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(Contact Me Here: rvgcontactme @ I delete/ignore all messages sent within the BlogTalkRadio system) As a boy in approximately 1971, while looking at the Moon through a small backyard telescope, I suddenly saw The Ancient Object, a big forward rolling place that crosses down in front of the Moon, once again in front of the Moon, "obscuring the Moon's disc." My Mississauga Sighting. A complete and total lucky fluke to be sure, but I did see the big ancient place come rolling down. I saw the ancient Standing Stone Craters and I saw the big main shadow. Also I did see the sight of what the first instant in the distance of the Moon's suddenly changed light looks like, and I did see the first part of the incredible visual spectacle that the big rolling place generates with the Moon's suddenly fantastically changed now incredible Lasting Light! I saw the Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down between the Earth and the Moon. Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know the basic idea of what actually happens when the Ancient Object returns, & crosses down in front of the Moon. Find in point form, Return Viewer's Guide #1, approximately 20% of the way down my page; Return Viewer's Guide For Use With A Small Backyard Telescope
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When Will The Ancient Object Return?

Even if my best guess regarding this forward rolling celestial object's return orbit date down across between the Moon and the Earth is not correct that would have no effect on the accuracy of the details I provide concerning what future viewers can expect to see during the first part of a Return Event.The fully eclipsed Moon's light is suddenly seen to the right and above the crossing object's upper right horizon. The Moon's light and light from the background of space becomes changed, and it lasts. Incredibly the fantastic ancient thing that happens, still happens and you can see it if you look up at the right time. The Changed and Lasting Light sights that a viewer sees happen repeat in exact detail.The object's speed is tremendous. In two minutes or less the object travels the distance down across between the Moon and the Earth on it's orbital path down towards the area of space beside and below the sun. Knowing the night of the object's imminent return is all important for many reasons. My first and second book have two separate return dates that that were my best guesses at that time. Both guesses were incorrect.This is a very different situation we are all in. Again I am trying to guess what night the ancient celestial object I saw when I was a boy is going to roll down across between the Moon and the Earth again.May 24, 1926, then May 7, 1971 and now forty six years later again it will be May 18, 2016, three nights before the full Moon. We'll see what happens. I know the object will cross down again sooner or later because the object orbits.There is a long path that has led me to the May 18, 2016 date. It could turn out that the forward rolling ancient celestial object I saw crossing in front of the Moon actually arrives down from the depths of space again on the evening of the eighteenth of May 2016.
12/9/201430 minutes, 50 seconds
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Is Tonight The Night The Object Returns?

It is now 44 years since I saw the object in May 1970. 44 years before that May 1926 the object "obscured the moon's disc." Now today May11, 2014 it is once again three nights before the month of May's full moon.Sounds simple enough however I am unable to say if this attempt, this guess will be right and we really will see the ancient object return home. Early not late evening, just a little while after dark.Follow the timing and the order of events as I describe here: The Return Viewer's GuideStay looking, don't look away. If you can do this you will see. Don't look away and you will have a chance to go face to face with an all important ultimate ancient human sight that is light. Now stay looking and you will realize that you are really seeing in the ancient way as you experience more as the intensity escalates. To the right over and past the ancient object's upper right horizon you are looking at the moon's changed light after it was sculpted and shaped by the point of a shadow that was cast by a massive vertically standing crater rim piece.This is a fantastic thing that happens and you can see this as well. That's a huge part of the point and I hope helps to explain and helps people to understand the answer to the question, what's the Return Viewer's Guide about?
5/11/201431 minutes, 56 seconds
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12 Days Left Till May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014 may see the ancient celestial object of old return and roll down across between the Earth and the Moon. If it does our present era will end. Forty four years ago in 1970 I saw the ancient object of the crossing down and I saw the changed and Lasting light event that it causes to occur. Forty for years before my sighting German amateur astronomer Mr. W. Spill saw a celestial object he described as the Earth's second moon, obscuring our moons disc. You know that there just aren't that many objects that are out there that are capable of obscuring the moon's disc as seen from the Earth.Even if the May 11/14 Return date is not correct that would have no effect on the accuracy of the details I provide concerning what future viewers can expect to see during a Return Event. The things that happen and the sights that are seen happen over and over again with each return orbit down in exact detail! By describing what I saw I am also describing what future viewers are going to see. I am not predicting what will be seen. Instead I have realized that the detailed sights that are seen during a return event repeat in exact detail every time the shadows are cast into the changed light. This is a basic fact so I know I can provide details concerning what future viewers can expect to see by describing what I saw. Once again that's all I'm doing, I'm not somehow making a prediction concerning the detailed changed light sights that a viewer of a return event sees.Going back to 2005 I finally figured out a way to get started and now it could very well be that the ancient forward rolling object is very nearly back and ready to cross down through our solar system again. The ancient object's next return orbit down across in front of the moon will happen again and as always it will be spectacular beyond comparison and all imagination!No matter what that return date turns out be be! 
4/29/201430 minutes, 27 seconds
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A New Era In Human History Is Nearly Upon Us All

The Returning Ancient Object is near. A new era in Human history is nearly upon us all. May 11, 2014 may well see the Ancient Object Adoil once again cross down between the Earth and the Moon. In 1970 I saw this very Object cross down and intercept and change the light from the Moon. This fantastic repeating celestial event is without any question at the root, the very heart of the most ancient human traditions and indeed at the very heart of, and a part of the ancient mystrey itself. I describe the sights here
12/28/201330 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Ancient Returning Object

I comment on the situation we are all in related to the returning Ancient Object of the Crossing Down Between the Earth and the Moon. Every Christmas Eve I comment on the fantastic returning object, Adiol, and the incredible Lasting Light  event that the ancient crossing object causes. Brace yourself because the world's ideas and thinking as you have always known it is about to be turned upside down and violently shaken! Finally!
12/25/201230 minutes