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Retail Reborn from The Business of Fashion

English, Beauty, 2 seasons, 12 episodes, 5 hours, 15 minutes
In a new series, presented in partnership with Brookfield Properties, Doug Stephens and The Business of Fashion investigate the seismic shifts transforming the retail ecosystem. From the post-pandemic consumer psyches, to increased risk and growing calls for responsibility, Retail Reborn identifies the forces transforming the retail market and what they mean for the global industry. Subscribe now to never miss an episode.
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The Earthshot: A New Sustainability Mindset for Fashion Retail

In the final episode of BoF’s new podcast series Retail Reborn, Doug Stephens explores how fashion retail must evolve so it can operate within planetary boundaries featuring guests including sustainable design authority William McDonough, founder and CEO of Jordan Alliance Group Inc, Ilka Jordan, and Sanjeev Bahl, founder of sustainable denim manufacturer Saitex.   Subscribe now to never miss an episode. Sign up for BoF’s Daily Digest newsletter. Ready to become a BoF Professional? For a limited time, enjoy 25% discount on an annual membership, exclusively for podcast listeners. Simply, click here, select the Annual Package and use code PODCASTPRO at the checkout. For all sponsorship enquiries, it’s: [email protected].
10/27/202029 minutes, 49 seconds