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English, Personal health, 2 seasons, 45 episodes, 1 day 14 hours 10 minutes
The Syllabus for Your Twentysomething Soul. Discovering your syllabus in your 20’s and getting closer to your soul purpose REGARDLESS of self-doubt and what others think.
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Regardless It’s Never Too Late to Heal Your Gut, Skin, and Hormones From Within

Chapter 23: The Life Manual for Healthy Living in your 20s Let’s be real: sometimes our health is just not the number one priority on the list. Whether you’re binge drinking every weekend in college or stressed and losing sleep over your job, it’s not always easy to take care of your physical health in your 20s.  Today we are lucky to have holistic health coach Meghan Swidler, AKA “That Wellness Gal,” share her tips on how to heal some of the most important areas of your body: the gut, skin, and hormones.  Meghan is a bestselling author who wrote From Within, and as an expert in cleansing and detoxification, she guides individuals to l
04/12/202347 minutes 35 seconds
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Real Talk on Physical Health with your host, Skylar Sorkin

The gut. Hormones. And skin. In this minisode, we're about to get really personal. Typically, I bring in a guest speaker for each episode. However, for this minisode, I wanted to share some of my own experiences and thoughts about the upcoming topic. Tune into these Real Talk minisodes to get a little bit more personal with me before each Regardless episode. This week, we're talking about our physical health. In my early 20s, I went through so many struggles, from getting mono that led to a tonsillectomy to suffering from an eating disorder. Until about a year ago, I continued to neglect my health, and the result of how I treated my body is showing up in chronic health issues I'm struggling with right now (think: I've had 13 UTI's in the last year. RIP my sanity). For the first time in my life, at the age of 26, I now truly realize the importance of taking care of my physical health. And I'm so excited to open up this conversation in our
03/12/20237 minutes 25 seconds
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Regardless I Am Love: Heartbroken to Heart Liberated

Chapter 22: The Life Manual for Heartbreak  Eating ice cream in bed straight out of the pint, rewatching Dirty Dancing and The Notebook through tears, reading through all of your old text messages—the good and the bad. We’ve all been there. Breakups suck.  In this episode, we will be getting our own personal session with breakup coach: Tatiana Simone AKA “The Heartbreak Doula.” She is a certified breathwork facilitator, medicine woman, energy healer, and guide dedicated to helping women heal from heartbreak. We will be diving into the best practices to deal with heartbreak gracefully and return to deep self-love. THIS EPISODE’S SYLLABUS STEPS:  Step 1: Honor and process your grief. Accept reality.  Step 2: Spend time grounding in nature. Lean into movement and go for a walk. Connect to your version of a higher p
13/11/20231 hour 11 minutes 6 seconds
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Regardless, I’m in Control: Taming Your Reactivity in ‘WTF’ Situations with Former Super Bowl Champion, Aaron Taylor

Chapter 21: Ding! You just received a paragraph-long text that makes your blood boil. How do you react? Do your thumbs immediately go crazy? Or, do you pause and take a breath before responding? Today, we're having a conversation with Super Bowl Champion and Mental Health Advocate, Aaron Taylor. As a former professional athlete and founder of Elite Mentals, a solutions-based initiative to reframe the conversation around mental wellness, Aaron has so much wisdom to offer about the psychology of reactivity and how to respond to tough situations more efficiently. In this episode, we’ll answer the question: why do we react to situations in a particular way? It's normal to get defensive when a manager yells at you or your partner does something to frustrate you. Howev
30/10/20231 hour 10 minutes 40 seconds
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Regardless of Wellness Trends: Crafting My Personal Self-Care Nourishment Kit

Have you ever found yourself triggered by the constant oversharing of others&#39; eating habits and workout routines on social media? Whether you&#39;ve struggled with disordered eating, battled poor body image, or simply aim to foster self-compassion and the freedom to make nourishing choices aligned with your unique needs, this episode is a must-listen! Our guest, Sandy Robertson, a seasoned Registered Nurse with 25 years of experience in holistic nursing, mind-body medicine, and integrative health, is also an accomplished author. Her works, including &quot;Why Am I Eating This?&quot; and the latest &quot;7 Simple Steps to Retrain Your Mind About Food,&quot; reflect her deep passion for guiding individuals toward holistic well-being. As the founder of <a href="https://energyworkswisdom.c
02/10/20231 hour 12 minutes 40 seconds
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Regardless, I Am On My Own Timing: A High Achievers' Guide to Women's Health, Wellness, and Fertility

Attention high-achieving women! In this episode, we&#39;re joined by guest, Dria Murphy, the visionary founder of Alise Collective and ByDria. Dria takes us on her Regardless journey of self-discovery, where she&#39;s embraced her purpose, mastered the art of slowing down to speed up, and boldly decided to freeze her eggs, a story even featured on Well + Good. Join us as we dive deep into the compelling notion that, regardless of societal pressures and the ticking biological clock, we all have our unique timelines for career, wellness, and fertility. This episode is an absolute must-listen for stressed high achievers seeking empowerment and the elusive balance that we all yearn for. Don&#39;t forget to follow us on IG
25/09/202344 minutes 34 seconds
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Regardless, I Am Radiant: Breaking Down Holistic Health, Frustration of Health Challenges, Building Self-Esteem, and Are We Ready for Entrepreneurship?

Let&#39;s talk about holistic health&#39;s connection to self-esteem during health challenges, female partnerships in business, and the entrepreneurial journey. Join me for an engaging conversation with Danielle Gronich and Kayleigh Christina, the dynamic duo behind CLEARSTEM Skincare. Danielle, &quot;The Acne Guru&quot; and a Clinical Esthetician, and Kayleigh, a Holistic Nutritionist, Author, and Podcaster, both co-founded CLEARSTEM to combat toxic skincare. Danielle and Kayleigh share their journeys that evolved from personal battles with acne to leading the charge for toxin-free
28/08/202345 minutes 8 seconds
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Part B - Regardless: Father Daughter Edition

Join me in Part B of the Father&#39;s Day episode with Stephen Sorkin, an Executive &amp; Team Leadership Coach and Founder of @Stake Performance. ogether, we dive into the invaluable lessons he has taught me, including the power of interpretation, overcoming adversity, and the importance of perspective. In this episode, we further explore practical strategies for personal growth and success. Stephen Sorkin shares his insights on how to transform challenges into strengths and break free from learned helplessness. We also discuss the significance of big-picture thinking and provide essential tools to thrive, expand, and access your future self TODAY. For more information and updates, follow us on Instagram and TikTok: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener no
06/07/202354 minutes 49 seconds
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Part A - Regardless: Father Daughter Edition

In this special Father&#39;s Day episode, join me as my dad, ⁠Stephen Sorkin⁠, an Executive &amp; Team Leadership Coach, and Founder of @Stake Performance, takes the stage for Part A and B episodes. Discover the transformative lessons he has instilled in me, including the power of interpretation, turning adversities into strengths, overcoming learned helplessness and the impact of perspective. Gain insights into big-picture thinking and essential tools to thrive in the future. This episode is a goldmine of informative content that will inspire and equip you for success. Don&#39;t miss this electrifying conversation with Stephen Sorkin, a true mastermind in leadership and personal growth. Stay tuned for Part B! For more information head to: ⁠@regardlessthepod⁠ ⁠@skylarsorkin⁠ on IG + TikTok </p
27/06/202340 minutes 32 seconds
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Regardless, I Am Resolute: Mastering Solutions and Gratitude in Battle

Let&#39;s delve into solution mode with Dawn Laguens, the Chief of Global Strategy and Innovation at Planned Parenthood. Dawn oversees strategy, innovation, insights, and digital products at Planned Parenthood Global. Previously, she held the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer at Planned Parenthood. HOW YOU&#39;LL GROW? Dawn graciously shares her approach to effecting positive and enduring changes in our world. Gain insights on building connections and persuading individuals with diverse perspectives, mastering the art of maintaining a solution-focused mindset amidst challenges, avoiding excessive analysis paralysis when confronted with difficult decisions, and embodying a results-oriented approach while embracing your unique identity. RESOURCES!! ⁠Discover more about Dawn Laguens and Planned Parenthood by visiting the
13/06/202348 minutes 58 seconds
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Regardless, I Am A Leader: How To Lead Through Influence and Master Your Legacy

LEADERSHIP, LEGACY, AND INFLUENCE. In this episode, we have a heart-to-heart on mastering leadership and legacy with Chrstine Mei who is the CEO of a mission-driven CPG start-up, a global senior business leader across recognizable consumer brands, a Board director, mentor, and advocate of people and businesses of purpose. Christine has managed teams around the world in developed, developing, and emerging countries -- creating and leading both multi-year strategies and operational processes to catalyze growth. HOW YOU&#39;LL GROW: Leading with influence and mastering your legacy How to professionally show up as unapologetically yourself and inspire others in doing so How do we know we are &quot;making the right decision&quot; Your career and personal growth isn&#39;t a ladder and here is why
31/05/202346 minutes 41 seconds
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Regardless: Mother Daughter Edition

To celebrate Mother&#39;s Day, my mom and I teamed up to bring you something special. Join us as we share the wisdom of Linda Sorkin, a Marriage and Family Therapist. She will graciously share the secrets behind her superpowers as a loving mom, trusted friend, caring sister, devoted wife, and successful businesswoman. Prepare to have your burning questions answered and receive valuable advice, both from a mother-daughter perspective and through the lens of psychology, addressing the challenges faced in our twenties. HOW YOU&#39;LL GROW? In this episode, you&#39;ll learn about attachment styles and how they impact dating. Whether you are a parent already or aspire to become one, we will provide guidance on creating a nurturing and accepting space where your child can embrace their true selves and confide in you without hesitation. We&#39;ll also reveal the secrets of effective communi
17/05/20231 hour 39 minutes 45 seconds
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Regardless, I Am My Truth: How To Cultivate A Mindful, Intentional, and Authentic Life With or Without Alcohol

Welcome to the recording of my very first in-person event, REGARDLESS IN REAL TIME. In this episode we sit down with guest speakers, Evan Quinn and Cygne Cooper, who are the Founders of Hiyo: famously known as the &quot;better than alcohol alternative&quot; - a mindful social tonic crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals for elevated mood and empowerment.  WHAT YOU&#39;LL LEARN? Evan and Cygne share how they have created a lifestyle and brand that encourages balance, authenticity, and wellness, REGARDLESS of party culture, binge drinking, and navigating through today’s over-indulgent world. You&#39;ll leave this episode understanding how to prioritize balan
08/05/20231 hour 6 minutes 19 seconds
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Regardless, I Am Triumphant - How To Turn Trauma Into Your Superpower

In this episode, we sit down with Christa Janine, an Alo Yoga and POPSUGAR Wellness yoga teacher, as well as the creator of Trauma to Triumph, a powerful 12-week program designed to help people heal from past trauma and take back control of their lives. As a minority in the wellness industry, Christa shares her experiences as an influencer and offers valuable insights into trauma healing, spirituality, and dating. HOW YOU&#39;LL GROW? Christa shares how she has built a massive following through her impactful work. She delves into the definition of trauma, and how she has overcome past wounds and released mental blocks. Christa emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our past traumas and beliefs that no longer serve us and offers activities such as yoga and spirituality to
25/04/202346 minutes 48 seconds
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Regardless, I Am Confident: Confidence & Progress 101 with David Meltzer

GOT CONFIDENCE? In this episode, we get to hang out with a very special guest, David Meltzer, the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and host of entrepreneur&#39;s podcast, &quot;The Playbook&quot;, a top 100 business coach, global public speaker, and three-time international best-selling author who has been honored by Variety as “Sports Humanitarian of the Year”. WHAT YOU&#39;LL LEARN? In just 20 minutes, David shares with us what confidence means, how to train your confidence muscle, and how to access confidence when you need it the most. You&#39;ll leave this episode also understanding the TRUE definition of progress and success, as
06/04/202320 minutes 37 seconds
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Regardless, I Am Whole: How To Find & Nourish Friendships That Are Equal, Authentic, and Supportive

Let&#39;s talk about friendships. In this episode, we have a heart-to-heart with one of my closest friends Lindsay Rae, a lifestyle and wellness content creator, famous for her day-in-the-life Youtube in which she candidly opens up about topics ranging from her latest obsessions to deep topics about life, health, and relationships. Lindsay and I get real about our past experiences with challenging friendships and how we went from feeling depleted, unmatched, and drained by friends to now discovering &amp; nourishing friendships that charge and support us regardless of our highs or lows. WHAT YOU&#39;LL LEARN? You&#39;ll leave this episode with an understanding of how to cultivate these types of juicy friendships, and relationships, especially living i
20/03/20231 hour 8 minutes 1 second
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Regardless, I Show Up: How to Make the Love for Fitness Second Nature and How Movement Can Positively Impact Your Life Inside & Outside the Gym

Let's bridge the gap between the physical and emotional. In today's episode, we get real about the power movement and why it is not only game-changing to the physical body but also a mental level up. Today's superhuman is Emily Eckstein, who is Emily is an Austin-based certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, mindset coach, as well as the Founder of Fit Food Junkies, “Addicted to Health”.&nbsp; How you will grow today? REGARDLESS of what you have on your plate, movement can improve your mindset in and outside of the gym.You'll leave this episode feeling inspired to move, understand how to uncover your why, and learn how you can move in ways that feel the most energizing for YOUR body&nbsp; Want to embody all of these learnings? Head to @regardlessthepod on IG for this episode's SYLLABUS STEPS.&nbsp; Superhuman: Emily Eckstein&nbsp; Instagram | Podc
24/02/202350 minutes 40 seconds
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Regardless, I'm Capable of Being Happy - Your 2023 Happiness 101 Class

It’s 2023! Let’s start the new year strong with our very own Happiness 101 class with the one and only Dr. Laurie Santos, a Yale Professor, TED speaker, and the Podcast Host of one of the top mental health podcasts in the world - The Happiness Lab. Based on the psychology course Dr.Santos teaches at Yale — the most popular class in the university’s 300-year history — The Happiness Lab will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness. Today, Dr.Santos is taking her top class from Yale and is bringing it to us here on REGARDLESS. Dr. Laurie Santos shares her favorite "happiness hacks" that we can incorporate into our lives, boosting our happiness levels in less than two weeks. You’ll leave this episode knowing how to alter and engineer the way you think in order to make your life easier and more enjoyable including self-comparison shifts on social media, increasing po
02/01/202336 minutes 49 seconds
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Regardless, I'm Worthy: How Men Can Feel Open & Empowered To Be Themselves Wholeheartedly In a World Full of “Toxic Masculinity," The Me Too Movement, and Unrealistic Expectations

Men, this episode is for YOU. As a twenty-something male, you face pressures and expectations that women may not fully experience, and we see you. In SZN 2, EP 3, we get real with Paul Simard, the executive Coordinator and small-group facilitator of Sacred Sons, an organization that helps men grow and awaken to their true power and purpose; ultimately catalyzing healthy masculinity. Paul educates us on the negative impact of the word "toxic masculinity" and instead shares stories and heart-centered language that kick-starts empowerment and positive change for younger generations. We also discuss the repercussions of the patriarchy, the "me too" movement, and how these both have negatively impacted men as a whole. Men, you’ll leave this episode feeling open and inspired to pause and listen to the voice inside of you begging to be heard. And to my women, enough with the excessive "man hate;" you're contributing to the issue. I highly recommend you listen as we must have our men's backs
06/12/202250 minutes 12 seconds
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Regardless, I'm Going To Do Me - How To Unapologetically Make Decisions Aligned With Your Truest Self In a World Saturated by FOMO, Binge Drinking, and Party Culture

OH, FOMO, BINGE DRINKING, AND PARTY CULTURE! In this episode, we sit down with, Cory Camp, an ex-national swimmer turned life coach and founder of Forever Athlete Radio. Cory opens up about his journey throughout his early twenties from pro swimmer to navigating the adult world and how FOMO, binge drinking, and party culture, took control of his life steering wheel. Cory shares how he was able to get back in the driver's seat through sobriety, ultimately taking his life from 0-100. You'll leave this episode knowing how to pause, look internally, and make decisions that are in alignment with your truest self REGARDLESS of pure pressure, what's "normal" as a twenty-something-year-old, and judgment from others.
23/11/202250 minutes 57 seconds
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Part B: Regardless, I'm a High Achiever - How To Pivot Perfectionism Into Acceptance, Slow Down to Build Sustainable Momentum, and the Importance of Disengaging With Systems & Structures That Trigger Perfectionism

Are you a high-achiever? Do you suffer from perfectionism? If yes, this episode is for you my friend. In this part B convo with my life coach, Sage Miller, we deep dive into what it's like to be a high achiever and how we can start to slow the breaks on always being "Mr. or Mrs. Perfect." You'll leave this episode understanding the steps you can take to create balance, acceptance, and most importantly, sustainable momentum. Lastly, regardless of the systems and structures that trigger perfectionism, you'll learn how to subscribe to the things that protect your peace and champion your future-self.
11/11/202236 minutes 34 seconds
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Part A: Regardless, I'm Guided - The Four Transformative Things I Learned From My Life Coach

Curious about what it's like to have a life coach? In this part A episode, you'll get front-row seats at a quick yet juicy and rich conversation with my personal life coach, Sage Miller. Sage and I reflect on the top four transformative things I learned throughout our 11 weeks together that have helped me level up in every area of my life - spiritual, social, career, and love. This episode is $$$$!!
27/10/202233 minutes 41 seconds
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Regardless, I'm Worth It - How To Be Vulnerable, Spot Your Green & Red Flags, Know What You Want, and Become The Person You Want To Attract

This episode is sponsored by Magic Mind, the world's first productivity drink. Use code REGARDLESS20 to get 40% off your first subscription or 20% off your first one time purchase. My 40% off code only lasts 10 days, so hurry up. Let's talk LOVE with relationship coach, Isabel Campanelli, who is the Founder of Throughline coaching and a specialist in self-love, intimacy, conscious communication, and conflict resolution. Isabel helps women and men attract real love, not just another date. Wow, am I ready for this. Isabel shares how we can be crystal clear on who we are, what we want, and the steps we can take to attract "the one". We cover the importance of values, vulnerability, honesty, as well as how to heal from post trauma trigger habits. Isabel and I discuss some of our thoughts on ghosting and how to handle avoidant attachment styles. You'll leave this episode fully knowing your red/green flags, non-negotiables, must-haves, nice-to-haves, and how to utilize this information
03/10/20221 hour 5 minutes 26 seconds
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Regardless, I'm Fearless - The Power of Climbing Your Own Ladder, Owning Your Mistakes, and How to "Get It Right" Rather Than "To Be Right"

This episode is sponsored by Magic Mind, the world's first productivity drink. Use code REGARDLESS20 to get 40% off your first subscription or 20% off your first one time purchase. My 40% off code only lasts 10 days, so hurry up. :) We sit down with the EVP and CMO of iHeart Media, Gayle Troberman! Gayle is THE definition of a marketing innovator and visionary. Prior to iHeartMedia and IPG Mediabrands; Gayle was the one of the first female leaders and Chief Creative Officer at Microsoft, where she helped launch the Internet's first startups. REGARDLESS of being a woman AND gay, Gayle shares how she was able to build her network and climb her own ladder in order to get to where she is today. You'll leave this episode understanding the power of climbing your own ladder in the working world, owning your mistakes, and how to "get it right" rather than “to be right." IS THIS EPS FOR ME? This is for you if you're feeling overwhelmed by the corporate world / current job, unsure on how to
16/09/202247 minutes 52 seconds
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Regardless I’m Connected - How To Chanel Your Intuition, Trust The Universe, and Feel Supported

Wondering how you can begin your spiritual journey? Curious on how to strengthen your intuitive power? start manifesting and see results? Whether you're a newbie or a certified witch, this episode will allow you to unlock a set of tools, some of you never knew existed! In honor of all of our inner witches, we sit down with psychic medium, emotional & spiritual mentor, Natalia Ochoa! Natalia's mission is to to demystify spirituality and guide her clients towards your empowerment, intuition and self mastery. Natalia shares the power of intuition and how spirituality has been a support system regardless of doubtful times. Natalia also teaches us how to rely on our intuition to further strengthen our relationships, careers, decision-making, and overall wellbeing. You'll also leave this episode, understanding the holistic importance of a "zen zone" and how to curate one for yourself in order to tap into a "higher power" or a more "grounded state of being."
09/08/20221 hour 18 seconds
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Regardless, I'm Growing - How To Transition From Just Surviving To Thriving

Take a moment to reflect upon your typical weekday. Are you thriving or just merely surviving? Are you white-knuckling life, just barely getting by? Or do you feel joyful, ecstatic about your day, and energized by what's on your plate. In this episode, we sit down with women's leadership speaker, mindset expert, and founder of non-profit SheCAN, Peggy Sullivan, who inspires people to become the best versions of themselves. Peggy explains the difference between surviving versus thriving as well as the importance of understanding your values AND how we can embody these values in every area of our life. You'll leave this episode understanding what your values are, how to make time for the things that bring you the most joy, and how you can start to enter that "thriving zone."
26/07/202244 minutes 24 seconds
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Regardless: I'm Free - How To Manifest Food Freedom & An Abundant, Loving Relationship With Food

This episode is sponsored by The Five Minute Journal! Win a journal by following @fiveminutejournal, @regardlessthepod, and leave an apple review! x The topic of body image & food is a dynamic one, especially in today's world where a lot of information is left out of the content that we consume on social, whether it’s a "what I eat in a day” post, diet plans, or even just as simple as a picture. In this special episode, we sit down with food freedom, intuitive eating coach, and author, Sloane Elizabeth. Sloane and I get real about the affects of social media and how it can get in the way of us honoring our bodies & fueling ourselves with nutrition, instead of feeling ashamed about eating and being "hyper focused" on the external resulting in comparing our bodies to others. Sloane shares shares her definition of intuitive eating and how to manifest food freedom that is unique to YOUR body. You'll leave this episode feeling supported and understanding how to cultivate a healthy, free
06/07/202256 minutes 58 seconds
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Regardless: I'm Happier and Healthier - How Cutting Down or Eliminating Alcohol Could Lead You To Reaching Your Fullest Potential

'Regardless15' is now live for 15% off everything site-wide at!! Let's talk about binge drinking. We've all experienced waking up the next morning feeling like we've taken at least 10+ steps backwards, we're quite literally drowning in emotions of depression and anxiety, and are questioning why we even drank so much the night before. Was it really worth it?! As we all know, alcohol holds a HUGE presence in our twenties. A lot of us do depend on alcohol to "quickly fix" our problems or to escape reality. Unfortunately, it's common for alcohol to take the steering wheel of our weekends and the "Sunday Scaries" to bleed into our weeks. So let's be honest with ourselves, alcohol could be preventing us from living to our fullest potential. In this EP, we sit down with George Youmans, the Co-Founder & CRO of Hiyo, a leading better-than-alcohol alternative. George shares his sobriety journey, his past relationship with alcohol (from reformed frat star to successful CEO) and
17/06/202246 minutes 1 second
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Regardless I'm Supported: The Importance of Mentorship and How to Get Started

Did you know that “mentees are promoted five times more often than those without mentors?” and “mentors themselves are six times more likely to be promoted?” These stats demonstrate the importance of mentorship in your professional and personal life. We sit down with former professional tennis player turned entrepreneur, the CEO of NEOU, Nathan Forster. NEOU is the leading platform in digitized fitness, and has been crowned by the New York Times as "The Amazon of Fitness.” In EP 12, Nathan shares why mentorship has had such a tremendous impact on his professional success a well as overall self-growth. You’ll leave this episode knowing how to find a  mentor, what kind of “mentor qualities” to look for, how to ask for mentorship, as well as the importance of having your personal board of mentors (multiple types of mentors for every area in your life). We also discuss the importance of values and the internal process of making a decision - wrong versus right.
06/06/202232 minutes 59 seconds
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Regardless: I’m Bliss - Protecting Your Energy Amidst The Chaos

CODE: REGARDLESS - 10% off Elavi for Regardless listeners! In honor of mercury being in retrograde and full moon in Scorpio, we chat ENERGY with Michelle Razavi, the CEO of ELAVI, an Elevated Nutrition company, famous for their collagen boosted bars and superfood nut butters! As we all know, there are so many moving pieces in our twenties, from juggling a full-time job and side hustles to maintaining a flourishing social and romantic life, to budgeting and somehow prioritizing our health. SO yeah, it can be extremely overwhelming to consider curating a sustainable self-care routine that makes sense with our busy schedules. And what does protecting our energy even mean? In this episode, Michelle shares the importance of protecting our energy amidst all the chaos, whether it’s in our professional, social, or even in our romantic lives. We learn how to design an energizing self-care routine, create healthy boundaries with our peers and loved ones, and how to prioritize our energy over
16/05/202251 minutes 3 seconds
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Regardless, I’m Thriving - Loving Yourself Despite Sexual Abuse and a Traumatic Upbringing

In this special episode, we get deep with artist, yogi, meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and content creator, Miki Ash! Miki is the “feel good” guru and enlightens her following on how to make our well-being a priority. Miki is also the founder of “The How,” an application that provides specific tools & practices to uplift and empower us. In EP10, Miki opens up about what it was like for her to grow up in a broken home and how that translated into her romantic relationships, friendships; ultimately dictating her self-worth. We also discuss Miki's traumatic experience that happened to her in her early twenties during her time abroad. Miki was roofied and sexually abused by a stranger. Regardless of the different traumatic experiences Miki faced, she found the power within herself to begin her healing journey, detach from the trauma, and instead rise above, and shine even brighter. Miki provides us with specific tools and resources that helped her to heal from growing up in a broken
28/04/202252 minutes 38 seconds
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Regardless: I Make It Happen - One Mistake At A Time

Did you know that the fear of failure is one of the most common biggest fears that hold people back from living their best life? You aren’t alone. In our twenties, I believe it’s even easier for us to fear failing or making mistakes because we're trapped in a self-comparison mode. I mean how can we not? We’re in the middle of growing into our own identity, discovering what type of career fuels our fire and so much more! So when we see someone else succeed, whether it’s one of our peers starting their successful biz in their twenties, or even coming across a Forbes under 30 articles, or browsing LinkedIn and seeing twenty-something entrepreneurs... overwhelming is an understatement. In EP9, we sit down with 23 year old, Sydney Karmes-Wainer, who is a self-starter, entrepreneur, and The Founder of French Squirrel, a French-inspired good-for-you snacking company. Sydney shares how she was able to jump into the deep end and learn how to swim. Sydney also provides insight on how she was
07/04/20221 hour 1 minute 20 seconds
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Regardless: I’m In Control - How to Stop Playing Victim, Take Control of Your Reality and Manifest Everything You Desire

Why does this always happen to me?! Does this phrase sound familiar to you? Regardless of when shit hits the fan and when situations don’t go the way we would like them to, we actually have the choice AND power to get honest with ourselves, step out of victim mode, take ownership, and flip our mindset. Our internal chatter truly reflects our external reality. In episode 8, we have a heart-to-heart with holistic health nutritionist, podcaster, content creator, and your wellness big sis, Rebecca Leigh. Rebecca shares her journey of how she was able to shit her mindset in order to start owning her own reality regardless of the things that come her way. Regardless of her external world, she's in control. Regardless of whether or not she is in the position she wants to be in, she has discovered that she is in control and has the power to change her own mindset in order to start manifesting everything she desires. Rebecca also discusses the 5 ways we can start improving the relationship wi
25/03/202253 minutes 43 seconds
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Regardless: I’m Unapologetically Me - How to Stay True to Yourself and Find Freedom Despite Judgement

Are you unapologetically yourself? Are you living your life as your true self or are you controlled by your ego? In this episode, we sit down with 28 year old, Jake Karls, the modern-day Willy Wonka, Co-Founder, and Rainmaker of Mid-Day Squares. Jake talks about the path he took in order to drop his ego wall and step into a space of being unapologetically himself despite judgment. Jake’s aha moment has allowed him to find confidence, personal freedom, and an abundance of success in his career as well as his relationships! Listen to learn how you can start to embrace the true YOU regardless of limitations such as judgment, ego, and societal pressure!
24/02/202241 minutes
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Regardless: I'm Powerful - Discovering Intuitive Eating in the Midst Of Diet Culture, Social Media, and Self-Comparison

In this episode, we have a heart-to-heart with holistic health coach & influencer, Autumn Clayman. Autumn is the woman behind She’s Plant Based, a health and wellness blog that has blown up via Instagram and TikTok for empowering women to embrace their inner & outer beauty through nutrition, self-love, and personal discovery. Autumn shares her journey of how she was able to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and learn how to love her body despite diet culture, social media, and the comparison trap. We break down touchy subjects such as “what I eat in a day” posts, the social media scale, as well as the importance of intuitive eating, and what it means to LOVE your body unconditionally.
08/02/202259 minutes 3 seconds
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Regardless: I'm Resilient - Confronting Your Fear of Failure and Paving Your Own Path

Did you know that one of the top 10 fears is the fear of failure? In this episode, we sit down with influencer, creative professional, and the CEO of Styled By Kara, Kara Pearson who shares her experience confronting her fear of failure and rising above limiting beliefs, self-comparison, and societal norms. You’ll hear Kara’s perspective of what it was like deciding to drop out of college and instead pursue a career route that was most in alignment with her dreams.
28/01/202259 minutes 50 seconds
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Regardless: I'm Fearless - How to Achieve What You Want in 2022

In celebration of the New Year, we deep dive with speaker, podcaster, and social media influencer, Alexa Curtis about how to step into 2022 with a fearless mindset. Alexa and I discuss everything from the 5 secrets to being fearless to hustle culture and what it means to have a healthy relationship with social media to get out of self-comparison mode. You'll learn how to successfully set intentions and goals that are truly sustainable as well as how to uncover your truest passions in order to get everything you want in the new year. Who's ready to level up this year?
04/01/202249 minutes 15 seconds
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Regardless: I’m Unstoppable - How to Cope Through Personal Adversities, Challenges, or Trauma and How to Be There for a Friend Through Tough Times

Motivational speaker, author, coach, and mentor, Dr. Dan Diamond shares his experience directing the Medical Triage Unit in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina and how this experience has impacted his view on the various ways people cope with trauma. We discuss how twenty-something-year-olds can learn from these stories in order for us to successfully cope with our own adversities as well as how to be there for our friends through tough times.
21/12/202159 minutes 8 seconds
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Regardless: It's What I Want - How to Go After What You Want In The Midst of Ghosting, Dating Apps, Red Flags & Quality Lists

Happy happy cuffing season! Time to dive into DATING, which we all know can be the wild wild west in our 20’s. Meet dating & relationship coach, Melanie Torres, who helps individuals confidently navigate the online dating scene and heals clients from past relationships in order to transform their current dating lives. In this second episode, Melanie shares her personal dating experiences and ultimately how she was able to step into her power and claim what she wanted from a relationship, zero guilts given. We also discuss how to navigate the ins and outs of dating in our 20’s, including ghosting, dating apps, red flags, and, quality lists. Who’s ready?
07/12/20211 hour 4 minutes 8 seconds
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Regardless: I'm Aligned - How to Take Control of Your Work Life, Start a Business, and, Navigate the Ups & Downs

Finding and pursuing your dream job is complicated - especially in our 20's when we feel pressure to make money right out of the gate. That's why entrepreneurship can be scary. In this very first episode, we get to chat with superhuman & co-founder of Awaken Agency, Sage Miller, who explains her journey from ending college to embracing the real (corporate) world. Sage shares how she was able to navigate the ups & downs of stepping outside her comfort zone in order to follow her dreams of starting a business, from scratch, at just 26 years old.
03/11/202144 minutes 51 seconds
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Welcome to Regardless: You've Got This

A huge warm welcome to Regardless: You've Got This! This episode is a quick 15 min introduction. You will learn what this podcast will be about & what you can expect to gain from tuning into each episode. Lastly, you'll get to know a little bit more about me, your host, who I am & what brought me here.
03/11/202114 minutes 13 seconds