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English, Finance, 10 seasons, 35 episodes, 18 hours, 28 minutes
Recruitment Tech Podcasts EN are English-language podcasts about recruitment technology. Stay informed via
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Full interview: Inside Poetry: Adam Gordon's vision for a recruiter enablement workspace

Amidst a vast number of start-ups at the 2023 Unleash Conference in Paris, a familiar face graced the scene: Adam Gordon with his newest venture: Poetry, a brand-new recruiter enablement workspace. In an exclusive interview, we unravel Gordon’s journey, from the inception of Candidate ID to the birth of Poetry.
12/31/202316 minutes, 35 seconds
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Belén Hein (Neurolytics): ‘We focus on finding the right environment for individuals’

Neurolytics has made a name for itself by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to match candidates with the right corporate culture and environment. In an in-depth interview, Belén Hein elaborates on the company's use of predictive models based on video analysis, a stark contrast to the language models used by other AI technologies like OpenAI.
11/21/202313 minutes, 1 second
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Martyn Redstone (pplbots): ‘Having a conversation with a machine is the essential skill for recruiters in the future’

Martyn Redstone, an AI and recruitment expert, is set to reveal his insights at the Recruitment Tech Event (RTE) on November 2nd. In this podcast interview, he explores the transformative power of conversational AI in Talent Acquisition. 
9/11/202324 minutes, 38 seconds
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How Kim and Gordon Lokenberg will bring the magic to sourcing with TalentSourcery

TalentSourcery is an automated web app and API tool for talent sourcing that enables users to copy talent data in real-time from websites such as LinkedIn. “It’s sourcing with a little bit of magic”, Kim and Gordon Lokenberg say.
8/15/20235 minutes, 24 seconds
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Short interview with Hung Lee: ‘There isn’t a recruitment technology company that isn’t building an AI component’

AI isn’t just a trend, it has completely reset the board in how we speak about technology, according to Recruiting Brainfood’s Hung Lee. ‘I’ve never seen people who build recruitment technology as excited as they are right now’, he says in a short interview.
8/7/20235 minutes, 38 seconds
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Felix Kaden (mamgo): ‘Our solution is the next step of multi-posting’

Germany-based start-up mamgo describes itself as not the fifth wheel on the wagon, but a recruiter’s new autopilot. Recruitment Tech’s Martijn Hemminga caught up with Felix Kaden, mamgo’s sales manager for a podcast interview at the TNW conference 2023.
7/3/20238 minutes, 26 seconds
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Kerstin Wagner (Deutsche Bahn): ‘Technology improves the candidate experience’

Deutsche Bahn believes that technology is important when improving the candidate experience. Focusing more on tracking systems is key to attracting potential employees. Recruitment Tech interviewed Kerstin Wagner, manager of talent acquisition at Deutsche Bahn, at the UNLEASH World conference in Paris about why technology suits a wide variety of roles.
12/14/20227 minutes, 22 seconds
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Short interview with Gerald Morgan (Data Migrator): ‘Switching recruitment systems is not just about importing a CSV file’

Switching recruitment systems can seem like a daunting task, but Gerald Morgan has made it his life’s work to ensure they’re as seamless as possible with Data Migrator. Recruitment Tech’s Martijn Hemminga caught up with him for a short interview at RecFest.
9/27/20227 minutes, 1 second
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Short interview with George LaRocque (WorkTech)

With WorkTech, George LaRocque has been on the forefront of analysing and advising on the exploding market of work technology. ‘COVID is not a creator of work tech trends, it’s an accelerator’, he told Recruitment Tech's Martijn Hemminga in an exclusive interview.
9/8/20229 minutes, 48 seconds