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Every single Resonance FM show which has ever been released as a podcast.
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One Life Left -- s12e04 -- #263 -- Ann! Simon! Ste!

For the first time this season we finally had all three presenters hosting. In order to commemorate this we all hosted the show standing up. This means that you need to be standing up to listen to this show in order to show us the respect we deserve. As we know that this will cause you some discomfort, we have decided to have a break from doing the show next week. We are nothing if not protective of our listeners. This week's Super-Special Guest is James Parker from Ground Shatter. He told us all about his two (count 'em - two!) new games, Skyscrappers and Black and White Bushido. He told us why local multiplayer games deserve a comeback, which is just as well as that's what Skyscrappers is. Luckily Ann decided not to torpedo any of his ideas like she did with VR so both of the games should be coming out soon. GameUnder continued his sterling work for the videogaming public and Sega Badawi informed us of a local news story. We also found out that Ste has a dodgy back, Ann has dyed her hair and Simon told us of his son's adventures in swearing. Not only that but Ann came up with the best analogy for Rocket League and James raised the bar for all SSGs to follow by giving us one of the best presents ever! Cheerio!Team OLL x Links: Track list:1. Atari Tufty - P.F.M. Theme from Skyscrappers3. Jerkemy - With The Square of The Distance
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framework #526: 2015.09.27 [flavien gillié]

framework:afield produced in belgium by flavien gillié, featuring sounds from the anneessens neighborhood in brussels. for more info see
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Electric Sheep Magazine Podcast: The Female Gaze, the Forbidden Room

Electric Sheep Magazine Podcast: The Female Gaze, the Forbidden Room In the start of a new series, Electric Sheep Magazine editor in chief Virginie Sélavy and assistant editor Alex Fitch preview the London Film Festival and talk to filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond, whose short film NASTY is screening as part of the Cult section. Sight and […]
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The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 25th September 2015 All music published by empreintes DIGITALes in Canada Georges Forget, ‘Urban Adagio’ From Le Dernier Présent, IMED 15133 CD (2015) Åke Parmerud, ‘La Vie Mécanique’ From Growl, IMED 15132 CD (2015) Erik Nyström, ‘Catabolisms’ From Morphogenèse, IMED 14129 CD (2014) Robert Normandeau, ‘Pluies Noires’ From Dômes, […]
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Panel Borders: Dave Gibbons, Comics Laureate

Panel Borders: Dave Gibbons, Comics Laureate In the first of a new series of Panel Borders, Alex Fitch talks to ‘Comics Laureate’ Dave Gibbons about his career so far, from Doctor Who Weekly strips to Watchmen, Give me Liberty to Kingsman / The Secret Service. Recorded at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, October 2014. […]
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One Life Left -- s12e03 -- #262 -- Cyber Swindon/Awooga

Fresh from last week's debate regarding the future of virtual reality systems, we substituted an ill Scanters for a fit Ste in order to continue the conversation. We also got Brynley Gibson in as a Super-Special Guest to pass on his knowledge from working on the Playstation VR. As one of the leading lights in Sony's London Studio he had lots to tell us, apart from anything that we could claim as an EXCLUSIVE. With Ann off ill, and million dollar journalist/substitute newsreader Cara Ellison being busy in Scotland we had to rely on Ste for our news. Listen in to find out if he has learnt anything from eleven seasons of listening to Ann. GameUnder continues his sterling undercover work at EA and Sega Badawi gives us the latest local news. We also find out how to induce motion sickness in people, discuss the Elite Dangerous purchase flow chart and work out if today's kids like Back To The Future. Cheerio!Team OLL x Links: Track list:1. PSS270 - Plastic Humans Chunter - We take the Future Jerkemy - Substrate Independence Justbeenwarpzoned - The Bastille of the Socially Awkward Teenager
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framework #525: 2015.09.20

regular edition featuring jay-dea lopez, manrico montero, will montgomery, martin kaye, and rafał flejter.
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Jazz for September

The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 18th September 2015 Pre-recorded podcast (no announcements) Roland Kirk, ‘What’s Goin’ On / Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)’ From Blacknuss, ATLANTIC (1972) Art Blakey, ‘Circus’ From Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, IMPULSE (1961) Wolfgang Dauner’s Et Cetera, ‘Tuning Spread’ From Knirsch, MPS RECORDS (1972) Freddie Hubbard, ‘The Black […]
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One Life Left -- s12e02 -- #261 -- Ste was alone

It's a problem having the same person coming into the studio. Sometimes you just run out of things to say to them. Luckily Ste was away this week so we had Mike Bithell in as a Super-Special Guest! Unfortunately he didn't tell us anything about his new game so The Caretaker had to use one of Mike's old games for the episode title again. And as we all know, The Caretaker is incredibly lazy. Luckily, Mike Bithell is not incredibly lazy and was in to discuss how well Volume went down with everyone (and Metacritic). He was also meant to discuss his new game, but he didn't get the memo. Mostly because The Caretaker forgot to send it out. As he didn't get the other memo regarding the sending of memos. Ann is one console down as she sold her Wii when she had a headache, rather than putting it in a bag at the bottom of the canal. Simon went to the Not Twin Peaks diner experience, nearly got run over by a Taxi in Croydon and started a bromance with Mike, who told us how he is spending his fortune. Ann also torpedoed everyone's dreams about virtual reality and Sega Badawi returned with his Local News. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Ubaldur - September 2. Candy Hippy Candy Hippy - Robot Dance Party Appears to have been deleted - of you can find it let us know!
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framework #524: 2015.09.13 [chris lynn]

framework:afield produced in the u.s. by chris lynn. for more info see
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Hooting Yard: On The Ground

We can go over now to our reporter on the ground, Praxiteles Hubbard . . . Prax, what is the situation there on the ground? On The Ground On The Krummhorn Man On Life Without Ducks High Strikes Correct Forms of Greeting This episode was first broadcast on the 2nd August 2012.
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Life is a Carnival

The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 11th September 2015 Uneven Eleven, ‘Combustible Combestible’ Reg Bloor, ‘Carnival Of Tragedy’ Kayaka, ‘Pickled Tango’ Papal Bull, ‘Poppies, Cocks and Clipper Ships’ DunningWebsterUnderwood, ‘Tuskcabstems’ Reg Bloor, ‘Unstrumental’ Carlo Costa Quartet, ‘Pulverize’ Peter Brötzmann, ‘The Very Heart Of Things’ Martin Archer and Bo Meson, (Track 03) Paco Rossique, ‘Blind and […]
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One Life Left -- s12e01 -- #260 -- Ann Life Left IV

Sometimes, if you've been really good and wish hard enough then your dreams will come true. This is one of those days. One Life Left is back for its twelfth season on the airwaves! And everyone in the world must have been really, really good as it's time for another Ann Life Left. For those of you who haven't listened to Ann Life Left before what happens is Ann gets a load of people into the studio to talk about how games have had an effect on their lives and how amazing games are. It is consistently highly rated by our focus groups that the caretaker runs on our behalf to help improve our branding. Helping Ann out is SSGP (Super-Special Guest Presenter) Philippa Warr from Rock Paper Shotgun who didn't talk about or play League of Legends for a whole hour so that must surely be reason enough to listen? Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Tracklist: 1. Chibitech - Love is Insecurable (Dr Bouche remix) 2. Chipzel - Super Hexagon 3. Bus Blanchie - Bright Stars 4. ForABrokenEarth - Toriningen[2015-mix] 5. Klamm - Wildfire
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Panel Borders: On the Brink of a Brass Sun

Panel Borders: On the Brink of a Brass Sun Concluding a month of shows about ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’, Alex Fitch talks to artist I.N.J. Culbard about his work for 2000AD on strips such as ‘clock-punk fantasy’ serial Brass Sun and the forthcoming Brink. Ian also explains his unusual method for drawing Dan Abnett’s anthropomorphic […]
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Panel Borders: Wagner and Gibbons

Panel Borders: Wagner and Gibbons Continuing a month of shows about ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’, Alex Fitch talks to another writer and artist about their work in and after 2000AD. In an extract from a Q and A recorded on stage at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Alex Fitch talks to artist Dave Gibbons […]
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Panel Borders: Outlier and other 3rillers

Panel Borders: Outlier and other 3rillers Continuing a month of shows about ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’, Alex Fitch talks to writer Tom Eglington about writing strips for 2000AD including Judge Dredd and “Tharg’s 3rillers”, plus the serial he originated, Outlier, a space-set revenge saga continuing the periodical’s tradition of weird looking protagonists! Alex and Tom […]
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Really Useful Bikes at the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show

Bespoked, the UK's Handmade Bicycle Show is Britain's biggest annual showcase for custom bike builders. It's full to the rafters of beautiful bikes but Jack Thurston went in search of the most useful bikes at the show, from an off-road porteur to a separable road bike to a childback tandem in titanium.
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Panel Borders: 2000AD alumni

Panel Borders: 2000AD alumni Starting a month of shows about ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’, Alex Fitch talks to a writer and an artist about their work in and after 2000AD. Colin Wilson discusses getting his first work on the periodical and drawing Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper strips in the early 1980s, while, in an […]
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framework #523: 2015.08.02 [martin clarke]

framework:afield produced in the uk using sounds collected in india by martin clarke. for more info see
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Panel Borders: Wilson and Wyld

Panel Borders: Wilson and Wyld Concluding a month of shows about Australasian comic book creators, Alex Fitch talks to an Australian writer living in London and a New Zealander artist living in Australia who found fame in Europe… Evie Wyld discusses her collaboration with artist Joe Sumner on her first graphic novel Everything is Teeth, […]
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Hot ‘n’ Heavy

The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 31st July 2015 Noxagt, ‘Titanic’ From Collection 1, NORWAY DRID MACHINE RECORDS DMR15 LP (2014) Masters, ‘New Mountains Rising’ From Acid Witch Mountain, UK ADAADAT ADA0032 2 x LP (2014) The Young Mothers, ‘Wells, the original’ From A Mother’s Work Is Never Done, USA TEKTITE RECORDS CO-OPERATIVE TR03CD (2014) […]
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One Life Left -- s11e18 -- #259 -- Gin and (grapefruit) juice

For the final time this season all of Team OLL was in the studio before we broke for our summer holidays. This meant we didn't have to wear our uniforms and we could even bring in board games to play. Ann nearly didn't make the show on time as she was waiting upstairs and wondering why she was hot. Ste was back from Finland with tales of gin and grapefruit, Placebo and Finland's answer to Justin Bieber. Simon was still developing his next game after Bang Man! took the gaming world by storm. And thanks to our Super-Special Guest Ian Hamilton, Simon will be thinking of accessibility for gamers with disabilities. Ian was on to discuss the issues in improving accessibility and it seems that the little things matter a lot to most gamers. Annoyingly there's no actual legal enforcement to make games more accessible so most of the appetite to improve things is coming from the smaller companies. But we did find out which was the first AAA game with a dedicated blind accessibility option. Ann had a very important Ann-nouncement, we talked tactics for the upcoming GMAs and Marioke makes more steps into invading Germany (which annoys the Caretaker as he prefers Monchengladbach to Koln). GameUnder continues to work undercover and Sega Badawi has some more local news. And even though we're on holiday you can still contact us via the usual methods and even finish making our game for us. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Laffe The Fox feat. Robot Orgy Massacre - The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Unadventurous 2. Motionride - Loading[lsdj-chiptune] 3. PleaseLoseBattle - Hangover Apocalypse
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framework #522: 2015.07.26 [world listening day]

this edition celebrates world listening day 2015, with a collection of watery sounds, all recorded on july 18th, from the aporee soundmaps.
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Rainy Omen

The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 24th July 2015 Polígono Hindú Astra, ‘Terra Incognita’ From 001100010, SPAIN VERLAG SYSTEMS RECORDS 01 LP (2015) Terminal Lovers, ‘Lacuna’ From Flight Out, USA BIOLOGICAL RECORDS BR-06 CD (2015) Wolfarth / Wintsch / Weber, ‘Doubtable Distinctiveness’ From Thieves Left That Behind, SWITZERLAND VETO-EXCHANGE 012 CD (2015) Jocelyn Robert, (Track […]
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Panel Borders: Bruce Mutard – from The Bunker to The Sacrifice

Panel Borders: Bruce Mutard – from The Bunker to The Sacrifice Continuing a month of shows about Australasian comics, Alex Fitch talks to Melbourne cartoonist Bruce Mutard about his career so far, from his first graphic novel The Bunker to experimental comics such as Alice in Nomansland, and working on a sequel to his World […]