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Reviving the Wild

English, Social, 1 season, 4 episodes, 2 hours, 7 minutes
Every year, dozens of artists from all fields of arts and all parts of the world travel to the Saari Residence in Southwest Finland to focus on their artistic work and to exchange ideas and experiences with other residents.  The Saari Residence aims to be a test platform for a future that is ecologically, socially and mentally sustainable. This podcast stems from themes essential to the Residence’s daily ecological activities. For each episode, we invite experts whose work we appreciate and value to share their thoughts and knowledge with us about the topics we consider urgent and worth discussing. Reviving the Wild is about returning to our roots to restore nature and ourselves. The series is hosted by Miia Laine. The Saari Residence is maintained by Kone Foundation.
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Snacking our surroundings

Foraging wild resources is the viral food trend of the moment – a trend that was practiced thousands of years ago. How can you support biodiversity in your cooking or eating? Sami Tallberg is an award-winning chef and a long time lover of foraging. Together with Miia Laine they visit the wild green supermarket next to the Saari Residence. Later in the episode environmental researcher Ville Lähde tells about the most urgent topics concerning food security. Should we change our global system towards self-sufficiency?
9/27/202228 minutes, 52 seconds
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It’s all in the soil

Twenty-five percent of all the biodiversity of earth is in the soil, but we just can't see it. And we don't really know soil very well. Do we understand our dependence on soil? In this episode we discuss the care for soil and the lack of it.  Environmental influencer Saara Kankaanrinta has been running the ecological Qvidja Farm since 2014. How has regenerative farming changed the manors landscape?  Carbon capturing is a hot topic in Europe right now because of the EU Biodiversity Strategy. Member of the European Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen is a long-time Chair of the Saari Residence’s advisory board who strongly believes that farmers are not a problem – they are part of the solution.
9/27/202230 minutes, 52 seconds