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English, Cultural, 5 seasons, 58 episodes, 18 hours 18 minutes
Tired of the dating scene? Stuck in a dead-end relationship? Feeling like you’ll never find the “one”? Honey, you need a fresh perspective. When it comes to romance, Marlee and Lis have seen it all and are willing to give you the benefit of their experience and knowledge. Get ready for honest, straightforward and unconventional advice on dating, mating and everything else love related. Tune in every Tuesday, to gain valuable insight on how to liberate yourself from the outdated and oppressive views on dating, sex, love and marriage. It’s time to take control of your love life. It’s time to get ROMANCIPATED!
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You Cannot Change the Rules of the Relationship Just Because You're Losing

S5 Episode 10: You Cannot Change the Rules of the Relationship Just Because You’re Losing Episode SummaryAs a relationship evolves, the power dynamic can shift between the two partners.  Sometimes this shift in power produces positive outcomes like increased trust, empathy or teamwork.  Unfortunately, the more common outcome is the dominant partner feeling threatened by the change.  Instead of embracing the power shift, they attempt to maintain the upper hand in the relationship by changing the relationship rules. This type of behavior is counter-productive and detrimental to the relationship. It creates instant feeling of resentment in your partner and will end up creating conflict.  Issuing ultimatums as a way of getting what you want is another thoughtless way to approach your partner.  It signals desperation and will not get you what you ultimately want.  Unless you are willing to follow through with a
20/02/202418 minutes 42 seconds
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Don't Pretend to Be a Nympho, it Will Bite You in the Ass!

S5 Episode 9: Don’t Pretend to Be a Nympho, it Will Bite You in the Ass! Episode SummaryFemale sexuality is a very influential and perilous factor in any romantic relationship. A woman’s power is often tied to her sexual prowess.  The more desire she can elicit from a partner, the more control she will wield in the relationship.  In turn, women often feel the need to present themselves as a willing and enthusiastic participant when it comes to sexual activity.  Being seen as a sexual dynamo may get you what you want in the early stages of a relationship, but it can come to haunt you as the relationship progresses.It is critical that you are clear with your motivations for having sex with your partner.  Is it for sexual gratification, the creation of intimacy, to create a child or to win some type of financial or emotional favor?  Whatever it may be, it should line up with the expectations your partner will have as a result.<
13/02/202420 minutes 7 seconds
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You Should Be Your Partner's Biggest Fan, Not Their Biggest Critic

S5 Episode 8: You Should Be Your Partner’s Biggest Fan, Not Their Biggest Critic Episode SummaryRomantic relationships are unique in the sense that it is the one interpersonal relationship where you get to choose your partner.  There must be a reason why you want to spend time with this person and share the most intimate parts of your life with them.  The idea that you would not be their biggest fan or source of emotional support is counterintuitive and counterproductive.When two people form a partnership, they become a unit that should work together, not tear each other down.  No person is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.  There is a difference between criticizing your partner and being critical.  When there is a trust and respect between two people, they should be able to communicate in a healthy way.  When one partner behaves in a way that is detrimental to the partnership, it needs to be addressed in a productive and thou
06/02/202418 minutes
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If You Need to Sell the Relationship to Your Partner, it isn't Worth Buying

S5 Episode 7: If You Need to Sell the Relationship to Your Partner, it isn’t Worth Buying Episode SummarySuccessful relationships take work.  Both people have to be open to understanding their partner’s wants and needs.  If one member of the partnership is not interested in meeting the other’s expectations, then trying to force a relationship will be a futile endeavor.  You should never have to convince your partner of your value, nor should you try to morph yourself into someone you think they want. No person likes a hard sell.  It reeks of desperation and feels manipulative.  A forced relationship that is not the right fit will be full of resentment and ripe for abuse.  Moreover, why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who is not willing to put in the time and effort?  Even if you get what you want in the short term, it will feel like settling to your partner and eventually to you.  If a person
30/01/202419 minutes 39 seconds
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Relationship Endgame: Companion, Partner or Caregiver

S5 Episode 6: Relationship Endgame: Companion, Partner or Caregiver Episode SummaryRomantic relationships are as varied as the people in them.  People come together for a plethora of reasons: companionship, because they are looking for a life partner, or because they want someone to take care of them. While there is no right or wrong type of relationship, you should be honest about what you are really looking for from another person.  Every type of relationship has the potential to evolve or devolve from the original understanding, so be aware of the potential for hurt feelings.  With each relationship, your romantic wants and needs become more refined.  Make sure to clearly communicate and be open to the possibility that your current partner may not be willing or able to meet your expectations. Understanding your relationship endgame will help you avoid entering into relationships that are a mismatch for the future you env
23/01/202419 minutes 39 seconds
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Be Empowered in a Relationship, Not Entitled

S5 Episode 5: Be Empowered in a Relationship, Not Entitled Episode SummaryA healthy relationship is based on respect, trust, communication, boundaries and acceptance.  Each person who enters into a partnership is entitled to have their wants and needs met by their partner, and in turn they should be willing to offer the same.  Remember, a relationship takes two people, and both should be willing and able to make their partner feel cherished and loved.Having realistic and thoughtful relationship expectations for you and your partner is empowering. Making demands, living by a double-standard or refusing to communicate with your romantic partner is not only unacceptable behavior, it is disrespectful, thoughtless and immature.  Striking a balance between empowerment and entitlement can be tricky.  That is why you need to practice self-awareness to avoid falling into unhealthy patterns. When a person is comfortable wi
16/01/202420 minutes 19 seconds
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Infidelity and Life Stage: Destructive or Self-Discovery

S5 Episode 4: Infidelity and Life Stage: Destructive or Self-Discovery Episode SummaryJust as people evolve over time, so do their relationships.  As a person enters a new life stage, their priorities shift and their needs, wants and expectations change.  Unfortunately, as feelings and circumstances change, dissatisfaction in the relationship creates the opportunity for infidelity to enter into the picture.When a partnership is built on respect, trust, communication, and acceptance, the two people involved are either able to jointly navigate the challenges and stay together, or they part ways amicably. For relationships that are missing one or several of the foundational elements, infidelity often serves as a catalyst for ending the unhappy union.Self-discovery is an important aspect of self-awareness.  Instead of engaging in destructive behavior, honor your commitment and your partner by being honest with
09/01/202422 minutes 33 seconds
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H.O.P.E. is a Four-Letter Word

S5 Episode 3: H.O.P.E. is a Four-Letter Word Episode SummaryHope can be a very dangerous thing when it comes to romantic relationships.  Hope keeps a person from taking an active role in directing the evolution of their romantic partnership.  Fostering hope in a relationship is a surefire way to waste time and energy.If your partner is not living up to your expectations or failing to meet your wants and needs, you must actively communicate with them and advocate for any necessary changes.  To hope that someone will alter their behavior without facing any consequences is naïve and unproductive.  Moreover, if your partner has already made it clear that they are fine with the status quo, then it is time for you to move on.Do not let someone lead you on, or manipulate you, by making promises without following through.  A Romancipated individual understands that action is what counts.  If your partner truly res
02/01/202418 minutes 14 seconds
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Relationship Deadlines are an Illusion

S5 Episode 2: Relationship Deadlines are an Illusion Episode SummaryRomantic relationship can be stressful enough without the added pressure of artificial deadlines.  Timing is not everything when it comes to love.  It is more important to build a healthy relationship with the right person than it is to meet self-imposed relationship goals like marriage and children.Life is unpredictable.  Stay flexible when it comes to building the life you desire.  Ignore what society, friends or your family tells you is necessary for your happiness.  Only you can decide what is the right fit for you.  This is true for romantic partners, jobs, living arrangements, and the decision to have a family.Reject the idea that relationships happen on a schedule.  By removing the pressure to conform to other people’s expectations, you free yourself to explore all of the options and opportunities life has to offer.  Focus your time
26/12/202318 minutes 35 seconds
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Finances and Philosophy: Questions to Ask Your Partner Part 2

S5 Episode 1: Finances and Philosophy: Questions to Ask Your Partner Part 2 Episode SummaryEngaging in conversations with your partner about your family’s financial health are necessary and important.  You are entitled to know what is going on, and choosing to stay ignorant or clueless is unacceptable and dangerous. Having a clear picture of what is realistic in terms of spending, saving, investing, debt and earning power is an important part of being a Romancipated person. Openly discussing fiscal matters with your partner is healthy and productive.  It allows you to make thoughtful and informed decisions.  Speaking with your partner about money should happen at every stage of the relationship.  As people evolve, so do their monetary habits and philosophies.  As circumstances change like the birth of a child, an illness or job change, new fiscal realities will emerge.Asking questions is a great way to gai
19/12/202322 minutes 25 seconds