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Welcome to the® podcast with Dr Ezzie Spencer Ph.D! This podcast is for brilliant magical women who want to create love.
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069 - How to Become Fully Open and Available for Committed Partnership

I'm so excited to share my new 1:1 coaching program!Tune into discover how to remove splinters from your love consciousness.xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:'s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezzie.loveMusic composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©
29/04/202321 minutes 24 seconds
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068 - Deconstructing Attraction Patterns

Am I really attracted to very masculine men?Or is this just part of how I've been socialised (the whole girl fairytale thing)?Today we're diving into attraction patterns on the pod.Truth be told, you won't know the answer to this Q until you strip back social conditioning and experience what lies beneath for you.What you might find might surprise you, either way!It's not about trying to talk yourself into liking the softer nicer people, and it's not about pathologising desires — neither work.When you're open and available for what is genuine for you, you can confidently claim it and call it in. Today's podcast ep includes some thoughts and prompts to help gain that openness and clarity.And if you're ready to move fast — release what is standing in the way and find your person who is attractive in all the ways — I have a few 1:1 spots opening next week. Look
22/04/202322 minutes 17 seconds
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067 - Dating After Toxic Relationships (Finding Hope)

You can find love after a toxic relationship. I help women to restore self-belief, self-trust and to feel the courage and confidence to put themselves out there again to find real love.Last week, goop published my article on dating after a narcissist. You can read the article here.I’m sharing my best tips in this week’s podcast episode. Tune in below.X EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:<
16/04/202325 minutes 32 seconds
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066 - New Website ! Body of Work

I&apos;m so excited to share my new website!You know how when you look back at life and suddenly all the steps along the way make perfect sense? Jo ChunYan created a gorgeous cosmic visual reflection of that: past, present and future.Check out the new here.You can link to the three individual websites of my body of work from the above “temple” site. Clarity around my coherent body of work emerged through working with the wonderful Pamela Slim.I share all in depth on today&apos;s podcast!Oh also, check out these announcements on this podcast episode:  the revamped program coming soon: pure magic!Unconscious Vows workshop on 4 May: join interest list.brand new Lunar Abundance creations: say what?!xo Ezzie P.S. I
08/04/202333 minutes 39 seconds
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065 - Uncover Secret Barriers to Love

Want to find out if you have any Unconscious Vows in love? Today&apos;s podcast episode is a thought experiment designed to help you uncover any secret beliefs that are holding you back in love. Lots of prompts for contemplation and journaling that may just unlock the clarity you need to take your love-life to the next level.X EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ez
01/04/202315 minutes 41 seconds
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064 - Love Bombing (Spotting + Navigating the Signs)

When is it too hot too soon?What to look out for, to know if it&apos;s going to crash?Love-bombing might feel like a special “karmic bond”.Feels great, until it doesn’t.Today’s podcast episode helps you track the signs in dating, including unexpected conversational behaviours and other hints that something may be off in the early stages ...… plus how to build your immunity so you aren’t ever seduced by someone who will waste your time or dash your hopes in love (no narcissists allowed).Tune in and let me know your thoughts,x EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: <a href='https://www.insta
25/03/202315 minutes 29 seconds
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063 - What I'm Excited About Right Now (Mini Life Update)

Today&apos;s podcast episode is a mini-life-update from L.A., tune in you&apos;re into that kind of thing! I share what’s exciting me at the moment, a new way I&apos;m working with the seasons (hello Imbolc), collective liberation with Elizabeth DiAlto, and a peak into MY NEW BOOK! xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezzie.loveMusic composed and produced by Nathaniel Koen
18/03/202327 minutes 46 seconds
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062- Why We Need to Reject This Feminine Dating Myth

Something that upsets me is how many of my gorgeous, brilliant, magical women clients have been brainwashed by old-fashioned tropes about what it means “to be feminine” in love. It&apos;s not the “feminine” part that upsets me — it&apos;s those old cliches about “how the feminine should act so the masculine wants her&quot; that translate into women feeling they have to be passive in love. No! That’s the fast-track to giving away your power … and missing out on the love you want. In this week’s new podcast episode, I share more about what feminine power might actually look like in a dating context. This topic gets me feisty … Tune in! xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:<a href='
11/03/202316 minutes 28 seconds
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061 - Wanting Love vs Attaching to the Outcome

Do you ever lose yourself in the balance between wanting big love, and getting a little fixated on the specifics?If you relate, then you&apos;ll love today’s podcast episode. We cover:Why it is so hard to keep the balance between wanting the thing and attaching to the thing (when you really do want the thing!).What to focus on instead; andA simple phrase to keep you open to the mystery — before your seeds of desire have come to fruit (the hard part!).xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencer<a href='https://www.instag
04/03/202317 minutes 45 seconds
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060 - "When Do I Unmatch Them?"

In my private client work:… we unearth any blockages to self-worth in romantic relationships (return to unconditional love and self-acceptance),… we release any Unconscious Vows that may be preventing us from turning our Heartlight on, allowing our feminine essence and magic to shine out to catch the attention of gorgeous, appropriate suitors …… and we enjoy squeals of delight as we spin the wheel of love in real time, with dating profile and texting reviews in real time (gold).Love is inevitable with this powerful trifecta!Today’s episode is about the third part of the trifecta:Modern online dating etiquette!This is a super practical episode with tips to stop the second-guessing and put your mind at ease, create a powerful dating technique that works for you, plus communication scripts.When do you unmatch someone? And how to do it in an elegant, graceful fashion? Tune
25/02/202322 minutes 6 seconds
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059 - What To Do When You’ve Been Out of the Dating Game for a Long Time?

If you’ve been single for awhile (or you’re recently out of a long-term relationship) then you may be confronted with the weirdness of the current dating climate. You might feel intimidated or turned off — which is entirely understandable. And I firmly believe that it is still possible to have fun dating right now, a belief rooted in the reality of how I help my clients everyday to enhance their dating experience. The quality of your experience will likely correlate with the depth of your inner work, the rigor of your vetting system, and your fluency in today’s “dating” language. So how to do that?As my cosmic pal Theresa Reed likes to say: be prepared, not scared! On that: I give preparation tips in today’s podcast episode. Tune in below, or search my name in your fave podcast platform. xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.e
18/02/202319 minutes 38 seconds
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058 - How to Tap into Hope this Valentines Day

So. We can know that the hype around February 14 is commercially manufactured, we can know that everyone is on their own timeline but … Valentine&apos;s Day can still be a tricky one to navigate if your love-life is not exactly where you&apos;d like it to be.In honour of this, today&apos;s podcast episode is a bit different. Tune in for a guided meditation to connect with unconditional love and hope, and to receive guidance from your own inner wisdom about what to do for yourself at this time of year.You are so loved,... and big love is coming for you.xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:
11/02/202315 minutes 50 seconds
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057 - The 3 Types of Love Blocks (And How to Overcome Them)

Love Blocks don’t mean that you are doomed. On the contrary, figuring out you have a love block is cause for celebration! Okay, that sounds weird. Why celebrate? Because correctly identifying what is blocking you means that you can swiftly address it.In today’s episode, we go through the 3 main love blocks that I see with my clients. These blocks might come up at any stage in dating and relationship. But when you melt these away, the more ease you’ll have in your love-life. This applies whether you are single, dating or yes — even in relationship and wanting to go deeper.Do you feel blocked in love? Do you relate to, 1, 2 or 3? Listen to the episode and let me know. xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1
04/02/202325 minutes 24 seconds
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056 - Standards v Expectations: What’s the Difference? (+ Why it Matters!)

Think of it this way. If expectations signal a focus on them (how they &quot;should&quot; behave) Then standards emanate from the inside-out (what works for you). It’s how you position and hold yourself in relation to the thing that matters. Starting with your own standards in the quest for love can make all the difference.And then, to hold your standards is a sign of embodied self-worth. Good in theory ... a little crunchier when you are connecting with someone you really like. In today’s episode, we dive into that scenario.xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s
28/01/202317 minutes 55 seconds
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FROM THE ARCHIVES: In the weird online world, when things seem increasingly uncertain and complex, a system can help you stay grounded and confident and relax into the flow. The wheels of (re)love is the exact system I use to help my clients weave their way from single to loved-up. Tune into another classic podcast episode from the archives: how to go from dating to relationship. xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:<a href='ht
21/01/202330 minutes 9 seconds
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054 - THE GOLDEN QUADRANT - replay

FROM THE ARCHIVES: This week I’m sharing one of the top® podcast episodes of all time.THE GOLDEN QUADRANT gives a helpful framework to help you approach dating conversations with the energy of curiosity, openness, abundance and play. It helps to take the pressure down and have fun dating.Try it out and let me know what you think!xo EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezzie.l
14/01/202324 minutes 19 seconds
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053 - “Did I Miss my Chance with My Soulmate?”

If you’ve ever wondered whether you missed the chance with someone special because of something you said or did, then this episode is for you. I loved recording this episode because it gives insight into a private client session (details shared with her permission). She came into the session beating herself up about what she said to an ex one night - and left feeling peace, calm and relaxation at the end, knowing that she was enough. Tune in, as this is a practical dive into self-love and weaving the unconscious into the light.Love EzzieBODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG:
07/01/202329 minutes
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050 - Do I Have To Be “More Feminine” to Find Love? - Toxic Dating Advice

This question breaks my heart because there is so much toxic dating advice out there, making you feel wrong for simply being YOU.The toxic part? &quot;Having&quot; to do/be something to be loved. The truth?Show YOUR magic. You don’t need to fix or change yourself to find love. And if you ever catch yourself trying to “be” or “do” something in order to “get” something … … it’s really risky business.  I share my personal experience with that in this episode, Plus an alternative rooted in self-love and self-revelry. Click below to listen, or search my name in your fave podcast app. Show your own magic!xo EzzieApply for a private® journey here:www.ezziespen
18/12/202222 minutes 55 seconds
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049 - Dating in Your 20s vs 30s (and 60s!)

I had more fun dating in my thirties than any other time. I was really hitting my stride when I met my guy, tee hee! Whether you’re dating in your thirties, forties, fifties or sixties: in today’s episode, I dive into some of the gifts of dating with a bit more experience under your belt ;) I see false scarcity kick in with many of my clients who haven’t hit a certain “milestone” by a certain age by which they earlier decided that they would be happily coupled up. The truth? Whatever your age, you are not too late, you can shift back into an abundance mindset, you can find love. One of my gorgeous grads, now in a happy relationship, just turned 70. 70! Let’s unhook from the mainstream narratives, trust the timing and have FUN. Bring. It. On.xo EzzieApply for a private® journey here:<a hr
11/12/202225 minutes
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046 - What if They Haven’t Had a Long Term Relationship By 30… or 40?

Every day, I&apos;m asked some variation of … And what about this thing [in dating], is THIS a red flag? I so get it. When you&apos;ve been hurt in love, you don&apos;t want to put yourself in harm&apos;s way. But I teach a different method than “red flag spotting” — an approach grounded in curiosity and your own inner wisdom. There may be really good reasons why someone hasn&apos;t had a long-term relationship before. You&apos;ll know when you ask. In this episode, I give tips on how to open up the conversation. When to ask? How to ask?   What to pay attention to, in their answer? And … What happens if you hear something you don’t like?xo EzzieJoin the waitlist for® in 2023,  details Check out the new self-s
19/11/202220 minutes 25 seconds
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043 - What To Do If They Aren't Exactly Available?

Tori finally met the one she was calling in. He shared her profession, he was emotionally mature, he wanted a globe-trotting life, he was super cosmic, she was catching feels …Except that ... He was focusing on building up his business. Like, super focused on that. He wasn&apos;t able to meet her where she was at, he said. OMG.  Maybe you&apos;ve had this experience, meeting someone GREAT but,They&apos;re not exactly available. It&apos;s not as on-the-nose as “they have a partner”. It&apos;s a little more tricky, how it shows up.They might be single, but aren&apos;t ready for a relationship ...Or not emotionally available, or no space for loveOr they might be absolutely perfect, but living somewhere else.The temptation is to start convincing yourself ... and them !  ... that this is per
30/10/202226 minutes 26 seconds
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042 - Season 5 — and What's Next for® — An Update!

We&apos;re back with Season 5 and it felt like the right time to give a lil update on®My vision is a world of open hearts, so I&apos;m musing on the question: How to most effectively realize this vision ... in a way that feels yummy and alive? I sense that my word for 2023 might just be &quot;evolving&quot;.The good news is that this will mean more podcasts and sharing!Tune into hear more of the news ...xo EzzieJoin the waitlist for the® mastermind in 2023, details Check out the new self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, lo
22/10/202233 minutes 33 seconds
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041 - Winds of Aeolus — Blowing Away Resistance on the Path to Love (End of Season 4)

Have you ever had the experience of being just about to arrive at your destination, and then being thrown completely off? It can be so confusing to take one step forward and then 65 steps back ... … just when you were celebrating all your hard work and thinking you were “graduating”. But the reality is that many great spiritual and mythological traditions show us that we are often presented with the biggest obstacle right before we reach our destination. The mirage in the desert, the Last Temptation, the story of Aeleous and Odysseus…  Personally I call it “uncanny valley” when I hit it myself, because it feels uncannily like the ground opens up and swallows me whole … I enter a parallel universe of gloom. I&apos;ve learned to welcome it, to see it as grist for the mill, to lean into my Unconscious Vows whenever it hits me, which it does, in various areas of my life.  Especially in love, it hit me hard, two
24/09/202213 minutes 7 seconds
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040 - Is Dating the Same as Looking for a Job? - Big Dating Mistake

Dating and looking for a job? Are they the same?Well, one involves a money goal (or vocational purpose) — and let&apos;s hope the dating experience is more aimed at love!So on one level no ...AND YET …We can share learnings about the job-seeking process in a way that can actually build your confidence in the new dating landscape.For example, one of the biggest mistakes I see with my dating clients is that they give up too soon.If you did that while job-seeking you would be broke!So why short-change yourself in love?There are critical skills and mindset-shifts that you learn in any successful job-seeking process that you can also apply to love.In today&apos;s podcast episode, I take you through specific mindset shifts that will gift you a more enjoyable experience in dating.You might be surprised to learn how much these mindset shifts can help you build emotional resil
18/09/202221 minutes 12 seconds
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039 - How to Tell if they are Avoidant — Or Just Not Into You

A beautiful woman slipped into my Instagram DMs the other day.“How can I tell if someone is avoidant or just not into me?”My answer to her — does it matter?Does it really matter what their attachment style is — or their personality disorder, or their starsign, human design or whatever?What really matters in love is, does it work for you?(Meaning, does their behavior, personality and style work for you).The big Q: why is your gaze on them — and not on you?This episode is for you if you&apos;ve felt anxious or confused about someone&apos;s dating behaviour.Tune into:-  understand different attachment styles; and-  learn how to gracefully ask the other person what&apos;s going on. This episode includes communication scripts you can use rightaway to move forwards — plus common errors to avoid.This is one of the most juicy episodes I&apos;ve ever recorded.</p
11/09/202221 minutes 51 seconds
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038 - How is it Supposed to Feel (With the Right Person?)

Wondering how is it supposed to feel is so normal — especially when you have done deep personal work in recent years, had a spiritual awakening, or upgraded your relationship goals. The short answer? Listen to your body, trust yourself.The longer answer? There are certain clues to look out for.I&apos;ll go through two big 2 clues in this episode:- what you DO want to be feeling- what you DON&apos;T want to be feeling.Both are pretty revolutionary, if you are doing the deep work to shift lifetime(s) of old relational patterns that no longer serve.This episode may hit on quite a deep level. Tune in. You deserve to be adored.xo EzzieDoors closing for on 2 October, details Ezzie&apos;s IG: @ezziespencer<a href='https://www.insta
04/09/202218 minutes 5 seconds
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037 - Intentional Celibacy as a Pathway to Real Love

Intentional Celibacy is trending.There&apos;s a good reason — a sacred pause can be a brilliant way to reset your attraction patterns and attract in the quality of suitors that you desire.So ...What is it?Why do it?For how long?How to approach a period of sacred alone time?Plus ... How to get back onto the court, when you&apos;re ready? (eeek!).Tune into today&apos;s episode for all the juicy goss on this important topic. (I&apos;m increasingly seeing that Intentional Celibacy is a key stage on my clients&apos; journeys into delicious relationship).Can&apos;t wait to hear your thoughts about the episode!xo EzzieDoors closing for on 2 October, details Ezzie&apos;s IG: @ezziespencer<a href='https:/
28/08/202219 minutes 20 seconds
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036 - How to Meet People to Date IRL, Even if you Feel A Bit Awkward

While I&apos;m a huge fan of dating apps (when done right), many of my clients are feeling the urge to meet people the old-fashioned-way too — in real life.I love that! I mean, why scrimp? Open up as many avenues as possible!Today&apos;s episode is for you if you&apos;re wondering how to meet people in real life after a period of relying on the apps (or not meeting anyone at all).  In this episode, you&apos;ll discover: - awesome places to meet people, which are working right now- a mindset shift that will help you get over the awks- fun, simple ways to flirt and … how to assess their availability. There&apos;s a renewed zest for meeting IRL right now, so if you&apos;re looking for love, you will want to take notes from this practical episode — and then take action!xo EzzieDoors closing for on 2 October, details here:<a href='http://www.ezziespencer
21/08/202217 minutes 57 seconds
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035 -"What to Say at the End of the Date?" — To Invite Pursuit

But what do I SAY at the end of the date - so he initiates the next one?The woman who asked me this was a go-getter who expressly wanted to learn how to embrace her feminine in love.Sidenote opinion : there&apos;s no right or wrong relating dynamic. It all comes down to what YOU want.THIS beautiful woman had a habit of stepping into the driver&apos;s seat in her romantic relationships — and that dynamic was leaving her depleted.She was clear that she wanted to establish a different dynamic in her romantic life but wasn&apos;t quite sure ... how. What might it look like to &quot;be in her feminine&quot; while dating?How might she indicate her interest, she wondered?I gave her some super practical ideas, and she is now in the most delicious deeper dating dynamic (which works for her!)Tune in to find out: what not to say, what to say, and why say it.If you wish to invite masculine pur
14/08/202217 minutes 46 seconds
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034 - "But I Don't Know Where I'll Settle" — How Will I Find Love When I Don’t Know Where I’ll Be?

Remote work: Once for the fringe dwellers, now mainstream. It&apos;s not possible for all professions of course, but maybe it is for you. The choice is great.  So many possibilities for where to live, how to set up your life.And ...Will you find love when you don&apos;t yet know where you&apos;ll be?Is love even possible in these circumstances? (Yes!).In this episode, I guide you through a 3-step process to gain clarity, belief, and confidence in communication with your suitors.I can&apos;t wait to hear how this episode helps you to move forwards!xo EzzieDoors closing for on 2 October, details Ezzie&apos;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resou
07/08/202223 minutes 28 seconds
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033 - How to Date Multiple People, Even if You Think that is Impossible or Weird (Season 4)

After a summer hiatus, we&apos;re back with Season 4 of the podcast!This is such a juicy season, kicking off with the question ... How to handle multiple suitors?!In this episode we cover: - what rotational dating is (and isn&apos;t)- why do it (this may surprise you!)- how to do it elegantly (graceful communication alert!).This episode is for you if you feel some resistance about the idea of having &quot;multiple loops&quot; open at any time ...... and also if you feel like you don&apos;t know where to start with this approach (&quot;omg one is enough!&quot;).Mastering the mindset behind this approach heralded a major breakthrough in my own dating life. Hello, courtship!As always, love to hear your thoughts, my DMs are open.xo EzzieDoors closing for on 2 October, details
31/07/202226 minutes 25 seconds
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032 - In Conversation with the Magical Elisa (Season 3 finale)

Elisa is an incredible life coach who is a graduate of the program.In our conversation, Elisa speaks candidly about her concerns before entering the program — was this just a heteronormative experience? What about those with intersecting identities?  I welcomed Elisa&apos;s hesitations, and was also excited to jam about her journey with Elisa is now a mentor inside the program, lucky ducks for this program, as Elisa has so much wisdom to share!Tune in to hear Elisa&apos;s experiences and bathe in her gorgeous love energy.x EzzieDetails on the JUNE 2022 group Elisa&apos;s IG: @elisa.lifecoach.hattonEzzie&apos;s IG: @ezziespencer<a href='https://www.instag
29/05/202239 minutes 37 seconds
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031 - WHEELS OF LOVE - one year on

 I&apos;m sharing this seminal episode again because is an EPIC roadmap to love, and exactly what I use to (re)activate the love magic of the brilliant women I work with.Interestingly enough, I found that the women who listened to this episode and then joined nominating a specific focus on “Wheel One” … are in gorgeous relationships, 12 months later.  As you will hear in the episode, Wheel One = self-love. Goes to show, what we create within first …! Tune in for a self-diagnostic tool to quickly figure out:your exact block to love (in self-love and in dating/rships)what is at the root of that block (hint: often self-protection!)how to quickly dissolve the block and re(activate) YOUR love magic.xo EzzieRegister for the free Masterclass on 1 June 2022:Be Irresistable to LoveRea
22/05/202238 minutes 15 seconds
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030 Are You Settling for Less than What You Deserve, in Love?

There are two types of situation-ships I see my clients get lost in… Where the connection is palpable, the potential is STRONG, but the relationship itself feels elusive or remains just-out-of-reach.Are you in one of these 2 types of situation-ships?(And if you are — what to do about it?) Listen to this week&apos;s podcast episode to find out —Of course, you deserve more than a situation-ship.You deserve to be fully met in your relationships. x EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezziespencer.comDetails on the JUNE 2022 group Music composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©BODY OF WORK:<a href='http
15/05/202218 minutes 24 seconds
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029 What if You're Enjoying Being Single?

&quot;Is it possible to get too much into self-love and self-sovereignty?&quot;Well, firstly, there&apos;s no rule that says you have to want to be in romantic relationship!But what happens if you did want that — and now you don&apos;t?How to know whether this is a passing phase, avoidance, or a core desire? In this week&apos;s podcast episode, I share why this question might come up, together with prompts for inner contemplation and practical next steps.To your love (in all the ways!)x EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezziespencer.comDetails on the JUNE 2022 group Music composed and produced by Natha
08/05/202217 minutes 16 seconds
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028 The No 1 Dating Mistake I am Seeing Right Now

As a love coach, I see a LOT of text messages each week.This gives me a ringside seat to what exactly is misfiring for women who wish to be pursued (and who are experiencing the opposite in their dating lives).While every situation will naturally have its own context, there is one particular mistake I see time and again. What is it? Tune in today&apos;s episode to hear! Love to hear your thoughts, xo EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezziespencer.comDetails on the JUNE 2022 group composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 r
01/05/202219 minutes 9 seconds
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027 How to Stop the Pen-Pal Vibe in Dating

Why is he not pursuing you … or even asking you out?In this week&apos;s podcast episode, you&apos;ll learn - 1. The counter-intuitive tip I teach my clients (to activate pursuit)2. What to do when you become magnetic (and what not to do)3. The critical mindset shift to make now (to keep all this flowing). This is for you if you&apos;re dating — and it might just spark up your existing relationship too.You&apos;ll love this episode, it is pure love magic!xo EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezziespencer.comDetails on the JUNE 2022 group composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©BODY OF WORK:<a hre
24/04/202219 minutes 34 seconds
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026 Do You Lose Yourself in Relationships? (Season 3)

Welcome to season 3 of the podcast! If you are a highly sensitive person, or an empath, you may have porous energetic boundaries. This can be a superpower in terms of navigating spiritual realms ...  … But in romantic relationships?It can become kryptonite, particularly when coupled with a tendency to take on and transmute the pain of others, and to compromise your own needs in the name of love.In this week&apos;s podcast episode, I answer an empath&apos;s question on how to stop losing herself in relationship. In the episode, we dive into :— How to distinguish between your feels and desires - and theirs?— A powerful affirmation to return to self-love + self-acceptance— How to keep yourself in relationship - a longer-term strategyTo your self-sovereignty,x EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencer<br
17/04/202230 minutes 37 seconds
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025 A Clue That You are Not Quite Ready for Relationship (Season 2 Finale)

Most of the brilliant magical women I work with are yearning for a committed relationship, a healthy life partnership, a loving long-term partnership ...... what we call the Secret Garden in language, the ultimate Spoke #8 on the wheel ...... but they keep getting stuck at the dating stage, in Spoke #6 of the wheel.When your dating explorations and relationships get stuck here, it is a BIC clue that you are not quite ready for that committed relationship that your heart is craving.The good news? Becoming ready might not require months and months of work.To become ready, you might just need to make a few tweaks.In this episode, I walk through how to identify if you are not quite ready for that Secret Garden relationship, even if you are really into someone ...... and 3 things to incorporate to become ready. x EzzieP.S. This is the end of Season 2 of the Podcast. I&apos;ll be back
06/03/202229 minutes 45 seconds
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024 Do I Have to Use a Dating App to Find Love?

My answer to this is — No, And.Tune in to hear what I advise my clients about dating apps vs love-in-the-wild.xo EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezziespencer.comDetails on OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz,
27/02/202220 minutes 22 seconds
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023 Should I Be Dating Now, or Should I Wait Until ...

... my living situation is sorted, until my heart is healed, until I figure out what is happening with my work, until I lose those pandemic pounds … ?I see many so many women delaying love unnecessarily … resulting in loneliness.And I see others rush forwards into dating before they are ready … resulting in (further) heartbreak.Are you ready to date now, or would it be better for you to pause?This episode contains different advice for three specific situations -- if your life, your living situation, or your work is not exactly where you want it to be- if you&apos;ve exited a toxic relationship, or if you have a habit of attracting unavailable people or settling for less-than what you deserve- if a major life change is on the horizon for you.Tune in for prompts and the metric that I suggest that my clients use to assess when it is time to get back on the court of love!x Ezzie Reach ou
20/02/202224 minutes 51 seconds
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022 Why Did They Ghost?

Recording this episode dredged up the memory of that time I was ghosted after dating someone for six months …It was excruciating. Ghosting truly sucks. But in hindsight, the reason why it happened was obvious.In today&apos;s podcast episode, I share three reasons why people ghost, and how to handle it when they do.The third is rarely spoken about, but I see it each week in my client sessions. Hint: “Shift #3” in this week&apos;s masterclass.This episode is designed to bring internal closure and help you shift your attention back to where it belongs ... ... on YOU, your standards, and the high-quality love you are calling in.x EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:<a href='http://w
13/02/202217 minutes 33 seconds
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021 Do You Swing From Wild Rollercoaster to Safe+Boring in Love?

 &quot;After I got out of that toxic marriage, I&apos;m now in a relationship with a decent, kind man … he is so nice … buttt I just don&apos;t fall in love with him.  Am I blocked? What is it that I&apos;m doing?&quot; Are you familiar with the pendulum swing —  From wild, all-consuming, BIG LOVE (great til it crashes!)To the sensible, “safe” choice (great until it becomes a bit boring). What if you do not need to settle for the “safe” relationship? What if you were with someone who was stable, consistent, kind — and you were also in love, had fun, were happy and inspired? It is possible! In fact, it is what you deserve. In today&apos;s podcast episode I share how to create exactly this. I walk you through the wheel through the lens of both chemistry and compatibility. You need b
06/02/202224 minutes 16 seconds
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What if I told you there was a method to go from dating to relationship?  I have created a very simple method, which cuts through all the noise. In today&apos;s episode, I lead you through this tried-and-tested method that I lead my clients through, from non-existent love-lives to being happy and settled.All you need to do - 1. Follow the 8 steps in order,2. Take the correct role in spinning the wheel, and3. Release any old blocks at each of the spokes on the wheel. Tune into today&apos;s episode for more on what each step looks like! To your love in 2022, x EzzieReach out on IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezziespencer.comDetails for the February 2022 journe
30/01/202230 minutes 9 seconds
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019 Which Dating App is Best?

Take a peek into the different types of dating apps that my clients are seeing great results with right now. Hinge, Bumble, Coffee + Bagel, the League, Raya, eHarmony,, Plenty of Fish, the Pattern, Feeld -   How to choose?! In today&apos;s podcast episode, I use three categories to help guide you through the confusing landscape of online dating today:Low Barrier to EntryHigh(er) Barrier to EntryNicheI usually give individual recommendations to each of my clients because there is no one-size-fits-all.In this episode, I walk you through the exact considerations that will help you to pick a) a category and b) an app to focus on. … and I also share some of the real ingredients for success online. Tune into today&apos;s episode, it is super specific and juicy!  x EzzieReach out on
23/01/202241 minutes 45 seconds
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018 How to Heal Your Heart and Feel Whole After a Breakup

&quot;Heartbreak asks us not to look for an alternative path, because there is no alternative path. It is a deeper introduction to what we love and have loved, an inescapable and often beautiful question, something or someone who has been with us all along, asking us to be ready for the final letting go.&quot;  -David Whyte, Consolations. For a long time, I thought that Heartbreak was something to be avoided (I was so careful to guard against it again!), but it was actually through Heartbreak that my heart opened to greater love. In today&apos;s episode, I share three ways to walk the path, to receive the gift of Heartbreak, to heal and to feel whole again.  At the 12 minute mark, I lead a spontaneous mini healing process — just wait until you hear the birdsong. True healing magic.Share this episode with a friend who may need solace right now.x EzzieReach out on IG: <a href='ht
16/01/202219 minutes 40 seconds
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017 How Does Dating a Narcissist Change You?

 I dated a narcissist, and it fundamentally changed my life. …. but not in the way that you may think.  It is possible to create healthy love after an experience like this, Not despite what happened, but because of it. In today&apos;s podcast episode, I walk through three ways that being in a toxic relationship changes you … and where to go from here. (Critical point: it is not your fault if you have had this experience). In the episode, I also share three paths that I see my clients who&apos;ve had difficult relationship experiences take on their Heroine&apos;s Journey into Love (I&apos;m familiar with all paths myself!) — 1. Woman One stays on the Island2. Woman Two gets stuck in the Moat3. Woman Three finds her way to the Garden of Love. For a long time, the pathway of Woman # 3 felt elusive to me. What was different about
10/01/202232 minutes 35 seconds
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016 How to Ask "Where is this Going" - Without Freaking Them Out

Happy new year! Is it your year for love? Maybe there&apos;s someone already in your orbit. You like them. A lot?! You&apos;re allocating a lot of bandwidth to figuring out if they feel the same. Are they up for the same thing? On the same timeline as you?  How do you get clarity about where they are at?- without getting another tarot-card reading or committee&apos;ing opinions of friends. I&apos;ve done my fair share of crowd-sourcing (and cosmic-sourcing!) answers but honestly, nothing has ever given more accurate feedback than the words/actions of the person in question. So, in today&apos;s podcast episode, I give a simple script on how to pick up the phone to the hotline of truth — and simply ask. But for this script to work, it is critical that you bring the right energy! So, this podcast episode also includes —+ A powerful affirmation to get you into the right en
02/01/202216 minutes 9 seconds
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015 How to be an Amazing Friend to Someone Looking for Love?

Today&apos;s podcast episode is about supporting single friends … because holidays can be an Ouch reminder at the best of times.This episode has many do&apos;s and don&apos;ts — direct from my clients who often receive &quot;help&quot; from well-meaning friends.This episode is for you whether you are already in a relationship and are wondering how to best show up for a single girlfriend who is looking for love ...... and it is also for you if you are single and want to guide your friends to better support you (or be an awesome love buddy yourself!).Tips and scripts inside the episode.x EzzieReach out on IG: ezziespencer Free quiz, love-notes and other resources Details for the February 2022 journey OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1<a
19/12/202115 minutes 26 seconds
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014 What if Nothing is Wrong with You? (Season 2)

Not receiving an easy flow of romantic attention like you once did, feeling lonely, thinking you are hopeless at the apps, not feeling the “zing” or excitement with anyone you connect with, It is very common to go down the internalisation rabbit-hole, thinking there is something wrong with you, fixating on possible problems with your attachment style, or body, or age, thinking you might be too damaged by your past, or, or, or ….You can keep trying to mentally decipher what exactly is “wrong” with you (seeing yourself as a problem to fix), and making cosmetic improvements (treating the symptom not the cause), even giving up altogether,… or be kind to yourself, hold yourself with compassion and recognise that the planet is going through a monumental once-in-a-millennia shift in a matter of mere years, that relating in this current moment may require new skills, and skills you can learn (simple, just takes time) …... you can commit to releasing (
11/12/202120 minutes
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013 Letting Go of Your Ex — to Create New Love (Season 1 Finale)

You&apos;ve split, you&apos;ve grieved, but your ex still haunts your thoughts, your DMs, your journal entries, your conversations with friends … … and maybe even your new relationship. It might be very obvious, or it might be in surprisingly subtle ways that catch you off-guard when they zombie into your head again. Listen in to the season finale of the podcast for:why your ex still has hooks in youwhy most cord-cutting exercises don&apos;t actually workhow you can close out that karmic loop permanently. I&apos;d love to hear what suggestion you use :) Much loveEzzie P.S. I&apos;m running a free live workshop in the first week of September to help you dissolve blocks to love. I will announce via my email list, so sign up here.These will be f
16/08/202132 minutes 10 seconds
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012 How to Keep the Fire of Hope Alive in Dating

... Love is Possible in the dating wild west. There&apos;s gold to be had, and sometimes you might take a tumble.  Okay… you definitely will.  But these tumbles do not need to derail you. How to keep the Fire of Hope that Love is Possible alive in your heart in those moments when you&apos;re asking yourself:&quot;is love really possible for me?!&quot;This episode walks you through how to:-Strike a match to rekindle your Fire of Hope that Love is Possible-Use a simple daily practice to keep the fire burning -Discover what is really extinguishing your Fire of Hope … (The last one is a big one and might crop up at the most unexpected moment, just when things are going well…). I&apos;d love to hear how which tip you use to light &apos;er up — DM me on Instagram @ezziespencer! xo Ezzie P.S. I’ll be re-opening th
09/08/202125 minutes 10 seconds
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The Emotional Power Seat is a process that I lead my friends, clients (and myself!) through when the love waves get choppy. … which they inevitably will, it’s a normal part of the process (self-compassion!). Using the Emotional Power Seat language helps you to gently set boundaries with yourself (and others), repair relationship harm, open up to joy and bliss … and it is one of my fave podcast episodes. I&apos;d love to hear which of the ABCDE tools you use!BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencer<a href
03/08/202119 minutes 52 seconds
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010 Turning Predictable Stress-Points into Love Portals

I used to see stress as a smoke signal that something was wrong. But what if stress could also be a signal that we are about to move from a familiarity zone (aloneness) into a growth zone (together)? What if stress is a sign that we have hit a checkpoint where we can relinquish control and move into greater flow, trust and magic? What if stress was the invitation into an alchemical process, a portal into love? One of the ways that I have learned to use stress for alchemy over the years is to work with the power of predictability. Working with the moon cycle helped me to align my personal rhythms and cycles to the natural environment, regulating my emotion and energy to unlock creativity and freedom. But relationship skills are different from personal development skills. (they overlap, but different wheelhouse!). When you&apos;ve experienced heartbreak or difficult relationships in
27/07/202137 minutes 21 seconds
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009 How to Navigate Emotional Triggers in Dating

Remember in SATC when Carrie would wake up panicked in the middle of the night when she was dating Aidan?  She landed on the fact her relationship was “too good”  … and promptly blew it up with a Big affair. Have you ever sabotaged a great relationship? I mean, I&apos;ve given it a red-hot go.  Why do we do it?! Getting triggered by something relatively minor (even that things are stable and well!) can be a symptom of something deeper … The latest podcast episode will throw light on why this happens, and includes a three-part process with heaps of practical tips to help you turn emotional contraction into emotional expansion in love.BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:<a href='https://w
19/07/202124 minutes 53 seconds
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008: “We Hurt Where We Care, and We Care Where We Hurt" — an Interview with Dr Renee Cachia

Ooeuf. I know that when an interview opens with this Steven Hayes quote that my guest will have depth to offer.Dr Renee Cachia is a psychologist who walked past me in a cafe in Brooklyn one day. I felt her sparkly energy and thought — I want to talk to her!I said hi, and the rest is history. Renee is now a dear friend and with her first book coming out next week, it was the perfect chance for us to drop in and record one of our many chats.Tune in to today&apos;s episode for gems on —- the surprising new science on self-compassion - a 3 step walk-through on what compassion actually looks like in practice.- unhooking from perfectionism and over-achievement (and sourcing inner validation).Dr Renee&apos;s new book is called <a href='
30/06/202137 minutes 39 seconds
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More on how to live in the Golden Quadrant : naked curiosity and healing the roots of pain.BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezzie.loveMusic composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©
19/06/202124 minutes 10 seconds
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How to tap into your feminine magnetic powers and live in the Golden Quadrant ... and unravel the blindspots that leave you feeling hurt and disappointed in relationships.BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezzie.loveMusic composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©
01/06/202124 minutes 19 seconds
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005 From Disheartened on the Apps to Quality Relationship : meet Katherine

A special episode where we meet the brilliant Katherine. Love wasn&apos;t easy for her, but she created epic self-love and romantic love after dive deep into:- the initial shift that totally changed the way she showed up in dating - the critical moment that she spoke up and changed the tide in her new relationship- what she feels is the secret that drives her newfound self-confidence and self-worth.You&apos;ll find Katherine&apos;s honesty and bravery inspiring, and it will help you re-activate the belief that love is possible for you, too!BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG:
25/05/202132 minutes 53 seconds
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004 Have You Created Full Space for Love?

&quot; ... but my life is really good as is ... &quot;Yes, and ...Are you available for what you say you want (really?)Is your love wheel a bit rusty?Are you creating the full space in your life that is necessary for love?Tune in for how more on HOW to create space for love. ... plus, contemplation prompts to discover WHY you might be filling up space (and how to re-align).How to get a bit bored, a bit uncomfy, a bit spacious …... to send up the flare for love!BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencer<a href='
19/05/202121 minutes 56 seconds
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This is a quick diagnostic tool that I use to (re)activate the love magic of the amazing women I work with in groups and 1:1 sessions. Tune in now to use this self-diagnostic tool to quickly figure out: your exact block to love (in self-love and in dating/rships)what is at the root of that block (hint: often self-protection!)how to quickly dissolve the block and re(activate) YOUR love magic.I have a secret penchant for creating methodologies that clarify, demystify and have practical application. If you jived with Lunar Abundance, I think you&apos;d love this lowdown on the wheels! BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:<a
11/05/202134 minutes 18 seconds
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002 Sober Dating

If you&apos;re sober (or sober curious) how to date and ... have fun? BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezzie.loveMusic composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©
06/05/202127 minutes 14 seconds
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001 Welcome!

I am over the moon that you are here! The podcast is for brilliant magical women who want to create love. Tune in to hear my philosophy, background and how to juice up your love-life. BODY OF WORK:www.ezziespencer.com1:1 out the self-study program LOVEABLE here:;s IG: @ezziespencerFree quiz, attraction elixir, love-notes and other resources here:www.ezzie.loveMusic composed and produced by Nathaniel Koenig ©
05/05/202121 minutes 30 seconds