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English, TV & Video, 1 season, 80 episodes
We talk about the CW show Arrow
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Episode 412-14

Daniel, Rudy, Laurel, and Chris return to discuss Season 4 Episodes 12-14: Unchained, Sins of the Father, and Code of Silence.
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Episode 410-11

The Americans are back to discuss some mediocre Arrow!
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Episode 407-9

We are finally back to get caught up on the rest of the front 9 episodes of Season 4, including the crossover with the Flash! Happy holidays, everyone!
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Episode 406 - Lost Souls

The fantastic foursome is back this week with a discussion of the best episode of the season to date!
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Episode 405 - Haunted

Join the Daniel, Laurel, and Rudy as they ramble on about this pair of episodes. It's a rough week this week, but we are hopeful for the weeks to come.
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Episode 403-04 Restoration Beyond Redemption

Join the Daniel, Laurel, and Rudy as they ramble on about this pair of episodes. It's a rough week this week, but we are hopeful for the weeks to come. P.S. We definitely earn our Explicit tag this week! You have been warned. JR Bourne as DC Villain Double Down Also, check out the awesome costume by one of our biggest fans! Lancey-pants Langford!
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Episode 402 - The Candidate

Start - Intros/plots, 28:19 - H.I.V.E./Speedy/Laurel, 44:39 - Quotes/Trick Arrows, 54:47 - Sign Offs Alexander Calvert as Anarky. Definitely plays the part well. Jimmy Akingbola plays Baron Reiter. Neal McDonough definitely steals the screen as Damian Dahrk. Echo Kellum is an incredibly fun take on Mr. Terrific. Looking forward to seeing more of him.  Thank you for listening! Join us next week for our discussion of Restoration. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 401 - Green Arrow

We are back after a long summer. The team is not extremely thrilled about this episode, but we try to remain thrilled for the season. The audio quality is subpar as my computer is in the shop and installing Pro Tools on my wife's computer failed to install the proper plugins. Check out the new suit!
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Episode 322-23 - Season 3 Wrap Up

It's a patchwork podcast this week as our schedules almost allow us to all record at once. We discuss the last two episodes of season 3 and share our hopes for season 4.
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Episode 321 - Al Sah-him

This week, Chris and Daniel are back to discuss how Arrow will hit it's stride in the finale.
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Episode 320 - The Fallen

Join Rudy and Daniel as they briefly discuss the buildup to the season 3 finale.
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Episode 319 - Broken Arrow

Start - Intro/Recap, 6:50 - Plots, 19:47 - Plots 2, 33:18 - Flash/Misc.
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Episode 318 - Public Enemy

Start - Intro/Recap, 10:57 - Felicity, 28:56 - Other Plots/Misc., 51:57 - Sign Offs.
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Episode 316-17 - The Offer of Suicidal Tendencies

Start - Intro/Recap, 5:22 - The Offer 17:05 - Suicidal Tendencies, 30:34 - Comics/Trick Arrows, 34:53 - Quotes/Signoffs. We are back this week to discuss the last two episodes of Arrow.
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Episode 315 - Nanda Parbat

Start - Intro/Recap, 20:01 - Flashback/Raylicity, 34:49 - Thea/Main Plots,  50:48 - Wrap Up/Sign Offs.
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Episode 314 - The Return

Start - Intro/Recap, 7:27 - Plot, 23:30 - Comic Connections, 35:10 - Quotes, 47:04 Sign offs.
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Episode 313 - Canaries

Start - Intro/Recap, 17:38 - Flashback, 26:19 - Vertigo, 35:02 - Thea/Merlyn, 48:20 - Trick Arrows/Quotes/Misc/Outro. Join the gang as they get dosed with Vertigo once again!
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Episode 312 - Uprising

> We come to you from our separate houses once again to bring you this week's Rogue Arrow Podcast! Start - Intro/Recap 15:30 - Flashback 20:24 - B,C Plots 27:46 - Brick's Uprising 39:39 - Quotes/End All your podcasters in one room from last week! Let's get it on! 
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Episode 311 - Midnight City

Join the crew as they all meet up outside Portland to bring you this excellent episode of Rogue Arrow! Start - Intro/Recap, 10:11 - Plots, 26:49 - Brick Plot, 48:01 - Trick Arrows/Quotes/Signoffs
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Episode 310 - Left Behind

Start-12:17 Intro/Recap, 12:17-27:58 B-D Plots, 27:58-40:48 The Scooby Gang,  40:48-End Quotes/Sign-offs Mobster Danny Brickwell. As played by Vinnie Jones.
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Episode 309 - The Climb

0-16:03 Intros/Recap, 16:03-30:36 - B Plots, 30:36-39:08 Oliver, 39:08-46:59 Misc.,  47:00 - Ending/Signoffs.
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Episode 308 - The Brave and the Bold

Start-5:12 Intro, 5:12-23:44 Flash vs. Arrow, 23:44 -34:35 The Brave and the Bold, 34:35-End Quotes/Sign-Off.
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Episode 307 - Draw Back Your Bow

Start-8:12 Intro, 8:12-31:45 Plots, 31:45-45:57 Cupid, 45:57-End Misc/Outro Welcome back to Rogue Arrow. Where we know how to work out. (It increases our productivity.) And save damsels in distress. Who then build ridiculous shrines of love. At the local flower shop.  Just like the one Laurel worked at in the comics.  A better look at Katana And Felicity kicking ass in sales.  Thea's magical DJ. Cupid is like Hooch. (She crazy!) Classic villainy! Cue: Marvin Gaye  The SuperATOMman! Next week: Captain Boomerang!
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Episode 306 - Guilty

Start-7:33 Intro, 7:33-28:15 Plot, 28:15-33:37 Char, 33:37-46:19 Misc, 46:19 - Outro Who's guilty? Korean tacos are like heaven Memory games. Meet Ted 'Wildcat' Grant from the past. And check out his sweet lair. Finally the boxing glove arrow! Digital autopsy. Wtf? This is how you react to "I killed your sister" Sweet driving maneuver This was an awesome fight.  I'm cupid. Stupid! Straight out of the comics. Join us next week for Draw back the Bow.
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Episode 305 - The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

Start-7:27 Intro, 7:27-26:27 Plot, 26:27-45:42 Felicity, 45:42-End Outro This awkward morning brought to you by Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak. Like mother, like daughter. Brother eye. Roy and Oliver kickin' it motorcycle style.  Our heroes.  Why the pretty monitors?  And some cheesy action scenes. "I brought some popcorn!" "You should move in." Goth Felicity. Oliver just savin' people on the way to a crime scene. With great power comes great...abuse of power?" And more awkward action. But Felicity kicks some ass and it's totally worth it.  ....and Merlyn looking awkward.  Joing us next week for Guilty! Thanks for listening!
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Episode 304 - The Magician

0-11:55 Intro, 11:55-28:27 Plot, 28:27-39:20 Character/quotes, 39:20-End Feedback/Sign Offs. Yup Nyssa is back. And part of the team? Remember the list from two seasons ago? Assault on Merlyn 123. Just stabbed a dude. NBD. Thea is about to fall... Head over heels for Roy! Awesome three way fight. And Oliver threatens Waller.  The Demon has arrived. We will be back next week for the Secret History of Felicity Smoak!
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Episode 303 - Corto Maltese

Start-21:14 Intro/Sara, 21:14-31:48 Plot, 31:48-41:27 Character, 41:27-48:07 Quotes, 48:07-End Signoffs. You can't take the bow on an airplane! Ted Grant. AKA Wildcat. Merlyn is a dick to his daughter. Who has a nice haircut! And Felicity has a new job. Don't try to be a vigilante. Never said I didn't KNOW how to use a gun...
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Episode 302 - Sara

Rudy and Daniel are here to give you some feedback and tease you for next week's two part episode of Rogue Arrow!!
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Episode 301 - The Calm

And we are back!  With a brand new logo. And straight into the action! With Roy!! Aww, they look so happy! And Captain Lancey-Pants has gone bald. Thoughts? Count Vertigo 2.0. Hey look! Verdant! Looks in rough shape. Cute couple. Ladies and Gentlemen, Ray Palmer. Star City!! Finally! Thanks Superm... Ray. And Sara is back!! Join us next week for an episode aptly titled: Sara. 
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Episode 223 - Unthinkable

Start - Intro/Recap, 11:43 - Plot, 35:53 - Character, 43:19 - Quotes, 54:50 - Outro. Slade was injecting people with the Mirakuru to test them.  We don't actually see him with the cure in this episode. Shado talking Slade into killing Oliver Another base gone. Kevlar. Never would have guessed. Look who's back in town! "Too bad you came alone..." The cure crew. Vs. the Deathstroke mob. And Deadshot is back. Remember this from the pilot. Oliver loves Felicity!! Or is it a trap? The choice is his.  Jacket looks good on her. Now time for fishnets! Slade's luxurious cell.  Welcome to Hong Kong.
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Episode 222 - City of Graves (Streets of Fire)

Start - Intro/recap, 11:54 - Island Plot, 23:31 - More Plot, 44:55 - Character/Misc/Signoffs Laurel can use a bow!! Tazer arrow!! Slade has both phones tapped on two different tracks? Sure. Streets on fire!! We need the Arrow! Goodbye DA.  Poor #Feliggle. Daddy's home New base? As always, thanks for listening! Join us next week for the finale: Unthinkable.
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Episode 221 - City of Blood

Start - Intro/Recap, 10:19 - Plot, 25:34 - More Plot, 31:46 - Character/Misc, 45:50 - Outro Pretty big turnout for a murderer. Welcome to the city of blood. Dead end job anyway. "I know. No. I KNOW." "You're gonna wish I beat you up" Ravager looking fine.  Comic version.  As always, thanks for listening. Come back next week for Streets of Fire.
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Episode 220 - Seeing Red

Start - Intro/Recap, 7:33 - Plot, 22:57 - More Plot, 38:44 - Character, 44:26 - Trick Arrows/Quotes, 59:45 - Outro. Roy'd Rage. Oh yeah, CW. Both phones ringing? That's never good. And how is she calling both? Introducing Dr. Lockhart. The elusive, yet awesome Thea, Diggle scene. Lovers' quarrel. Triple shot! Bad things are about to happen. Make a choice Oliver. An honorable death. As always, thanks for listening. Come back next week as we enter into a City of Blood.
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Episode 219 - The Man Under the Hood

Start - Intro/Feedback/Summary, 13:12 - Plot, 22:06 - Plot/Character, 37:12 - Comics/Trick Arrows, 42:23 - Comic tie-ins, 48:39 - Sign offs. It's just a building. Welcome home. Sick catch. And a better view. Poor Roy. Slade assembling his army. Scars! That must mean... Black Canary!! Cisco Ramon. Also known as Vibe. Check out his audio pulse gun. And Caitlin Snow. Killer Frost one day? Join us next week for Seeing Red.
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Episode 218 - Deathstroke

Start - Intro/Feedback, 7:43 - Recap, 21:37 - Plot, 38:42 - Character,  44:15 - Quotes/Misc, 49:05 - Sign Offs Finally Roy gets some bow training. What font is that? I think Slade would use something more sinister. Oliver just wants to beat the heck out of someone.  "Congratulations, you're not dead"  Naptime for Slade.  Your brother has a secret.  Isabel was a great twist...  Love his badass armor.  Thea's family are a bunch of liars.  Heh. Star City. I get it.  Triumvirate of evil.  "Oliver needs one more distraction." And Slade needs one less.  Come back in two weeks for "The Man Under the Hood." 
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Episode 217 - Birds of Prey

Start-12:55 Intro/Feedback, 12:56-22:57 Summary, 22:58-33:32 Island, 33:33-44:44 More Plot, 44:45-50:34 Character, 50:35-58:26 Quotes/Misc, 58:27-End Outro. Oliver and Company. Ex-Girlfriend? Oliver's having a rough day Die daddy! Show me you've changed. Huntress is back... So's the Canary Scream!! Totally inconspicuous. Cat fight. Huntress is sad. New player? As always, thanks for listening. Join us next week as we discuss Deathstroke!
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Episode 216 - Suicide Squad

Start-7:41 Intro/Feedback, 7:42-20:22 Summary, 20:23-26:43 Plot, 26:44-41:46 Character & plot, 41:47-50:37 Comic tie-ins/misc., 50:38-End Outro. We need both of you. Welcome to the Suicide Squad. Starring Harley Quinn. Deathstroke being a creeper. Callback to the island. Remember? Well so much for the Bratva connection in Starling... Great moment between these two. A little big to fit in my pocket.  Help support your (not so) local youth theatre camp! As always, thanks for listening.  Come back next week as we discuss the Birds of Prey.
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Episode 215 - The Promise

0-11:49 Intro/Recap, 11:50-26:42 Island, 26:43-38:48 Mansion, 38:49-42:40 Char, 42:41-49:04 Misc, 49:05-End Outro To Friendship Rum is Yum Sweet training montage Ivo's ship is here. In the middle of the island... (There is some sort of lake under his finger, but this made me laugh.) Sweet looking arrow. Not today, Oliver. That's quite a handshake. Come back in 2 weeks for Suicide Squad!!
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Episode 214 - Time of Death

We are back for a thrilling episode starring William Tockman! Sexiest training sequence in... ever? Robert Knepper as William Tockman . And the comics version. Eww... cooties. This was super intense. Loved this scene. And the sisters make up! Join us next week as we discuss The Promise!
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Episode 213 - Heir to the Demon

Start-6:04 Intro/Feedback, 6:05-14:50 Summary, 14:51-28:07 Plot, 28:08-37:49 Character, 37:50-44:31 Tricks, Quotes, Comics, 44:32-End Sign Offs. Ms. Al Ghul Why move in so close? She's been at that for like an hour... In full badass garb. Nyssa and Sarah sitting in a tree!! Beating a tire with a sledgehammer. That's new. Texts between Sarah and Oliver Canary scream!! Blood's look of disgust/acceptance after talking to Moira. As always, thanks for listening. Check out links to our other shows up top.  Join us in a few weeks for "Time of Death". 
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Episode 212 - Tremors

Start-13:13 Intro, 13:14-23:59 Char/Plot, 24:00-37:14 More Plot, 37:15-42:50 Quotes/Tricks, 42:51-End Sign Offs. That had to hurt Roy kicks that bowl's ass These guys are back. You're welcome, ladies. Roy is a dick to training tools No way he can't tell who this is... Interesting that Merlyn's place is all wrapped up. The machine is back. And so is Walter!! Look at that explosive arrow! Now he definitely knows that Oliver is Arrow. Always good to see the Wall (Amanda Waller). As always, thanks for listening. Check out links to our other shows up top.  Join us next week for "Heir to the Demon".
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Episode 211 - Blind Spot

0-4:50 Intro/Feedback, 4:51-9:13 Recap, 9:14-26:13 Plot, 26:14-36:20 Character, 36:21-42:18 Tricks/Quotes, 42:19-End Outro/Sign Offs. What did that wall do to Roy? Dress that guarantees a second date? I can't argue. Roy is a dick to cars. Deathstroke! From the comics. Still not sold on the mask. As always, thanks for listening. Check out links to our other shows up top.  Join us next week for "Tremors."
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Episode 210 - Blast Radius

Start-15:55 Intro/Recap, 15:56-26:46 Plot/Character, 26:47-35:57 Island, 35:58-40:30 Trick Arrows/Quotes, 40:31-End Signoffs Shrapnel! Shrapnel Comics. Darth Slader This was really cool. Atta Boy Roy! Just make out already! Join us next week for our discussion of Blind Spot.
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Episode 209 - Three Ghosts

0-4:32 Intro/Feedback, 4:33-20:23 Recap, 20:24-47:57 Plot/character, 47:58-55:14 Quotes/Tricks, 55:15-End Outro Big Brother Oliver to save the day. Seeing ghosts! Oliver rescuing Diggle for once. Sweet shot! Blood and Laurel sitting in a tree... Slade is alive.  And has the iconic eyepatch! Up next: The Flash. Even Arrow deserves a Christmas present. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays. See you next year!
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Episode 208 - The Scientist

0-8:15 Intro/Feedback, 8:16-25:20 Recap, 25:21-33:31 Plot, 33:32-49:52 Character, 49:53-57:39 Island, 57:40-66:58 Misc, 66:59-End Outro. Join us and our special guest Tyler Crouch as we discuss the guest appearance of Barry Allen in The Scientist. Barry Allen doing science! Barry Allen as the Flash. Grant Gusting does a great Flash. Brother Cyrus Gold. Solomon Grundy. Because cops would totally let Roy do this. Well Slade's dead. Or is he? Join us next week for our discussion of the mid-season finale: Three Ghosts. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 207 - State V. Queen

0-6:27 Intro/Feedback, 6:28-11:42 Recap, 11:43-22:57 Island, 22:58-30:05 - Vertigo, 30:06-40:49 - Moira, 40:50-48:14 - Brother Blood/Trick Arrows, 48:25-End - Sign off/Credits. Again, massive apologies for the delay, but here you go! Ugly drawings behind the Count Let's look through the tiny crack! Looks clear! 3 seconds to spare! Nailed it! Slade's seen better days. Never try to bargain with a madman! Vertigo is vicious. Why is Blood involved? Seems odd. Yes! Mom's free. But why? Brother Blood's army! Ahh freedom! Join us next week for our discussion of The Scientist. Only 2 more episodes before the mid season break! Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 206 - Keep Your Enemies Closer

Start-18:45 Intro/Recap, 18:46-30:38 Plot, 30:39-42:57 More Plot, 42:58-50:12 Character, 50:13-53:36 Trick Arrows, 53:37-End Outro, Credits, Chris' Thoughts Firestarter Arrow! Amanda Waller Comic Version S&M Sarah His face, his face, his face was on fire. Rough punishment. And even worse. Isabel Rochev can drink. It's so Angry! Sexy times. I love this new jacket. It'll keep me very warm. More sexy times! Weekly Bing product placement. Join us next week for our discussion of State v. Queen. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 205 - League of Assassins

Start-14:38 Intro/Recap, 14:39-23:30 B & C plots, 23:31-42:06 A plot, 42:07-52:32 Character talk, 52:33-63:00 Trick Arrows and more character, 63:01-65:55 Outro, 65:56-End Rudy's thoughts and credits. Shado has wicked scars too! Anthony Ivo. Professor Ivo in the comics! Great moment with Ollie and Laurel. Join us next week for our discussion of Keep Your Enemies Closer. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 204 - Crucible

Start-11:14 Intro/Recap, 11:15-22:53 Plot, 22:54-32:26 More Plot, 32:27-40:12 Trick Arrows, 40:13-49:10 Quotes, 49:11-End Sign Off/Outro. Chris was unavailable at the time. Look for his thoughts on the episode within the next couple days. Sarah's alive! I loved this scene. Well shot. Discount Hugh Jackman as the KGBeast. Mildly racist bad guy. Ollie destroys a grenade in mid air. Sweet! Weapon tradesies! Join us next week for our discussion of The League of Assassins. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 203 - Broken Dolls

Start-19:17 Intro/Recap, 19:18-27:26 Comic Connections, 27:27-42:31 Plot, 42:32-56:01 More Plot, 56:02-60:39 Character/Quotes, 60:40-End Outro/Credits. Canary Scream!! Laurel's "Wall of Weird" Great shot of Arrow sneaking up on Tony Daniel Doll! Why is Slade such a klutz? Another great shot of arrow. "This Slade is on fire!" Great shot of canary. Merlyn's back!! Psych! Ollie and Slade are stuck on Amazo. Comic Amazo. Join us next week for our discussion of Crucible. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 202 - Identity

0-15:43 Intro/Recap, 15:42-30:29 Character talk, 30:30-41:35 Plot, 41:36-43:37 Trick Arrows, 43:38-End Outro/Credits Kevin Alejandro as Brother Blood Comics Version Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger In the Comics Sexy times on the island  Jason Thompson is right. Since when do DAs go on busts? Bad. Ass. Oh look. It's that thing from last season. More sexy times. Taser arrow  "Tie enemy's hands up in a neat little bow" arrow What's in the cave? Roy is part of the gang! Assuming Ollie survives... Join us next week for our discussion of Identity. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 201 - City of Heroes

And we're back! Kicking off Season 2 with a discussion on City of Heroes. Intro/Recap 00:00-10:07, Character Talk 10:08-36:52, Plot 36:53-53:15, Sign off 53:16-54:45, Spoilers 55:52-End Check out Deathstroke's mask in full color! Screenshot of the mine. Nice shot of the tech. Kick Ass Laurel. Kick Ass Laurel pt. 2 Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev. Nice meeting between Lance and Felicity. Thea and Roy being all schnazzy at the club. And Roy looking badass with a gun. A few improvements. Sexy new bow!! Check out the ruins as Felicity and Diggle land. And Ollie, Slade, and Shado's new company in the same boat?  Season 2 premiere is done. Join us next week for our discussion of Identity. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 123 - Sacrifice

We are all back together to talk the epic season finale! Thanks for listening to the show and making the  first season of the podcast great!!! We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the first season and theories/hopes for the next season. Send us an email at [email protected] or leave us a message here. Watch our Facebook Page for news of the show as it comes up and rate and review us over at iTunes. Also go see our friend Joel do his funny stuff over at Fuel Neve Reviews. Well of course he can do that... Forgot to talk about Tommy attacking Oliver. Didn't end well for him. Great scen with Tommy and Papa Merlyn. Nice to see Moira taking some action, even if it's a little too late. What a great shot of Malcolm with his costume. Thanks again for listening. See you in a few months.
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Episode 122 - Darkness at the Edge of Town

The triumphant return of Laurel, though Chris has disappeared once again as we talk about the penultimate episode of the first season of Arrow. Hey, wanna go on a stakeout with me? Regardless how you feel about this scene, this is a sweet shot... Diggle = BAMF I'll have her deliver my burgers! Nice save from the scumbag! Seriously, no backpack? Knight in shining armor. Poor timing Tommy... BAD ASS!!! As always thanks for listening. Check out the links to our other podcasts at the top of the page.  Listen to Dan on Geek Fights Best of Time Travel.  Please like us over at our Facebook Page.  Please rate and review us on iTunes.  Check out Joel Mengel's reviews over at Fuel Neve Reviews. See you all next week for Darkness on the Edge of Town.
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Episode 121 - The Undertaking

Chris returns in a wild fanfare as we review Episode 21: The Undertaking!! Damn! Check out those Guns Felicity wears the hell out of that dress. Wish I had a better full body shot. Oliver gets hit by a pool cue. It doesn't faze him... Bullseye. Mommy's been very, very bad.  Reasonable brooding for once... And this is what happens when you piss off the Arrow. Markov device. Not to be confused with Brion Markov: Geo-Force Suppose we'll see Ted Kord: The Blue Beetle sometime in the future? As always thanks for listening. Check out the links to our other podcasts at the top of the page.  Listen to Dan on Geek Fights Best of Time Travel.  Please like us over at our Facebook Page.  Please rate and review us on iTunes.  Check out Joel Mengel's reviews over at Fuel Neve Reviews. See you all next week for Darkness on the Edge of Town.
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Episode 120 - Home Invasion

Rudy and Dan duet right this week as scheduling conflicts prevent the lovely Laurel and the crusty Chris from joining us. Although Chris will be adding his thoughts in a special episode coming to you soon! Mr. Blank invades the Queen's Mansion this week in an excellent episode of Arrow!! Badass! Sorry about the mess... Feel your anchor point.  Tommy and Taylor sharing a hiding spot. Don't worry. These are definitely not agents ready to pounce on you... As always thanks for listening. Check out the links to our other podcasts at the top of the page.  Listen to Dan on Geek Fights Best of Time Travel.  Please like us over at our Facebook Page.  Please rate and review us on iTunes. 
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Episode 119 - Unfinished Business

Will Diggle catch Deadshot and avenge his brother? Will Oliver regret not popping a cap in The Count's ass? Is Oliver a racist? All that and more on this episode of Rogue Arrow Podcast.Welcome back to another exciting episode of Rogue Arrow Podcast! Great episode this week!  I'd love to get taken out by Shado... Now that the colored guy has the drugs... Check that out! Bad. Ass. You can't even shoot one arrow. Oh rly? Good thing I have more... As always thanks for listening. Please like us over at our Facebook Page.  Please rate and review us on iTunes.  Check us out over at and check out Fuel Neve Reviews.
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Episode 118 - Salvation

We are back in stride, along with the show. We get some feedback and our contest is still going!! Roy the druggy! Here you go ladies: Nice establishing shot of the island.  Well that was unexpected. Fyers deserved it. Check out this arrow! The Dark Archer looking badass. Blood on her hands!! As always thanks for listening. Please like us over at our Facebook Page.  Please rate and review us on iTunes. Join us next week for some "Unfinished Business"
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Episode 117 - The Huntress Returns

Join us as we get some audio feedback and discuss the return from the 2 week hiatus! Here's the full video from the PaleyFest panel. Worth a watch if you have an hour. We also had some more feedback over at our Facebook Page. Go ahead and like us over there as well as rate and review us on iTunes. Definitely go check out Joel Mengel's page. He's got some pretty funny reviews! See you next week for an episode called Salvation!!
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Episode 116 - Dead to Rights

In this weeks episode of Rogue Arrow we get a lot of reveals! So spoiler alert if you haven't seen it yet! Brutale from the comics. A few shots of his body in the show. I stand corrected: Grenade Malcolm opening "safe room" Window Exploding Malcolm getting up Malcolm getting shot Nanda Parbat: Where Malcolm Merlyn trained As always, thanks for listening! Check out our other podcasts: Cinemasters, Mainframe Chronicle, and our new Home Page. Please rate and review us over at iTunes! Check out my guest appearance on Geek Fights. Thanks to Ron Rego over at for hosting a page on his site!
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Episode 115 - Dodger

Why do we care about Speedy's Purse snatcher? Is Felicity in or out? Darly and McKollie, Who will make it and who will break it? What name easter eggs did we find in this episode? All this and more on episode 15 of Rogue Arrow Podcast. Roy Harper as Red Arrow, Speedy, and Arsenal. Wish he was a red head, but otherwise looks the part. Dodger from the comics. Complete with shocking stick thing.  The Bar With No Name from the Marvel Universe. It would be cool to see something where all the villains hang out in the Arrow Universe. As always, thanks for listening! Check out our other podcasts: Cinemasters, Mainframe Chronicle, and our new Home Page. Please rate and review us over at iTunes! Thanks to Ron Rego over at for hosting a page on his site!
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Episode 114 - The Odyssey

Will Ollie be forced to take out his mom? Was that Papa Merlyn on the phone? What's up with the dragon shoulder tramp stamp? All this and more on this episode of Rogue Arrow. To clear things up: syn·op·sis   [si-nop-sis]  Show IPA noun, plural syn·op·ses  [-seez]  Show IPA . 1. a brief or condensed statement giving a general view of somesubject. 2. a compendium of heads or short paragraphs giving a view ofthe whole. 3. a brief summary of the plot of a novel, motion picture, play,etc. From:  Here's some pics of Shado. Check out that tat!!
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Episode 113 - Betrayal

Welcome back to Rogue Arrow Podcast! This week we get a lot of plot advancement! We meet the dude that trains Oliver!! Just passed 1200 views! Thanks guys!!  Slade Vs. The comic version. I like Manu Bennett portrays him quite well.  As always, thanks for listening! Check out our other podcasts: Cinemasters, Mainframe Chronicle, and check Rudy out at the Geek Fights Best Third Movie episode. Please rate and review us over at iTunes!
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Episode 112 - Vertigo

Welcome back to the Rogue Arrow Podcast! This week we talk Vertigo and the wicked villain that is The Count. Seth Gabel's Count vs. Comics' Count Vertigo. Thea Dearden Queen Vs. Mia Dearden. Keep an eye out for the KGBeast in the future.  As always, thanks for listening! Check out our other podcasts: Cinemasters, Mainframe Chronicle, and check Rudy out at the Geek Fights Best Third Movie episode. Please rate and review us over at iTunes!
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Episode 111 - Trust But Verify

We're back talking about the brilliant 11th episode: Trust But Verify. Let's try something new. Instead of posting the audio here. Check it out in the player up above or go to iTunes to download it. This episode has a lot of subtlety in it's writing that the CW is not known for. This makes the episode quite enjoyable. Blackhawks: I like the logo update. Looks sweet. Arrow Ted Gaynor Vs. Comics Ted Gaynor   Oliver's eyes when he sees Diggle intervening with Gaynor.  Man he looks pissed. Awkward touch! Awkward touch! Genuine touch! (with chipped nail polish.) How is this picture enough proof? this could have been taken a year ago... You're forgetting one thing guys, I'm the one with the grenade launcher! The menacing dark arrow cave!! Next week on Arrow: Vertigo. The new drug in the glades has Oliver's attention.  As always, thanks for listening! Check out our other podcasts: Cinemasters, Mainframe Chronicle, and check Rudy out at the Geek Fights Best Third Movie episode.
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Episode 110 - Burned

As usual, we are having a drink whilst podcasting. Here are our beers: Daniel: Four Peaks Kiltlifter Chris: Cooper's Original Pale Ale Laurel: Widmer Falconer's IPA Rudy: Motor City Nut Brown Ale Now onto the show: Firefly Vs. Comics That's not detective Lance... For the ladies: 13 Reasons to watch Arrow. As always, thanks for listening to our brief comeback episode for the new year. Check out the Cinemasters Podcast and Mainframe Chronicle links on the right side of the page. See you next week with Episode 11 - Trust But Verify.
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Episode 109 - Year's End

This week we come to you from under 10 inches of snow, in the middle of a food poisoned road trip, and from the land down under to bring you a show of epic proportions as we talk about episode 9 of Arrow! We talk theories of the future as well as favorite episodes so far. This week we get introduced to the dark archer. Merlyn in the comics is always trying to be the better archer  which leads to most of their confrontation. They touch on this in this weeks episode. Can't wait to see more! Dark Archer definitely has a better mask. Upon closer examination I realized they are opposites. Oliver covers just his eyes, well rubs make up around his eyes. The Dark Archer covers all but his eyes. Interesting! The creepy Eddie Fyers trying to win Oliver to his side. Awkward family photo... Big thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring this episode of Arrow! How about this epic fight scene? Bad Ass!!! Something we forgot to mention in this episode: When at the dinner party and discussing the vigilante, Malcolm asks Oliver if he should be named Green Arrow, and Oliver simply replies "Lame." What did you guys think of that line? Comment below! Interesting post I came across when looking for pictures talking about the villains who are evil copies of the hero they correspond with can be found here.  After listening to our podcast go check out Mainframe Chronicle, The Cinemasters, and my personal blog. Links are on the right hand side or the page. Then go over to geek fights to check me out on the Best Fight Episode. Then get nice and personal with John Barrowman, the man behind the mask of the Dark Archer at Nerdist. And come back next year around January 20th as we discuss the next episode - Burned!
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Episode 108 - All Apologies (er... Vendetta)

Welcome back to the Rogue Arrow Podcast! Check out the new player up top thanks to Stitcher radio app! There is a lot of noise in the first half but it clears up after we yell at Chris for messing with his computer. The mask doesn't do a lot to hide her identity. At least in my opinion.  What do you think? Comment below Awkward looks. "What are you doing here?" "That's a damn good question." This just looks super uncomfortable. What do you think?  Could Daddy's death lead Tommy to do something... Drastic? Crooked mouth? Flash bang arrow!  Not an impossible shot, it was just too quick to see that he shot from behind her and spun it out of her hand. It's not a great screen shot but it shows the arrow coming over her shoulder and hitting the bow of the crossbow, which would surprise her enough to drop it. 
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Episode 107 - Muse of Fire

Hey guys! Welcome back. Special thanks for the very awesome podcast at completelycomics. Also checkout Quiver Podcast. They are from Vancouver where the filming takes place so we get some insight on the locations and local actors and such. Now onto the episode, Muse of Fire. Reference to the prologue of Henry V by Shakespeare. Jack Black   + Hugh Jackman = Jack Jackman Here's a screenshot of when Oliver throws the rebar. Obviously no actual rebar, but it looks to me that it supposedly bounces off the weel well cover thingy (technical term). Clearly not in the street...  Schedule for the end of the year: Vendetta - Dec. 5th Years End - Dec. 12th Then we break until  Burned - Jan. 9th Father and Son Definitely don't look like father and son.  Tahmoh Penikett gone too soon. Go to to find your local comic shop! Links to our other podcasts are on the right side of the page. And here is the preview for next Episode: Vendetta.
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Episode 000 - The Comics

Hey guys, in lieu of an episode, we get a special Thanksgiving episode of Rogue Arrow where I talk about the history of the comics and Green Arrow in particular. The beginning of DC's Golden Age of Comics. Green Arrow and Speedy's first appearances in More Fun Comics 73 in 1941. Notice the very Robin Hood feel to their costumes! An interesting easter egg is that in Episode 5, Damaged we see this: Check out the numbers and the date above. Pretty neat, eh?  Thanks to Mr. Morbid's House of Fun! for sharing that. Anyways, here's a cover for one of Green Arrow's first Silver Age appearances: Collected in The Green Arrow by Jack Kirby. He then is collected in Green Lantern/Green Arrow Then came Crisis on Infinite Earths! Which, along with Longbow Hunters, recreated the image and story of the Green Arrow. Then Green Arrow died. And was brought back by Kevin Smith in Quiver! If you want to check out more Green Arrow stories go over to Again, the top story recommendations I have are: Green Arrow: Year One Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters Green Arrow: Quiver Green Arrow: Archer's Quest Justice League: Cry For Justice Justice League: Rise and Fall Green Arrow Brightest Day: Into The Woods New 52 Green Arrow: The Midas Touch Over the mid season break I will probably do a further in depth review of these and other books for you guys. As always thank you for listening. Check out the links on the page to our other podcasts and my personal blog as well as our donate button. Anything you do helps. Leave us feedback and we shall read it on the air! Enjoy.
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Episode 106 - Legacies

First off, sorry the show is late, we had a bit of a family crisis yesterday and I was unable to get to editing. Second, I went to my parents' house for the week for Thanksgiving and we tried a new way of recording stuff so that I didn't have to bring home all the equipment, that's why the quality is a little sub par. Royal Flush Gang from the pages of DC's Who's Who: vs. Arrow Something I forgot to mention in the episode is that Scott Morgan is the enemy in issue 2 of the comic tie-in series over at Comixology. Check it out! It's a free app and only 99 cents/week for the comics. As far as the DC cities and their geographical location, I found some maps over at ifanboy. Go over there to check out a zoomable image. River Tam in Serenity. And Arrow. You can read more about Dr. Oz here. Apparently he was on Oprah for 5 seasons.
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People's Choice Awards!

Hey guys! Arrow is up for favorite new TV drama over at the people's choice awards! Go over here to vote for it!
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Episode 105 - Damaged

There was a stupid amount of problems recording this week. Well there was one. Google+ kept dropping me from the call and as such there are a few moments where it jumps a bit. I apologize for this, but I did my best to make it coherent. Please click on the donate button on the right of the blog to help out with the production costs. Leave us a message and we'll mention you as a sponsor on the show! Thanks for listening! Yao Fei. Not Panda Bear" Grylls Oliver Queen has a habit of getting caught. Example of the great juxtapositional moments in this episode. This is what I heard when Ollie was explaining why he looked at the camera. Here's the Diggle gif.   Eddie Fyers: Show vs. Comic Deathstroke Comic vs. Show  Once again, Deathstroke's mask on the beach in the pilot. Who's more badass? Black Canary's fishnets. It got pretty out of hand sometimes and went too far.  Check out our other podcasts: - Review podcast of the 90s cartoon ReBoot. - We talk about movies!
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Episode 105 teaser

Tonight's episode was amazing! As usual. I figured I should share this teaser with you guys. Warning: there are character spoilers for future episodes, so if you don't want to know you should stay away. There's also some more spoilers about the confirmed 2nd half of the season over here. How badass does Diggle look as the Arrow? Also this:
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Episode 104 - An Innocent Man!

We have an email!! Sure, it's from my brother, but it's a great email and he brings up some great points. Hate to have to beg for money, but I'm poor and there is a cost in hosting. Anything helps. We will try to keep doing the podcast until we no longer enjoy it or the show ends. Your donations will help us keep it coming out week by week. Thanks! Check out the comics at Comixology. All this talk about the list reminds me of Night at the Roxbury. You can't get in unless you're on the list. The scene from Boondock Saints:  The Spiderman reference can best be explained by this video at 3:25. Image from next episode. Yao Fei fighting Deathstroke. Colin Donnell in Wicked. His segment starts at 6:15. Definitely go over and check out Green Arrow TV.  There are lots of great videos and good source of news. Check out our other podcasts: - Review podcast of the 90s cartoon ReBoot. - We talk about movies!
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Episode 103 - The Lone Gunman

Andrew Diggle - John Diggle's brother or merely referencing the author? Alexi Leonov portrayed by Eugene Lipinski Eugen Lipinski on Fringe. Check out Beauty and the beast. Which is more ridiculous: Boxing glove arrow or Diggle with Nunchaku? The Arrow Team in the comics consists of Speedy (Mia Dearden), Red Arrow (Roy Harper), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), and Green Arrow 2 (Connor Hawke)  The more you know! Arrow Tie In Comics! Other arrow podcasts:  Longbow Hunters interview with Mark Guggenheim. Emerald Archer Podcast Arrowcast Our other podcasts:
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Episode 102 - Honor Thy Father

Sorry about the delay. I kinda inundated myself with podcasting things. Enjoy! We start the episode by introducing our new cohost Laurel Merz! We then talk about a couple things we didn't touch on in the last episode.  Byron Ferguson shooting an Aspirin. Go to about 8 minutes for the aspirin shot.  Take a look at some of the trick arrows from the comics! Sorry for talking about the Kardashians. We're part of the problem now.  Also Dinah Laurel Lance is her name. Not Laurel Dinah. Diggle rules! David Ramsey is doing a great job as Diggle and I hope he sticks around for quite a while and we get to see more of him. China White: Comics Vs. Arrow Things you learn on Purgatory: 1. Hunting 2. Bow and arrow making (?) 3. Parkour 4. Russian 5. Chinese 6. Basic Explosives How to make dynamite! + + = The look on Thea's face when Ollie gets up to talk is priceless.  Screenshot of the list: Danny Brickwell (Brick): Hannibal Bates (Everyman): David Drayson (Slingshot) And it took me way too long to edit this one so I hope you enjoy it!
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Episode 102 teaser

Hey guys, just want to throw out some links I just came across to tide you over until I finish editing the second episode. Spoiler alert, as there may be information that you probably don't know if you haven't been looking for it. First a very awesome looking trailer for the rest of the season.   Also, Marc Guggenheim talks about the show and other iconic characters and their appearances. He talks about potential sidekicks, some of the other DC characters, and the mysterious Well-Dressed Man The very adorable Willa Holland talks about playing Speedy. Including becoming a sidekick, addiction, and knowing more than she lets on.  The Lovely Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) talks about the possibility of Black Canary and her outlook on the law and justice! Go Here to take a look at the San Diego Comic Con interviews with the producers of the show and for many, many more videos. 
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Episode 101 - Pilot

Pilot podcast about the pilot episode of the new CW show Arrow. First off I would like to say that I came down with a bit of a cold the day of recording, so I sound a little overly nasal and not super great. Also, I watched the premiere on Wednesday, had the thought of doing a podcast and sent out immediately after, and we recorded on Saturday afternoon. Therefore the organization and format of the show has a lot of room to grow. And it will as the show goes on. Moving on! We mention the Smallville version of Green Arrow a few times. Here's a juxaposition to see the difference in how they look. Sallville's Green Arrow Justin Hartley Vs. Arrow's Stephen Amell. Salmon Ladder! Name taken from Ninja Warrior of course. Drakon from the comics:                                    And the show: Do you think he looks more like a Buffy vamp or the Geico caveman? Deathstroke's mask: Star city is supposedly placed in northern California, so we weren't to far off with Portland. Arrow Drinking Game: 1. Parkour - Anytime Arrow parkours.  2. Longing Laurel - Whenever Ollie and Laurel look longingly at each other 3. Rogue Arrow - Every time Arrow "misses" a target 4. Douchebag jar - Whenever Ollie lies to protect his identity 5. PTSDrink- Whenever Ollie has a panic moment remembering the boat crash. Good Stories to read: 1. Green Arrow: Year One 2. Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters 3. Green Arrow: Quiver 4. Green Arrow: Archer's Quest 5. Justice League: Cry For Justice 6. Justice League: Rise and Fall Check out my ReBoot podcast: ArrowCast Drinking game: 1. Every time we knock CW take a drink. 2. Every time we go on a tangent about comics take a drink.  3. Every time there's something that would give us an explicit tag. 4. Tell us more! Like Fringe? Check out Like movies? Check out our new podcast at... good question. We'll let you know! My personal blogpost about the Pilot. I touch on a few different things than we don't mention in the show.
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