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English, Sports, 1 seasons, 46 episodes, 1 day 14 hours 22 minutes
Podcast by the fans for the fans of the Richmond Tigers aussie rules team. Richmond Tiger Talk would like to acknowledge the support of Richmond fan forums at Bigfooty [] and Punt Road End [].
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Pre-season 2024

We're back with pre-season news - injuries, position changes and rookie expectations. Plus a review of Jack and Trent's recent books, and AFLW draft review.
06/02/202448 minutes 23 seconds
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AFL Draft 2023

All the AFL draft, trades, picks and near misses. Plus ending the AFLW season on a high with a smashing win over the Pies. 
23/11/202343 minutes 35 seconds
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Post trade period 2023

He's gone.
19/10/202342 minutes 8 seconds
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New Coach!

We look into our new coach, AFLW, trade rumours, pay tribute to a man who gave so much to Richmond and finally power rank least worst Grand Final winners.
21/09/202335 minutes 28 seconds
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Sept 7 2023

Some sizzling hot takes about reviewing the season, and the offseason to come, before we bring on a special guest to talk about the wonderful AFLW win. 
07/09/202356 minutes 46 seconds
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Round 24 Review AFLW Round 1

We review the loss to Port Adelaide with some encouraging performances from the kids, some off-season news and then look forward to the AFLW season.
31/08/202336 minutes 14 seconds
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Round 24 2023

Fantastic tribute to our retiring legends
22/08/202344 minutes 51 seconds
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Round 23 2023

A tribute to the great ones. 
17/08/202345 minutes 46 seconds
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Round 23 2023

A tough loss to the Bulldogs, what went wrong plus a review of the younger players. Also VFL and a look forward to the Saints
09/08/202330 minutes 48 seconds
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Round 21

Great quality game, and ruck battle, but sadly we came out on the wrong end of both. Still, we find some reasons for hope. 
02/08/202339 minutes
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Round 20 2023

Amazing comeback win after an often frustrating afternoon, Coulthard’s impact on debut, VFL, Jayden Short and a look forward to possibly season-defining game against Melbourne.
25/07/202354 minutes 10 seconds
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Round 19 2023

A solid if not spectacular win vs the Eagles with Dan Rioli starring. Plus Tarrant, Lynch new, VFL and a look forward to the Hawks  
19/07/202345 minutes 12 seconds
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Round 18 2023

Tough win vs the Swans with Shai and Dusty starring. Also VFL, father son update and an Eagles preview.
11/07/202345 minutes 26 seconds
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Round 17 2023

Delayed pod, but that gives us a good excuse to not dwell on last week and instead talk about the new kids. 
05/07/202337 minutes
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Round 16 2023

Bye week special recapping the season so far, potential All-Australians, out-of-contract players, AFLW news and a look forward to a crucial Lions clash.
27/06/202341 minutes 32 seconds
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Round 15 2023

O captain my captain! A perfect night paying tribute to Trent Cotchin 300th game and a fighting win over the Saints. Plus a good win in the VFL.
19/06/202347 minutes 15 seconds
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Round 14 2023

13/06/202347 minutes 24 seconds
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Round 13 2023

We won a close one! That and other unexpected events are discussed, including Freo being good. 
07/06/202352 minutes 14 seconds
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Round 12 2023

Mid-season draft! New coach! Same dysfunctional forwardline! Plus a GWS preview.
01/06/202334 minutes 13 seconds
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Tribute to Dimma 2.0

A very special episode as we pay tribute to the highs, lows and friends we made along the way of the Dimma era with special guests @KiwiTiger12 @danielflitton @sjhross @KonradMarshall @LozzzaC @ExiledVictorian and @swa11ace *with editing added ending from Nick and Andy
23/05/20231 hour 29 minutes 21 seconds
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Round 10 2023

Recap of the win over the Cats in loving detail, Samson and Dusty plus VFL and a look forward to dreamtime.
13/05/202338 minutes 35 seconds
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Round 9 2023

Flawed but fun win over the Eagles, Shai brilliant and Samson emerging. Plus Prestia's 200th and a preview of the epic Cats clash. 
08/05/202353 minutes 25 seconds
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Round 8 2023

Tough loss to the Suns, new Tassie team, Tiger book review and VFL.
02/05/202344 minutes 48 seconds
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Round 7 2023

Shorter pod but still jammed full of pertinent facts. 
27/04/202323 minutes 54 seconds
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Round 6 2023

Sorting through the games, a little bit of good news and the statistics debate you didn't know you needed.
20/04/202350 minutes 14 seconds
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Round 5 2023

No pod this week, so sorry. A few reflections -Season has a hard reset after Lynch (our MVP) and Nank’s injury. Expectations have to change, but it’s an opportunity as well.  -Doggies game was lost on the key metrics, but the injuries give a good reason why we couldn’t kick on in the last. English delivered a big middle finger to the pod after last week’s slander by being BOG. -Trying to take the 2017 positive vibe. Lynch being out means we lose the easy dump kick down the line, but forward line is partly about opportunity and it forces the coaches to refresh and think anew.  -lots of debate about Taranto, however as many have said  by the hard data he’s actually been very good, including with his pressure. However, afl ratings (which include location tracking) don’t rate him, unusual to have this disparity. One to watch. -As a collective group midfield not getting it done in the centre square, 2 last in the league. -Shai back, Rio
13/04/202343 minutes 43 seconds
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Round 4 2023

Slightly delayed Pies wrap, then lots of forward-looking analysis including Kaps 150th
06/04/202343 minutes 43 seconds
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Round 3 2023

Well, that was a... strange win versus the Crows.  We run the game, VFL and preview the huge game verses the Pies. 
27/03/202348 minutes 28 seconds
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Round 2 2023

*Pod reloaded with better track timing* Frustrating but exciting draw vs the Blues, mixed reviews on the new recruits and some encouraging signs for the season ahead. Plus VFL, AFLW news and a Crows preview.
20/03/202353 minutes 57 seconds
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Round 1 2023

Round 1 Preview!
14/03/202342 minutes 47 seconds
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Post Preseason 2023

We are back with the usual sizzling post preseason hot takes and a George tribute. 
08/03/202347 minutes 29 seconds
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January 2023

We discuss the key news and issues of the off-season.
29/01/202357 minutes 54 seconds
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Post Draft 2022

Our annual post-draft spectacular, plus the player review continues. Yes, the phrase "can't believe he was available" was used. 
30/11/20221 hour 2 minutes
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Pre Draft 2022

Pod: Pre draft show! Plus training the house down, AFLW and player review.
27/11/20221 hour 8 minutes 53 seconds
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Nov 9 AFLW Finals and player wrap

The first 30 minutes of the pod is about AFLW and the finals, and the second half is the start of the annual men's player review. 
09/11/20221 hour 11 minutes 9 seconds
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Post trade period 2022

Post-trade period wrap, starting with the sad delistings and then moving onto the far happier topics, Soldo, the new GWS additions, Soldo, AFLW, Soldo and we finish with a self-indulgent story. Soldo. 
13/10/20221 hour 1 minute 53 seconds
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Post Jack Dyer Medal 2022

It's the annual JDM podcast where we present the prestigious RTT medal for votes per game. Also a huge win for the AFLW and trade season.
28/09/202247 minutes 45 seconds
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Sept 20 2022

It's the trade season phony war, and we talk through the latest news, coaching hires and the AFLW's back-to-back wins. 
20/09/202245 minutes 12 seconds
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Post finals 2022

Monster show as we sift through the end to an exciting and frustrating finals loss. A big effort in the AFLW against the reigning premier Adelaide Crows and the off-season is in full swing with a detailed look at Tim Taranto.
05/09/20221 hour 36 seconds
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Finals Round 1 2022

Finals preview, AFLW, men's game this week so we recorded a short and sweet podcast.... only kidding, it's an epic 50 minutes where we still run out of time to discuss other matters. 
30/08/202257 minutes 23 seconds
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Finals Bye 2022

Epic pod featuring an interview with the @afl's Sarah Black (@_sjblack) on the Tigers AWFL season from about 47 minutes. Before that the usual product, including a heavy dose of schadenfreude at the expense of our rivals. 
24/08/20221 hour 19 minutes 1 second
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Round 23 2022

The joy of MRJ, Lynch's big day, Peggy and more. 
15/08/202256 minutes 55 seconds
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Round 22 2022

The old firm got together for a rousing victory against the Port, and lots to discuss as Nick takes personal umbrage to a David King stat. 
08/08/202255 minutes 56 seconds
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Round 21 2022

Season alive and faith in random mathematics of close games is restored. 
01/08/202253 minutes 8 seconds
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Round 20 2022

A bittersweet show as we pay tribute to Kane Lambert on his retirement. Plus Shane Edwards incredible career ahead of his 300th game, the Dockers draw, VFL and the Lions preview.
25/07/20221 hour 5 minutes 5 seconds
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Round 19 2022

Content warning: this episode contains graphic descriptions of missed shots on goal and heartbreaking losses. And Noah Cumberland, he was good.
18/07/202251 minutes 43 seconds