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Robin Hood: The Great Escape

English, Arts, 1 seasons, 16 episodes, 4 hours 39 minutes
It’s the day of the famous archery competition, and Robin can’t resist the allure of the prize: A Golden Arrow. But can he outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham? This action-adventure romp combines broad humour with bold ideas and some surprising gender and cultural twists. An original script written by Andrea Boyd & Laura Teasdale, this show was performed in August of 2021 at Keppoch Mountain as part of Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre's 2021 season.
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7: Hector the Spectre Steals the Show - entire play - all 6 episodes in one!

Hector the Spectre Steals the Show - all 6 episodes in one! Listen to the entire radio play in one go! Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre presents Hector the Spectre Steals the Show by Andrea Boyd and Laura Teasdale Hector the Spectre Steals the Show is a six-part radio play written by Festival Antigonish artistic director Andrea Boyd and local actor/playwright Laura Teasdale. The story is based on the legend of the Bauer Theatre’s resident ghost, Hector, and is inspired by real stories collected from artists and community members of all ages who have had encounters with Hector over the last 30 years. The play imagines a world where live theatre still happens, and where Festival Antigonish is producing a new play about the legendary ghosts – Blue Nun and Red Priest. But when Hector, the benevolent ghost of the theatre, sees that this ghost story on stage is not about him, he takes matters into his own hands. Cast List:<b
21/10/20201 hour 27 minutes 12 seconds
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6: Hector the Spectre Episode VI - Opening Night

Welcome to our sixth and final episode. In case you’re just tuning in, Festival Antigonish is trying to put on a play and Hector the Spectre is trying to stop them...That’s all I got...Just do your best to keep up! And good luck....
14/10/202018 minutes 1 second
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5: Hector the Spectre Episode V - Dress Rehearsal

Welcome to Episode 5. In case you missed it...Last week, Hector wrecked the tech...nical rehearsal. And Clare, the director, struggled to stage her grandiose dream sequence on an itty-bitty budget. Let’s see if this dress rehearsal will even happen...
07/10/202017 minutes 18 seconds
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4: Hector the Spectre Episode IV - Tech Run

Welcome to Episode 4. Let’s get caught up...Last week, in the midst of a ridiculous acting exercise, Hector took a swing at Margie and Ben, but the actors stood their ground. And we discovered that Hector was a boxer who died back in the day when the theatre was a gymnasium.  And now...the technical rehearsal…. 
30/09/202013 minutes 27 seconds
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3: Hector the Spectre Episode III - Second Rehearsal

Welcome to Episode 3. Ok, in case you forgot...Last week, was the first rehearsal of the Festival Antigonish show The Blue Nun and the Red Priest. Hector the Spectre turned the room upside down and ripped their scripts to bits. Margie declared her disbelief in ghosts and Tatiana longs for a Ben-based showmance. Now it’s a week later and a triumphant Hector thinks he’s stopped the show! 
23/09/202016 minutes 36 seconds
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2: Hector the Spectre Episode II - First Rehearsal

Last week, Hector the Spectre watched in disbelief as actors Margie and Ben auditioned for the roles of Sister Magda & Father Luke in the new play The Blue Nun and the Red Priest. That’s right! A play about two “Come from Away” ghosts! …In Hector’s own theatre. Imagine how he must feel as they begin the first rehearsal…
16/09/202015 minutes 49 seconds
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1: Hector the Spectre Episode I - Auditions

In our first episode, our “Come From Away” director, Clare, and Jude, the “best stage manager in Nova Scotia”, are in the midst of auditions for the upcoming season at Festival Antigonish.
09/09/202014 minutes 12 seconds
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An audio teaser/taster of the radio play Hector the Spectre Steals the Show! The first episode drops on September 9, 2020.
08/09/20201 minute 5 seconds