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Welcome to Rebel Rose Radio?, a multidimensional sanctuary where we explore the depths of ancient feminine arts and wisdom, womb based business, leadership, creativity and intentional living. Rebel Rose Radio is the podcast where we unearth ancient feminine ways of living, leading & creating to be integrated into your life as a modern day woman and womb holder. These conversations will serve as bridges between esoteric teachings, principles & frameworks and the practicalities that are necessary to fulfill your life’s work on this earth. Let’s dive in, shall we??
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#19 Kicked Off Instagram Pt. 1

‘If it's not created from pure, God Led, Womb Led, Heart Led Intention and won't last.' Since I last spoke to you, my Instagram account @iamginafrances has gotten the boot. Today I drop in with you to share what happened in the lead up, how I processed it & where we're going next🌹 As I rebirth this brand, Rebel Rose Temple, it would be a HUGE support if you join our community on Instagram @rebelrosetemple This is where all of my content will be focused on social media, while I explore ways for us to stay connected off of IG. Keep your eyes & ears open for a Private Telegram Channel & Substack coming in the next couple of months. 🌹Connect with Gina & Rebel Rose Temple Here 🌹Receive the Moonthly Museletter; Rich and meaningful love letters once per month straight to your sacred inbox, from my womb to yours.
9/29/202347 minutes, 3 seconds
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Sensual Awakening & Creative Expression with Sonia Bavistock

Today we enter the Creativity Cocoon, as Sonia Bavistock, Women's Business and Personal Transformation Mentor, joins us for an absolutely beautiful conversation to share her story of her sensual awakening and connection her womanhood & radiance, her multidimensional journey through business and the 10 year evolution she has danced through as a creative entrepreneur. This episode is real, raw, honest, activating, inspiring, educating and I just adore Sonia’s expression in this world and know that she has medicine for all of you here to receive. Sonia Bavistock is a business and personal transformation mentor, on a mission to help women all over the world remember their brilliance, activate who they truly are and live an audaciously full and beautiful life of their own making. We cover: ~What Sonia is a stand for in this world ~Sonia’s sensual awakening and the connection to her womanhood & the recent radiance project she’s been on (so inspiring!!) ~Why the WOMAN behind the business is the most important aspect of your work ~How to transition through the many seasons of your creative work & business identities ~Integrating and loving past iterations of you vs rejecting them; Reinvention vs Rejection ~The expression of your heart & truth through social media ~The power & sheer importance of storytelling ~Golden nuggets to support you in your authentic expression on social media that reaches the heart’s of your community ~How Sonia view’s her IG feed vs stories; very beautiful ~Reels, carousels, stories…the intention & best use for all of them, according to Sonia’s genius ~Powerful questions to ask yourself if you are in a creative lull and things feel flat…OR you have so many creative ideas you don’t know what to do with them all! Visit Sonia's Website: Hang with Sonia on Instagram: ~~ Connect with Gina on Instagram: Apply to work 1:1 with Gina Here:
5/5/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 35 seconds
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Effort vs Force, Intimacy, Belonging & the Creative Process

Welcome back into Rebel Rose Radio🌹 In today's episode I share a candid conversation as I have just left the US and relocated back to the stunning Southwest, WA. Mid episode, my mic broke, which inspired a really potent conversation around persisting through life's challenges and the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Enjoy this one my loves, it is packed with many golden nuggets, powerful questions to ask yourself & contemplate, and some laughs along the way. What we explore in this episode: ~Life update & landing back in Australia ~The difference between effort & force ~De-glamorizing 'ease' ~My inner wound/belief of 'not belonging' and how this has showed up, and continues to show up, in my life ~Using alone time as a coping mechanism to avoid intimacy with others ~Discernment between something 'not being in flow' or 'misalgined' vs persisting through life's challenges ~You are the center point of everything; yes, you are the center point of your business, too! ~The deep work of entrepreneurship & the creative process ~A request for episode ideas & guests you'd love to see here! ~Dearmoring your heart/opening to intimacy __ Connect with Gina on Instagram: 1:1 Mentorship Applications are now open! Click the link below to apply to work 1:1 with Gina🕊
4/28/202340 minutes, 15 seconds
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Wealth Embodiment with Victoria Washington

Today we enter the temple as Victoria Washington, Creative Director, Marketing Mentor, Speaker, and Founder of The House of WE™, joins us for an activating, healing, confronting and expanding conversation around Money, Wealth and God🌹  'A crackle of sacred fire… A soothing balm for the financial soul… …where Victoria Washington goes, women prosper 🕊 Part money medicine-woman, part business wizard, & part straight-talking spiritual-best-friend to her over 16k Instagram followers, Victoria is at the helm of a financial revolution. After filing for bankruptcy in 2018, Victoria started her coaching business from scratch. Three years later, Victoria Washington, Inc. is a 7-figure/yr global brand that has supported over 3,000 women on the journey of financial liberation. Through her signature methodology, Wealth Embodiment Flow™ (WE Flow), women are guided through a series of postures, breath patterns & mantras that help them release financial trauma from their bodies and water the seeds of their most abundant realities 💧 Whether it’s brokering a 6-figure real estate deal, negotiating an increase in salary, signing a paid client for the first time, or simply opening the stack of bills she’s been avoiding, Victoria’s communities are ALIVE with women celebrating their financial milestones. Victoria’s teachings weave together somatic movement, business strategy, and channeled spiritual wisdom to support women - and in particular women of color - to step into new levels of financial empowerment.' We cover: -Victoria’s journey with her body from disassociated to deeply embodied and how that is impacted the trajectory of her wealth and business -Creating your wealth identity -De-humanizing money -Guess what? There is no resistance between you and money. -Your relationship with responsibility and how to create a more empowering dynamic -Want vs DesirE -Scarcity as a teacher vs something we need to get rid of -What it means to be corrected by God -Trying to multiply something that hasn't first been sustained -How Victoria views mainstream/general money and attraction teachings as a biracial Black woman -Liberating your lineage and breaking the chain at the root through wealth embodiment and developing your wealth identity Connect with Victoria on Instagram: House of Wealth Embodiment: ~~ Connect with Gina on Instagram: Apply to work 1:1 with Gina Here:
4/14/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 7 seconds
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My Walk with God

Welcome back into Rebel Rose Radio🌹Today’s episode is raw, intimate & personal as I unveil my journey and current walk with God and relationship to faith. I invite you to receive this episode with an open heart and open mind, take on what feels true in your body and leave the rest. I understand this could be a highly sensitive and triggering conversation, so I encourage you to please hold space for your own triggers and sensations that arise as you listen. I share my heart and truth with you at this point in my journey, and I note that this is an ever unfolding process that I am currently present and in the depths of, and my truth will evolve over time. Where I’m at now is imperfect, messy, raw and confusing most times and I ask for your love in the process. My prayer is that this episode serves your heart and soul. Feel free to reach out to me on @rebelroseradio or @iamginafrances on IG and share any reflections, insights or questions that you may have. I love you. We cover: -Opening prayer -Navigating the voices in your mind (which often are not your own) VS. your body’s innate knowing and truth -Attuning to the language of your body -How I came to meet God in a newly inspired and aligned way over the recent year in a mastermind with Victoria Washington -My religious upbringing in the Catholic Church and involvement in leadership roles in my community -How the church was my gateway to spirituality (even though I didn’t know it at the time) -My yogic path -The swing from one end of the spectrum (church/God) to the other end (yoga/new age spirituality) and the harmony I’ve currently found -The story of my cross tattoo on the back of my neck -I do not identify as ‘religious’ -From Self-Centered to GOD-Centered -My rock bottom (twice) in my relationship with my man that humbled me to my knees and brought me closer to God -My womb healing journey bringing me to Mary Magdalene & the Rose Lineage (PS I didn’t say this in the episode but the church has projected that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute; she was not, ‘she was a Priestess-Shaman and wisdom keeper for a lineage of female magicians & oracles and the birth-portal of Christ Consciousness’: Seren & Azra Bertrand) -How to Dearmour your Heart -My relationship to prayer -Being with your multidimensionality and surrendering to the gray in between space -Letting go of manifestation practices and surrendering into the loving arms of God -God’s plan is greater than my plan could ever be Connect with Gina on Instagram: Apply to work 1:1 with Gina Here:
4/7/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 6 seconds
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Awaken Your Eros with Jayde Alexandra

Welcome to the final episode of our International Women's Day Series where I will be interviewing some of the leading experts, mentors, facilitators, leaders and visionaries in the fields of business, prosperity, creativity, leadership, feminine wisdom and intentional living. Every Friday, Venus Day, in March a new episode will be released for you to immerse into and integrate into your life🌹 Today we enter the Temple space as Jayde Alexandra, founder of Temple of Eros, joins me for a juicy, lush and feminine deep dive that will help you to Awaken Your Eros. Jayde is the Founder of Temple of Eros, an Erotic Dance and Embodiment community igniting the untamed feminine through archetypal embodiment and erotic dance. Jayde weaves ancient teachings of archetypal wisdom and the medicine of erotic dance to ignite your feminine radiance and wild, untamed expression. We cover: -Jayde’s journey to coming home to her sensual body and feminine power -What is Eros? -Awakening eros within yourself (hint: it’s way more simple than you may think -Feminine energetics -The power of erotic dance -The core feminine archetypes that Jayde teaches and works with -How to activate these archetypes within yourself -How to start following your feminine current -Finding the depths of your healing in your LIBERATION vs your EXCAVATION Connect with Jayde on Instagram: Connect with Gina on Instagram: Apply to work 1:1 with Gina Here:
3/31/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 1 second
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Healing Trauma Through the Menstrual Cycle with Lindsay Flow with Your Flow

Welcome to episode 3 of our International Women's Day Series where I will be interviewing some of the leading experts, mentors, facilitators, leaders and visionaries in the fields of business, prosperity, creativity, leadership, feminine wisdom and intentional living. Every Friday, Venus Day, in March a new episode will be released for you to immerse into and integrate into your life🌹 Today we enter the healing portal of the temple as Lindsay Yeager from Flow with Your Flow and I have a powerful, perspective shifting & deep conversation about Healing Trauma Through the Menstrual Cycle. Lindsay Sara (she/her) is a trauma-informed Womb Healing Guide and certified fertility awareness method educator with her Masters in Social Work (MSW). She helps people connect to their womb and cycle to heal after trauma, avoid pregnancy naturally, plan a conscious conception, and live cyclically. Her work weaves modern science with ancient earth-based spirituality so that caring for our womb becomes second nature. We cover: -How Lindsay’s journey with yoga and her painful periods opened her up to her path of trauma healing and womb work -Spiritual/energetic meaning of Endometriosis -The 4 phase of the menstrual cycle -Menstrual cycle archetypes (one of my favorite things about the cycle!!!) and how you can work with these in your life to facilitate your healing -How Lindsay sees trauma manifest in each phase of the menstrual cycle -Healing trauma through the menstrual cycle -Using our menstrual cycle as a pathway to heal -How trauma can show up in each phase of the menstrual cycle -How aligning our healing journey to our menstrual cycle is usually the missing piece when healing trauma -What it looks like when you're not aligning your trauma healing journey with your menstrual cycle -For people who are not menstruating or having regular cycles, how does this healing process differ for them? How can they still attune to the cyclical wisdom? Connect with Lindsay: Apply to work with Lindsay 1:1 HERE Listen to the Wombspace podcast on Spotify Listen to the Wombspace podcast on Apple Follow Lindsay on Instagram TikTok ~~ Connect with Gina on Instagram HERE Apply to work 1:1 with Gina
3/17/202341 minutes, 8 seconds