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English, Football, 2 seasons, 62 episodes, 1 day 16 hours 3 minutes
RefCoach Podcasts is the official feed of RefCoach. Here you can find all the episodes of My Life On The Line and The Coaching Corner.My Life on the Line is a podcast about referees made by referees for anyone interested in football (soccer). Ale & Jack interview guests from all over the world and any level of experience to share their stories, anecdotes and advice for all referees. My Life on the Line aims to be an educational podcast with a humorous twist to educate about refereeing and humanise the figure of a referee, showing the men and women behind whistles and flags.The Coaching Corner is a coaching podcast for referees. In these short 15 minutes episodes, Ale & Jack discuss referee related topics, giving tips and insights for referees to apply in their games.
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My Life Understanding Referee Psychology with Stuart Carrington | My Life On The Line

Our guest today is Stuart Carrington. Stuart is a lecturer in the UK and he’s the author of ‘Blowing the whistle: The Psychology of Football Refereeing’, a book about match officials that covered all aspects of the psychology of football refereeing. He recently featured in UEFA’s mini-series about European referees, Man In The Middle, talking about his findings.Stuart is a curious and passionate football fan. He talked to us about his research, which affects referees' performance and what are some ways we can improve our performance overall. See for privacy information.
09/02/202158 minutes 13 seconds
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My Life Intro | My Life On The Line

Ale, Jack & Benji get together (virtually due to COVID restrictions) to introduce My Life on the Line and talk about how they met, how Refcoach started and the goals they have for the Refcoach community, the podcast and much more. See for privacy information.
23/05/202022 minutes 8 seconds