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Richard Herring: Lord of the Dance Settee

English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 11 episodes, 7 hours 11 minutes
A comedy podcast to accompany Richard Herring's stand-up tour of the same name.
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Episode 11

LOTDS #11: Not Suitable For Minors? - The podcast takes us through the Lord of the Dance Settee gigs in late April and early May at Harlow, Bristol, Monmouth and Clevedon. Rich has started doing dad jokes and continues to try to find ways to end the first half. He explains why he isn't going to the Edinburgh Fringe this year and what he's doing instead - and reveals the title and subject matter of his brand new show. And with a 10 year old and a 12 year old in the audience of one show he is prompted to discuss whether it's acceptable for youngsters to come to see grown-up comedy. Still a few chances to see the show. Head to for details of the last ten performances. And buy tickets for the 12 shows of the King of Edinburgh Fringe here:
20/05/201543 minutes
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Episode 10

Lord of the Dance Sofa #10: The tour grinds onwards and Richard is messing around more and saying things that he shouldn't about his ex-girlfriend and Cliff Richard (different stories). With stories and how his mother-in-law tried to kill him, how he enraged a French man in 1983 and why he has the numbers of emergency masseuses in Worthing. Plus some fun digressions about why people in the New Forest like to keep their horses on the road and why you can't go to hospital just because you've got ginger hair. All this and sh*tting next to a Japanese man. Experience the interminable silence when miscommunication makes the start of the show go wrong (twice) and the dead response to adlibbed material that doesn't work. This is what it's like on tour. All the remaining tour dates can be seen here: Buy tickets to see the DVD record here: SPECIAL OFFER - there are 50 tickets to the DVD record on May 15th f
11/05/201551 minutes
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Episode 9

Lord of the Dance Settee #9: You Should Have a Pregnancy Test. The madness and packed houses of March are over and April sees a slight dip in numbers and in energy. Richard has to deal with a dodgy microphone in Bath and lampoons the Marquis of Bath's attempts to create art. He enjoys a combined Christmas and Easter with his folks in Cheddar (that's Phoebe as a reindeer in the pic), before celebrating his third wedding anniversary in a slightly spooky empty restaurant, then he's back on the road to the exciting locations of Andover and Newbury, before jetting over to Ireland. He sounds quite down in the backstage bits, but it's a tough part of the tour to get through and hopefully he was all tits and teeth on stage. You can find out about his remaining tour dates at and book tickets to see his DVD record here - If you want to take part in the RHLSTP kickstarter then head here: https://www.kickstart
30/04/201543 minutes
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Episode 8

Lord of the Dance Settee #8 - Well Played Thing. The tour continues through Southend, Aldershot, Cambridge, Shoreham-BY-Sea and Cardiff. Experience Richard's nerves and doubts before a Southend gig where he fears the audience might be expecting Michael Flatley, his proof that the people of Cambridge are not as clever as the people of Oxford, and the genesis of his new show solely about Addams Family Pinball (which he is playing continuously throughout the tour). Also a return to Aldershot reminds him of a previous gig and the stellar success of one of the acts who crashed and burned alongside him that night, and some tragic deaths make him consider the ups and downs of fame. He also considers his place in the comedy firmament, recounting a story of the after party at a Jerry Seinfeld gig that made him understand that success is not all it's cracked up to be.
23/04/201542 minutes
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Episode 7

Lord of the Dance Settee #7 - The Circle of Life. The Lord of the Dance Settee tour continues, with Rich increasingly tired and missing his baby daughter. We join him coming through corridors and the kitchen to get to the gig in Chesterfield (or is it Cheltenham or Chippenham), and then see him reunited with his family in Norwich, where a special guest makes her first step up the showbiz ladder (to a much warmer reception than her father has managed) and then on to Birmingham where Rich teaches the audience a valuable lesson in comedy about why you must never eat popcorn before a performance. No filler in this week's podcast so it comes in at the 30 minute mark. Still quite a few chances left to see the show. Go to for details.
14/04/201530 minutes
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Episode 6

Lord of the Dance Settee #6: Donald, Wherrrreez Mah Troozers. Richard is working his way through the busiest month of the tour and this podcast largely covers three gigs at three different Stand venues: Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. He's obsessed with w-nking judges, rimming shower gel and rip-off soap and ad-libbing like crazy. But he also has to cope with painful loss and looking like Jeremy Clarkson and find a way out of being on stage with a mouthful of Haribo, even though he is 47. In Glasgow he also finds himself pitted against his erstwhile double act partner in a head to head contest to find out who is the most popular. Who will win? (SPOILER) Stewart Lee will. Check out all Rich's remaining tour dates at and come along and join the fun (DVD record at the Bloomsbury on 15th May) or donate some money and get a badge to help him make more internet content (and check out the GFS sale at
30/03/201548 minutes
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Episode 5

Lord of the Dance Settee #5 - 27 Years Later. The Lord of the Dance Settee tour continues, with the busiest patch of 11 gigs in 12 days. Rich discusses a recent and a less recent trip to Buckingham Palace, returns to one of the first professional theatres that he ever played (in 1988) and meets the first man he ever gave his autograph to. There's also a whole now-excised routine from the show and Richard being heckled by a member of staff at Bristol Tobacco Factory. And more of his infamous backstage whistling - soon available on long-playing record. For full tour details (new shows added) head to
19/03/201547 minutes
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Episode 4

Lord of the Dance Settee #4: Hold me closer Tony Danza. Recorded in his dressing room at the South Street Arts Centre in Reading, Richard muses more about the tour so far, tells a story of an inspirational flamenco dancer (that was in early versions of the show) and runs through the interesting events from last week's dates. Also, as he kind of forgot he was recording himself, you get an illuminating look at what life behind the scenes before the show is really like. Warning, it is quite dull and includes a lot of off key whistling. Come and be a part of the tour, and maybe the podcast, by booking to see one of his future shows - all details are here
12/03/201535 minutes
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Episode 3

Lord of the Dance Settee #3: I'M MORTIFIED. A collection of a few of the outtakes and extra bits from the last four performances of Lord of the Dance Settee in which Richard travelled to Nottingham, Wolves, Salford and Chorley and had an eventful weekend. Get to hear a few regional variations to certain parts of the show, Richard being heckled about what method of payment he takes for his merch, doing a routine about Addams Family Pinball that only one person got, giving Operation Yewtree 2045 something to investigate in Salford and having the most extraordinary experience anyone has ever had in Chorley - getting a cake named after him and invented for him and then upsetting an audience member with one of his most innocuous routines. The recording quality on some of this is not great due to Richard doing it on a phone in his pocket, but hopefully it will improve in future. Audiophiles will be upset, but you disgust me.
05/03/201531 minutes
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Episode 2

Lord of the Dance Settee #2: 4 Leaf Clover. Rich keeps you up to date with how the tour is going so far (including a backstage report from Colchester Arts Centre where he was watched by statues to the war dead), as well as how fatherhood is affecting his comedy. He also takes a somewhat dry look at the themes behind the stand-up show and how he has hidden a reference from every decade of his life within the show. He tells a story connected to being kissed on the lips by his Great Aunty Eva, and find out if in turn he has managed to kiss his daughter every day of her life so far.
24/02/201524 minutes
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Episode 1

Lord of the Dance Settee #1: How I Broke A Caravan Window with a W*nk. In this first episode of a brand new podcast, Richard Herring not only tries to tackle his new garageband software (audiophiles may be disturbed by the echo on the mic), but tell you all about his latest tour show. Find out why he has abandoned an overarching theme, discover some of the subtle themes that permeate the show, hear stories of travelling back Goodnight Sweetheart-style to 1976 when he visited Loughborough, and catching ebola in Northampton (or actually the norovirus from Grub Smith). Richard describes how he had his heart broken by a cruel comment after attending his first ever disco in the late 70s and finally reveals the story of how he broke his first girlfriend's dad's caravan in 1984 (there's a clue in the title of the podcast). Find out where the tour has been and where it's going to next and, if your appetite has been whetted, then check out the ticket info at
06/02/201537 minutes