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Revive Our Hearts Weekend

English, Religion, 1 season, 193 episodes
Reenergize your study of God’s Word with Revive Our Hearts Weekend, hosted by Dannah Gresh. Catch the content you missed from the weekly Revive Our Hearts broadcast along with fresh insights to inspire you to reach for your Bible with renewed enthusiasm in the week ahead. Get more Word in your weekend with Revive Our Hearts Weekend.
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Dad, We Need You!

In a culture where fatherhood is downplayed and devalued, we need to sound the message loud and clear: Dad, you’re needed!
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Clarity in the Midst of Confusion

If you or someone you know is struggling with confusion about gender and sexuality, you’re not alone. There is hope, and God has spoken clearly on the subject.
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Experiencing the Satisfaction of Fruitfulness

Is your life bringing life to others? Learn how you can experience the joy that comes from fruitfulness in Christ.
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Fullness of Joy to Give You Strength

“A joyful heart is good medicine.” In this episode, Dannah Gresh and Erin Davis take you to funny moments in Revive Our Hearts history.
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Freedom Stories to Give You Hope

If you feel trapped in sin, you need to know there is hope. Hear how you can find freedom.
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The Gift of a Mother

Mothers are a gift. Stories about several moms will encourage you to think about your own mom and her impact on your life.
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Motherhood Is My Mission Field

If you’re a mom, you’re on a vital mission commissioned by God. Discover the value of motherhood, as expressed by Ann Dunagan, Melissa Krueger, Erin and Dannah.
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Get Out of Your Prayer Box

Does it feel like your prayers bounce off the ceiling? Maybe it’s time for you to get out of your prayer box and develop a life of prayer.
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Hospitality and Reaching the Lost

Are you aware of the impact of a dinner invitation? See the difference hospitality can make, especially on those who don’t know Jesus.
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Reflecting God in Your Home

Does the word "hospitality" fill you with excitement . . . or dread? Learn why you are called to it and why it doesn’t need to be complicated.
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Heavenly Minded

What comes to your mind when you think of Heaven? Dannah Gresh and friends help us straighten out misconceptions about eternity with Jesus.
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Why the Resurrection Matters

Do you believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus? What difference does it make for the world and for your life?
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The Power of the Cross

How can we call “Good Friday” good? Dannah, Nancy, Keith and Kristyn Getty, and Crawford and Karen Loritts talk about the transforming power of the cross.
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You Can’t Save Yourself

Are you aware of your need for a Savior? Pride and a desire for control often get in the way of realizing our need for Jesus to rescue us.
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Living Humbly

Living humbly before God and others is harder than it might seem. Learn to recognize some evidences of pride in your life, as well as what to do about it.
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Living in Awe of Jesus

Wonder. Amazement. Fear. Reverence. Be struck with the majesty and awe-inspiring beauty of God: His works, His Person, and His Word.
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Fighting Temptation with the Word

Discover how God’s Word is one of the most powerful tools to help you overcome your battle with temptation.
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Trusting Our Unchanging God

There are very few things in this life that are completely unchanging, but there are some. Learn to trust in our immutable God.
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Trusting Our Kind God

Do you believe God has a kind heart? Learn why you can trust the kindness of God as you experience His mercy, compassion, and love.
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Peace in the Storm

Living in our fallen world means that at times we experience storms. Maybe you’re in one right now. But you can have peace in the midst of the storm.
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Controlling Your Tongue

See how your tongue actually navigates your life, what it reveals about your heart, and how your words impact others.
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Valuing Life from Beginning to End

Christians are called to be what Nancy calls “messengers of life.” Learn how to value life at every stage, and discover five myths related to end-of-life care.
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A Fresh Start: Be with Others

Relationships matter. We were designed to be with people and experience life together. Start this year off with a fresh perspective.
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A Fresh Start: Abiding in Christ

We don’t use the word “abide” in regular conversation that often. But Dannah Gresh says it’s a great Bible word we need to understand and put into practice.
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Fruitful to the Finish

If you are alive and breathing, you have purpose. Find out how to live a fruitful life, especially as you age.
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Emmanuel, Maranatha!

Christmas can be fun, or it can be pretty miserable. Learn a simple, two-word prayer that is laden with meaning.
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Fruitful in Motherhood

From diaper changes to getting food on the table to all the moments of motherhood, it’s easy to wonder if what you’re doing matters.
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Fruitful in Singleness

You don’t often see the words “fruitful” and “single” together. We put them together. That’s because God wants us to thrive in every season of life.
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Fruitful Kids

God tells us to pass His truth on to coming generations. Gain a vision for how we can plant seeds and pray for fruitful kids.
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Blessed to Bless

There’s no question: God has blessed us in some amazing ways. But for what? see that we’re blessed by God in order to be a blessing to others.
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Blessed in Trials

What are you thankful for? In the Thanksgiving season we naturally thank God for the good blessings in our lives. But can difficult circumstances be a blessing?
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Blessed by Family

Are you thankful for your family? Erin Davis, Donna VanLiere, and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth show us that even imperfect families are a blessing from the Lord.
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Blessed with Life

Do you live as if life itself is a blessing? Nancy along with Mary Kassian, Ryan and Bethany Bomberger, and Erin Davis will help reset your perspective.
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The Five Solas of Revived Hearts

On October 31, 1517, a monk named Martin tried to prompt discussion on some theological issues by posting what we now refer to as the Ninety-Five Theses.
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Receiving and Extending Grace

We can’t function without God’s grace. And we have the incredible privilege of being channels of His grace to others.
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How to Nurture Your Passion for Christ

Is God a part of your life, or is He your life?Discover from Nancy, Dr. Henry Blackaby, and Leslie Bennett what it means to live fervently for the Lord.
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Honoring Our Pastors

Pastors often labor behind the scenes with little to no thanks. We aim to change that! Find practical ways to encourage and honor your spiritual leaders.
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Don’t Lose Heart

There’s plenty to pull you down and discourage you. Persevere! Don’t lose heart!
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Practicing Patience

How patient are you? Why is patience so important, anyway? Hear Biblical discussions on expressing love by being patient with others.
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How to Help the Weak

Be inspired to give of yourself in showing compassion to those around you.
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Don’t Forget to Be an Encourager!

The apostle Paul tells us to “encourage the fainthearted.” Gain new eyes to recognize the fainthearted in your church, home, and community.
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Let’s Talk about Laziness!

Ever get into a lazy haze? And what is work all about, anyway? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says there is an important reason we should value work of any kind.
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Overcoming Bitterness

Holding onto bitterness can destroy your relationship with someone else. It’s also harmful to your own soul. Learn to choose the pathway of forgiveness instead.
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Overcoming Anxiety

Panic attacks. Playing out every possible “What if . . .” Imagining worst case scenarios. Our fears can easily get the better of us.
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Overcoming Distractions

We are too easily pulled away from keeping the main thing—the gospel and our relationship with Jesus—central in our lives. We need help overcoming distractions.
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Overcoming Selfishness

If the truth were known, we all have a selfish streak in us.
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Jesus’ Love Changes Everything

When you feel rejected, abandoned, or not even worth loving, you need to be reminded of Jesus’ love for you.
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The Hero of the Story

You don’t have to be around kids for very long before you realize that they are naturals at sin! They need Jesus just as much as you do. How you can help them.
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Dressed in His Righteousness Alone

How are you dressed today? Metaphorically speaking, you’re dressed either in your own attempts at righteousness or in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
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Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel

God’s Word tells us that charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain. But there is a kind of beauty we should strive for.
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A Summer of Intentionality

How are you planning to use the rest of your summer? Rather than lazy, hazy, and crazy days, why not aim for soul-edifying and God-glorifying intentionality?
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Embracing God’s Perspective

In a day when it’s popular to try to redefine your own identity, we need to take a step back and ask, “What does God have to say about it?”
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The Adoption of a Father

We're talking about how we can be adopted by God and why we’re able to call Him “Father.”
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Battling Porn Together

Pornography is destroying our culture. Men and women alike are affected by it. But there is hope in the battle. Learn how to help your spouse fight well.
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Praying for a Prodigal

When someone you love goes astray, the pain can be excruciating. But how should you pray? God has lessons he wants to teach us on this topic.
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Sole (and Soul) Satisfaction

We run ourselves ragged trying to fulfill our longings. There’s only one solution, yet too often He’s the last we turn to.
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Your Life Has Significance

Anything that you do to serve God and for His glory is important, and it may have far-reaching effects that you can’t see.
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The Beauty of Spiritual Motherhood

Spiritual motherhood is a God-given design. How are you stepping into this role? Who has been a spiritual mother to you?
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Motherhood: A Calling to Love

If you feel weary of raising your children, it helps to see them (and yourself) from God’s perspective—the call to motherhood is a call to love.
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A Lifestyle of Prayer

Nancy, Kathy Branzell, and others have helpful advice on how to incorporate prayer into your everyday life. It’s not as daunting as it may sound!
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Learning to Offer Desperate Prayers

Do you ever get discouraged by what feels like a growing acceptance of sin all around you? That darkness actually provides an opportunity.
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Praying for Heart Change

We all know that prayer is important, yet most of us struggle with it.
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Resurrection Hope

Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is key, not only to Christianity, it’s key to your day-to-day life, as well!
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Joining Creation in Praise

Learn more about how we can obey one of the most oft-repeated commands in Scripture: Praise the Lord!
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Remembering What Matters Most

The Bible says it’s better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting. Let's examine three different funerals.
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What Will You Pass On?

There’s a 100% chance that a day is coming when you will no longer be alive. The question is, what are you going to leave to others who follow you?
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Managing Your Time Wisely

Have you ever claimed to be “crazy busy?” Nancy and Kevin DeYoung help us look to the Lord to prioritize, to work hard, and to get true rest.
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Time Is Precious

I don’t think this is a cliche so much as a true statement: “Time is precious.”
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The Power of Encouragement

Discover tips, creative ideas, and challenges for encouraging your man.
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How Humility Helps

How’s the pride level in your heart? Is it going up or down? Erin Davis, Nancy, and Dannah Gresh help us foster hearts that are humble, not proud.
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There Is No Flaw in You

“You are all fair, my love, and there is no spot in you.” How could that be true when we know how unlovable we sometimes act?
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Lessons through Marriage

It’s good to remember that God often uses both the smooth and the bumpy parts of marriage as a tool in our sanctification.
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Learning through Singleness

Singleness can be hard. But Carolyn McCulley, Amy Baker, and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth say there are some important lessons to learn during the lonely times.
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From Death to Life: Hope after Abortion

Abortion has claimed the lives of over 50 million babies in the U.S. Hear powerful stories that put real, human faces on the statistics.
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A Heart Desperate for God

When you’re desperate for something, you’ll go to any extreme to have it. Here’s a question: are you desperate for God?
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The Most Important Habit You Can Form

Transformation is promised, but only one Book can truly change your life. That’s the Word of God being used by the Spirit of God.
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Transitions and Finishing Well

Transitions can be challenging. But we can learn from others who have gone through those changes with purpose and meaning.
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The Lord Is Come!

Celebrate the birth of Immanuel with Scripture, songs, and some special (twin toddler) guests.
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The Wonders of His Love

In a season when we tend to look at ourselves or at the busy calendars, take some time to wonder at our Father’s love.
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Repeat the Sounding Joy

Songs bring emotions to the surface more efficiently than just about anything. And when you pair music with God-glorifying lyrics, it’s powerful.
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Prepare Him Room

How do we prioritize spending time with God in our busy seasons, especially when it comes to our social media use?
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Be Watchful

Luke 21:34 says “Be on your guard, so that your minds are not dulled from carousing, drunkenness, and worries of life." How does that look?
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Life’s Troubles

No one is immune from the troubles and trials of life. But where do we turn when going through the dark valleys of life?
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To Eat or Not to Eat

Thanksgiving is just under a couple of weeks away. So as we pull together our recipes and shop for groceries, let’s brush up on what our relationship with food
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Prepare to Be Thankful

Our expectations lead us to believe we’ll get the outcome we hope for. But what do you do when something doesn’t go your way?
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Fasting for the Soul

God provides us food for our bodies, but at times the lack of physical nourishment in a fast deepens our spiritual need and allows God to feed us with Himself.
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Community—Be a Part

God used one woman’s longing to see women impact women to change one church from the inside out.
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Safety of Community

God’s design for intertwined lives is essential to helping you flourish.
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Loving Your Pastor’s Wife

This Pastor’s Appreciation weekend, let’s take some time today to help us think through what we can do to come alongside your pastor and his family.
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Value of God’s Word

When we read the Bible, we become familiar with it. Find out how God uses His timeless words to work in our lives to change our ways, emotions and heart.
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Encouraging Men to Be Men

In a culture that speaks of toxic masculinity, it’s encouraging to witness evidence that God created men to be good.
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Being Wise

What made you say those words you regret? Dannah, Nancy, and friends share about a better way.
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Clearing the Conscience

Hear about the freedom that comes when you bring everything—your past and your present—into the light.
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Summer’s Last

Do you like traveling? How about an end-of-summer virtual trip together?
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A Foundation for Marriage

How do you build a firm foundation in marriage? Start with Christ as the center.
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Building a Firm Foundation

Dannah Gresh explores how you can stand strong in Christ in a world that's shaking.
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The Power of Lies

Are you believing a lie? A lie can derail you and take you down a path of pain. Dannah Gresh and guests reveal some of those lies, and how to combat them.
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Navigating Back to School

These are tough days as parents are making difficult choices when it comes to their children and school.
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The Power of Forgiveness

Are you working through forgiving someone right now? We have some questions for you to consider as we explore forgiveness together.
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And . . . God Created

Fireflies, daffodils, running water. They were created by God, and they have a special place in our lives. Explore the wonder of the God who created everything.
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Where Does Contentment Come?

We live in a world where there is always something better, just 3 seconds away. But instead of waiting for it we take action in ourselves.
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Living Courageously for God

How do women live courageously for God? Find out how to be mindful of what’s going on around you, while being mindful of your heart.
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Phone and Control

Find out how to have a healthy and balanced relationship with your cell phone.
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Finding Hope in Prison

Sometimes hard things in life bring us to know God better . . . even prison.
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What’s in a Dad?

Nancy talks about how God is the true Father; Erin shares about her husband as a father, and Steven Kendrick explains his adoption story.
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The Culture of Fear

Is it always wrong to feel afraid when you face a difficult situation? Dannah Gresh explores the solution to fear.
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A Heart for Adoption

Half a million children are in the foster care system in our nation. Dannah Gresh explores their plight . . . and their hope.
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Overwhelming Compassion

What is compassion really about . . . and how can we live it out? Join Dannah Gresh as we explore this timely topic.
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In His Image

Humans were created on the sixth day of creation. God saved His best work for last, in a sense.
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Clothed in Righteousness

How do we put on a robe of righteousness? And, what happens when we do?
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The Memories of Mom

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and we’ll spend our time together remembering who a mom is. Nancy, Robert, and Dannah share memories.
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Caring for the Soul

Soul care means something different to everyone. But what does God say that it is.
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God’s Healing for Women

One in three women have been abused. The healing process is hard, but God holds the answer to this.
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He Arose

This weekend as we remember Christ’s death and resurrection, Dannah Gresh and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth reflect on the cross and what they means for us.
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Seeking Him for Heart Revival

It’s easy for us to spend time chasing after things the world tells us are important. But how do we truly set our hearts on things above?
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Understanding the Persecuted Church

All over the world, churches are being attacked, and Christ followers are being arrested, imprisoned, and killed.
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Help Me to Deeply Study the Bible

How do you study your Bible? We’ll hear from Kay Arthur and Jen Wilkin. And what we’ll hear is truly going to jump start your desire to open your Bible.
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Why Study the Bible?

Whether you’re 5 or 105, you will always get something when you read the Bible. Dannah Gresh explores why we should study the Bible.
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Dealing with Depression and Doubt

Dannah and Nancy help us walk through depression and anxiety.
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We Need Revival

There’s been talk how people in our world need revival to fix all that’s wrong. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says we need to think bigger when we use that word.
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God, My Provider

Making ends meet can be hard, but God holds everything together, yes, even our finances.
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The Beauty of Praying for Others

It's one thing to say, "I'm praying for you." It's another thing to actually do it. And one of the things we subscribe to is: pray now!
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Love’s Perfect Recipe

In the Passover story, God is the hero bounding over the mountains! Israel is the damsel in distress, and the villain who’s trying to keep them apart? Pharaoh!
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Provisions of Winter

It’s the time of year when people are not just talking about the weather, but complaining about it. Maybe we shouldn’t be.
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The Beauty of Our Creator

How often do you stop and think of God the creator as beautiful?
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The Beauty of Life

There is a beauty inside every single person, even the broken ones. We’ll talk about being made in God’s image.
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Giving Up

Dannah Gresh and friends share incredible stories of a few people who have gone to great lengths to get their own personal copy of the Bible.
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A Closer Look

Dannah Gresh and some friends will talk about taking inventory of our lives.
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What if we resolve to be intentional this year? Intentional in our relationship with God. Dannah Gresh and friends share what our new year should look.
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The Wonder of Christmas

This Christmas weekend snuggle up next to the fire or sit under the light of the Christmas tree for a special Christmas present.
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Lonely Christmas

Dannah Gresh and friends unpack emotions, stress, and loneliness during the holidays.
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Our Purpose

While you string those lights or bake those cookies, Dannah Gresh and a few friends want to help you understand our mission and purpose.
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Meditating on God’s Word

Dannah Gresh describes the amazing strength and power God has for each of us when we hide God's words in our hearts.
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Christmas Preparations

You thought through doing Thanksgiving . . . what about Christmas? Dannah Gresh and others will be talking about preparing for Christmas.
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The Difference of Gratitude

Dannah Gresh will be talking thankless vs thankful.
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A Better Home

Living in light of eternity . . . seeing heaven as not just our final resting place, but a place we need to be longing for.
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The Beauty of Brokenness

Brokenness is God reworking something inside of us. Dannah Gresh and a couple other ladies will help us understand the beauty of brokenness.
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True Rest

We’re gonna talk about true rest and how to find the lasting kind.
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Fruitful in Christ

Pruning can hurt and usually does. But the result is a woman who is growing and thriving in her Lord.
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Fullness in Christ

Many of us live in abundance, we have closets full of clothes, pantries full of food. But what does it take to live in the fullness of God?
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Freedom in Christ

We hear the phrase ‘freedom in Christ’ but today Dannah Gresh unpacks what it means through the stories of Joni Eareckson Tada, Kesha Griffin, and Liza.
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Faithful to the End

Encouraging women in each season to learn from older women and to endure to the end, finishing the race strong.
Episode Artwork

The Great I AM

Do you understand who God is? Or do you sometimes find that difficult? Find out why and how you can know Him.
Episode Artwork

Grounded in Him

Hear from Chris Brooks, Susan Hunt, and Mary Kassian. Join us and ground yourself deeper in His Word.
Episode Artwork

Protection in the Storm

God may not stop the storm, but He will walk with us through it. Dannah Gresh will help us learn how to depend on God when the storms of life hit.
Episode Artwork

Working for the Lord

Dannah Gresh helps to walk us through what God expects of us when we work with our hands and how the daily grind brings Him glory.
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Back to Church

To church or not to church . . .
Episode Artwork

Friendship: Beware

There comes a time when a too-close friendship can become unhealthy and dangerous.
Episode Artwork

The Power of Words

In Proverbs, King Solomon warns us about the divisive nature of our tongue. Dannah Gresh talks about restraining tongues.
Episode Artwork

Not Lonely in Alone

Being lonely and being alone are two separate things. Dannah Gresh and guests talk about root causes and how God only has the cure for loneliness.
Episode Artwork

Encouraging Friends

Sometimes we just are so desperate that we need somebody else to come along and say, “Here, let me stick this helmet on your head."
Episode Artwork

A Friend in all Seasons

There are a lot of women who are lonely today. But in God’s good grace He answered that heart cry in our sisters in the church.
Episode Artwork

Unpacking Saving Grace

Many of us ask God why to so many things. How can we rest knowing that there are some secret things of God that we’ll never understand.
Episode Artwork

Friendship through Weeping and Rejoicing

Dannah Gresh and guests will talk about how to truly love our friends in times of mourning and rejoicing.
Episode Artwork

A Look at Freedom

Dannah Gresh and guests talk through what we believe about the true freedom found only in Christ.
Episode Artwork

Living Out God's Friendship

Love is not just an emotional attraction. Rather, it’s selfless, humble service to meet the needs of another person, no matter how lowly or menial that service.
Episode Artwork

A Father’s Love

This weekend is Father’s Day and we’re pulling back the curtains as Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth remember their earthly dads.
Episode Artwork

Standing on the Promises

A few busy women will share how they memorize Scripture when doing their hair and makeup or waiting in line at McDonalds.
Episode Artwork

Who's a Friend?

Between COVID and social media, many people find it harder to be friends with others. Dannah Gresh asks the question, how does God want us to be a friend?
Episode Artwork

Lies and Truth

Satan’s conversation with Eve in the garden was full of lies, lies that Eve believed and lies we believe too. Find out how to ignore those lies.
Episode Artwork

Rooting Out Sin

Along with some special guests, Dannah and Nancy help us look at the roots of sin in our own lives and share the only way to eradicate them.
Episode Artwork

Living in Light of Eternity

Mother’s have a big job that’s been given by God. This week’s episode is a challenge, a reminder, and some practical tips for all moms.
Episode Artwork

The Importance of Prayer

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares a simple understanding of the Lord’s Prayer and Karen Ellis talks about changing our perspective on the power of prayer.
Episode Artwork

Anticipating the Joy That Lies Ahead

How do you sing the songs of Zion when you’re living in Babylon? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth explains.
Episode Artwork

"Yes, Lord!" Means Surrender

Plenty of people claim to be Christians without giving God control of their lives. Nancy challenges that kind of thinking.
Episode Artwork

Abiding in Christ

Jesus calls us to "abide" with Him.
Episode Artwork

You’re Invited into God’s Love Story

Erika VanHaitsma says God set up a date night with His people. She’ll share how He did that and invite you into greater intimacy with Him.
Episode Artwork

A Singular Wonder

You become more and more like the thing you love. This has huge ramifications for what we think about and focus on.
Episode Artwork

A Warning from Lot's Wife

One of the shortest verses in the Bible says, “Remember Lot’s wife.” But what exactly are we supposed to remember?
Episode Artwork

Preparing Revival's Road

In this two-day series called “A Highway for Our God,” Nancy will point you to a passage in the Bible that gives hope and comfort for when you feel overwhelmed
Episode Artwork

Perfectionism: A Crushing Burden

We never measure up to God’s standards, and what’s worse, sometimes we set standards for ourselves that are higher than God’s!
Episode Artwork

No Leftovers for God

All of Scripture opens up when we approach it with this question, “What does this tell me about God?”
Episode Artwork

Be Encouraged in the Lord

God uses His Word to direct us, to encourage us, to give us hope, and to help us endure through hard times.
Episode Artwork

A Fully Surrendered Life

Even when you take those steps of faith and obedience and surrender, it doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be easy.
Episode Artwork

Powerful, Redeeming Love

It’s easy to get so busy serving others that we don’t have time to cultivate intimacy with God ourselves.
Episode Artwork

Ruth: The Pathway of Commitment

Imagine that your husband took you to a foreign country, and while you were there, he and your family died.
Episode Artwork

Ruth: God Is Not AWOL

God includes sinners and outcasts in His plan, which means there is room for you and me.
Episode Artwork

Serena Dyksen's Story

If you’ve ever felt hopeless and like you have nowhere to turn, make sure you listen to Serena’s story.
Episode Artwork

God Used a Star

If He cares for those stars, does He not much more care for us who were created in His image?
Episode Artwork

The Life-Giving Word of God

In this special New Year’s edition of Revive Our Hearts, Nancy and a group of friends take us to Psalm 119.
Episode Artwork

Christmas Catastrophe & Christ

Be reminded that Jesus came for stressed-out people in the middle of a mess.
Episode Artwork

Anna: Serving God in Your Season of Life

Our culture worships youth, putting on the pressure to look and act young. But a character in the Christmas story provides a refreshing alternative.
Episode Artwork

Understanding the Times

What time is it? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth wants you to consider that question.
Episode Artwork

Give Your Self a Break

When life is at its worst and your dreams are falling apart and your fears are looking you down in the face, oh! . . . the sweetness of God!
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God Provides Spiritual Food

The food God gives us is Jesus. He is the ultimate expression of the steadfast love of God that endures forever.
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Steadfast Love

Repetition can be frustrating. Unless it’s really helpful. Nancy shows us a good kind of repetition.
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Growing in Christian Gratefulness

A lifestyle of gratitude involves the discipline of meditating on the attributes of God, and then giving Him thanks and praise.
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When "For Better" Becomes "For Worse"

Jimmy and Kelly Needham share about the early years of their marriage and the struggles they learned to overcome as a couple.
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Preparing to Cry Out

Stephen Kendrick says how much you pray really reveals how much you’re trusting God.
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What True Revival Looks Like

Nancy taught a series called “A Cry for Revival.” We’re going to listen to one of the messages about what true revival looks like.
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Former Things and Eternal Things

Erin Davis reminded us of the end of the story when God will bring every struggle to a close and wipe the tears from our eyes.
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Crying Out

Nancy remind us that “desperate times call for desperate prayer.”
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Prayer Is the Point

If your prayers tend to focus on your immediate needs, you’re stuck praying what Dr. Karen Ellis calls “domestic prayers.”