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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 117 episodes, 3 days 4 hours 42 minutes
Conversations with amazing women whose journeys and experiences are fascinating, inspirational and educational.
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Heather Mitchell AM

Really Interesting Women - the PodcastEpisode 116    Heather Mitchell AMHeather Mitchell is one of this country’s most acclaimed actors. In a career lasting over 4 decades (and counting), she has been involved in film, theatre and television projects that we would all be familiar with no matter what era you call your own...the TV miniseries Bodyline, the fantasy teen drama Spellbinder, movies such as Proof, The Great Gatsby, Muriel’s Wedding, Palm Beach and countless theatre productions culminating most recently in the critically acclaimed, RBG: Of Many, One, where Heather, in an extraordinary performance, plays the former US Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg - one of nearly 30 characters she plays in the show. But if you think that working in a fickle industry for 40 plus years means she’s probably had an easy run...nothing could be further from the truth. The strength, determination and resilience required from H
06/12/202349 minutes 19 seconds
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Suzie Miller

Really Interesting Women - The PodcastEpisode 115      Suzie MillerSuzie Miller is this country’s most successful playwright.  Her recent play ‘Prima Facie’ has had sold out performances in Australia, London’s West End and New York’s Broadway and is now being produced in over 30 countries. Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer would have had the luxury of being able to choose any theatrical production to make her West End debut. She chose Prima Facie. The response has been phenomenal. It has earned Suzie the prestigious Olivier Award in London for Best New Play. Was it luck? Well, Suzie Miller’s ‘overnight success’ as some may put it, has been over 20 years and 40 plays in the making – and that’s not counting her legal career which has been a huge influence on her writing.  She initially studied science and, realising that was not going to be the career for her, went on to study law.  A short stint in corporate law
22/11/202330 minutes 9 seconds
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Nicole Livingstone OAM

Really Interesting Women - The PodcastEpisode 114Nicole Livingstone OAMNicole Livingstone was part of the Australian swimming team for twelve years - starting when she was in Grade 8!  She went to 3 successive Olympic Games winning a silver and 2 bronze medals. She was a short course world record holder in backstroke and, in fact, still holds the longest winning sequence in history of any Australian swimmer (male or female) at the national titles. Ten consecutive backstroke titles. More than enough achievements for one lifetime...but then she went on to a long and successful career in the media as a host and commentator and joined a number of not-for-profit boards including co-founding, with her sister, Ovarian Cancer Australia. And then another opportunity presented itself in 2017 and after an exhaustive process, she was announced as the Australian Football League's head of women's football and is now responsible for
13/11/202336 minutes 58 seconds
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Dr. Bronwyn Bancroft

Really Interesting Women - the PodcastEpisode 113.        Dr. Bronwyn BancroftDr Bronwyn Bancroft is a proud Bundjalung woman and a very successful artist. But the journey has been a long one and she's overcome hurdles that most of us can't imagine. Bronwyn's career has included both national and international exhibitions, and her work has been acquired by all major Australian galleries, state libraries and private collections.  She has also been a trailblazer in children’s literature having published over 40 books. In addition to this she has been a director of her own company, Designer Aboriginals since 1985 and, in 1987, was one of the first Australian fashion designers to be invited to exhibit their works in Paris. She has a long history of involvement in community activism and arts administration, and has served as a board member for the National Gallery of Australia. She has a Diploma of Visual Arts, 2 Masters de
25/10/202339 minutes 43 seconds
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Collette Dinnigan AO

Really Interesting Women - The podcast Episode 112    Collette Dinnigan AOCollette Dinnigan is one of the country’s most successful fashion designers. Her creations have been worn by the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Princess Mary, and the Duchess of Cambridge. She became the first Australian to mount a full-scale ready-to-wear collection in Paris and was subsequently invited to show on the prestigious Paris Fashion Week schedule. Collette has won Australian Designer of the Year, the Louis Vuitton Business Award and the Award for Excellence from Fashion Group International amongst many other accolades. She has even been a Special Guest Editor for Vogue Living’s ‘Italian’ issue. Her business was an international success and then, after 24 years, she closed her boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne and London, stopped producing her successful bridal and evening wear lines and, with a renewed sens
11/10/202330 minutes 50 seconds
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Danielle Laidley

Really Interesting Women Podcast Ep. 111      Danielle LaidleyDanielle Laidley had an illustrious career as an AFL player and in 1996 won a premiership with the North Melbourne Football Club. She subsequently became one of the youngest head coaches in the league’s history at the age of 36 and was then inducted into the club’s hall of fame. But her amazing career and life were never what they seemed on the surface. Danielle  faced a private and lifelong battle with gender dysphoria and that constant struggle with her identity led eventually to legal troubles and addiction issues...which, in other circumstances, may have led to her undertaking a private recovery. But in her case, it was all cruelly and publicly exposed without her consent or knowledge. And then came the incredible journey to recovery. I think it would be fair to say Danielle is the most prominent transgender person in the country. The opportunity to reveal who she really was was
27/09/202344 minutes 37 seconds
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Nikki Gemmell

Really Interesting WomenPodcast - Episode 110Nikki GemmellNikki Gemmell is an international best-selling author of over 20 books and a Walkley Award winning commentator and opinion writer for The Australian newspaper.  Her subject matter and distinctive writing style led to the French literary magazine Lire in 2007 including her in a list of what it called the fifty most important writers in the world – those it believed would have a significant influence on the literature of the 21st century. In fact, in France she has been described as a "female Jack Kerouac ". Four of her books (Shiver, Cleave, The Bride Stripped Bare and The Book of Rapture) made the longlist of "Favourite Australian Novels" as chosen by readers of the Australian Book Review.  But it was her best-known work in 2003, The Bride Stripped Bare, which became a world-wide publishing sensation...and then upended her universe. To
13/09/202331 minutes 10 seconds
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Caroline de Mori AM

Really Interesting Women - Podcast Episode 109Caroline de Mori AMThis is a great story of an extraordinary woman.Caroline was a journalist, ran a PR company and was a successful business woman who ran her own company with 4 of her own children. When that just wasn&apos;t a thing. She&apos;s a risk taker, a do-er and hates injustice. Her corporate role took her all over the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of WA and what she saw in the remote Aboriginal communities affected her it would for anyone seeing it. But unlike &apos;anyone&apos;...she decided to do something about it. In 2005, Caroline established the EON Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation to overcome chronic health issues in Indigenous communities in the most practical way – by helping them grow and prepare fresh fruit and vegetables. She recognised that the simplest way to provide fresh food particularly to remote communities was to grow it locally.<b
30/08/202333 minutes 45 seconds
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Marita Cheng AM

Podcast ep. 108Marita Cheng AMMarita is a former Young Australian of the Year. 11 Years on from that award her work improving the lives of others is quite extraordinary. Marita and her brother were raised by their single mother in housing commission in Cairns. She encouraged education and worked a number of jobs such as a hotel room cleaner and dishwasher to give them every opportunity she could afford.  Marita is the founder of Robogals and the founder and current CEO of Aubot, a start-up robotics company. She co-founded Aipoly, an app to assist blind people to recognise objects using their mobile phones and was named as one of the World&apos;s Top 50 women in Technology by Forbes in 2018 and was recognised on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2016. On 9 June 2019, Marita was appointed a member of the Order of Australia for significant service to science and technology, par
16/08/202336 minutes 53 seconds
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To describe Janine Kirk as a prominent business, education, health and community leader would be accurate...but doesn&apos;t do justice to her actual achievements and commitments. Our conversation will shed some light on this. Janine has a wealth of executive experience and has committed to giving back to the community through her work for not for profit and charitable organisations. In fact in 2021 she was awarded an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) for her leadership &amp; contribution to the N.F.P. sector She was the Founding Chief Executive of The Prince&apos;s Trust Australia and is currently Chair of several organisations including Phoenix Australia (the Australian Centre of Excellence for Post traumatic Mental Health); HousingFirst (an affordable and social housing association) and The Melbourne Prize Trust (provides financial and professional development opportunities to artists). Janine would list her passions as innovation, ideas,
02/08/202333 minutes 46 seconds
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Jean Oelwang

Podcast Episode 106Really Interesting Women - Jean OelwangJean Oelwang is the founding CEO and President of Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group. Since its launch, it has inspired a number of global initiatives – like The Elders (with Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu), Ocean Unite, Carbon War Room and The B Team. For over 20 years Jean has worked closely with and learned a lot from Sir Richard Branson, having previously been the joint CEO of Virgin Mobile in Australia.In her current roles Jean has had occasion to work with Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  the Dalai Lama, former President Carter, amongst many others. It has given her insight as to what makes a successful and fulfilled life - and it&apos;s not money. In fact, I was cheeky enough to ask her about the meaning of life...and she gave me the answer! And it makes sense!!We discuss her recent book &quot;Partnering&quot; which shows th
19/07/202333 minutes 42 seconds
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Anna Funder

Really Interesting Women - PodcastAnna Funder    Ep. 105Anna Funder is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most acclaimed and awarded writers.Her 2003 book Stasiland won, amongst many other things, the Samuel Johnson Prize which is for the best non-fiction writing in the English language (!!). Actor Tom Hanks described it as &apos;fascinating, entertaining, hilarious, horrifying and very important.&apos;Her 2012 novel, All That I Am, won a myriad of awards including the very prestigious Miles Franklin Award. Both books are international bestsellers, translated into many languages and published around the world.Her books are important because of the truths they reveal. They are beautifully researched and exquisitely told.  Her legion of fans has been eagerly anticipating her latest novel, Wifedom, which has just been released. I&apos;ve read it, it&apos;s fascinating and important. Geraldine Brooks described the book as, &apos;Simpl
05/07/202349 minutes 13 seconds
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Tanya Hosch

Really Interesting Women - PodcastEp. 104      Tanya HoschTanya Hosch is the first indigenous person (male or female) appointed to the AFL executive.She is the General Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy and is responsible for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander issues, gender equality, sexuality and gender diversity, racism and sexism. It&apos;s a full dance card. And her actions in regards the shameful treatment of AFL superstars Nicky Winmar and Adam Goodes are just an example of the sort of headway she&apos;s making. Her career path has almost inevitably led to this most comprehensive and challenging role. She was founding director of the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre over 20 years ago and also helped create the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples and the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute amongst many other achievements. She was the joint campaign director of the Recognise movement for constitut
21/06/202337 minutes 42 seconds
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Jamila Rizvi

Podcast Episode 103Really Interesting WomenJamila RizviJamila is the Deputy Managing Director of Future Women which is an organisation that supports professional women to accelerate their careers, works with men to overcome unconscious bias and helps organisations tackle barriers to gender equality. She is also a best-selling author for adults and children, a columnist for Sunday Life magazine, which is part of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. She is a podcaster – currently a co-host on The Briefing podcast and has been a regular commentator on The Project, Today, The Drum and Q &amp; A. Early in her career she was an adviser to the Rudd and Gillard governments and at 25 became one of the youngest people ever to work as a Chief of Staff to a Federal Minister.But life hasn&apos;t been the plain sailing that a bio written down on paper might suggest. At the end of 2017 she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. She had 36 ro
07/06/202326 minutes 31 seconds
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The Rev. Dr. Margaret Mayman

Really Interesting Women  Podcast Episode 102Ordained as a Presbyterian Minister in 1983, Rev. Dr. Margaret Mayman has been a strong progressive religious voice for justice on matters like marriage equality, abortion, and refugees. She is perhaps best known for her inclusive congregations. She openly values the LGBTIQA+ community, supports their relationships, and celebrates their true, authentic selves. Her considered thoughts on Christian perspectives are often sought by politicians and the public. We had a really interesting and valuable discussion on her personal experiences as an openly lesbian Minister as well as her thoughts on many current issues including gay conversion therapy, marriage equality, social justice…even the Pope’s recent rejection of sexual orientation as a crime. Head to my bio for a link to Margaret’s podcast episode or search ‘Really Interesting Women’ on your favourite podcast platforms. 
24/05/202335 minutes 6 seconds
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Denni Francisco

Really Interesting Women - The Podcast Episode 101    Denni FranciscoDenni Francisco is an award winning designer who uses stunning indigenous artists works to create prints for her clothes. And she&apos;s about to make Australian Fashion Week history as the first indigenous person to have a solo show. She&apos;s a two time winner of the designer of the year at the National Indigenous Fashion Awards and is generally considered a key figure in the Australian fashion industry.And it all started when, as a very young woman, she came with her mother into the city for the first time from Wiradjuri Country in Central New South Wales...and saw a boutique with a pair of vibrant red flares in the window display.  It was one of several seminal moments that helped create a career. During that journey she has created two unique clothing models that have made a big impact on the industry and, frankly, society. She recently made a big splash at Mi
10/05/202334 minutes 1 second
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Jane Yuile

Really Interesting Women - the podcast Episode 100         Jane YuileThis episode was challenging for me and, I suspect, Jane. Although she made me feel very comfortable very quickly. Persist with the audio on this episode - I&apos;ll explain why. Jane Yuile is a successful business executive who has always been up for a challenge.  A jump from a jetty a few years ago was nothing compared to other stuff she did, like skydiving for charity.  But the jetty jump went horribly wrong.Jane was left a quadriplegic. How she copes and deals with this - her mental and physical strength, resilience, determination and empathy for others, is extraordinary. The audio at times lacks clarity. That can&apos;t be helped. I would encourage you to listen right to the end because I left the recording going accidentally and I reckon it will help you understand why she&apos;s so loved and supported and respected. I think we can all take
26/04/202329 minutes 54 seconds
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Chloe Dalton OAM

Podcast Episode 99 - CHLOE DALTON OAMChloe Dalton is one of this country’s very few elite athletes in 3 different sports: played in the WNBL, won a gold medal in Rugby 7s at the Rio Olympics, and in 2019 made the transition to Australian Rules Football where she is currently playing in the AFLW. In the middle of all this exceptionalism, she graduated from Sydney University as a physiotherapist where her work has a particular emphasis on neurological physiotherapy, supporting those affected by stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and brain injuries. me, just as importantly, and I suspect it’s just as important to Chloe, it’s her incredible, far-reaching work off the field as the founder of the instagram and podcast smash hit, The Female Athlete Project which promotes women’s sport and the exposure of gender inequality. And the project has become a bit of an institution. Chloe Dalton was just announced as one of the most influential women in Aus
12/04/202335 minutes 21 seconds
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Carla Raynes

Really Interesting Women - Podcast Episode 98Carla RaynesCarla has worked in the homelessness field for nearly 2 decades. She’s seen the issue from all angles. And thought....&apos;I’m seeing the same people all the time. There has to be a better way to solve this.&apos; To that effect, in the middle of 2021, Carla launched a charity with the aim of bringing all her experience to help create those lasting solutions. There was a gap in the current system of treating homelessness and she blazed her own trail by trialling creative approaches to homelessness to make the solution lasting.A remarkable dedication and it&apos;s working and it&apos;s all been done with no government support. Imagine what could happen if the government did get behind it. Have a look at their website (below) to get a better idea of what they&apos;re doing.  Carla is the Founder and CEO of Bridge It. <a href='http://w
29/03/202335 minutes 21 seconds
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Professor Sharon Lewin AO

Podcast Episode 97Professor Sharon Lewin AO FRACP FAHMSSharon Lewin is a remarkable woman. For a start, she has been heading up two global pandemics. Simultaneously.  In 1989 Dr Lewin (as she then was), instead of seeking a medical appointment in some prestigious city hospital, chose to work in a small hospital in Kenya. It was here she became passionate about infectious diseases, specifically HIV. And it would be a path she continues to tread to this day. She’s determined to find the cure.  In 2014, she was appointed Director of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity and her research focuses on why HIV persists, and on developing clinical trials aimed at finding that cure. She’s delivered more than 100 talks internationally and has published 280-plus papers. Whilst doing all that her other role in this field is as the President of the International Aids Society. A huge organisation whic
15/03/202330 minutes 10 seconds
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Jackie French AM

Podcast Episode 96Jackie French AMJackie’s books have sold millions of copies and been published in 36 languages and have won more than 60 literary awards. She’s written well over 200 books and they cover a range of different genres: general fiction, historical fiction, picture books, and nonfiction for adults and for children.  Quite an achievement when you consider she’s severely dyslexic.  Her passion and success in the world of Children’s literature has seen her being appointed as the Australian Children’s Laureate in 2014-15, Senior Australian of the Year in 2015 and Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2016.  Her most popular books are the award-winning wombat picture book series illustrated by Bruce Whatley that began in 2002 with Diary of a Wombat. Our wombat related discussion reveals a stunning wombat related fact. Literally unbelievable but witnessed by Jackie herself so it’s got to be true.  
01/03/202340 minutes 24 seconds
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Associate Professor Meru Sheel

Podcast Episode 95  Assoc. Prof. Meru SheelThe seeds of an astonishing career were sown in India where, as a child, Meru Sheel witnessed first-hand the devastation of diseases such as polio and tuberculosis.  As an infectious disease epidemiologist, she has been on the ground helping in some of the most unimaginable places. Fiji after a cyclone had flattened large parts of the country and disease inevitably followed, Samoa when an elephantiasis outbreak occurred, Bangladesh when over 700,000 Rohingya refugees in a camp felt the wrath of a diphtheria outbreak.  And then Covid 19.  She’s a big advocate for women in leadership roles  and in STEMM related areas.  Associate Professor Meru Sheel is making a difference. Her work, courage, tenacity, in the face of overwhelming odds, is inspiring.  Have a listen to our conversation in the Really Interesting Women podcast. Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for furt
15/02/202337 minutes 38 seconds
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Rachael Neumann

Ep 94 Rachael NeumannRachael Neumann is shaking up the traditional Venture Capital model and, as a result, has been able to encourage many more women to become involved in the industry. When she and her female business partner launched Flying Fox Ventures, they were a rarity in the start-up ecosystem, which is still heavily male-dominated. She’s a startup mentor, angel investor, board member, advisor, mentor, mentee and very entertaining speaker. If you need to know the three things a venture capitalist wants to hear before they consider putting money behind your brilliant idea...listen in. If you need to know how to become a part of the high risk high reward venture capitalism world without having huge swathes of cash and whilst minimising risk (as much as it can be), again, it’s a great insight.  Disclaimer: Everyone should do their own research and talk to as many people as possible in
01/02/202336 minutes 20 seconds
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Michelle Deshong

Ep. 93    Michelle DeshongThis was a really interesting conversation with an ending that left me with goosebumps.Michelle Deshong is a Fulbright Scholar, Churchill Fellowship recipient and former NAIDOC Scholar of the year. She’s a leader and advocate, with extensive experience working in both the public and private sectors. She has an in-depth knowledge of indigenous affairs, and in the mechanisms of government, advocacy and political change. She has worked, amongst many things, as senior advisor in the Department of Prime Minister in Cabinet and has headed the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute. She continues to deliver critical leadership training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She runs her own consultancy and is an accredited trainer and facilitator specialising in leadership, governance, Australian and international politics, and human rights. But most importantly, she’s a proud kuku yalanji womanOn instagram, head t
18/01/202336 minutes 54 seconds
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Imam Sherin Khankan

Ep 92     Imam Sherin KhankanImam Sherin Khankan has described herself as being born between two worlds – Muslim and Christian. Her early influences have been profound. She studied sociology of religion and philosophy from the University of Copenhagen as well as studies in Arabic. She has written 4 books including Islam and Reconciliation – a public case, and Women are the Future of Islam.But undoubtedly her most significant achievement to date, is as the founder of the first mosque with female imams in the Nordic countries and becoming one of the first female imams. Her aim is to challenge patriarchal structures and inspire other women. And she has…and does. An Imam. An Islamic feminist. A pioneer whose courage and determination is inspiringin the face of enormous opposition. Head to the link in my bio to listen to her episode. Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women
14/12/202238 minutes 20 seconds
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Disting. Prof. Larissa Behrendt AO

Ep 91   Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt AODistinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt AO FASSA FAAL is an inspirational indigenous leader. She’s a lawyer, academic, writer, filmmaker, indigenous rights advocate and lots more. Larissa was the first indigenous Australian to graduate from Harvard Law School and, she’s proud to say, not the last. Her career is multi faceted and she’s often taking several paths at the same time. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s driven by social justice and her take on the voice to parliament and truth telling is important. It’s not driven by politics but by history. Her book Indigenous Australia for Dummies is also important. It also happens to be a great read which I would highly recommend (link below).Head to the link in my bio to listen to this episode. I think it’s everything this podcast is supposed to be: inspiring, educational and entertaining
30/11/202237 minutes 52 seconds
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Dr Kirstin Ferguson

Ep 90    Dr Kirstin FergusonKirstin Ferguson is an award-winning and globally recognised leader, executive coach, company director, writer and speaker. She is one of Australia’s most prominent leadership experts. Kirstin has an incredible and varied career starting as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force where she graduated Dux in her class, to senior executive with a leading law firm, to CEO of a global consulting company to over a decade on a range of company boards. And in between that, she obtained a PhD in leadership and culture. She’s also making a global impact, with UK- based Thinkers50 naming her as the only Australian in the world’s top 30 “Thinkers to Watch” and she was shortlisted for the Distinguished Award in Leadership in 2021. Put simply, my next guest is changing the way the world looks at leadership.Her new book, Head &amp; Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership will be published by Penguin Random House ea
16/11/202236 minutes 29 seconds
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Major General Elizabeth Cosson AM, CSC

Ep. 89    Maj. General Elizabeth Cosson AM, CSCLiz Cosson was the first woman to be promoted to the rank of Major General in the Australian Army. She enlisted in the Army in 1979. She was selected with 32 other women for the first male-equivalent officer training course. Throughout her distinguished military career, she held significant logistics and administrative positions. She received a commendation for her work in Cambodia. In 1999 she was responsible for logistics planning for the East Timor operation, and she was subsequently appointed as Chief of Staff of the Peace monitoring group in Bougainville for which she was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross in 2001. In 2007, she was the first woman to be promoted to the rank of Major General in the Australian Army. Following this remarkable career, she retired from full time military service in November 2010 and joined the Australian Public Service where she eventually reached her current role as Sec
02/11/202233 minutes 2 seconds
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Her Excellency, The Right Honourable Dame Cindy Kiro, Governor-General of NZ

Ep 88   The Rt Hon. Dame Cindy Kiro, Governor-General of New ZealandDame Cindy Kiro&apos;s story is an extraordinary one. Her mother was born in a hut with a mud floor. Her Father was from a poor family who lived in a mining town in the north of England. From these humble beginnings Dame Cindy rose to become the 22nd Governor-General of New Zealand. The first Maori woman to be appointed as Governor-General.She never forgot where she came from and, most importantly, the invaluable life lessons she learnt from her collective experiences growing up. The secret to her success? I&apos;m not too sure but I would venture to guess that it has a lot to do with the strong moral values instilled from her grandmother together with having a genuine interest in others and an abiding curiosity.She vowed to be a Governor-General for ALL New Zealanders and, with her background and intelligence and compassion and empathy, I have absolutely no doubt sh
19/10/202246 minutes 29 seconds
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Professor Jenny Martin

Ep. 87 Professor Jenny MartinJenny Martin is a dual-trained clinical pharmacologist and practicing general physician, has studied politics and health economics at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, is serving as Chair of Clinical Pharmacology in the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle and is the Director of Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence (ACRE),On principle she resigned from Newcastle University’s council in protest over the appointment of former deputy Prime Minister and Chair of Whitehaven Coal, Mark Vaile to the position of Chancellor of that University. Such was the feeling in the community, his appointment did not go ahead and she was reappointed to the position by popular demand. So, as a practicing physician, teacher, researcher, multiple committee and editorial board member, and mother of four, you might wonder where she finds the time to join me in conversation. I’m certain
05/10/202241 minutes 15 seconds
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Ilana Atlas AO

Ep. 86    Ilana Atlas AOIlana Atlas is an exceptionally successful business woman....who still suffers from imposter syndrome. But she knows how to deal with it and she shares that secret with us. In fact Ilana shares a lot of her wisdom and advice on how to not only cope, but succeed in a constantly evolving work place.  And there&apos;s very few better qualified to give that wisdom and advice.We cover a lot of things. For example, the courage it takes and the benefits of taking unexpected opportunities. The importance of learning by watching and listening as well as being well prepared yourself so others will take you very seriously. The aforementioned imposter syndrome and how Ilana has tamed that beast. The different styles of leadership.  The enormous benefits of getting involved in not for profit organisations (see below for reference to Jarwun). The importance of compassion and empathy in business. I was also fascinated in what she&apos
21/09/202235 minutes 44 seconds
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Prof. Lyria Bennett Moses

Ep. 85  Professor Lyria Bennett MosesLyria is my first guest that is the daughter of a previous guest, Annabelle Bennett (ep. 37). And they are both....well, quite brilliant.Lyria is currently the Director of the UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation she’s a Professor and Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Law and Justice at UNSW Sydney. She herself graduated with a science law degree with honours in pure mathematics, did her Masters and Doctorate at Columbia University where her dissertation was on the impact of technological change on law. Her ongoing research continues to explore those issues. More specifically she has recently been working on legal and policy issues associated with the use of artificial intelligence. It&apos;s an area of law that requires an academic approach combined with a very practical one. The events and inventions you may need to apply a legal mind to....haven&apos;t occurred or been invented yet.  But it
07/09/202234 minutes 6 seconds
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Senator Lidia Thorpe

Ep. 84      Senator Lidia ThorpeLidia Thorpe&apos;s sense of injustice is always close to the surface. Her first hand experiences inform her. Growing up, her dinner table conversations and education with the family matriarchs were also hugely influential. Her life experiences continue to play a big part in who she is today and what she fervently believes will be best for not only indigenous Australians, but all Australians. Senator Thorpe has faced plenty of hurdles in life. She grew up in poverty in housing commission flats in Collingwood Victoria. Left school at 14. Was a single mum at 17, survived domestic violence. Became bankrupt as a direct result of the domestic violence. Then...having worked in public policy, advocacy, small business, government, and NGO’s... in 2017, her career and life changed dramatically. She became the first aboriginal woman elected to Victorian parliament. Then, in September 2020, she became Victoria’s first Aboriginal Senator in th
24/08/202231 minutes 44 seconds
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Traci Houpapa MNZM

Ep. 83    Traci HoupapaTraci Houpapa is a company director and business advisor from New Zealand. But a simple scratching of the surface reveals a unique and inspiring story. Her early life influences could well have something to do with her Maori father who was very active in campaigns to return properties back into Maori management in the 1980s. As to her own career, she was advised to experience a wide range of occupations after high school before settling on a career... and that education was essential to her success. She sits on numerous Boards an Foundations.  She is, amongst many other things, chair of the Federation of Maori Authorities, a Chartered Fellow of the NZ Institute of Directors, an advisor to Maori, Government, public and private sector organisations and has an unwavering commitment to advancing the interests of indigenous women in New Zealand. In the
10/08/202241 minutes 53 seconds
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Natalie Walker

Ep 82   Natalie WalkerNatalie Walker is, amongst many other achievements, the inaugural CEO of two start-up businesses with huge agendas - Supply Nation and Inside Policy. She was Australia&apos;s representative on the G20&apos;s Women Business Leaders Taskforce. She’s held positions in human rights, indigenous affairs and human services in the government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. She is the Social Commissioner on the Greater Cities Commission, sat on the Indigenous Advisory groups for a range of corporations, including Telstra and the National Australia Bank and has current directorships with not-for-profit organisations the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Goodstart Early Learning and Life Without Barriers. She is also, most importantly, a proud Kuku Yalanji woman from the Daintree Rainforest. And she&apos;s fabulous. Very informed and informative.  To listen to Nat helps you understand. Even when you thought you already knew. 
27/07/202246 minutes 57 seconds
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Professor Michelle Haber AM

Ep. 81  Professor Michelle Haber AM FAA FAHMSMichelle Haber has dedicated her entire professional life to improving clinical outcomes for children with cancer. She is one of this country’s leading researchers and has become the face of Australian childhood cancer research internationally. But she almost wasn&apos;t. In the late 1970’s she had one of many sliding door moments that changed the course of her career and has subsequently saved many lives around the globe. You see, Michelle had just completed her Honours in Clinical Psychology and, being inquisitive and curious, she walked into the nearby offices of the faculty of medicine at the University of New South Wales, Australia. There she happened to meet a Professor of Pathology who helped change everything. She wanted to do research to make a difference. The professor recommended she do a PhD around the topic of the chemical causes of cancer. So, she did. In 1984 she became the inaugural staff scientist
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Professor Bronwyn Fox

Ep. 80   Professor Bronwyn FoxProfessor Bronwyn Fox has come a long way since blowing things up in her back yard with her brother. Mind you that curiosity and practical application of their ideas was probably quite informative, because from there she would go on to become the Chief Scientist of Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO. She’s been described by CSIRO’s Chief Executive as ‘driven to deliver, brilliant but humble, leading by listening and a generous collaborator’. What a great description, don&apos;t you reckon? &apos;Leading by listening&apos;. We explore that as well as a multitude of other things vital to a fulfilling career. Finding mentors, taking opportunities, the importance of creativity and diversity, empathy and real world applications of all those things. I also found fascinating her take on future proofing a career in an ever changing and unpredictable world. I reckon that&apos;s worth the price of admission alone (d
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Gemma Sisia AM

Gemma Sisia has earned a global reputation through building one of the top performing schools in Tanzania, East Africa. And she built it, literally, from scratch. Well, that’s not quite true - a friend had donated $10 to the cause. Can you imagine the challenges?All this is a long way from the sheep farm she grew up on in northern New South Wales, Australia, where education, hard work as well as plenty of fun, were considered essential. After gaining her tertiary qualifications, like a lot of people, she set off to Africa and also like most people, she fell in love with the place. Her greatest desire was to try and do something to help the poor. But unlike most people, actually, let’s face it, unlike nearly all people, she did do something to help the poor. And twenty years later, she’s still helping them. Gemma&apos;s work continues to leave such an indelible mark that, in 2007 she was honoured with an Order of Australia Medal, her story has featured not once,
15/06/202233 minutes 24 seconds
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Dr Anne Summers AO

Episode 78 Dr Anne Summers AODr Anne Summers AO is a pioneering Australian feminist, a best-selling author and journalist with a long career in politics, the media, business and the non-government sector in Australia, Europe, and the United States.  It would not be a stretch to say her first book, published in 1975,Damned Whores and God&apos;s Police, changed the way Australia viewed women.  Her career is almost the ultimate example of taking opportunities as they present themselves, even if they’re outside your comfort zone. Consider a few things she undertook with little or no previous experience....moving to Canberra to become bureau chief for the Australian Financial Review, working in politics as an adviser to Prime Minister Bob Hawke and later Prime Minister Paul Keating. Moving to New York to become editor in chief of the iconic feminist magazine Ms. And, when a young Warwick Fairfax decided the magazine businesses of his media empire should be sold, A
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Roma Torre

Ep. 77  Roma TorreRoma Torre is a 2 time Emmy Award winning TV journalist and theater critic. She is best known for her time at New York City’s first 24 hour local news station, the much loved and revered cable news channel NY1, where she was a lead news presenter for over 28 years. She’s had an amazing career. She has received over 30 broadcasting awards including those 2 aforementioned Emmy’s, the most recent in 2019, which would obviously justify feeling like she was in the prime of her career. But just as NY1 (the cable news channel) was taken over by a new owner (whose focus to that point was as a broadband supplier), things seemed to be inexplicably unravelling for her and 4 other senior female journalists at NY1. They were replaced. All of them. At the same time. Over 100 years of journalistic experience that the new owner must have thought was superfluous, or outdated, or lacking in skill, or....something. Roma, of course, can&apos;t c
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Robin White

Ep. 76   Robin WhiteRobin White started her career as an operations manager in the rail industry. As a result of being discriminated against and denied promotion, she reassessed.... everything. You see, Robin was blocked for any promotion because she is transgender. Could be front office management or transgender. Couldn’t be both.After much soul searching and introspection, she decided to pivot and reinvent herself (although ‘reinventing’ probably short-changes what she had to do). Robin ‘reinvented’ herself as an employment and discrimination barrister. In fact, in 2011, she became the first barrister in practise to transition from male to female at the discrimination Bar. She is, without doubt, a pioneer. There’s a lot of noise out there at the moment about transgender women. It didn’t appear to me that there was enough of a voice that could discuss this from a transgender perspective. I’m sure there was a lot…I just wasn’t hearing it. Anyway, I tho
04/05/202241 minutes 58 seconds
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Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AM

Ep. 75   Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AMRosalind Croucher is the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission. She&apos;s been pretty busy these last couple of years.It&apos;s a fascinating career and one which emphasises the importance of taking opportunities as they present themselves. Even when you are having doubts. We talk about the anatomy of a career move (or several big ones in her case), her thoughts on leadership and how to progress yourself towards that, should that be your goal. The importance of not getting bogged down by mistakes but, instead, embracing what she calls the &apos;foetal 48 hours&apos; (you&apos;ll have to listen).Perhaps most importantly, we talk about the Australian Human Rights Commission - I don&apos;t think I knew there were seven separate divisions within the Commission and each has its own President and Rosalind is the overarching President of all divisions! The last two years have pr
20/04/202241 minutes 45 seconds
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Tzipi Livni

Ep. 74 Tzipi LivniEx Mossad, former Israeli Foreign Minister, Minister of Justice and chief negotiator of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. An incredible journey. Tzipi Livni has been widely considered the most powerful woman in Israel since Golda Meir. She served in the Israeli Defence Force and, in 1980, joined Mossad - the national intelligence agency of Israel. After she resigned from that she continued her law studies, and then practiced for 10 years before entering politics in 1996. She achieved a number of milestones in Israeli government. She was the second woman in Israel’s history to become Foreign Minister (after Golda Meir who went on to become PM), she was the first female vice prime minister, justice minister, agriculture minister and housing minister. In 2011 she was named one of ‘150 women who shake the world’ by Newsweek. Forbes magazine ranked her on its list of ‘100 Most Powerful Women’ three years in a row from 2006-2008 and Time Magazin
06/04/202234 minutes 28 seconds
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Belinda Hutchinson AC FRSN

Episode 73  Belinda Hutchinson AC FRSNBelinda Hutchinson has become one of the most sought-after directors among private companies, public sector and not for profit organisations, in Australia. She is Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Chairman of Thales Australia, a Director of Australian Philanthropic Services, Qantas Airways Limited, a member of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board and a Trustee of the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation.  Belinda was previously Chairman of QBE Insurance Group, Chairman of Future Generation Global Investment Company and a Director of Telstra Corporation, Coles Myer, Crane Group, Energy Australia, TAB, Snowy Hydro Trading and Sydney Water.  Her executive career included her role as an Executive Director of Macquarie Group, a Vice President of Citibank, and a senior manager at Andersen Consulting.  She has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered
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Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE FRCP (Hon)

Ep. 72 Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE FRCP (Hon)Baroness Susan Greenfield is, by any standards, quite an extraordinary woman. An English scientist, writer, broadcaster, and member of the House of Lords, she has held research fellowships in the Department of Physiology Oxford, the College de France Paris, and NYU Medical Center New York. She has been awarded 32 Honorary Degrees from British and foreign universities.  From 1998- 2010 she served as Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.  She is known for her role in popularising science through her many public lectures and appearances on radio and television as well as her many published papers and several books about the brain, including the British best seller – The Human Brain: A Guided Tour. She is now CEO of an incredible biotech company ( which she founded in 2013 to develop a disruptive approach to Alzheimer’s disease based on her resea
02/03/202238 minutes 2 seconds
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Dame Elizabeth Anionwu DBE FRCN

Ep. 71 Dame Elizabeth Anionwu DBE FRCN   - Really Interesting Women podcastDame Elizabeth Anionwu’s amazing career and life had as its foundation, very humble beginnings.   A tough childhood in the 1940’s and 1950’s was marked by the stigma of illegitimacy and racism. Despite all this, it was the kindness of one particular nun at a children’s home when she was a very young child that resonated so much with her that, even at that age, it would stay with her forever and eventually lead to her life’s work. Dame Elizabeth spent 40 years in the nursing profession in the UK and has been named one of the most influential nurses in the 70-year history of the National Health Scheme.Back In 1979, she became the United Kingdom&apos;s first sickle cell and thalassaemia nurse specialist, helping establish the Brent Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Counselling centre. There are now 30 such centres in the UK. In 1998, by then a professor of nursing, she created th
16/02/202244 minutes 36 seconds
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Gretchen Carlson

Ep. 70 Gretchen Carlson - Really Interesting Women podcastGretchen Carlson has been on a journey. From child prodigy on the violin, to becoming Miss America to Stanford and Oxford, to also becoming one of America&apos;s most successful journalists.An astonishing career fall of incredible highs, debilitating lows and through it all, the common factors? Her incredible strength, resilience and determination. Such is her global impact, she has been portrayed in a hugely successful TV series and movie by Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman (respectively).This is an important conversation and I&apos;m honoured to have been involved. www.gretchencarlson.comwww.liftourvoices.orgBooks:Be FierceGetting RealBoth of which have links on Gretchen&apos;s website above.Instagram Images: 1. GS via Timothy Greenfield-Sanders/Stockland Martel2. GS with Naomi Watts via Jamie McCarthy/Getty3. Left GS via Bryan
02/02/202236 minutes 8 seconds
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Amy Richards

Ep. 69 Amy Richards - Really Interesting Women podcastAmy Richards describes herself as an author, producer and organizer. But those generic terms hardly describe her enormous global influences on modern feminist thinking.  In fact, she is the president of Soapbox, Inc., the world’s largest feminist speakers’ bureau, and the affiliated Soapbox Foundation, creators of Feminist Camp. She co-founded and spent several years leading the Third Wave Foundation now known as the Third Wave Fund, a national organization for young feminist activists which promotes gender justice and is a movement to end patriarchy, transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny. She was a producer of the Emmy nominated TV series, Woman, an executive producer on the movie The Glorias starring Julianne Moore, a consulting producer on the HBO documentary Gloria Steinem: In Her Own Words and an advisor to PBS documentary on the women’s m
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Dr Patrice Newell AM

Ep. 68 Dr Patrice Newell AMPatrice Newell has been a model, newsreader, host of morning TV and then, in the late 80’s left all that and became a renowned sustainable land manager and writer/researcher who dedicated herself to developing and communicating improved agricultural systems and innovations in an era of rapid climate change. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she’s now undertaking a new and very exciting venture developing an app for launch next year that we will discuss in more detail on this show.She is an advocate for sustainable agriculture which she talks about in her books The Olive Grove, The River, Ten Thousand Acres – A Love Story, Tree to Table: Cooking with Australian Olive Oil and Who’s Minding the Farm? In this Climate Emergency, released via Penguin Random House in June 2019.She is a founding member and president of the Hunter Olive Association.She was the subject of the ABC-Television biography program, Australian Story.<br
15/12/202141 minutes 2 seconds
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Stephanie Alexander AO

Ep. 67 Stephanie Alexander AOStephanie Alexander is a food pioneer having been an enormous influence on our food culture since the 1960’s. She’s been a restaurant owner/chef for 30 years and has written 19 books (19 books!) and many, many articles. Her fifth book, The Cook’s Companion has been described by Nigella Lawson as one of her most prized and consulted cookbooks and she went on to say, ‘if I could have only one cookbook for the rest of my life, it would have to be this one.’ I don&apos;t think you can get higher praise. From my perspective, The Cook&apos;s Companion is like Neil Diamond’s album, Hot August Night – every home has a copy and that says it all. She has just released her 19th book, ‘Home’, and, I can speak from personal experience  in saying, it&apos;s a cracker. Stephanie&apos;s work in the design and establishment of schools based learning programs promoting improved food and eating choices for children, she thi
08/12/202134 minutes 45 seconds
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Fleur McDonald

Ep. 66 Fleur McDonaldAnother extraordinary woman.  Fleur is often referred to as ‘the voice of the outback’. She is this country’s leading rural literature author and has drawn inspiration from having lived and worked for much of her life on a farm. But, like nearly all the women I’ve spoken to for this show, you only need to lightly scratch the surface to see the almost unimaginable obstacles that she has had to overcome to achieve this success. She has written 19 novels and 2 children’s books and has sold over 650,000 copies. She is constantly championing the voice of Australia’s rural women and celebrating their contribution to agribusiness. Even then, in my opinion, those achievements only sit alongside and don’t overshadow her other achievements. Head to the link in my bio to hear her extraordinary story.Her latest novel is Deception Creek and this and all her other novels can be found and purchased here:
01/12/202140 minutes 44 seconds
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Marilyn Darling AC

Ep. 65 Marilyn Darling ACMarilyn Darling AC, is best known as an Australian philanthropist and patron of the arts. With her husband, Gordon Darling, she instigated and has provided ongoing funding to the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, ACT. She instigated it! We didn’t have one before that! She was one of the very few women who studied science at the University of Queensland in the early 60’s before working in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Melbourne in the mid-1960s and undertaking postgraduate study in the Medical School of Monash University from 1973 to 1978. She worked successfully as a scientist, but it was her work for not for profit and charitable organisations over the ensuing 40+ years for which she became best known. So much so that she was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2001 &quot;for service to Australian society through the arts&quot;. In the 2009 Australia Day Honours, she was made a Companion of the Order of Au
24/11/202134 minutes 4 seconds
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Simone Clarke

Ep. 64    Simone ClarkeSimone Clarke is the CEO of UN Women Australia.She has over 25 years’ experience working in Executive Leadership roles for the United Nations, International NGO&apos;s, Community Service Organisations and the private sector in Australia, the USA and Asia Pacific. Fair to say she’s a global not-for-profit and sustainability executive and has a particular focus on empowering women and children and that is emphasised by her role as CEO of UN Women Australia. In fact it seems that all roads thus far travelled by Simone, have been leading to this role. She has a wealth of experience and advice for young women in particular on empowerment, equality, equal  opportunity and equal participation. She&apos;s a hands on leader who walks the walk....although, as I found out, she doesn&apos;t dance the TikTok dance that UN Women Australia created and found it going viral.  Don&apos;t blame her really - leave that to the younger ones.
17/11/202146 minutes 17 seconds
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Pauline Nguyen

Ep. 63 Pauline NguyenPauline Nguyen&apos;s story is a remarkable tale and commences from a very early age as one of survival.  She shows an extraordinary resilience as well as situations where both qualities probably would have evaded a lesser person. After escaping Vietnam with her family after the war and living for a year in a refugee camp, Pauline&apos;s early years were tough. Her father suffered from PTSD and, as a direct result, she  suffered tremendous physical and emotional abuse until she was a young woman.Succumbing to the continuing violence, she ran away. She knew the importance of hard work and resilience and resolve....and that would eventually lead her to co-founding, owning and running Red Lantern, the world&apos;s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant with her celebrity chef brother, Luke Nguyen. Twenty plus years later - it&apos;s still going strong. On top of this, Pauline is an award winning author and one o
10/11/202142 minutes 45 seconds
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Jodi Geddes

Ep. 62 Jodi GeddesJodi Geddes and her co-founder, Kate Pollard had both led very successful careers – but after deciding to start families, they experienced first-hand how isolating and career-slowing becoming a parent could be if an organization was not properly equipped. Realizing that there were millions of other parents and caregivers in the same boat, who were having their career momentum stunted. They knew something needed to be done. And they did it. As their idea took root and grew, they were inundated with messages from parents and caregivers who were struggling. The idea was to help keep team members engaged, connected and supported even when they are apart. And the benefits to both employees and employers was enormous. As the seemingly limited talent pool of employees becomes more sought after, millenials look for employers that are empathetic, understanding and flexible. It benefits everyone if they are. Circle In may be the answer. <br
03/11/202129 minutes 35 seconds
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Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver AM PhD

Ep. 61 Prof. Lisa Jackson Pulver AM PhDAn extraordinary story from an extraordinary woman.That this story played out at all is remarkable. Having run away from home as a 14 year old with her father, suffering from PTSD, firing shots in her direction with his shotgun, Lisa had to carve out a life in Kings Cross and other areas disguising herself as a boy so as not to be hassled. The kindness of strangers and the ability to understand and follow their wisdom, led to a career in nursing, and then medicine which became too much when she had to look after two young relatives who were being threatened with institutional care unless she took them in. So she took another avenue after again hearing words of wisdom. Now....Lisa is a Jewish Aboriginal Australian epidemiologist and researcher in the area of Aboriginal health who has been Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Sydney since October 2018.She&apos;s a storyteller, teller of yarns and - I
27/10/202158 minutes 15 seconds
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Robynne Murphy

Ep. 60 Robynne MurphyLink to episode… years ago, director Robynne Murphy, one of the leaders of Wollongong’s 1980-1994 Jobs for Women Campaign, joined hundreds of migrant/working class women to take  on  Australia’s most powerful  company BHP – and initially they seemed to have won. But when the 1983 steel slump devastated the city’s economy,  the women  were forced  into the courtroom and onto the streets to face a prolonged battle for equality.Her film, Women of Steel, documents this journey....from an insiders perspective. An extraordinary tale of strength, endurance, and resilience. The case went all the way to the High Court and was the first class action this country had seen. It offers inspiration to those who seek justice and equality ag
20/10/202145 minutes 4 seconds
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Charlotte Wood AM

Ep. 59   Charlotte Wood AMCharlotte Wood is one of Australia&apos;s best and most successful authors. She’s the author of six novels and three books of non fiction. Her last fictional work, The Weekend, was the ABIA Literary Fiction book of the Year 2020 and was shortlisted for numerous other awards. The previous novel, The Natural Way of Things won the 2016 Stella Prize, the Indie Book of the Year and Novel of the Year and was joint winner of the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Fiction. Her latest book is the newly released non-fiction work, The Luminous Solution. Her features and essays have appeared in the NY Times, The Guardian, Literary Hub and The Sydney Morning Herald. In 2019 she was made a Member of the Order of Australia for significant services to literature.Our conversation was as fabulous and far ranging as the topics of her to her new book, The Luminous Solution: https://www.alle
13/10/202143 minutes 2 seconds
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Dist. Professor Genevieve Bell AO FTSE FAHA

Ep. 58 Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell AO FTSE FAHAThis was one of the most interesting conversations I&apos;ve had. And that&apos;s saying something. Genevieve&apos;s background is technical and almost overwhelming....but don&apos;t do what I did and shake your head and go, &apos;I&apos;m not going to understand a single word of this,&apos; because we break things down and build them back up again. And it&apos;s fascinating.Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, AO FAHA FTSE is the Director of the School of Cybernetics and 3A institute (3Ai) at the Australian National University, and a Vice President and a Senior Fellow in the advance research and development labs at Intel Corporation.Genevieve holds a PhD in cultural anthropology from Stanford University and is a renowned anthropologist, technologist, and futurist, having spent more than two decades in Silicon Valley helping guide Intel&apos;s product development and social science and des
06/10/202145 minutes 21 seconds
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Christine Bryden AM, PSM, PhD, MBA, BSc(Hons)

Ep. 57   Christine Bryden AM, PSM, PhD, MBA, BSc(Hons)In 1995 at the age of 46, Christine Bryden was told by doctors that she had early onset dementia and that she should get her end of life affairs in order. In other words....nuthin&apos; we can do, best get yourself off to a home while you still can. She refused to do that. There was no one....absolutely no one advocating for dementia sufferers at the time. So she decided to do something about it. 26 years, 5 books, countless speeches, meetings and overseas advocacy trips later, she&apos;s still going strong. And making a big difference. She&apos;s defying medical evidence.Her advocacy struck a chord in Japan. Dementia was a huge issue in that country and when she spoke about it - no one had ever seen a dementia patient talking in public. Her first televised interview there drew an audience of 10 million people. It started a chain of events that now has Japan as the gold standard in this area. Australia lags a
29/09/202130 minutes 33 seconds
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Vika & Linda Bull

Ep. 56  Vika &amp; Linda BullVika and Linda Bull are this country&apos;s best singing duo. They have sung with the best there is and have had songs written for them by everyone it seems. They have been performing professionally for 35 years. Which is extraordinary in a business which is known for its carnivorous nature (my words not theirs). The secret to their longevity? They reckon it&apos;s because they were never interested in being cool. Just singing and harmonising and putting everything they had into it and loving every moment. And that comes across when you hear them. They have just released their new album, The Wait. It&apos;s amazing. Go and get it. It&apos;s a great chat. Very honest, open and fun. They&apos;re also touring the country later this year. The relevant links are below. www.vikaandlindabull.com #RIW #vikaandlinda #thebullsisters #the
22/09/202139 minutes 56 seconds
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The Governor of Victoria - The Hon. Linda Dessau AC

Ep. 55 - The Governor of Victoria, The Honourable Linda Dessau, ACOn 1 July 2015, the Honourable Linda Dessau AC was sworn in as Victoria’s 29th Governor, the first female in the role. She worked as a solicitor and barrister for a number of years before taking her first judicial appointment as a Magistrate in 1986. In 1995 she was appointed a Judge of the Family Court of Australia where she served for 18 years. But it&apos;s the Governors work outside the law that was just as fascinating to me. Social issues have always been a the heart of her work and that was heavily influenced by the fact that her father escaped the persecution of the Jews in Poland in 1929 and his gratitude to Australia in taking him in and his insistence that his family always look to give back as a result, is obvious when you listen to the Governor speak. She has been engaged in many community organisations including as President of the Melbourne Festival, a Commissioner of the Au
15/09/202144 minutes 40 seconds
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Margaret McMurdo AC

Ep. 54 The Hon. Margaret McMurdo ACMargaret McMurdo is a true pioneer. She was the first woman to be appointed as a judge of the District Court in Queensland, the first woman in Australia appointed to lead an appellate court (appointed as president of the Queensland Court of Appeal) and all this as she and her husband raised four children. They had to rewrite the rules for her. They weren&apos;t contemplating a female judge so legislation had to be quickly amended. In the 90&apos;s. The 1990&apos;s!Her advise for young women (and men) is timeless and essential listening.Her passion for social justice has permeated her career. She co-founded the Women Lawyer’s Association amongst others, and she is patron of Women’s Legal Service, Caxton Legal Service and LawRight’s Civil Justice Fund. In 2017, she was appointed chair of the Board of Governors of Queensland Community Foundation, the state’s largest public perpetual charitable trust. She’s chair of the bo
08/09/202139 minutes 18 seconds
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Kirstie Clements

Ep. 53   Kirstie ClementsKirstie Clements was the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Australia for 13 years. Her career at Vogue was nearly 30 years. It didn&apos;t end as she expected but I reckon she&apos;s all the better for it. She&apos;s rubbed shoulders with Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Kylie Minogue, Ian Thorpe, Crown Princess Mary, Cate Blanchett, amongst many others. But you wouldn&apos;t know it to chat to her. Very down to earth. Very grounded. Very.......well, normal.Born and raised in the Sutherland Shire (think Puberty Blues), she discovered punk rock at an early age, moved to Kings Cross to live and it went from there. Well, there were a few steps in between but you get the drift. She&apos;s now a very successful author, editor, journalist and speaker. And a lot of fun. And I got some well needed fashion tips. So, all good!!Great advice on how to recover from life&apos;s inevitable hurdles and what are the qualities that can le
01/09/202142 minutes 30 seconds
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Shelley Cable

Ep. 52   Shelley CableShelley Cable is a Wilman-Nyoongar woman from Perth and the CEO of Generation One, part of the $2Billion Minderoo Foundation established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest.Her goal is  is to create parity with and for Indigenous Australians, within one generation through meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities. It&apos;s been described as an audacious, challenging, and at times overwhelming goal, but, as she says, &apos; we strive for it because allowing this disparity to continue is not an option.&apos;As a young woman she was invited to attend the United Nations and present to the UN&apos;s Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. She was a delegate to the Uluru Convention on Constitutional Reform which resulted in the Uluru Statement of the Heart.Shelley Cable is passionate about Indigenous business, economic empowerment and financial inclusion and has been widely recognised for her leadership. With
25/08/202134 minutes 33 seconds
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Bronte Campbell OAM (Part 2 - 12 months on)

Ep. 51 Bronte Campbell OAM (Part 2)Bronte Campbell is an Australian champion. Swimmer and person.  Olympic Gold and World Records in consecutive Games. She was good enough to give some more time to RIW so we could catch up and see how everything is going. In quarantine!! She&apos;s been doing her pottery and, I imagine, glancing at her gold medal and smiling. Have a look at the photo she took for us on my instagram (@richardinstagraham).We wish her all the best for the future, whatever that holds. #Reallyinterestingwomen #RIW #brontecampbell #olympicgoldmedallist #worldrecordholder #australianolympicswimteam #dolphins Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in his
23/08/202117 minutes 8 seconds
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Louisa Hope

Ep. 50   Louisa HopeLouisa Hope was the last one out alive from the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney, Australia. She and her mother had both been shot. She was the last one out but the first one to decide to turn that experience into a positive. She did that while lying on the pavement in Phillip Street, Sydney, being treated by paramedics. Walk with me and Louisa into that cafe and hear it and feel it from an insiders perspective. Experience the worst of humanity.....and the best. If you wish to help the Louisa Hope Fund for Nurses, contact Louisa #RIW #louisahope #louisahopefundfornurses #lindtcafe #sydneysiege #hopematters #torijohnson #katrinadawsonVisit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends
18/08/202140 minutes 38 seconds
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Professor Colleen Hayward AM

Ep. 49 Professor Colleen Hayward AMWhen I asked an indigenous CEO of a company in WA if she knew Professor Hayward, she replied, &apos;Aunty Colleen? Yeah, she&apos;s a legend.&apos; And she was right. She is.Professor Hayward is a senior Noongar woman with extensive family links throughout the south-west of Western Australia.For more than 35 years, she has provided significant input to policies and programs on a wide range of issues, reflecting the needs of minority groups at community, state and national levels.She has an extensive background in a range of areas including health, education, training, employment, housing, child protection and law &amp; justice as well as significant experience in policy and management. So her breadth of knowledge and understanding is extraordinary.Among her many achievements, she has been recognised for her long-standing work for and on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Austr
11/08/202141 minutes 5 seconds
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Dr Anne Aly MP

Ep. 48 Dr Anne Aly MPAnne Aly is an extraordinary woman. Her story is one of utter determination, resilience, love and compassion.She was a single mum of two small boys and had nothing. No money. No job. But she fought for her boys. Like Carla Zampatti. Like Nanette Carroll. She fought her way out of her problems....and ended up eventually being invited to Barack Obama&apos;s White House in an official advisory capacity. And advising the United Nations. And becoming the first woman of Islamic faith to enter Federal Parliament. She&apos;s brilliant (a Professor with a PhD), she&apos;s fun and funny....and tells a great story. I love what I&apos;m learning from women like Anne.About Anne Aly:www.annealy.comHer Book:Finding My Place, is available at #RIW #annealy #determination #resilience #findingmypla
04/08/202144 minutes 36 seconds
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Professor Kathryn North AC BSc(Med) MBBS MD DMedSc FRACP FAHMS

Ep. 47 Professor Kathryn North AC Professor Kathryn North is one of Australia&apos;s leading and most influential physician scientists. Trained as a paediatrician, neurologist and clinical geneticist, Kathryn is recognised internationally for her leadership in genomic medicine and her research into inherited myopathies and genes that influence human muscle performance.Kathryn&apos;s achievements in bringing genomics medicine into clinical practice have transformed the lives of thousands of children across Australia through major innovations in the areas of gene discovery, improved diagnosis and prevention, understanding of disease mechanism and the development and evaluation of novel therapies through clinical trials. She is also leading national and international initiatives focused on genomic data sharing and the implementation of genomic medicine into clinical practice.She has also studied the Elite Athlete Gene for 25 years. But as yet, it&apos;s repro
28/07/202145 minutes 10 seconds
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Alison Battisson

Ep. 46   Alison BattissonAlison Battisson is the founder and Director Principal of the organisation, Human Rights For All. Their focus is to ensure basic human rights and humanitarian treatment for refugees and the stateless.  Most of us have very strong opinions on this topic but realistically -  how many of us actually know what happens from a legal and humanitarian perspective. For example, did you know that in Australia there is no right to legal representation so it&apos;s up to organisations like HR4A to work pro bono (free of charge!) to give assistance or the refugees sit there in mandatory detention at the whim of the government. For years and years.Australia is the ONLY country in the western world which has mandatory detention for people without visas. I&apos;d say normally that we&apos;re keeping pretty unusual company in that regard.....but we have no company on this one. No one else treats refugees and asylum seekers like this.Listening to Alis
21/07/202149 minutes 20 seconds
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Heather Ellis

Ep. 45 Heather EllisHeather is a motorbike adventurer who survived contracting AIDS in the early 90&apos;s. When you didn&apos;t.Her remarkable solo adventures from South to North Africa Africa and then along the silk roads from Western Europe, Russia  and Asia have been captured in her two best selling books (below). Prior to her silk roads trip she was given the horrendous diagnosis. At that time it was a death sentence. But she chose to take the trek anyway and it became a spiritual journey for her. It&apos;s a tale of remarkable resilience and determination. Can you imagine travelling solo for months with that diagnosis hanging over your head?Heather&apos;s info:www.heather-ellis.comBooks:Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa Timeless On The Silk Road #Reallyinterestingwomen #RIW #heatherellis #HIV #AIDS #resilience #determination #livelife #silkroad #ubuntu @ric
14/07/202150 minutes 42 seconds
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Jane Caro AM

Ep. 44 Jane Caro AM Jane Caro is a Walkley Award winning columnist, author, broadcaster, documentary maker, feminist and social commentator. She spent 35 years in the advertising industry, published twelve books, including three novels and has appeared frequently on ABC’s Q&amp;A, Sunrise, The Project, The Drum. She was also a regular panellist on the ABC’s top-rating show on advertising “The Gruen Transfer.”  She is knowledgable, engaging, funny and authentic. For those reasons she is highly sought after as a speaker, workshop facilitator and an MC by a wide range of both private and public sector organisations. She always has a lot to say on a broad range of topics. And it&apos;s really worth listening to. #Reallyinterestingwomen #RIW #janecaro #gruentransfer #feminism #equality #Saatchi #ABC #Unbreakable #Accidentalfeminist #gracetame #australianoftheyear #ageism Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting wom
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alice Gorman

Ep. 43 Dr Alice GormanAlice Gorman is one of the world&apos;s leading authorities on space archaeology.   She blogs as &apos;Dr Space Junk&apos; and her research on space exploration has been featured in National Geographic, New Scientist, and Archaeology magazine. She is a faculty member of the International Space University&apos;s Southern Hemisphere Space Program in Adelaide.She started life as an archaeologist and then, after a gruelling day of field work and while having a beer and  looking up at the night sky, she had her lightbulb moment. That beer changed her life. Well....there were a few other factors as well but you know what I mean. We discussed all manner of junk, Elon Musk, proprietary rights to space, extra terrestrial life, fictional WW1 fighter pilot Biggles. Everything. Everyone I reckon has a bit of a fascination with space. If you&apos;re one of those people, you&apos;ll enjoy this. Even if you&apos;re not, have
30/06/202142 minutes 21 seconds
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Antoinette Braybrook

Ep. 42  Antoinette Braybrook Antoinette Braybrook is an Aboriginal woman who was born in Victoria on Wurundjeri country. She left school at 15 and, after a period of time finding where she needed to be, she went to university as a mature age student and completed a law degree and was subsequently admitted as a legal practitioner. It was then that she decided to dedicate her life’s work to giving a voice to victims of family and domestic violence, in particular, indigenous women. And by becoming the CEO of Djirra, an organisation dedicated to that cause, she has made, and continues to make, a real difference in the face of, at times, real indifference. She was awarded the 2015 Law Institute of Victoria: Access to Justice/Pro Bono Award, the 2017 Inspirational Women of Yarra Award, and a 2015 Australian Centre for Leadership for Women award for Sustaining Women’s Empowerment. In 2020, she was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.Read about Antoinett
23/06/202129 minutes 41 seconds
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Prue Gilbert

Ep. 41   Prue GilbertPrue Gilbert is a lawyer, human rights advocate and mother....and she combines her vast experiences in all three areas to improve the lives of thousands.Marie Claire called her the “the anti-discrimination guru”. Vogue named her a “Game Changer” and her business, Grace Papers, won the Australian Human Rights Business Award for addressing pregnancy related discrimination.At its heart, her company coaches those navigating the parental leave journey from pregnancy, parental leave and returning to work. Both employees AND employers. She outlines the enormous benefits to both when they get the flexible work practices right. I wish I&apos;d had this available when we were going through this journey - I&apos;ve selfishly outlined a bit of my own story in this episode. Grace Paper and Prue Gilbert are proving to be a game changer. For everyone. And the covid work from home requirements has just emphasised what Prue has b
16/06/202144 minutes
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Rachel Doyle SC

Ep. 40 Rachel Doyle SCRachel is one of the country&apos;s most senior female barristers. She has taken the extraordinary step of writing a book (Power and Consent) which directly addresses the allegations of sexual harassment by 6 former Judges Associates against a former High Court Judge, Dyson Heydon.And the current Chief Justice of the High Court, Justice Susan Kiefel, not only believes these women, she has personally apologised to each of them for their appalling treatment. It&apos;s all unprecedented in the legal world. That&apos;s what makes this turn of events so fascinating and timely.Rachel explores these events through the prism of two vital topics…power and consent, as the title of the book would imply. And what she finds makes for a sobering discussion.We explore how we could possibly get to this situation and,  some answers she proposes. They’re simple….and brilliant. And having been a barrister for over 25 years, her views and thoughts
09/06/202144 minutes 30 seconds
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Jahna Cedar OAM

Ep. 39  Jahna Cedar OAMJahna Cedar is a Nyiyaparli/Yindjibarndi woman from the Pilbara region of Western Australia, with family connection to the Gija people of the Kimberleys, and is recognised as a strong Indigenous community leader. She has worked for over 20 years advocating for equal rights and reconciliation of Indigenous people and has represented Indigenous Australia at the United Nations in New York, on three occasions. In 2012, Jahna was the youngest person to be elected into the West Australian International Women’s Day Hall of Fame and in 2017 proudly won Business news 40 under 40, First amongst equals. Jahna was also awarded Telstra Business Women Awards WA – For Purpose and Social Enterprise Winner in 2017.She has such a strong sense of purpose and real suggestions and advice on how we can make our relationship with indigenous people so much better which is the to the benefit of ALL Australians.   This was a fascinating and educa
02/06/202126 minutes 53 seconds
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Major Rabia Siddique

Ep. 38  Rabia SiddiqueRabia is a hostage survivor. It’s part of a story that has its beginnings as a human rights and criminal lawyer, British Army officer and subsequently a best selling author and professional speaker. It’s a very different story from those I’ve brought you to date, but it does share some common themes. Like all my guests, she has been confronted with numerous obstacles, hurdles, challenges and discrimination but, unlike my other guests, some situations she had to literally stare down and, if not handled well, would have cost her her life.  The injustice she suffered was authorised by those at the very top. It&apos;s literally unbelievable. The whole story of resilience, determination and how treating others with respect and dignity undoubtedly saved her life and those of her fellow hostages - should be made into a movie. As fate would have it, the story IS being made into a movie. My suggestions were (once again rightly) laughed at. I think they may hav
26/05/202147 minutes 3 seconds
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The Hon. Annabelle Bennett AC, SC, FAA

Ep. 37 The Hon. Annabelle Bennett AC, SC, FAAAnnabelle is a retired Judge of the Federal Court of Australia. She is currently Chancellor of Bond University; the Chair of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), an Arbitrator of the Court of Arbitration for Sport; President (part time) of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW; Member of the Board of Directors of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research; Member and past President of Chief Executive Women; Chair of the Advisory Group of Judges to the World Intellectual Property Organisation; and Member of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Law at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has also served as a Commissioner with the NSW Law Reform Commission and as a Royal Commissioner into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.  Dr Bennett is a Fellow of both the Australian Academy of Science and Australian Academy of Law.Her father was a lawyer, and at an early age she had hopes of followi
19/05/202138 minutes 5 seconds
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Meggie Palmer

Ep. 36   Meggie PalmerMeggie Palmer founded PepTalkHer whose mission is the close the gender pay gap. The PepTalkHer app helps track career successes and uses artificial intelligence to coach confidence and negotiation skills.....and gives you a pep talk when you need it most. I&apos;m using it. The key to it&apos;s success is its simplicity I reckon. Meggie travels globally speaking and helping companies with retaining female leaders and diversity. As a former Walkley award winning journalist, Meggie brings the same dedication, research, determination and empathy to this role. She has helped people all over the world gain confidence and deal with imposter syndrome. To help close the pay gap, she shows us how to negotiate a pay rise and how to boost confidence to help that process through their online free 5 day challenge ( Great practical solutions to global problems. And she&apos;s great fun. I got a lot from this. H
12/05/202140 minutes 34 seconds
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Katy Barfield

Ep. 35  Katy BarfieldKaty Barfield has been described as a food waste warrior, an award winning female founder, circular economy ambassador, food tech expert, food system disruptor, not for profit leader, board member, government advisor and....occasional dolphin rescuer. As Founder and CEO of Yume Australia, Katy realised that food rescue was not going to be enough - she did that with Second Bite for many years and, whilst she still thinks organisations like Second Bite and OzHarvest are very important, Yume was brought about to scale up food distribution and get some money back in the hands of the farmers and producers, to make a real impact on the 4.1 million tonnes of commercial food waste per year. That&apos;s enough, if the food were stacked on pallets and the pallets were stacked on each other, to reach the space station......14 times over. Annually.At its simplest, it&apos;s Australia&apos;s first online marketplace for surplus food. There are o
05/05/202139 minutes 25 seconds
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Maggie Beer AM

Ep. 34   Maggie Beer AMMaggie Beer is a National Treasure. Having left school at 14 to help provide for the family, it wasn&apos;t until she was in her mid 30&apos;s that her true calling came to her.  A revelation in the wilds of Scotland led to a new food era in Australia. From the opening of a farm shop called Pheasant Farm in 1979 in the Barossa Valley in South Australia, to transforming that farm shop to a restaurant that, in 1991, was named Gourmet Traveller&apos;s restaurant of the year. And she still refers to herself as just a cook.Her cook books are revered and her TV shows, The Cook and the Chef, and The Great Australian Bake Off are enormously popular as are her many appearances as a judge and special guest on MasterChef. But plain sailing it was not. Hard work, a young family, burn out, reality checks, reassessment, refocus on the things that matter most. Combined with the courage to try something new....completely new in this cou
28/04/202132 minutes 4 seconds
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Hon. Linda Burney MP

Ep. 33  Hon. Linda Burney MPLinda was the first aboriginal person, male or female, to be elected to the New South Wales State Parliament. She was the first aboriginal woman to be elected to the Federal House of Representatives. She is currently the Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services and the Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians.Her commitment to indigenous issues and rights in education, reconciliation and politics spans more than 30 years.One of her highlights was being integral part in organising the Walk for Reconciliation across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2000. Not knowing if anyone would turn up, imagine how she felt when 350,000 people joined her to show their support. We discuss issues that should be important to all Australians.#RIW #Reallyinterestingwomen #Lindaburney #ALP #blacklivesmatter #indigenous #blackdeathsincustody #uluru #ulurustatementfromtheheart #firstaustralians #resilience #richardinstagrahamVisit
21/04/202127 minutes 54 seconds
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Professor Julie Leask

Ep. 32 Professor Julie LeaskJulie Leask is a social scientist specialising in risk communication and vaccination uptake. She  has qualifications in nursing and midwifery, a Master of Public Health and a PhD in public health. She is an advisor to the World Health Organization on vaccination acceptance and demand issues. Her research has covered communication issues surrounding pandemics, outbreaks, and vaccine safety incidents. She has also looked at public/healthcare worker perceptions and behaviours during these events and media coverage of them.She has some answers for us. #RIW #Reallyinterestingwomen #julieleask #covidvaccine #vaccinationuptake #richardinstagrahamVisit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential gues
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Assoc. Prof. Sally Moyle

Ep. 31  - Assoc. Prof. Sally MoyleSally Moyle is a leading expert on gender equality. Which, right now, is probably one of the most important people we need to listen to. By providing historical context to these problems she explains why the politicians in this country have such an appalling record when it comes to the treatment of women in parliament. But she&apos;s optimistic that we may have reached an inflection point. We discussed the importance of listening to all perspectives, the day to day lived reality for most women, power structures and quotas.Her messages on the benefits of equality are broad ranging and common sense really. Studies over many years have shown that diversity leads to better performance. Not only an equality argument but an economic one.Such an important discussion for women and men to hear. #RIW #Reallyinterestingwomen #sallymoyle #anu #equalrights #consent #chanelcontos #brittanyhiggins #jacindaarde
07/04/202137 minutes 12 seconds
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Diane Grady AO

Ep. 30 - Diane Grady AODiane Grady has an exceptional background in the corporate world and she has used that privilege to advance the causes of women more than practically anyone. Her lessons for how to get ahead and help others should be etched in marble. Armed with an MBA from Harvard in the mid 70&apos;s she became a partner with the highly prestigious worldwide management consulting firm McKinsey and Co. She was the first woman outside the USA to be elected to McKinsey&apos;s Global Partnership and the first female partner in the firm to have children. In 1994 she became a full time independent director and has been on the boards of numerous public companies and non profits, that are household names.Diane&apos;s career goals have ALWAYS been twofold: (1) do whatever she can to help create leadership opportunities for women, and (2) ensure any organisation she was involved in, she would do everything possible to help that organisation do a better jo
31/03/202136 minutes 34 seconds
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Sadhana Smiles

Episode 29   Sadhana SmilesAs an immigrant to Australia with no qualifications and no plan as well as being the granddaughter of a slave in Fiji, Sadhana Smiles inauspicious beginnings were no indication of what was to come.She would rise to become a global CEO, multi leadership award winner, author, business and social entrepreneur and leading speaker on leadership, diversity and inclusion. She is one of only a handful of culturally and linguistically diverse leaders in this country and, as such, is a role model to women in the many diverse communities in Australia. She has had many obstacles to overcome. Sadhana talks of the triple glass ceiling that she has had to deal with, being a woman, being a woman of colour and being a woman with Indian heritage and the cultural expectations that come with that.This has created a real determination and resilience to enable her to advance not just her own career but the careers of other women and, in p
24/03/202139 minutes 21 seconds
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Mikhara Ramsing

Ep. 28   Mikhara RamsingMikhara is a former finalist for Young Australian of the Year. She started two amazing companies after becoming s social entrepreneur. Mikhara Ramsing describes herself as a gay South African Indian Australian woman. At the age of 16 her family moved to Australia which is difficult enough at that age but at the same time she was only just beginning to understand her own sexuality. Very challenging considering she and her Indian heritage parents did not know of any other gay women of colour. Mikhara was determined to help her parents understand because that love and acceptance was so important to her. Eventually she constructed a &apos;letter of understanding&apos; to her parents and it started a long and very important discussion for which she is now so grateful. It was a long road to travel but her strength, determination, resilience and love got her to that goal.The influence of Mikhara&apos;s grandfather led her to change a se
17/03/202138 minutes 5 seconds
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Carla Zampatti AC OMRI

Ep. 27    Carla Zampatti AC OMRICarla is a fashion icon who is also a pioneer in business. For over 55 years she has been a leader in her field. A string of awards and accolades from Australia and Italy have confirmed her as one of this country&apos;s most influential and powerful women.Even when she arrived from Italy as a child in Bullfinch, WA (I didn&apos;t know either - about 300 km north east of Perth), she knew the business she wanted to run.... in an era when probably no other women were doing it. So can you imagine the obstacles and hurdles she faced? And yet she has endured...and prospered. For over 55 years. She&apos;s such a strong advocate for women in business and has constantly sought to inspire women to become entrepreneurs and leaders. She&apos;s learned a lot about life and business and she shares some of her experiences and advice here.It&apos;s an inspirational story....that continues.#RIW
10/03/202131 minutes 28 seconds
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Gloria Allred

Ep. 26   Gloria Allred&quot;One of the best attorneys in America&quot;  - President Barack Obama.A  fearless advocate for civil rights and fighting for injustice for 45 years. Gloria Allred is the high profile, outspoken, at times outrageous advocate for women and those whose civil rights have been transgressed. She&apos;s been forcefully advocating gay rights since the 1970&apos;s. Aids discrimination, marriage equality, transgender rights - she&apos;s been successfully defending victims for nearly 50 years. Still doing it. When a high profile story breaks featuring allegations of sexual misconduct against celebrated men, her name is often not far behind. Through her clients she&apos;s taking on Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, R Kelly and Donald Trump, to name a few. She&apos;s probably one of the very few people they fear.She&apos;s one of the most prominent civil rights lawyers in America today. Her goal is to
03/03/202131 minutes 55 seconds
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Lauren Bath

Ep. 25   Lauren BathDeemed “Australia’s first professional Instagrammer” by national media, Lauren Bath pioneered the Australian influencer industry. With an online audience of close to half a million followers, she is not only one of Australia’s most powerful travel Instagrammers but also a savvy social media consultant, educator, and public speaker. It&apos;s a very open discussion and Lauren gives us a great insight as to how she gave up a &apos;certain&apos; career as a chef and then built an incredible business as a paid instagrammer (and LOTS more besides). She goes into detail about how she&apos;s  managed negativity and anonymous online critics, how she&apos;s dealt with pain and anxiety and how ongoing personal development has been a vital element to her fulfilment and success. Figuring herself out, is how she put it. And she shares with us the &apos;secrets&apos; to doing just that.But the bottom line is, at one stage Lauren had near
24/02/202147 minutes 12 seconds
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Dr Cassandra Steer

Ep. 24 Dr Cassandra SteerCassandra is a mission specialist with the ANU Institute of Space, a senior lecturer in space law and a highly acclaimed author having delivered papers on topics such as The Weaponisation of Outer Space: Ethical and Legal Boundaries and Feminist Perspectives on International Security. And....she&apos;s a Wonder Woman obsessive. It&apos;s a fabulous combination!If you are at all sceptical about space funding and its benefits, listen to how completely and utterly dependant we are on space for our day to day lives and that without such ongoing funding, chaos would ensue. And very quickly. You can also hear how NASA attempted to show their hand at diversity in the space program with an all female space walk on International Women&apos;s Day...only to discover they didn&apos;t have enough of the right sized space suits. Seriously. It was an informative, fun and really interesting conversation - head to the link in our bio a
17/02/202142 minutes 27 seconds
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Emma Alberici

Ep. 23  Emma AlbericiAs a very highly regarded journalist and television presenter with over 30 years experience, Emma Alberici has some fabulous stories of her time in the industry. And some not so fabulous. She parted ways with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2018 where she was the Chief Economics Correspondent. It was a very public departure. To say the least. In the fallout that followed, the then Chairman of the ABC, Justin Milne resigned, the then Managing Director, Michelle Guthrie was sacked, the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was throwing his weight around on the issue. Seriously. And Emma was in the middle of it all. Regardless of your personal opinions at the time....can you imagine?Some of the press were quite vicious towards Emma. Personal and gender based criticisms were, at times, quite relentless. To Emma, that was especially disappointing and disheartening.So she opened a new chapter. She took a senior ro
10/02/20211 hour 4 minutes 3 seconds
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Martyna Majok

Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Martyna Majok&apos;s story is fascinating. From a non English speaking Polish immigrant whose mother was a house cleaner, to the very top of the artistic mountain. Martyna has shone a spotlight on the working class immigrants that helped create America by putting them centre stage and imbuing them with the pride, intelligence, warmth, toughness, dedication, resilience, love and compassion that they deserved and that had hitherto been missing from the stage. Equally her insistence on disabled actors playing the disabled characters she created broke new ground. The results are moving and profound.Martyna Majok saw her first theatre show at 17 after buying a ticket with the money she won hustling pool. That experience changed her life.Have a listen to the story of this extraordinary woman and her journey to becoming one of the most recognised playwrights in the world. My only concern is that,
03/02/202146 minutes 54 seconds
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Tania de Jong

Tania de Jong AM is a trail-blazing Australian soprano, global speaker, award-winning social entrepreneur, creative innovation catalyst, spiritual journey woman and storyteller. Tania is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs and innovators having developed 6 businesses and 3 charities over 3 decades.She is a global authority on creativity, innovation and collaboration. With a grandmother who invented the foldable umbrella, innovation is in her blood. And, as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, she has learnt about resilience and re-invention and developed a passion for diversity and social inclusion.She is known for her ability to unleash creative energy and capabilities, expand mindsets, build ‘can-do’ teams and strategies to develop a culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion. As if all that wasn’t enough, Tania has also released seven albums with her acclaimed singing group Pot-Pourri and has released five solo albums.  The resu
20/12/202038 minutes 12 seconds
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Ursula Dubosarsky

Ep. 20    Ursula DubosarskyUrsula is the current Australian Children&apos;s Laureate and one of the most talented and original writers in Australia today. She has won the prestigious Premier&apos;s Literary Award in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. In fact, she&apos;s won the NSW Premier&apos;s Literary Award an astonishing 5 times. More than any other writer in the award&apos;s history. A great chat exploring all manner of things including her role as Children&apos;s Laureate, the enormous benefits of reading and writing - even her surprisingly adamant defence of &apos;language&apos; (my emphasis) used in emails and texts. We did take quite a few delightfully strange and awkward and fabulous turns - which is bound to happen when you discuss the terrifying language of Old Icelandic (my words)  which Ursula again defends as it was an integral part of her undergraduate university studies.Ursula&apos;s a gem. Astute observati
13/12/202046 minutes 13 seconds
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Sarah Davidson

Ep. 19  Sarah DavidsonA truly inspiring story of how a medical episode became the catalyst for a life change and a realisation of what&apos;s most important and how to overcome the obstacles both physical and mental, to get there. Sarah is such a energetic and upbeat person, you can&apos;t help but get swept up in that energy. She gives us a road map for leading a fulfilled life. Her determination to &apos;Seize the Yay&apos; has led to her leaving the &quot;safe&quot; life of a lawyer and founding a successful organic matcha green tea company, Matcha Maiden, as well as a trailblazing cafe Matcha Mylkbar, hosting a very popular podcast, Seize the Yay and publishing a best selling book by the same name. From her very personal experiences, she gives us extremely practical  tips and life advice that can lead to the realisation of career and life dreams.She&apos;s a social media influencer - and she deserves to be.insta: @spoonful_o
06/12/202053 minutes 10 seconds
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Ruth Kissam

Ruth Kissam risks her life for her work. She&apos;s a community organiser and human rights activist in Papua New Guinea focussing on preventing the atrocities committed on girls and women accused of sorcery and witchcraft. Her campaigns and work led to her being selected to attend the highly prestigious Obama Foundation Scholars Program (the first ever person from PNG) which was started by the President and Michelle Obama with a view to supporting &apos;dynamic collaborative, rising leaders from around the world in an innovative academic and leadership experience.&apos;Her visions of gender appreciation for women in PNG is inspiring. So is her story.Reference is made in this episode to GBV, which is gender based violence.#ruthkissam #reallyinteresting women #RIW #richardinstagraham #richardgraham #obamafoundation #barackobama #michelleobama #obama #PNG #papuanewguinea #pngtrib @pngtribalfoundation #voiceforthevoiceless #genderappreciation #warrior #justice <
29/11/202039 minutes 39 seconds
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Robyn Archer AO

A national treasure. An Australian icon. A performer, writer, director, public advocate for the arts.Known for her internationally acclaimed one woman shows, her artistic directorship of many national arts festivals, her cabaret performances, her plays, her speaking and writing about the arts around the world.She talks about herself as a singer....and her show Robyn Archer: A Songbook, is being performed around most states of Australia in 2021. Put it in your diary!#robynarcher #reallyinterestingwomen #australianicon #nationaltreasure #cabaret #adelaidefestival #melbourneinternationalartsfestival #LGBTQ #mardigras #astaristorn #brecht #kurtweill #thesevendeadlysins #threepennyopera #billieholiday #richardgraham #richardinstagrahamVisit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends
22/11/202048 minutes 54 seconds
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Kate Swaffer

Our shameful (non) treatment of early onset dementia is tackled head on by Kate Swaffer who, at 49, was diagnosed and told to get her end of life affairs in order. She didn&apos;t want to do that. Twelve years later she is a founding member and CEO of an international organisation charged with changing attitudes and treatment for early onset dementia. As a direct result, Kate was invited to address the Word Health Organisation. And she gave them both barrels. Swaffer books available on Apple Books:What The Hell Happened to My BrainLove Life Loss- A Rollercoaster of PoetryVisit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in histor
15/11/202044 minutes 26 seconds
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Melanie Brock

Melanie Brock is an expert in international business relations in Japan. Having lived there for thirty years, she is also a torch bearer for women&apos;s rights in a country where women&apos;s business success and women&apos;s rights are not high on the cultural agenda. But things are changing thanks in no small part to fabulous women like Melanie. Have a listen to how an Australian steak and wine night in the middle of Tokyo, played a big part in developing a friendship which, in turn, helped develop a trade agreement.She has some great advice on what it takes to get ahead in an atmosphere and culture that&apos;s not, at first glance, conducive to that. Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interes
08/11/202047 minutes 28 seconds
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Susan Alberti AC - Part 2

Susan Alberti&apos;s influence on the business and philanthropic landscape of Australia has been huge (see Part 1 of the interview).  Part 2 explores her enormous influence on her other passion....Australian Rules Football. She has been a pioneer in the men&apos;s game and an integral part of the commencement of the professional women&apos;s game.She has a lot of wisdom to pass on to those interested in overcoming hurdles and barriers and succeeding and living a fulfilled life. She has just one more goal left to instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
03/11/202026 minutes 19 seconds
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Susan Alberti AC - Part 1

From very humble beginnings, Susan Alberti AC became a very successful business woman, one of Australia&apos;s pre-eminent philanthropists especially as regards medical research in general and Type 1 diabetes in particular. She was finalist in the Australian of the Year...twice. Awarded as one of the most influential women in sport, she was Vice President of the men&apos;s Western Bulldogs AFL club and an integral element in the establishment of the elite AFL women&apos;s competition.But the road to these successes and accolades was strewn with tragedy and great personal loss. Her real success, to me, was overcoming these things and continuing on to lead a very fulfilled life.......with one more goal to instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends
01/11/202036 minutes 34 seconds
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Margie Seale

Brilliant insight to the benefits of being open to opportunities. Margie Seale gives us a raft of extremely valuable advice gathered through her personal experiences as to how she went from modest corporate beginnings, to become one of the most sought after non-executive directors in the country. For those wanting to take the step from corporate executive to non-executive director, we&apos;ve got you covered here as well.Rather then just looking at the end product (a successful non-executive director on blue chip boards) and thinking it&apos;s very difficult to achieve, it&apos;s the many small steps that lead there that are fascinating and revealing to me. Life is a journey and it&apos;s the wisdom of those that have travelled these roads that is almost essential listening.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friendshttps://pod
25/10/202046 minutes 17 seconds
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Senator Susan McDonald

A down to earth and inspiring advocate for Australia&apos;s remote, rural and regional areas and people. A fabulous, unique and very Australian backstory. But it doesn&apos;t all go to plan. Early this year, Susan contracted covid 19 herself. She gives a first hand account of the effect of the pain and guilt she felt. She discusses the repercussions both good....and really bad. A warm and engaging chat with a country politician who has a genuine optimism for the long as there is a steak and a beer thrown in somewhere.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
18/10/202037 minutes 36 seconds
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Dame Jane Harding

Dame Jane Harding changed global medical practice for the treatment of babies...twice.For info on helping the Liggins Institute or applying for a position to assist Dame instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
11/10/202036 minutes 49 seconds
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Caitlin Hicks-Forshaw and Keryn Kalzee

Two indigenous sisters run a 100% aboriginal owned civil construction and mining company in the unforgiving Pilbara region. It’s a great story.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
04/10/202033 minutes 53 seconds
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Professor Donna Cross

A professor who has dedicated her life to develop and research strategies to improve children and adolescent&apos;s wellbeing, with a focus on mental health. Donna opens up in this conversation to show us how her extensive research has influenced both state and federal government policy.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
27/09/202042 minutes 59 seconds
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Renee Carter

CEO of Adopt Change, Renee has dedicated her life to advocate for the rights of children to grow up in a safe, nurturing and stable family home. She gives us an insight into her world in this inspiring and uplifting conversation. Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
20/09/202037 minutes 30 seconds
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Amanda Farrugia

A pioneer’s reflections on overcoming self doubt, making brave decisions, the benefits of support and community, leadership and what &apos;having a go’ can lead to. Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
13/09/202042 minutes 22 seconds
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Prof. Jenny May AM

Rural medicine pioneer and a passionate advocate for the benefits of community.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
06/09/202042 minutes 47 seconds
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Sanushka Seomangal

Born of Indian heritage in apartheid South Africa. Pride prevailed over prejudice. Australia then became the platform for Sanushka to mend cultural bridges....and become a top 100 Woman of Influence. Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
30/08/202048 minutes 30 seconds
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Jillian Broadbent AC

Jillian’s unrivalled corporate career is built on her mastery of simple techniques and following simple rules. She generously…and humorously reveals them here.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
23/08/202049 minutes 16 seconds
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Nanette Carroll

From unemployed, unqualified, single mum of 3, to CEO of a $320M company. If your obstacles seem may find answers here.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
13/08/202048 minutes 46 seconds
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Bronte Campbell OAM

Bronte Campbell is an Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games swimming gold medallist. A champion in and out of the pool. As a teenage prodigy, dealing with the enormous expectations this nation puts on its elite swimmers is hard. Really hard. How she managed that, and continues to manage that, is a credit to her and the people who love and support her. Love and support….essential ingredients. Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....and tell your friends you know of a potential guest or interesting woman in history, email me [email protected]
09/08/202044 minutes 18 seconds
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Really Interesting Women Trailer

Welcome to Really Interesting Women with Richard Graham.This is a podcast where I’ll be having conversations with some amazing women whose journeys and experiences are fascinating, inspirational and educational.We’ll hear about the unique challenges faced by these women and their willingness and determination to overcome many obstacles to achieve their goals. I’ll be asking a number of similar questions to each of my guests so we can directly compare their responses. That way we can look for patterns of behaviour that others may be able to emulate to enable them to reach their goals.As a house husband and primary carer for our three daughters for the last 20 years, I’m hoping to bring a unique perspective to these conversations but primarily I’m just here, like you, to listen and learn.Visit instagram @reallyinterestingwomen for further interviews and posts of interesting women in history. Follow the link to leave a review....
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