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(Re)thinking insurance

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 60 episodes, 22 hours 54 minutes
In (Re)thinking insurance we discuss the issues facing P&C, Life, and composite insurers around the globe, as well as exploring the latest tools, techniques and innovations that will help you to re-think insurance.
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Talking Tech special: Dynamic Products

In this episode, recorded live on stage at the European Insurance Leaders Forum, Charlie Samolczyk is joined by Iain Whittingham and Magdalena Ramada to discuss what ‘Dynamic Products’ are, and how they impact insurance.
16/02/202416 minutes 48 seconds
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Registered index-linked annuities: How they work, market growth, trends and outlook

In this episode, our experts take a comprehensive look at registered index-linked annuities.
07/02/202436 minutes 39 seconds
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The top ten challenges facing Chief Risk Officers in life insurance for 2024

As the global life insurance industry continues to undergo significant change, Chief Risk Officers (CROs) have an increasingly pivotal role to play in ensuring their organizations adapt. With new regulation being introduced, arising external environmental changes and evolving risks – what are the biggest issues facing the risk function in 2024? In this episode of (Re)thinking Insurance, Mark Mennemeyer is joined by Philip Tervit and Niamh Carr to explore the top ten key challenges for CROs in the year ahead; from Climate risk and Model risk, to making sense of IFRS 17 and ensuring their risk framework is operating effectively.
31/01/202424 minutes 19 seconds