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The Renewable Energy SmartPod offers an inside look at the people, technologies and trends that are powering the energy transition. If you want to hear more about the role renewables are playing to decarbonize the global economy and combat climate change, this is the podcast for you. Follow us on Twitter @RenewablesPod or sign up for our newsletter: Renewable Energy SmartBrief.
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How To Diversify The Engineering Workforce In The Energy Industry

Workforce development is a crucial step along the path to a clean energy future. Proponents of the energy transition can't stop talking about all the jobs, jobs, jobs that the transition will bring, but what exactly will that workforce look like?  Jasmine Robinson, a project manager at IHI Terrasun Solutions, joins the show to talk about what the energy sector can do to recruit, develop and retain more women. Jasmine started developing her engineering skills at an early age and she's determined to see more women follow in her footsteps. That's why she's keen to see things like STEM classes, mentoring programs, and other initiatives used to develop a pipeline of talented women to seize all those jobs, jobs, jobs.  Key highlightsJasmine's path to an engineering career - (5:15)Advice for a young p
02/05/202321 minutes 27 seconds
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The Buzz Around Community Solar with Kacie Peters from Pivot Energy

When many people think of solar power, they think of rooftop solar panels or massive, utility-scale solar farms. But there are more options. Kacie Peters, senior director of communications at Pivot Energy, joins the show to explain the basics of community solar. Peters highlights the momentum this segment of the renewables industry is enjoying -- and some of the challenges it is facing. Peters also details how more consumers and business owners can access community solar to power their homes and/or operations.HighlightsWhat is community solar? - (1:48)Community Solar vs. Residential Solar vs. Utility Solar - (3:05)Cost benefits of community solar - (5:26)Increasing awareness about community solar - (6:42)Typical companies that tap community solar - (10:54)Other types of customers - Nonprofits, Sc
20/04/202326 minutes 57 seconds
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Jill Blickstein from American Airlines on the Future of Sustainable Air Travel

If you&apos;ve flown on American Airlines recently, there&apos;s a chance your plane was fueled by a small amount of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Jill Blickstein, Vice President of Sustainability at American Airlines, joins the show to talk about the latest advancements in SAF, how the carrier leverages renewables to power its operations and fleet upgrades the airline has made to enhance its sustainability. We also chat about an AI-enabled system called &apos;Smart Gating&apos; that conserves fuel and saves time for travelers.  American Airlines is undertaking numerous initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. As Jill explains, many of those efforts come in places passengers might not notice, but certainly lead to more sustainable air travel.<b
13/04/202331 minutes 31 seconds
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Taxes in a Time of Energy Transition

Tax incentives like the Production Tax Credit and the Investment Tax Credit have had a massive impact on the growth of renewables, but the possibility of direct pay also looms on the horizon. Sean Moran, a partner at the law firm of Vinson &amp; Elkins, is here to dive into what lies ahead for the tax side of the renewables industry, particularly as projects expand into the realm of offshore wind. More resourcesOffshore Wind — The Current State of AffairsFederal Backstop Authority for Transmission Line SitingSign up for the Renewable Energy Sm
14/12/202129 minutes 22 seconds
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Welcome to the Renewable Energy SmartPod

This preview is a quick look at the upcoming Renewable Energy SmartPod. If you&apos;re looking for a fun and informative podcast that focuses specifically on the people, technologies and trends powering the energy transition … this is it. Sign up for the Renewable Energy SmartBriefFollow the show on Twitter @RenewablesPod
25/03/20212 minutes