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Real STUFF with Hunter Johnson

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 2 seasons, 16 episodes, 19 hours, 14 minutes
Real STUFF is a fresh new podcast by Hunter Johnson, Founder and CEO of two organisations redefining masculinity; The Man Cave, and STUFF™. As the world changes and power jostles for position behind purpose, masculinity, as we know it, has reached an inflection point. The typecast REAL man is not working for the planet, not working for communities and families, and it's not working for men. Hunter is no stranger to initiating vulnerable conversations, he's spent significant time in the ring when it comes to emotions, having worked with over 20,000 young men across Australia through The Man Cave Programs. With suicide being the leading cause of death for men under 45, and one woman murdered by her intimate partner every week in Australia, can talking about what's really going on for men break the cycle? Hunter believes it can. Real STUFF brings wisdom to the wisecracks, and checkmate to the chat... although there's no shortage of banter in these fortnightly episodes.
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Four Pillars Founder | Stu Gregor | Fatherhood and Business #16

Stu Gregor: Four Pillars Gin co-founder Want to become a shareholder of STUFF? Find out more here - In this episode of “Real STUFF”, Hunter sits down with Australian success story, Stu Gregor. Stu is the co-founder of Four Pillars Gin which he scaled to become a phenomenal success and household name, which led to its recent acquisition by Lion.  Stu chats through the story behind the brand, how he juggled a fast paced business and being a father of two, as well as the powerful rise of women in sport and leadership. Following a multi-decade career leading a PR firm and working on many leading food and drinks brands, Stu co-founded Four Pillars in 2013. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, eventually becoming Australia’s #1 craft spirit and the winner of Global Gin of the Year (twice!). Stu is one of Australia's best-loved raconteurs (and drinkers!), but success aside, he is a hilarious, genuine and captivating guest. Stu shares an inspiring and honest outlook on what’s required to grow a business - which is both refreshing and insightful - and this podcast is a great listen for those who are looking for a window into Stu’s philosophies and modus operandi. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
8/24/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 52 seconds
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Visionary Investor | Paul Bassat | Business & Purpose #15

Paul Bassat: Visionary Investor & Business Founder Want to become a shareholder of STUFF? Find out more here - In this episode of “Real STUFF”, Hunter chats with the Founder of SEEK, and Square Peg Capital; Paul Bassat, a Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Founder & supporter of both STUFF and The Man Cave. Paul was one of three children born to immigrant parents. He is a Co-Founder at Square Peg Capital, Paul also went from being a 29 year old lawyer to co-founding one of Australia’s biggest success stories, SEEK in 1997 and served as CEO and then as Joint CEO from 1997-2011. SEEK is the world’s largest online employment business and in 13 years went from a start up to one of Australia’s top 100 companies with a market capitalisation of $2.5b. They chat through the concepts of both Generational Trauma & Post Traumatic Growth, with Paul reflecting on the impact of his grandparents' experiences of surviving the Holocaust and the values they then imparted to their families. “Often we see the trauma can be generational and result in Post Traumatic Stress, but on the other hand we also Post Traumatic Growth, and see so many people who can leverage the resilience of what they experienced, then set up their family for generations to come.” Paul & Hunter also talk through managing your mental health while also being in highly stressful situations, where Paul reflects on the generational shift in mental health awareness, and the power of being open and treating mental health like any other medical issue one might face. Their chat then shifts to business, with Paul elaborating on his role as a Venture Capitalist with Square Peg and the strength of the startup ecosystem in Australia. With a significant element of this conversation revolving around the shift towards the market's desire for Australian brands that are strongly linked to purpose, and the energy Paul gets from interacting with the next generation of Aussie founders. Discover more about Paul and Square Peg Capital at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
7/27/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 30 seconds
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Rites Of Passage Expert | Dr Arne Rubinstein | Transformational Growth #14

Dr Arne Rubinstein: doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker & workshop facilitator In this week’s episode of "Real STUFF” our host Hunter Johnson sits down with Founder of the Rites of Passage Institute, Dr Arne Rubinstein, an internationally recognised expert on rites of passage and adolescent development. A GP, author, social commentator - and a longtime mentor to Hunter. Arne has worked with teenagers since graduating from the International Institute for Youth Leaders in 1982. He worked as a GP for 12 years specialising in Adolescent Health, Preventative Medicine and Emergency Medicine. During Arne’s time in emergency medicine he noticed a lot of young men being admitted to hospital due to taking risks and living on the edge without anyone to facilitate them through those experiences.  “They were doing it (searching for an edge) in their cars, doing it getting into street fights, or jumping from cliffs into water, and unfortunately as an emergency doctor I also saw that way too often it would impact the rest of their lives, if not kill them.” He realised they were caught in a world between child and adult and their actions often had disastrous lifelong consequences. Through his research he discovered that for thousands of years indigenous communities around the world had recognised the importance of creating a process to support the coming of age of boys and girls. This prompted Arne to leave his medical career to work full-time creating Rites of Passage programs. Hunter and Arne’s conversation spans the historical link of rites of passage to First Nations cultures, how Arne developed his Rites of Passage program to help support tens of thousands of boys to begin the transition into becoming a man, to the role of elders in facilitating a rite of passage and the concept of “the edge” - the space between comfort and appropriate discomfort - “a concept that can be both physical and emotional that has a direct link to personal growth.” Discover more about Arne and the Rites of Passage Institute at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/31/20231 hour, 29 minutes, 21 seconds