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Resilience means different things to different people and in business, being resilient can help us thrive. In this podcast we chat with entrepreneurs from all walks of life, in different stages of business and across industry sectors. You'll hear their stories and can find comfort, strength and humour in knowing that whatever we go through, we're not alone! In each short episode you'll find something to relate to. It's our hope that these real life stories will lift your resilience so you can create a business that's everything you want, and more.
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65: Strategic Consultant, Aderonke Bademosi’s AI calendar

In this episode of Resilient Entrepreneurs we touch on… Appreciative Inquiry as a management style How change is longer lasting when it’s made for improvement (vs ‘fix the problem’) That the consistency of doing something continuously, day after day, is what wins the game That resilience is getting up every day and doing one thing towards your dream 5 keys to success - seek guidance, be true to yourself, know your vision, take feedback as feedback, and be generous. Aderonke Bademosi is our guest and she tells all on what led her to create an AI - Appreciative Inquiry calendar that’s interactive and develops leadership through Conversation, Connection, and Community. Tune in, enjoy and remember to subscribe to Resilient Entrepreneurs for awesome weekly stories from business people who are launching their big idea
01/12/202340 minutes 1 second
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64: Franchise Freedom founder, Giuseppe Grammatico - Is Business Ownership Right for You?

Ever wonder what it would take to be your own boss and break free from the 9-to-5 grind? Well, in Episode 64 of Resilient Entrepreneurs Podcast, Giuseppe Grammatico answers the question. He’s the founder of Franchise Freedom, and he’s helped more than 1,000 professionals find the right franchise opportunities. He’s a passionate advocate for business ownership, not only franchising. Guiseppe says it how he sees it - he’ll tell you if business ownership is not the path for you and we get into the potential impact a business can have on your life and the community. It's all about the real deal on starting your own business—no fancy talk, just straightforward insights, as you’ve come to expect on Resilient Entrepreneurs. Enjoy!
24/11/202338 minutes
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63: The Email Agency CEO, Josh Kropkof: Shy Guy, Turned Marketing Guru

In this episode, join us as we talk to Josh Kropkof who has turned setbacks into triumphs. From overcoming a failed digital products venture to generating over $50M in sales through groundbreaking email and SMS strategies, this episode is a masterclass in resilience and innovation. With a fun and fascinating start in his basement play casino we can learn so much from Josh. He shares great stories and inspiration. Ready to be inspired? Listen to Episode 63 now on your favorite podcast platform! 🎙️
17/11/202351 minutes 19 seconds
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62: Professional Certified Coach Aneace Haddad: Leadership & Courage Vampires

In this episode of Resilient Entrepreneurs, we had the pleasure of hosting Aneace Haddad, a seasoned executive coach and global nomad with over 15 years of experience guiding leaders in multinational companies. The author a business leadership book, The Eagle that Drank Hummingbird Nectar, Aneace has coined the term 'courage vampire.' Tune in to discover this concept that can instantly improve your leadership style. We also discuss: * What happens in a mid-life crisis, * How to ease yourself up about finding your purpose* There is more value in having the right questions than having the answers* And how we don’t plan for transformation. Enjoy the easy flowing conversation with this master of modern leadership.
09/11/202335 minutes 27 seconds
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61: Brand Strategist Deevo Tindall on Rewriting the Rules of Authentic Branding

In this episode, we're joined by Deevo, the dynamic Founder of Fusion Creative, who has transitioned from a successful 15-year corporate career to rewrite the rules of branding. We'll delve into social media strategies and authentic branding. His thought leadership in digital transformation, emphasising unapologetic branding, provides businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital world. With 18,000 Instagram followers and over 1500 connections on Facebook and LinkedIn, Deevo's insights are a game-changer. In a candid reflection, Deevo shares how he values his time and energy as valuable commodities and actively seeks out positive engagements. But here's the heads up! Deevo's got a bit of a colorful vocabulary. He's not shy about letting a few choice words fly, so if you're in the car with the kids or prefer your podcasts squeaky clean, just be aware – this one's got some spicy language! 🔥 Don't miss this empowering episode!&nbsp;Listen&nbsp;now&nbsp;:)<
03/11/20231 hour 9 minutes 52 seconds
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60: Business Soul Strategist Eugenia Oganova: Your Soul's Blueprint for Success

In this episode, meet Eugenia Oganova, a seasoned Business Soul Strategist and self-made millionaire with 20 years of experience, helping women in coaching and healing industries achieve sustainable $10k+ months without burnout. Learn her secrets to aligning your business with your unique Soul Design Strategy, and the power of experimentation and follow-through in entrepreneurship. Not a typical business coach or writer: Eugenia is clairvoyant and neurodivergent, making this a unique and fascinating conversation. ‌Eugenia is also a best-selling author of 4 books: “Wealth by Soul Design – How to Leverage your Unique Badass Inner Magic to Grow your Spiritual Business Into a multi-6 or 7-figure Empire”, “Mission Alpha - The Wise and Passionate You”, “Awakening the Harmony Within – How to Create with Spirit”, and “The Secret of Sekhmet – Why Akhenaten Challenged the Gods of Egypt”. For a FREE GIFT on how coaches can achieve sustainable $10k months and at
27/10/202345 minutes 9 seconds
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59: Hypnotherapist & Author Jill K. Thomas: Start small and grow

In this episode, we have an upbeat conversation with Jill K Thomas, an experienced Hypnotherapist and Author from Ashland, Oregon. We get into the juicy topics of business building, including: Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs Knowing what it takes to have a Money Mindset for abundance Practical business tips for a solopreneur How to start small, on a low budget and grow Fascinating facts about hypnotherapy And what it’s like to be ‘pregnant’ with a book! If you’re starting a new business or you feel your existing business is at a plateau, we believe you’ll really enjoy this episode! Jill K Thomas books are:The High Income Healer,Tales from the Trance,Feed your Real Hunger&nbsp;All available now on Amazon Contact Jill at Soul Connect Transformations<a href="mailto:[email protected]" title="‌" target="_blank" rel="ugc nofoll
20/10/202349 minutes 4 seconds
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58: Empowered StarBoss Founder & Author, Livia Jenvey: Your Inner Guidance Knows

In this episode, we have Livia Jenvey, a distinguished entrepreneur, business coach, and the author of Soul Compass: A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Navigating Past Self-Doubt and Fear, released on September 14, 2023. Early in her entrepreneurial journey, Livia realised the significance of trusting her inner guide, a piece of advice she wishes she'd received sooner. Her experience revealed that external influences and self-doubt could often lead entrepreneurs astray, making it crucial to stay connected to that inner compass. We are reminded that our inner guide is what originally propelled us into entrepreneurship. Starting each day with purposeful intentions and a focus on mindset, beliefs, and values is highlighted as a key practice within our control. Livia draws attention to the fact that neglecting self-care can have a detrimental impact on one's business and pas
13/10/202329 minutes 26 seconds
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56: Impact Pilot, Sales Coach and Founder Tom Jackobs: The Reality of Sales

In Episode 56 of Resilient Entrepreneurs, we have Tom Jackobs, affectionately known as the Impact Pilot and Founder of JackobsEffect. An entrepreneur for 30+ years, Tom has the experience of turning around a failing fitness business before pivoting to coaching entrepreneurs on improving sales and customer service using storytelling. He's an actual pilot who became a digital nomad and finally settled in Taiwan. Tom's definitely had more failures than successes, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Tom emphasizes that sales is a problem-solving process. His advice for entrepreneurs: master selling and systemize your business for true freedom. For more, visit Tom Jackobs on LinkedIn at and explore his insights and expertise at Share this episode to enrich others!
06/10/202340 minutes 10 seconds
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Resilience Rewind: Mid-Season Highlights

Welcome to the mid-season highlights episode of the Resilient Entrepreneurs Podcast! In this special edition, we've distilled the most inspiring and insightful moments from the first half of Season 3. Each episode offers valuable takeaways from our resilient entrepreneurs and some offer their recommendations for a book or podcast that has influenced their journey. Here are the highlights - and you'll discover how each guest's unique personality shines through in their episode - you may want to tap into each full episode. From overcoming burnout to building values-based businesses and harnessing the power of imagination, our exceptional guests share their stories and strategies in the hope that something you hear will leave you a little richer. So, let's dive into these condensed gems from some extraordinary individuals. <a href="
29/09/202337 minutes 25 seconds
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55: Author, Dr Rana Salman: Sales is not what you think

Here’s Episode 55 of Resilient Entrepreneurs where we chat with a sales specialist, Dr. Rana Salman, author of Sales Essentials. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Rana is fascinated by the art and science of selling, coupled with a strong sense of ethical responsibility. In this episode Dr Rana discusses: Tips on which AI to use for effective sales conversations. What NOT to do when approaching potential clients and The pros and cons to being an entrepreneur. We hope you enjoy the episode and find great value in it. If you do, please share it with others. Book:&nbsp;Sales Essentials: The Tools You Need at Every Stage to
22/09/202339 minutes 14 seconds
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54: CAGR CEO, LaSean Smith: Building Values-Based Businesses

In this episode of Resilient Entrepreneurs, we sit down with LaSean Smith, an entrepreneur with a diverse background who's passionate about helping people achieve financial independence through starting their own businesses. LaSean shares his motto for life: "Make Things, Stay Free, Know Thyself," and emphasises the importance of sticking to your values. He also discusses how in the tech industry, you always have to keep learning because things change a lot, which can be a challenge for some people. This conversation offers valuable insights into entrepreneurship and continuous learning, so make sure you tune in to get the most out of it. Don't forget to follow and subscribe Resilient Entrepreneurs on your favourite podcast app&nbsp;for more enlightening discussions with thought leaders from various fields! --- LaSean Smith's Book:<a href="https://
15/09/202348 minutes 40 seconds
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53: Transformation Specialist Dr. Dravon James: Imagination and Passion in Business

Resilient Entrepreneurs Podcast Episode 53 guest, Dr. Dravon James, is a powerhouse of positivity, an inspirational speaker and transformation specialist - with a doctorate in Pharmacy - and the brilliant author of "Freedom is Your Birthright." Dr Dravon is an actress with roles in HBO's iconic series, "The Wire," and the hair-raising thriller, "Wake." Her journey began with the dream of becoming an actress, but practicality led her to pharmacy. Yet her passion for acting never faded and when her daughter was born, she reignited that passion, enrolling in acting classes despite other people’s opinions. Her success was a path of countless rejections, held together by her unshakable belief in her dream. In this episode we talk about how imagination and passion got her to where she is today and as an entrepreneur she has more big ideas ahead. Join us for Dr Dravon's inspiring journey, where passion, and imagination have brought her from a life of poverty as
08/09/202337 minutes 38 seconds
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52: Power of Women Conference Founder: Shenali Rajaratnam on Personal Responsibility

If you’re able to attend the Power of Women Digital Conference 2023 online this September 8th to 10th, do yourself a favour and jump on. Intentionally running in parallel with the Global Leaders G20 Summit, Power of Women is for men and women - to amplify the voice of women in world leadership and to bring a better balance to globally-impacting decisions. In this Episode we discuss these issues with Conference Founder Shenali Rajaratnam. As an extraordinary entrepreneur she also shares wisdom beyond her years about the power of collaboration, personal responsibility, self-belief and resilience. She discusses the concept of ‘Edutainment’ as well as personal growth that can lead to global change. Tuning in to this conversation with Shenali will be sure to change something in your world, which is exactly her intent! To register for the Power of Women Digital Conference 2023&nbsp;online this September 8th to 10th, visit&nbsp;<a href="http://powerofwomen
01/09/202350 minutes 29 seconds
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51: Maureen Falvey, Strong Leadership Coaching Taking Action

In this episode Maureen Falvey is amazing. She’s the dynamic Corporate Coach and Co-author of "Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Entrepreneurs" and she drops pearls of wisdom, great sayings and mindset markers from the first minute. Maureen's mantra "Do the thing, and you will have the power" is how she takes action in the face of fear. This is a candid conversation about dancing with fear - with practical guidance that will motivate. Enjoy!
18/08/202333 minutes
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50: The Resilience Coach, Russell Harvey. Spring Forward with Learning

Russell Harvey is an engaging Leadership Coach and Facilitator from Leeds, UK and he is known as The Resilience Coach. His mission is to impact 100,000 lives by 2025, having already touched over 40,000. He's well on his way to achieving that with his public speaking and his podcast&nbsp;How To Build Your Resilience. Russell talks about the power of recognising your strengths and playing into them, rather than trying to improve what you’re not good at. He discusses the impact of focusing on what you love to do. He challenges conventional wisdom on weaknesses. He introduces the "step back, reflect, spring forward" formula and a Challenge, Action, Results approach to realign with purpose. Key takeaways are to ‘spring forward with learning’ vs the concept of ‘bouncing back’. If you love this, hit subscribe and select other inspiring stories here on&nbsp;Resilient Entrepreneurs</str
11/08/202343 minutes 3 seconds
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49: Exec Coach Judy Wilkins-Smith: Your Money DNA

In this episode of Resilient Entrepreneurs, we're joined by Judy Wilkins-Smith, an internationally renowned organisational and family patterns expert. Judy is the author of 'Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint' and has been featured on morning television across the US. Judy shared some deeply personal life events as we chatted as well as her childhood dream of bringing the magic to Disney when Walt Disney no longer could. The discussion sparks self reflection on our money DNA and creating a healthier money mindset. We talked about how to break free from victimhood, and the power of transformation talk (not toilet talk)! Tune in for empowering insights - Judy is dynamic! BOOK: Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint -&nbsp;
04/08/202344 minutes 15 seconds
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48: Vida Fusions CEO, Davida O' Brien on Savouring Success

In this inspiring episode, join us as we sit down with Davida O’Brien, a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Vida Fusions. Together, we explore Davida's remarkable journey in the ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic beverage space, driven by passion, authenticity, and her unique background in hospitality and tourism. Discover how she turned her creative vision into reality, crafting unique sparkling blends and flavours that perfectly capture the essence of Bermuda. Tune in for valuable insights and motivation to pursue your own dreams, fueled by the belief that anything is possible with dedication and perseverance. Subscribe now and stay inspired with more incredible stories on Resilient Entrepreneurs Podcast. Connect with Davida:
28/07/202342 minutes 31 seconds
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47: Tour Company Founder Denise Carnihan Driven by Passion

Denise Carnihan is an extraordinary entrepreneur who, driven by her passion, has founded and built two schools in a Kenyan village, providing children with education, who otherwise wouldn’t have access - it’s the first step to a path out of poverty. Now Denise takes small group tours to Africa, to experience the local community and meet local people.&nbsp; Her book, "I Share My Heart with Africa", shares her life-changing experiences and the resilience of East African communities. Denise's journey exemplifies the power of belief in oneself, removing barriers, and following passion and intuition despite having no prior experience in education or tourism. Through her entrepreneurial spirit, Denise is making a lasting impact on education
21/07/202342 minutes 21 seconds
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46: Karl Schwantes, Xennox Diamonds & 5 Star Google Reviews, Customer Experience Expert. Being Exceptional

Karl Schwantes, a genius gemologist and jeweller. Known as a 'diamond surgeon' for his extensive knowledge about experience, Karl's gems are not limited to the jewellery business - he now shows business owners how to get 5-Star Google Reviews, because he does it so well in his own business. ‘My 5 Star Reviews’ help businesses harness the power of online reviews to achieve remarkable growth and customer satisfaction. In this episode you’ll hear Karl describe how to select the perfect engagement ring, how to write a book in 30 days, and how to create delightful customer experiences in your business. It’s varied, it’s fun and it’s Karl’s take on Being Exceptional. We trust you’ll take something from Karl’s story to add to your own. Enjoy! My 5 Star Reviews:&nbsp; Xennox Diamonds:&nbsp;<a h
14/07/202342 minutes 50 seconds
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45: Co-Founder & Medical Director, Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot: A Doctor’s Take on Burnout

Season 3 of Resilient Entrepreneurs Podcast kicks off with a dose of holistic wellness guidance from Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot, co-founder and medical director of Ocean Rock Wellness in Bermuda. Medical science shows there is a vital connection between emotions, stress and health, which in turn impacts your business success and how much you’re enjoying it. Discover the five pillars of good health, learn how to assess your hormonal and micronutrient health, and gain insights on the medical condition called ‘burnout’ or Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. This episode is captivating and you’ll gain valuable knowledge on how to enhance your health and wellbeing as an entrepreneur. Enjoy! For more information&nbsp;Ocean Rock Wellness:&nbsp; Contact Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot:&nbsp;<a href="mailto:[email protected]" title="‌" targ
07/07/202342 minutes 40 seconds