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English, Personal stories, 1 season, 25 episodes, 18 hours, 5 minutes
Media chaplain and broadcaster Rev Frank Ritchie sits down with top New Zealand journalists to unpack that one story that most impacted them, personally and professionally. Made by Media Chaplaincy New Zealand.
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24 Cameron Bennett | The New Zealand Wars

After decades as one of the country’s best-known journalists, Cameron Bennett took on a unique new challenge: to educate the nation on the New Zealand Wars and help tell Māori stories.
5/16/202347 minutes, 10 seconds
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23 Anna Burns-Francis | The Right to Work

As fast-food workers suffered under the indignity of zero-hour contracts, Anna Burns-Francis stepped up to tell their stories. Her tireless reporting forced corporations to put employee welfare over greed.
5/9/202344 minutes, 53 seconds
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22 Simon Wilson | The Cancer Diaries

A shock diagnosis forced Simon Wilson to come to terms with his own mortality. Rather than let it derail his work, the veteran journalist made the bold call to bring readers along on each step of his gruelling cancer journey.
5/2/202342 minutes, 11 seconds
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21 Anusha Bradley A Breach of Privacy

As stories tumbled out about ACC's handling of sensitive client data, Anusha Bradley was there holding the agency to account. Her award-winning coverage prompted an independent review, policy changes and legal reform.
4/25/202340 minutes, 56 seconds
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20 Michael Morrah I The Heavy Toll of War

Plunged into lawless South Sudan in 2017, Michael Morrah overcame danger and personal trauma to report on the brutal realities of life in the wartorn nation.
4/17/202351 minutes, 47 seconds
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19 Olivia Shivas | Cruelty in Care

A wheelchair user all her life, Olivia Shivas’ coverage on people with disabilities suffering horrific abuse in care hit uncomfortably close to home. Her courageous reporting would help expose injustice and give survivors a voice.
4/11/202336 minutes, 43 seconds
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18 Justin Latif | Occupying Ihumātao

Long before it made national headlines, Justin Latif faced an uphill battle to convince his bosses the occupation of Ihumātao was worth covering. The ensuing reportage opened up a national conversation about identity, land ownership and Māori rights.
4/4/202347 minutes, 19 seconds
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17 Barbara Dreaver | Measles Outbreak in Samoa

During the 2019 measles outbreak in Samoa Barbara Dreaver reported on an ill-equipped healthcare system, complex tensions between traditional and western medicine, and the tragic and preventable loss of life.
3/28/202349 minutes, 3 seconds
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16 Susie Ferguson | Stepping into the Unthinkable

Through the telling of one couple’s devastating story, Susie Ferguson lifted the lid on the grief suffered by the hundreds of Kiwi families who lose a baby each year. The veteran broadcaster reflects on helping break NZ’s final taboo.
8/30/202249 minutes, 46 seconds
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15 Moana Maniapoto & Hikurangi Jackson | Ganglands

Disheartened by one-dimensional coverage of gangs in Pākehā media, Moana Maniapoto and Hikurangi Jackson set about delving into the issue themselves. The Whakaata Māori mother-son duo’s empathetic coverage captured the complexity and humanity of Aotearoa’s gang landscape.
8/23/202244 minutes, 32 seconds
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14 Barry Soper | Breakfast with Mandela

Having joined the press gallery as its youngest member in 1980, Barry Soper is set to depart this year one of its veterans. Four decades and ten Prime Ministers on, he reflects on his career-shaping encounters with Nelson Mandela and his years holding power to account.
8/16/202240 minutes, 37 seconds
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13 Mike McRoberts | On the Frontline in Gaza

As missiles rained down on Gaza in 2014, Mike McRoberts lobbied his 3 News bosses to get him to the frontline. The trauma of witnessing destruction on such an enormous scale stayed with him and shaped how he responds to tragedy.
8/9/202251 minutes, 14 seconds
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12 Mihingarangi Forbes & Annabelle Lee-Mather | A Question of Trust

An expose into Te Kohanga Reo Trust by Mihingarangi Forbes and Annabelle Lee-Mather led to their acrimonious exit from Māori Television. The duo bounced back to form an award-winning media company bringing indigenous storytelling to mainstream audiences.
8/2/202253 minutes, 49 seconds
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11 Garth Bray | Chasing Hone in Alice Springs

A surprise phone call handed Garth Bray a huge scoop as media scrambled to find a runaway Hone Harawira in Australia. His journey to Alice Springs and the fallout back home turned the spotlight on indigenous discrimination.
7/26/202245 minutes, 11 seconds
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10 Carmen Parahi | Our day of reckoning

Dismayed by how Māori were being portrayed in the media, Carmen Parahi nearly gave up on journalism for good. Instead, she channelled her frustration into a game-changing re-examination of indigenous news coverage.
7/19/202246 minutes, 38 seconds
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09 Rachel Smalley | A patch in the Beqaa Valley

When covering the Syrian refugee crisis, Rachel Smalley translated overwhelming statistics of tragedy into stories of living, breathing people. Years later, Rachel still carries the grief of what she witnessed.
7/12/202256 minutes, 14 seconds
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08 Alison Mau | New Zealand’s #metoo reckoning

When Alison Mau launched a nationwide project to support victims of workplace sexual abuse and harassment in sharing their stories, critics wondered if the results would even be newsworthy.
3/9/202251 minutes, 23 seconds
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07 Patrick Gower | The price of a miracle

Cystic fibrosis is a death sentence for those who suffer with it. Encountering their experience, and the miracle drug that’s just out of reach, changed Paddy Gower.
2/23/202237 minutes, 18 seconds
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06 Jared Savage | The tragedy of Marie Harlick

What started out as a seemingly straightforward but tragic homicide story for investigative journalist Jared Savage turned into a heart-breaking exposé that changed his reporting and view of the world.
9/1/202143 minutes, 19 seconds
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05 Miriama Kamo | Abuse in care

In the 1960s and 70s, children as young as eight were placed in Porirua Psychiatric Hospital alongside the most mentally unwell adults. In 2005, Miriama Kamo told their story of startling abuse.
8/18/202148 minutes, 15 seconds
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04 Jehan Casinader | How Harry was let down by our mental health system

As Jehan Casinader reported on the tragic suicide of a Christchurch teenager, Jehan’s own mental health was privately crumbling as he’d recently begun experiencing suicidal thoughts.
8/4/202144 minutes, 20 seconds
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03 Guyon Espiner | Auckland Women’s Prison

When breaking the news of horrific treatment of prisoners at Auckland Women’s Prison, Guyon Espiner came face to face with a deeper story, of personal and cultural trauma.
7/21/202133 minutes, 49 seconds
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02 Joy Reid | The Christchurch Quake

Joy Reid nearly gave up journalism while struggling with PTSD after covering the Christchurch earthquakes, but went on to her dream role as the Europe correspondent for TVNZ.
7/8/202142 minutes, 8 seconds
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01 Paula Penfold | Genocide in Xinjiang

Veteran journalist Paula Penfold has chosen to discuss her most recent documentary, Deleted, where Paula and her team at Stuff Circuit investigated the persecution of the Uyghur peoples in China.
6/23/202135 minutes, 56 seconds
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There's always more to a news story than what you see, so throughout this series, Rev Frank Ritchie will be sitting down with journalists to unpack the stories that have shaped and changed them. Follow now, and share this podcast with your news junkie friends!
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