinger baby with him. 2. Lauren goes for another round of ‘bouncy mattress sex’, determined to beat the motion sickness this time and ends up on a Sybian for the ride of her life. That’s what happens when you volunteer to start the orgy no one asked for. 3. Richard gets a lap dance from a guest and TWO dancers but Lauren pulls out the win by getting the dancer to not only stay after the show, but gets her naked and wet as well. Lauren knew how to touch her. Que Rico!! 4. We finally meet @AverageSwingers in person. This interview takes on more of a ‘petting zoo’ theme as Angie watches us all play with Jay's Robocock.   Patreon for extra content
3/31/202149 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep. 42: How To Do A Party in Dallas | How To Group-Use A Sybian

We borrow coats and mittens and head to Dallas for the polar vortex to get naked at our first event stateside. We use the ‘ol “stuck elevator” routine to get some Dallas firemen to our party. Lauren is unable to convince them to stay and play. They seemed busy saving people. Richard uses his Spanish skills to help fix a hotel heater, but does not get voted employee of the month. Lauren holds court to a crowd of onlookers on a Sybian and seduces all the participants with her “Sybian Sister” with kisses, heavy petting, and dirty talk. We interview a couple who’s new-ish in the lifestyle, get the skinny on how they got into it, having sex at work, and how it’s amplified their marriage and communication by quoting our podcast! Find out where Lauren and Richard are moving next.   Patreon for extra content
2/28/202150 minutes, 54 seconds
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Ep. 41: How To Use A Big Penis

We pack our bags and forget to bring our swinger pro cards for a night out on the town. Richard is forced to abort his “Puppy Playtime” tactics. We dive into a six-some and there's a lot of slapping going on! Surrounded by giant cocks, we latch on to a new catch phrase "Be big mentally!"
2/8/202136 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep. 39: How To Eat Azz

We get an update on Lindsey, the female Richard has been eying at the gym. Instead of flirting, this time he helps the local economy.We talk about butt eating and then Richard forces Lauren to do it while recording so she can remember why she never does it.Lauren has been working very hard in the gym. We hear from Trunks & Yes Girl and all about their new project, Naughty Gym, where they fuse the lifestyle and fitness into one program, all while bringing the world together in perfect harmony. Richard gives his business advice and helps them out in real time with their marketing plan!! Get to know them and learn more about Naughty Gym, and how to sign up now for free, and start getting in shape with your community in 2021.We describe sExploration 2021!! Our party in Antigua. Go to and reserve your spot!!10% off when you use Promo Code ROOM77 at We take live calls from Patreon supporters and ask them about eating butt, grooming, and who prefers hairy to being a ‘dolphin’.Events 77 |
12/17/202048 minutes
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Ep. 38: How To Do A Group Nuru Massage

Go on a journey to Flirty (or) Down and Dirty Party, our first villa party, with special guests Trunks and Yes Girl. We introduce the new ritual “Naked Group Nuru Massage (in an inflatable pool)" to the Mayan culture.We describe surviving another hurricane in the best way we know how - Like great sex with a “Category 1” woman?In the Medical Corner, we prescribe treatment to those who may be suffering from a common, but livable, disease.Richard impresses a girl at the gym by blatantly ignoring her and falling asleep.We talk about living in the moment inside of the lifestyle, getting in touch with your attraction radar, and why our hotel will host a daily parade!Rapid fire interviews with party guests about who’s their favorite party-goer, what’s the best thing in your mouth, Richard’s alternatives to “Stop, Drop and Roll” and the one word they would use to describe the party!Events 77 |  
11/17/20201 hour, 9 minutes
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Ep. 37: How To Divorce for the Lifestyle

We break our dry spell with some sexy play with our favorite friends and we learn that Richard tried to blow himself.Our sex toys were lost in Mexico's mail, forcing us to wait until now to dive into our new Lickerish Love toys and video it for our supporters!We hunker down for a hurricane and almost drown while Bee sleeps. We speak with a guy who tried to open up to the idea of the lifestyle. He unveils his recipe for success. We talk about our Flirty (or) Down and Dirty Party.Patreon Rap battle. 
10/19/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 12 seconds
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Ep 36 Bonus: How To Talk To Lifestyle TV Stars

Join us as we sit down with Bedhoppers as they rise to TV stardom.
9/21/202044 minutes, 38 seconds
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Ep. 36: How To Fantasize with A Desire Resorts Playmaker

We're back and our swinger game is lacking swagger despite all of the recent visitors. Richard blames it on his beard while Lauren's getting sage for a genital cleansing ceremony. Richard squirms some more as we interview our very own naughty nurse expert on broken penises. Unfortunately, the post-op patient care is not as intimate as we imagined in our heads! Bee, at 26, still has wet dreams and tells us about her sexual dream / fantasy with two guys. Spoiler alert: It involves a swing and being tied up. Lickerish Love is getting in bed with us to help turn Lauren's "toy box" into something worth vibrating about.
9/15/202059 minutes, 48 seconds
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Ep. 35: How To Have Sex with an Unstable Vanilla

We have a two-person “threesome” and Richard's fear of being a bottom surfaces. Richard gets kidnapped and goes for a night swim and takes a bite of vanilla against his better judgement all while inventing a new Kama Sutra position. "Do you have any change? We do!!” We were gifted nights in the mansion and met a woman who wanted to just ‘go with her flow.’ “Going To Miami” with a plan of mutiny to overtake a 100 ft luxury yacht.
8/14/202054 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ep. 34: How To Have 'Hot Sex’ at Desire Resorts

We go for a long weekend stay at Desire to tan our quarantine-paled bodies and hang with some of our Patrons before we are seen by the masses. We have our hottest hook-up ever and head home with some new things. We interview our sexers and confess the importance of being honest and upfront; addressing the elephant in the room, even if it's hammered! Get in on the ground floor of Richard's new business!
7/17/20201 hour, 17 minutes, 42 seconds
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Ep. 33: How To Do Anal at Desire Resorts

Our first day back at Desire, we discuss the rules and the vibe, and we totally forget how to do our job. Richard performs anal in his first play, in three acts: Anal, Anal, Anal. We give shoutouts to our new sponsor and almost a hundred people who sponsor us for no reason! We discuss butt plugs with tails with Jeff & Karen and what could happen to cause Richard to walk into the ocean and never return. We reveal this month's addictions and a few more names.
6/18/202049 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep. 32: How To Get Fired from Desire Resorts

Richard's grocery shopping excursions become challenging. Our bedroom is seeing more elaborate fantasies giving the Red Light District a run for the money. We receive medical advice to prep for Dr. Jeff and The Apocalypse with Dr. Jeff & Karen for our extremely hot and shredded post world clan. We will use sex to barter once we run out of Cheetos. Former Playmaker Bee chimes in on our new business ventures. Lauren's director skills come to light while shooting a dirty vid and it proves to be worse than working with Michael Bay. Rapid fire interviews about slapping prostitute fantasies, the correct flavor or Gatorade, and possible names for Lauren’s panty company. With special guests Spiritual Swingers.
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Ep. 31: How To Sell Your Dirty Panties

- We recant our last hoorah at Desire before the apocalypse. - The quarantine has Lauren missing people, turning more germaphobic, and questioning selling panties. - Richard takes the Tesla (Kia) in for service, realizing speaking bad Spanish with a mask can void the warranty. - We dive into the dumpster and pull out geckos, bad jokes, and Desire water volleyball tactics.   Interviews with former Desire guests about hoarding, buying Lauren's panties, and what would America look like if the government banned beer during the pandemic.   ### Follow Us!   - [Facebook]( - [Instagram]( - [Twitter]( - [YouTube](   ### Support Us On Patreon   Due to unemployment, we have created a separate episode for your listening pleasure and our monitary needs!   * [Patreon]( - Ep. 31:  Two Tasers and A Baseball Bat * Head over, sign up, and get it for a buck. * Complete with a drink umbrella.
4/13/202029 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ep. 30: How To Celebrate Your Birthday at Desire Resorts

Superhero or messiah, Richard is saving people again from scorpions to scat while celebrating his birthday at Desire! We ask our dying questions to an ER doctor we met at Desire after she warns Richard about his junk jewelry. Richard explores his midwife approach to the lifestyle, time management skills, and decides on a new wardrobe staple. We play at the hot tub using social distancing. Guest interviews and rapid fire interviews with Desire guests about obligatory sex, kilts, and things that have been stuck inside them.
3/16/20201 hour, 25 seconds
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Ep. 29: How To Use Drugs and Toys At Temptation Resort

Richard leaves his mark on New Year's Eve! Richard gets cold everything, forcing us into a week of celibacy. We finish some unfinished business ending up on the right side of the tracks. We go on a partially blind date and record the whole thing in real time.
2/17/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep. 28:  How To Wear Cock Rings at Desire Resorts

We push the age and capacity envelope and run into a few spills along the way. Richard gives his penis a stern "talking to" during a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Lauren almost gets into a "cock ring fight" in the jacuzzi. Lauren gathers a crowd to try on junk jewelry. We reach out to Dr. Jeff and Karen for the smarts behind why "that alcohol" makes us get crazy, wild, and angry. Thankfully, Dr. Jeff knows everything and we believe him because, ya Interviews from Desire guests ( *with horrific sound (sorry) ) about sexy professions, penis pressure, liquors to stay away from, and taking us for a ride.
1/10/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ep. 27: How To MMF at Desire Resorts

We check into Desire Riviera Maya as guests and spend two days making sure to get everything in. Richard sustains an injury and goes back for more. We kidnap Bee, the Playmaker, and bring her to the house!!! (pause) For an interview. We talk to Bee about her career, Instagram, views on Desire, and her assets. We venture out of the house for trouble. Who knew vanilla resorts could be so, not vanilla? We didn't, and we liked it! We’re getting a lot of booty calls lately. Interviews from Desire guests about junk jewelry, strap ons, sexy hotels, and cover stories for the vanilla friends we have in common.
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Ep. 26: How To Human Traffic at Desire Resorts

Free bikinis for everyone!! More Temptation talk and Richard seeks Lauren’s advice for better flirting tactics. Richard also works on a new laugh for himself.We talk to Dr. Jeff and Karen about more sexy things. Ejaculate. And not so sexy things. Menopause. Richard makes a pledge to Karen to keep her alive if ever on a deserted island.Public sex. Watching and being watched is a topic as Richard and Lauren begin preliminary plans and hire an architect for their new lifestyle resort. Interviews from Desire Resorts guests about drying up, the bad flirting styles, sexy socks, and the right amount of ejaculate.
11/14/20191 hour, 38 seconds
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Ep. 25: How To Be A First-Timer at Desire Resorts

We go back to Desire with a new objective and fail miserably!! We come to terms with the end of our podcast, our lives, and our marriage. Richard is filled with a lot more than pride on a “good ejaculate day” and we may have accidentally opened a brothel. We survive a giant scorpion, a dangerous oil spill, and then Richard almost dies (again). We interview a “yellow band” (first time), non-lifestyle couple who has such a great time and are such fast learners, we worry they might end up taking over our workshops! Rapid fire interviews from Desire guests about our future tent city party, imaginary sex with Richard, cardio, taking a helicopter to our house, and more!
10/10/20191 hour, 7 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ep. 24: How To NOT Sip Champagne at Temptation | How To Use Virtual Porn at Desire Resorts

Lauren and Richard venture out to Temptation Resort in Cancun and forget how to check into a hotel and be social. We get invited to drink champagne with a strange couple who states the complete opposite of what we want to hear. First week back at Desire after furlough, we chat with old and some ‘shocking’ new friends. Richard finds himself in a virtual threesome while at lunch in Aphrodite. We discuss a semi secret fetish Richard has that will more than likely creep everyone out. Interviews from Desire guests about hotel likes and dislikes, waking partners up for sex, mutual masturbation, party energy, virtual penis’ and more.
9/12/201946 minutes, 53 seconds
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Ep. 23: How To Advertise You’re 'Open For Sex’ at Desire Resorts' Jacuzzi

It's possible that Lauren is being stalked by the owner of the local print shop. Richard almost received a handshake instead of a grope that he was hoping for, but was ultimately touched.Back on furlough, we interview each other while receiving actual, real-time reports from inside Desire!
8/16/201958 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ep. 22: How To Be Teased Until You Go Crazy at Desire Resorts

It’s the first anniversary of our Tulum kidnapping, this time we’re trafficked to Isla Mujeres where Lauren goes illegally topless. There are talks of a major global deficit in the Desire pool and some ASMR (or is it AMSR?)Inundated with friends, we’ve been having fun catching up and seeing them…naked! Richard is finally faced with what he’s been waiting for. Bad news, he’s still waiting. While Lauren two steps outside with her ‘cowboy’ friends.Spiritual Swingers nama-stay at our house. We get interviewed, take them to our local rooftop hangout, and Eve walks (rubs) a mile in our shoes on Lingam day!Interviews from Desire guests about getting teased, being a fan of opera or “Old Town Road,” and masturbating while holding a conversation.
7/18/20191 hour, 2 minutes
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Ep. 21: Pack It In, Pack It Out While Camping at Desire

Lauren gets laryngitis and leaves Richard to fend for himself in the Desire wild.Richard and Lauren have an embarrassing “first”.We go out on too many school nights like the apocalypse is coming. Richard discovers he needs more cardio and Lauren decides we need more sex moves!We discuss sex and religion, swinging with your parents, and living outside of the boundaries of society.Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about being a “porn star” or a “falling star”, feelings of guilt from strangers, and how many is too many in any given week.
6/21/201952 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep. 20: Raging Homoerotic Hormones and On Call with the Doctor

Is it okay to “penis stare” and if so, for how long can I look? Also, an accurate description of how guys talk in a locker room about their junk.We make up for skipping someone in the workshop by making them feel incredibly uncomfortable. Or maybe it was because hotel maintenance was watching us from the bathroom.We talk to Dr. Jeff about Hormone Replacement Therapy, Botox, filler, and “Vanity” in the lifestyle.Project Airtight has arrived. Did it end well?Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests on body piercings, stages of erect penises, and creating a “Half-Fluffed” pill.
5/31/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ep. 19: A Pile of Girls on Girls on Girls...and Your Mom

While Lauren convinces her mother we don’t do porn, Richard signs us up for a porn shoot.Lauren revisits her “My First Girl Kiss” and reveals something Richard has never heard before?Lauren launches the first girl on girl workshop for curious wives (with encouragement and support from @OurNaughty and @DesireInTheAir) and the husbands see through Richard’s genius plan.
5/9/201952 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ep. 18: Put That Rock In Your Vagina & Go Find My T-Shirt!

We stay out late on a school night with the @SwingerDiaries gang. Richard is gifted a rock with no instructions. Richard crushes on our non-listener, but only Lauren gets the love. Lauren has a meltdown in the workshop causing full brain-to-mouth filter failure. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about getting wet, lingam stones, kegel eggs, and how young will you do?
4/18/201944 minutes, 52 seconds
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Ep. 17: Didn't Peg Him for the Pegging Type

Richard brings the sexy back! (for five seconds in a jacuzzi bed) Lauren eagerly goes to Location B and channels her inner 1/16 Cherokee Indian heritage while Richard gets fucked. We launch Project Yellow Band with the perfect hosts Sarah Clayton @sclaymodeling and Ed. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about the perfect ejaculation time, Mitch McConnell, and the perceptions / fears vs. reality of their first trip to Desire.
3/28/201934 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ep. 16: Anal With Doctors Who Snort Viagra (Part II)

We bring back “Project Airtight” and reveal contender No. 2. We call back Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Dr. Jeff to talk about anal, prostates, lube, and the rippin’ and the tearin’! After a private goes off the rails, Richard calls his cardiologist to ask if his heart is healthy enough for sex. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests on prostates, anal lubricant, and Viagra.
3/15/201959 minutes, 43 seconds
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Ep 15: Going Bareback With Doctors Who Squirt (Part I)

Getting back to work, we go completely blank. Vagina, what is that again? A triple blowjob at the jacuzzi turns into a five some. Lauren misses the train. We call our doctor to settle the debate on whether or not squirting is urine. Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests on safe sex, sexual slips, and squirting.
2/22/201937 minutes, 48 seconds
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Ep. 14: Roofies, Reviews, and Rapey Ray

We go to dinner with friends and she confesses some dark, taboo fantasies. During a cold call interview, we encourage a listener to get arrested in a  Wal-Mart parking lot. Lauren builds a game to test Richard’s thespian skills. We go on a “staycation” away from Desire to a fancy resort and are forced to have regular sex due to improper lighting. Featured Desire Resort guest interviews:  [Canceled due to government shutdown]
2/4/201946 minutes, 8 seconds
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Ep. 13: Stay Away From My Husband's C@ck!!

Tinder turned Richard into a self-mutilating insane person. A special 48 Hours Dateline Edition: Dyer Desire “Lauren’s (Almost) Murder”. Even after 16 years in the lifestyle, we can’t avoid crazy. During a cold call interview with a sexy couple in Vegas, we learn about her same room/different room preferences. Oh… we also learn we had sex with their friends. Featured interviews: A couple shares how they handle “crazy’. Rapid fire interviews with other “pedantic” guests quotes.
1/17/201948 minutes, 42 seconds
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Ep. 12: Exposing Our Privates To Strangers | An Origin Story

We discuss secrets, and keeping them, inside of the lifestyle. We explore “cruising.” It’s not just for gay men anymore! Discover our origin story and how we use our superpowers at Desire Resorts for good (sometimes bad, oops!) Featured interview with a couple about how they live out in the open and prefer to be sapiosexual.
12/27/201842 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep. 11: First Timers, Old Timers, and Vanilla Resort Refugees

We do bad things to good people and how corrupting lifestyle virgins brought back memories of when we first began. The good and bad of hotel takeovers. We create our own Disco Inferno. We hear from Fred & Claire about their first experience in the lifestyle and their favorite part may surprise you! Featured interviews with guests about first experiences. And we hear from guests how popular swinger podcasts are becoming!
12/16/201844 minutes, 32 seconds
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Ep. 10: Screwing Your Friends and Anal Candy for Ian

We discuss problems in having a foursome when the line between pleasure and pain gets blurry. We talk to Ian, a vanilla “muggle,” who looks forward to getting into the lifestyle solely for more sex than he’s having now. We talk about our growing number of friends in the lifestyle and how they are outnumbering our vanilla friends. What is it about the bond between lifestyle friends? Featured interviews with both our vanilla and lifestyle friends. Couples answer whether they would choose a “Lifestyle or Vanilla Friend” in our rapid-fire interviews.
11/23/201848 minutes, 18 seconds
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Ep. 9: Hotter, Younger, Tanner... Blowjobs For Everyone!

We talk about the video shoot they did with Playmaker “Pantera” and our girlfriend Milly for breast cancer awareness on social media. Lauren get’s into her first celebrity beef with @NikkiGlaser and (spoiler alert) almost punches her!! Featured Interviews:  We talk with @Sarah_Clayton81 about her modeling workshops at Desire Pearl and Riviera Maya November 7-8th. We interview a few couples about what makes a great blowjob.
11/3/201835 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 8: Is Mexico Safe with Man-Hating Men and Angry Dolphins?

We talk about safety in Mexico, deflate the media’s fear tactics, and address questions we hear repeatedly at the resort. We get ready for some modeling tips with @Sarah_Clayton81 at Desire Pearl in November. Richard lets it all out after experiencing and witnessing enough man-hating men try to talk to women. We talk to #ourlistener about their first trip to Desire and watching the relationship evolve before their eyes! Lauren shares her thoughts on single men in the jacuzzi! Featured interviews:  A story of a foursome FAIL which spawned the phrase “Angry Dolphin” and the definition of it.  Couples answer whether they feel “Safer In Mexico or In (Blank)” in our rapid-fire interviews.
10/15/201836 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 7: Spa Shenanigans, Short Shirts, Smitten and Shot-down

Richard shares what boggles his mind when it comes to poolside fashion. Richard almost gets into a naked spa fight over a hot girl who wants to take a shower with him. We question fetish vs. attraction after a hook-up. Lauren crushes on a day pass visitor, Richard sets them up for some alone time. Featured interview:  A couple on the “fringe” discusses why they stay in the soft-swap category and what makes it so special.
9/12/201833 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 6: The Most Popular Flavor At Desire May Be Vanilla

We share what we’ve learned from non-lifestyle couples, but disagree that they may still fall somewhere within the lifestyle spectrum. We discuss Part II – Tulum and reveal the ending to our Kidnapped In Mexico story. We launch “Project Airtight.” L shares her prep strategy, what role R will play, and her plans to audition the perfect participants. Featuring interviews with non-lifestyle couples who share why they feel Desire Resorts is the perfect place for their vacation.
8/14/201842 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 5: Threesomes For Some, Foursomes For Others

We spend time with some podcasters and their followers at Desire Pearl and play another round of the Let’s Not Get Divorced game with Brian and Lisa Jones. We answer an email from #ourlistener and offer our expert advice, giving birth to our new segment “You’re Welcome.” We discuss threesomes and foursomes, meet a cute couple that is looking for a unicorn at a couples-only resort, and hear about their plans to kidnap Lauren. Featuring interviews with @SpiritualSwing and hear from couples about confidence and the social aspect of a Desire Resorts vacation.
7/16/201852 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 4: Slap Her On The (Censored)

We attend a Desire wedding. We crush on the same girl until L cock blocks R. R almost dies from a cold, but the show must go on. We hook up with full-swap, non-swinger swingers! Wait, what? And then play “Let’s not get divorced!” We confirm and/or dispel rumors about Desire Resorts with True or False questions. Featuring interviews and couples that playing games with us and a young couple talks about how our podcast helped ease anxieties about their first trip to Desire.
6/15/201851 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 3: Happy Anniversary! I Heard You Were A Swinger

We celebrate an anniversary and a night out with imaginary girlfriends, Desire Playmaker Anna and Playboy Playmate Veronica Flores. We also hear about how couples sometimes live in a grey area of lifestyle labels and the possibility of ‘coming out’. What are the ramifications? We discuss playing with a couple which was three years cumming; getting nervous before playing, even after 15 years in the lifestyle; and revealing some dirty details about what happened in the room. We share some devastating news on R’s relationship with girlfriend Anna; talk about our six-year anniversary of the first trip to Desire, comparing it to how we think now; and discuss differences and perceptions between Desire Riviera Maya and Desire Pearl. Featuring interviews about a non-lifestyle couple’s change in perspective of Desire during their first trip, and how a couple gets aroused while explaining their ‘pre-pillow talk’.
5/10/201852 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 2: Another Day At The Swinger Office

We discuss doing an extra workshop, Lauren dancing at the foam party, and bruises from a wild night in one of the penthouses. Watching a woman masturbate in public and how much Richard is turned on. Richard did not listen to his super-psychic-swinging powers telling him NOT to go back to a couple’s room to play because he knew it would not go well. Did it? Lauren talks about the night we spent with Playboy Playmate Veronica Flores (R’s crushing on as a second girlfriend to Playmaker Anna) and Richard’s lack of dinner etiquette. Our libido vs. our brain and how the two are not always matching up. Are we normal? What is normal? Featuring interviews from Luis, room service waiter, who walked in on us naked with another couple; various couples sharing the  craziest things they’ve done sexually, views are on masturbating in public, gut feelings, and thoughts on libidos; and one couple talks about Richard’s disgusting table manners.
5/10/201848 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 1: Welcome To The Jungle

Learn a little about us, R and L; our sensual, sexual workshops at Desire Resorts in Cancun; and what we hope to accomplish through this podcast, knowing almost nothing about podcasting. Getting turned on in the workshops, hard-ons during class, cock rings, and what we enjoy about doing the workshops. Discussing chronic penis pulling; her views, in general, on penises (“peen”); and possibly injecting his penis with a “magic potion.” Sharing our run in with a gaggle of youngin’ swingers, keeping up, and the challenge to stay awake. Celebrate R’s birthday with “Slur-Cast”, hearing his reaction when thirty naked strangers sang Happy Birthday; L doesn’t know who is Eric McCormack; he crushes on a new girlfriend; and she thinks one of the Playmakers is a secret mole. Featuring interviews from the amazing DeeDee, Playmaker at Desire RM; along with couples’ comments on continuing the workshop in their room, R and his chronic penis pulling, opinions regarding age and attraction, and a belief in the most important reason for couples to come to Desire. Enjoy.
5/10/201851 minutes, 48 seconds