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English, Philosophy, 1 season, 83 episodes, 16 hours, 40 minutes
Rich Mulholland helps us solve an annoying problem, cut through the crap and make sense of the nonsense. Like a shot of adrenaline, Rich plugs us into his high-voltage supercharger to see the world in glorious HD, at high speed and de-clutter the confusing journey of being human. What better way to start your week than inspired and empowered with clarity?
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It's the little things that count

Are we getting too lazy to appreciate the smaller things in life when it comes to human interaction? Rich noticed something horrifying around a guy and his ear pods recently, which shines a spotlight on the importance of being present socially.
6/10/20193 minutes
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Mute: The Cowardly Approach

Rich Mulholland is back with his dose of witty expertise on Reality Check. This week, he discusses why 'muting' someone you follow on social media is rather cowardly, compared to rather telling them why you aren't interested in seeing what they post. Find out Rich's perspective on how to handle this 21st century predicament.
6/3/20194 minutes, 27 seconds
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Improve, Don't Destroy

Rich talks about a conference that was trying not to be a conference. It flopped completely, so Rich sheds some light on why this happened. The concept of throwing the baby out with the bath water has never been more appropriate in this case, with Rich sharing how we should look to constantly improve rather than destroy.
12/10/20187 minutes, 44 seconds
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Are we nicer people nowadays?

People seem to care a lot about other people nowadays. Or do they? Rich believes we are living in an age of satisfaction, so much so that we have surplus care to give others as our lives are so good. As always, he is right, but what does this mean for our everyday lives and people's principles?
11/26/20186 minutes, 25 seconds
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Making life easier for Future You

We all have various versions of ourselves, but Rich delves into the notion of 'present you' doing more for 'future you'. Like all of Rich's really great points, it is super simple and easy to implement in life, with majors benefits in the long run when you discover this balance.
11/19/201813 minutes, 12 seconds
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The increasing issue of 'havetovism' online

Rich has some interesting developments around the issues of 'havetovism', and what people are getting upset about right now. From palm oil to half-hearted religious people, Rich has some great points as usual. But do you fall into his spotlight?
11/12/20186 minutes, 14 seconds
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Designated phone person

As a non-drinker, Rich is often the designated driver at social functions. Taking the concept further, he suggests we should look at doing the same when it comes to capturing moments on our phones. This way we can be more than just present in situations, and actually give things our full attention.
10/15/20189 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ground Rules for Big Restaurant Gatherings

We've all been there before... you and a large group of friends or family meet at a restaurant, and then chaos ensues when the bill arrives. Ever one to find a solution to people's problems, Rich has some convincing ground rules on the subject which can hopefully prevent future stresses in your life.
10/1/20187 minutes, 16 seconds
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Changing the Perception of Dads in the Home

Rich wants to change some narratives around the importance of being a dad. While most men are judged by giving it their all in their careers, many should receive the same level of praise for their role in the home. As always, Rich provides compelling arguments on the subject, applying personal experience too to drive it home.
9/10/20187 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Small Things that make a Big Change

While many get caught up with the whole plastic drinking straw saga, Rich goes deeper into what it means to actually make a change. By tapping into our need for consistency in life, Rich points out that the straws are just the tip of the change iceberg that we can actually achieve with very little effort.
8/27/20186 minutes, 13 seconds
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Are we simply learning too much?

Ever on the pulse of things informative and enlightening, Rich Mulholland worries that we are perhaps over indulging in the learning and not doing enough of the doing. Learning certainly has a place in our lives, but an overload here prevents us from doing what matters most.
8/20/201813 minutes, 11 seconds
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Learning from fights on the internet

Fighting on the internet is nothing new, but Rich has some new lessons for you to learn from them. He delves into the backfire effect, and how we believe arguments more when they are disputed, which naturally leads to all kinds of wrongs no matter who you are. Understanding our biases is a valuable lesson in life, and one you can learn here.
7/30/201811 minutes, 59 seconds
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You probably shouldn't follow your passion

Rich Mulholland's latest words of wisdom will give you some much needed professional perspective. Many people try and follow their passions, but where does that put them in the world? Rich provides an answer to this, and touches on how one way of thinking is very detrimental when it comes to success.
7/23/20187 minutes, 14 seconds
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The responsibility we all have towards women's rights.

Rich is never one to shy away from the tough topics, mostly because he has the ability to simplify things so brilliantly. This week he delves into women's rights, and how we all need to apply ourselves to this topic in more ways than one. Advice and wisdom so good, you will look forward to implementing it into your life.
6/18/20188 minutes, 10 seconds
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F*ck everything

Rich has a bone to pick with all these authors who apparently don't give a 'f*ck', but by using an '*'. The irony is both annoying and just too much to take right now, but as always Rich breaks the issue down for what it is in PC culture.
6/11/20187 minutes, 50 seconds
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Is fat shaming all that bad?

In the majority of cases, weight gain is a choice. Rich shares his personal experience on this subject, and how gaining weight has become so normalised that people are becoming far too okay with it. The issue needs to be addressed though, as difficult as it is, and Rich is the man to do it.
5/21/20189 minutes, 37 seconds
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Keeping people's attention

Rich has made a career of making people listen to him. He therefore has a great understanding around gaining people's attention and keeping it. This week he touches upon the fundamentals of this, and how self-awareness is key to know you are saying the right things, and balancing your conversations so you don't make people lose interest in you.
5/14/201812 minutes, 16 seconds
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Laughter is the key to Happiness

Rich tears into a bad movie and in doing so provides a life experience on how laughter cures literally everything. We often over-complicate things in our lives, but thankfully Rich always sets us straight with his reality check.
4/30/20186 minutes, 13 seconds
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Stress is a Decision

In this week's healthy dose of Reality Check, Rich speaks of an epiphany he recently came to while travelling: Stress is a decision. Hear him explain why he says that, along with tactics he uses to stop himself from getting caught up in the craziness of panic and worry.
4/9/20189 minutes, 6 seconds
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Curing sexual addiction through cryptocurrency

Rich wants to just have a good old fashioned rant, and it is about something that just isn't going away. People going on about cryptocurrency, and more importantly people boring others with obsessing over one subject. He and Gareth discuss the importance of balanced interests, and how we need to approach our lives with a greater understanding of our surroundings.
3/12/20187 minutes, 10 seconds
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Getting off the fence on taking offence

Rich adds some crucial colour to everyday life, and gives you a better perspective on things that others find troublesome. The ongoing issue of 'being offended' or 'taking offence' gets more attention here, with a take out that is as simple as could be.
2/19/20188 minutes, 3 seconds
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Follow Gluttony

Rich Mulholland raises the idea of why we think Twitter is broken because of what he terms 'follow gluttony'. Hear why he thinks we should all go on an information diet.
2/12/201811 minutes, 12 seconds
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I'm Offended Too

What sense is there in someone being offended on someone else's behalf, especially when the person in question isn't offended themselves? Rich uses the recent drama surrounding grid girls to discuss this.
2/5/201810 minutes, 55 seconds
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Stressing over Half-Baked News

Rich joins the team for the first time in 2018, and reminds us about the value of patience and reflection. We waste so much time getting caught up in everyday sensationalist news... news that is just a part of a greater story and therefore not that important. We should be focusing on broader stories, completed stories - something that needs to become an ongoing behaviour for us to better use our minds.
1/22/20188 minutes, 21 seconds
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New Day's Resolutions

In his final instalment of the Reality Check of 2017, Rich leaves you with something very special for the year ahead. A manageable way of forgetting impossible new year's resolutions, and rather doing more frequent and meaningful things. Your better 2018 starts here!
12/18/201710 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Generations Myth & To Don't Lists

Rich had high hopes of being positive this week, but Gareth gets him going on the 'generations' conversation which he pulls to pieces with some practical logic. He does get back to providing some positivity, and advice on what to do to make your life better this festive season.
12/11/201716 minutes, 28 seconds
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Black Friday & Actual Giving of Thanks

Always one to delve past the obvious, Rich talks about Black Friday and the hypocrisy among the classes. Why do we hijack other cultures' holidays though, especially when we pick up the worst parts of it? This week's episode is as insightful and entertaining as ever.
11/27/201710 minutes, 31 seconds
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Improving conferencing for all

Rich is often the headline speaker and much sought after panel guest at a wide range of conferences. Fair to say he knows a fair amount about them then, and is therefore in a position to improve them. He shares some insights into this, and how we can communicate better and achieve more with these gatherings.
11/20/201711 minutes, 25 seconds
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Traffic Circles are Killing us

There are many things tripping up society nowadays, and Rich Mulholland believes traffic circles are right up there with the worst of them. Do you know how to use a traffic circle, do they cause much frustration? Well Rich will hopefully ease the anxiety with this complex rant.
11/13/20179 minutes, 39 seconds
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Thoughts & Prayers

Another terrorist attack, another outpouring of 'thoughts and prayers' from politicians and world leaders. But what does this actually achieve other than giving those providing the 'thoughts and prayers' some of the limelight? Rich explores this subject in his usual way, providing some thought-provoking content to consider and act on.
11/6/201710 minutes, 18 seconds
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Skin Colour Conundrums & Absolute Contexts

Dove have done the unthinkable, they have messed with skin colour! Their intentions were naturally as pure as they say their products are, but thanks to rabble rousing culture this matters not. Now people are calling to boycott the brand, which gets Rich to remind us about absolute context and why we get angered by things.
10/9/201715 minutes, 53 seconds
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When Police are Allowed to be Heavy-Handed

Police brutality is something that has come into the spotlight over the last couple of years, but is it all unwarranted? Rich Mulholland has a strong argument for the police strong-arming those who deserve it, and poses some thought-provoking perspectives on the matter.
10/2/20178 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Irony of Free Speech & Left Sensitivities

CNN interviews someone over free speech, and instantly get offended by him saying he believes in boobs. The irony escaped them of course, but naturally not Rich, who unpacks the problems around free speech and people's double standards around this.
9/18/201716 minutes, 55 seconds
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Making your Future You proud

We all indulge a bit in the winter, but do we get back in shape for summer? Many don't because they are too scared to be around perfect people in a gym. Screw your pride though - that's the big lesson today from Rich. Short term pride is sabotaging the long term game, and we need to stop this now.
8/28/20176 minutes, 58 seconds
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Verbal & non-verbal communication

Ever one to go beyond the surface of a topic, Rich explores the Mehrabian myth and the elements of verbal and non-verbal communication. What we say is still so much more important than how we say things, meaning we really should be questioning people in the spotlight more than ever.
8/14/201713 minutes, 1 second
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Creating a worthwhile Morning Ritual

We can all be better. Rich believes in this and has some worthwhile advice on how we can all start operating at a higher level. By developing a worthwhile morning ritual, we can plan better and make sure we stay focused on what is important to us. It also makes you honest, which is never a bad thing.
8/7/20179 minutes, 22 seconds
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Free is Overrated

When you aren't invested in something, your interest is naturally much lower. Rich makes the point how everybody wants things for free, but this means they seldom value it like they should. The freebie culture isn't helping us move forward and this needs to be addressed once and for all.
7/24/20179 minutes, 48 seconds
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Speak Out

After reminiscing about some iconic concerts, Rich poses the concern of the emerging culture of being too concerned about offending people that one doesn't even say anything, stressing the fact too that it's actually okay to be different but how it's not okay to not have equal rights.
7/17/201717 minutes, 45 seconds
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Escape-Goal Gravity

Continuing the conversation from last week, Rich cautions about not getting too wrapped up in accomplishing one specific goal, that you neglect your others in a theory he's termed 'Escape-Goal Gravity'.
7/3/201710 minutes, 43 seconds
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Do you Really have a Bucket List?

Inspired by a Ted Talk called 'Before I Die', Rich got a whole new perspective about what a 'bucket list' really is and how we don't realistically have one. The cancer of procrastination is holding us all back, but with a bit of constructive urgency we can change that. Purpose is nothing without intention, so get started with that list right here.
6/26/201711 minutes, 27 seconds
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Marked as Safe

The system of checking into Facebook to show you are safe is getting abused. It is a great tool to deal with major disasters, but has it gone too far? Is this just another cry for attention as people want the world to know they were close to danger in life? Or do we just all feel we are part of the news nowadays thanks to never-ending media integration?
6/12/201714 minutes, 40 seconds
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Gallows Humour & Timing

With so much disaster going on in the world right now, humour is sometimes all we have left. But when is it okay to laugh at something? Timing is crucial to this, something that Rich elaborates on in his unique way.
6/5/20178 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ego vs Economy

Rich is back in the country, which means he is back for another episode of the Reality Check. He picks up on the waste of money that is Business Class air travel, and how we all need to start making more rational decisions financially. Ego vs economy, which side are you on? Rich will help you decide with some priceless insights as always.
5/22/201712 minutes, 49 seconds
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Care About What Matters To You

Rich is back with some much-needed wisdom following the French elections. Outside of France, those elections don't really matter that much, but online all kinds of people are hugely invested in it. What if we put such energy into our actual immediate concerns? Perspective on a whole new level for you here.
5/8/20178 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Protest with Purpose

As South Africans prepare for protest action against Jacob Zuma and his wicked ways, Rich asks the valuable question of what the purpose is here? Are we united around a plan of action, or are we just united against one evil while others could well flourish around him.
4/3/20177 minutes, 36 seconds
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A New Perspective on Minibus Taxis

Nothing makes the pulses of South African motorists race more than minibus taxis. They are an integral part of society, but loathed for various reasons. Rich Mulholland's latest reality blows this narrative wide open though, with some perspective that will change how you see them on the roads in future.
3/13/20176 minutes, 12 seconds
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Curiosity Boxes

When people say 'think out out of the box', what is really being said? Rich Mulholland elaborates on this and how one box should never be focused upon, but rather we should have many curiosity boxes. Like all his features, Rich again gets you thinking about stuff that may never appear on your radar.
3/6/201716 minutes, 55 seconds
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Blind Acceptance & the Internet

Rich is back from a lengthy travel break, and is frustrated by the internet and the people making news on it. The Piers Morgan and Jim Jefferies spat revealed a trend where people are taking sides on issues without thinking things through. Moving away from blind acceptance on issues is the way forward, and Rich tells you why.
2/13/201717 minutes, 1 second
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The Blame Game

Jetsetter Rich Mulholland shares all from his mind-blowing trip to Iceland, before getting into what he does best - telling it like it is. In another unmissable podcast he gives you the bottom line on what you should be blaming when things go wrong in life.
1/9/201720 minutes, 20 seconds
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The problem with the #FeesMustFall movement is that it is actually perpetuating a system that is putting students down. Rich Mulholland has more on this, with perhaps the ultimate solution to something that has created a great deal of controversy and turbulence in South Africa this year.
11/28/201615 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Settle Down Everyone!

As the world grapples with Donald Trump being the next US President, Rich Mulholland makes sense of it all. With some rather colourful examples, he breaks down this latest political story and how again things have been completely blown out of proportion and everyone needs to just settle down, and stop being so bloody PC.
11/14/201618 minutes, 27 seconds
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Rich is back!

Rich Mulholland is back! Except instead of our usual dose of reality check, Rich lets us in on some of his travel stories, uncomfortable Thai massages, and what him and his wife get up to behind closed doors.
11/7/201619 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Flight Etiquette & Paralympics

Rich Mulholland is a well-travelled man, so this week feels it important to speak about plane behaviour and how people fail terribly in it. He also talks about the Paralympics and whatever else comes to mind in a power feature that as always gets you thinking, and laughing.
9/12/201612 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

No Excuses!

Rich Mulholland gets serious about letting go of your excuses in this episode - excuses we make to ourselves. He shares an amusing personal story to illustrate how he found his very own 'give a sh!t'.
9/5/20167 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Peep Inside Rich's Brain

Being incredibly humbled, by being so incredibly full of yourself, what is with people nowadays? Rescue dogs, sharing food with strangers, and the pitfalls of patriotism. Rich is on fire in his latest edition of Reality Check, and as always he is very hard to disagree with on so many fronts.
8/29/20167 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork


Rich Mulholland is being politically incorrect again. He talks about something he calls 'blackheading'. As always this is another genius discussion point from Rich in how we must dig a little deeper in life, otherwise we are idiots.
8/1/201619 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Avoid the 'Minocracy'

Rich Mulholland doesn't go with the flow in life. In fact, he is often very much against this flow we call present day life, and during this feature he illustrates why. This week he touches upon parenting and the types of kids this world now has.
7/25/201615 minutes, 23 seconds
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Artificial Intelligence

The machines are taking over. For real! Rich's latest Reality Check addresses the world of artificial intelligence and why we mustn't be too casual about all this new tech coming into our lives. Miss this innovative lesson at your peril.
7/4/201618 minutes, 19 seconds
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Religion & Reasonable Doubt

Rich Mulholland certainly sees the world in a unique way, and is very much in tune with reality. Well, his reality anyway, one that sees religion for what it is and that is the subject of this week's 'enlightenment'. Rich clarifies some parts of the bible, before telling everyone a story and showing off his 'Latin' skills.
6/27/201611 minutes, 36 seconds
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Life's Throwaways

Rich Mulholland is back, and his return sees throw cushions feeling his full wrath, along with people who value those stupid stickers on those stupid hats. Nobody cuts to the chase like Rich, and whether you love him or hate him, he will entertain you.
6/20/201613 minutes, 35 seconds
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Damn those Apple Fanboys!

Rich Mulholland takes on the 'Apple fan club’ and questions blind brand loyalty and the judgement he's received since switching back to PC after using a Mac for 20 years. He says these 'fanboys' are like "Crossfit Vegan AfrikaBurners", who don't question anything Apple - even if it's not a good product.
5/23/201619 minutes, 2 seconds
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Crowdfunding & Charity

Armed with a unique perspective on things, Rich Mulholland has two topics to tackle this week. First things first, he looks at the other side of the money raised for the bullied Obz Cafe waitress. Also, find out why Rich says he hates people who can't give to charity quietly.
5/9/201617 minutes, 9 seconds
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"Bruce Springsteen Was Wrong"

Rich Mulholland chats about American musician Bruce Springsteen and why his decision to cancel his North Carolina gig over a 'bathroom law' was wrong.
4/11/201624 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

'The Aerosmith Principle'

Rich Mulholland is bound to get you thinking as he kicks off the week with another edition of Reality Check. This week he looks at 'The Aerosmith Principle' and awkward 'steekmoer' situations!
4/4/201610 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Thinking Gap

Rich Mulholland is feeling mediocre about social media and is craving comments on his own writing, so he's started blogging again. He explains how we've become so accustomed to filling our 'thinking gap' with other people's thoughts and ideas, because we can't tolerate our own boredom. Rich disagrees with the idea of the regular social media detox, better to change your consumption into a healthier habit.
3/14/201611 minutes, 59 seconds
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Generation E(ntitled)

Rich Mulholland's rant looks at how we're raising our kids and whether or not kids should be toughened up as he asks: Are we raising Millennials or Generation E(ntitiled)s?
2/29/201611 minutes, 44 seconds
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Rich Mulholland's bugbear this week revolves around movies - from people who drop spoilers and those wretched "The book is better than the movie" comments, Rich goes off on his pet peeves.
2/15/201618 minutes, 51 seconds
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Awkward Greetings

Handshakes! Why can't there be just one generic kind of shake? Guys go through awkward situations daily as they try to navigate their way through the complicated hand gestures of different male counterparts when greeting them, you never know whether it's going to be cut and dry or involve thumb action with that cringe-worthy half-hug thing guys do. Rich Mulholland gives his take on this as well as what to do when you have to do that French kiss on each cheek thing, all these awkward greetings and so much more!
2/8/201616 minutes, 24 seconds
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SA's Current Affairs

You can always rely on Rich Mulholland to give his unconventional take on current affairs, whether you want to hear it or not! In this dose of Reality Check, he comments on what's happening in SA, what we need for change, how to deal with anger and even how to attain true victory.
1/25/201619 minutes, 23 seconds
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Rich's 2015 Biggest Gripes

Rich Mulholland stops by for 2015's last dose of 'Reality Check'. He touches on some of his biggest gripes including why he believes cycling can't count as a sport, Movember, pointing out that nobody cares about 3D movies and so much more. Listen in as Rich gets totally unhinged and uncensored!
12/14/201521 minutes, 7 seconds
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Twitter Etiquette

Rich Mulholland steps in to discuss this week's Reality Check with Gareth Cliff and the team, this time looking at Twitter etiquette. The conversation gets interesting when they begin to look at what's behind a retweet. In his humorous, unique and insightful way, Rich highlights the point that - "If you wouldn't do it in a real life situation, then why are you doing it online?"
11/30/201517 minutes, 9 seconds
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"God's Work"

Rich Mulholland discusses prayer and what he feels it does during times of need, aptly after the recent Paris attacks. He touches on the belief attached to prayer along with his take on the people who volunteer themselves to do "God's work".
11/16/201516 minutes, 59 seconds
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When is piracy acceptable? Is it ever okay? Everyone else is doing it, doesn't that make it less severe? Rich Mulholland raises these relevant questions on this edition of Reality Check with Gareth Cliff and the team. Rich attempts to find the moral high ground given the fact that the face of this issue has changed from just the guy selling DVDs on the street.
11/9/201522 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cellphone Etiquette

Why do we get so irritated when people speak on their phones around us… on public transport, in restaurants etc? Rich gives us a scientific explanation, complete with a description of the studies that were done about this issue which affects all of us. His proposed solution to the problem is a bit odd! Rich then shares a rather awkward personal story which is sure to get you laughing.
11/2/20159 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Student Protests & #Porn

Rich returns from his trip to Germany where he had fun and games. He then dissects what made the recent student protests different to previous ones, and how there's a fine line between police brutality and cops just doing their jobs. The rant then begins - about food/cloud/cabin/book/sock 'porn'... Rich explains why porn should just be porn and must not be confused with other things.
10/26/201512 minutes
Episode Artwork

Tipping & Guilt

Don't you hate it when you come out of the airport bathroom and there is someone there handing you a hand towel to dry your hands, you then search your pockets for change and come up dry, leaving you feeling like an A-hole the rest of the day? What about those car guards that watched your car for two minutes while you bought some milk and guided you out of your parking even though you could see perfectly fine? Rich Mulholland goes in-depth into when one should tip and when it's just ridiculous, he has some good ideas to make the process simpler and is brutally honest about people who expect tips just for doing their job.
10/5/201514 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Afrikaans & Shower Etiquette

Rich Mulholland gives some useful advice to anyone wanting to pitch an idea or proposal. Then he debates the issue of whether Afrikaans is still relevant or useful, why is it still compulsory? The discussion then turns to how men behave in gym locker rooms and showers... and it's hilarious!
9/29/201518 minutes, 37 seconds
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Sport - The Opiate of the Masses

Rich Mulholland starts by taking a stab at the advertising industry, before moving on to his real rant - at the rugby... but not how you'd expect. He gets quite scientific in explaining why people really get so upset when their team loses. Rich urges them to get out there and "earn your own testosterone".
9/21/201512 minutes, 21 seconds
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Artisanal Everything

Rich asks why everything is suddenly artisanal… and why anything mass produced is suddenly bad. Why is lack of success suddenly a good thing? Rich also reveals what’s coming up soon on Reality Check – and it’s a goodie!
9/15/20155 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Corporate "Gifts"

Rich returns from globetrotting to rant about corporate gifts, which he says are not really gifts but rather promotional items or adverts. He shares a story about getting such a 'gift' which could have been really great, but was ruined by the company logo. Rich issues a plea to all corporates to stop this insane practice.
9/7/20155 minutes, 57 seconds
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What's in a Name?

Gareth Cliff plays Rich Mulholland his new theme song, before Rich launches into a tirade about people who don't tell you their names, especially if you're the forgetful type. It helps to have a partner to swoop in and save you in these uncomfortable situations. Rich suggests a life-saving app that can get you through the day with everything you need to know about the people you have to interact with.
8/24/20158 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

"Don't be THAT guy!"

Rich Mulholland had a flight delay over the weekend which prompts him to vent about how people behave in airports and on planes. He also has excellent advice about arm rest etiquette... plus some genius ideas about venting on email and leaving a legacy of life lessons.
8/17/201510 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

‘Buy Me Stuff’ Parties

Rich is fed up with all the events and occasions that are actually meaningless, but require a gift. Engagement Parties, Push Presents, Nappy Parties… what’s next? Money is a less awkward gift, as long as it’s accompanied by poetry?
8/3/201511 minutes, 28 seconds