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Red Line

English, National/National politics/National assembly, 1 seasons, 6 episodes, 3 hours 26 minutes
Can we walk the thin line between what some see as an evil empire and others as our greatest economic opportunity? A four-part series investigating China's growing influence in New Zealand.
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Guest Podcast: China, If You're Listening

If you liked Red Line, you'll also enjoy China, If You're Listening from Australia's public broadcaster, the ABC. Hosted by Matt Bevan it looks at how Australia's relationship with China has gone from warm and friendly to the verge of collapse.
08/07/202133 minutes 46 seconds
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Red Line: Episode Four

As China becomes more assertive, human rights abuses are exposed and evidence grows of our politicians being played, where should New Zealand draw the line?
04/07/202144 minutes 45 seconds
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Red Line: Episode Three

The Chinese Government has a propaganda super ministry. But how much influence does it have in New Zealand? And is development money from the CCP an opportunity or economic 'invasion'?
01/07/202144 minutes 28 seconds
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Red Line: Episode Two

Two dissidents die in a car crash. China expert Anne-Marie Brady reports break-ins at her house and office. A US National Security Advisor warns that Beijing wants "servitude". Should we be worried about the Chinese Communist Party? Or are we being paranoid?
29/06/202137 minutes 26 seconds
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Red Line: Episode One

Two Chinese New Zealanders are killed in a car crash while on a mission to warn of the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party. So exactly what is China up to in New Zealand?
27/06/202143 minutes 26 seconds
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Introducing: Red Line

Are we paranoid? Or is the Chinese Communist Party out to get us? Guyon Espiner and John Daniell investigate China's growing influence in New Zealand in this four-part podcast series.
18/06/20213 minutes 6 seconds