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Rethinking Palestine

English, News, 4 seasons, 41 episodes, 19 hours 54 minutes
Rethinking Palestine is a podcast from Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, a transnational think tank that aims to foster public debate on Palestinian human rights and self-determination. We draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of the Palestinian people, whether in Palestine or in exile, to put forward strong and diverse Palestinian policy voices. In this podcast, we will be bringing these voices to you so that you can listen to Palestinians sharing their analysis wherever you are in the world.
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Settler Colonial Spillover in the West Bank with Fathi Nimer

Fathi Nimer, Al-Shabaka Palestine policy fellow, joins host Yara Hawari to discuss the acceleration of Israeli settler colonialism in the West Bank amidst the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Support the show
27/02/202423 minutes 11 seconds
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The Arab World and Gaza Genocide with Elham Fakhro

Elham Fakhro joins host Yara Hawari to discuss the reactions of Arab peoples and their governments to the ongoing genocide in Gaza, placing them within the historical and contemporary context of Arab normalization with the Israeli regime.Support the show
29/01/202423 minutes 19 seconds