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Welcome to the ReWild Yourself Podcast! I’m Daniel Vitalis, and I’ll be your guide through the world of human zoology and lifestyle design. We’ll explore the strategies that ancient apes need to thrive in a modern world, awakening our instincts, and freeing our bodies –– and minds –– from the degenerative effects of human domestication.
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North America's Forgotten Fruit - Andrew Moore #177

North America’s Forgotten Fruit — the Pawpaw — is an excellent reminder that adventures in wild food are still available to us! Andrew Moore is here to share his journey seeking out the largest edible fruit native to the United States. In Andrew’s book Pawpaw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit, he explores the past, present, and future of this unique fruit, traveling from the Ozarks to Monticello; canoeing the lower Mississippi in search of wild fruit; drinking pawpaw beer in Durham, North Carolina; tracking down lost cultivars in Appalachian hollers; and helping out during harvest season in a Maryland orchard. Along the way, he gathers pawpaw lore and knowledge not only from the plant breeders and horticulturists working to bring pawpaws into the mainstream (including Neal Peterson, known in pawpaw circles as the fruit’s own “Johnny Pawpawseed”), but also regular folks who remember eating them in the woods as kids, but haven’t had
13/12/20171 hour 14 minutes 59 seconds
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How Old is Fishing? - Brian Fagan #176

Brian Fagan — one of the world’s leading archaeological writers — is back on the show! Brian was born in England and studied archaeology at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He was Keeper of Prehistory at the Livingstone Museum (Zambia) and, during six years in Zambia and one in East Africa, was deeply involved in fieldwork on multidisciplinary African history and in monuments conservation. He was Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, from 1967 to 2004, when he became Emeritus. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading archaeological and historical writers and is a widely respected popular lecturer about the past. In this episode, Brian talks to us about his latest book Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilization and shares the fascinating insights he uncovered on the history of fishing. In his research, he found that fishing (for sustenance, not sport) rivaled agriculture in its importance to civilization. We discuss the historical timeli
07/12/20171 hour 5 minutes 11 seconds
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Is Wild Food A Privilege? - Arthur Haines #175

Arthur Haines is back on ReWild Yourself Podcast! Arthur is a good friend and our most esteemed frequent guest on the show. Arthur is a forager, ancestral skills mentor, author, public speaker, and botanical researcher. His work merges the material knowledge of present-day people with the ecological knowledge of ancestral people. Arthur’s mission is to help people develop deep awareness of and connection to nature, promote individual health and foster self-reliance. He is a fellow Mainer, and he hunts and gathers from our abundant local landscape to feed himself and his family.  In this episode, Arthur and I share — from the heart — our thoughts on a prominent and relatively recent phenomenon in our modern-day culture: the loss of respect for real-world experience/age-based wisdom and the valuing of modern cultural norms over biological norms. We’re often asked if eating wild food is a privilege, and we share our views on this and the tru
30/11/20171 hour 29 minutes 19 seconds
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Nature as Your Compass - Tristan Gooley #174

Tristan Gooley returns to ReWild Yourself Podcast to guide us through the lost art of reading nature’s signs. Tristan is an author and natural navigator. He teaches people to re-awaken their senses and tune into their ancestral ability to navigate across a landscape using the signs that nature provides. Tristan has led expeditions in five continents, climbed mountains in Europe, Africa and Asia, sailed small boats across oceans and piloted small aircraft to Africa and the Arctic. He has walked with and studied the methods of the Tuareg, Bedouin and Dayak in some of the remotest regions on Earth. He is the only living person to have both flown solo and sailed singlehanded across the Atlantic and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation and the Royal Geographical Society.  In this episode, Tristan explains how — once we learn to use nature as a compass — we can create a natural navigation map based in ecological knowledge. We also discuss Tristan’s latest work and the i
23/11/20171 hour 13 minutes 31 seconds
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Beyond The War On Invasives - Tao Orion #173

In the final installment of our invasive species series, we hear from Tao Orion — author and permaculturist — for a new perspective on invasives that links restoration with thoughtful habitat design. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Tao has dedicated her life to the art and science of regenerative living. She has a degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture and has studied under some of the world’s leading permaculture teachers. She co-owns Resilience Permaculture design with her husband. Tao offers an alternative conversation on invasives with her book, Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Perspective on Ecosystem Restoration. She believes that deep and long-lasting ecological restoration outcomes will come not just from eliminating invasive species, but through conscientious redesign of these production systems. In this episode, Tao shares how we can look to permaculture to inspi
15/11/20171 hour 11 minutes 46 seconds
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ReWilding Land, People & Wildlife - George Monbiot #171

“Rewilding holds out hope of a richer living planet that can once more fill our lives with wonder and enchantment.” -George Monbiot Prolific author George Monbiot joins us to share his niche in the world of rewilding: rewilding the land. George is an investigative journalist who writes a weekly column for the Guardian and is the author of a number of bestselling books, including Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea, and Human Life where he passionately advocates the large-scale restoration of complex natural ecosystems.  To begin our conversation, George takes us back in time to the riveting adventures that began his career in investigative journalism. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, including how his work evolved to covering the large-scale ecological issues of our world, what rewilding means to George and his take on de-extinction. George also presents his argument in favor of fake meat as an option to feed
01/11/20171 hour 37 minutes 26 seconds
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Heart of a Māori Hunter - Toa Hunter Gather #170

Toa Hunter Gatherer embodies the new generation of hunter-gatherers with a true connection to the natural world. From a very young age, Owen Boynton — Toa Hunter Gatherer — has been passionate about wild country, learning the habitats of the animals with a sense to always want to stay connected. Born in Te Urewera, the ancestral home of the Tuhoe people also known as “children of the mist," Toa's hunter-gatherer bloodline remains strong. Kaitiakitanga — guardianship for the natural world — guides Toa’s compass in life and work. Toa’s inspiring TV series “Toa Hunter Gatherer” focuses on sharing the traditional knowledge and techniques that have been lost since using modern ways to source kai, or traditional Maori food. In this episode, Toa shares from the heart on what it means to him to be a “full circle” hunter-gatherer. We get to experience hunting in New Zealand through Toa’s lens as we discuss the animals he hunts and the history of t
25/10/20171 hour 43 minutes 49 seconds
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Regenerative Agriculture and the Truth About Cowspiracy - Doniga Markegard #169

Doniga Markegard is a rancher with a background in ecology and permaculture, and she’s here to share how regenerative agriculture can help to restore the biodiversity of prairie grasslands while simultaneously producing grass-fed, nutrient dense meat.  In her youth, Doniga was mentored by some of the leading wildlife trackers, naturalists and Native spiritual elders. She spent years alone and with a small group of passionate youth in the Western Washington Wilderness learning the ways of the ancestors, immersing in nature, bird language, survival skills and wildlife tracking. Fast forward to today, she now stewards 10,000 acres of land in California where she — along with her husband and four children — owns and operates Markegard Family Grass-Fed LLC raising grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured pork and dairy. Doniga is passionate about large-scale restoration of Western Rangelands through cattle grazing, and she and her family have developed g
20/10/20171 hour 26 minutes 52 seconds
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Preserving Cultural Food Heritage - Lori McCarthy #168

It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Lori McCarthy — a third generation Newfoundlander — about the importance of preserving cultural food heritage for future generations. Lori has dedicated her life to preserving the cultural food of her homeland, Newfoundland and Labrador, through her company Cod Sounds and the Livyers Cultural Alliance. Her core values embrace locally sourced regional cuisine and this is reflected in her food experiences and through her cooking school. Newfoundland and Labrador have a rich and fascinating history — grounded in the cod fisheries that once sustained them. Lori gives us a firsthand look at the land she calls home and shares how deeply the collapse of the local cod fisheries affected the fisherman and surrounding communities. Today Newfoundland and Labrador are home to a thriving food and restaurant industry, and Lori is at the forefront of keeping the area’s traditional, local and wild food in the spotl
18/10/20171 hour 27 minutes 4 seconds
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Native to When? - Ben Falk #166

Ben Falk returns to ReWild Yourself Podcast to add his perspective to our invasive species conversation series! Ben lives in an intentional, resilient, forage-able ecosystem on his homestead in Vermont's Mad River Valley that he designed and continues to evolve. As someone who works closely with his local landscape, he is intimately enmeshed with both native and non-native invasive species and has valuable input on this complex issue. Ben — an innovative permaculturist and intentional ecosystem designer — developed Whole Systems Design as a land-based response to biological and cultural extinction and the increasing separation between people and elemental things. Life as a designer, builder, ecologist, tree-tender, and backcountry traveler continually informs Ben’s integrative approach to developing landscapes and buildings. Ben has studied architecture and landscape architecture at the graduate level and holds a master’s degree in land-us
11/10/20171 hour 27 minutes 8 seconds
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Orgasmic Birth: Dancing Babies into the World - Debra Pascali-Bonaro #165

Living in a society that promotes the idea of painful childbirth as the norm, it’s hard for many to imagine that childbirth does not only not have to be painful, but it can actually be orgasmic. Debra Pascali-Bonaro is here to shed light on the myths of childbirth and remind us that birth can be full of pleasure and delight. Debra has trained thousands of doulas and birth professionals around the world in the practices of gentle birth support. She is the creator and director of Orgasmic Birth, a documentary that examines the intimate nature of birth, an everyday miracle. She sees the powerful role birth plays in women’s lives when they are permitted to experience it fully. Debra is a sought-after inspirational speaker, chair of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization, and co-author of the book Orgasmic Birth, Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth Experience. Her newest baby Pain To Power Childbirth i
04/10/20171 hour 33 minutes 47 seconds
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On Becoming A Generalist - Kevin Kossowan #164

As modern hunting and gathering as a movement and a way of life gains momentum, we need continue to discuss, define and evolve what it means to be a conscientious hunter-gatherer. Kevin Kossowan — documentary filmmaker and creator of the gorgeous and thoughtful series, From The Wild — joins us for a conversation on all things hunting and gathering. His series From The Wild is a Canadian-based documentary series following a group of food industry friends exploring the wild foods that surround them — putting them face to face with the adventures and uncharted culinary territories that wild foods offer. From Ruffed Grouse to Shaggy Mane mushroom to Moose to Brook Trout, Kevin does not shy away from any of the wild food kingdoms, and in today’s episode, Kevin shares what he’s learned over years of procuring wild food from his local landscape and shares his thoughts on some of the leading ethical debates in the hunting and gathering world. Kevi
27/09/20171 hour 38 minutes 23 seconds
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ReWild Your Gut - The Hadza Experiments - Tim Spector #163

Tim Spector — a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and microbiome researcher — spent three days eating like a hunter-gatherer with the Hadza in Tanzania and dramatically changed the diversity of his gut microbiome. He wrote about his experience in a recent article for CNN, and we brought him on ReWild Yourself Podcast to share his story and explain the importance of gut diversity for robust health. Tim is also the Founder and Director of the TwinsUK Registry at Kings College, London — the richest collection of genotypic and phenotypic information worldwide — and has recently been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences. He has published over 800 research articles and is ranked as being in the top 1% of the world’s most cited scientists by Thomson-Reuters. He held a prestigious European Research Council senior investigator award in epigenetics and is a NIHR Senior Investigator. His current work focuses on omi
20/09/20171 hour 29 minutes 42 seconds
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A Forager’s Guide to Preventing Tick-Borne Illness - Dr. Stephen Rich #162

As the prevalence of ticks and tick-borne illness continues to grow, particularly in the northeastern United States, the modern hunter gatherer (and all who enjoy spending time in the natural world) must be acutely aware of the risk of tick exposure when out on the landscape and have a comprehensive tick strategy in place. Dr. Stephen Rich is here to take us on an intimate tour of the tick and how we can best mitigate our risk of tick-borne disease. Dr. Stephen Rich is a Professor of Microbiology and Director of the Laboratory of Medical Zoology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is also the Director of Tick Report, a fantastic and accessible tick testing service for public individuals and agencies seeking more information about the risk of dangerous pathogens.  In this interview, Stephen guides us through the most common tick species and where to find them, as well as the life stages of the tick and the various stages of tick bite prevention. Stephen gives
13/09/20171 hour 57 minutes 45 seconds
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An Elemental Guide to Renegade Beauty - Nadine Artemis #161

Nadine Artemis is back on ReWild Yourself Podcast to discuss how to reveal and revive your natural radiance by embracing “renegade” beauty. Nadine is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs, and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet. She is the author of Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums and soon-to-be-released Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance--Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations. An innovative aromacologist, Nadine develops immune-enhancing formulas and medicinal blends for health and wellness. Nadine’s fresh paradigm for beauty and her natural approach to health presents a revolutionary vision; it allows the life-force of flowers, dewdrops, plants, the sun, and water to be the ingredients of healthy living and lets everything unessential, contrived, and artificial fall away. In this episode, Nadine guides us thr
07/09/20171 hour 47 minutes 40 seconds
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Parasites! Who’s Inhabiting Your Gut? - Evan Brand #160

Our bodies are a walking ecosystem that we share with trillions of microbes. While the majority of these microbes are native and beneficial, you might be surprised to learn that many of us are harboring parasites that can be the root cause of symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression and more. Evan Brand is here to share the truth about parasites, how to test for them and how we can restore the ecology of our human animal. Evan is an Author, Podcast Host and a Louisville, Kentucky-based Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist. He is passionate about healing the chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues. He uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the root cause of a wide range of health symptoms. In this interview, Evan and I discuss how to take a conscientious approach
30/08/20172 hours 22 minutes 19 seconds
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The Quest for Wild Terroir - Pascal Baudar #159

Today’s show explores terroir — the flavor of place. Discovering the wild flavors of your local bioregion is a smart and ecologically interactive way to intimately engage with your place and add context to the story of your food. Pascal Baudar — wild food researcher and a self-styled “culinary alchemist” — joins us to share his unique and inspiring niche in the wild food world: wildcrafted terroir. Based in southern California with access to many different ecosystems (mountain, desert, chaparral, and seashore) and 700+ different wildcrafted ingredients, Pascal is a brazen wild food experimenter who combines his knowledge of plants and his local landscape with the innovative techniques of a master food preserver and chef. Pascal was named one of the 25 most influential tastemakers in L.A. by Los Angeles magazine, and his locally sourced wild ingredients and unique preserves have made th
23/08/20171 hour 30 minutes
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A History of Water and Humankind - Brian Fagan #158

Water — our most vital resource — is a topic that is quite often on our minds. There are the global water issues such as the fact that 783 million people do not have access to fresh water, droughts throughout our planet are becoming more wide-spread and the biodiversity of our oceans is declining at an alarming rate. There are the issues closer to home, like (for us in the United States) the droughts in California and the recent water crisis in Michigan caused by contaminated municipal water, potentially exposing over 100,000 residents in the city of Flint, MI to high levels of lead in their drinking water. And then there are the more personal water issues, such as considerations over what’s the best, most healthful water for us to drink and how much water is ideal for one to consume in a day.  Our relationship with water has profoundly impacted our history, and Brian Fagan — archaeologist,  Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and prolific author — is here to share key pieces
16/08/20171 hour 25 minutes 23 seconds
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On Being A Mortal Animal - Dr. Scott Eberle #156

"How you live is how you die," Dr. Scott Eberle — a physician specializing in end-of-life care — tells us in today's interview. Having spent many years at the bedside of the dying, Scott has learned some important lessons from those participating in their final rite of passage, and he's here to impart a bit of that wisdom with us today, inspiring us to live and die more consciously. Dr. Scott Eberle is a medical director of Hospice of Petaluma in Petaluma, California, as well as an experienced teacher and author, and a wilderness guide.  Together with Meredith Little of the School of Lost Borders, he co-created “The Practice of Living and Dying,” an innovative wilderness curriculum exploring the human experience of being a mortal animal. In this interview, we explore the practice of living and dying and what it means to be a mortal animal. Consciously approaching life and death calls for us to "confront the difficult questions" and
09/08/20171 hour 32 minutes 11 seconds
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Tales from the Wild Table - Connie Green #155

What a pleasure it was to speak with lifelong forager and pioneer in sustainable commercial wild food and mushroom foraging, Connie Green. Connie founded one of the very first and largest wild food businesses in the U.S., Wine Forest, where she still resides as “head huntress,” overseeing a beautifully rich and diverse selection of wild foods furnished to top chefs, restaurants, retailers and consumers. Friends of the forest, Connie and her team believe that wild food harvesting goes hand in hand with a love and respect for the ecosystems where these delectable wild edibles grow. In this episode, Connie takes us back in time through the landscape of foraging over the past few decades and shares how she got her start in the commercial foraging business. She illuminates the commercial side of the foraging world with a focus on what she considers to be the secret ingredient in bridging the ancestral practice of hunting and gathering with mode
02/08/20171 hour 35 minutes 40 seconds
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Culinary Solutions to Eco Problems - Joe Roman #154

Joe Roman — conservation biologist, author & editor ’n’ chef of — joins us for the second interview in our informal series on the topic of invasive species. Joe’s research focuses on endangered species conservation and marine ecology, and he is a researcher at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont and a Hrdy Visiting Fellow at Harvard University. His website is dedicated to fighting invasives one bite at a time and is an incredible resource for hunter gatherers who are interested in being apart of the culinary solution to the biological problem of invasives. In this interview, Joe gives us the status report on global species extinction and shares some potential solutions to conserving our earth’s biodiversity through extirpation of invasive species. We discuss the impact individuals (and commercial operations) who hunt and gather can have on extirpating invasives from their non-native range, as well as t
26/07/20171 hour 46 minutes 48 seconds
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The Ancestral Biology of Birth - Dr. Sarah Buckley #153

How can you create conditions that are private, safe and unobserved for yourself during childbirth? This question is a core message behind the work of Dr. Sarah Buckley — author of the best selling book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering and mother of four home-born children. Dr. Buckley is a New-Zealand-trained GP/family physician with qualifications in GP-obstetrics and family planning and currently combines full-time motherhood with her work as a writer on pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Women were biologically designed to give birth in the wild, and oftentimes, the conventional maternity care system does not effectively support the ancestral and biological needs of a woman during childbirth. Dr. Buckley spent seven years researching and synthesizing the scientific evidence on the hormonal physiology of childbearing. She found that the science confirms the innate wisdom of a laboring woman — following your intuition can allow your hormones to guide you on the pathway to a hea
19/07/20171 hour 39 minutes
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Forager's Guide to Tending the Wild - Sam Thayer #152

Samuel Thayer — internationally recognized authority on edible wild plants — was one of our very first guests on ReWild Yourself Podcast (way back in Episode #2!), and I’m so honored to have him back on the show for Episode #152 to discuss a fundamental topic for the conscientious forager: Ecoculture. Sam has authored two award-winning books on foraging, Nature’s Garden and The Forager’s Harvest, and he’s soon-to-be-releasing a third volume in his Forager’s Harvest series, Incredible Wild Edibles. He has taught foraging and field identification for more than two decades. Besides lecturing and writing, Sam is an advocate for sustainable food systems who owns a diverse organic orchard in northern Wisconsin and harvests wild rice, acorns, hickory nuts, maple syrup, and other wild products. For Sam, hunting and gathering is not just a passion he pursues on the si
12/07/20171 hour 37 minutes 31 seconds
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Ancestral Amnesia & the Village Mind - Stephen Jenkinson #151

Stephen Jenkinson is back on ReWild Yourself Podcast to stretch our minds and hearts as he shares with us a bit of his elder wisdom on restoring real human culture. Stephen is a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching house and learning house for the skills of deep living and making human culture. In our last interview (Episode #34) — a humbling conversation for me — Stephen shared insight into dying wise in our death phobic society. In today’s conversation, we focus on living wisely and meaningfully in our modern culture of self-hatred, entitlement, unwillingness to live deeply and lost connection to what makes us human. He leaves us with an empowering message on living a purposeful life, not just for ourselves, b
05/07/20171 hour 20 minutes 54 seconds
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Eating Aliens - Jackson Landers #150

Can we eat our way out of our "invasive species" dilemma? Jackson Landers thinks that's part of the solution. The issue of invasives is becoming more prevalent as these species continue to spread, causing ecological destruction and the loss of native species and habitat all throughout our planet. As foragers and hunters, we have the opportunity to assist in the management of these non-native invasive species by targeting them when hunting and gathering.  We’ve been discussing invasive species throughout this season of ReWild Yourself Podcast, and today’s interview will be the first in an informal series investigating the topic. Our guest Jackson Landers is here to share his personal experience with eating invasives. Jackson is an author, science writer and adventurer based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, specializing in wildlife out of place. His most recent book, Eating Aliens, chronicles a year and a half spent hunting and fishi
28/06/20171 hour 46 minutes 37 seconds
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Adventures in Unschooling & Practiculture - Ben Hewitt #149

Author and practiculturalist Ben Hewitt is back on ReWild Yourself Podcast to give us a peek inside his adventures in building a lifestyle living with and from the land. Ben resides on a thriving 100-acre homestead in Vermont where he and his family explore back-to-the-land living, permaculture design, wildcrafting, traditional skills and alternative education paths for their two sons.  In this episode, Ben shares on the evolution of his family’s personal journey as modern homesteaders. We discuss alternative childhood education and how his sons’ education paths have evolved in some unexpected directions. We also get into the topics of community-based living vs self-sufficient living, harvest sharing and how to strike a balance between foraging and farming. Ben’s non-dogmatic approach to this lifestyle is refreshing, and he has some wonderful insights for those aspiring to build their own ReWilded homestead. EPISODE BREAKDOWN:</h2
21/06/20171 hour 28 minutes
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MovNat, How to Get Involved Now — Danny Clark #148

I’m often asked for advice on career opportunities in the world of ReWilding. Many people feel stuck in the rut of a 9-5 and dream of doing work in the world that’s fulfilling, meaningful, adds value to the lives of others and is in line with their personal beliefs and values. I’ve spent over a decade setting up a lifestyle where work and play blend seamlessly. It is a beautiful thing to wake up each day and do work that fuels you with passion, drive and purpose. I’ve seen health and wellness “trends” come and go over the years, and I’ve found the ones that stand the test of time are those rooted in our ancestral biology. Natural movement is one such niche of the ReWilding lifestyle, and today’s episode instructs on how you can get involved with natural movement as a career path. Danny Clark — MovNat Performance Director and Master Instructor —  is here to share a bit about the MovNat Trainer Certification program with us. MovNat is more
17/06/20171 hour 38 minutes 39 seconds
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Why I Eat Wild - Daniel Vitalis #147

Why do I eat wild? There are many reasons behind my choice to eat wild and many levels at which this question can be answered. Eating food is perhaps the most intimate act we perform, as my friend and regular podcast guest Arthur Haines so eloquently expresses in his lectures. The food — the organisms — you eat literally becomes your body. And, as we know, the dietary choices we make have vast implications on our environment as well as ourselves. Food, and where it comes from, reaches right to the heart of what it means to be human. Our dietary choices today deeply impact the future generations to come. Knowing this, it’s so important to be conscientious about the food we consume and how we choose to interact with our interconnected web of ecology. In my first solo episode of the season, I unpack what eating wild — and living a modern hunter-gatherer lifestyle — means to me personally.
14/06/20172 hours 9 minutes 54 seconds
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Ask a Mortician - Caitlin Doughty #146

Caitlin Doughty — mortician, author and death acceptance advocate — joins us for a candid and humorous exploration of our mortality. Caitlin is on a mission to help our death-phobic society overcome anxieties about death and make death a part of life. She sheds light on all areas of death and the dying process in her popular Youtube channel “Ask a Mortician” and New York Times best-selling book Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. She founded the death acceptance collective The Order of the Good Death and co-founded Death Salon. She also runs Undertaking LA, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit progressive funeral home that empowers families to have a closer relationship with their loved one’s death. In this episode, Caitlin guides us through our rights — post mortem — and encourages us to consider a question not many are prepared to face: How would you like to die? Throughout our human history, families were responsible
03/06/20171 hour 29 minutes 21 seconds
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Through Use: Awakening Human Ecology - Thomas Elpel #145

Thomas J. Elpel is an author, builder, conservationist and a pioneer in experiential education. Inspired by his childhood adventures exploring and foraging the wild lands of Montana with his grandmother, Thomas developed a passion for the natural world at a very young age. He has dedicated his life to igniting this same passion in others and is a living example of the ReWilding lifestyle. In this episode, Thomas and I discuss the importance of developing a deep and interactive relationship with nature. He elaborates on a concept we often discuss on ReWild Yourself Podcast — conservation through use. In order to be true advocates for conserving ecology, we must participate in it; not just observe it. Thomas shares how we can foster our connection to nature and find our place in the ecosystem through hunting, gathering and learning primitive skills. He also shares a bit about life as a hunter-gatherer in Montana, including a fascinating sto
31/05/20171 hour 44 minutes 20 seconds
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Miscarriage, Menstruation & Mindful Mothering - Chloe Parsons #144

My dear sister Chloe Parsons joins us on ReWild Yourself Podcast to talk all things motherhood. Chloe blends her unique experience as a nutritional therapist, MovNat trainer and a mother of two to invigorate modern women with renewed perspective on health and happiness. She works with clients and actively shares her learning experiences in health, mothering and life as on Instagram. In this episode, Chloe and I open up about a very intimate subject: our miscarriage stories. We share our own unique experiences with miscarriage, how it affected us and how we processed our reproductive grief. Additionally, Chloe recounts her firsthand experience with pregnancy, childbirth and mothering two children and discusses the philosophies that guide how she mothers. We also get into the topics of breastfeeding, menstruation, the importance of family and how Chloe incorporates movement into day to day life with her two children. If you’re
24/05/20172 hours 1 minute 56 seconds
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The Hidden Cost of Veganism - Lierre Keith #143

In past episodes of ReWild Yourself Podcast, I’ve explained why I’m not a vegan (ReWild Yourself Podcast #94) and, instead, why I’m a conscientious omnivore (ReWild Yourself Podcast #100). In my personal quest for the most natural diet for the human animal, I was a vegan for about 10 years, and The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith was an impactful read for me as I transitioned back to an omnivorous diet. I’m thrilled to have Lierre Keith — former vegan, best-selling author and environmentalist — join us to share about her experience with veganism. Lierre spent 20 years eating a vegan diet, and in that time, she did significant damage to her body. Only when she began
19/05/20171 hour 40 minutes 39 seconds
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Things Your Doctor Can't Say - Dr. Jack Wolfson #142

Dr. Jack Wolfson “The Paleo Cardiologist” joins us on ReWild Yourself Podcast for a lively conversation on everything from natural heart health to vaccines to geoengineering. Dr. Wolfson is a board-certified cardiologist who believes bad nutrition and toxins create heart health problems. At his practice, Wolfson Integrative Cardiology, he uses in-depth testing and targeted nutrition to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease — treating the whole person, getting to the cause of the issue, instead of treating only the symptoms.  Dr. Wolfson is bold, honest and passionate about awakening the world to wellness and a holistic approach to healthcare. In this episode, he breaks down the landscape of holistic cardiology and how he works with patients who are transitioning from conventional cardiology to a more natural approach. Our interview also takes us into some taboo areas — the vaccine debate and geoengineering, in particular — and Dr. Wolfson and I share our personal beliefs s
17/05/20171 hour 37 minutes 30 seconds
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On Lions, the San and Being Alone — Dr. Nicole Apelian #141

Dr. Nicole Apelian joins us to share about her experience living with Lions and the San Bushmen in southern Africa. Nicole is a scientist, mother, educator, researcher, expeditionary leader, safari guide, herbalist and traditional skills instructor. Nicole’s background is as diverse as it is impressive. She has worked as a game warden with the US Peace Corps, spent time tracking and researching lions in southern Africa and she’s developed strong relationships with the San Bushmen tribe through years of living and working with them. A passionate educator, she currently leads yearly tracking & bird language expeditions through the Kalahari alongside the Naro Bushmen. Nicole continues her work with the San Bushmen to help them find strategies to preserve their traditions and is currently cataloging indigenous plant uses with a community of Naro Bushmen who regard her as family. In this episode, Nicole gives us a peek inside the world of the
10/05/20171 hour 52 minutes 56 seconds
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The Barefoot Podiatrist - Dr. Ray McClanahan #140

Our feet are so much more capable than many of us are aware, and innovative podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan is here to share how we can attain strong, flexible, proprioceptive and resilient feet that engage their world meaningfully. In his 18 years as a podiatrist, Dr. Ray has learned that most foot problems can be corrected by restoring natural foot function. His practice, Northwest Foot & Ankle in Portland, Oregon, allows him to care for those who find their highest joy when in motion. He is also the inventor of Correct Toes, silicone toe spacers designed to place each toe in the correct anatomical position in relationship to each other and to the ground. In this episode, Dr. Ray shares the history of wearings casts (aka shoes) on our feet and the foot ailments that are caused by modern footwear and lifestyle. He breaks down our basic foot anatomy and the vast capabilities of the human foot when allowed to function in its natural fo
03/05/20171 hour 36 minutes 18 seconds
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Way of the Sea Huntress, Part Two - Kimi Werner #139

In part two of the Way of the Sea Huntress, professional spearfisherwoman Kimi Werner shares the beautiful story of her relationship with her local aquatic ecology and what led her from competitive spearfishing to spearfishing for food. Coming full circle, one of the most important parts of spearfishing for Kimi is getting to prepare her harvest to share with her loved ones and community. Tune in for an inspiring story of a woman dedicated to her craft and passionate about a healthy, sustainable future for our global community. And if you enjoy this conversation, check out part one where Kimi and I go deeper into her spearfishing hunting practice! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Introducing Kimi Werner How Kimi became a spearfisherwoman What led Kimi to competitive spearfishing Spearfishing in Hawaii vs Rhode Island Walking away from competition Who is Kimi today Participat
26/04/20171 hour 8 minutes 1 second
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Way of the Sea Huntress, Part One - Kimi Werner #138

The ocean has long been a source of sustenance, inspiration and adventure for Kimi Werner. Free diving to the ocean floor on a single breath to catch each day’s meal, Kimi is intimately connected with her local ecosystem. Her passion for spearfishing and ocean ecology has led her to be a heart-driven voice for conscientious hunting and conservation. Growing up off the grid in an isolated part of coastal Maui, Kimi was introduced to spearfishing by her father, who freedove for her family’s primary food source. Discovering her passion for free diving later in life, she went on to become the U.S. National Spearfishing Champion.  While there are many complexities to identifying as a hunter, Kimi believes that conscientious hunting is a meaningful way to have true connection to where our food comes from. We discuss this, as well as the role hunters play in restoring the earth back to balance. For those who are interested in the more tac
26/04/20171 hour 43 minutes 7 seconds
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Cross Your Threshold — Into the Unknown - Petra Lentz-Snow #136

“…The modern day renewal of rites of passage is essential not only for the health of the individual, but also for the health of our communities and for the planet." -School of Lost Borders Petra Lentz-Snow has guided vision fasts and wilderness rite of passage programs for over 20 years and is currently serving as Co-Director and Board Member at the School of Lost Borders. A rite of passage is a ceremony or ritual that marks a transition into a new life stage. Some rites of passage occur naturally over the course of your life and others are brought about by crisis or a significant change in your life. The modern day renewal of rite of passage ceremonies, initiated by organizations like the School of Lost Borders, gives us the opportunity to intentionally step into our lives more fully and reclaim our indigenous soul. In this episode, Petra gives us an in-depth look into the purpose and process of rites of passage, both naturally-occurring and intentio
12/04/20171 hour 31 minutes 31 seconds
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Nature’s Interconnected Lesson Plan - Chris Morasky #135

Chris Morasky is a wildlife biologist with 30 years experience teaching Stone Age skills and nature connection and is considered one of the top Stone Age skills experts in North America. After many years spent living in the wilderness and small communities of British Columbia, Idaho and Utah, Chris left his primitive lifestyle and transitioned to living in the metropolis of Los Angeles. Through this experience, Chris has gained a unique perspective on the intersection of ancient skills and future technology, and he’s here to tell us why it’s essential for humanity to understand how to merge the wisdom of our ancestors with the ideas and technology of the future. In this episode, Chris encourages us to look at the bigger picture philosophies of ReWilding. While learning how to tan a hide and start a friction fire are valuable skills, the true purpose of ReWilding can sometimes get lost in these minut
05/04/20171 hour 53 minutes 35 seconds
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Human Milk is the Human Norm - Jennifer Grayson #134

"Scientists mapped the human genome a decade ago, but we still haven’t mapped what’s in human milk.” —Jennifer Grayson Jennifer Grayson — breastfeeding mother and author of Unlatched: The Evolution of Breastfeeding and the Making of a Controversy — has made it her mission to find out how & why we've moved away from breastfeeding as a society and to identify what needs to happen for human milk to once again become the human norm. In this eye-opening conversation, Jennifer takes us on a journey through the timeline of our attempts to re-create breastmilk and the industrialization of feeding our babies. While breastfeeding has been making a comeback in the last few years, this natural, ancestral practice is still considered controversial and taboo in our society, and Jennifer shares what we can
29/03/20172 hours 28 minutes 54 seconds
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Mirror Neurons, ShapeShifting & the Body Map - Simon Thakur #133

Simon Thakur is the creator of Ancestral Movement — an approach to embodied practice aimed at radically transforming and expanding the sense of self, by exploring and rediscovering patterns of movement and awareness that are part of our species’ history, both recent and ancient.  In this episode, we explore how to open up the realm of infinite expression with our bodies through a basic understanding of mirror neurons, body-mapping, comparative anatomy and animal mimicry. While that might sound complex, Simon explains that "As we explore, we find that the body is full of layer upon layer of extraordinary, ancient, ancestral power – four billion years of adaptation and embodied knowledge – and we start to anchor this understanding of shared ancestry and vast evolutionary timescales in the actual feeling of the body itself." Simon encourages us to become aware of the structural and behavioral similarities we share with other
22/03/20171 hour 46 minutes 8 seconds
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The Gateway Bug - Johanna Kelly & Cameron Marshad #132

"Two billion people in 80% of the world’s countries consume insects as part of their daily diet, and entomophagy has been practiced by those cultures for thousands of years.” In today’s bonus ReWild Yourself Podcast episode, I talk with the creators of the new documentary film The Gateway Bug, Johanna B. Kelly and Cameron Marshad. Johanna and Cameron are passionate about entomophagy and its potential to massively improve the sustainability of our current broken food industry. During the making of The Gateway Bug, they learned the ins and outs of the booming American edible insect industry, and they give us an inside look into the current landscape and what we can expect in the future. I hope this interview leaves you inspired to begin including edible insects in your diet! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: <ul id="yui_3_17_2_11_1487783418151_1413"
22/02/20171 hour 20 minutes 30 seconds
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Winter Playlist: ReWilding Movies - Daniel Vitalis #130

During the winter season, we tend to spend more time indoors. This winter I’ve been spending my indoor-time honing some ReWilding skills — such as my hand drill practice (friction fire), tending to my fishing lines (for ice-fishing), and processing foods from the fall harvest. My partner Avani and I like to watch a movie, documentary, or episodic show while we carry out the rhythmic processing of our acorns into flour. While there’s some obvious irony in the idea of using modern media to “inspire” ReWilding, video has all but replaced the stories told by our elders around the fire each night. I am always on the hunt for fresh, inspirational media and thought I’d share a few of my favorites — some new, some old — with you!
02/02/20171 hour 2 minutes 29 seconds
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For the Love of Fat - Nora Gedgaudas #128

My friend Nora Gedgaudas — author, nutritionist and repeat ReWild Yourself Podcast guest — joins me to discuss the essential nutrient that our bodies literally evolved to eat: Fat. In her latest book Primal Fat Burner (coming soon to a bookstore near you!), Nora refutes the popular mainstream belief that saturated fat is the culprit of disease and shares how dietary fat is actually crucial to vibrant physical and mental health. We cover a lot of ground in this episode as Nora guides us through the ancestral diet we are built for, the nutrients we need to acquire from animal-sourced foods and cultivating a foundational metabolism. We also get into some fascinating side tangents — from ethical issues in the world of natural foods to corporate funding of veganism to alcohol to feminism. Enjoy! EPISODE BREAKDOWN:
05/01/20172 hours 7 minutes 5 seconds
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ReWild Resolutions - Solstice Special — Daniel Vitalis #127

Season 2 of ReWild Yourself Podcast is coming to a close, and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for your support this year! This episode is debuting on the Winter Solstice, a time of the year when many of us are reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the upcoming journey around the sun. In 2017, I’d like to encourage you to renew your ReWilding vow and become a master of the elements. I take you through each element — Earth (food), Water, Air, Fire — sharing my personal resolutions, as well as my suggestions for how you can resolve to upgrade your life and strengthen your relationship with each element.  In each episode of ReWild Yourself Podcast this season, I’ve been asking each guest the same question: What is your prognosis for the future of the human species? I recap on the answers we’ve heard this past year and share my current thoughts on the topic. <p id="yui_3_17_2_1
21/12/20161 hour 48 minutes 31 seconds
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Strategies for Gut Health - Summer Bock #126

Summer Bock believes that good health starts in the gut, and she is dedicated to helping people heal their digestive issues naturally. You have about three pounds worth of microbiota lining your gut that is active, diverse and affects way more than just your digestion. In this interview, Summer is here to share how you can for keep your gut strong, healthy and motile. We discuss her top strategies for repopulating gut flora, how stress affects your gut health and what you can do about it, how to remineralize your body and we even get into the growing trend of fecal transplants. This interview is a great reminder that we need to eat from all Four Kingdoms: Animal, Plant, Fungal and Bacterial. I hope it inspires you to infuse your diet with more fermented foods and cultivate a healthy, robust gut flora. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: <ul id="yui_3_17_2_10_148191441
16/12/20161 hour 31 minutes 50 seconds
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ReWild 101 - Arthur Haines and Daniel Vitalis #125

Arthur Haines — botanist, taxonomist, primitive skills practitioner and a regular guest on ReWild Yourself podcast — is back on the show, and we have some VERY exciting news to share with you. For the past year, Arthur has been pouring his heart into writing a book that is a foundational education in human ecology and the ReWilding lifestyle. From the diet of Homo sapiens to a look at civilizations past to expanding comfort zones through hormesis, Arthur takes us through the book chapter by chapter, hitting the highlights of each topic as we go. At the heart of the book, and Arthur’s message, is something many of us feel — the missing lynchpin: a need for sustainable and rejuvenate ReWilding community. In the past few shows, I’ve been hinting at an online program Arthur and I have put together for the upcoming winter season. This program will be a great way to stay connected with Arthur and I — and the ReWilding community — throughout the
14/12/20161 hour 35 minutes 2 seconds
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Self-care, A Woman's Guide - Nadine Artemis #124

Nadine Artemis is a trailblazer in the new paradigm of women’s self care, and in this interview, she lays out her favorite practices to nurture the female body. Nadine is the founder of Living Libations — an exquisite line of lotions, potions, scents, creams and essential oils that I use personally — and a regular guest on ReWild Yourself podcast. In our past two interviews, Nadine has detailed her Stop, Seal and Seed method for dental care and skin care, and in this episode, she shares how women can apply this method to vaginal care. We learn what conventional female body care products and practices to avoid and Nadine’s favorite natural alternatives. We also discuss breast health and care, and Nadine reveals some fascinating information on breast cancer that is important for every woman to explore. Nadine’s nourishing self care practices are simple, low maintenance and accessible to all. Ladies (and the men who love them), I hope you en
07/12/20162 hours 4 minutes 7 seconds
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Vibram, How FiveFingers Came To Be - Chris Melton #123

As an avid barefooter, I’ve tried countless barefooting shoes over the years, but none compare to Vibram FiveFingers. I’ve been a fan of FiveFingers for some time — they have allowed me to develop a foot dexterity, nimbleness and strength that I didn’t know was possible! It was so exciting to get a chance to talk to Vibram’s Director of Sales and Distribution, Chris Melton. Chris shares the story of Vibram's early beginnings, how FiveFingers came to be, the evolution of some of their most loved models and what we can look forward to from them in the future. Most importantly, he answers every Vibram fan’s burning question: Is it pronounced Vee-bram or Vy-brum?? Whether you’re a loyal Vibram FiveFingers aficionado or a fan of barefooting in general, this show is for you! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel answers your questions on: His top fabric choices for clothing Squirrel hunting Rationin
02/12/20161 hour 17 minutes 11 seconds
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Neurogenesis and the Better Brain - Dr. Brant Cortright #122

Our brains produce new brain cells throughout our entire lives through a process called neurogenesis, and in this podcast, Dr. Brant Cortright is going to share what this means for our brain health and how we can enhance the way our brains operate. Dr. Cortright is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies, specializing in cutting-edge brain health and neuroscience-informed depth therapy. When we increase the rate of neurogenesis, we see things like improved cognitive function, better memory, less stress, more energy and increased immune health. When we decrease the rate of neurogenesis, however, we see the opposite: poor cognition and memory, increased stress and anxiety and decreased immune health. In this interview, Dr. Cortright discusses the diet and lifestyle components — which mirror the ReWilding diet and lifestyle — that are crucial for yo
30/11/20161 hour 35 minutes 59 seconds
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Movement Ecology - Katy Bowman #121

How much of your movement are you outsourcing? Biomechanist and best-selling author Katy Bowman is back on ReWild Yourself podcast to share how we can transition to a more movement-rich lifestyle by outsourcing less of our daily needs and operations. Katy is passionate about Nutritious Movement, "a whole-body movement program that utilizes Movement Micronutrients, Movement Macronutrients, and habitat (lifestyle) changes to nourish all trillion of your body’s parts.” In this interview, we cover some of the valuable material in Katy’s new book Movement Matters where she dissects our cultural sedentism and the issues with our convenience-fueled society. We discuss simple ways to enter the world of foraging, how to stack your life to make the most of your time and energy, the luxury of exercis
23/11/20161 hour 36 minutes 44 seconds
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The Science of the Spiritual - Dr. Dan Siegel #118

What is the mind? How does the mind differ from the brain? These are some of the questions Dr. Daniel Siegel explores in his second appearance on the ReWild Yourself podcast. Dr. Siegel is a noted neuropsychiatrist and New York Times best-selling author, and he has just released a new book that delves into consciousness, subjective experience and the self-organizational properties of the mind. In this episode, we go deeper into some of the topics we covered in our first conversation. We discuss how Dr. Siegel navigates the worlds of science and spirituality in his work, how brain activity differs from the mind, our perception of time and his hopes for his work in mindsight and personal transformation. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel Vitalis shares and answers your questions on: <ul id="yui_3_17_2_11
02/11/20161 hour 34 minutes 11 seconds
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Why I Hunt - Daniel Vitalis #117

Over the past year, I have fully immersed myself in the hunting side of the modern hunter gatherer lifestyle. From trout and deep sea fishing to hunting wild turkey, black bear and coyote, my experiences harvesting wild animals to put meat on my table have been profound and life-changing, and I’d like to share my story with you. As a conscientious omnivore, I’m always striving to develop a closer relationship with the food I consume. Through hunting and gathering bio-regionally, I’m able to participate with my local ecology and develop an intimate relationship with the place I call home. In this solo episode, I detail the reasons why I hunt and share a bit about how I got started and how you can too. Deep gratitude to my mentors, to the wild creatures who have become part of my body and to you for your support of my journey to deepen my connection to my local ecology and ancestral heritage. EPIS
26/10/20162 hours 12 minutes 59 seconds
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Real Food, Fake Food - Larry Olmsted #115

Are you eating what you think you are? As a modern hunter gatherer, I am quite conscious and meticulous about the foods I consume. I base my diet on a Four Kingdoms approach (eating from the animal, plant, fungal and bacterial kingdoms), and I strive to source the majority of my food bio-regionally. I still shop at Whole Foods and occasionally dine at farm to table-style restaurants, of course, and I was shocked to learn of the rampant food fraud that extends to seemingly reputable grocers and eateries. Award-winning food journalist and travel writer Larry Olmsted wrote a comprehensive exposé on fraud in the unregulated food industry, and he is here to reveal some of the industry’s most adulterated foods. He teaches us how we can be more vigilant consumers as we navigate grocery store aisles, food labels and restaurant menus. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: <ul id="y
12/10/20161 hour 32 minutes 2 seconds
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Wild Movement, Urban Landscapes - Julie Angel #114

Julie Angel is a filmmaker, author and photographer who documents the current ‘age of athletisiscm’ with a focus on Parkour, MovNat, buildering and much more. What’s buildering, you might be asking? I thought it was a typo at first, too, but Julie explains this small, but passionate, subculture as we get into the fascinating world of urban movement mavericks.  In this interview, Julie takes us back to the early beginnings of Parkour. In researching her Parkour-themed PhD thesis, she spent time on the streets getting to know the Yamakasi — the original group of Parkour practitioners — and got an up-close and personal look into the lives of these interesting characters who shaped the modern Parkour movement. To me, Parkour represents human wildness  breaking free in domesticated landscapes — the human animal in movement across urban habitat. City dwellers, take note, this can be a unique way for you to
07/10/20161 hour 32 minutes 6 seconds
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Last Common Ancestor - Craig Stanford #113

What a treat it was to talk with primatologist and biological anthropologist Craig Stanford. If you’re a regular listener of ReWild Yourself podcast, you probably know how deeply fascinated I am with the great apes. I think they give us a window into understanding ourselves biologically, into understanding our wildness and even help us to glimpse into our origins. Craig — author of sixteen books and over one hundred scholarly and popular articles — has studied chimpanzees extensively, studying their hunting behavior in Tanzania in collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall, studying chimps and mountain gorillas in Uganda and more. He takes us on a journey to the meeting place of primatology and anthropology. He breaks down the social behaviors of some of the great apes, focusing on chimps and bonobos, and shares some of his controversial findings on the popularized "peaceful bonobo" research. This interview
05/10/20161 hour 48 minutes 13 seconds
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Grassroots Bioremediation - Leila Darwish #111

Leila Darwish, community organizer and grassroots bioremediation expert, joins me on the podcast to give us an inside look into the promising possibilities of bioremediation to heal our earth’s most damaged landscapes. Bioremediation is the use of biological agents to remove or neutralize contaminants; allying with living systems to detoxify contaminated environments. Leila has worked as a community organizer in Canada and the US on campaigns such as tar sands, fracking, nuclear energy, coal, climate justice, water protection, and more. Her energy and optimism in the face of these devastating environmental issues is inspiring. In this interview, Leila shares an overview of bioremediation and how it’s successfully being used to recover many toxic landscapes in North America, how she remains positive, governmental outloo
28/09/20161 hour 54 minutes 33 seconds
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Trauma Awareness & the Spiritual Bypass - Dr. Gabor Maté #110

Renowned speaker and bestselling author Dr. Gabor Maté joins me for a powerful conversation on addiction and takes us into the heart of where trauma originates. With years of both scientific research and direct interaction with patients challenged by hard-core drug addiction and mental illness in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Dr. Maté offers a unique and authentic perspective on the topics of addiction, mind-body wellness and ADD. In this interview, Dr. Maté illuminates how our modern society perpetuates trauma by fostering a culture of disconnection and dissociation. From childhood trauma to trauma passed down to us from the generations that went before us, many of us carry unresolved trauma that often materializes in addiction. Addictive behavior goes beyond hard drug and alcohol addictions; our society is wrought with addictions to things like caffeine, less-than-optimal foods and dissociative beh
14/09/20161 hour 39 minutes 41 seconds
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A More Capable Human - Stefano Tripney #109

Stefano Tripney is a contextual movement coach and MovNat certified trainer who creatively bridges the inner workings of the mind and body with our collective external landscapes in order to explore, learn, experience, and play with the world and our place in it. Earlier this summer, Stefano and I spent a week together hiking through the forests of Maine, gathering wild foods, fishing and foraging wild water. In between harvesting wild pine pollen and trout fishing, we sat down at the ReWilding headquarters to discuss Stefano's philosophies on being a more capable human. During this fun and wide-ranging conversation, we get into the correlation between movement and cognitive ability, how to stay motivated to train, moving through dynamic and texture-rich environments, unstructured play, forest bathing and much, much more. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: <ul id="yui_3_17_2_9_1473857790395_2408" dir="ltr"
14/09/20162 hours 7 minutes 11 seconds
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The Reverent Hunter - Donnie Vincent #108

"Don't confuse me with being anything else other than proud. Proud to be a hunter. It's time we stop apologizing for how we get our protein. This is who we are. Unless you’re a small time rancher, small time farmer, a hunter or fishermen... you really have no idea where your food comes from. Most people don’t even think about it. Well, we think about it. ” —Donnie Vincent Donnie Vincent — explorer, biologist, conservationist, and sportsman — explores some of the world’s most remote lands, sharing stories of his expeditions through a variety of films that inspire conservation and a love and respect for wild places. Donnie is here to share some insights on hunting that, for many of you, may be surprising. He sets the record straight on the stereotype of the “typical” hunter, and sheds light on the passion for ecology and conservation that most hunters possess. We also get into some helpful tips for getting started in huntin
07/09/20161 hour 40 minutes 49 seconds
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F*ck Shoes - Daniel Vitalis #107

This solo episode is a comprehensive breakdown of my experiences with barefooting. As a long-time barefooting proponent, I’ve traversed thousands of miles of various terrain with bare feet or minimalist footwear, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the often unknown and under-utilized capabilities of the human foot. I detail my experiences wearing minimalist footwear in challenges like the Tough Mudder and GoRuck, as well as during my recent backcountry hunter course. I break down my favorite minimalist footwear brands, unpack the myth of arch support and share some not often discussed benefits of barefooting that I’ve discovered over the years. Note: This podcast is best enjoyed while walking barefoot on a forest trail. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel elaborates on his Moon Dance experience, how he learns, mento
31/08/20161 hour 57 minutes 22 seconds
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Your Skin, An Owner's Manual - Nadine Artemis #106

Radiant sense-visionary Nadine Artemis — creator of Living Libations — is back on ReWIld Yourself podcast! In this interview, Nadine gives us a complete breakdown of how to properly care for our skin with the Stop, Seal and Seed approach. She shares what dietary and self-care practices are proven to produce healthy, glowing skin, as well as what hygiene products and foods are less-than-optimal. You’ll learn why bacteria is your skin’s best friend, the popular skin care product that you most want to avoid, Nadine’s core skin care recommendations and so much more. Consider this an owner’s manual for your largest organ! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel answers your questions on glyphosate detoxification, meditation, learning practices and his favorite podcasts An exciting announcement! Nadine’s skin care beginnings Strategy vs simplici
24/08/20161 hour 50 minutes 36 seconds
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Survival Guide For Future Humans - Mike Adams #105

My long-time friend Mike Adams aka the Health Ranger joins us on the show to discuss lifestyle tips for the future human in the modern world. Mike is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist and science lab director. Mike lives his life with purpose and integrity, and his passion shines through his prolific work. Mike shares his latest research and findings on some of our modern toxicities like GMOs, glyphosate and radioactivity, and he offers his top lifestyle strategies to maintain resiliency and robust health in our post-industrial world. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, and we do venture into some areas of our current collective reality that are less than savory. Though we don’t go too far down those rabbit holes, these are subjects that, I feel, are vital to bring into our on-going discussion as we learn to navigate and a
17/08/20161 hour 16 minutes 9 seconds
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Healing the Land - Ben Falk #104

Ben Falk joins us to discuss permaculture and the art of regenerating landscapes. Ben is an author and the founder of Whole Systems Design, LLC, a land-based response to biological and cultural extinction and the increasing separation between people and elemental things. He shares about his experiences using permaculture to create edible landscapes and set ecosystems in motion. Ben, a former eco-warrior, has turned his passion for our earth into a beautiful dedication to healing the trauma of the land. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Daniel answer your questions on the role of dance in ReWilding and addresses your questions and comments on bear hunting How Ben got into permaculture Ben’s journey from eco-warrior to regener
10/08/20161 hour 34 minutes 7 seconds
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Staying Authentic in an Edited World - Luke Storey #103

My good friend Luke Storey has spent the past 20 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principles of nature and spirituality, while embracing technology and modern convenience. Luke is back on the show for an in-depth conversation on vulnerability and authenticity in our edited modern world. The health and personal development world tends to be filled with public figures projecting polished positivity and motivation, and while all of that has its place, true change is often inspired in others when you share vulnerabilities and shine light on your own shadows. Luke and I cover a lot of ground in this episode — from mentorship to podcasting to breatharianism to spirituality — but we continue to come back to this topic of authenticity and the rich fulfillment that comes from being true to your authentic self. EPISODE BREAKDOWN:
03/08/20162 hours 15 minutes 12 seconds
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Are you Kinesthetically Literate? - Tom Myers #101

Tom Myers — the originator of the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians — joins us on the show to teach us a bit about our anatomy and how the highly complex fascial network works in our bodies. According to Anatomy Trains, fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together; it’s the 3-D spider web of fibrous, gluey, and wet proteins that hold them all together in their proper placement. I met with Tom up at the Anatomy Trains headquarters in Maine, and in this interview, Tom shares his incredible philosophies on a wide range of topics. Our conversation traverses human domestication, the potentials of integrating movement with virtual reality, how we can train the movement of the next generation, stress and much more. Enjoy! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: <li id="yui_
27/07/20162 hours 24 minutes 24 seconds
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Why I’m a Conscientious Omnivore - Daniel Vitalis & Arthur Haines #100

  "To deny that humans are predators is comparable to rejecting that humans are communal organisms." — Arthur Haines In a recent podcast episode (<a href= "
20/07/20161 hour 58 minutes 45 seconds
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Why I Fish Tenkara - Daniel Galhardo #99

If you’ve been following my adventures this summer, you’ll know that I’ve been really into foraging wild protein, particularly fish, from my local landscape. I’ve grown to love the Tenkara fishing — a minimalist fly fishing method that originates in the mountains of Japan. Daniel Galhardo — founder of Tenkara USA, the first company to introduce Tenkara outside of Japan —joins us to share his passion for Tenkara and the world of trout fishing.  "A rod, line and fly. Line connects to the tip. Easy casting of a fly to spots where the fish are, intuitive landing. That's tenkara in a nutshell," according to Tenkara USA. In this interview, Daniel guides you through the basics of getting started fishing Tenkara. We discuss barriers to entering the world of fishing, fishing ethics, the complex world of Western fly fishing vs the simplicity of Tenkara and so much mo
13/07/20161 hour 35 minutes 9 seconds
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Strategic Relocation: Where should you live? - Joel Skousen #98

What is the best location for a ReWilder to live? I’m asked this question quite often, and in this episode, you’ll learn some important criteria to consider when thinking of where you want to live long-term. Joel Skousen — pioneer in the preparedness movement, author and publisher of the World Affairs Brief — joins us to discuss strategic relocation. From potential environmental and governmental threats to ReWilding lifestyle requirements, there is much to factor in when strategically relocating. Do you want the freedom to homeschool or practice alternative medicine where you live? Do you want to have access to wild places to forage, fish or hunt? Joel shares grounded insights from his comprehensive work in analyzing some of the best (and worst) places to live in the US for your best chance for long-term, optimal living. He ventures into some conspiracy areas at times, but this interview is primarily focused on providing you with a practical perspective on selecting your idea
06/07/20161 hour 15 minutes 12 seconds
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The Modern-Day Sweat Lodge - Clearlight #97

Sweating has always been an integral part of being human. Indigenous groups, like those in North America, used the sweat lodge used a sweat lodge, and today, many of us use saunas for this purpose. In this episode, you’ll learn the benefits of regular sauna use in my conversation with the leaders in the infrared sauna industry, Dr. Raleigh Duncan and Andy Kaps of Clearlight Saunas. When you’re using a sauna regularly, the health benefits are clear, and these benefits are also backed by extensive studies and research. The folks from Clearlight are here to share this fascinating research, as well as the details on their premier line of infrared, low EMF/ELF saunas. Tune in to learn why you should consider making regular sauna use a part of your overall health strategy! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: <li id="yui_3
01/07/20161 hour 12 minutes 7 seconds
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Building Better Vision - Jake Steiner #96

Jake Steiner — holistic eye guru & natural vision health advocate — learned how to naturally improve his -5D myopia and, in the past decade, has helped thousands of others get their healthy eyes back too. In this episode, Jake is here to give us the lowdown on myopia and how it isn’t actually a disease at all, but instead a contrived illness created by mainstream optometry. The cause of most nearsightedness is (surprise!) staring at screens, small text and the like for extended periods of time. You may be surprised to learn, however — especially those of you with eyesight issues — that myopia can be reversed. This interview is full of insights, tips and strategies on how you can do just that. Tune in to learn Jake’s unique, holistic approach to healing eyesight! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Jake’s story and how
29/06/20161 hour 29 minutes 42 seconds
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Eat Like A Centenarian: Culinary Genomics - Amanda Archibald #95

Amanda Archibald is a trailblazer in the field of Culinary Genomics — a unique interface between the culinary arts and genomic medicine — and her work is literally changing how we translate the science of nutrition. Science has proven that our lifestyle and dietary choices shape our epigenetic health. In this interview, Amanda details what lifestyle characteristics and foods can produce beneficial gene expression in your body and potentially help you to live a longer, healthier life. She shares some powerful insights on the topic of Social Genomics and the importance of community for epigenetic health that I think you’ll find particularly interesting. Learning how your daily habits and choices literally shape you on a genetic level is a vital tool to add to your toolkit! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: What is Culinary Genomics? The lifestyle characteristics of centenarians <li
21/06/20161 hour 27 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why I'm Not a Vegan - Daniel Vitalis #94

Why aren’t I a Vegan? I get asked this question all the time, and in this solo episode I break down the core reasons why I think we need to reexamine the Vegan approach. I consider myself to be a conscious omnivore and promote a Four Kingdoms approach to diet (eating from the animal, plant, fungal and bacterial kingdoms). In my personal quest for the most natural diet, I was a vegan for about 10 years. In this show, I’ll tell you a bit about my experience as a vegan, why I started eating animal foods again and why long-term veganism is an experiment and maybe not an appropriate diet for a healthy, robust human ape. In the end, I give a strategy for those who still want to see the world go vegan, and explain how they could best achieve that! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: The issue with “isms" <li id="yui_3_17
15/06/20161 hour 30 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

ReWilding North America - Dan Flores #93

Have you ever wondered what your local landscape was like in years past — before sidewalks, stop signs and modern buildings? In this episode, Dan Flores — author of American Serengeti andCoyote America — gives us some context about the history of our North American landscape and ecology. No matter where you are in the world, though, the story he shares is pertinent and relatable. In our very recent past, the Great Plains region of North America was a wild and undomesticated landscape rich with megafauna. Dan shares a bit about how the forces of domestication shaped the ecology of the Great Plains we know today and the promising conservation efforts going into the ReWilding of the American West. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: How an early fascination with nature & wildlife shaped Dan’s life and work <l
08/06/20161 hour 45 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spring water to your door? - Mukhande Singh #92

As we often discuss on this show, developing and maintaining a connection to the elements — fire, earth, water, air — is a vital component of a beneficial overall health strategy. Direct, personal connection to your water source is a topic I’m particularly passionate about, and I’ve offered strategies and best practices for procuring your own spring water in a previous episode of the podcast (Why I Forage Wild Water - Daniel Vitalis #80). Gathering your own spring water is not always possible for everyone, for various reasons (location, lack of time, etc), so for all of you on the West Coast, I have an exciting service to share. Fountain Of Truth Spring Water is sourced from the pristine Opal Springs, which emerges from the earth in the high desert of Central Oregon. Today’s gu
03/06/201655 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Discipline, Adaptation & Performance Breathing - Brian Mackenzie #91

Brian Mackenzie is a human performance and movement specialist, and the innovator of the endurance, strength and conditioning paradigm. Originally, I brought Brian on the show to talk with him about performance breathing (which we do discuss!), but our conversation ends up traversing some fascinating terrain on the topics of harmonizing with the natural world, conditioning your body for adaptation through hormesis, how practicing discipline can actually give you more freedom and why specialization is less than optimal. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Harmonizing with the natural world Merging nature with technology in human performance Hormesis — turning down comfort, turning up adaptation <li id="yui_3_17_2_6_1464796308903
01/06/20161 hour 18 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Awakening Women's Wisdom - Jeannine Tidwell #90

Ladies, this is the show you have been asking for! I’m so excited to have Jeannine Tidwell — co-Founder and co-Director with her husband, Tim Corcoran of Twin Eagles Wilderness School — join us to discuss women’s rites of passage. We had Tim Corcoran on the podcast a few weeks back to tell us all about men’s rites of passage, and we received numerous requests to have a follow up show with his wife Jeannine. In this interview, Jeannine shares about mentorship, courage, feminine wisdom and so much more. Enjoy! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Jeannine’s journey and early experience with mentorship Indigenous cultures vs modern cultures
25/05/20161 hour 5 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bone Broth, Fad or Functional Food? - Jordan Rubin #89

Bone broth is a vital food for the human animal. Rich in protein, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and key minerals & amino acids, this golden elixir protects your joints, heals & supports your gut, maintains healthy skin, boosts detoxification and supports your immune system. Jordan Rubin — NYT bestselling author, founder of Garden of Life & respected natural health expert — joins us for a bonus episode to talk about the benefits of bone broth and an exciting new SurThrival product launch. Jordan has helped to innovate and shape the modern nutritional supplement industry, and SurThrival is proud to partner with him to bring you a unique new supplement: Bone Broth Protein. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Jordan’s journey in natural health <li id="
19/05/20161 hour 25 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why We Need Community - Arthur Haines #88

My good friend and mentor Arthur Haines is back on the show to cover the topic of community. In our popular “How to Feed Your Human” series from last season of ReWild Yourself podcast, we briefly touched on the topic of community and so many of you reached out wanting us to go deeper. In this interview, Arthur joins me in-studio to delve into this fundamental and vital topic to the ReWilding lifestyle. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: What is community? War and peace The 9 traits of community: Place in common Hunter-gatherers were nomadic Small groups <
18/05/20161 hour 49 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Successful Self-Dentistry - Nadine Artemis #87

Nadine Artemis — creator of Living Libations & author of Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gum — is on the show today to discuss the components of a successful self-dentistry practice. Our teeth and gums are alive and capable of being rejuvenated, often without the intervention of conventional dentistry. In this interview, Nadine clears up many common myths about our teeth and dental environment and details how we can holistically care for our teeth through diet and her 8 Step Self-Dentistry protocol. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Catching up Nadine’s personal health journey Our teeth are like trees Teeth and gums can be rejuvenated <li id="yui_3_17_2_3_14629
11/05/20161 hour 31 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

Mindsight and the Plane of Possibility - Dr. Dan Siegel #86

"Awareness is the gateway for feeling the texture of lived life." —Dr. Dan Siegel In this episode, the fascinating Dr. Dan Siegel joins us for a conversation on the human mind and mindsight. Dr. Siegel — Harvard graduate, professor at UCLA & New York Times bestselling author — has lectured for the likes of the Dalai Lama, the Pope and the King of Thailand. "Mindsight is a term coined by Dr. Siegel to describe our human capacity to perceive the mind of the self and others." In this interview, Dr. Siegel explains how we can literally change our brains by developing the skill of mindsight, interconnectedness and h
04/05/20161 hour 21 minutes 57 seconds
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The bed cost how much?! - Claus Pummer #84

As I mentioned in Wednesday's show with Shawn Stevenson, this week we're bringing you a bonus episode of ReWild Yourself podcast! This interview, while a bit product-focused, is also rich in vital content; if you enjoyed Shawn’s interview, this is a great supplement. I've been hinting about my new bed for a while, and after 6 months of sleeping on it, I'm finally ready to detail my experience. Today I'm talking to Claus Pummer of Samina Sleep Systems. Claus is an expert on all things sleep, particularly setting up an ideal sleep environment. He’s here to share how we can optimize our sleep sanctuaries, give insights into sleep psychology and to take us on a tour of what I think is the healthiest bed on earth!  Two warnings abou
22/04/20161 hour 47 minutes 19 seconds
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Sleep Starts in the Morning - Shawn Stevenson #83

Shawn Stevenson — bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show — is back on ReWild Yourself podcast to motivate us to make sleep a primary focus as he details his latest sleep research. Sleep has been a big focus for me as of late. I find I’m able to get more out of my day if I allocate a larger portion of it to getting quality sleep. In this interview, Shawn provides us with some powerful takeaways, including one important piece on the sleep—gut health connection that was completely new to me, and I think you’ll find particularly fascinating. I hope our conversation inspires you to create a nightly sleep practice that rejuvenates your mind and body. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Shawn’s path to his sleep research How much sleep do you need? <li id="y
20/04/20161 hour 17 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Habits, the Power of Automated Decisions - Gretchen Rubin #82

Today’s show is all about getting the most out of your experience on planet earth. Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author and host of popular weekly podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin, joins us to discuss health, habits & happiness. You’ll learn why there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to formulating habits; rather habit formation is unique to you and your personality. In this takeaway-rich episode (grab your notebooks for this one, folks!), Gretchen lets us in on the secrets to habits and happiness she’s learned over years of research and observation. EPISODE BREAKDOWN:
13/04/20161 hour 10 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Initiate Them, or the Village Will Burn - Tim Corcoran #81

Tim Corcoran is co-Director of Twin Eagles Wilderness School, an organization he co-founded with his wife, Jeannine Tidwell, as a vehicle to support his life’s work of facilitating deep nature connection mentoring, cultural restoration, and inner transformation. In today’s episode, Tim takes us deep into the true essence of ReWilding. This interview is such a great reminder of why it’s so important to foster our connection with nature and all living beings. Tim discusses nature immersion, community-based approach to education and the importance of Rites of Passage for men and boys. I hope you come away from this interview inspired to reconnect with the natural world! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Tim’s childhood journey Tim’s work with men and children</l
06/04/20161 hour 22 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why I Forage Wild Water - Daniel Vitalis #80

My personal health strategy is based on the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. The food I consume, the air I breathe, the solar energy I take in, the water I drink.   I’ve been gathering my water from springs for the past decade, and today I’m going to share a bit about my personal water strategy and the spring water gathering best practices I’ve learned along the way!    EPISODE BREAKDOWN:  New show intro  Guest shout out  Beard care  Want to work with FindASpring?  4 Elemental health strategy  Spring water vs. tap water  <li id="yui_3_17_
30/03/20161 hour 18 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bugging Out with David George Gordon #79

ReWild Yourself Podcast is BACK, and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off Season 2 than with the zany and lovable Bug Chef, David George Gordon. David is the award-wining author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook and has been designing delectable insect dishes for quite some time. With spring upon us (in the Northern Hemisphere), the opportunity to forage insects is drawing near, so now is the time to familiarize yourself with this ancient practice. In this interview, David shares some fascinating facts on the history of entomophagy, as well as some practical advice for getting started with eating (and enjoying!) insects. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: How David got into entomophagy Why does our culture find bugs so repulsive
23/03/20161 hour 9 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Feed Your Human, Part 3 - Arthur Haines #78

In the third and final installment of the How To Feed Your Human series, Arthur and I cover the fungal, bacterial, elemental and experiential food groups. This is one of my favorite conversations with Arthur to date! Topics range from adaptogenic mushrooms to lacto-fermented foods to the loss of firsthand experience and so much more. I hope this series has inspired you to reclaim your genome and begin to live a lifestyle with the Neo-Aboriginal of the future in mind! As you know, this is the last episode of the ReWild Yourself! podcast before we take a brief pause to reformat and revamp the show. What an incredible journey this podcast has been thus far, and I cannot wait to connect with you again in early 2016! Episode Breakdown: * Fungi are not plants * Immune-modulating components of fungi * Cultivated vs. wild mycelium * Pick your favorite fungi game * Civilization is an alcoholic * Eating scoby's * How to get probiotics in your diet * Fav
22/12/20151 hour 49 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Feed Your Human, Part 2 - Arthur Haines #77

How many plant species do you eat on a daily, seasonal or yearly basis? Before you answer that question, consider this: broccoli = kale = kohlrabi = cauliflower = cabbage = brussels sprouts = collard greens. They’re all variations of the same plant species, Brassica oleracea! The average American is eating far fewer plant species (roughly 30 a year!) compared to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn the importance of diet biodiversity and how it can affect your day-to-day functioning and, ultimately, your genetic expression. Arthur Haines is back on the show for the second installment in the How To Feed Your Human series! As a professional botanist, Arthur’s knowledge of the plant world is immense, and so we get into some pretty fascinating material, including wild foods, diet biodiversity, seasonal eating, anti-nutrients and much, much more. In part one, we talked animal foods, and you can listen to that episode here. Enjoy, and stay tuned
16/12/20151 hour 42 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Feed Your Human, Part 1 - Arthur Haines #76

Arthur Haines is back on the show! Arthur is both a mentor to me and a good friend, and he has been fundamental to many of the concepts presented on this podcast. As I mentioned last week, we’ll be taking a break from the podcast while we carry out a major revamp behind the scenes. Our very first podcast guest on ReWild Yourself! was Arthur Haines, and so I cannot think of a better way to close out this chapter than an interview series with Arthur. In this episode, we begin a discussion on how to feed your human, and Arthur presents the fundamental food groups for the ideal diet of the human animal. In part one, we focus on animal foods! Stay tuned for the next installments in this series where we will discuss plant, fungal, bacterial, elemental and experiential foods! Episode Breakdown: * Help! I’m lost! * Sleep podcast recap * Food group paradigm * How to achieve healthy genetic expression * The placebo effect * The new “food groups" * Food Grou
09/12/20151 hour 21 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sleep is a Nutrient - Arthur Haines #75

In a culture that praises work and getting the most out of the day, sleeping tends to be under-rated and, often, looked down upon. Seeing as we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, it’s about time we start treating sleep as an intentional practice rather than hitting the pause button on life. Arthur Haines is back on the show to share some fascinating scientific research on the sleeping habits of wild, indigenous peoples. The research results are in: quality sleep can have tremendously positive effects on your health and well-being. I hope Arthur’s grounded perspective inspires you to put focus and energy towards your personal sleep practice!   Episode Breakdown: * A new path * Conscious sleep practices  * When is the best time to go to sleep? * Did hunter gatherers sleep through the night? * Correlation between temperature and sleep * Effects of light and color of light on sleep * The importance of fire * Rising at the same time each day — consist
03/12/20151 hour 17 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Zombie Ticks and the Lyme Wars - Stephen Harrod Buhner #73

Every year in the United States, about 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease, according to recent studies. Symptoms of Lyme range from early on fever, achy joints and fatigue to long term severe migraines, short term memory loss and inflammation of brain and spinal cord. In this episode, Earth poet and award-winning author Stephen Harrod Buhner joins us to discuss this silent epidemic, how to avoid it and what to do if you contract it. We discuss his recently updated book, Healing Lyme, where he outlines leading scientific research, tests and treatment for Lyme disease. Stephen also shares his potent herbal protocol for treating Lyme, which has an amazing success rate: "75% of those who use the protocol as a core treatment regimen (along with other herbs and supplements as symptoms dictate) feel that they are cured." This interview is filled with helpful and crucial information for those infected with Lyme, have loved ones infected with Lyme or who live in areas
18/11/20151 hour 16 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Make a Daniel Vitalis - Neil Strauss #72

This the most vulnerable and intimate interview I’ve ever shared publicly. I’ve decided to release the full unedited version, where I share deeply personal moments from my fairly traumatic childhood, because I think it’s important that we begin to have this conversation. But first, let me introduce you to this week’s guest: My friend Neil Strauss is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Game, Rules of the Game, Emergency, and Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead. Most recently, Neil has published an incredibly powerful piece of work called The Truth: An Uncomfortable Books About Relationships. In this book, Neil shares some very intimate and personal moments from his past that shed light onto his adult relationships, which made me feel comfortable to share a bit about my past here. The theme of this show is mommy/daddy issues: we all have them — even those with seemingly perfect childhoods. Please have compassion on me, my family and yourself as you listen in. T
11/11/20151 hour 28 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mars, Venus, and Gender Intelligence - John Gray #71

John Gray is the leading relationship expert in the world and best-selling author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” His books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world. In this fascinating conversation, we discuss the philosophical and physiological components of polarity in men and women, and how to use polarity to create richer, more fulfilling relationships. John shares many insights he’s learned from his own personal relationship and experiences (and years of research, of course), and he offers countless strategies for increasing testosterone in men and oxytocin & estrogen in women. John is a true expert in his field, and this interview is brimming with juicy nuggets of information — you may want to listen more than once! Episode Breakdown: * Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus * Women, work & testosterone * How to double your testosterone in a week * Ejaculation and celibacy * Balancing polarity withi
05/11/20152 hours 1 minute 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Love, Fear and The Walking Dead - Jeff Kober #70

Jeff Kober is an actor/author who has spent much of the last 35 years studying metaphysics and meditation here in the US as well as in India. In this show, our conversation travels through a variety of topics, including Vedic meditation, the ego and the relationship between money and spirituality. This past year, I’ve picked up a daily meditation practice that has had profound impacts in my life, so it was exciting to talk to someone with 14 years of consistent daily meditation! I had such a great time speaking with Jeff whose authenticity and grounded-ness shine through in this interview. Enjoy, and let this inspire you to delve into the world of meditation if you have not already! Episode Breakdown: * How Jeff got interested in meditation * Happiness and meditation * Jeff’s personal meditation practice * How mantras work * What does 14 years of meditation practice look like? * Ego and meditation * The Kali Yuga age * The animal mind * Bui
29/10/20151 hour 10 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spotting Predators, Not Being Prey - Craig Douglas aka "SouthNarc" #69

What is your personal self-protection strategy? In this show, we’re joined by Craig Douglas aka “SouthNarc”, an incredible teacher in the world of self protection with a background as an undercover narcotics agent and former commander of his agency’s SWAT team. Craig is here to talk to us about protecting ourselves against predatory violence using some of the most important tactics to have in your personal self-protection arsenal: situational awareness and verbal skills to de-escalate situations. He shares some fascinating insights on how to identify a “bad guy,” as well as his thoughts on weapon-carrying. I hope this podcast inspires you to develop a more robust self-protection strategy! Always practice situational awareness! Episode Breakdown: * A bit about Craig’s work * Technologically-connected, but physically-disconnected * Craig’s time as an undercover police officer * What is a “bad guy”? * Museum martial art * Situational awareness * Wha
21/10/20151 hour 29 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Heat Comes From Within! Mastering Cold - Wim Hof, "The Iceman" #67

“What I am capable of, anyone can learn.” -Wim Hof Wim Hof — "The Iceman" — is internationally renowned for his countless ice endeavors that range from being up to his neck in a cylinder filled with ice cubes for over 90 minutes, swimming large distances under polar ice, running a marathon barefoot to climbing the Everest in nothing more than a pair of shorts. Wim has pioneered a practice of breathing and cold immersion that has allowed him to set countless world records and can help you to harness your inner strength and achieve robust health & well-being. In this episode, Wim shares from the heart on his journey confronting the cold and how his practices can help you become a better version of yourself in a very short time period. Our conversation was particularly powerful for me, as I’ve been playing around with Wim’s breathing and cold immersion techniques since we’ve spoken and have felt immediate positive effects. I share a bit about my experience so far in the begi
06/10/20151 hour 11 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meet the Life Stylist, Part 2 - Luke Storey #65

Welcome back to part two of my conversation with Luke Storey on setting up a holistic strategy for lifestyle design! Luke has spent the past 18 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principles of nature and spirituality, while embracing technology and modern convenience.  In this segment, we focus on our strategies for movement, sleep and meditation! If you missed it, check out part one where we break down our personal strategies and adaptations to modern life using a four elemental structure: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Episode Breakdown: * Integrating useful movement into your lifestyle * Optimizing your sleep routine in urban environments * Luke’s tactics for falling asleep when not tired * Pillow-less sleeping * The discipline of meditation * Spiritual connection through meditation and entheogens 
23/09/20151 hour 18 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meet the Life Stylist, Part 1 - Luke Storey #64

In this week's podcast, my good friend Luke Storey joins me for an intimate, peer to peer conversation on setting up a holistic strategy for lifestyle design. Luke has spent the past 18 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principles of nature and spirituality, while embracing technology and modern convenience.  Luke and I apply many of the same lifestyle principles to our very different lives, and in this rap session, we have an awesome time discussing our personal strategies and adaptations to modern life. We break it all down for you using a four elemental structure: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. We cover a ton of valuable, actionable information here, and so we’ve split up this episode into two parts. In part one, we get into our strategies on diet, water, air and sunlight. Stay tuned for part two (coming out next week) for our discussion on movement, sleep and meditation! Episode Breakdown: * Luke & Daniel’s history * How Luke got starte
16/09/20151 hour 20 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marriage: The Way We Never Were - Stephanie Coontz #63

Couples in the Paleolithic world would never have fantasized about running off by themselves to their own little retreats in the forest. No Stone Age lovers would have imagined in their wildest dreams that they could or should be “everything” to each other. That way lay death. ― Stephanie Coontz, Marriage, a History: From Obedience to Intimacy Stephanie Coontz is a marriage historian and author of seven books on marriage and family life. In this podcast, she takes us on a tour through the evolution of marriage and intimacy throughout human history. We discuss everything from egalitarianism to “the one” to polyamory vs. monogamy. This show is enlightening and adds another piece to the puzzle as we continue to dissect the mating styles of the human animal, here on the ReWild Yourself! podcast. Episode Breakdown: * The way we never were * Are we hardwired for egalitarianism? * The quest for in-laws * Marrying for love * The soulmate fantasy
09/09/20151 hour 7 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is Blue Light the New Smoking? - Dr. Edward Carome #62

Most of us are exposed to an abundance of artificial blue light on a daily basis, via our modern technology (lamps, cellphones, computers, TVs, etc). Our bodies physiologically respond to light from the blue portion of the spectrum with a state of wakefulness, via the suppression of melatonin production. This constant stream of artificial blue light is wreaking havoc on our circadian rhythms.   Today’s guest, a physicist, is one of the leading experts on this topic — Dr. Edward Carome. In this episode, you’ll learn how blue light interacts with our bodies by suppressing melatonin-production and some surprising, and not often discussed, effects this can have on us. Dr Carome relays some excellent strategies on how to minimize blue light exposure, particularly in the evening hours. Whether you are using these blue-light-producing modern devices on a daily basis or not, the information in this interview is extremely important! Enjoy, and please share your thoughts in the ReWi
02/09/20151 hour 30 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

The War on Consciousness - Johann Hari #61

The war on drugs, which in many ways is really a war on the freedom of our minds, restricts a natural, evolutionarily adaptive human behavior, that of exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness. Johann Hari — British journalist and author of Chasing the Scream — spent three years and journeyed thirty-thousand-miles investigating the war on drugs. In this show, Johann shares some of his discoveries through the stories of the people he met and interviewed along his journey. Let's have a look at some of the unexpected outcomes of restricting human access to psychoactive medicines. Episode Breakdown: * Is drug addiction real? * Substance abuse when coping with pain * The cultural repercussions of prohibition * Drug-related violence * Portugal’s experiment and the case for legalization * Animals and drug use * Modern drug education for children * Is there an end in sight for the war on drugs?
26/08/20151 hour 23 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Hidden Dangers of Toxic Mold - Dave Asprey #60

"Environmental toxic mold exposure is a massive health crisis that very few are aware of," said Asprey. "Mold toxins have been linked to damaging long-term effects including memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression, trouble concentrating, and even cancer and heart disease." From your home to your wine to your food… toxic mold is hidden in more places than you might think, and it can cause some serious health repercussions for those affected by it. In this interview, Dave Asprey — the Bulletproof Exec — explores the world of toxic mold with us. He sheds light on the common symptoms of mold exposure, diagnosing mold in your home and steps for removing mold & improving air quality in your habitat. He reveals startling information about mold in our food supply and gives us the rundown on some of the more common culprits. The information Dave presents in this interview, and in his Moldy documentary, is absolutely vital knowledge to have in your toolkit. Prepare to be
20/08/20151 hour 5 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Wild Diet & Modern Semi-Nomadic Living - Abel James #59

Abel James — author of The Wild Diet — joins us for a dynamic conversation on how he applies ancestral living concepts to his modern life. He breaks down the philosophies behind The Wild Diet, and we talk a great deal about how music, cooking and travel tie into the modern day ReWilder’s lifestyle. Prepare to be inspired to incorporate some of these ancestral practices into your own life! Episode Breakdown: * Able Abel * Using positive speaking to make positive change * Significance of the “Fat-Burning Man" * The Wild Diet explained * Music and its importance to Homo sapiens * Cooking and food * Being semi-nomadic and living for experience * Purging “stuff” for a richer life * Setting up a home base with intention
12/08/20151 hour 6 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finding Purpose and Rites of Passage - Erwan Le Corre #56

"We need to empower human nature; to rewild it.” -Erwan Le Corre Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat, joins us for an intimate and inspiring look into his life and business. In this heartfelt interview, Erwan takes us through the development of MovNat and also shares a bit about his personal journey with rites of passage, parenting and plant medicines.  Episode Breakdown: * How Erwan built his business * Rites of passage * How parenting has shaped Erwan * Importance of entheogens to our development * MovNat workshops and courses
22/07/20151 hour 18 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Finding Your Primal Posture - Esther Gokhale #55

“Stand up straight!” — one of the more common phrases heard during childhood. But what exactly does it mean to “stand up straight”? And is it causing more harm than good? Esther Gokhale thinks so and has dedicated her life’s work to researching indigenous postures and helping people incorporate an aligned, primal posture into their daily lives. In this episode, she goes over some common postural pathologies and gives us actionable tips to correct these and find our own primal posture. Esther walks me, step-by-step, through correctly aligning my spine — follow along with us!  We talk a great deal about natural movement on this show (see episodes with Erwan Le Corre, Ido Portal and Scott Sonnon), and posture is the foundational piece of the movement puzzle, folks! 
15/07/20151 hour 7 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Raising Human Apes: Child Rearing ReWilded - Arthur Haines #54

In this episode, we explore a primal parenting style honoring children as sovereign beings. Arthur Haines is back on the show to give us some insight into how he and his partner are raising their daughter Samara. He challenges some of today’s popular parenting styles — explaining their shortcomings and giving examples of what he and his partner do differently. This show is rich with takeaways on raising a sovereign child with the feral mindset. Listen with an open mind!  Here’s to the next generation of ReWilders! Episode Breakdown: * Children are sovereign humans * Corporal punishment vs. conscious communication * Helicopter parenting * Parenting in natural vs. urban environments * Cry it out parenting * It takes a village * Place-based education * Co-sleeping myths debunked and why you should consider co-sleeping * Arthur’s thoughts on teens and sex
07/07/20151 hour 46 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Do You Take This Man To Be Your Owner? - Daniel Vitalis #53

In this stream-of-consciousness rant, I break down the his-story of husbandry! Episode Breakdown: * Evolution of humans * Our ancient toolkit * Origins of hierarchy * The Creation Myth — His-story * I now pronounce you husband and wife * ReWild Your Mind
02/07/201557 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wise Interaction with the Sun - Nadine Artemis #52

It is a commonly-held (and media-fueled) belief in our culture that sun is bad and sunscreen is good. Not only is this inaccurate, but in fact, the opposite is true: Our skin is quite literally designed to be exposed to the sun’s rays, and sunscreen use actually causes a host of issues (one of which, ironically, is skin cancer). Nadine Artemis — sense visionary and founder of Living Libations — joins us to set the record straight on sun exposure and goes over how to properly interact with the sun for optimal health. Episode Breakdown: * Why you shouldn’t suntan through glass * How sunscreen works * Benefits of sungazing * Sunlight and bacteria * Why you don’t want empty vitamin D receptors * Negative press surrounding sun exposure and skin * Wise interaction with the sun * Kids and sun exposure * Our skin is designed to be exposed to the sun’s rays * What we ingest determines how our skin responds to sunlight * Skin cancer myths debun
25/06/20151 hour 27 minutes 43 seconds
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Unschooling Ourselves and Our Children - Ben Hewitt #51

Unschooling is a growing movement for those looking for an alternative to the traditional schooling system. Ben Hewitt — modern homesteader, unschooling father and author — calls it "self-directed, adult-facilitated life learning” or “immersion learning.” In this episode, Ben shares his experience with unschooling his two boys on their Vermont homestead. Rather than sitting at a desk, in a fluorescent-lit classroom, memorizing facts all day, Ben’s boys’ days are spent doing things like building barns, apprenticing with a local blacksmith and foraging food for that night’s dinner. Our conversation is fascinating, and whether or not you are a parent (or soon-to-be parent), if you went through traditional schooling for any portion of your life (most of us), you are sure to enjoy this show! Episode Breakdown: * How Ben & his family raise and forage 90% of their calories * Self-directed, adult-facilitated life-learning * Role of mentors in unschooling * A day in t
16/06/20151 hour 7 minutes 42 seconds
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Inside the Mind of Daniel Quinn - Daniel Quinn #50

“You're captives of a civilizational system that more or less compels you to go on destroying the world in order to live.… You are captives — and you have made a captive of the world itself. That's what's at stake, isn't it? —your captivity and the captivity of the world.” ― Daniel Quinn, Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit Daniel Quinn is the author of the best-selling book Ishmael and a pioneer in the concept of ReWilding. Daniel’s books had a massive influence on my life trajectory, and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to interview him! Our conversation traverses animism, the Sixth extinction and so much more. Many of you are familiar with Daniel’s work, but if you’re not, I encourage you to go pick up a copy of Ishmael right away. Find links to the show notes and his books below! And if you are a fan of Daniel’s, I’d love to hear what you thought of our conversation in the comments below. Enjoy! **Note: Our conversation was recorded vi
10/06/20151 hour 15 minutes 8 seconds
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Nature Deficit Disorder - Daniel Vitalis #49

Are you getting enough time outside for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual well-being? Join me for a stream-of-consciousness rant on strategically setting up a lifestyle that affords you nature-connection! No matter where you live, or what your current lifestyle is like, nature-connection is always possible. In this episode, I break down a few of my top practices to add into your repertoire to foster (or restore) your connection to the natural world. Episode Breakdown: * My recent endeavors in archery and movement programming * A look inside Elementary School * Can you go without tan lines this summer? * Going barefoot — experiencing the environment with your feet * Nature deficit disorder * Walking as a practice — reprogramming your movement * Strategically setting up a lifestyle that affords you nature-connection * ReWilding tips for summer
02/06/20151 hour 4 minutes 49 seconds
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The Practice of Sleep vs Just Passing Out - Shawn Stevenson #48

Can being awake less get you more out of life? Shawn Stevenson — bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show — joins us on the podcast to talk about the practice of sleep. Our modern society seems to celebrate those who sleep less — viewing them as "more productive" or "healthier" — when in actuality most of these people are chronically sleep-deprived and hurting their productivity and health in the long run. Shawn explains why getting optimal sleep is vital to operating at high performance and shows us how to set up our personal sleep practice so we can start getting better sleep....tonight! Episode Breakdown: * How Shawn got into sleep research * Society of the chronically sleep-deprived  * Our sleep cycles explained * Circadian rhythms and sleep hormones * Navigating sleep when you live and work in the concrete jungle * Best time to exercise for better sleep * The practice of sleep * Your bed is for sleep and sex — Shawn shares so
27/05/20151 hour 17 minutes 58 seconds
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Parenting, Stress Reduction Strategies & Optimizing Your Human Habitat - Ben Greenfield #47

Get your notebooks out for this episode, folks! Ben Greenfield — ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, Spartan racer, coach, speaker and New York Times Bestseller author — covers a lot of ground and delivers countless actionables in this interview. Ben shares some excellent primal parenting tips and his top strategies to reduce stress in everyday life. He even takes us on a (verbal) tour of his incredible home, which was clearly designed with the human ape in mind (; Prepare to be inspired! I’d love to hear 1-2 of your favorite takeaways from our conversation in the comments below! Episode Breakdown: * Ben’s upcoming wilderness retreat with his twin boys * Creatively adjusting your daily workout to include your kids * The enormous responsibility and privilege of being a parent and building a lineage * Engaging your children in the practice of gratefulness * Teaching kids alternative-to-sitting positions * The science of gratitude * Ben’s favorit
19/05/20151 hour 1 minute 52 seconds
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The Art of Parkour: Physically and Mentally Overcoming Obstacles - Ryan Ford #46

Ryan Ford — leading parkour athlete and coach — defines parkour as the "art of movement in which we’re training our body and mind to overcome obstacles efficiently." I've found — and Ryan speaks to this in the interview as well — that training to easily overcome physical obstacles directly relates to my ability to easily overcome mental challenges in life. I even did a video series on this very subject awhile back called the "Obstacles as a Metaphor" series. Find it in the show notes below! In this episode, Ryan gives us a peak inside the world of parkour — explaining its roots in natural movement, real life applications and tips for getting started. “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” -Frank A. Clark Episode Breakdown: * Origins of parkour * Physically and mentally overcoming obstacles * "Parkour vision" * Parallels of skateboarding and parkour * Training under pressure * Olympic Parkour * Who ca
12/05/20151 hour 7 minutes 11 seconds
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The Fourth Phase of Water - Dr. Gerald Pollack #45

You are most likely familiar with the three phases of water — solid, liquid and vapor — but did you know that there is also a fourth phase of water? Dr. Gerald Pollack relives the discovery of what he calls Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, which is basically "living" water that is highly structured and negatively charged. Spring water aficionados — this interview is for you!  Our conversation is heavy on the science, but fret not as we explain EZ water’s health-promoting effects in your body, as well as its applications in other areas of science. Aha-moments abound as Dr. Pollack and I merge scientific research with intuition! Listen closely for an emerging worldview around health and biology that’s hitherto been unexplored! Episode Breakdown: * What is water? * Water anomalies * How Dr. Pollack became interested in water * Discovering the fourth phase of water * Free infrared energy from the sun * You’re not neutral — you’re negatively charged * Health
05/05/20151 hour 23 minutes 35 seconds
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Cultivating Polarity in Your Relationships - Michaela Boehm #44

In this episode, wild woman Michaela Boehm joins us to explore polarity in relationships. Michaela teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and sexuality, and she is currently the only counselor in the world personally trained and authorized by David Deida (If you aren't familiar with Deida, definitely check out his prolific work).  Be warned — this interview may push some buttons, as Michaela and I dissect some popularly-held beliefs on happiness and relationships! Our one hour conversation is brimming with nuggets of insight on relationships, intimacy and becoming your best self. Enjoy! Episode Breakdown: * Michaela’s work * Are we supposed to be happy all of the time? * Polarity in relationships * The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon * How can guys get in touch with their true masculinity? * Maintaining sexual polarity while fostering both your feminine and masculine sides * Communicating your “flavor” needs to your part
28/04/20151 hour 10 minutes 41 seconds
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Why We Were Born To Walk - James Earls #43

James Earls — author of Born to Walk — talks to us about an important part of the movement conversation: fascia and bipedalism. Fascia is the 3-D spider web of fibrous, gluey, and wet proteins that hold our bones all together in their proper placement (from Anatomy Trains, go here for more details). Bipedalism, as I'm sure you know, is the act of locomoting upright on two legs. In our conversation, we explore James' fascinating knowledge on movement efficiency and how we may have evolved through walking. Episode Breakdown: * How James got into this work * Fascia being ignored for 2k years * What is tensgrity? * Why do dogs seem to move so easily? * Bipedalism * How did we evolve through walking? * Movement efficiency * Ground direction force
21/04/20151 hour 2 minutes 2 seconds
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Dispatch 8 Reflections - Daniel Vitalis #42

From oysters to getting rid of my couch to what I learned from Dispatch this stream-of-consciousness rant, I give you the rundown on what I've been up to lately and some of the new insights I've been incorporating into my life.  Episode Breakdown: * Daniel’s latest adventures  * Eating wild marine animals * Daniel’s relationship with Western furniture * Ideas for going “furniture-free” in your home * Thoughts on Dispatch 8 * Getting Things Done * Being fearless in purging things from your life * Immortality projects * Intentional mortality salience
14/04/201554 minutes 57 seconds
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Sitting Ninjas vs. Couchless Samurais - Katy Bowman #41

Biomechanist Katy Bowman joins us for a lesson in movement. While many of us think of movement as our 30-60 minute daily exercise session, Katy says it's what we do the rest of the time that counts. You will come away from this interview with a new outlook on your home and office habitat, and I hope it inspires you to make some positive changes to your environment! After talking with Katy, I got rid of my couch the next day...just sayin'... Episode Breakdown: * Exercise vs movement * Olympic sitters * Flaccid Fin Syndrome * Arterial plaque explained * Furniture-free living * Switching from normal shoes to barefoot shoes * How to build natural movement patterns * Tour of Katy’s furniture-free home * From pulling bows to asdfghjkl; — decreased hand use of modern humans * Standing is the new sitting * Where to find Katy’s work
07/04/20151 hour 15 minutes 52 seconds
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Developing Our Grief Intelligence - Darcy Harris, PhD #40

Dr. Darcy Harris is an expert on the grieving process, and in this interview, she explains how to be present in your own personal grief, as well as with someone who is grieving. Most of us have experienced grief in one way or another in our lives, and Darcy's therapeutic words can help us to understand how to embrace it and even allow it to deepen our experience in life. Episode Breakdown: * The grief process * What is thanatology? * Recognition of mourning * Implications of not directly interacting with death * Terror management theory * Speed dating for death * How to be with someone in grief * Planning for loss * Reproductive loss * Deepening our experiences through grief * Where Darcy draws inspiration * Grief and emoting * Misconceptions about the grieving process * Darcy gives you an assignment * The power of positive thinking doesn’t stop the fact that we die
31/03/20151 hour 6 minutes 25 seconds
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The Death of Domestication & the Birth of the New Aboriginal - Arthur Haines #39

In my final Dispatch conversation with Arthur Haines (not to worry...Arthur will continue to join us on ReWild Yourself! podcast!), we discuss the death of Homo sapiens domestico fragilis and traverse the vast spectrum of ReWilding. Episode Breakdown: * The extinction of indigenous humans * What is the ReWilding mindset? * The vast spectrum of ReWilding * Immersion in nature for better health * How to best spend 30 minutes in nature * Bringing wildness into your gut flora * Raising the next generation of ReWilders
24/03/20151 hour 26 minutes 26 seconds
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The 4 Stories We Tell Ourselves About Death - Stephen Cave #38

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I have a fascinating conversation with Stephen Cave — author of internationally acclaimed book "Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization" — about death and why we fear it. He elaborates on the "4 stories we tell ourselves about death" from his popular TED talk. Episode Breakdown: * First experiences with death * Other species’ relationship to death * Immortality projects * The “elixir” story * The “resurrection” story * The “soul” story * Science and the immortality quest * The “legacy” story * How to cope with death denial * Stephen’s thoughts on the “zombie apocalypse” heroism over death * What it’s like to work in the death field * Stephen’s new projects
17/03/201554 minutes 8 seconds
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Grave Matters and Green Burials - Mark Harris #36

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, Mark Harris — author of Grave Matters — gives us an introduction to the green burial movement. He explains the many ways in which green burial is a better alternative to traditional modern burial practices. Episode Breakdown: * History of green burial * The invasive process of embalming * Purpose of modern day embalming * Impact of having less interaction with the dead * The burial vault * Green cemeteries  * Mark’s personal burial plans * How green burial works * The green burial movement * Mark’s mission
04/03/20151 hour 4 minutes 33 seconds
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The Ecstatic Hormonal High of Childbearing - Sarah Buckley #35

Dr. Sarah Buckley — GP/family physician, author of the best selling book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering and mother to four home-born children — shares her passion for natural childbirth and the "beginning of the great love affair" between mother and child. She takes us through the hormonal physiology of childbearing from pregnancy to after birth.   Episode Breakdown: * Wisdom vs. science * Sarah’s history with childbirth * Some of the differences between hospital births and home births * Healthy birth pathways * The stresses of Caesarean sections * Why some stress is good for you * The beginning of the great love affair * The pleasure hormones between mothers and babies * Alter-native * Unique altered state of birth * What happens after birth * Importance of skin-to-skin contact * How much of our behavior is affected by our beginning * Sarah’s natural birth membership website
24/02/20151 hour 5 minutes 29 seconds
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Dying Wise in a Death Phobic Society - Stephen Jenkinson #34

I was humbled by my conversation with Stephen Jenkinson, teacher, author, storyteller and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School. This, my friends, is a very powerful interview. Stephen will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about dying. Episode Breakdown: * How to come to terms with death * The hallmarks of "dying badly" * What "dying well" looks like * The consequences of being kept away from ground zero of human mortality * We live our lives as if dying is the annihilation of life * Considering “after-life" * Understanding that your death does not belong to you * A disconnection from our ancestors * Learning from death
17/02/20151 hour 5 minutes 49 seconds
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Turning Tragedy into Gold - Evan Strong #33

It was a such pleasure to talk with Evan Strong — a professional skateboarder and Paralympic Gold Medalist with an amazing survival story. Evan shares some profound insights on "getting into the zone" and achieving peak performance states when competing in extreme sports. Episode Breakdown: * Evan tells us a bit about his history and current endeavors * The life of an Olympian * Altered states in extreme sports * The true nature of competition * Prepping for competition * What does it look and feel like to be “in the zone” * Evan shares his survival story * How Evan coped with losing his leg * Living your truth
10/02/20151 hour 17 minutes 16 seconds
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The Blueprint of Human Violence - Rory Miller #32

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Rory Miller — author of Mediations on Violence — about the human violence blueprint. We debunk some of the most common misconceptions about violence and self defense. Episode Breakdown: * The Violence Taboo * Why are humans so afraid of violence? * The Violence Threshold * Common misconceptions surrounding violence * Misconceptions about law enforcement * The unknowns vs. creating your own reality * Levels of security * Scenarios of violent situations * Rory’s top tips for human survivability * Awareness makes your life richer * Nature vs. nurture
04/02/20151 hour 6 minutes 13 seconds
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Silver for Financial Survival - David Morgan #31

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with David Morgan — widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry — on how to get started investing in silver for financial survival. Episode Breakdown: * Health above wealth * What is money? * The decline of the US dollar * How David became interested in silver * The many uses of silver * Price disparity between gold and silver * How to get started investing in silver * Silver preparedness  * Unique storage ideas for the small silver investor
27/01/20151 hour 5 minutes 28 seconds
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Doomsday Prepping vs Nature Literacy - Michael Douglas #30

Michael Douglas — founder of Maine Primitive Skills School — joins us to discuss doomsday prepping versus nature literacy. He gives us some great tips to tune into our wild nature and reconnect to the landscape. Episode Breakdown: * Mike’s experience on Doomsday Preppers * What is survival? * Stages of growth in survival * Our modern attention disorder * Tending the landscape * How does the modern person reconnect to the landscape? * Boredom is a sign of a weak mind * Simple trick for instantly tuning in to your innate wildness
20/01/20151 hour 2 minutes 4 seconds
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Ancestral Survival Skills - Arthur Haines #29

Arthur Haines is back on the podcast to discuss ancestral survival skills. We talk about the history of these natural human skills, as well as how the modern feral human can master these skills today. Episode Breakdown: * What does it look like to surthrive using primitive skills * How to learn primitive skills * Eating 100% wild foods — is it possible? * The bow * Shelter * How many people does it take to sustainably surthrive in nature * Arthur’s personal water strategy * Indigenous peoples’ water strategies * History of human fire use * How to create friction fire * How important is fire to surviving in a natural landscape? * Learning recipes vs learning concepts
13/01/20151 hour 25 minutes 2 seconds
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Primal Self Defense - Tony Blauer #28

Tony Blauer — a pioneer in Combatives and self defense training — discusses primal self defense and offers some excellent reasons on why you should learn how to defend yourself from predatory violence. Episode Breakdown: * How Tony became interested in self defense * Consentual dualing vs predatory violence * Why “the pacificist” needs to learn this * How long it takes to learn to defend yourself * Indignation energy * Startle-flinch response * Compliant vs non-compliant opponent
06/01/20151 hour 14 minutes 13 seconds
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Natural Navigation - Tristan Gooley #27

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, Tristan Gooley — author of The Natural Navigator — gives us some wonderful insights into using natural navigation in both natural and urban settings. Episode Breakdown: * Tristan’s adventures across the Atlantic Ocean * Using clues from nature to navigate * How to navigate when you’re in a foreign city * 3 ways to navigate using migratory birds * How to orient yourself under a forest canopy * What to do when you get lost * GPS technology: friend or foe? * About his book and courses
30/12/201456 minutes 13 seconds
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Dispatch 7 Reflections - Daniel Vitalis #26

In this stream-of-consciousness rant, I break down the main skills we need to learn to be fit for the 3 main environments: wild, urban and virtual. Episode Breakdown: * Fit for what? * Being fit for the 3 main environments: wild, urban and virtual * The Glyph explained * Earth | Food Foraging * Water | Water Gathering * Air | Shelter Building * Fire | Fire Starting * Human Self Defense * First Aid * Awareness
23/12/20141 hour 10 minutes 56 seconds
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The Bufo Alvarius Toad and 5-MeO-DMT - Dr. Gerardo Sandoval Isaac #25

It was an honor to talk with Dr. Gerardo Sandoval Isaac — doctor, gynecologist, medicine-man and ambassador for the Bufo alvarius toad — about the best ways to harvest and experience the Bufo alvarius toad venom and 5-MeO-DMT. Episode Breakdown: * Dr. Gerry’s first entheogenic experiences * What happens in a shamanic sacred mushroom ceremony * Importance of letting go during entheogenic experiences * The Bufo alvarius toad * How to harvest and consume the Bufo alvarius toad venom * 5 most common effects of smoking 5-MeO-DMT * How and why the body produces DMT * Entheogenic homework * Message from the Bufo alvarius toad * How to prepare yourself before you experience the toad * How you can help to protect the Bufo alvarius toad
16/12/20141 hour 30 seconds
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The Teacher Plants - Arthur Haines #24

Arthur Haines joins us on the podcast to discuss the missing nutrient in our diets: entheogens! He talks about entheogen use in hunter-gatherer societies and tells us a little about his own personal experiences with these sacred plant medicines. Episode Breakdown: * A bit about Arthur’s background * How Arthur was introduced to psychoactive plants * Being a credible witness * Entheogen use in hunter-gatherers * Spiritual realm vs the scientific realm * Arthur’s personal entheogenic experiences * Entheogens are endogenous compounds * Entheogens were called “teacher plants” by indigenous tribal leaders for a reason * The missing nutrient in our diet? * Using entheogens to deal with death trauma * Arthur describes his sacred experience with Saguaro Cactus * Discerning tips for working with a shaman
09/12/20141 hour 7 minutes 21 seconds
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Dispatch 6 Reflections - Daniel Vitalis #23

In this stream-of-consciousness rant, I reflect on Dispatch 6 of ReWild Yourself! magazine. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: * Influenza season * Who really uses psychoactive medicines * Using entheogens to awaken spirituality | Hallmark card spirituality * Realizing that plants and animals are not our “resources" * Death simulator * The blurry line of food and drugs * The shaman path * Getting into the right state and space when experiencing entheogens
02/12/20141 hour 1 minute 22 seconds
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Using Entheogens to Free Our Minds from Cultural Conditioning - Nora Gedgaudas #22

I'm thrilled to have Nora Gedgaudas — author of the international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life — back on ReWild Yourself! podcast to talk entheogens. Episode Breakdown: * Traditional native entheogen use * Holotropic Breathwork * Recreational experience vs meaningful spiritual experience * We have an interconnected network of specific receptors that seem to illicit different types of consciousness * Entheogen help for PTSD * What does the future of shamanism look like? * Controlling drug use is controlling consciousness * Entheogen use can give you the state change that “stuff” cannot  * Legality of entheogens * Effects of marijuana use on the brain * Psychedelics help de-condition us from our cultural values * Let medicine be thy food
25/11/20141 hour 31 minutes 36 seconds
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Hunting Magic Mushrooms and DMT in South America - Dennis McKenna #21

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, Dennis McKenna — an ethnopharmacologist who has studied plant hallucinogens for over forty years — explains what happens when psychedelics are in our systems and recounts some of his fascinating adventures with his brother Terence McKenna in South America hunting psilocybin mushrooms and DMT. Episode Breakdown: * What is ethnopharmacology? * Merging science and the spiritual * The spectrum of food and medicine in tribal cultures * What happens when psychedelics are in our system * Seretonin upgrades * Psychedelics bring the background to the foreground * Plant vs synthetic drugs * Adventures with his brother Terence McKenna in South America hunting mushrooms and DMT * A nutrient deficiency causing reductionist and materialistic world view
19/11/20141 hour 16 minutes 47 seconds
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The Hidden Trauma of Circumcision - Ronald Goldman, PhD #20

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Dr. Ronald Goldman — author of Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma and the leading expert in the field — about the deep, oft-repressed psychological trauma stemming from circumcision.  Episode Breakdown: * How Dr. Goldman became involved with circumcision awareness * The difference between Jewish perspective and non-religious perspective * Mainstream media’s avoidance of balanced circumcision reporting * Psychological trauma of circumcision * The horrifying process of circumcision * Informed consent * One thing you can do to raise awareness of this issue * What is foreskin, and what does it do? * Repressed feelings of circumcised men 
28/10/20141 hour 19 minutes 44 seconds
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The Ancestral Prenatal Program - Arthur Haines #19

The NeoAboriginal Lifeway series with Arthur Haines continues! Episode Breakdown: * We have set up an inhospitable habitat for the next generation * How Arthur shifted his mindset when preparing for a child * Arthur's suggestions for preparing to have a baby * We are a deformed version of our actual blueprint * Foods to keep out of your diet during pregnancy * Prenatal vitamins vs procuring vitamins from nutrient dense foods * It’s not just what the mother eats (it's what the father eats too)! * Super nutrient dense animal foods * What Arthur’s daughter eats * Eating sea creatures during pregnancy * Arthur's recommendations for a prenatal diet program * The foraged plant that Arthur’s partner took religiously to prepare for birth * What indigenous humans did with their placenta * Combining breast milk with solid foods * The importance of breastfeeding * Spacing pregnancies for optimal health of the next child and th
21/10/20141 hour 28 minutes 19 seconds
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Becoming Radiant and Sexy from the Inside Out - Nadine Artemis #17

Nadine Artemis — sense visionary and creator of Living Libations — tells us why we should skip mainstream hygiene products and stick to botanicals and the elements to care for our skin. Episode Breakdown: * Poetic Pits - the sensual "odorant" that blends harmoniously with your natural, primal scent * The 411 on essential oils * Nadine’s first forays into oil blending * Toxicity of mainstream beauty products * Tips to have the best skin ever * Feeding the body with essential oils * Sexual communication through our armpits * The toxic cocktail in the average supermarket deodorant stick * The trifecta that makes up the perfect storm for breast cancer * What you can do to naturally lower your risk of breast cancer * The sunlight vitamin * Iodine’s key roles in the body * Toxic ingredients found in mainstream "feminine hygiene" products * What a woman can incorporate into her lifestyle to take great care of her lady lotu
07/10/20141 hour 13 minutes 43 seconds
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Freeing Ourselves from Shame - Christopher Ryan, PhD #16

It was great fun to talk with Christopher Ryan, author of the New York Times best-seller Sex At Dawn. Episode Breakdown: * The nuclear family and how hunter-gatherers structure socially * How women went from being equal partners to being domesticated animals * Scarcity consciousness of modern society * The difference between sexual jealousy and wealth jealousy * How Chris views the nuclear family * The Shame Exorcist * What Chris would tell kids about sex * Persian edition of Sex at Dawn * Chris’s new book and his writing process * Finding the exhale in your work
29/09/20141 hour 16 minutes 41 seconds
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The Anatomy of Arousal - Sheri Winston #14

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! Podcast, I talk with Sheri Winston, author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure and leading sex expert. Episode Breakdown: * Sheri’s books * Taboo sexual language * Solo sex is our laboratory for pleasure experiments * Altered states of consciousness * Going into deep trance for mega-orgasmic experiences * The ecology of sex * Rediscovering the clitoris * Taking time with arousal for transcendent sex * The yin and yang of sexual energy * How to teach your children about sex * Sheri’s top sex tips for men and women
15/09/20141 hour 14 minutes 28 seconds
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Reclaiming Your Feeling Sense - Stephen Harrod Buhner #13

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Stephen Harrod Buhner, an Earth poet and the award-winning author of twenty books on nature, indigenous cultures, the environment and herbal medicine. He is probably best known for is extensive writing in the field of herbalism and plant intelligence, though I would offer that he is one of the most significant writers and thought leaders of the modern ReWilding movement. Episode Breakdown: * Stephen’s early experiences with the metaphysical background of the world * The reality police * Fear of wildness * The education system shuts us down * Opening sensory gating channels * The 6th sensory channel: the feeling capacity * Using NeuroGnostics to open sensory gating channels * Reset your software program * Orient towards meaning rather than form * How to reclaim the feeling sense * How to operate from the feeling sense in this information-rich modern world * Sophist
08/09/20141 hour 16 minutes 16 seconds
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How Speaking English Impacts Our Relationship With Nature - Arthur Haines #12

Arthur Haines and I continue our discussion of the NeoAboriginal Lifeway. In this episode, Arthur shows us how the English language restricts our worldview, and why we should consider learning an indigenous language to cultivate the feral mindset. We discuss: * The wild experience vs. the civilized experience * The language of imperialism * How Arthur became interested in learning an indigenous language * Language shapes how we think * Loss of language diversity * The narrow aperture of the English language * English is a language of war * Indigenous languages integrate verbs into the landscape * Freedom of mind * Religion and language * Language of a fluid worldview * Experiencing life as verbs and not as nouns * "Spending time" * Future of the Passamaquoddy language * How Arthur integrates Passamaquoddy into his lifestyle * Exploring languages indigenous to your area * Indigenous language reveals water as medicine
02/09/20141 hour 17 minutes 16 seconds
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ReWilding Our Birth Experience - Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova #11

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I have a deep discussion with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, one of the pioneers of Conscious Evolution and founder of Birth Into Being, about how our traumatic birth experiences shape our psychology. Episode Breakdown: * Our world experience begins before conception * Birth experience is related to emotional memory * We are raising a society programmed to have needs neglected * Thousands of years of slavery still live in our bones * Daniel’s birth and childhood experience * Most of our fears have deep ancestral roots * Myths of birth complications * The altered state of Ecstatic Birth * The #1 way to avoid complications during birth * Give birth in a place, in a way, that connects to your true nature * How to deal with outside pressure when making decisions about your pregnancy * What does today’s ReWilded child look like? * Dissociation is ingrained in us from birth * An amazing
26/08/20141 hour 44 minutes 24 seconds
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Dispatch 4 Reflections - Daniel Vitalis #10

I will be sharing the occasional stream of consciousness rant on ReWild Yourself! podcast, and I've just recorded the first one! Episode Breakdown: * Podcast song origins * Information on my only ReWilding immersion workshop this year * Will you ever see me on a TV show? * Dispatch 4 reflections and Gobekli Tepe
19/08/201443 minutes 58 seconds
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Why You Should Start Eating Insects - Daniella Martin #9

I am fascinated with entomophagy as of late, and so it was great fun to record this interview with Daniella Martin — author of Edible: An Adventure Into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet  and the host of Girl Meets Bug, the insect cooking/travel show! In the interview, we discuss: * How Daniella became “the bug girl" * The great resources in Daniella’s book * Farming insects is not part of indigenous culture * Insect identification when foraging * How to avoid parasites when eating insects * Legs, intestines and exoskeletons — oh my! * Insect farming * Cultural taboos surrounding entomophagy * Tastes of different insects * Vegans, vegetarians and eating insects * Long chain fatty acids in insects * Where is the “insect trend” going? * The best starter insects * Freezing vs cooking
11/08/20141 hour 22 minutes 1 second
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The Movement Diet - Ido Portal #8

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Ido Portal, founder of Movement Culture and teacher of movement workshops around the world. Episode breakdown: * Modeling brachiation after apes and children * Movement diet — digesting movement nutrition * Specialization vs. Generalization * "Movement" vs. "Training" * The problems with modern yoga * Moving out of alignment * The natural human resting position * Flexibility vs. Mobility * Spine longevity — look to the cat * Prioritize movement
05/08/201455 minutes 15 seconds
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The Transition from Semi-nomadism to Sedentism - Arthur Haines #7

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! Podcast, Arthur Haines and I continue our conversation from earlier podcasts, this time focusing on the transition from semi-nomadism to sedentism. Episode breakdown: * Daily and seasonal movement was a huge part of hunter-gatherer existence * Nomadic peoples were not just endless wanderers * Agriculture is a spectrum * What emerges when people stop moving?  * Hunter-gatherers were generalists * Walking was a significant part of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle * Fit for the gym vs. fit for the earth * Is working out wasted energy? * Dissociative gym workouts * The amazing strength of foraging mothers
28/07/20141 hour 5 minutes 17 seconds
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Reprogramming Your Movement - Scott Sonnon #6

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! Podcast, I talk with Scott Sonnon, world renowned fitness trainer, founder of TACFIT, public speaker and author. Episode breakdown: * Diminished complexity of physical movement means diminished capacity for imagination * Importance of sweating for stress relief * Reprogramming movement at the brain stem level * Being more athletic does not make you more fit for daily life * Getting back to mobility basics for truly advanced fitness * When you "stand up straight," are you aligning or distorting your posture? * Experience high stress and maintain your fine motor skills * Literally shake off stress * Focus on the exhale * Scott's programs and innovative teaching techniques
21/07/20141 hour 32 minutes 9 seconds
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Our Biological Call of Duty - Erwan Le Corre #5

In this episode of the ReWild Yourself! podcast, Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat, joins me to talk about natural movement.  Episode breakdown: * What natural movement means to Erwan * "Movement" vs. "Exercise" * Do we need to re-learn to move naturally? * Connection between movement and survival skills * Erwan's top strategies to avoid injury during movement training * Specificity causes body alienation * The movement you can do this afternoon
15/07/201453 minutes 14 seconds
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Cultivating the Feral Mind - Nora Gedgaudas #4

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Nora Gedgaudas , author of the international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind  and widely recognized expert on the Paleo Diet.  Episode breakdown: * The Paleo diet * Milankovitch cycles explained * Gobekli Tepi  * The human zoo vs. the factory farm * Nora’s thoughts on gluten * Climate of complacency * The wild mind vs. the domesticated mind * Cultivate the feral mindset
12/07/20141 hour 15 minutes 43 seconds
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Food Fads vs the Homo Sapiens Diet - Arthur Haines #3

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, Arthur Haines and I continue our conversation; this time delving into the difference between Food Fads and the Homo sapiens Diet. Episode breakdown: * All diets are fad diets * What constitutes a fad diet * The issues with the loss of seasonal foods * The good side of grains * Wild rice benefits * Cultivated foods vs. wild foods * 4 guidelines for choosing domesticated foods * Bitter lettuce over iceburg lettuce * How to eat animal foods * ReWild your mind 
10/07/20141 hour 3 minutes 43 seconds
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Foraging Wild Foods - Sam Thayer #2

In this episode of ReWild Yourself! podcast, I talk with Samuel Thayer, author of The Forager's Harvest and Nature's Garden. Episode breakdown: * Sam’s beginnings in foraging * How foraging effects your world view * How to get started foraging * How much wild food can you live on realistically * Is foraging sustainable for the future? * Sam’s favorite springtime wild foods
10/07/201421 minutes 4 seconds
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The NeoAboriginal Revolution - Arthur Haines #1

In the first episode of the ReWild Yourself! Podcast, I'm honored to bring you Arthur Haines, a plant taxonomist who practices and shares a neoaboriginal life way to foster awareness, connection, health and self-reliance. We discuss a very important question: Are we really Homo sapiens? We get into the 4 criteria that define a domesticated species and find that it might make sense to begin classifying humans a little differently. Enter Homo sapiens domesticofragilis, or wise, fragile, domesticated man. Arthur gives us the key factors to transcending domestication and living the NeoAboriginal Lifeway.
24/06/20141 hour 5 minutes 12 seconds