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English, Reggae, 1 season, 48 episodes, 1 day, 23 hours, 7 minutes
Roots, Rockers, Reggae, Dancehall & Dub and everything in between. Special guest Artists & Selectors on rotation.
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Volume 48: Donovan Kingjay

Volume 48! This time we're focusing on one of the key members of the Reggae Roast Soundsystem family, step forward Donovan Kingjay! To say that Donovan is a fan of Reggae music would be an understatement, he's been living and working in Reggae music his entire life and has a few stories to tell! Expect stories about the living in Jamaica, the early days of Soundsystem in the U.K, meeting King Tubby & working closely with Sugar Minott plus much, much more!
11/8/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 48 seconds
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Volume 47: Conscious Sounds

For the latest edition of our podcast series our host Earl Gateshead caught up with Dougie Conscious Sounds at his studio in Hackney for a chat about his life & career in music. Dougie is a real stalwart of Reggae in all its many forms and has been active in the scene for over 30 years with countless productions & mixes to his name so it was a true pleasure to hear his story. Stick the kettle on, sit back, roll up & tune in!
9/30/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 59 seconds
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Volume 46: Mad Professor

Here's something really special! We're massive fans of Ariwa so it's a fantastic pleasure to announce that Neil Fraser aka the Mad Professor is our special guest on our latest podcast! Our host Earl Gateshead speaks to Prof about his life in music, from growing up in Guayana, building his own amps & mixers, to moving to the U.K. & the trials and tribulations of being the longest running Black-owned studio in the U.K. that has made some of the most brilliant British music of all time.
7/29/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 21 seconds
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Volume 45: Reggae Roast 'Turn Up The Heat'

To celebrate the release of our debut album on Trojan Reloaded we've put together this '100% Production & Dubplate Selection' for the latest instalment of our podcast series! This goes out to all Soundmen & women across the globe! For their time and dedication. For the heavy lifting and late nights. The first one’s to arrive and the last ones to leave. All to bring people together for the good times… 'Turn Up The Heat' is due for release digitally 22nd May and on 2 x 12" vinyl with full artwork gatefold sleeve on 4th September which you can pre-order here →
5/7/20201 hour, 18 minutes, 28 seconds
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Volume 44: Interrupt's Production Mixtape

Something really special for you here! Our very own Interrupt has put together a superb mix of all his own productions & dubplates for you to check out! Our host with the most Earl Gateshead caught up with him too at Interrupt's studio & spoke about his time in Reggae music & much more!
9/16/20191 hour, 30 minutes, 39 seconds
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Volume 43: The Heatwave Guest Mix

For the 43rd episode of the world famous Reggae Roast podcast we invited special guest Gabriel from The Heatwave round to have a chat to our host Earl Gateshead! Take a trip through the best in cutting-edge Dancehall from the UK & Jamaica, revered classic recordings & some brand new productions from Gabriel's Dubplate box!
6/19/20191 hour, 11 minutes, 40 seconds
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Volume 42: Clifford Junior & Earl Gateshead

For the 42nd edition of our podcast series we're showcasing selections from Reggae Roast Soundsystem family member, Clifford Junior! Clifford & Earl are going b2b for the whole episode so you can expect top draw Reggae, Rocksteady, Dancehall & all that good stuff...
5/27/20191 hour, 6 minutes, 40 seconds
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Volume 41: Shaolin Sound Guest Mix

41 Episodes deep! For the next installment of the Reggae Roast Podcast we've asked the Chief Rockas collective's Roots specialist, Shaolin Sound, for a guest mix! Also our man Earl Gateshead is on hosting & selection duties for the first half of the show. Expect lots of brand new tunes!
4/15/20191 hour, 31 minutes, 50 seconds
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Volume 40: Solution Soundsystem Guest Mix

Our world famous podcast returns for it's 40th edition! Solution Soundsystem are one of our favourite London sounds so for this edition we asked our host Earl Gateshead to interview Mark Anderson who along with his brother Paul and friend Michael, has been running Solution since the 90's. From Hackney to Notting Hill Carnival, Solution play great Reggae music both new & old through their own custom-built heavyweight Soundsystem...the way it's supposed to be played!
2/11/201957 minutes, 24 seconds
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Volume 39: Adam Prescott's Rocksteady Roast + RR Crew Showcase

We're back with another sure shot! Earl Gateshead steps up in the 1st half of the show with a special Reggae Roast crew showcase & in the 2nd half Adam Prescott digs deep into his vinyl archives to bring you some cool & deadly Rocksteady rarities!
9/4/20181 hour, 2 minutes, 3 seconds
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Volume 38: Boomtown Showcase 2

Ahead of this year's festival, Boomtown's head honcho of music, Kaptin, popped round to have a chat with our host, Earl Gateshead. Expect a whole heap of top notch Reggae, Roots, Dub & Dancehall from some of the artists who'll be performing at Boomtown 2018!
7/16/20181 hour, 30 minutes, 48 seconds
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Volume 37: Hylu (Unit 137) Guest Mix

For the 37th edition of our world famous podcast we invited Hylu from the London collective Unit 137 to showcase some tracks from the crew's debut LP. Catch him in conversation with our host with the most, Earl 'Yeah Yeah' Gateshead! Unit 137 Vol. 1 is their debut album, featuring twelve original tracks from the crew and extended family. This is the first time all the artists go back to back on one release and the result is a fiery body of work that swerves effortlessly through reggae, dub, hip-hop, dancehall and jungle. Make sure you check the launch event here: Cop the album here:
6/14/20181 hour, 14 minutes, 56 seconds
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Volume 36: Von D Guest Mix

Big, bad & heavy! The Reggae Roast Podcast returns with special guest Von D! Earl Gateshead is on hand too, playing a fine selection of Roots Reggae & Dub... One for the heads...
4/19/20181 hour, 5 minutes, 28 seconds
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Volume 35: Babe Roots Guest Mix

We're back for 2018! The Reggae Roast Podcast returns with a show packed full of Roots, Reggae, Dub, Dancehall & beyond. Earl Gateshead is your host as always & we've got a special guest mix from Babe Roots! Rock & come in...
3/2/20181 hour, 7 minutes, 28 seconds
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Volume 34: Nick Manasseh Guest Mix

Back with another boomshot! For the latest edition of our world famous podcast series we have a special Dancehall & Rub-A-Dub mix from bonafide Reggae legend, Nick Manasseh! Earl Gateshead is on hand once again to host the show and play some choice cuts from the full spectrum of Reggae music... Tune in to the Number One Champion Sound!
9/25/20171 hour, 18 minutes, 53 seconds
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Volume 33: Adrian Sherwood Guest Mix

UK Reggae & Dub pioneer, Adrian Sherwood, has kindly recorded this thundering mix for the most recent edition of our podcast series! Adrian is a much sought after producer in the world of Reggae & Dub, co-founder of the revered labels On-U Sound, Carib-Gems, Pressure Sounds & founder of HitRun records too, Adrian's contribution to Reggae music is absolutely immense! Adrian's production credits read like a who's who in the Music game including Lee 'Scratch' Perry, the late Bim Sherman, Dennis Bovell, Little Roy, Sly & Robbie, Steven "Lenky" Marsden, Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie and Jazzwad. And he's put together this brilliant mix of some of his favourite tunes from his archives...CRUCIAL! As ever Earl Gateshead is on hand to host & mix some killer tunes in the 1st half of the show, this podcast certainly has all the trademarks of a great mix! One for the heads!
8/7/201754 minutes, 2 seconds
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Volume 32: Boomtown Showcase with Kaptin & Earl Gateshead

Looking forward to Boomtown this year?!? Well we've got something to get you in the mood for sure! Kaptin is one of the main people involved with Boomtown Festival and we invited him over to Earl Gateshead's gaff for a chat & a mix! Featuring stone cold classic Ska & Rocksteady, bang up to date Jamaican Roots & Dancehall & all that good stuff! Listen keenly!
5/23/20171 hour, 4 minutes, 40 seconds
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Volume 31: Dressla (Jahtari) Guest Mix

After a brief hiatus from our podcast series we're back with another boomshot guest mix! Step forward Dressla outta the legendary Jahtari posse.... Expect nuff Digital bombs & heavyweight Roots music throughout! We've also got a killer mix at the start of the show from Reggae aficionado & our host with the most, Earl 'Yeah Yeah' Gateshead. Lock in, lock on & bruck out.
3/22/20171 hour, 11 minutes, 49 seconds
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Volume 30: Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols) Guest Mix

Number 30! For the next installment of the Reggae Roast podcast we've asked the busiest man in Reggae to nice it up! Step forward Barry Ashworth from the Dub Pistols! Earl Gateshead runs a crucial selection in the 1st half of the show & Barry takes over in the 2nd half with a set full to the brim with upfront & uptempo Dancehall stingers... Yeah Yeah!
12/9/20161 hour, 17 minutes, 1 second
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Volume 29: Squarewave Guest Mix

Kool FM Resident & New World Audio head honcho, Squarewave, is our special guest on the latest edition of our world famous podcast! Earl Gateshead is back on hosting duties and brings us a mix in the 1st half of the show too. Featuring every kind of Reggae out there, from cutting edge Dub to the deep & heavy Roots from archives, Earl's selection has got something for everyone....
10/14/20161 hour, 38 seconds
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Volume 28: Vibration Lab 'Jammy's Vinyl Special: Part One'

Vibration Lab have dug deep into their vinyl vaults for the latest episode of our world famous podcast! Part one is up for now, Part two on it's way soon! As always the inimitable Earl Gateshead is in fine form for the 1st half of the show with a killer selection of Reggae music in all it's facets.
8/12/20161 hour, 16 minutes, 55 seconds
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Volume 27: DJ Shepdog Guest Mix

Earl Gateshead's back to host our Podcast and run some sweet, sweet Roots music alongside the mighty DJ Shepdog from Nice Up! Turn it up loud!
7/7/201659 minutes, 31 seconds
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Volume 26: Digid Guest Mix

On the latest edition of our world renowned podcast series we asked heavyweight producer Digid for a guest mix! Also Earl Gateshead, the original Reggae superstar, steps up for the 1st half of the show on selection & hosting duties....
4/28/20161 hour, 10 minutes, 2 seconds
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Volume 25: Dennis Bovell Guest Mix

For the latest edition of our podcast series we asked world-renowned Reggae musician & producer Dennis Bovell to put together a guest mix! Hosted by the living legend Earl Gateshead... Yeah yeah!
3/21/20161 hour, 15 minutes, 10 seconds
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Volume 24: Interrupt - Dancehall Style

Introducing to the world! This is the sound of Interrupt... Interrupt is relatively new to the scene, only starting producing in 2012, however his take on the digital Reggae style of the late 1980’s is some of the best there is. Now based in London, Interrupt continues to provide his own individual upbeat vibe, which features old-school drum machines, bold basslines and colourful synthesizers. Having worked with Speng Bong, Cubiculo Records and Spanish singers Ponchita Peligros & George Palmer, he already has significant hits under his belt and shows no signs of slowing down. Featuring tracks from his forthcoming release on Reggae Roast alongside plenty of heavyweight digital bubblers & raw digital pressure this mix is one for the skanking crew!
3/21/201655 minutes, 7 seconds
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Volume 23: Chief Rockas

For the latest edition of our podcast series we've asked one of our favourite newcomers, Chief Rockas, to step it up! Expect Roots, Rub-A-Dub, Digi & Dancehall mixed with style....
1/20/201638 minutes, 20 seconds
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Volume 22: Leo Samson - Reggae Meets Grime

Something a little way different! Original Reggae Roast selector, Mr Leo Samson, presents half an hour of his own Roots productions laced with some serious Grime accapellas! GASSED
1/20/201639 minutes, 15 seconds
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Volume 21: Liondub Presents The Love Life '99 Mixtape

One for the throwback heads! The mighty Liondub outta NYC recorded this way back in '99 at a house party straight to cassette tape! Featuring the finest Rub-a-Dub, righteous Roots & 90's Dancehall fyah all blended together with finesse & style....Crucial!
9/10/20151 hour, 32 minutes, 46 seconds
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Volume 20: Adam Prescott - 100% Production Mixtape

For our 20th episode we've asked our in-house dub enthusiast Adam Prescott to step up once again! Featuring a whole heap of one-away dubplates, alternative mixes and unreleased tracks including sneak previews of Adam's debut LP on Reggae Roast, 'Warrior', this mix is heavyweight from start to finish!
7/21/201546 minutes, 40 seconds
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Volume 19: Dub Boy's Ruffnek Diskotek

Bristol legend! Dub Boy's a Dj, promoter, producer, journalist & the nicest man in Reggae music. He plays a variety of bass heavy, soundsystem music styles and his sets can range from karnival house, soca & bashment vibes, to dancehall & rub a dub vibes, to heads down roots & dubstep vibes and everything inbetween. Tracklist: 1. Tiger – Ram Dancehall 2. Foxy Brown – Baby Can I Hold You Tonight 3. Beres Hammond & Cutty Ranks – Tempted To Touch 4. Tony Rebel – Fresh Vegetable 5. Winsome & Nerious Joseph – Rock With Me Baby 6. Sophia George – Girly Girly 7. Gregory Isaacs – Red Rose For Gregory 8. Beres Hammond & Josey Wales – Hey Girl 9. Cocoa Tea – Come Again 10. Barry Boom – Number One Girl 11. Carol Gonzales & Buju Banton – Second Class 12. Courtney Melody – You Turn Me On 13. Cocoa Tea – Sonia 14. Tony Tuff – She Got the Stuff 15. Ricky Tuffy – Stamina 16. Nardo Ranks – Wickedy 17. Apache Stratchie – The Stepper 18. Cutty Ranks – The Cutter 19. Tony Rebel – Rude Boy Soldier 20. Tenor Fly – Town Ah Run Hot 21. Jonny Osbourne – Hill & Gully 22. Crucial Robbie & The Offbeat Posse – Don’t Sniff The Coke 23. Flourgon – The Shipment 24. General Degree – Body Guard 25. Tony Rebel – Rude Boy Strike Again 26. Louie Culture – Tell Her Fi Move 27. Terry Ganzie – Give Them Little More 28. Chaka Demus – Shaka On The Move 29. Sergeant D – Licence Loving 30. Pad Anthony – Shake Them Down
5/7/201549 minutes, 34 seconds
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Volume 18: The Nextmen's Crucial Cuts

We're pleased to announce the next installment of our critically acclaimed podcast series! Step forward UK legends The Nextmen! The Nextmen are a production/songwriting powerhouse consisting of Dom Search & Brad Baloo. Often incorporating hip-hop drum sets and electronic basslines into their sound, they have worked with many artists from the UK, US and Jamaica. The Nextmen are one of the many artists we have signed up to play at our next soundsystem session aka The Big Payback in Brixton on April 17th 2015. More info on the session here:
4/10/201556 minutes, 37 seconds
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Volume 17: J:Kenzo Presents Sound Control....Lion Charge In Dub

UK Bass music pioneer, J:Kenzo, has kindly recorded this thundering mix for the most recent edition of our podcast series! J is a much sought after player in the world of Underground Music blending his signature sound of Dub Dread Vibes with echoes of Jungle and Techno.... With serminal releases on Tempa, a show on Rinse FM & residencies at the legendary FWD nights, J is a certified Bass music heavyweight. This mix is a celebration of one of his current projects, running his own label 'Lion Charge', which specialises in the darker side of Dub & Soundsystem music.... Tracklist: 01. Digital - Dub Mammoth [LIONCHG010] 02. Kaiju - Unity Dub [LIONCHG003] 03. EGOLESS - Dub Heritage [LIONCHG DUB] 04. D-Operation Drop - Rockin' Da Nation (Sound Control Fiyah Dub Remix) [LIONCHG DUB] 05. Digid - Revolution Sound [LIONCHG DUB] 06. EGOLESS - From Dust To Dub [LIONCHG009] 07. Ipman & Killawatt - Runaway Version [LIONCHG002] 08. D-Operation Drop - Addis Abeba [LIONCHG006] 09. Digital - Informer [LIONCHG010} 10. Digid - Babylon Fall [LIONCHG DUB] 11. Sound Control - Electrocution Dub (VIP Remix) [LIONCHG DUB] For more info on J: Kenzo & Lion Charge check out the following links:
2/23/201532 minutes, 29 seconds
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Volume 16: Mungo's Hi-Fi - Cool & Deadly NYE Warm-Up Selection!

Ahead of our massive NYE Warehouse soundsystem session this year we've asked the mighty Mungo's Hi-Fi outta Scotland to throw down some ruff & tuff selection on our latest podcast! This NYE Reggae Roast & Love Kulture join forces for what is set to be one of the biggest parties of the year. Set in the Cre8 warehouse in Hackney Wick, we have hand picked an unstoppable lineup across 3 rooms, to bring you an unmissable NYE experience. For the most uplifting way to see in 2015, this is the only place to be! Featuring: • MUNGOS HIFI • CHANNEL ONE SOUND • REGGAE ROAST • TROJAN SOUNDSYSTEM • CHOPSTICK DUBPLATE (JACKY MURDA & ARIES) • THE NEXTMEN • ADAM PRESCOTT • VIBRATION LAB • KENNY KNOTS • BROTHER CULTURE • RAMON JUDAH + much, much more! Tickets: Fatsoma - Skiddle: Resident Advisor: Ticket Sellers: Ticketweb - Facebook Event Page:
12/2/201432 minutes, 29 seconds
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Volume 15: Conscious Sound - Digital Danger

Rock & come in! Our latest podcast episode comes from Conscious Sound yet again, this time inna ruffneck digital style! Remember to come and check Conscious Sound live & direct on our brand new heavyweight soundsystem this weekend (5th October 2014) for Sunday Skank! More info here: Tracklist soon come....
9/30/201455 minutes, 21 seconds
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Volume 14: Conscious Sounds inna Rootsman style

To celebrate the return of our legendary Sunday Skank session we've lined up this podcast from Uk legend, Conscious Sound and he'll also be playing at Sunday Skank. Dougie Wardrop aka Conscious Sound is one of the most prolific producers and selctors on the scene it is a real honour to have him down to a Reggae Roast session. With decades in the game, countless genre defining LP's and singles, this will certainly be one to remember..... For more info on our Sunday Skank session check our website: Tracklist coming soon
9/19/201450 minutes, 58 seconds
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Volume 13: DJ Vadim - The Dubcatcher!

We're launching the Reggae Roast Soundsystem this weekend and we've asked the legendary DJ Vadim to join us on the set! Vadim kindly recorded this ruffneck mix to promote the session and you can download it for free! More info on our launch party here: We also caught up Vadim to talk about his latest LP 'Dubcatcher' and his time in the music industry, check it out here: Tracklist: 1. Singing Sweet - Wen I C U Smile 2. Spice x DJ Vadim - Pon The Bassline 3. Baby Cham - Lawless 4. Ward 21 - Haters 5. Shy Guy x Tradesman 6. Tortuga Riddim 7. DJ Vadim - Badman 8. DJ Vadim - Nah Join (Feat. YT) 9. Cutty Ranks - Retreat 10. Red Dragon - Duck 11. Walk & Skank x Tradesman 12. Bada Bada Riddim 13. Simpleton - Coke Cola Shape 14. Lady Saw - Beg Yah! 15. Vybes Kartel - Better Can Wuk 16. Pinchers - Magnet To Steal 17. Capelton - Magnet 18. DJ Vadim - Up To Jah 19. Tradesman - Know Bout Style 20. Top Cat - Gallist 21. Bunny General - Full Up Class 22. Sean Paul - Top Shotter (DJ Vadim Remix) 23. Gregory Peck - Poko Man Jam 24. Damian Hall - Style Swagga Riddim 25. Elephant Man - Wah Dem A Wear! 26. Vybes Kartel - Clarks For more info on DJ Vadim check out his website:
8/4/20141 hour, 4 minutes, 27 seconds
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Volume 12: The Drop

To celebrate the release of The Drop's debut single on Reggae Roast we asked them to put together a mix for a on-going podcast series. Packed full of exclusive tracks and brand new productions, this mix is sure to get you in the mood for summer..... Check out the new video for 'Waiting For' here: You can pre-order the single on iTunes here: 'Waiting For' includes remixes from LV (Hyperdub) & The Future Dub Project.... Listen to the full release here: Also check out the 'Waiting For' single launch party in Camden soon, more info here: TRACKLIST: 1. The Drop - Right On 2. The Drop - Right On Manasseh 3. Congos - Children Crying 4. Capital Letters - UK Skanking 5. General Roots - Sufferer 6. General Roots - Sufferer Dub 7. Yellow Man ft. Fat Head - Ribbit 8. The Drop - Takeover (Dubmatix Remix) 9. The Drop - Waiting For (The Future Dub Project Remix) 10. Only Joe - Revolution 11. Hylu & Jago meet R. Kent - Uplifting Riddim 12. Ed West ft. Jago - Ilani (Telephone Riddim) 13. Nick Manasseh ft. Dandelion - Killing in the Open 14. Ghost Writers - Rumours 15. The Drop - Looking to the Sky (Skope Remix)
6/13/201440 minutes, 14 seconds
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Volume 11: Sleepy Time Ghost & Zico's Ruffneck Selection!

Back once again! We're now on Volume 11 of our Podcast series and we thought we'd invite our next #SundaySkank special guests to mash it up! Sleepy Time Ghost & Zico are part of the illustrious Unit 137 crew outta South London and have in some way or another been responsible for the resurgence of UK based Reggae music in recent years. We caught up with duo ahead of their Reggae Roast show to ask them about their time in the music industry and what the future has in store for them. Check the interview HERE: TRACKLIST: 1. Jacob Miller - Forward Ever Backwards Never [VP Records] 2. Barrington Levy - Black Rose [Hit Bound] 3. Capleton - That Day Will Come (Hard Times Riddim) [Gibbo Records] 4. Hard Times (Version) [Gibbo Records] 5. Yellow Man - Lost Mi Love [Greensleeves Records] 6. Mike Brooks - Wonderful World [Sagittarius Records] 7. Sleepy Time Ghost - Cracking Riddim [Dub] 8. J-Man feat. Parly B - Road Block (Sleepy Time Ghost - Remix) [Run Tingz Digital] 9. Hylu & Jago 'meet' R. Kent feat. Dandelion - Mad Times [Unit 137] 10. Ghost Writerz feat. Serocee - Believe [Dub] 11. Mikey General - Kuff N' Dem [Digikal] 12. Adam Prescott - Rumours (Version) [Unit 137] 13. Macka B - Buppie Culture [ARIWA] 14. Sancho - Chase Vampire [Ikus Records] 15. Reggie Stepper - Kimbo King [Stepper Music] 16. Tippa Irie feat. Chali 2na - Not Afraid To Die [Lock Down Productions] 17. Ghost Writerz feat. Rodney P - Shut Up [Dub] 18. Jago feat. Ghost Writerz, Serocee & Junior Dangerous - Wicked Try (Prod. The Sea) [Hundred Years] 19. Joe Ariwa - Dub Tech Dub [ARIWA] 20. onlyjoe - Play With Fire (Sleepy Time Ghost & Hylu - Remix) [Unit 137] 21. Sleepy Time Ghost - Worldwide Riddim [Dub] 22. Hylu & Jago 'meet' Sleepy Time Ghost feat. onlyjoe - Concrete [Moonshine Recordings] 23. Adam Prescott feat Galak Spiritual - Ancestors [Hundred Years] 24. Sleepy Time Ghost feat. Mikey General - Jah Can Read Your Thoughts [Unit 137] 25. Sleepy Time Ghost feat. Macka B & Zico - Meditation [Unit 137] 26. Vibration Lab feat. Wayne Jarret - Buy You Gold [Moonshine Recordings] 27. Sean Paul feat. Wayne Marshall - Yardie Bone [VP Records] 28. STG-137-002 [Dub]
5/22/20141 hour
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Volume 10: Vibration Lab's Digital Diamonds!

Big up Vibration Lab! This podcast is a must for all fans of that classic 80's Digi-Dancehall sound! The dynamic duo of Steve & Bazil have dug deep into their personal vinyl collection to find some of the ruffest, rarest & dangerous riddims from the golden era of Digital Reggae.....TUFF!! We also had a little chat with the pair about their time in the music industry and what the future has in store. Check it out on our blog:
4/25/20141 hour, 5 minutes, 34 seconds
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Volume 9: I-Mitri - UNOD 2014 Weekender Warm-Up Selection!

The United Nations Of Dub Weekender is back! Now in it’s second year, the worlds only family friendly multi day indoor dub, roots and reggae festival, the United Nations Of Dub Weekender (U.N.O.D Weekender) is back at Pontins ‘Prestatyn Sands’ self catering holiday park in North Wales from 28th – 30th March 2014 for another instalment of bass fuelled fun and games featuring over one hundred of the biggest artists and sound systems out there. You can catch the Reggae Roast crew there on Saturday in the Mungo's Hi-Fi arena! Prior to the session we met up with one of the event organisers and all round nice bloke I-Mitri to chat about his time in the music industry & what this year's UNOD session has to offer.... Check the interview here: TRACKLIST: 1. AMP Outernational (Feat. I-mitri)- Get Along (AMP Outernational) 2. AMP Outernational - Version (AMP Outernational) 3. I-mitri - Imperial Blessing (from "Dubplate Collection Vol1") (Imperial Sound Army) 4. ISA - Old School Dub (from "Dubplate Collection Vol1") (Imperial Sound Army) 5. Gra 8755 (Feat. I-mitri)- Fresh Water (Dubplate) 6. Gra 8755 - Version (Dubplate) 7. I-mitri 'Meets' Samity - Love Life [CounterAction Mix] (from album Samity - Stereochemistry) (Majestic Samity Sound) 8. I-mitri 'Meets' Samity - Love Dub 1 [CounterAction Mix] (Dubplate) 9. Shiloh Ites 'Meets' Counteraction (Feat. I-mitri) - Give Thanks For Life (Dubplate) 10. Shiloh Ites 'Meets' CounterAction - Give Thanks For Dub 3 (Dubplate)
3/24/201435 minutes, 54 seconds
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Volume 8: Dubmatix - Dub It Louder!

For the next installment of the Reggae Roast podcast we've asked the busiest man in Reggae to nice it up! Step forward Dubmatix! He's got a new LP out in April, another set of sample packs due for release and a hectic tour schedule lined up for summer. We managed to catch up with him for a quick chat about his time in the music industry and what 2014 has in store. Read the interview HERE: TRACKLIST: 1. Ticklah - Pork Eater 2. Micah Shemiah - Dread At The Control 3. Dub All Sense (Feat. Marina P) - Metropolis 4. DJ Maars - Dub Jump 5. Puppa Jim - International Farmer 6. Dub Terminator (Feat. Peppery) - Come To Town 7. Danny T & Tradesman (Feat. Daddy Freddy) - New Tingy Lingy 8. Congo Natty - Jungle Is I And I (Feat. Lady Chann) [Congo Natty Meets Vital Elements Mix]
3/5/201431 minutes, 1 second
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Volume 7: Tour De Force - Battle Cry LP Promo Mix

Brand new! Good for you! New York's finest step forward! Tour De Force is the production monkier of Dub-Stuy Soundsystem who are responsible for bringing the real sound of Reggae music back to NY. With collabs from some of the biggest Reggae artists from all over the globe and a more exclusive tracks than you can shake a stick at, this mix is a treat from beginning to end! We caught up with the duo ahead of their debut LP release for a little chat about their time in the music industry and what the future holds for them, check it out on our blog: Make sure you check the LP when it drops on 25th February 2014! Tracklist: 1. Tour De Force vs Al Campbell - The Power Dubplate (Battle Cry Riddim/Dub-Stuy) 2. Tour de Force vs Johnny Osbourne - Soundboy Prayer (TDF Exclusive) 3. Tour De Force - Roots Lyrics feat. Brother Culture (Forthcoming on Dub-Stuy) 4. Tour De Force - Tiger Style (Forthcoming on Dub-Stuy) 5. Tour De Force vs Wayne Smith - Sleng Steppa Dubplate (Pool Party Riddim/Dub-Stuy) 6. Bent Backs Sound - Can't Take the Pressure feat. Johnny Osbourne (Forthcoming on Bent Backs) 7. Taiwan MC - Mrs Chang Dubplate (Gizmo Riddim/Jahtari) 8. Tour De Force - Warmongers (Forthcoming on Dub-Stuy) 9. Alpha Steppa - Back Jah Remix (Forthcoming on Grand Ancestor) 10. Double Tiger vs Unknown - Scotch Bonnet Pepper RMX (TDF Exclusive) 11. Double Tiger vs Aidonia - OK Kush RMX (TDF Exclusive) 12. Dub Smugglers vs Wailing Souls - Jah Give Us Life RMX 13. Tour De Force - A Little Bit More feat. Jay Spaker (Forthcoming on Dub-Stuy) 14. Adam Prescott - Dem a Bawl feat. Cornel Campbell (Forthcoming on Hundred Years) 15. Joe Ariwa - Trip to Africa Dub (Forthcoming on Ariwa Sounds)
2/17/201437 minutes, 25 seconds
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Volume 6: Part2Style - Dubplates From The Far East

The dancehall rulers from the Far East come fi mash it up! When Part2Style come to play they always bring a serious arsenal of dubplates to kill any soundbwoy in session! They've kindly recorded this exclusive mix for Reggae Roast to accompany an interview we did with their crew member Mal Rubberdub Market. Make sure you check the full interview on our website: Tracklist: 1. Intro. 2. Brother Culture - Pop Round(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 3. Protoje - Our Time Come(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 4. Charlie P - Salud(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 5. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 6. Solo Banton - Music Addict(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 7. Kenny Knotts - Watch How The People Dancing(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 8. Jah Screechy - Walk & Skank(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 9. Carl Meeks - Haul & Pull Up Selector(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 10. Tippa Irie - P2S Wicked & Wild(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 11. Top Cat - Everyday(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 12. PART2STYLE SOUND feat. Charlie-P - Sound Man Anthem 13. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Solo Banton - Sleepng Lion 14. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Tippa Irie - Raggamuffin 15. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Parly B - Rub a dub Market 16. PART2STYLE SOUND feat.Color T - Hot Like We 17. Shanti D - Unknown(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 18. Everton Blender - Jumbo Jet(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 19. Carl Meeks - Come A Dance(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 20. Cian Finn - Babylon Sky(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 21. General Levy - Incredible(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 22. Mr.Williamz & Mungo's Hi Fi - RAM DANCE FASTER(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE) 23. Clint Eastwood General Saint - Another One Bites The Dust(PART2STYLE DUB PLATE)
1/21/201436 minutes, 10 seconds
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Volume 5: Hylu & Jago (Feat. Zico) - Unit 137's Platters That Matter

South East London's finest come correct! Hylu & Jago have been mashin' up dances all over the world for many years now either with the Unit 137 crew or with the onlyjoe band. The Unit 137 brand encompasses all the ingredients that are imperative in keeping the tradition of UK based Reggae music alive, they run a recording studio, record label and soundsystem, yet still manage to find time to produce their own music and tour extensively. Make sure you check out the full interview to accompany the mix at our website: Tracklist: 1. Ramon Judah - The Vibe (Dub) [Vibes Creator] 2. Jago feat. Ghost Writerz, Jnr. Dangerous & Serocee - The Wicked Try (Prod. The Sea) [Forthcoming Hundred Years] 3. Tour De Force feat. Jay Speaker - Old Time Love [Dub-Stuy Records] 4. Tour De Force feat. Jay Speaker - Old Time Love (Digitaldubs - Remix) [Dub-Stuy Records] 5. Ed West & Jago - 7 Deadly Sins [Forthcoming - Reggae Roast] 6. Mikey General - Kuff N Dem [Sip A Cup Records] 7. Mikey General - Kuff N Dem (Version) [Sip A Cup Records] 8. Jago feat. Galak - Bad Man (Prod. Ed West) [Dub] 9. Ghost Writerz - Rumours (Gregory Isaacs ReWork) [Unit 137] 10. Radikal Guru - Wicked Dub [Moonshine Recordings] 11. Part2style Sound feat. Charlie P - Sound Man Anthem [Future Ragga] 12. Part2style Sound - Zigzawya Riddim [Future Ragga] 13. Congo Natty - Kunte Kinte [Congo Natty]
12/9/201327 minutes, 8 seconds
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Volume 4: Will Tee - Descendant Dubplates

Here's a real treat for the Roots crew! Descendant Music is a record label headed by UK reggae producer Will Tee. It was launched in 2012 and has seen Tee release collaborative work with household name Jamaican artists as well as talent closer to home. He's already getting some massive support from the likes of David Rodigan, Aba Shanti, Jah Shaka, Channel One & many more. Check the interview with Will on the Reggae Roast blog: Tracklist: 1. BDF ft. Johnny Osbourne – War Season (Heartical) 2. BDF ft. Luciano – Time Will Tell (Heartical) 3. Chronixx – Alpha & Omega (John John) 4. Jah Cure & Bounty Killer – A Murdah (John John) 5. John John & High Times Band – Inna Rub a Dub Style Riddim (John John) 6. Will Tee ft. David Oneaway & Addis Pablo – Daweh Seed (Dubplate) 7. Will Tee – Daweh Version (Dubplate) 8. Prince Malachi – Love Conquers (Descendant Music) 9. K.O.G, Leona & Diddley Dee – Round & Round (Descendant Music) 10. Will Tee ft. Mael Amnisty – Love Sax (Descendant Music) 11. Will Tee ft. Reality Souljahs – Trouble You a Trouble Me (Dubplate) 12. Will Tee – Kings Horn Dubplate Mix (Dubplate) 13. Will Tee ft. Johnny Clarke – Blood Dunza (Dubplate) 14. Will Tee – Dunza Dub (Dubplate) 15. Micah Shemaiah – We Know (Dubplate) 16. Fred Locks – Hail the Emperor (Dubplate) 17. Will Tee – Dub the Emperor (Dubplate)
10/15/201330 minutes, 53 seconds
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Volume 3: Chopstick Dubplate - Worldwide Jungle

For the third installment of the the RR podcast we've lined up an exclusive mix from everyone's favourite Junglists, Chopstick Dubplate. In anticipation of their new 'Wanted' LP we've also got an interview with the guys on our blog ( Tracklist soon come......
9/23/201339 minutes, 51 seconds
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Volume 2: Riddim Tuffa - Digikal Power

For the next Reggae Roast Podcast installment we've asked Scotland's digikal specialists, Riddim Tuffa Sound, for a helping of ruffneck dancehall power. Riddim Tuffa Soundcloud: Tracklist: 1. Dixie Peach & Russ D - Never Hear Sound 2. El Fata & Riddim Tuffa - Champion Sound 3. Dixie Peach & Riddim Tuffa - Pure Worries Dubplate 4. Dixie Peach & Russ D - Keep Talking 5. King General & Conscious Sounds - Back and Belly 6. General Jah Mikey & O.B.F - Can't the 85 Style Remix 7. Parly B & Tradesman - Dubplate Fashion 8. Parly B & 7FT - Niceness Remix 9. Tenja & Danny T - Rise up Remix 10. Brother Cuture & Digital Dubs - Holding Down the Vibe 11. Brother Culture & Riddim Tuffa - Pop Around Dubplate 12. Ghostrider & Riddim Tuffa - Digital Niceness 13. YT & Riddim Tuffa - Sound System Culture Dubplate 14. Parly B & Tradesman - In A Competition 15. Mr Williamz & Riddim Tuffa - Raggamuffin Icon Remix
8/20/201333 minutes, 43 seconds
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Volume 1: Adam Prescott - Roots & Culture

We've lined up a series of regular podcasts from some of the most revered and respected selectors from all over the world which we'll be sharing with you over the course of the coming months. Kicking us off is our very own Roots enthusiast, Adam Prescott, presenting a strictly vinyl selection. Played on one deck with space echo & dub siren inna authentic style & fashion. This is one for the Roots crew!! Adam's Soundcloud: TRACKLIST: 1. Freddie McKay - I'm A Free Man 2. The Meditations - Babylon Trap Them 3. Sylford Walker - Jah Golden Pen 4. Earl Sixteen - Malcolm X 5. Senya - Children Of The Ghetto 6. Prince Allah - Daniel 7. Yabby You - Deliver Me From My Enemies 8. Freddie Mcgregor - Rastaman 9. Winston Jarrett - Runaway 10. Lopez Walker - Jah Jah New Garden 11. Devon Irons - Ketch Vampire 12. Martin Campbell - Richman 13. Cultural Roots - Mr. Bossman 14. Black Uhuru - Plastic Smile 15. The Jays - Yaho
8/20/201346 minutes, 11 seconds