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Reporting: Depp v Heard

English, Human interest, 1 season, 29 episodes, 9 hours, 25 minutes
Nick Wallis was the first journalist to break the news that Johnny Depp had lost his libel claim against NGN at the High Court in London in July 2020. That hadn't been the plan. When Nick started live tweeting the case from within the courtroom he became the inside track for interested followers around the world. Now Nick is travelling to Virginia to see if he can follow the second instalment of this extraordinary confrontation. Nick will be recording outside the court (no electronic devices are allowed inside the courtroom on this occasion!), speaking to those around him, and summarising each day's proceedings in a daily edition of this podcast. In the middle of this trial will be 10 days of live examination and cross-examination of the two famous faces at the centre of this case. A jury will ultimately decide the outcome, but this podcast will be your daily digest from the courtroom in the celebrity trial of the century. Reporting Depp v Heard is presented by Nick Wallis. Find out more: Produced by TBI Media (
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29: Johnny WINS Depp v Heard

On Wednesday the jury announced their verdict to Fairfax County Court, where Nick was eagerly waiting. They have unanimously agreed that Amber Heard's 2018 Washington Post article was written with defamatory intent, malice and crucially was totally untrue. In this final episode, Nick debriefs you on the moment the jury delivered their verdict, speaks to fans around the court and catches up with some familiar faces from the park bench. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
6/2/202212 minutes, 47 seconds
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28: And now we wait…

The podcast comes full circle as we end with the same park bench guest we first started with, Natasha Miller - a Johnny Depp supporter from Colorado who made it into court every single day of this trial bar 3. Nick and Natasha - who first met on jury selection day 7 weeks ago - discuss the final day of court where we heard closing arguments and the jury received their instructions. The pair also reflect on the process as a whole - the people they’ve met, the personal journeys they’ve been on and their thoughts about the verdict. But with court now wrapped and the jury busy deliberating, all we can do is wait… Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/29/202221 minutes, 51 seconds
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27: “A battle of the experts”

The trial starts to wrap with today being the last day in court before closing arguments and jury instructions tomorrow, and Nick discusses the day’s events with Angenette Levy of the Law and Crime Network. The pair recapped the 3 experts who appeared as rebuttal witnesses - an orthopaedic surgeon, a meta data expert and a psychologist - as well as Amber Heard herself.  Nick will be back in 24 hours with his final podcast update before the verdict - which is thought to be sometime next week. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/27/202221 minutes, 29 seconds
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26: Kate Moss gives evidence for Johnny Depp

After an action packed day in court, Nick heads over to the park bench for an interview with journalist Katie Pfleghar of Germany’s Bild Magazine. The pair unpack the day’s events, which included statements given from British supermodel Kate Moss who spoke in defence of Depp, the return of Dr Shannon Curry, Johnny Depp himself, Morgan Tremaine formerly of TMZ, and finally forensic expert Bryan Neumeister who discussed the possibility of photo manipulation. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/26/202221 minutes, 52 seconds
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25: Amber Turd?

As Amber Herd enters Fairfax County Court you can hear the chants of; "Amber Turd". On today's Park Bench interview, after Day 22 of the trial Nick sits down to chat to Priscilla, who has come dressed as a giant turd.  Has the trial been reduced to a circus? Does she think her actions dissuade DV victims from coming forward? And does it bother her what Amber thinks of the greeting? The end of the trial gets closer, and the Park Bench interviews are definitely getting weirder.  Find out more at A TBI Media Production (
5/25/202216 minutes, 58 seconds
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24: Winding Up to the Big Climax

We're into the final week of evidence in the Depp v Heard trial at Fairfax County Court in Virginia.  No Johnny Depp on the stand today as was expected, but Nick runs through the witnesses who were called, including one expert witness who Nick describes as "One of the most extraordinary spectacles" not just of this trial but any he's witnessed.  Plus there's a Fairfax County Park Bench interview with Dan the Amber Heard fan, and Input Mag journalist Jessica Lucas is on the remote park bench. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/24/202236 minutes, 37 seconds
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23: Supercharging the Negativity

Day 20 of Depp v Heard.  There are two Park Bench interviews in this episode. Isabelle Orsini (@Izze1122 on Twitter) has been creating content about the trial on social media. Nick gets her insight into how, and why, the trial has been played-out in memes and short viral clips, and how that affects our sense of 'justice'.   Plus Sam, who was at first interested in the social content which has taken the internet by storm, but has since been driven to delve deeper into the facts of the case.  They're both excellent guests, with unique perspectives.  Next week is the final week of the case - we'll be back with daily episodes ahead of the verdict some time after Memorial Day.  Find out more at  A TBI Media Production (
5/20/202241 minutes, 42 seconds
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22: Johnny Depp: "A Modern Day Princess Diana"

Day 19 of Depp v Heard at Fairfax County Court in Virginia, and everyone is tired.  This episode features two park bench interviews; one with a Johnny Depp supporter (possibly?) and another with one of the VERY few Amber Heard supporters, neither of whom have slept for at least 36 hours. = Find out more at A TBI Media Production (
5/19/202224 minutes, 41 seconds
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21: Was Someone On Mushrooms?

Amber Heard's cross-examination is over. Nick Wallis once more sifts through the day's evidence with the help of those who were inside Fairfax County Court in Virginia.  Today it's the Hoidra sisters, who discuss Amber's performance as well as the deposition evidence from iO Tillett-Wright and Raquel Pennington.  Plus there's a remote 'Park Bench' interview with therapist  Phil Mitchell (for UK listeners - not THAT Phil Mitchell) who speaks about his career helping male victims of domestic violence, and how the media coverage of the case could be helping victims open up.  Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/18/202233 minutes, 23 seconds
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20: Amber Heard is back on the stand

Depp v Heard resumes after a weeks break at Fairfax County Court in Virginia, and Nick is back on the scene to bring you the latest. Amber Heard returns to the stand to continue her testimony and begins to be questioned by Johnny Depp's attorney, Camille Vasquez. This and more is debriefed on the park bench by two of the lucky 100 people who made it into court today - Vanessa and Mary. Plus Nick talks to Nicole Levitz, an attorney who works with victims of domestic violence, about the wider implications of this case. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/17/202223 minutes, 18 seconds
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19: A busy week for the park bench (BONUS EPISODE)

Court might not have been in action this week, but Nick's kept busy the last few days with lots of remote park bench interviews (along with some sightseeing). In this episode we hear from Professor Kurt Gray - Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina who studies how humans make moral judgements, Christa - she got in touch with Nick having been gripped by the trial and gave us her thoughts from Canada, and finally Dr Charlote Proudman - a barrister, fellow of Queen’s College Cambridge and expert in violence against women and girls. Court resumes next week and as usual, you can expect new episodes daily. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/14/202238 minutes, 11 seconds
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18: “Maybe there is truth to what she has to say”

The final day of week four comes to a close and saw the first full day of testimony from Amber Heard, and Nick is on hand to give you a round of what happened in court. Back on the park bench is Liz, alongside lawyer, John. The three of them discuss court procedure, Amber’s teary performance on the stand, her allegations of sexual abuse and violence, and look ahead to what will be required of the jury when the time comes for them to make decision on the verdict. The court is now on break for a week, but we’ll be back after it resumes on Monday 16th May. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/7/202221 minutes, 32 seconds
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17: Amber Heard takes the stand

In this episode, Nick gives you a round up as day three of the fourth week of Depp v Heard at Fairfax County Court comes to a close.  His park bench guest today is another Virginia local and accidental follower of this case, Dr Anila Mehta. Together they discuss the final part of the testimony from forensic psychologist Dr Dawn Hughes - one of Amber Heard’s witnesses, before moving onto the moment we’ve all been waiting for; Ms Heard taking the stand herself. Nick and Anila discuss what Amber told the court, how she is coming across and most importantly, how the jury seem to be responding. We’ll be back tomorrow for the final episode of week four.  Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/5/202215 minutes, 44 seconds
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16: “Women are just as violent as men”

Nick brings you all the latest news from day two week four of Depp v Heard. Virginia local, Liz, joins Nick on the park bench for a post-court debrief. They reflect on the final two of Depp’s witnesses who we heard today; the second half of Nurse Erin Falati testimony  - Amber and Johnny’s nurse, and finally Michael Spindler - a forensic accountant who argues Johnny lost earnings of $40 million after Amber’s article. Later, the time came for Amber Heard’s witnesses to finally take to the stage and we kicked off with Dr Dawn Hughes - a forensic psychologist who came to a very different conclusion about Ms Heard’s mental state to that of Depp’s psychologist. Nick also chatted to John Davis, a semi-retired lawyer and member of the Men’s Rights movement. The pair discussed John’s alternative take on gender based violence.  Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/4/202223 minutes, 9 seconds
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15: “The damage is done”

Week four of Depp v Heard kicks off in Virginia and Nick is on the scene with the latest. He’s joined by Jesse Webber from the Law and Crime Network to recap the various Depp witnesses who took the stand today; Travis McGiven - Johnny’s security guard, Jack Wiggum - his talent manager, Richard Marks - entertainment lawyer, Douglas Bania - intellectual property expert, and finally Nurse Erin Falati - Amber and Johnny’s nurse who said she once noted a split lip on Ms Heard. Nick also chatted to Dr Jessica Taylor - PhD in Forensic Psychology, author of “Sexy but Pyscho”, Chartered Psychologist and CEO of Victim Focus. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
5/3/202224 minutes, 4 seconds
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14: A $160,000 wine bill

Nick wraps up the final day from week three of Depp v Heard. Today his park bench interview was with Sarah, a recent Journalism graduate who enjoyed her first ever day in court. She discussed with Nick her favourite three witnesses from the day: Malcolm Connolly - Johnny Depp’s Scottish bodyguard, Edward White - Depp’s business and financial affairs manager, and Terence Dougherty of the American Civil Liberties Union - the counsel who helped Amber Heard draft her Washington Post op-ed and confirmed the article was about Depp. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/29/202212 minutes, 6 seconds
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13: “Concealing a bruise under her make up”

In this episode Nick updates you on the latest from Depp v Heard on the penultimate day of week three. Today his park bench interview is with fellow court attendees Jennifer, Java and Sharon. Together they recap some of the witnesses we had in court today including the LA PD police officers who arrived at Depp’s penthouse after reports of a domestic dispute in 2016, Alejandro Romero - the concierge at said penthouse who was asked if he saw signs of assault on Heard in the days after the LA PD callout, and Christian Carino - both Depp and Heard’s former agent.  Plus they chatted about the bombshell statement from Carino, where he confirmed he believed Elon Musk and Amber Heard had been in a relationship.  Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/28/202221 minutes, 2 seconds
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12: “Full of rage and inner anger”

It’s day two week three of Depp v Heard and Nick has the latest for you from a very rainy Virginia.  Today we had 3 witnesses in court; Tara Roberts - Depp’s island estate manager who recalled tales of a passed out Johnny Depp and arguments between the couple, Dr Shannon Curry - a forensic psychologist hired by Johnny Depp who gave a rather damning diagnosis of Amber Heard’s mental state, and finally Officer Saenz of the LA PD - she responded to a call at Depp’s residence after an argument between the couple but reported she saw no signs of injury on Heard. Nick also met the fans who wait to catch a glimpse of Depp as he leaves court each day hoping to get a signature or photo, and asked whether they thought the court case was worth it for Johnny. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round up the day’s events. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/27/202212 minutes, 20 seconds
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11: “The only thing he had left to give her was his blood”

The third week of Depp v Heard kicks off here in Fairfax County Court in Virginia and Nick spent the day observing court proceedings. He reports back on the latest developments including Johnny Depp’s testimony where he gave context to some graphic audio we had heard last week. Plus Depp fan, Becca, is on the park bench to help us unpack the latest and discuss why some of Nick’s reporting - including the interview he gave to 60 Minutes Australia - has ruffled some feathers. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/26/202217 minutes, 7 seconds
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10: “Destructive drinking” and explosive texts

The second week of Depp v Heard in Virginia comes to an end and journalist Nick Wallis reports on another gripping day in court. He details the volatile text exchanges between the ex-couple that were submitted today as evidence and alongside shocking footage of Depp, secretly captured by Heard, showing him damaging his kitchen and drinking heavily. Nick chats to Debbie, Johnny Depp super fan, who despite what she’s seen in court this week maintains that Depp is a victim of the MeToo movement. Plus there’s a podcast-exclusive interview with Josh Ritter, criminal defence attorney based in LA, who unpacks the legal processes of the US Civil Court. Reporting Depp v Heard will be back after the weekend when week three of the trial continues. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/22/202224 minutes, 46 seconds
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9: Johnny’s testimony: a broken nose and a "grotesque grumpy"

It’s day three week two of Depp v Heard, and Johnny’s examination by his own attorney comes to an end - throughout this process he has shared his account of the numerous run-ins he and Heard experienced throughout their tumultuous relationship.  In the last moments of the day Depp’s cross examination begins, led by Amber Heard’s team, and Nick Wallis is in court to note how this changes the dynamic of Depp’s responses. On hand to help Nick reflect on this and more from the podcast’s park bench is Court TV’s legal correspondent, Chanley Painter.  Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/21/202221 minutes, 4 seconds
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8: Depp takes the stand

It’s the second day of week two and we finally hear from Johnny Depp; today was his chance to tell his life story in his own words - from his childhood experiences to finding fame and meeting Amber Heard. Nick Wallis is in court to witness all of this and with the help of a fellow court-goer, Becca, they reflect on what Depp said from the podcast’s park bench. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/20/20227 minutes, 17 seconds
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7: "The law still applies to them"

The second week of Depp v Heard kicks off at Fairfax County Court in Virginia and on Monday we saw three witnesses for Johnny Depp give evidence; medical experts Dr Kipper (Johnny’s private doctor) and Debbie Lloyd (his detox nurse) each gave a deposition, and finally Depp’s long term security guard Sean Bett appeared as a live witness. Journalist Nick Wallis is on the scene and reflects on the day’s events alongside four high school students who managed to bag a seat in court. Nick also confirms that it’s believed Depp will take the stand imminently this week - perhaps even tomorrow - and discusses with Court TV’s Vinnie Politan what we might be able to expect from him when he does. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/19/202210 minutes, 50 seconds
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6: Weekend drama (BONUS EPISODE)

En route to the courthouse in Fairfax County, Nick Wallis fills us in on the closed session which took place over the weekend.  With no jury, and no journalists present the court examined the events which led to Gina Deuters evidence being struck from the record. The result is a ban for someone who's been very visible in court during the first week, but will no longer be part of the trial.  Plus, as he prepares to brave the pre-dawn cold in Virginia Nick previews the likely witnesses we'll see during week two of Depp v Heard.  Find out more at Reporting: Depp v Heard is a TBI Media production (  
4/18/20228 minutes, 49 seconds
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5: "Mutual abuse"

The final day of the first week in court comes to an end and journalist Nick Wallis rounds up the events of the last 24 hours and the trial as a whole so far. He recaps the evidence given by the four witnesses today; Gina Deuters - whose evidence was struck off by the Judge in a dramatic moment, Kate James - Heard’s former personal assistant, Dr Kipper - Depp’s private doctor and addiction specialist and also Laurel Anderson - the couple’s former marriage councillor who discussed how violence may have been used in the relationship, using the term “mutual abuse”. Plus US journalist Vinnie Politan joins Nick for a "park bench interview", weighing in on how the trial is reverberating around America and beyond.  Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/15/202215 minutes, 2 seconds
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4: Baruch steals the show

Day three of Depp v Heard is over and Nick Wallis is on hand to relay the day’s events in court. Today we heard from three witnesses: Christi Dembrowski - Depp’s older sister who was cross examined by Amber Heard’s team, Brandon Patterson - building manager where Johnny owned five penthouse lofts and also Isaac Baruch - he stole the show today with charisma that lit up social media. We also hear Nick’s interview on Court TV where he is quizzed on the differences between the 2020 UK libel trial and what we are seeing here in Virginia. Plus we’re joined by Christa and Taylor - two Johnny Depp fans who were also won over by Isaac Baruch. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/14/202211 minutes, 30 seconds
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3: Allegations of graphic sexual assault

Day two of Depp v Heard comes to an end and the stakes have been raised; Amber Heard’s team allege not only that she suffered domestic abuse at the hands of Johnny Depp, but now also sexual abuse. Meanwhile Depp’s team maintain that Heard is lying, in part as a career move. Journalist Nick Wallis is on the scene with exclusive reporting - listen now and follow or subscribe wherever you get podcasts. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/13/20229 minutes, 39 seconds
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2: We've got a jury

It’s day one of the Depp v Heard trial at Fairfax County Court in Virginia. Journalist Nick Wallis arrives on the scene at 5am, joining fans and reporters as they jostle to get a seat in the court. He meets Depp supporters who have travelled thousands of miles to show solidarity, witnesses the arrival of legal teams and observes juror selection from inside the court room. Listen now for exclusive reporting and follow or subscribe wherever you get podcasts. Find out more at A TBI Media production (
4/12/20226 minutes, 7 seconds
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1: The story so far

Ahead of the start of the Depp v Heard trial in Virginia, journalist Nick Wallis explains how we’ve got here.  What happened in London in 2020? Why are we back in court? How did Nick end up following this case? This is a preview episode - Nick will be back with the first report from the trial on Tuesday 12th April 2022.
4/8/202210 minutes, 48 seconds