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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 56 episodes, 21 hours 6 minutes
In (Re)thinking insurance we discuss the issues facing P&C, Life, and composite insurers around the globe, as well as exploring the latest tools, techniques and innovations that will help you to re-think insurance.
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Commercial Lines Market Portfolio Optimization - Underwriting implementation

Organizations with effective portfolio management are able to bring together all the functions under a cohesive strategy to deliver against their business plans. And critical to this is portfolio managers turning data into meaningful insights to support better underwriting decisions. In this episode of (Re)thinking I
15/11/202322 minutes 18 seconds
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Talking Tech special: The future of digital trading and distribution

In this episode, Charlie Samolczyk is joined by Louise Smith and Taffy Jo Mayers to discuss the future of digital trading and distribution. 
24/10/202332 minutes 49 seconds
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Data Science Risk

In this episode, Kartina Tahir Thomson and Pardeep Bassi talk about the risks and challenges an insurer faces when embedding data science into their organisation.   They discuss what we are currently observing in the market and what firms should be considering and/or doing when integrating data science, as well as some of the pitfalls that many have run into.  
11/10/202312 minutes 58 seconds
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The future of insurance and analytics

Insurers recognize that analytics have the power to add value across their organizations. Companies that maximize the use of analytics will win in the marketplace and gain a competitive edge. In this episode of (Re)thinking Insurance, Ravi Sharma is joined by Pardeep Bassi and Laura Doddington to discuss the future of insurance and how analytics will transform insurance.
11/10/202319 minutes 42 seconds
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Accumulation and Savings — How to provide value for money for both customers and shareholders

Following the introduction of automatic enrollment into workplace pensions in 2012, there has been increasing focus within the UK on delivering value for savers. And with the government’s recent proposals for a common framework for assessing Value for Money (VFM) for Defined Contribution (DC) schemes, developing product and services which help customers to and through retirement has never been more important. In this episode of (Re)thinking Insurance, Hjoerdis Gerke is joined by Phil Tervit and Kris Black to discuss the UK Accumulations and Savings business and why Value for Money in the context of workplace pensions can be beneficial for both customers and shareholders, not only for the UK but also across borders.
17/07/202324 minutes 58 seconds
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Navigating the Florida homeowners’ insurance market

Insurers in the Florida homeowners’ market have had a tough time in recent years. Population booms, economic development, natural disasters and a highly litigious market make it challenging for carriers doing business in the state. In this episode of (Re)thinking Insurance, Ravi Sharma is joined by Klayton Southwood and Trevar Withers to discuss the Florida homeowners’ insurance market, tales of the past, where we’re today and where we’re heading.
06/07/202326 minutes 16 seconds
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Talking Tech special: The importance of building a robust technology ecosystem

In this episode, our host, Charlie Samolcyzk is joined by Andrew Harley and John Heidelberger to discuss the benefits of ecosystems and partnerships within an organisation. 
22/06/202321 minutes 31 seconds
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Streamlining Insurance - How SaaS is Enabling Automation

Across the insurance industry, many firms are increasingly looking towards software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to address issues of limited internal resource, as well as to automate and streamline their business processes. In this episode of (Re)thinking Insurance, Ravi Sharma is joined by Kunal Patel and Scott Gibson to explore the benefits of SaaS solutions and how organisations can ensure they gain maximum value from these technologies.
01/06/20239 minutes 59 seconds
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ESG Special: How climate conditions impact both insurers’ present day and future risk

Faced with the challenges and risks of climate change and a warming planet, insurers have strong foundations in place with the catastrophe models developed over recent decades. But the forecasting horizons of such models tends to be quite short. So, as an industry, we need to be thinking about how we better project the potential longer-term effects on exposures, underwriting and investment strategy, taking into account not only physical risks, such as severe storms, but also the transition and liability risks of climate change. In this episode of (Re)thinking Insurance, Sina Thieme is joined by David Singh, WTW’s Head of Climate Analytics and Exposure Management, to discuss ways forward, touching upon topics ranging f
19/05/202322 minutes 44 seconds
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ESG Special: How will climate transition risks impact the insurance industry?

For insurers, climate transition risk has two distinct, but related, aspects. On the one hand is what they do in their own operations, in areas such as reducing emissions and reporting. On the other is the increasing awareness of and attention on what the transition to net zero means for underwriting, claims, products and, potentially, reputation. For (re)insurers, climate transition risk has two distinct but related aspects. First, the assessment of their own climate transition across their operations, with a particular focus on emissions reduction and reporting, which has gained particular attention this year following the publication by the Net Zero Insurance Alliance of the first Target-Setting Protocol, which includes target setting for insurance associated emissions across underwriting portfolios. Secondly, the need to understand and assess what the global transition to net zero means for areas including underwriting, claims, products and potentially reputation.
18/04/202320 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 4: Hot topics in the U.S. life insurance market

Carrie Kelley is joined by Nik Godon, Karen Grote and Nick Komissarov to explore hot topics in the U.S. life insurance industry. They discuss perspectives on managing in-force blocks, M&A transactions and the pension risk transfer (PRT) market.
31/03/202326 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 3: Using GBMs to Automate Decision Making

In this episode, Rachael McNaughton and Madeline Main discuss the practical applications of GBMs.
09/02/202317 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 2: Deciphering crypto: What, how and why insurers have to take notice

Ravi is joined by Magda Ramada to discuss crypto assets and related technologies. Magda explains key terms and explores how the insurance industry can play a part in this evolving ecosystem.
24/01/202320 minutes 40 seconds
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Middle East Special: Navigating the M&A market

With Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity in the Middle East continuing to increase, the implications for insurers, people, processes and systems can be significant and far-reaching. However, it simultaneously presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses to drive growth, deliver faster decision-making, free up capital and create new opportunities in unexplored markets. In this episode of (Re)thinking Insurance, Matthew Facey is joined by M&A experts Roshail Khalid and Darragh McHugh, who explore what is happening in the Middle East market in terms of M&As and what it means for insurers operating in the region.
12/01/202330 minutes 1 second