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English, Social, 1 season, 34 episodes, 14 hours, 58 minutes
Welcome to your new safe space :) My name is Niki but you can call me Nik ? This podcast is where we will be talking about anything and everything while we experience life together โœจ I am so happy you are here. Find me on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube: @niki_patton Support this podcast:
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epi 34: GIRL TALK โœจ making friends, oversharing, how to smell hot, ETC.

HI BESTIE BOOS!!! today we are talking about a bunch of girl talk questions you guys asked ๐Ÿ’– making new friends, how to tell if someone likes you, perfume recommendations, oversharing, ETC. it's a juicy one & LEAVE ME YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING CRUSH STORY IN THE COMMENTS SO I CAN REACT IN THE NEXT EPI ๐Ÿฅฐ --- Support this podcast:
4/8/2024 โ€ข 21 minutes, 51 seconds
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hi bestie boo bears :) today we are doing another girl talk video ๐Ÿ’– I absolutely love doing these and answering your juicy questions ๐Ÿ‘€ let me know what topic you want me to talk about next!!! and if you like the video :) --- Support this podcast:
3/28/2024 โ€ข 24 minutes, 19 seconds
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epi 32: how to deal with insecurities

hi bestie boo :) I have been feeling so insecure to be honest lately and it has been EATING at me, I know so many of you guys are going through this so rather than pretend like everything is OK, I wanted to talk about being insecure and how I deal with it + reminders we ALL need ๐Ÿฅบ --- Support this podcast:
3/15/2024 โ€ข 20 minutes, 41 seconds
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epi 31: BIG SISTER ADVICE YOU NEED ๐Ÿ’˜ | body image, toxic friends, ETC.

HIII BESTIE BOOS :) welcome back to the podddd I'm so excited to talk to you guys and answer some girl talk questions ๐Ÿ‘€ lmk what topics we should talk about next!! ILY --- Support this podcast:
2/24/2024 โ€ข 21 minutes, 43 seconds
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epi 30: being cringey, how to deal with hate, periods, crush advice โœจ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

hi friends :) welcome back to another girl talk video ๐Ÿ’– TODAYYY we are debriefing a bunch of topics y'all asked about hehe LEAVE MORE Qs for me to answer in the next one!! i am so grateful for u bestie boo --- Support this podcast:
2/8/2024 โ€ข 27 minutes, 20 seconds
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hi bestie boos!! GET READY FOR SOME TEA. today's epi is a lil different because Reagan and I are debriefing all of the crap we've been going through with our apartment LOLOL. moving to LA has been... interesting LMK WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT XOXOXO --- Support this podcast:
1/20/2024 โ€ข 41 minutes, 31 seconds
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hi bestie boo :) today we have REAGANNNN on the pod ๐Ÿ’– i'm so excited for you guys to meet her, she's my new ROOMMATE ๐Ÿ˜ฎ we decided to give our backstory of how we met + expose LA crazy stories we have ๐Ÿคฉ FOLLOW THE POD & SUBSCRIBEEEEE --- Support this podcast:
1/7/2024 โ€ข 28 minutes, 56 seconds
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epi 27: how to love your body, off & on relationships, etc!

hiiiii bestie boo :) today we are covering a bunch of topics and I'm so excited for this week's girl talk episode !!! As always if you want to submit a question for the next one add me on snapchat (@niki_patton), instagram (@niki_patton), or leave a comment on youtube/spotify!! ILYSM. ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’– --- Support this podcast:
12/18/2023 โ€ข 26 minutes, 47 seconds
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epi 26: liking your bff's man, friend group drama, etc.

hi bestie boo :) WELCOME BACKKKKK to real talk omg i missed you guys how are you?? TODAY we are unpacking a TON of juicy topics ๐Ÿ‘€ let me know what you want us to talk about next ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿคฉ --- Support this podcast:
12/1/2023 โ€ข 22 minutes, 3 seconds
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we are BACK with another epi of the pod ๐Ÿ’˜ I am so so happy you're here and today I just really needed a girl talk, a debrief, if you will. I feel like so many things have been changing in my life so I wanted to talk about that and answer some girl talk Qs of course ILY so so so so much ๐Ÿ’– --- Support this podcast:
11/14/2023 โ€ข 21 minutes, 46 seconds
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epi 24: JUICY GIRL TALK - toxic best friends, boyfriends, first kiss storytime, etc!

HI BESTIE BOO :) today is WILDDDD i am answering more girl talk Qs and y'all did NOT hold back HAHA. I loved this epi so much LMK your Qs down below for the next one/ more topics you want us to talk about! I love y'all SM bestie boos ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿคฉ --- Support this podcast:
10/25/2023 โ€ข 27 minutes, 32 seconds
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epi 23: period tips, dating your BEST FRIEND, life changes, etc.

HI BESTIE BOOOOOO today we are doing another ask nik where you guys ask me girl talk questions and I answer ๐Ÿฅฐ we are talking about EVERYTHING from dealing with life changes, entering new eras, how to know you are getting your period, period tips, should you date your best friend, ETC. this is a juicy one, don't forget to follow the pod! and ask a Q for next epi :) --- Support this podcast:
10/2/2023 โ€ข 26 minutes, 31 seconds
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epi 22: GIRL TALK Qs you NEED answers to

hi bestie boos!!! I LOVE GIRL TALK EPIS. omg hi yall. i missed you. TODAY i am giving you my HARSH TRUTH big sister advice on all the girl talk questions you sent in! :) --- Support this podcast:
9/19/2023 โ€ข 21 minutes, 50 seconds
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epi 21: GIRL TALK: red flags, internet dating, fake friends, ETC.

HI BESTIE BOO ๐Ÿ’– TODAY we are talking about a ton of different things.... fake friendships, RED FLAGS, how to stop procrastinating, dating online, ETC. i am giving you the REAL unfiltered advice i WISH i knew :) ILY BADDIES - leave a comment giving me more GIRL TALK Qs! --- Support this podcast:
9/3/2023 โ€ข 21 minutes, 52 seconds
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epi 20: GIRL TALK ask me anything

hi friends :) it's time to answer all the random questions: relationships, breakups, crushes, high school, EVERYTHING --- Support this podcast:
8/16/2023 โ€ข 32 minutes, 12 seconds
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epi 19: how to stop comparing yourself

hi bestie boo :) today i wanted to talk about comparison and being insecure. i know it can be a constant battle to love yourself and be confident. i've been feeling especially hard on myself recently so I wanted to share and be real with you guys about how i'm feeling. this is SUCH a problem that so many of us go through and it can really ruin your happiness and confidence so i thought it would be a good topic to discuss. as always FOLLOW/RATE THE POD if you don't already and ILYSM. --- Support this podcast:
7/25/2023 โ€ข 29 minutes, 48 seconds
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epi 18: catching feelings

hi friends :) today i want to VOM because we are talking about FEELINGS ew. anyway i have been in my single era for quite some time now and i think it's time we unpack the pros and cons of being single, why catching feels is so scary and disgusting, but also why i love it LOL crushes are hard and i'm gonna tell you my tips on what to consider BEFORE you fall for someone!! --- Support this podcast:
7/14/2023 โ€ข 25 minutes, 21 seconds
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epi 17: ask nik

HI BESTIE BOOS :) welcome to another Real Talk Pod epi! i LOVE doing these so so so much. today we are doing a lil GIRL TALK. we are doing an ask nik where i am answering ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING y'all ask me about - mental health, friend breakups, rumors, judgment, school pressure, confidence, motivation, etc๐Ÿ’˜ hehe i love you guys sm ENJOY --- Support this podcast:
6/23/2023 โ€ข 30 minutes, 18 seconds
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hi bestie boos ๐Ÿ’– TODAY we are talking about allllll the things I wish I knew when I was going into college because NO ONE prepares you for it LOL. it is truly such a different world but so fun but so scary and we need to talk about EVERYTHING - classes, parties, friends, identity, ALL OF IT. i hope you enjoy this epi and lmk what topic we should do next! --- Support this podcast:
6/4/2023 โ€ข 22 minutes, 59 seconds
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epi 15: answering your LOVE LIFE questions

HI BESTIE BOO ๐Ÿ’– today is an ADVICE epi :) i decided to answer YOUR LOVE LIFE Qs that you submitted on snap and insta (@niki_patton)!! this epi was SO FUN and i LOVE reacting to your love lives LOL should i do more of these??? LMK. --- Support this podcast:
5/22/2023 โ€ข 18 minutes, 25 seconds
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epi 14: getting comfortable with feeling lost

today I wanted to be so FR and talk about something that's REALLY been on my mind recently. feeling lost. I've had this feeling lately because of a ton of changes in my life the past few months and I really wanted to share how I'm getting through it and that it is OKAY to NOT BE OKAY. so many people hide this side of themselves on social media but I want you guys to truly go through everything with me bc ily guys sm!!! i hope this helps you if you are feeling a little lost --- Support this podcast:
5/12/2023 โ€ข 23 minutes, 28 seconds
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epi 13: answering JUICY girl talk Qs

HEY BESTIE BOOS today aniela and i are covering some girl talk questions that you guys sent on insta and snap!! i love doing these talks with y'all hehe we are covering crushes, best friends, being left out, confidence, insecurities, ETC!!! --- Support this podcast:
5/3/2023 โ€ข 36 minutes, 23 seconds
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epi 12: friendships

hey hey bestie boo!!! today we are talking about FRIENDSHIP. oooo time for a deep talk. there is so much to unpack here. i'm going to be talking about the different types of friends i've encountered, signs of a good friend, signs of a toxic friend, storytimes, and answering some of your friendship Qs! --- Support this podcast:
4/10/2023 โ€ข 34 minutes, 30 seconds
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epi 11: getting through a breakup

TODAY'S TOPIC IS A LIL DEPRESSO ESPRESSO but that's okay. we are talking about breakups. UGH. ikr. i hate them too. but I've been healing from one for the past few months and i wanted to share some tips and just general venting about how to get through them so we can feel all the feels together! i love u guys. lmk what you want to see next and don't forget to follow the pod!! --- Support this podcast:
3/29/2023 โ€ข 36 minutes, 3 seconds
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epi 10: how to be alone (and love it)

today we are talking about being alone. and how it is NOT SAD. learning to be alone is the biggest power move you can make to love yourself and gain confidence. you NEED to be able to spend time alone and I'm going to dive into why it's uncomfortable, how to deal with it, and why you should learn to be alone more. ily guys! lmk if we like this epi and what topic to cover next! --- Support this podcast:
3/13/2023 โ€ข 26 minutes, 4 seconds
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epi 9: how to stop being insecure

let's get deep LOL today i felt like unpacking insecurities because they are the WORST and stop you from being your coolest self. i grew up super insecure around middle school/high school and so i thought it would be fun to go through what i've learned since and how i am comfortable with myself now :) love you all --- Support this podcast:
3/6/2023 โ€ข 24 minutes, 59 seconds
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epi 8: moving away from home

hi friends :) welcome to epi 8 of Real Talk! i am so excited for today's epi because it's been something I've been dealing with lately and i know a ton of us go through: moving away from home. it's such a weird transition spending more time alone, figuring out who you are, developing a routine of your own, so i thought we could chat about it  --- Support this podcast:
1/31/2023 โ€ข 24 minutes
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epi 7: answering questions girls are too afraid to ask

HI GUYS welome to epi 7: answering questions girls are too afraid to ask :) my friend and roomie aniela is joining this epi and i am so excited to hop into some juicy questions about periods, dating, crushes, love, high school, etc!!  --- Support this podcast:
1/24/2023 โ€ข 32 minutes, 49 seconds
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epi 6: struggling with body confidence

hi bestie boo welcome to epi. 6! i have been really struggling lately with feeling comfortable and confident in my body so i wanted to do a podcast episode dedicated to insecurities, body confidence, body positivity, and self love. i love you and i hope this helps if you are struggling :)  --- Support this podcast:
12/30/2022 โ€ข 20 minutes, 17 seconds
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epi 5: how to stay motivated

on today's epi, i really wanted to talk about MOTIVATION because girl i've been struggling to be consistent lately and i've recently been getting back into a routine that makes me feel good and proud of myself which is super hard sometimes. today we are talking about goals, seasonal depression, how to stay motivated, friend groups, positivity, how to feel better, self love and confidence. i really hope this helps. ILY. --- Support this podcast:
12/22/2022 โ€ข 32 minutes, 29 seconds
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epi 4: how to get out of your comfort zone

hi bestie today we are talking about getting out of your comfort zone :) it is the SCARIEST thing in the world. when i decided to move to LA for a month it was the hardest obstacle for me so I wanted to tell you guys about how i got out of my comfort zone and why you NEED to --- Support this podcast:
11/23/2022 โ€ข 24 minutes, 28 seconds
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epi 3: confidence baby

in today's pod, i am SO EXCITED to be talking about how to become confident. girl, it's been a long road for me when it comes to this. something I've had to build on for YEARS. i am so excited to be sharing my tips. learning how to be confident truly changes your entire energy and ability to be happy :) remember: you are worthy and deserving of your own bad b*tch energy and don't let ANYONE stop you, including yourself. --- Support this podcast:
10/11/2022 โ€ข 32 minutes, 14 seconds
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epi 2: ask nik

welcome to ask nik <3 we are talking about EVERYTHING from dating, toxic friends, crushes, small talk, mixed signals, ghosting, and sooo much more. i love hearing your juicy stories omg. --- Support this podcast:
9/28/2022 โ€ข 28 minutes, 41 seconds
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epi 1: an introduction

hi guys. omg. hi. today we are starting a new chapter - that sounds like the most clichรฉ thing EVER. but here we are. i have wanted to start a podcast for a fat minute now and i can't believe this is happening. we are going to be talking about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING because this is a space to vent, give advice, talk to you guys, and become better versions of ourselves! i am so happy you are here :) let's get into it. --- Support this podcast:
9/16/2022 โ€ข 7 minutes, 56 seconds