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English, Social, 1 season, 120 episodes, 2 days, 3 hours, 27 minutes
Turn the embers of a distant and lonely relationship into a blazing emotionally intimate connection. Are you tired of conflict? Do you dream of a secure and peaceful relationship? Welcome to Relationship Psych, The Podcast. The goal is to teach you to create a strong and connected relationship, that withstands the test of time. Each week I share stories, practical strategies, and have inspiring conversations with guests to help you get and keep the relationship you and your partner dream of. Let's find out how to avoid relationship disaster and become relationship masters.
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119. Satisfaction in long term relationships with Dr. Jennifer Guttman

If you are looking for a sustainable, long-term relationship, this is the episode for you. Dr. Gottman reviews how to find safety and security in a love relationship. This podcast is for informational purposes only.
11/14/202352 minutes, 55 seconds
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116. Why is my partner defensive and how to change it

Have you tried to raise an issue to your partner and rather than hear you, they whine, make excuses, or worse – they turn the issue on you? Maybe you are the person who responds in these ways, and you don’t know why you do this.   In this podcast I will cover the common reasons people are defensive, and how to overcome it. In this podcast we discuss: - 5 reasons people are defensive - The role of criticism - What to do if you’re defensive - Tools to change defensiveness - Tools to decrease the chances your partner is defensive     This podcast is for informational purposes only.  
9/19/202318 minutes, 22 seconds
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115. The Connection between Sexual Arousal and Imagination with Gina Gutierrez

If you want to reignite the spark in your sex life, and gain a practical tool to keep your sexual pilot light on, check out this episode with Gina Gutierrez. In this episode we discuss: - The link between imagination and arousal - Responsive vs spontaneous sexual desire - Scheduling sex and spontaneous sex - How “shoulds” can get in the way of a fulfilling sex life - The role of fantasy in sex     Link for the 30 day free trial to Dipsea: or click here. Dipsea website:   This podcast is for informational purposes only.
9/9/202347 minutes
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114. Avoid the Gottmans’ 4 Horsemen and Save your Relationship

Do you and your partner struggle to communicate? Have you ever experienced… - Things you thought were small issues turn into a blowout fight. - Your partner tells you they feel criticized. - You see your partner walk away in conflict and it makes you upset.         - You’re unsure what is going wrong and why you are fighting so much with the person you love. In this episode, we are going to cover what Drs. John and Julie Gottman studied relationships and identified what they call the Four Horsemen of conflict discussions. When these communications styles make up the majority of interactions, the relationship breaks down. When couples come to me for communication issues, most of the time these four communication patterns are dominating their communication and their relationship.   Link to Communication Cures   This podcast is for informational purposes only.
8/22/202315 minutes, 1 second
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113. Being Intentionally Selfish with Naketa Ren Thigpen

This authentic conversation about struggles, triumphs and the courage to be selfish with herself left me compelled to be more vulnerable and braver in so many areas of my life. If you are looking for a story about overcoming incredible odds to overcome challenges, breaking multi-generational cycles and healing this is the podcast for you.     This podcast is for informational purposes only.
8/8/202349 minutes, 58 seconds
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77. Strategies for Better Communication with Nancy Evan and Scott Aaron.

Strategies for Better Communication with Nancy Evan and Scott Aaron.  In this episode do a deep dive into what Nancy and Scott do to nurture their friendship and keep the lines of communication open.  Whether your relationship is struggling because you feel like you’re disconnected, don’t know what to talk about anymore, or struggle to hear what your partner is telling you, there is a nugget of gold in this episode for you.  In this episode we cover: - Communicating the hard things before they bubble over - The use of conversation cards keeps conversations flowing - How to balance running a business together and being a couple - Why they don’t yell at each other - How to work together as a team  To learn more about the online course Communication Cures click here: Nancy- @thebyobagency Scott- @scottaaron  Website-  This podcast is for informational purposes only. 
3/15/202256 minutes, 18 seconds
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69. How to rewire yourself for love with Orit Krug

How dance movement therapy can help you break free from unhealthy relationship patterns so you can find healthy and loving relationships. In this episode we cover: How dance can help you heal from trauma. How trauma gets stuck in the body. Why talk therapy doesn’t always work and other therapeutic methods to help you stop sabotaging relationship patterns. How to start feeling to love you want and deserve. To learn more about Orit and her programs, click below: Website: 3 Secrets to Lasting Love: Website: Facebook group:
11/9/202145 minutes, 25 seconds
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62. Mental Health Across the Lifespan with Dr. Julie Erickson

Discover the secrets to good mental health over the lifespan. Even if we keep putting 29 candles on the birthday cake every year, the earth keeps going around the sun, and we age. Tune in to hear about how we can keep fit with our mental health, how we can optimize our mental health, and what to expect as we age. We cover: · The truth about how aging affects mental health · Poking holes in the myths about the psychological effects of aging · How to support the mental health in older adults · Questions to ask your partner so you can create a meaningful life together · How to take care of your mental health as you age · The impact of your social circle on your mental health About Dr. Julie: Dr. Julie Erickson is a clinical psychologist at the Forest Hill Centre for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto. Her research has focused on understanding the mental health needs of older adults and reducing their barriers to obtaining evidence-based psychological treatment. Dr. Erickson provides cognitive behavioral therapy to adults across the lifespan with a focus on mood and anxiety disorders, OCD, and trauma-related disorders. She also teaches graduate courses and workshops on cognitive behavioral therapy, psychological disorders, and aging & mental health. This podcast is for informational purposes only.
9/14/202140 minutes, 50 seconds